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Ashton's Special Birthday - Part 4

                                        Sam The Ham & Debonair



     In his bedroom, Taylor removed his tee-shirt and socks. Ever since he’d turned fifteen, it seemed to him like he was always hot and sweating. Sitting on his desk chair, he cocked his head to the side to move the curtain of dark hair away from his eyes. A few clicks on the keyboard and the game on his computer continued. Every time he blasted a zombie, a disgusting squishy sound came out of the speakers.

On the floor, a line of masking tape separated the bedroom in two. On Ronin’s side, it looked like a dump. Taylor’s side was impeccable. Sometimes, the gangly teenager wondered if he was adopted, because he was the only one who cared about cleanliness. No matter how often he told his brothers to pick things up, they never listened. Over the years, he had lived with a growing feeling of being invaded. First came Ronin, then Jacob and then one more, Ashton, all of them nibbling a bit more space away from his privacy. 

Regardless, he had enjoyed growing up with them, being a bit the boss of them and the trail blazer. But for a long time, he had left Ronin and Jacob in the dark about sex. The two boys had often come to him, pulling down the front of their shorts and saying "Look! My weenie is all stiff!" On those occasions, Taylor had just smiled and giggled knowing his younger brothers would forget about it and go back to playing some silly game. But as Taylor’s puberty went into full swing and his mood became unstable, his brothers’ recurrent display of ignorance started to irritate him. He showed them how to jerk off.

The big boys club came about much later. At first, it was just a way for Taylor to teach more stuff to his brothers. With time, he found the two middle boys were really into it and wanted to get together to do more and more. Things went from handjobs to blowjobs, all the way to butt fucking, something Jacob enjoyed a lot, even when he got boned very hard. Taylor knew he liked girls. But there were things his girlfriends never agreed to try that his brothers were more than eager to experience. The club was perfect for that.

Looking at the screen, Taylor got lost in the game. It was a habit of his before going to bed. He could be alone and get away from his brothers. Ashton rushed into the room, clad in his pajamas. The little boy shut the door behind him and said, "Show me new stuff!"

"Oh, right," Taylor said, putting his game on pause. "Are Ronin and Jacob making sure mom won’t come over here?"

"Yes," Ashton whispered. "They said they would take care of it."

Taylor stood up looking at his kid brother grinning. It had not been the teenager’s idea to invite Ashton in the club. In fact, he thought the blond boy was a bit young at eight-years-old, that maybe he would not be able to keep it a secret. But it was too late now. Jacob had decided to reel him in. It didn’t surprise Taylor that much. Jacob was the horniest of them all.

"Okay, we have to be quick," Taylor said. "Turn around and put your hands against the wall."


"Do as I say," Taylor insisted. "We’re gonna play a special game. You have to keep your hands flat on the wall at all times no matter what I do. Otherwise you will lose."

Ashton tiptoed to the nearest wall and hesitantly raised his arms to put both palms of his hands on the surface. Taylor smiled at the giddy boy. He could tell his brother was enjoying the mystery of this new game. They didn’t have many interactions. After all, he was the oldest and tallest and Ashton the youngest and smallest. It made sense to the teenager that the little boy would be fidgety around him. Seeing him submit blindly to this showed some courage and Taylor thought he was brave.

With that, he slipped his fingers under the waistband of Ashton’s pj pants and let them fall around his dainty ankles. Ashton twitched a bit, almost removing his hands off the wall.

"Oh no, keep your hands there or you will lose, remember." Taylor remarked.

"I will!" Ashton exclaimed and giggled, standing naked from the waist down.

Taylor approached closer, staring down at his brother’s backside. Between the tan lines, he had a nice set of small white mounds, firm and sticking out of the small of his back. He had seen them many times, but never this close. The teenager let his hand roam on the bubble butt, caressing gently the flesh, going down between Ashton’s thighs and grabbing his smooth little balls from behind. With his other hand, he started to fiddle with the hardening pecker of the boy, recalling how his got stiff quickly at his age.

"Are you okay, Ash," Taylor said. "Do you like it?"

"Yes." Ashton answered in a low voice, keeping his palms very flat on the wall.

"I think you’re gonna like this too." Taylor said, kneeling behind the boy. He put both hands on his small cheeks and spread them to peek in between. Ashton’s butt hole was pink and tiny, smelling of soap from his bath. He leaned closer and swiped his tongue over the orifice, then again, swirling his tongue around it. It was something he had done to one of his girlfriends in the past. It had driven her wild.

"What are you doing?" Ashton said, turning around with his face blushing. "It’s my poop hole."

"I know. It’s called rimming." Taylor said. "You can’t move and you have to let me do it or you will lose."

"Okay, but it tickles!"

Taylor dove back between his little brother’s buns. Moving his head upward, he let his tongue slide along the crack a few times. Then, he started working the small hole, kissing it with his lips, darting his tongue at it. He applied more pressure, jamming his tongue against the rosebud, listening to Ashton’s squeaky moans. Taylor could tell his little brother was enjoying it more and more. His moans were whinier and the tiny puckered ring before his eyes was slowly loosening. He pushed the tip of his tongue into it, entering the little boy’s butt once in a while. After five minutes, Ashton was nearly whimpering out of pleasure.

Taylor decided it was time for something else and stood up. He checked Ashton’s boner with his fingers. The little penis was rigid and pointing straight up.

"I think you really like this." He said.

"Yes! And I didn’t take my hands off the wall!" Ashton confirmed, grinning widely.

"I know. I didn’t think you would be that good," Taylor said. "Now, we’ll see if I do it with this." He added, at the same time shoving the tip of his big finger in Ashton’s wet butt hole.

The sudden intrusion caused the blond boy to jerk up on his toes and grimace. "Uggh! Take it out Taylor! Take it out!" He protested. For a brief second, an instinctive urge to defend himself almost made him turn around. But he remembered just in time to keep his hands on the wall.

"It’s just like my tongue, but harder," Taylor said. "Wait a bit; you’re gonna like it too."

"Ugh, you’re pushing it in!" Ashton retorted, wincing.

"Yes." Taylor confirmed the obvious. With both hands, he started to pleasure Ashton. In front, his fingers tugged on his small hard-on. In the back, he fingered vigorously his small asshole. The tight grip of the small sphincter amazed him. After a moment, he couldn’t help but smile seeing Ashton warm up to the double stimulation. The little boy’s eyes were staring blankly at the wall. He was drooling and moaning louder from the mounting pleasure. His skinny legs were getting wobbly. Taylor knew it would not be long before his little brother got off. He thrust his middle finger to the second knuckle into his butt hole, rubbing his vibrant stiffy with the same fervor.

"Uh, I’m gonna cum!" Ashton blurted out. "Unngh, Unngh! Unnnnnghh!"

Just as he heard it, Taylor felt his brother’s hole clamp down on his finger and his stiffy twitch. He had never seen him get an orgasm. He found it funny to watch Ashton, up on the tip of his toes, shaking from spasms for half a minute, with both hands still on the wall.

"Well, I think you have won the game." Taylor announced.

"I won?" Ashton said, pulling his pajamas pants back up swiftly and smiling.

"Yes, and I think you are ready to join the big boys club if you want to," Taylor said. "Now get out of my room before mom thinks you’ve been kidnapped." He added right away, needing to jerk off badly.

End of Part 4. 

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