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Ashton's Special Birthday - Part 5

                                        Sam The Ham & Debonair



     Ronin quietly tiptoed down the stairs to the basement. He opened the door and shut it gently behind. "Mom’s asleep now, I think we can start." He announced to his brothers and smiled, taking off his tee-shirt. Waiting for their mother to doze off was merely a precaution. She approved of their sleepover parties. She had said to them once, "It’s really nice that you guys get together like this and share a brotherly night". She had even authorized Taylor to drink one beer if he wanted, because he was fifteen. Ronin knew she would never dare break the promise of disrupting one of their sleepovers.

They always did them in the basement. The big room has seen better days but it was perfect for a reunion of the club. There was an old couch along with a worn out pseudo-leather bean bag chair. The carpet on the floor was wall to wall, but it had been cut from a larger piece and not properly glued to the floor. The ends flipped up a little on the corners. The lighting was uneven with a few lamps on the tables and some ceiling bulbs. The TV suspended on the wall was a first model flat screen. It wasn’t hooked up to cable and didn’t have internet access. They only used it to stream a movie through their Xbox console. But that evening they had better things to do.

Ashton observed his older brothers undressing. They pulled off their socks and threw them at each other, laughing. Jacob was already down to his undies when he approached.

"You’re not stripping, Ash?" The eleven-year-old boy said. "In the big boys club, we all play together naked."

"Do I have to? Can I watch first?" The blond boy asked.

"Yeah, sure I guess," Jacob hesitated, looking for approval from Taylor who nodded. "It’s okay. You can watch and join in later. It’s your birthday, so you can do whatever you want."

"Cool, I wanna watch first." The eight-year-old boy said, taking a seat in his little shorts on the couch. He looked at Jacob turning around and taking off his underwear. The boy walked over to the bean bag naked and knelt on it. Taylor and Ronin were already naked also. They moved closer and started rubbing the younger boy with their hands. Ronin was in front, moving his hands on Jacob’s chest, tweaking his nipples and going down between his legs to fondle his little balls. Taylor was behind him, rubbing his back and his butt. It was obvious Jacob was enjoying it as he was smiling and moaning softly.

Ashton kept his eyes on his naked brothers. Their dicks were getting bigger, especially Taylor’s. He had never seen the older teenager’s penis hard. It looked so big even from where he was sitting. Jacob leaned forward on the bean bag. He kissed Ronin’s boner a few times and gobbled up the thirteen-year-old’s dick to suck it. Meanwhile, Taylor who was still behind Jacob, knelt down. He spread the boy’s white cheeks and started licking his pink butt hole right away.

As much as he tried to imagine it, Ashton had never thought his brothers did this in the big boys club. They got along pretty well, but he never pictured them naked, touching each other’s bodies. He had certainly not pictured them using their mouths on their most intimate parts. Jacob was moaning between his two older brothers. He bobbed his blond head, sucking Ronin’s hard-on while Taylor darted his tongue at his tiny butt hole. The older boy also had his hand between Jacob legs to tug on his stiffy at the same time. He backed away suddenly and turned his head, "Watch this Ash, I’m gonna show you what Jacob likes. He’s only eleven but he’s really into it."

Ashton wondered what he meant. He scooted to the edge of the couch cushion. His little penis had been aching for a while now and he adjusted it in his shorts. He examined Taylor grab a bottle on the floor and put some oil on his dick. The teenager rubbed some more until it was glistening. Then he stepped behind Jacob on the bean bag and put his arms around the thin boy’s torso. Jacob stopped sucking Ronin. The blond boy put both hands on his buns and parted them.

"Ready?" Taylor asked.

"Yes, stick it inside me." Jacob said and smiled.

What followed surprised Ashton. Taylor grabbed his big hard-on and pushed the tip slowly against Jacob’s butt hole. Ashton could see Jacob’s tiny pucker opening up to swallow the slick head of Taylor’s dick. Both boys exhaled loudly. Jacob let out a squeal and Ashton noticed Taylor’s hardness slide in further.

"Are you okay?" Taylor asked.

"Unnnghh, yeah, your dick’s really hard tonight," Jacob said. "I can really feel it. Start doing it."

For the next minutes, Ashton’s eyes were locked on his brothers. Ronin had sat next to him on the couch and put his arm around his shoulders. They both watched Taylor moving his hips back and forth, sending his hard cock his Jacob’s butt a little bit faster and a little bit deeper.

"What are they doing?" Ashton asked, turning to Ronin.

"Some boys like to do that," Ronin said. "It’s called butt fucking. Maybe you would like it too?"

"I don’t think so!" Ashton said. Then as he laid his eyes again on the scene, he heard Jacob say, "Do it harder now." From then on, Taylor held Jacob against his chest tightly. The tall boy swayed his hips very fast. Jacob started to moan and squeak, his face scrunched up. Because he was holding his ass cheeks apart, Ashton could see Taylor’s big dick slam into his butthole, also the teenager’s balls swinging back and forth.

All of sudden, Taylor froze on Jacob’s back. "Oh shit, yeahhh!" He exclaimed, burying his cock deeply in Jacob’s butt.


"I want you to get condoms." Jacob said as he sat on the toilet.

Taylor who was washing his softening penis looked at his little brother. "Why?"

"Because, I'm tired of having to sit on the toilet afterwards." Jacob said as he wadded up some toilet paper and wiped.

"It's not really that bad is it?" Taylor said.

"It's annoying and it wasn't a request." Jacob said standing up in the small bathroom. It was barely big enough for one person to be occupying it, two people was a crowd.

Taylor just smiled, but Jacob had made up his mind. If his big brother decided not to, being turned down a few times would probably get his butt in gear.

His business done, Jacob pushed past his brother and opened the door. He saw Ronin and Ashton still sitting on the couch. The two were talking but Ashton looked up as Jacob came near. "So Ashton, would you like to do something now?"

His little brother nodded but looked over at Ronin. "What's it called again?"

"Fencing," Ronin supplied. "We’ve got enough people for a tournament... Well a small one."
"Yeah, can we do that?" Ashton asked jumping in.

Jacob smiled. "Sure, but it'll be pretty hard with your shorts on?" he said.

Ashton looked down at himself almost as if he had forgotten. He tugged on his shirt before reaching up and slowly pulling it off. He reached out to take off his socks and started to struggle with his shorts and undies. When they were around his ankles, he jumped up straight into the air, his erection slapping against his belly and letting out a nervous giggle.

Jacob stared at him again and smiled. He had wanted to get his brother into the club. Seeing how excited he was made him feel good about the decision.

Being the first one to recover, Jacob decided to take charge. "Okay, I'll go against Taylor and then Ashton and Ronin can go against each other. The winners go against each other then."

"Does the winner win anything?" Ronin asked.

Jacob thought for a moment and then just shrugged.

"Um, maybe the losers can go against each other and then we can tell the loser what to do." Ashton ventured quietly.

Everybody agreed and they faced off. The height difference required Taylor to be on his knees while Jacob had to go on the bean bag into a good position so he could be at the same level. Ronin and Ashton were on either side of him, Ashton playing with his erection absent-mindedly.

Taylor’s erection was big, but as far as Jacob was concerned that only meant it was a bigger target. Since the last time he had done that he had thought of the strategy he wanted to try.

They started by touching their penises together, but when Ronin said go, Jacob made his move. He got as high as he could which was about half the length of his shaft before pushing forward against his brother who was also pushing forward and started thrusting his hips back and forth. Taylor wiggled his hips to the side causing their erections to slip next to each other, but Jacob still had the tip. He was able to use the side of his erection to slide along the tip which he knew was the most sensitive part. It felt good, but Jacob cheated a little by scratching his nails into his palms. It helped to focus his mind away from the pleasure. Taylor tried to move up a little to get his erection behind Jacob’s but Jacob stayed straight until his brother was back on his knees and most of his weight was resting against his big brother. He could actually feel his brother’s belly pressing against the tip of his penis. It was good and maybe he would have lost it but then he felt a warm fluid along his own belly as his brother climaxed with a grunt.

Jacob pulled away standing up and raising his arms, showing off his obvious victory. It was only after he did that that he realized Ashton was staring at the wet goo on him. Jacob blushed. "I win, back in a second don't start without me."

The bout between Ashton and Ronin didn't last too long. They were almost evenly matched. Ronin was wider but he didn't have much length on his youngest brother. The disadvantage for Ashton was that he had been playing with himself the whole last match. He climaxed in under a minute.

"Guess I'm going to be the winner." Jacob said taking the place of Ashton.

"I usually beat you." Ronin countered getting in position.

"Yeah, but I've had time to rest." Jacob said before saying "Go!"

Although he did get the jump on, Ronin started fighting back. Being almost the same length meant they were more evenly matched. Their erections rubbed against each other and their bellies. Jacob opted for the same strategy. But Ronin was a good competitor and they were fencing mightily. Jacob thought he was about the climax when Ronin made yet another mess against Jacob stomach. At least it was just a little this time.

When he returned from the bathroom this time the next match had already started. Ashton didn't have much of a chance against his oldest brother. Taylor was able to get himself hard. Jacob knew he probably wouldn't be ready to cum anytime soon. Ashton's little thing was batted around like a cat playing with a toy. When Taylor finally got to grind against Ashton his entire erection just covered Ashton's. When his little brother had his dry climax, his face was beat red from cumming so close together.

Ashton looked up at Jacob frustrated, but he smiled, sticking to the bet. "What do I have to do?"

Jacob grinned. "Well, first I think we should watch an episode of something so we can all recover. Then I want you to suck us all off. And no touching yourself until then!"


Ronin wondered what was going through his little brother head. Being told he was going to have to suck all of his brothers off had not seemed like it had much of an effect on him. Maybe, he was a little nervous, but that also could have been excitement. It was hard to tell. He knew he wasn't always the best big brother, but at least he liked to think he didn't do anything too bad. That thought made him think of a few things that he sort of regretted. He told himself that if Ashton said anything then he would step up for him too.

They had allowed him to pick the show and he had picked one of those cartoons that were only a few minutes long, so they ended up watching three episodes before Jacob announced it was time. Ronin wasn't sure he would have been able to recover by then but, when Jacob stood up in front of the TV, his dick was already hardening.

Ashton sprung to his feet at the announcement and picked up one of his feet holding it behind his butt nervously before letting his eyes go over to Taylor. "You make that stuff Ronin makes right?"

"Yes, quite a bit more actually. Have you tasted it yet?" Taylor asked.

Ashton shook his head.

"I see," Taylor said. "Well, why don't you work your way up. You can get a little taste from Ronin if he has any left. You can always spit it out if you want."

Still holding his foot behind him Ashton considered that and nodded finally letting it drop to the ground. It was a nervous habit of his. Jacob moved to sit back on the couch. Ronin looked around for the wastebasket they had down there. It took him a second to find it. The thing always seemed to be moving. By the time he brought it back over to the couch Jacob was sitting on his butt on the edge, with Ashton between his legs slowly playing with his brother’s erection.

Ronin took a moment to compare the two. Aside from being a bit larger than the average for their age, they did look a bit alike. He wondered if there was a huge difference between half-brother and full brothers? Were they closer because of their ages or because they had the same mom and dad? Then he saw Ashton open his mouth and dive on Jacob’s erection. They apparently had some of the same enthusiasm, Ronin thought.

Taking his place back on the couch he put the wastebasket between himself and Taylor just in case Ashton didn't want to taste either of their loads. Then he turned his full attention to his little brother's work. Jacob liked to hold the back of the head of the one sucking. Ashton took almost Jacob’s entire boner into his mouth except for the last little bit. He wondered how much Ashton could take of Taylor’s cock. He watched the little boy's cheeks dimple and expand as he twisted and pulled his head back. Ashton was still new to it but learning quick.

Jacob tensed up and bucked his hips forward to make the last bit disappear into Ashton’s mouth. Jacob tilted his head back and let his hand fall from Ashton's head as he pulled back, red faced. Ashton raised one of his hands to his lips. The next second he scooted over to Ronin.

Ronin smiled down at his little brother and spread his legs exposing his hard dick. Ashton stared at it for a bit before opening his mouth and going down on it. Feeling his brother’s warm lips wrapped around his erection made Ronin moan. He didn't feel like he needed to put his hand on Ashton's head. It was weird feeling the inexperienced mouth move up and down the shaft, his tongue swirling around. Ronin felt teeth once or twice, but it wasn’t that bad.

Ashton moved his head from side-to-side taking Ronin's erection along with it, letting his tongue dance from side to side. He pulled back a few times only to go further down onto Ronin’s erection. When Ashton's chin touched Ronin's balls it was like a signal to fire. The slow building pleasure suddenly exploded. Ronin felt a warm sensation climbing up his dick as he shot a wad into his little brother's mouth.

Unlike with Jacob, Ashton pulled back almost immediately when Ronin came. Ronin felt the graze of Ashton's teeth glide over his glans as he pulled back. Ronin couldn't be sure how much he’d shot. Again Ashton brought his hand to his lips to wipe it.

"What do you think?" Jacob asked.

Ashton didn't answer right away licking his lips for a few seconds. "I didn't taste anything, I think I felt it but it went right down." Ashton said.

"Well, I'm sure you'll taste mine." Taylor said stroking his erection. "No way can you take all of this."

Ashton giggled at that and then rubbed his job. "Can you wait a minute? My jaw’s a little tired."

"Well, you've had a lot of meat." Taylor said, scratching his balls.

Ronin smiled while Ashton gave his oldest brother a weird look. He was also worried that it would gag him. Ashton looked at the largest cock for a moment and then slowly wrapped his hand around it. He rose up on his knees. "This was in Jacob's butt."

There was a second of silence that Jacob finally broke. "Don't worry, he washed it really well."

Ashton stared at Ronin for a second, his eyes looking for an answer. Ronin stared back into those blue eyes. For once his little brother was actually looking to him for a real answer. Ronin hesitated and without saying a word leaned over to give Taylor’s cock a quick lick. "Yeah, definitely clean."

Ronin had moved so fast that no one had time to react. Jacob let out a little laugh while Taylor just gave him a weird look. Ashton was convinced because he opened his mouth and engulfed his oldest brother's cock. Ronin could see he was moving a lot more slowly having to open his mouth wider.

Ashton's mouth slipped over the larger erection, his lips pushed back as he slid down it. Ashton got a good chunk inside his mouth and then decided that was enough because he slowly started bobbing his head. A couple of times he bopped his head back and forth almost as if he was dancing to music only he could hear. Taylor tried to stay still for the first minute or so, but then he couldn’t help but move his hips.

Ronin knew how rough Taylor could get sometimes. Fortunately, the harder stuff he usually reserved for him or Jacob. Still, Taylor pushed a little more into his little brother's mouth. Ashton wrapped his hand around the base of the erection, giving it a squeeze and sliding his fingers up and down. Taylor leaned back pushing more of his cock into Ashton’s mouth, causing the little boy to grunt.

Taylor got that look on his face. His teeth started to grind together and his lips peeled back as he tilted his head back even further his bare feet pushing against the couch. Then he let out of shattering breath and Ronin knew his little brother was getting a good taste of cum.

To his credit Ashton kept his mouth on Taylor’s cock, catching the first few spurts, but then he quickly pulled away and reached for the wastebasket. A little more cum dribbled out of Taylor's cock. Ronin didn't care though as he leaned over to hold the trash can. Ashton went over it and started spitting. Ronin put a hand on his shoulder and gently rubbed his back, joined by Taylor's hand. Jacob jumped up and stood next to his little brother, clearly worried. Ronin had never thought the taste was that bad.

"Are you okay?" Jacob asked.

Ashton sat up and slowly looked into the trash can before reaching in and pulling something out. "It's my last baby tooth!"
The End 

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