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Ashton's Special Birthday - Part 1

                                        Sam The Ham & Debonair



      Jacob walked in the front door and put his coat on the rack. Despite being an energetic kid, the blond eleven-year-old boy was tired and a bit smelly. Dance practice had not been particularly difficult but he liked to give it his all. He barely had enough time to take another step in the house when his older brother Ronin rounded the corner and spoke in a whisper.

"He's in the tub, we've been trying to keep him occupied, but mom started to get on his case."

Almost instantly Jacob’s fatigue was gone and he smiled. "I'm on it," he said. Then raising his voice so his mother could hear him, he announced. "Mom I'm home and I'm sweating. I'm going to take a bath."

From the kitchen, his mom called back. "Great! I just got Ashton in there. How was practice?"

"Fine, I got a solo and I'm in the group." Jacob shouted back, heading up the stairs. Ordinarily he bragged about it a little more. His mom was the only one in the family into his dancing. Ronin respected it a little or at least noticed the work he put in. Everyone else just seemed to take it with a shrug. That day bragging would have to wait. The boy’s supple legs took the stairs two at a time. He stripped off his shirt as he ran into his room to pick up his pajamas. There were only a few steps between his bedroom and the bathroom. He knocked even as he started to let himself in.

"Hey Ash, I'm joining you."

His eight-year-old brother was already in the tub and looked up. It wasn't unusual for them to share a bath. There was only one bathroom. With so many boys it became a necessity. It was a big tub anyway. Their mom certainly approved, supporting the motherly logic that ‘if you fell and cracked your head someone would be there’.

"Sure." Ashton said, moving over in the tub. "How was practice?"

"Good, I got a solo and I'll be performing with the team too." Jacob proudly said as he finished stripping.

"Don't you always get that?" Ashton questioned.

Jacob splashed water at his little brother with his finger. "Not always."

Ashton giggled and raised a hand to block it. "It seems like it."

Jacob decided to let it drop. He was on a mission after all. "Have you told Mom what you want for your birthday?" He asked.

"Yeah," the younger boy said then screwed up his face a little. "I don't want to get chores though."

"We all get chores at nine-years-old. It’s not so bad." Jacob replied, settling into the water. It was okay but lacked bubbles. The water level went just above his belly button. For a few seconds, he just sat back and enjoyed the sensation of the warmth relaxing his sore muscles. "Besides, we can have a sleepover in the basement after your birthday and you get to join the big boys club."

Ashton perked up at that. "What's that?"

"It's a brother thing. Taylor, Ronin and I are members of the club and now you can join if you like." Jacob said, already tingly between his legs. He had wanted to introduce Ashton to this for the longest time. "You don't have to join Ash, but if you want to, you can."

Ashton looked suspiciously at the older boy wondering why he hadn't heard of this before. Out of all of his brothers, Jacob was the only one with the same father as him. For this reason, and the smaller age gap, they had been closer. Jacob was surely the least likely to pull a prank on him, but it was a possibility. "What goes on in the club?" Ashton asked cautiously.

Jacob had tried to prepare this out in advance. He had even asked for help, not getting much. "Well first it's a secret so you can't tell anyone even if you don't want to join okay?"

"I won't." Ashton promised.

Jacob smiled a little. One thing his little brother never did, unlike his other siblings, was turn on him. A promise was a promise. "Good. Let me show you something." Jacob said, leaning back a little and letting his erection pop out of the water. A bit over four inches, he was bigger than Ronin who was nearly two years older. Ashton took a little more after him. He had seen his little brother hard before. His boner was pretty long for an eight-year-old kid. Jacob thought it was because they had the same dad unlike the rest of his brothers.

Reaching down Jacob played with his penis a little, letting his brother get a good look. Ashton didn't say anything but his hand went between his legs which Jacob saw as a good sign. "Is it getting hard?"

Ashton's face reddened. "Yes, but it goes down usually." He said quietly.

"Yeah, I know. Can you make it go down or do you just wait for it to go down?" Jacob said, sliding around so his legs were now under him and he could easily keep his groin out of the water. The position was uncomfortable but he set his knees out just far enough so they were resting on the sides of the tub.

Ashton gave him a bit of a look and drew his knees to his chest. "It just goes down."

Jacob realized his brother probably wasn't connecting the dots. "Okay, well in the big boys club we do a lot of stuff with our dicks. We like playing with them and if you like playing with them then we can all play together. If you want I can teach you how to make it go down and it feels good." Jacob finished with a smile.

Ashton looked at him for a while and eventually positioned himself in front of his brother, on his knees.

Jacob took a moment to take his little brother in. Ashton played outside a lot which gave his arms a bit of a tan. He didn't really have much fat just a little tummy. Their mom cut his blond hair short, which made his ears stick out. Under a stubborn nose, thin red lips contrasted against his gap toothed grin. The younger boy was definitely hairless, unlike him who’d started noticing a bit of blond fuzz around his balls. Jacob took a good look at his brother's penis. It wasn't fully hard yet just sort of sticking up a little away from his body, with the wrinkled bud of foreskin still at the tip. "Can you get it stiff like mine?"

"It just happens." Ashton said, looking down at his own before looking back over at Jacob’s. His penis started to twitch. Jacob hoped that was because Ashton liked what he was seeing. He really wanted his little brother to join them.

"Just touch it a bit. It usually gets it harder." Jacob explained, slowly running his fingers along his length. He peeled back the foreskin further than it already was, exposing the head. Ashton was having a hard time taking his eyes off Jacob’s example. It didn't take long before his penis was just as hard. Jacob continued. "Okay, now take your thumb and other fingers like this," he stuck out his arm and showed Ashton what he meant. "Then you just slide it over like this then start to move up and down." Jacob moved his wrist very slowly just so his little brother could get the idea.

Ashton just watched for a few seconds before attempting it. "I sometimes rub it, but then I feel like I'm going to pee and I stop."

Jacob was surprised by the admission. "You shouldn't. That feeling like you're going to pee just means you're about to feel good. You just got to keep doing it. It’s called masturbation and all boys do it." Jacob said, feeling a little upset that he hadn't started educating his little brother earlier. It was his duty. He was older and had been jerking off for a few years. So, he was certainly a master at it.

"I want to pee!" His brother exclaimed.

"No." Jacob retorted. He knew that wasn't true. Although, it had happened to him once, but he figured that was just a fluke. For a second, he thought about mentioning what his older brothers could produce, but he knew that would be pretty hard to explain without actually showing him.

The two brothers were silent as they continued to masturbate. Jacob stared at his brother’s hand as it started to move faster along the stem. He was cute enough and part of Jacob wanted to hug his little brother and give him a kiss. But he figured, once Ashton joined they could do a lot more.

Ashton's hand went much faster and the little boy asked. "I won't pee?"

"No, I promise Ash."

The little boy's face scrunched up and his eyes squeezed shut. Jacob redoubled his efforts wanting to climax with his little brother. His toes curled as his climax began to build. Ashton was shorter than him. A splashing sound resonated in the bathroom every so often as his hand went into the water.

Ashton let out a little whimper and then a look formed on his face that was difficult to describe. It was both shock and happiness. Jacob wrapped the rest of his fingers around his erection and followed his brother to a dry orgasm.

For Jacob it was a familiar feeling, but it had a little something extra this time. As the pleasure flooded his young body from his crotch, Jacob let out a moan that was intensified by the hard ceramic surfaces around him. He feared his mom could have heard that and sat back in the water, his erection deflating. Ashton was also going soft but he still had this glowing look on his face. His cheeks were rosy and his eyes bubbly. Slowly, he came out of it sitting himself down. Right away, Ashton ventured a question. "Is that what you guys do?"

Jacob considered the question. "No, we do a lot more, but they want to show you stuff too."

"When?" Ashton demanded eagerly.

"Ronin tomorrow and Taylor after. It's up to you. You can have the sleepover in the basement or not. But if you want to join the club then we'll be doing stuff like that most of the night."

"What are they going to show me?" Ashton asked.

Jacob hesitated and grinned. "You'll have to ask them to find out."
End of Part 1.