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Ashton's Special Birthday - Part 3

                                        Sam The Ham & Debonair



      Ronin awoke to a weight on his side. He blinked his eyes open and slowly rolled onto his back, the weight coming with him and settling on his stomach. The young teen looked up into the smiling face of his little brother Ashton.

"Show me new stuff." Ashton said staring down at him.

Ronin still half-awake glanced over at the other bed seeing it empty. "You couldn't wait until I woke up?"

Ashton shrugged. "Everybody's up. Mom when shopping, Jacob has practice and Taylor's watching TV. He said I should wake you up by the way." 

Ronin let out a small sigh and resigned himself. Truthfully, he had mixed feelings about bringing Ashton into their little club. He certainly enjoyed it particularly when he could do stuff with Jacob alone, but Taylor was a bit of a coin flip. There were times he could be nice and other times when he wasn't. Of course, that just seemed to be his relationship with the oldest in the family. Taylor never seemed to give Jacob a hard time outside of a little teasing. Ronin knew he wasn't an angel but usually when he was teasing his brothers, he jumped on the bandwagon.

"Did you brush your teeth yet?"  

Ashton shook his head back and forth. "No, why?"

"Because your breath stinks and so does mine. Let's go brush them. Then I'll show you some new stuff." 

Ashton hopped off immediately and scampered towards the door. Ronin followed a bit more slowly pulling the covers off and standing up. His hard-on wasn't too noticeable and by the time he reached the door it was already going down. Morning wood was more of an annoyance than anything else. More annoying than the sprouting of new hair he noticed on a regular basis. And despite the way his room smelled, he was convinced it was mostly coming from Taylor’s side.

Stepping into the bathroom the brothers brushed their teeth and Ronin wondered if he shouldn't shower first. He decided not to bother. His pajamas had been cleaned yesterday and he had taken a shower right after Jacob and Ashton had gotten out of the tub. He took his time brushing his teeth and Ashton picked up on this because he slowed his usual fast brushing pace spitting after Ronin did. They both washed their mouths. 

"Would you like to do it in my room or yours?" Ronin offered as he turned the water on to wash out the sink.

"Mine." Ashton answered without hesitation. 

Ronin had figured as much and gestured for Ashton to lead the way. They ended up sitting on Ashton's bed and for a moment just looked at each other before Ronin started. "Jacob showed you how to play with your thing. Well I'm going to show you some stuff you can do with other people. Before we start though if you don't want to do something you don't have to. Do you understand? You're the boss when it comes to yourself."

There was a few seconds of silence and Ronin wasn't sure if it was because Ashton didn't really understand or wasn't aware that he was waiting for a response. Eventually his little brother nodded. "Okay." 

"Well first we're going to start with kissing and yes kissing like in movies. Not the way we kiss mom." He said, omitting to add that there was a lot more coming.

Ashton nodded his head again but then looked around a little uncomfortable. "How do you do that?" 

Ronin had thought about how he should explain this but decided just to go the easy route. "It's easier to just do it and find out. You can't really do it wrong so let's just try it okay."

There was a little bit of a height difference between the two of them. Ashton partly remedied this by pulling his knees up and sitting on them which meant Ronin only had to lean down a little. As soon as their lips touched the first time Ashton pulled away but Ronin just waited letting the younger boy come back after his nervous giggling died down. Together they slowly kissed first, just their lips touching. Ronin could feel Ashton's breath against his cheek. After a minute, Ronin decided to do a little more. 

He opened his mouth a little but Ashton didn't follow suit just kissing the upper part of his lip. When Ronin gave him a bit of tongue, Ashton quickly withdrew giving him a suspicious look, then coming back. Eventually the little boy stuck his tongue out and Ronin sucked on it which caused Ashton to giggle and cover his mouth as he pulled away again. Then Ashton looked down.

"It's hard again." He stated, staring down at the little tent in his pajamas. 

Ronin wondered where his little brother would fall in terms of physical attraction. He had a feeling that Jacob was going to end up liking guys only while Taylor was definitely about girls. He fell somewhere in between, definitely liking girls and guys equally. A part of him wished his little brother would just like girls. "Yeah, me too. I guess this is why people really like kissing."

Ashton nodded still looking down a bit amazed. Ronin leaned towards his pajama top and started to undo the buttons. "Now we need to get naked for the next part." 

Ashton smiled at this unexpected attention from his older brother and giggled as his top was unbuttoned. He rolled onto his back so Ronin could remove his pajama bottoms revealing his stiffy. Ronin felt a pinch of shame at that sight. Even with the onset of puberty Ronin was still smaller than Jacob down there and Ashton definitely took after Jacob. It was pretty though on his ego.

Once his little brother was naked Ronin, stood off the bed and started to strip. Ashton laid there and watched; when Ronin finally dropped his pajama bottoms at least, Ashton covered his mouth as he giggled. Thankfully though, he didn't say anything as Ronin moved to straddle him. 

"Okay you know how to make yourself feel good, but now I'm going to teach you how to make others feel good. Like with kissing and sucking." He smiled and before Ashton could even voice an opinion on the matter he kissed him again on the lips to stop any words coming out. Then Ronin gently started to move his lips down the boy’s cheek to his chin kissing all the way. He kissed briefly down the neck and sucked a little letting his tongue taste the skin. He let his tongue flick back and forth along it before moving down his little brother’s shoulder never letting his lips lose contact with the skin.

Continuing his kissing, he went down the eight-year-old boy’s stomach to his navel, then quickly back up to suck on a nipple. Ashton’s response was a lot of wiggling and moaning. Particularly when he started playing with the boy’s nipple, he could feel Ashton struggling underneath him, not like he was trying to get away but more like he didn't know what to feel or maybe he just didn't know how to express it. Ronin moved from one tiny nipple to the other, feeling them become hard under the tip of his tongue. He gave some attention to Ashton's belly button again which produced a few laughs, but they were quickly cut off as his chin grazed the boy’s erection.

Ashton knew where his big brother was going next. He started to say it was dirty but Ronin didn’t listen. Ashton's objection was more polite than a show stopper. Ronin used his lips to peel the foreskin back exposing the little pink head. He let his tongue flick along it before slowly moving down the shaft. Ronin felt his own erection throbbing. Part of him wanted to reach down and masturbate. It was an ache that he knew would be satisfied later and would be all the better for it. His tongue eventually slid down to Ashton's balls. The smooth little spheres tasted a little like soap. Ronin inhaled sharply, taking the balls and pulling on them as his nose brushed up against the shaft. He slid it back and forth shaking his head and Ashton started to push his hips forward.  

"It's going to to to..." Ashton trailed off, but he was understood.

Ronin moved back up the shaft taking the entire thing in his mouth. His little brother was big for his age but it was nothing he couldn’t handle. The suction pulled his cheeks inwards. He felt the delicate stem of the little penis between his lips, strangely as if he was sucking himself. He knew what Ashton was feeling and loved that he was making it happen. 

Ronin didn’t realize his little brother was climaxing until he heard him moan and pant louder. Ashton’s hips bounced on the mattress and came back down to rest. Ronin continued to suckle. The boy’s stiffy softened and Ronin opened his mouth to release it. The young teen sat up on his hands and knees, staring down at his little brother’s reddened face.

"Did you enjoy that?" He asked. 

Ashton nodded. "Yeah, a lot better than when I do it with my fingers."

Ronin smiled. He knew he wasn't always the best big brother in the world. Still, he liked to make others feel good when it came to sex. In some ways he was more of a giver than a receiver, at least to a certain extent. 

"Do you want to try doing that to me?"

Ashton hesitated before opening his mouth. "Is this what you guys do in the club?" 

"Sometimes, yes. We're just showing you a little, giving you a taste."

Giving it some thought before answering, the blond boy chewed his finger. "I'll try." 

Ronin rolled over on the small bed, lying next to Ashton before the younger boy got on top. Ronin raised one hand placing it on Ashton's forehead to stop him from coming any closer for a second. "You can start sucking me, when I say get off you get off me, okay?"

"Why?" Ashton asked curiously. 

"Because when you get older, stuff comes out and you may not want it in your mouth."

"Like pee?" Ashton said with a frown, clearly not liking the idea. 

"No, it's just something that you do when you're older. Sometimes I swallow and sometimes I spit it out.  Taylor's the only one who makes it besides me, but you know I don't want you to be surprised. It can be weird if you're not expecting it."

Ashton considered this and then dismissed it with a nod and a shrug. "Okay thanks. You're being really nice." 

Ronin was saved from further thinking then, because Ashton leaned down and kissed him. It wasn’t an experienced kiss but still nice and a little boy tried to do his best to mimic his foreplay. Ronin had to admit that the little tongue pressing against his neck was sweet and he couldn't help giggling which encouraged his little brother. When it came to teasing his nipples though, Ashton clearly needed practice. Ronin could feel his teeth a few times as his brother was biting more than sucking.

He pushed into the bed moving his nipple away. Unfortunately Ashton didn't seem to get the hint and moved to suck a little more. Ronin wondered if that had been a highlight for Ashton. Eventually though his little brother moved on, going down along his stomach using his whole tongue like a kitten. Ronin knew he was going to have to take a shower after this. 

When Ashton approached his erection, he pulled away and considered it for a few seconds before kissing the tip and letting his lips go down the shaft right down to the balls. Ashton was tentative at first but it was just enough to keep Ronin going prematurely soft. Ronin watched his little brother begin to gain confidence and try to do his best to suck his boner.

Ronin closed his eyes and rested his head back, pushing his hips up into the warm mouth. The inevitable started to happen. He could feel the pressure of a good cum burning up inside his groin. 

"Get off!" He said through gritted teeth. His brother obeyed quickly. Ronin took hold of his wet erection. With a few strokes of the wrist, spunk started to fly onto his belly. He kept moving his hand up and down until there wasn't anything left.

There were several seconds of silence as Ronin drifted off from his orgasm before coming back and looking up at his little brother still staring down at the mess on him.  

"Taylor produces a lot more. It even looks different." Ronin commented.

"And it goes in your mouth?" Ashton said, giving him a strange look. 

"Sometimes, it's not so bad." He said. To emphasize his point, he scooped up a little bringing it to his own mouth and licking it off of his fingers. "It's kind of salty."

Ashton screwed his face up and shook it. "I don't want to. Do I have to?" 

"We’ll try to give you a warning. Sometimes it just happens though. But you can just spit it out." Ronin said, briefly remembering that his little brother had already tasted his jizz. His and Taylor’s load had been diluted by ice cream and milk however. The prank had seemed funny at the time but now he felt a little guilty about it, seeing Ashton so squeamish.

"So do you want to learn more?" Ronin broke the silence. 

Ashton nodded. "Should I get Taylor now?"

"Give yourself some time to recover," Ronin warned. "Tomorrow evening is best. Your birthday is still three days away."  

After a few more seconds of lying there Ronin swung his legs out over the bed and got up. "Well, unlike you I have a mess to clean up."

"Are you going to take a shower?" Ashton questioned. 


"Um... Could, could we maybe take a bath instead together like we used too?" Ashton said, sitting up on his knees. 

Ronin looked at his little brother. He was the cutest of the family and Ronin wanted to be with him or maybe it was just the strange desire he sometimes had after orgasm to be close to somebody. He nodded, "Okay."