Becoming a Boy 56

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I spent most of the morning working from my office. As usual there was a ton of work even though everyone had a holiday. I always wondered how people could stay busy through a holiday and push stuff onto my plate. Didn't they have families or vacations too?

I thought back over the last few days and was pretty amazed by everything that had gone on. The family was a lot different than the holiday the year before. Just thinking about all the sex and fucking got me boned sitting at my desk. I'd need to get some release sometime today. Did I want a blow job from Billy or a good fuck with Jan?

Timmy's ass had been amazing, but he belonged to Ian, so I didn't figure that would be a repeat. I was getting tired of one offs with fags. I needed to move Billy along faster. I wanted to be plugging his cunt. I wanted him as a regular option as Jan was a regular option. Not that I minded the one offs, but I wanted a regular fag pussy the same as I wanted a woman's pussy. I wanted it open so there was no more hiding behind some curtain.

Jan would adjust to the idea. She wasn't completely conservative about sex. She'd follow my lead, though I'm not sure she'd be into me and Danni having sex, she probably could get through the idea of me and Billy, if there was good enough reason the first time it happened. I'd keep working on it, but I needed to get some of this work done now.


"Mrs. McNeil, I don't know," I told her. "It doesn't seem right."

"I told you Billy, call me Jan, please. And anyway dear, I just asked if you would give me one of your great massages, only naked this time."

"Mrs. McNeil," I began to explain how uncomfortable that would be for me, but she interrupted again.

"Billy, you've seen me naked. You've done things with me, for me, can't I just see you too? Please?"

"Yes, Ma'am, okay," I finally told her. Ian had said I should just go for it and to use my dick to pleasure her. She is really pretty, I mean for a woman with two grown boys, well a grown man and a girl, I guess now. She got a big smile on her face when I gave in.

I took off my shirt and then my pants and finally my underwear as she watched. Her eyes never left me. I could feel her staring. What would she say about my penis? About my skinny body? I was always self-conscious about myself. I didn't get what others saw in me.

"Oh Billy, you're beautiful," she told me. I wasn't sure what to say back.

"Would you like your massage now Mrs. McNeil? I mean, uhm, Jan."

She was already on the table, supporting her upper body on her elbows. She lay back fully and then flipped over. Exposing her backside to me. I walked over to the table and began the massage. She had become used to it, and from everything she and Mr. McNeil said, she really liked them. I had made her cum on a couple of occasions so I think she really did enjoy them.

"Hmmmm, you're so good at this Billy."

"Thank you, Ma'am. I'm glad you like it. I like making you feel good."

I continued working her muscles in her back and then her legs and eventually I made my way to her butt. I used both my hands and my elbows on her butt. She had a nice butt, fleshy but not flabby. It bounced if I massaged it certain ways. She rolled over after a bit and then I worked my hands around her upper body and eventually her chest. She was quite good looking as I think I mentioned. I was considering doing something else today. I thought I'd go down on her fully and eat her pussy out good. I knew women liked that stuff.

I continued rubbing her chest then eventually massaged her boobs and then ran my fingertips over her nipples. I saw her quiver and I looked at her pussy. She was damp there already. She was really enjoying this today and that made me relax some. I knew I was making her feel good. I ran my fingers down her stomach and then brought them to her crotch. I massaged around her vag and she moaned. I looked up and her eyes were closed. I wondered what she was thinking about. Probably Mr. McNeil's huge cock. It was truly big. So was Ian's cock. It made me think about Danni and I wondered for a second how he ended up with such a small thing. Maybe he got it from his mom's side of the family.

I decided now was as good a time as any, Mrs. McNeil's eyes were still closed. As I ran my fingers gently around her crotch I lowered my face down to look closer. I could see the dampness of her vag and the erectness of her clit. It was small but hard, straining itself. I didn't think much but just stuck my tongue out and gave it a little lick. She jerked and I looked and she was staring at me. I looked at her and did it again, lapping at her clit and running my tongue around her opening.

"Ohhhhh, Billlllyyyyyyy, ooohhhhhh myyyyyy."

I took that as a good sign so I kept going. Flicking my tongue here and there and then lapping like a dog at the water bowl. I took my time as she writhed gently on the massage table. I flicked my tongue on her lips, parting then inserting it inside her. I bobbed my face up and down much as I had done sucking Mr. McNeil's cock. She moaned appreciatively as I tongue fucked her. I used my hands to spread her open more as I continued to eat her pussy. She got louder and louder as she moaned and she began to grind against my face. I knew she was really enjoying it when she grabbed my head and held me down there on her pussy and I lapped away at it.

"Ohhhh ggooooooddddd, ohhhhhhh Billlyyyyyy. Yeah, lick me, lick my clit, do it harder."

I followed her instructions. She was leading me along after I had started.

"Yesss! Oh, that feels good," she said thrusting her hips up off the table while smashing my face into her pussy. "I love it, I love it!"

I dove in enthusiastically. Ian had said to be excited, to show I was enjoying it. I even noticed that my penis was swelling. I usually didn't pay much attention to it, but maybe Ian knew stuff I didn't know about me. I was naked eating out Mrs. McNeil and I might be getting hard.

"Billy, oh god Billy, that's so good. Ohmygoodddddddd."

I must have eaten her out for a good 15 minutes. She was acting all wild. Bumping my face and grabbing my head. I had to keep moving my hair out of the way. Eventually I pulled it all out of the way, twisted it up and tied it in a bun so it was on top of my head, away from the action so I didn't have to keep pulling it out of the way.

Oh, god Billy, it feels so good. Get back down on me."

That made me smile, I was doing it well, making her happy. I dove in for more of the same. And soon Mrs. McNeil was back to cramming my face into her pussy and humping off the table. At one point she really lifted off the table and let out a huge moan. The juices really started flowing then. She must have had a big orgasm. She sorta of collapsed at that point and was whispering about how good it was. I just kept at it and soon she was breathing heavy again.

"Billy, Billy I want you to fuck me."

I stopped briefly and moved my hands up to her pussy. I slid a couple fingers inside and moved them in and out of her vag. I tickled her clit with a finger and watched her face.

"Noooo, oh god, noooo, I want cock. Please, Billy, use your cock. Fuck me now."

"Mrs. McNeil. I can't do that. I'm not sure that's a good idea."

"Yes! Yes it is. It will be so good Billy. I love cock."

She sat up on her elbows again and looked my me. My fingers slowly stuffing her.

"Oh god, Billy, just stuff me with your cock. It's going to feel so good," she cooed. "I want it so bad. I've never wanted another cock like this before. Just do it."

"But, Mr. McNeil, he'll find out. He always knows what we do in the house."

"Chuck is working upstairs, just please fuck me, it won't be long, I just want a cock in me now. You are so good with your hands, Billy, I want to feel how good it is when you use your cock."

She stared at my dick. I'll admit that everything she said did make me hard. She wanted me to fuck her. She wanted me to please her. I don't get hard very often and sex isn't usually something I think much about unless it was pleasing someone, and she wanted me to do that. I just nodded and slowly moved up to the table. She spread her legs further apart.

"Billy, your cock is so pretty. I never imagined it would be as big as it is. Just put it in me slowly, please Billy."


I could hear Jan enjoying another massage from Billy. I could hear her from time to time moaning. I was enjoying the idea that Billy was using his hands or tongue to get her off. The sooner she adjusted to the idea that sex could involve more than monogamy, the better off I'd be. As soon as Billy realized that we wanted him here permanently, the better off my life would be. That was the goal, right? Expanding the marriage with a toy for both of us.

I got hard thinking about adding a boy toy to my life. Thinking about the opportunities I planned to use Billy regularly. I decided to sneak downstairs and watch Jan getting her massage. I had left them alone previously, but today I was hard and wanted to see what they were up to.

I could hear Jan really enjoying Billy's attention. I moved as quietly as I could over to the stairs and began my descent to the basement. I continued to hear the moans of pleasure from Jan, she was quietly enjoying the ministrations of Billy. I just had to watch. I slowly crept down the stairs.

"Oh, Billy, I want you to fuck me," I heard Jan moan out. I couldn't believe she'd do anything of that nature. I heard Billy tell her it wasn't a good idea, but she continued to beg for his cock, to claim it was okay for him to fuck her. I was amazed, really. I never figured she would be the one to beg for cock. I actually figured Billy would be the aggressor. He was the guy after all. He had an actual working dick, and he always said he wanted to please people.

"Mrs. McNeil, I mean Jan, I'm not sure this is the best idea," he told her.

"Yes, it will feel so good, Billy," she urged him on.

Both of them were crazy if they thought that I'd be their cuckold. No way he'd fuck her and be the same after. And Jan? I'd have to think of some punishment for her later if Billy actually stuck it inside her. She knew the rules, no cock but mine. Yeah, I knew I'd technically broke our agreement too. I hadn't fucked any women, but I had fucked a lot of boy pussy in the last year, but that was different in my mind. Different than Jan begging for some boy's dick.

I wanted that fag pussy so bad. Would I let Billy fuck Jan just so I could put them in a position to control both of their futures with me? I continued to stare at the scene. Billy and Jan were oblivious to me hiding in the shadows watching them. Do I play it nice? Let them fuck and just stroll up and join in? Do I storm in angry and slap them around? I'd waited for the chance at this but hadn't really thought through how I should act.

"Do it, fuck me, Billy. Make me feel good!" Jan begged. "You've got me so worked up, I just want to feel you inside me."

"But, Mr. McNeil..." he started.

"Just be quiet and do it Billy, you know it will make me happy," Jan continued. "You've already done so much to please me, Chuck won't care of you just do this one time."

I had to admit, she was making sense. I had allowed Billy to use his hands and tongue on her, why would I be angry if he dicked her good?

Billy pulled Jan to the end of the table showing her pussy was easily accessible to him, yet he hesitated again.

"Yes, that's it Billy. Please put it in me, make me feel good," she continued to encourage him.

I wondered if Jan had really been monogamous all these years. She sure seemed to know how to beg a man to dick her. Of course, she had been begging me for all those years. Billy seemed hard enough to fuck her. I know he didn't get hard often, but he looked ready. Jan looked at his dick and smiled.

"It's nice and big Billy. I know it will feel so good to me."

It wasn't as big as mine but Jan was charming Billy into this. Keeping it focused on what it would do for her. Those were things Billy would react positively to, I was sure of it.

Sure enough, Billy grabbed her legs and got her in the position he wanted her and he started entering her. He smacked her twat with his stiffening dick. Jan moaned loudly, as she always did. As Billy slid home he began talking to Jan.

"That's what you've wanted isn't it? You love cock inside you. You want to be dicked by other men don't you?"

"Oh, goddddd, yes. I feel so dirty, Billy. I love it."

"Tell me how it feels, Mrs. I mean Jan. Tell me what you like so I can make you feel good."

"Oh god, Billy. I love cock. I love the feel of it inside me."

I knew these things, I just hadn't heard her voice them to someone else before. On the one hand I was pissed, on the other, I was turned on by Jan obviously enjoying herself so much. I hadn't expected to be so turned on by Jan getting fucked by another man. Maybe it was because Billy was no man that it didn't bother me as much as I thought it would. Billy was a servant, a fag. He could never compete with me when it came to being a man, but he seemed to make Jan happy.

"Ohhhhhh, yesssssss,"Jan moaned. Billey had barely slid his dick in her and she was moaning. Little whore. She'd moan for anyone I bet.

"You feel so hot, Ma'am. I bet you love when some of that heat is released," Billy spoke to her in a low sultry voice.

"Yessss, Billy."

So Jan was a whore. I'd never suspected, yet here she was putting out for the first dick in 25 years that had offered itself up to her. Maybe I'd but her on the street corner and see if she could bring some extra money into the household. If she thought I'd let her get away with a man fucking her she was in for a surprise. She'd become as much of a plaything for me as Billy was going to be. My initial anger at the thought of her being fucked by Billy had changed already. I could see a lot of benefits to having a slutty wife. Denying her access to any cock for a while would be a good punishment for a slutty wife, I thought.

"How does that cock feel, Ma'am? You like those long strokes?"

"Yes, fuck me, Billy. Do it harder," she moaned. Her hand was on her clit rubbing away.

I began to remove my clothes. Anything I planned from here on out had no use for me being in clothes. I managed to remove my pants and shoes, then my shirt. I was standing in my socks stroking my cock, imagining shoving it inside that fag's ass pussy. Her pussy could wait, wait a good long time before she gets any dick again, I told myself.

Slowly I moved toward the two of them. Billy continued to fuck Jan. His arms wrapped around her legs and she moved slowly on the table as he continued to slow fuck her. He spotted me in the corner of his eye. He stopped fucking but just stood there looking at me. I raised my arm and gave him a flex of my pec. Billy's mouth opened but didn't say anything. Then Jan opened her eyes when she realized Billy had stopped screwing her.

"Chuck! Oh, Chuck, I'm, I'm sorry."

"Shut up, Jan. Can't believe you are laying there letting Billy fuck you. You know our agreement. Monogamy. Yet here you are letting the household help fuck you silly."

"Oh god. I'm so sorry. It just seemed natural as the massages got better and better."

"Billy, I don't recall ever giving you permission to fuck my wife. I said your fingers or tongue were fine. I never told you to use your dick. In fact, I believe you told me your dick rarely got hard."

"Mr. McNeil, I'm sorry. Mrs. McNeil said it would be okay. She is just so hot. Omigod, I'm Sorry."

He started to pull back and pull his dick out of her cunt. I stopped him. His skinny little body would be no problem to control. His dickhead was still inside her. I put a hand on each shoulder and began to rub them. Both of them watched me as I began rubbing him moving my hands down his front until I reached his nipples. Tiny little things. I'd pierce them soon as to give him a little pain. For now, I just grabbed them roughly and twisted them, Billy moaned sharply.

"Now that I've found you, you're going to finish what you started Billy. You're going to fuck Jan, just like she wanted, just like she was begging you to do. You're going to fuck her until she cums, then you're going to fuck until you cum Billy."

"Mr. McNeil..."

"Shut up Billy. Oh, and it seems reasonable that if you're fucking my wife I should get to fuck you. You're not going to be the man of the house Billy. I'll never let that happen."

"Yes, Sir, I mean no, Sir. I'm not the man here."

I spit on my cock a couple times and spread the lube I'd use to spread open Billy's new cunt. I was looking forward to it.

"Chuck! You can't fuck him. He's a boy."

"Shut up, Jan. I already told you to be quiet. If he or you believe he is man enough to fuck you, my wife, then he is going to be man enough to take a real man's cock. Both of you will see he's just a fag and wants to take a cock as much as you obviously do. You're both going to be my sluts moving forward. It's the price you'll pay for breaking our agreement, Jan. You'll be my slutty wife and he'll me my slutty little faggot as long as he's in this house. I'm looking forward to having another pussy to fuck after all these years."

I bent Billy at the waist, pushing down on his back. I reached my hand down to his ass and spread his cheeks apart. My finger found his hole. Tight, but obviously been used before. Not surprising as he had said as much that other men had used him before.

"Chuck, this is crazy!" Jan tried to stop me again. She wiggled on the table trying to back up.

"Jan. Stop moving and let Billy finish his fuck. You wanted to get off with his dick. You wanted to break our marriage vows and take another dick in MY PUSSY!" my voice grew in intensity. I was angry deep down about this, even though it was going right where I wanted it to go. "It seems to me if you get to fuck Billy, then so do I!"

I spit again a couple times and ran my wet finger around Billy's hole. He seemed to loosen up immediately, as if he honestly wanted it.

"Chuck! You'll hurt him. Your cock is too big," Jan tried again to stop me

I grabbed her legs and pulled her back to the end of the table, forcing her back onto Billy dick, which surprisingly was still hard. I lined up my cock at the entrance to Billy's new cunt.

"Fuck my wife, Billy. Treat her like the whore she has been showing you that she is."

"Yes, Sir," he replied.

I appreciated his obedience. Despite the fact he had been fucking Jan, he had also been obeying her. He was a good boy. He'd see that we both wanted to use him, and he could please both of us. But it would be done my way as leader, and Jan would benefit as I saw as good, not on her terms.

I held on to Billy's shoulders and began pushing forward. He began a low guttural moan. He didn't fight me or say to stop or anything I had heard from a fag on their first time. I took that to mean a couple things. First it led me to believe he had taken large cock before and tehn it made me think that he wanted my cock very badly. Before I knew it, I was halfway in and his moaning had risen to a high pitch whiny tone.

"That's a good boy, Billy. You want my dick to feel good, don't you?"

He just moaned. Perhaps he was afraid to say so in front of Jan.

"Chuck, please stop! What's gotten in to you?"

"Jan, I asked you to stop speaking. You made a decision to let Billy fuck you. This was done without consulting me. It seems that you need more supervision than I had given previously. Moving forward I will decide when you get any more cock, so you may as well enjoy Billy's dick now. It will be a good bit of time before you get any dick inside you for going behind my back to meet some need you seem to have."

Billy was pushed forward as I continued to enter him. Jan moaned as Billy sunk deep in her cunt.

"That's it, Jan. Moan loudly. Enjoy that cock."

Both Billy and Jan moaned as I bottomed out in Billy.

"You are both going to enjoy this. We will talk later about what it means, for now, my demand is that you enjoy the fucking."

With that I began the pumping that felt so good. Using Billy's asshole as my new cunt. I would have two pussies to get off with moving forward and I would have control over not just the wife but the fag too. The thoughts alone had me harder than usual.

"Fuck her Billy," I said demandingly. "Work that pussy over good."

"Yes, Mr. McNeil," he replied obediently.

"How do you like that cock, Jan? Do you like having a new cock inside you? I heard you tell Billy that you did."

She moaned in response.

"Giving MY pussy out to Billy to use is a slutty move, Jan McNeil. So you damn well better enjoy it. Show us both what a slut you are. Show us how slutty can be."

"Chuck," she began to say something.

"Do it, Jan. Show us how slutty you can be. Tell us how much you love cock. That's the ONLY thing I want to hear from you for a while."

She looked me in the eyes as I spoke to her. She could see after all these years together just how serious I was. She was confused I was sure. She'd never seen me fuck anyone else, let alone a man, in her eyes, it had to have been shocking for her. I thrust hard into Billy and it pushed him dep into her again. She moaned sharply.

I began pounding Billy. I wasn't easy on him at all. I was angry Jan had chosen to give my pussy away, but I also knew it was the best way forward to get things in the house aligned to what I wanted. As I punished Billy's pussy, Jan received the energy of that fuck through Billy's dick. She moaned, Billy moaned.

I won't go into details but as I slam fucked Billy his pussy loosened up nicely. It was tighter than Jan's cunt but I'd never tell her that. Billy didn't so much as fuck Jan but rather allowed my fucking him to pound her well. She watched me the whole time. Billy watched her the whole time. Her moaning increased until she reached around and rubbed her clit for a few seconds and she started cumming. She gushed a good bit and was moaning as loud as she ever had. It set Billy off and he gushed nearly as much as Jan. His huge fucking flowed must have shot out of his dick because he clamped down hard on my cock and it felt incredible. Billy moaned loudly as he dumped his load inside Jan.

"That's it. Dump that load Billy. Fill that slut with your load."

Jan and Billy were moaning like the cock sluts they would soon be together. Billy's moans were not as high pitched as Jan's or Danni's even, but he was moaning. When I spoke and said something degrading to either of them Jan moaned even louder, which I found very useful to learn. When the two of them were coming down from their little sex high I yanked Billy's boy-bun hair and shoved his head down to Jan's cunt.

"Now clean up the mess you two made Billy. It pleases me to know you'll clean up any messes you've made. Clean it up. Get that tongue in there and clean up MY pussy. I own that as much as I own your cunt now Billy. Remember that.

"Yes, Sir," he replied as I shoved his face into Jan's snatch.

It was fucking hot! Watching Jan's face as Billy went down on her. He was still moaning as he lapped at her cunt. He had cum and quim smeared all over his face. When he licked at Jan's clit she shuddered and moaned. It was fucking hot. I'd never lick a pussy after I had dumped a load in her, yet Billy was getting in to it. He was such an obedient boy. He really did love serving.

It was such a high watching him eat out Jan that I felt my nuts tighten up.

"I'm going to cum, Billy. I'm going to dump my load inside you."

He moaned loudly. He lapped harder at Jan's clit. Jan moaned more and begged him to make her cum. As I blasted my nut inside Billy, Jan came again, further coating Billy face in her juices. I shuddered as the last of my load left my dick and I implanted it deep inside Billy. I held on to his hips as he continued to lap at Jan's crotch. So fucking hot, I thought. I pulled out and I didn't even need to tell Billy what to do. He dropped to his knees and swallowed my softening dick down his throat in one swallow. Jan watched, then got off the table and got down on her knees too. I pulled my dick out of Billy's mouth and gave it to Jan, my wife, my new wife slut. She said nothing and neither did I as she too swallowed my softening cock. She'd never been able to handle it fully hard, but now she wanted to help clean it up. I nearly got hard again thinking about all of the things I'd be doing with both of them now.


We got back to the frat and I had Donor come to my room.

"Just set my bag on my desk, boy," I told him. He did as I told him, then looked like he wasn't sure what would happen next.

"Uhmmm, okay. I'll just drop my stuff in my room," he said.

"No, you're good. Stay there until I tell you otherwise," I informed him. "We need to have a proper talk, Donor. I need to hear it from your lips what it is that you want."

He just looked at me. I don't even know if he knew what he wanted. He just knew what had turned him on. Maybe he was more of a blank than I had figured.

"You have SOME idea of what you want. Let's start with what just happened in the bookstore, boy. I can tell you a few things. You want your ass to be treated as a pussy, as MY pussy. You want me to touch it and use it when I want to do that. Some part of you wants me to be public about your submission to me. You may have been a bit embarrassed by all the attention I was giving your ass, but you loved it at the same time. You enjoyed me telling you what to do in the bookstore. You ENJOYED paying for my books, to have me tell you in front of that cashier to pay for them, calling you a good boy. You enjoyed that humiliation. Am I right Donor? You liked all of that, didn't you?"

Donor's head hung down. He was looking at his feet, not at my face. I stepped over to Donor. I stood in front of him and he flinched, as if he thought I was going to strike him. Interesting. I placed my hand under his chin and raised his head until he looked me in the eyes.

"When we speak Donor, I expect you to talk. If I ask questions I expect answers. Do you understand that?"

"Yeah," was his response.

"First rule is you never say `yeah' to me, Donor. You say Yes, or yes Zach, or yes Sir. You demonstrate respect for me wherever we are. Yeah, is not respectful, yes Zach or yes Sir shows respect. DO you understand this?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Good boy," I told him. I hoped the rest of this conversation went as well. "Now let's try again. Tell me what you want from me, what you want from someone who would be your dominant Man. Don't hide anything, I want to hear what you thought about over break."

"I want to see if I need someone to tell me what to do," he said slowly. I kept my hand under his chin so he would look at me. "I grew up with my Dad telling me everything I needed to do. I saw that back at home. He was still telling me and my brothers all the time what I needed to do. But here at school, no one tells me what to do. I think I miss it."

"What made you think you miss that, Donor?"

"I got involved with Jessica. She liked telling me what to do. She wanted to be in charge," he paused and looked at me. "Then I saw Tim getting told what to do, following Ian around like a puppy. It made me jealous and I didn't get it until he walked in on me all tied up. Then it suddenly hit me I wanted Ian to do something to me, but he didn't. Then you came in and locked me up."

"So that made you all hot and bothered. You liked being locked up," I stated.

"Not really," he replied. "It wasn't being locked up so much as you just doing it to me without me having a say."

I released his chin and his head dropped back to him staring at his feet. Interesting, I thought. He didn't want to be locked, but he got off mentally because I did it to him. So, when he complained and fought it he was being honest. He might be tough to put through my paces if he was always fighting my orders. That was interesting to me, I'd get to punish him for his failure to do as I told him.

"But you jacked off about being locked up after I let you out, didn't you, Donor?"

"Yeah. I mean yes, Sir."

"Good catch, boy. Now tell me what you thought while I fucked you before break."

"It hurt like hell," was all he said initially. I reached down and pulled his head up again so he had to look at me.

"And what else?" I asked.

"It was hot," he said quietly. "You didn't give me an option. In my brain, I had to give up my ass so I could get unlocked, because that was what I wanted more than anything then, unlocked so I could go home. And after a while it didn't hurt, it kinda felt good."


"Then I jacked off at home about how you fucked me."

"Nice, Donor. I like hearing that."

I rubbed my hardening cock thinking about Donor jacking off to me fucking him. I reached over to Donor's crotch and felt his hard dick. He jumped slightly. He was stiff telling me these things.

"You need to get used to me handling you Donor. I'm going to grab, pinch, twist, and manhandle you whenever I want. If you're lucky, I may let other men do the same thing to you."

He blushed a little which I thought was kinda cute.

"I'm submissive," he stated simply.

"Yes, boy, you're submissive AND you belong to me."

"You're gay, does that mean you're going to call me a boyfriend?" Donor asked.

"HA! You'll have to work hard at being my bitch before you can call me your boyfriend," I laughed.

"Good, cuz I'm not gay," he replied.

He was working on pissing me off pretty quick considering he just was saying he got off to what I had done with him already. Just because I am gay didn't mean anything I'd do with him needed to be labeled anything. It was control and power, his need to submit to someone. I stepped even closer and put a hand on the back of his neck. I could feel him tense up. I placed my other hand on his head and I pulled him in and gave him a kiss. Then I stuck my tongue in his mouth and began teasing him with it. When I let go he pulled back and his mouth was hanging open.

"That was fucking gay."

As he freaked out his mouth was hanging open and I called up a wad of saliva and spit it at him. It went right where I wanted, in his mouth, which snapped shut immediately.

"Swallow, boy. Do it now, if you know what's good for you."

He looked at me and I saw him swallow. I smiled.

"You get off doing what someone else tells you to do. You get off thinking about what I might do to you. Well, I can tell you I'm going to have fun with that, including some things you might not like, some things you are going to say are gay. It has everything in the world to do with you submitting to my control, not your idea of gay or straight, boy. Do you think Ian is gay because he controls and fucks Timmy? Do you think Tim is gay because Ian made him into his submissive boy?"

"I don't know, you spit in my mouth, that's disgusting. I'm scared about it. I don't think of myself as gay. I liked not having a choice before break. I felt I HAD to do what you said. It was hot because you made me do it, like just now at the bookstore."

He just looked at me. It was a decision he would need to make. Would he suck dick or put out that ass because I told him to do it? He might think I would force him, but in the end, this was a decision he'd make, to turn himself over to me.

"How did you feel when I forced you down on my cock, Donor. You didn't think you were being a little gay then? Or when I fucked you? What did you think about to get through it, to get through the pain and pleasure?"

He blushed and his eyes fell to my crotch. He didn't say anything so I asked again.

"Tell me what you thought, Donor," raising his head back up to look at me. "I am going to use your mouth and ass for my pleasure Donor, I need to know what you're thinking and feeling as it happens. If you don't think it was gay or yourself as gay, what did you think?"

He just blushed deeper before he spoke. "I tried to imagine myself as a girl," he whispered. "I tried to think I was a girl sucking a guy's dick and that you were fucking my pussy. It was like you were treating me as a girl, not a man, I tried to think of it that way."

That through me for a loop. I hoped I didn't react too crazy when he said it. I found it funny in a kinky sort of way. I couldn't imagine Donor as a girl. He didn't look like a girl at all, but I could go with that if it made him rationalize it, if it was a kink he was getting into.

"What are you going to do with me?" Donor asked.

"Donor, I can't say for sure. If I tell you everything I can think about doing to you, you'd run away. What fun would that be for either of us? Now, GET ON YOUR KNEES!"

He looked at me briefly. Then he got on his knees as I told him.

"Look at that Donor, you CHOSE to get on your knees. I told you to do it, but you CHOSE to do what I said. You have a will of your own, but you WANT to submit to MY will. Now, unzip my pants. I haven't had a blow job since before break. My nuts are feeling a little full."

He looked up at me again. I guess maybe he did want to be forced or coerced into everything. There was an awful lot of waiting and wanting for a sub to decide to follow an order, it seemed to me.

"Donor, I'm not sure whether you understand this fully or not. I don't care HOW you view your world, but when you submit to a person it is going to involve turning that body over to that person. I'm going to use it for my pleasure and enjoyment. You may not enjoy everything I'm going to do to your body, but goddammit you will do what I say and you'll learn to be good at giving yourself to me for what I want from you. You will get good at meeting the demands I give you. I told you to unzip me," I said as I smacked him across the cheek. "Don't sit around waiting for me to tell you again, or it will hurt more when you finally do it, girl."

He looked at me a little shocked. Yeah, if he had to think of himself as a girl when he sucked dick, I'd call him one. He reached his hand up and undid my zipper. Maybe there was something to calling him a girl. Then his hand dropped back to his side and he had a smug look on his face.

"Donor, when I tell you to unzip my pants, what I mean for you to do is unzip my pants, take my cock out, and suck me off." I smacked him again for good measure. "A girl doesn't disagree with her man, she wants to suck his cock. A girl wants to make her man feel good."

I reached down to his chest and found his nipples. Donor was a little chubby, I rubbed those nipples and gave them some gentle twists. "Come on baby, make me feel good. Give me what I want," I told him.

His hand went to my cock before his mouth got there. One of his first lessons to learn was I wasn't much interested in his hand on my dick. He was bobbing up and down on the first couple inches of my cock, his hand covering the rest. His hands didn't look too feminine, if he wanted to feel like a girl sucking my cock, I'd tell him to get a manicure. I placed my hand on his and pried his fingers free from my cock and held it away from me. I held his head with my other hand so he was looking up at me.

"Donor, you want to be submissive and I get that you don't have much experience at giving blow jobs as a straight guy, but in order to please me, or any man who comes along and wants to make you his girl for some amount of time, is to stop thinking of the relationship as a meeting your needs. Your needs are secondary but will be met when you submit and please the dominant person, the man. To please a man with a blow job, your hands should only be used to assist your mouth, not as some substitute jacking instrument. I have my own hands if I wanted to jerk off. You aren't here to jerk me off. You're here to please me and my cock at the moment with your mouth and throat."

"I get that you are eager to please me, in your fucked-up way, even if you are going to fight what that means. You need to trust me when I say I can teach you how to please me and others, and it will be extremely rewarding for you too. An obedient girl ALWAYS loves to provide her man a good blow job. You will learn to feel fantastic when you submit and follow orders, but you need to do it MY way, Donor."

He put his hands at his side and I took over the process. I told him to open his mouth and he did. I smacked his face with my cock a few times then placed the head of my cock on his lips. He might not be gay but he licked the head as soon as I set it there.

"Good girl. Get it nice and slick so you can get more in your mouth. Think of the good blowjobs you've had. Remember the best one you've had was from Timmy. Did he use his hands?"

"No, Sir" he replied with a face full of cock. He made a face as if he still found it strange that his best blow job had been from a guy. If he wanted to think of himself as a girl to get through this right now, I'd treat him like one.

"Exactly. You may not like sucking cock now, but you will get to where you appreciate the pleasure it brings a man, Donor. I can guarantee that much for you."

He grunted. I had a hold of his head. I wasn't ramming my cock in yet. He'd taken it all before from me so I knew he could do it again. I was getting him adjusted to cock. He'd sucked me before and it wasn't terrible, but he needed practice.

"Get it all wet. Use your tongue. Don't forget to breathe either, because when I do go deep I expect you to handle it at my pace, not yours."

I snatched his hair and yanked his head around. I forced him under my nuts and told him to keep licking. He did as I told him. He bathed my nuts with his fucking tongue. His straight tongue. The thought made me laugh but also made me harder. I was going to have a straight man as a fag, as my `girl'".

"That's it baby. Your lips are so pretty wrapped around my dick. You know how to make a man feel good. He looked up at me and seemed to enjoy my comment. Kinky fuck, maybe he did see himself as a girl when he was sucking dick or getting fucked. He was a little odd the first time I did it to him. I wonder what he thought about as he jacked-off, playing with his dick after I had busted his cherry? That I had busted his vag open? I reached back down to his chest, no, his tits.

"Yeah, baby, you like when I rub your titties? You like me playing with those nips?"

"Mmmmhhmmmm," he mumbled.

"Maybe I'll fuck those titties someday, baby."

Although I doubted that would happen, I didn't have an interest in fucking hairy tits I didn't think, but it seemed to motivate Donor. He moaned in horniess and took more cock into his mouth, almost getting it down his throat before he gagged and pulled back a little.

"That's it baby, gag on my cock. I love hearing a fag gag a little," I told him.

He moaned again sending little buzzes through my cock and into my nuts. Felt so damn good.

There was no way in hell Donor looked like a girl, but if this was the kink that got him on his knees to suck me, I could handle it. Maybe I'd make my demands on him to make him look more like a girl. If he needed to think he was a girl to be my fag, I could change things up for him.

"You like this baby? You wanna be my girl? You want me to cum on that pretty face?" I asked.

"Yes, Sir," Donor answered while turning bright red.

"You all hot and bothered, girl? Your clitty all hard now?"

"Yes, Sir."

"You may as well show me baby. You can play with it if you want, today. Then I'm going to lock it up again."

He looked at me a little shocked, but he didn't say anything.

"You'll learn starting today baby, that I'll get you off with my dick. You want to feel like a girl, then I can work with that. I'll train that pussy of yours to work just like a girl's cunt. You'll want more and more cock until you've learned how to orgasm with your pussy, your new sex organ. I'll play with your clit from time to time, but you'll learn that it is not your primary way to get off. My cock is what will be getting you off."

Donor paused and wiped his mouth of all the saliva that had been drooling out of his mouth. He cleared his throat.

"You're really going to do that? You'll treat me like that?" he asked.

"Donor, if you want to be my submissive, and you want to think of yourself as a girl when you're serving my dick, then I'm going to treat you like you are my girl. You've chosen the right kinky man to deal with your freak nature."

"I don't want to think about it," he said. "I can't deal with everyone in my business. I'm not even sure I can do this. I've not let my, well, my freak out before," he confessed.

"Donor, are you telling me you've not spent time thinking about sucking my dick, about getting fucked since before break? You didn't think about your freak over break? About me manhandling you again?"

"Yes," he said quietly. "Sometimes I have. A couple times with Jessica I was in her complete control. I think that's when she went all freak on me and uhm you ended up fucking her. She tried to make me her bitch, it didn't work out. I can't do that again. I don't want to talk about this shit if I end up getting fucking worked over the way she did with me."

Clearly this was a sore point with him. He wanted to submit, to pretend to be a bitch, or a fag, he just hadn't figured on doing it with a Man. I wasn't even sure this would work out for me if he wanted to be with a girl to do this. I liked being with guys. I'd been with girls obviously.

"You're still going to be a bitch, Donor. A cocksucking bitch, just for me though. Whether you are pretending to be a girl, a boy, or a fag."

"I told you I don't know what I want," he hissed. "I just know I realized I need to let someone run things for a while to see if that is really me."

"Then shut up and get back to sucking my dick, girl,' I told him.

He grinned and did just that. What the hell was I going to do with Donor? I was basically gay. Maybe bi, if I thought about it. Sex with women was rote and not as interesting, but I could do it. What was I going to do with someone who was so confused they didn't think they were gay but imagined they had to be a girl to suck dick? Did I want to deal with Donor knowing everything I knew now? If he really did want someone making decisions would he let me push him toward some place beyond his totally blank and fearful self?

I grabbed his tits again, then made him take off his shirt. I wanted to really see what I had in front of me on his knees. A hairy stomach, some hair in the cleft of his pecs. He was chubby, not obese, just kinda not in shape and trending toward bigger size. I couldn't work with that piece. His current size was not a problem if he was going to maintain. Call me sizeist. I could work with a big boy, but me personally could not work with a big girl. I was taller than Donor, obviously more muscular, and in all reality much better looking. I could easily see why he decided he could attach himself to me. Plus I was a freak too. I enjoyed smacking around someone in a good sexy freaky way. I was more than happy to turn Donor over my knee and beat his ass if he needed it. I just wasn't sure enough of who he was to be sure I needed this sort of project.

But between my thoughts of giving Donor's ass a good spanking, or making Donor put on a wig, stockings, and panties I was hard as a rock. I had a hold of Donor's head and was gently pushing his head down on my dick then gently pulling it back. Donor had taken his dick out and was stroking it slowly as I used his mouth. He had a pretty good-sized dick, thicker than mine but I didn't think it was any longer.

"Come on, baby, play with your titties for me. I wanna see you play with them. He glanced up to my face and moved his hands to his nipples. He gently was brushing his nipples and then would twist them and tweak them as he moaned and I fed him my dick. He grabbed the bulk of his chest and pushed the pecs up and together. Almost looked like boobs because of Donor's size. "That's it, show me those boobs, girl. When I lock up that dick, your nipples are going to be more important to you."

Donor moaned and began rubbing them all over and pushing them up like a bra would do. Then he'd go back to tweaking the nipples. He had good areolas maybe the size of a quarter and they were much darker than the surrounding skin. He had decent nips too, they stuck out a quarter inch or so from his chest. I wondered what they'd look like shaved. I bet his fair skin would look better without the manly hair.

"You're going to shave that mess, Donor," I told him. "I want to fuck those titties but I don't want that hair on there if I'm going to do that." He let out a moan and rubbed his nipples furiously. His dick bounced in front of him and leaked a dribble of pre-cum. "You'd like that wouldn't you, baby? Answer me."

"Yeth Thir," he told me with his mouth full of cock.

"I want that pussy shaved too, girl. I like a smooth pussy before I go down on it. You're going to clean that pussy up and I'll go down on that gash for a good long time."

"Uuuuugghhhhhhh," he moaned as more stuff leaked out.

"You like that idea too, girl. I can tell. Your clit is so swollen and leaking. It's good to get that out of your system. Once I lock it up, you'll not get that same reaction at first."

Donor moaned again and sent waves of pleasure over the length of my cock. He may not realize what a good cocksucker he was becoming. I wasn't going to tell him right away. I wanted him to practice plenty.

"That's it baby, make love to that cock. It's going to run your life now. Worship it and worship me moving forward and you'll get plenty of it. That's what's you want, isn't it? A man and his cock to show you what a good girl you are."

"Mmmmhhmmm, I want it," Donor replied purring on my cock.

"You're a naughty girl, aren't you baby?"

"Yes, Sir. I'm naughty," Donor said taking my dick out of his mouth to speak. He looked up at me and I was turned on. Wanted bad to blast his throat with my juice.

"Okay baby, I'm going to feed you my load. I know you want it, you're such a good girl."

I placed my hand on his head and fed him my cock, watched it disappear in his mouth and felt him swallow it down. It was tough thinking of him as Donor while calling him girl or baby. I looked at his fat dick, hard and leaking as I degraded him in his mind, making him suck me off like this.

"Play with yourself girl, rub that oversized clit and get yourself off," I told him.

He reached down and started playing with his dick. It wasn't a clit at all, but once I locked it up, I could deal with it like it was. It would be small and couldn't get fully hard. Then he'd be a really slutty fag in training, needing a fuck to get off. Shit, the more I thought of it the more interesting this could be. I could make Donor into my girl, take her down several steps from the guy he presented to the world. Get her to be a real slut, cock needy, begging me or others to use her holes. Probably just what he needed.

"I'm going to lock that dick up, Donor. You're my girl now and girls don't have dicks. Enjoy it now, get a good load out before I lock it up for a good long time."

Donor moaned loudly. It felt so good on my dick. He was really getting into this whole freaky talk.

"Better get that pussy clean and shaved the next time you come to visit me baby. I'll spank your ass good if you haven't cleaned it up real nice for me."

Donor kept sucking and playing with himself. He was getting close, his eyes were half open and half shut. He seemed on autopilot, sucking a cock and playing with his own. It was a look I'd seen on a lot of guys just as they were sinking into bliss. The constant good feeling of stroking their junk and feeling another man's junk in one of their holes. He moaned or hummed occasionally, a sound he probably didn't even know he was making. He'd gone from scared of telling me his fears to forgetting it all with a dick in his mouth.

"That's it, show me a load from your oversized clit. I know this feels good for you. Play with it for me."

"Oh, shit," Donor said. "Gonna cum soon."

He released my dick and focused on his own pleasure, something I'd change soon enough. I took ahold of his nipples and twisted and pinched them. I stroked my hard cock and prepped to blow my load.

"That's it baby, I'm going to cum on your titties." Donor moaned and his cum shot out his dick and between my legs. He shot 3 or 4 spurts and then a couple dribbles out of his fat dick. Watching his last load shoot from his dick made me even harder than I had been. I was going to lock that thing up next.

"Grab those tits and show them to me baby, show me you love them, rub them for me."

Donor moved his hands to his pecs and rubbed his chest. He framed them and pushed them up and I blew my load just as I had told him I would, spraying his titties with cum. It was a huge load. I hadn't cum in a few days sitting at home with my folks, I needed the release. I liked the look of my baby-makers spread cross Donor's chest. They almost looked like tits in my sex haze state of mind. I shook the last drops of cum out of my dick and onto Donor.

"Fuck, girl, that was hot!" Donor rubbed my load into his chest, smearing it all over himself. "Now don't move baby, let me get your cage."

Donor looked a bit disappointed. I took an old cumrag off the floor and wiped his deflating dick off. I placed the ring around his junk and then slipped his cock into the protector. It took a bit of work as he was still deflating. He complained a bit, but I had told him this would happen and he really didn't argue too much.

"How long?" he asked. "How long will this be on, Sir?"

I smiled at him. "This first time? Not so long. I'll need to remove it for you to shave around it. Don't worry, I'll supervise you. Let me know if there are problems," I told him. "It's mine now, Donor. I set the rules and I make your decisions. I think that is what you want and need," I said grinning.

He just nodded at me.