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Ashton's Special Birthday - Part 2

                                        Sam The Ham & Debonair



      Later that evening Ashton wanted to experience again the new sensations that Jacob had taught him in the bathtub. On his bed, wearing only pajama pants, he tried to remember how to use his fingers to make the nice feelings grow. Just thinking about it, his little penis was stiff in a snap. For a second, he wondered if the good shivers would happen again, or if Jacob had to coach him some more. He turned his head and looked at his brother in the darkness. The older boy’s eyes were shut and he seemed asleep.

"Jacob, are you awake? My weenie is standing up," Ashton said in a hushed voice. "Can I do it again?"

"Again?" Jacob whispered without opening his eyes. "If you want to, do it. But don’t let mom ever catch you."

The words of approval reassured Ashton and he quickly put his small hand down his pajama pants. Sharing a bedroom with his brother was certainly great and a natural fit. There were pretty close in age and Jacob had similar physical traits since they had the same dad and mom. Both were blond, somewhat thin and had a bit of freckles on their cheeks. But one thing Ashton thought was different was their gracefulness. He was turbulent, a rough and tumble little boy, whereas Jacob was more like a fawn on his feet.

It didn’t surprise Ashton when Jacob took up dancing. He encouraged him even though his older siblings called the eleven-year-old boy a sissy. The first time Ashton saw Jacob on stage, he wondered if perhaps it had been wrong to support him. He couldn’t help but giggle. Jacob was wearing tights. The snug elastic fabric hugged his legs and mid-section in a way that made it seem like he had nothing on. He could see his butt crack and the shape of his dick and balls bulging out at the front.

When Jacob started dancing, Ashton had stopped giggling and watched in awe the fluid movements of the blond boy. After that, Jacob did a modern urban number to the sound of hip hop music. This time, he was wearing jeans and really contorting his body in all kinds of acrobatic positions. The performance impressed Ashton and made him admire Jacob even more, although he already thought his older brother was cool.

"Jacob, uh, it’s taking longer this time." Ashton said, still pulling on his boner.

"Do it a bit more," Jacob retorted sluggishly, falling asleep. "I prom- mise you’re gon-na cum."

With that, the eight-year-old boy smiled and closed his eyes, one hand holding up the waistband of his pajamas, the other rubbing his erection. The more he tugged on his penis, the more his short legs stiffened and his toes curled up. He could feel the tension and the pleasure soaring inside his young body, but there were no indication he would get the same result. As he considered stopping, the strike of intense pleasure hit him. Trembling, he managed to stifle a little cry of joy just as it was about to escape his lips. After the four jolts of blissful lightning, he relaxed on the mattress, enjoying the fuzzy afterglow.

Already, his hyperactive mind was thinking of tomorrow. What other thing would his brother Ronin show him? He certainly didn’t feel the same closeness towards him and his other older brother Taylor. The dark-haired teenagers were nearly aliens to him. They also shared a bedroom but theirs smelled yucky. They were certainly not modest boys. Sometimes, Ashton saw them doing push-ups naked in there, their dangling hairy genitals swinging left and right.

Unlike Jacob, the older siblings also rough housed with him a lot until he squealed in pain. They pulled pranks on him because he was the youngest. Ashton always knew something was up but always fell in the trap, like when they asked him to go in the bathroom where they had farted profusely. Sometimes, the little boy didn’t even understand what the prank was about. He could recall clearly the time he was playing outside on a hot sunny day. Ronin and Taylor came out in the backyard with three glasses of milk shakes and offered one to him.

"We made one extra for you, Ash." Taylor said.

"It’s your favorite shake, vanilla." Ronin added.

Ashton took the glass and looked suspiciously at its content. It wasn’t in the older boys’ nature to be so generous. Both of them were smiling, looking at him with the eyes of a vulture.

"Did you put something nasty in there?" Ashton asked cautiously, trying to read the poker faces of the teenagers.

"No, I swear." Taylor said, raising his hand. "What would we put in there, poison?"

"I wouldn’t be drinking it!" Ronin added, taking a big gulp of the white concoction.

Ashton glanced at them again before bringing the glass to his lips. He swallowed the refreshing frozen drink nearly in one big swig. Then, his mind went into a swirl as the pranksters looked at each other and started laughing.  

"I knew he would like our special shake!" Taylor said to Ronin, giving him a hi-five.

"What did you put in it?" Ashton demanded, fuming. But he never got an answer and watched the two chuckling teenagers walk away.

It was those kinds of occurrences that made Ashton feel like he would never understand teenage boys, even if Ronin and Taylor were his brothers. At times, they could be nice to him, at others absolutely ruthless. Regardless, he looked forward to what Ronin was supposed to show him. He trusted Jacob not to send him do something he would not like. Learning about the secret boys club had tickled his interest too. Lying on his bed, he thought about that also. Mostly, he wondered when he would be alone with Ronin the next day. Jacob had told him to make sure no one was around to say the passphrase, ‘show me new stuff’.

Even though Ronin was not as fun as Jacob, he could be immature at times despite being thirteen. Ashton preferred that side of the young teenager. Also, Ronin didn’t always get along well with Taylor who acted like he was the boss of the house. He could hear them argue in their room and Ronin joined them to play in their room. But as soon as Ronin started losing whatever game they were playing, he turned angry, generally at himself.

Slowly, Ashton dozed off, hoping he would catch Ronin on a good day.

End of Part 2.