Becoming a Boy 57

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"Serious? You are going to make Donor into your bitch?"

"I don't know. I mean, yeah, I've already had him on his knees twice and he opened up his pussy before break for me. I gave him a good fuck. I locked him up again too. I think he's primed to learn more about submission. So yeah I do know, I want him as my bitch for now."

Zach was explaining to me how he had taken Donor down a notch and got him admitting he wanted to submit to him. I could see it happening, I just wasn't sure whether Zach wanted Donor as his sub, or whether Zach was man enough to make Donor his fag.

"You think you're man enough to handle Donor?" I asked. I couldn't help but smirk. Donor was a handful for anyone when he was just being Donor. If he was going to be a sub, he'd need a lot of management. "It takes a lot of time to manage a fag, probably more when it's Donor. I mean, just to start, this is what he really wants," I told him grabbing my dick and shaking it in his direction.

"You're hilarious, McNeil. I've got plenty to keep Donor in his place. Maybe if you work on it someday, I'll let you fuck him," he said right back grabbing his own junk.

"I don't need Donor's pussy, Zachy. I get plenty of pussy with Timmy and the ladies that can't stay away from me. I'm just naturally attractive, being the Man I am." I gave him a big old grin. "Maybe if you wanted a spin on my dick, you'd learn what a difference it can make in your life."

"I'm not interested in your dick, McNeil. I may be gay, but I don't often swing that way. Just like you, I don't need to suck dick or give up my ass to get what I need," he explained.

"You don't often swing that way, meaning of course you have swung that way before," I confronted him with his own words.

"Look Ian, I'm gay, I learned that I didn't like something by trying it. Sucking dick or getting fucked just doesn't move me the way it moves a faggot. I've tried it and I can honestly say it just doesn't do much for me. Just like I've tried pussy and it doesn't move me as much as a guy. Every once in a good long while, I can be convinced to do it, but it takes a real Man to do that now. I don't place myself in those situations because it just isn't that interesting."

"If I wanted to I'd have you on your knees getting me off, Zach. We both know that," I told him.

Maybe it was my recent holiday fuck-a-thon that had me talking. I was pretty damn confidant after fucking Timmy's whole family, my dad's fag, hell everyone around had had my dick, well, except Mom or Dad. I was pretty sure I didn't need to go there.

"You're pretty damn sure of yourself McNeil. I wouldn't push it too far. Eventually you meet someone who is a bigger Man than you. You'll be on your knees sucking dick or on all fours like a bitch barking for cock."

"Not going to happen," I told him. "Who's going to do it, Zach? You? That's pretty funny."


This was not the discussion I wanted with Ian. I came in here to discuss Donor, not McNeil's need to dominate everything in his path. What an ego. I knew if he was going to push me to demonstrate his alpha status he'd overpower me. I was a good 2 inches shorter than Ian and probably 40 pounds lighter. I was muscled but not like McNeil. This was just stupid. He didn't get the fact that payback was hell and that there is always someone bigger and more Man than you, in many different ways.

Ian stood up and walked over to me. I knew where this was going. I didn't particularly like that direction, but I wasn't going to fight it too much. I had no need to get hurt and it didn't prove anything to me and I wasn't going to let it prove anything to him. I stood up to face him. He stared at me and I stared back.

"This isn't where you want to go, Ian. You don't need to prove to me that you're a Man, that you are an alpha. I understand that better than most people," I explained.

"Then you understand you're just another boy to me, Zach. And I fuck boys like you."

"Not everyone you meet needs to get fucked to understand you're an alpha, Ian."

"Yeah, but I enjoy it. I prefer to know that I can fuck you if I want. I like watching a man drop to his knees and beg."

"I don't beg for cock, Ian. If I want to suck one I do it out of my own personal reasons, I do it to further my agenda, my pleasure, my control over a guy."

"Ooohhhhh, so you think you're that good at it. Then you shouldn't have any problem showing me, Miller. I like the sound of that. Zach Miller, another fag waiting to get a taste."

"Look, McNeil, you already know I'm gay. I've told you I've sucked dick before. This doesn't prove anything for you except that you're bigger than me."

"It's going to show you that deep down you want this cock, Miller. I know that. All men and women want this cock. It's natural for the strong to dominate the weak, Miller. You've been imitating me because you want to be me. You want a taste of this as much as Timmy or Donor. Don't kid yourself, you aren't one of the strong."

Ian grabbed my wrists before I had a chance to move and he spun me around, one hand held behind my back. The other he placed on the wall where he pushed me. He held it above my head. He moved in behind me and ground his crotch on my ass. I struggled, but it made little difference, his muscle weight advantage gave him every advantage he needed. Every move I made he countered, every time I got something free, he recaptured me.

"Can't believe you think this helps you at all, McNeil. I came here for some advice, not to submit to you, not to have you rape me," I gritted my teeth as I spoke.

"You don't rape the willing, Miller. I know from the look on your face, you really want dick. Gay men always want to suck off a straight man," he said.

"Perhaps you're just afraid that it's you that need a man, McNeil. Ever consider that? Maybe you're the one who can't face that he needs a man's ass, a man's body sweating, muscles firm and hard up against yours. You aren't as straight as you seem to think you are." I fired back.

Ian clearly didn't like that, which was fine by me. He released the hand over my head but smashed my face into the wall. I knew he'd be pissed when confronted with what I was going to say if he went through with this. He clasped his hand over my mouth and pulled my head back towards him which caused my back to arch. He ground that cock into my ass. I could feel through our clothes he had a large cock. I knew that already but it only confirmed he was hard thinking about using it on me.

`Shut your fucking trap, Miller. This just shows you want my cock. It will make your day, hell your life, to know you've had my cock. Look how you arch your back, how you're egging me on."

"This isn't a competition, McNeil," I tried to explain. "You don't gain anything by forcing yourself on me because I don't need your dick."

"Damn right it isn't a competition, Miller. You're a cocksucker too, down several rungs on the ladder from me. I'm the man here and you'll be another fag worshipping my dick soon." He reached around and grabbed my crotch. Yeah, I was boned up. It's a natural reaction to the testosterone flowing in the room. "Yeah, just as I thought, you do like this idea of submitting to me. Your dick is hard as a rock, faggot."

I decided to shut up. I wasn't going to argue with Ian. I wasn't sure what got him so worked up but I had a feeling it had to do with sealing his little relationship with Timmy and needing to feel he could still conquer someone else. I started struggling again, pushing off the wall and trying to turn around, but Ian kicked at the back of my knees and I dropped to the floor.

"That's right, Miller, on your knees."

Ian moved around so I was facing his crotch now. He still had ahold of one wrist though I used my other to try and push him away. His fucking thighs were big though and I didn't move him back any. He was all tense and his muscles were not going to budge for me. He managed to grab my other wrist and held them both in his hands over my head. I tried standing up but he kept jerking me around so I couldn't get my footing.

"That's it boy, I like to see a little struggle sometimes. A little fight in the fag."

Jeezus, his arrogance was too much, I thought to myself. The whole training Timmy thing had gone to his head. Somehow, he thought he could train everyone else. Ian clasped both wrists in one of his big hands and yanked his belt off with the other. He swiftly wrapped my wrists with his belt and I could no longer use my arms to struggle. They were now bound behind my head with his belt. That freed up his hands to manipulate the rest of me. I'd have to remember that move. It might come in handy with Donor or someone else in the future.

"Now you're ready to suck cock," Ian told me. He unzipped his pants and yanked down his jeans and boxers. He stepped out of them and waved his big cock around in front of me. "Beg for it, Miller. I know you've dreamed of this day."

The hell I was going to beg for his dick. He could go get someone else to do that, since he seemed to think there was an endless stream of folks needing it. When I didn't respond Ian began smacking my face with his fuckstick. Damn it was big, but I'd seen bigger. Alonzo on the football team had a huge cock that would put McNeil's to shame. I'd managed to get that down my throat and learned I wasn't really meant to be sucking dick regularly.

"Beg for it boy. Ask me nicely and I might give it to you," Ian continued.

"Fuck you, McNeil, I'm not gonna beg..."

That was all I got out of my mouth before he had jammed his cock in my mouth. Never got to finish my fuck you thoughts and his thick cock was stuffed in my face. Fucker. I didn't really have much of a choice here. I was going to suck his dick or he'd get crazier I figured. Fine, I'll suck his dick.

"I knew it. A cock always shuts you cocksuckers up. I knew you'd been drooling, thinking about it. You have a hot mouth, Miller. You should use it less for talking and more for sucking."

Ian began to stuff more and more in my mouth. He would jerk my hands around based on where he wanted my mouth. His hand was on the belt and then pressed to the back of my head. I knew his cock was getting to where he would jam it into my throat. I'd have to open up and swallow his cock. It wasn't that I hated cocksucking, it was more that it just didn't get me off like being the man getting sucked. I didn't find it difficult or distasteful. I just found being the top fit my interests more.

As his dick was getting slicker and my mouth coasted his dick in saliva, Ian began to push down my gullet. At least he had enough sense to make the this easy and not jam his cock dry down my throat.

"Going in bitch. Gonna fuck that tight throat of yours, see how good of a faggot you are."

Stupid jock, I thought. I could be good at cocksucking when I wanted. I just hoped I got him off with my mouth and not with my ass. I had no interest in getting fucked at all. Not only was it uncomfortable for me personally, I was not ready. He'd have a mess to deal with if he tried that.

"You may as well open up that throat, Zach. I want to stretch it wide and dump a load down there. I can tell this is going to feel good for both of us."

McNeil had a real problem. Somehow, he had come to believe that the world was at his feet for his cock, his sexual needs. Timmy might be there begging and pleading but that didn't mean Ian was in such demand that everyone wanted his dick. Something else was going on, but I couldn't quite figure out what it was. He yanked his cock out and smacked me several times on the face. Fuck, he did have a good size cock and damn it was hard.

"Better breathe Miller, I'm going in for a good throat massage. I don't want you passing out. I'd rather see you struggle than use it while you are laying there limp."

Nice, I thought. McNeil needed to learn some manners in his dominance. I wasn't going to be the one to teach him, but I had some idea of who might. For the short term, I'd do what he wanted and get the fuck out. Until he figured out what he needed I'd stay away from him for a while.

"Fuck, McNeil. Give me a break." I told him. He just laughed and stuffed my mouth with his cock again. His hand kept my hands taut against the back of my head.

"I'm going to give you a gift, Miller. You'll thank me later for showing you who the top dog is here at the house."

I can't believe he felt threatened by me. I wasn't here to take anything that belonged to him, and I sure as hell wasn't going to knock him off his imaginary top dog role. He needed a grasp of being top dog without always threatening folks.

Sure enough, his cock began stretching my throat. I gagged briefly and then he was inside and I felt the rest of his length slide in until I was staring at his furry crotch and my nose was buried in his bush.

"Fuuuuckkkkkkk, yes! Damn that was easy. I knew you were a cocksucker, Zachy. I knew you wanted this BAD! Now make me feel even better. Swallow that dick. Massage it with those throat muscles."

Fuck him. I pulled back and then went down again, swallowing around his cock. I twisted my head around as I moved up and down his dick. I wanted to hear the fucker enjoy this if I had to do it. I didn't hate dick, I had my own that loved this sort of activity. I just strongly preferred to have my dick being the one worshipped.

"You seem to be an expert on handling cock, Zach. I'm finding it tough to believe you can handle being a top for Donor. I got you down on your knees pretty easy. You're loving how my cock makes that throat feel."

I gagged again as he shoved it deep. Since I loved hearing that gagging sound I knew he would too. Too bad he didn't get that submission was something given, not taken. Sure, power had a lot to do with it, but the power had to be consensual, and I don't think McNeil got that part fully. Using your power to make the sub feel safe in your arms, not feel threatened. Even if Timmy had given all that power over to Ian, McNeil didn't quite get what he was receiving from Timmy. He was getting total unconditional love and submission, not just a hole to use.

"Love that gagging, Zach. Feels so good when your throat clamps down and massages my cock."

He held my head down, mashed into his crotch for a good long time. Finally, he let up and I was able to pull back and breathe. It was just a short break, then his dick was back down my throat, pumping in and out of my mouth. My throat was going to feel stretched for a few days after this.

Fighting against his aggression was making me hard. I had aggression too. I could feel my power and strength in my dick too, but it did no good. My pants were on and I couldn't over power Ian. I could see how he had gotten used to getting his way. He hadn't connected all the parts up though. He pulled off my face again and was running the slimy dick all over my face, staring down at me with that look of power and lust in his face. It did nothing for me personally. I shouldn't have said it, yet it came out before I could strangle the thought in my brain.

"Fucker. You need you grasp the fact that you love Timmy. You love what he's giving up. You need and have earned that control and he's giving it up to you. He's letting the full alpha in you out. Accept that fact McNeil, accept that Timmy allows you to have that man to man contact YOU need while allowing both of you to learn and grow in a partnership."

All that statement got me was a slap across the face.

"If I wanted you to talk, bitch I would tell you to talk. Get back to work on my dick. Once you've got me hard I'm going to show you that your ass is meant to be a pussy for a man's cock."

"Stupid thug," I told him. "You'll end up with a shitty fuck if you do that." I meant that in a couple different ways, but I doubt he understood it. He was on a mission to subdue me and get off.

"SHUT UP, Miller." He stuffed his cock back in my mouth.


Fucking gay cocksucker. What did he know about me? What gave him the right to comment on what I do with Timmy?

"Gonna break you in properly, Zach. You need to learn about pleasing me, like everyone else does," I told him.

I was not going to let Zach go without getting fucked now. I might have let him get away with only a blow job if he had kept his fucking mouth shut. Now he needed to learn more. I moved around behind him and loosened the belt on his wrists. I still clasped his wrists and didn't let them go. He complained.

"You fucker. Let me go. I'm giving you a blow job. What else do you want?" he whined.

"Your pussy, Zach. I want to know I took your ass and opened it up. I want you to enjoy getting fucked as much as everyone else enjoys it. I want you to know I can have it if I want it."

"Not everyone wants your cock, you dick," he continued. I needed to shut him up. I moved his arms behind his back and put the belt on again. Then I grabbed an old t-shirt sitting on the floor and stuffed his mouth with it. Thank god Timmy hadn't been in here to clean today.

He continued grunting as I manhandled him around and looked for some lube. I found some Vaseline in my bedside table. Then I reached around and pulled his pants open and down to his knees exposing his ass. Furry, I should have guessed. Kid looked like a satyr with his furry legs and ass. If he were my boy, he'd have that things shaved. He had a decent ass but nothing compared to Timmy.

I held him between my legs as I greased my dick up then stuffed a finger in his ass with some more Vaseline. He grunted as I did that, but his ass gave way pretty easy.

"You've had more dick up here than you want to admit Zach. You know, if your dick wasn't so hard, I could get these pants down easier." I laughed at my statement.

I straddled his legs and pushed my dick towards his pucker. As I began pushing in he let out a string of moans and attempted shouts.

"Shut it Zach. You're gay. You love cock. You want it, you want me bad. Everyone wants my cock. Men, women, fags. It's good to be me."

I started in slowly. I didn't need to hurt him. He'd be loving it in a few minutes anyway. He was a little tight anyway, tighter than it looked or felt when I stuck my finger inside. Damn warm and smooth too. Fuck his ass felt good. I loved fucking a nice ass.

It was good being me. Fuck, everyone loved my dick. College girls, middle age moms, fags, their fathers, my brother (or soon to be sister, whatever) it was so fucking hot knowing whatever I wanted I got. My dick got harder just thinking about it. Having a 10 inch cock and knowing how to use it was getting better and better all the time.

Zach's muffled shouts and grunts brought me back to reality. I was half way into his pussy and enjoying the feeling as it spread open and took me in. Taking another alpha's pussy made me feel invincible. Fuck going back to just fucking women. Fucking a guy was so much more intense, more real. It was such a bigger rush knowing I could fuck anyone I wanted.

"MMMmmmmppphhhh, ffffuuuuuccckkk"

I laughed. I understood that last part. Zach was feeling the full length and girth of my dick.

"Yeah, you're almost there, boy. Got that cock you've been wanting so long. I should have guessed the minute you volunteered for duty using Tim's mouth that you really had eyes for getting into my pants. You fags are all the same. You need a man's cock."

I started pounding his ass. Moving in and out, pleasuring his hole and my dick. He continued to move away from my dick and I kept pulling him back by the belt that kept his hands clasped.

"Stop fighting it Zach, just enjoy it."

"mmmmmpphhh, zzzzppppggggg"

"Sorry boy, can't hear you. Just relax and it will feel great soon."

I smacked his furry ass and went back to business. I placed a hand on each butt cheek and shoved in hard. Zach let out a squeal and tried to move away. I grabbed the belt and kept a hold of it while I fucked. Eventually he did stop trying to get away and then I could get to the pleasure. I even felt his pussy grabbing at my dick as my long strokes opened up that hole for future use.


Stupid fuck! I was the fuckOR not the fuckEE. McNeil would regret this soon enough. I'd make sure he was brought down several notches. Shit! His dick was spreading my ass open like I was Timmy.

Yeah, I'd been fucked a few times, but it just was NOT enjoyable, for me. Most likely because the only people who seemed to want to fuck me were big alphas with monster cocks. How I attracted those men I could only guess at. My guess was I was a threat and to nullify that threat, I was treated as one of their submissive boys. A macho alpha who couldn't deal with a smaller guy being on equal ground as him. Shit! This dick was too big.

I stopped fighting. I got that this was all sorts of wrong, but was I really going to go screaming rape to the world? No. I was going to get even. I'm not going to excuse his behavior ever, but I wasn't going to let him do it again if I could help it.

I relaxed and stopped fighting. Pure victim behavior. Get it over with quick. I squeezed on Ian's cock and lay there like a dead fish.

"That's more like it, boy. Tell me you like it," he ordered. I just groaned as if it felt good. He'd never figure it out since my mouth was stuffed.

Before I knew it he was grunting and to the best of my guessing, he was emptying his nuts inside me, bastard. I'd go hose myself out after this. Last thing I needed was his damn seed running down my legs later.

"FUCKKKKKK! You have a nice tight ass, boy. Smooth and hot. I'll have to come back for some more of that" he said as if that was a guarantee.

I felt his dick slide out of my ass. And then I heard him swear again.

"Your pussy wasn't clean bitch," he swore again. I mumbled a response through the t-shirt still stuffed in my mouth.

Stupid lug. I told him I wasn't clean. As if I keep my ass clean for fucking, I don't get fucked. I wanted to shake my head at his idiocy. He just stood there before realizing I couldn't say anything or move really. He grabbed the t-shirt from my mouth and wiped his cock off. I was glad I wasn't Timmy and had to wash his clothes.

"Get up," he ordered so I got up. He tossed his shitty t-shirt on the floor and undid the belt holding my hands.

I didn't say anything. I pulled my pants up, found my shirt, put it on and headed for the door.

"That's it?" he asked as if I was going to say anything at this point. "You not going to thank me for teaching you who is top alpha here? Thank me for letting you cum?"

"McNeil, why would I thank you for fucking me? I didn't ask for it. In fact I was pretty clear in my words that I didn't want you to do it. Not everyone is a bottom, and not everyone wants to get fucked with your dick. And why the hell would you think I came?"

"Cuz your dick was soft when we finished." He looked at the floor where he'd held me down and fucked.

"Nope, didn't cum, McNeil. Didn't even stay hard. Wasn't the least bit interesting for me, sure as hell wasn't interesting enough to get me to cum. Get over yourself," I told him as I departed.


"I appreciate you being up front, Holder. You weren't headed to being on the team this year. Your body has changed, you're heavier and well, frankly you're looking more like a tight end rather than a 100-meter swimmer. You know what I mean."

"Yes, coach," I replied. I had just told him I'd be happy to be the team manager, the "towel boy", instead of beng on the team this year.

"You know the team manager duties, Holder. Hand out the towels after a swim or a practice. Help the trainer with any rub downs if the swimmers need it, run the laundry at the end of every practice. The towels and the suits need washing and the team is too busy to be bothered with that job."

"Yes, Sir. I understand."

"You're much more respectful this year, Holder. You in any trouble I need to know about? Not usual for you to change so much after working so hard to get to where you were on the team."

"No, Sir. Just have a lot more schoolwork, a different focus. I mean, we both know I was not a star here. It was for fun, and the team can use someone who's more serious. I'm respectful of that. And you of course, I mean, I respect you enough to let you know what was going on in my head."

"You know the team is going to treat you a lot differently as team manager. They will hassle you about dropping the team, about doing the towels, about picking up after them."

"Yeah, I get that, Sir, but I think I owe them some time, I feel like I've been wasting theirs the last several months and I want to be respectful of their efforts."

"That's a good man, Holder. I appreciate your honesty, like I said. I think the team will too after an adjustment period. Dismissed," he told me. That meant we were done talking.

It went easier than I had imagined it would. He didn't hassle me at all about my choice, about Ian's decision. I'd be team manager now. I headed to the locker area and switched to some gym shorts, tight of course, and a tight t-shirt. I had a swimsuit on underneath the shorts in case I needed to retrieve anything or anyone in the pool. Then I put my flip-flops back on and headed to the pool where everyone else already was at. I grabbed the towel cart and pushed it ahead of me.

The practice wasn't too bad. Everyone had stuff they were working on, the practice races went pretty much as I knew they would. Some swimmers were better than others and I knew who to cheer on, who to holler for to do better. I tried to echo what coach told them, but I knew ahead of time what he was going to say, so that part was easy, being the team cheerleader of sorts.

Of course, there was the rest of it. Most of the guys had questions about me, what I was doing as "towel boy", why wasn't I practicing. Coach called everyone together as usual at the end of practice to pass on his advice and he announced that I'd made a sacrifice for the good of the team. I'd given up my spot on the team knowing it was best for the team and would be continuing as the team manager. He told them to respect my decision and respect the assistance I could give them. I felt all proud of what I had done, based on what coach told them. Of course, the hassles started right after that.

"Couldn't handle the practices, Holder?" Kazmirski smirked.

"I knew that ass would slow you down, Holder," Stephens mocked me.

Jackson just locked me over and said, "Too much weight gain if you ask me."

I knew the hassles would go on for a while. If I didn't let it bother me, I'd get through it and then they'd forget I was ever a swimmer and was always the team manager. I knew how people thought. A couple months and reality would be I'd be forgotten except as team manager.

Actually, picking up after the team and collecting all the towels and suits and then starting the laundry seemed pretty normal. I already did all of this stuff for Ian. Maybe I could bring his clothes down here and do two jobs at once. Get his laundry finished and do my work. I might even get homework done here if there were quiet times.

I waited for a while, so the team would leave before I went around and gathered stuff up. Of course, when I got to the showers there was Cory Stephens still taking his time, lathering himself up and rinsing off. I looked a little too long I guess. He saw me staring and my eyes fell to the towels laying around or hanging on hooks.

"Always staring, Tim. Don't think I don't notice."

He shook his always half-hard cock at me and asked if I was thirsty. I knew what he meant.

"If I say yes, what happens?" I asked. Ian had said I was to provide service to the guys on the team.

"You get yourself over here and get to work. I'm pretty sure you know what happens. I get my cock sucked and you get a load to swallow for your effort," he leered at me and shook his cock again. It was now what I assumed was fully hard, sticking straight out and bouncing as he moved in the shower. Seems that the thought of me giving him a blow got him hard. That pleased me for some reason.

"I don't need everyone knowing I'm doing this," I told him.

"You mean your boyfriend?" he asked. I recalled our last conversation on this when I said I couldn't suck him off because Ian had said no at that time.

"No, he's good," I told him. "I mean I don't need the whole team knowing I blew you," I emphasized.

"You mind your business, Holder, I'll mind mine. I just want to dip my stick into that throat of yours."

I left the towel cart and walked over to where he stood. He turned off his shower and grabbed a towel, drying himself. His dick stayed hard and didn't go back to half-mast where it always seemed to be at rest, never flaccid.

"Come on then," he said. "Get to work. I don't have all afternoon."

I got on my knees and reached up to his cock. I took it in my hands and ran my closed fist over it. He was uncut, at least 7 inches, probably longer. Nice size. I could handle this no problem.

"Anyone else left in the locker area?" he asked.

"No one, Cory. Just us."


I inched forward on my knees and stuck my tongue out licking his head. His cock jumped at my touch. I moved in quickly to see if I could get a reaction from him. All the way down to the root in one swallow. No problem.

"Fucckkkkkkk," he sighed. "Why didn't you tell me you could do that?"

I didn't answer. I held my position there for a few seconds. I swallowed down on his dick and he moaned. Then I drew back slowly and felt his dick pop out of my throat and back into my mouth. I ran my tongue underneath his head and swirled it around while it was inside my mouth. After my initial touch I wasn't using my hands again. I knew better than to touch a man's cock during a blow job. Mouth only was the best, I had learned.

"Oh shit Tim, you're good at this."

I moved down the length of his dick again and swallowed it. His hips bucked up to meet my lips on his crotch. I managed to stick my tongue out and start licking his nuts as I swallowed on his dick. I moaned a little to give him a good vibration.

"Aw, holy shit, how'd you do that?" he asked while I licked those full balls. I knew he didn't want an answer. I also knew he was getting some dick treatment he didn't usually get wherever he went for this action.

I pulled back again and began a head twisting up and down on his knob. I loved Ian's big cock but I could definitely see an advantage to sucking a cock like this. I could really do some of the things Ian had taught me a lot easier on a smaller cock. Not that this was small. His was still bigger than mine had been when it still got hard.

Speaking of hard, my dick throbbed in my cage. I had a feeling that sucking Cory off wasn't going to get me off. I hadn't adjusted fully to being locked. Ian could get me to cum when he fucked me, but I doubted sucking Cory's dick would do it. So, I focused on Cory instead. I looked up and watched his eyes. He was transfixed by me sucking him, staring at me with his mouth hanging open a little. I kept up my eye contact as I swallowed and backed off his cock.

"Fuuuuuccckkkkkk, feels so good dude."

This was fun! I was really enjoying this reaction from him. It made me feel good to know I was doing this well. I placed my hands on the back of Cory's thighs and I pulled him forward sharply, mashing my face into his crotch. His legs were stubbly, he was hairy when he wasn't shaving for swimming I thought. My legs were no longer stubbly, all the hair had been removed. I realized how hot it was to feel hair on a man's legs.

Cory finally caught on and placed his hands on the back of my head. He began pulling me on and off his dick. He even wrapped one hand in my hair and tightened his grip. It sent a chill of pleasure through me as he took more control of this blow.

"Yeah, that's it. Work my dick, Holder. Feels so fucking intense."

I moaned. It felt so intense for me when he grabbed my hair. Since I no longer needed to pull him into my throat, I moved my hands up to his pecs. Not large but firm, a true swimmer's body, very different than my own anymore.

"You like this don't you?" he asked.

I moaned in response and he growled as I did it. He responded intensely to everything I was doing. I continued to rub and play my hands over his chest and then his tight abs. He was so hot, and I was making him even hotter! He was going to fill my mouth with a big load of cum. It occurred to me how much I wanted to taste his load, to compare it to other men I had tasted.

"No wonder your boyfriend wanted to keep you to himself for so long. Shit I'm going to cum soon, Tim.

That spurred me on even more. I sucked a bit harder and worked my tongue over and under the cut head, flicking it where I had been taught felt so good. I looked up and Cory's eyes were shut. He wondered if he was imagining his girlfriend giving him this blow, but realized he kept using my name so he knew it was me. His eyes suddenly flew open and I was sliding my mouth up and down his shaft.

"Gonna shoot, Tim, pull off or you'll be swallowing it."

I just kept my eyes focused on his eyes and I went down the full length of his shaft and began swallowing on his cock. He groaned, and I moaned back.


I felt his hand tighten on my hair. He held my head down tight to his crotch. His dick expanded quickly, hardening totally then I felt him spurt, once, twice. His grip on my hair loosened so I backed up a bit and he continued to empty his nuts, but in my mouth now. Four, five more spurts. Cory relaxed and slumped on the tile wall of the shower. I swirled my tongue over the head of his dick and he shuddered. I did it again and he jerked.

"Okay, okay," he told me. "Sensitive." He looked at me and I released his cock and opened my mouth. I could feel his huge load filling it so, I opened up and showed it to him. Then I closed my mouth as he watched, and I swallowed it all. I licked my lips as I finished savoring his load. Sweet, not as bitter or tangy as some. I wondered what he did to get it tasting like that. I'd want to taste it again to see if it was the same each time.

"Thank you, Cory," I told him.

"Fuck, Holder. Thank you. Best blow I've ever had."

Cory stood up straight, grabbed his towel and wiped off the rest of his cum and my throat slime off his cock and dropped it at my feet.

"I'll want more of your mouth, Tim, just letting you know," he looked down at me. "And sorry about this ahead of time, but I'm going to tell a couple guys on the team. No way I can't share this information. Ramirez hasn't had any in a couple months and Jackson will want to know if you can do what you just did to me, to his huge shlong. That was too good a performance to not tell people."

On the one hand, I was kinda terrified that the whole team might find out I was available, but on the other hand I was really proud that Cory had liked what I did. My nipples were tight against my t-shirt, my dick throbbed in its cage, and my ass was probably super wet from thinking it might get some dick. I could feel the thrum in my body that sucking cock had given me. It was an intense high. I could definitely do this again.

Cory had wandered off to the lockers before I got up off my knees and picked up his towel. I sniffed it and got a full whiff of Stephens' scent all over again. Fuck, I had become a good cocksucker. I was horny, and I wanted to get home to Ian and tell him what had happened.


There was a knock on my door and when I said `come in' Timmy bounced in, maybe the word was flounced. Whatever, he looked happy and he had a spring in his step. He bounced over and then kneeled next to me at my desk.

"How was swimming," I asked. "You talk to the coach about stuff?" I wanted to display some interest in what he was doing. Actually, I really wanted to hear how he felt telling the coach he couldn't swim anymore.

"Oh my god, Sir, it went so well. Coach thanked me for being up front and honest with him about my body changes and how I just couldn't help the team at all by competing. Then he was even greater about letting me become the team manager. He thought it was a great idea since I know the team and have swimming experience."

"Sounds good," I told him. Glad you took care of that, boy. How did you feel doing that?"

I was really scared for some reason. I didn't want the coach to think less of me," Timmy blushed slightly as he spoke. "Then he was happy that I could come and talk to him about it. It made me realize I was doing the right thing. Thank you, Sir."

"Of course, boy. I know what's best for you," I told him. It worked out pretty much as I figured. I wondered what else happened. "So...keep talking Timmy. What else happened? How did your former teammates take the news?"

"Well, some of them hassled me, of course. They seemed to know exactly what to say to embarrass me. You know, talking about how my body was no longer for swimming mostly. Then, about how big my ass has gotten."

"Don't pay them any mind, boy. Your ass is just fine, keep working on it."

"Thank you, Sir. I keep working on it. So, after practice Cory was there late and he caught me staring at him again."

"You need to watch that behavior if you don't want to be sucking the whole team," I teased him. "Men can see you staring. Amazing no one made you get on your knees before I caught you," I said as he blushed.

"You're right. Cory waved his dick at me and told me to stop staring and blow him. So, I did. You said to serve the team, Sir, so I got on my knees and gave him a blow job."

"Good job, faggot," I cheered him on. "You need cock, I get that I think."

"Ohmigod, Sir, you're right about that too. I WANTED it so bad. It made me so horny and happy to blow him and see him enjoy it."

"Oh yeah? Describe it boy. Tell me what you thought and felt."

Timmy looked at me for a moment. He seemed a bit unsure whether he wanted to say more. As if he would tell me something I didn't already know about faggots, or him.

"It felt good," he started. "It was like all I could think about was his cock. My nipples were hard, and my dick throbbed in the cage. I don't know, my asshole was feeling wet.

"Your what?" I asked.

"I mean, my pussy got wet."

"That's right, your pussy," I emphasized to him.

"It was, it was weird, it was like buzzing. It was like a full body experience. I could feel my muscles and my, my whole body, it seemed linked to his cock and making him cum. Does that make sense?"

"Oh yeah, sounds about right boy. Good job," I confirmed patting him on the shoulder.

"Do you need anything, Sir?" he asked with a pleading look in his eyes.

"No, I'm good boy," I replied.

"Oh, okay."

It hadn't been that long since I had fucked Zach. I was good. No need to cum currently. I didn't need to tell Timmy, he had no need to know, it was my business. Yet Timmy stayed on his knees as if waiting for something, he was learning proper obedience and respect. Zach could take a few lessons, I thought.

I stood and took my cock out of my pants. If he wanted something from my cock I could give him something, it occurred to me. He'd need to figure it out though. I wouldn't give him any hints.

"Beg, Timmy. Beg for what you want."

"Please may I taste your cock, Sir? Pleeeeease?"

"No, You may not taste my cock at the moment," I responded. "Try again, boy." I stroked my cock slowly back and forth, pulling the foreskin back off the head and then covering it back up again.

"Please, Sir. May I have your load?"

"Nope, I already said I was good on that, Timmy. Try again."

He looked up at me blankly. His mind was working overtime, I could tell.


He didn't want me to suck him. He didn't want to feed me his load. What did he want? I couldn't figure it out.

"Take your shirt off Timmy. Play with your titties. Rub those nipples for me," Ian ordered.

I removed my shirt and set it next to me. I placed my hands on my pecs and began to rub them. I twisted and pulled on my nipples. They were so big these days. It was hard to imagine that my nips were nearly flat when Ian directed me to start pumping them up. Ian was running his hand over his dick. He was pulling on his foreskin.

"Pleeeease, Sir, please may I lick under your foreskin?" I asked. Was that what he wanted?

"Interesting. I hadn't considered that, boy. I'll keep that in mind for a future time. Try again, though."

His cock hung heavy. It wasn't hard, but it was bigger than it was when it hung limp. It was so beautiful. Ian had a beautiful cock. My nipples were so sensitive.

"How does that feel, Timmy? How does your body feel?" Ian asked.

"So sensitive," I answered. I used one finger on each nipple, rubbing them in a circle. Just barely touching them. "I get so hot just touching my nipples. It makes me think of a lot of other stuff, Sir." I told him

"That's right boy, you're learning how your body is connected. When you rub your titties, what else do you notice.

I closed my eyes and rubbed my nipples. I noticed that my dick was throbbing in its cage. Then I noticed as it throbbed that my hole also throbbed, it pulsed. I squeezed my pussy muscles and I could feel the heat.

"My dick tries to get hard and my pussy gets all hot and bothered," I told him.

"That's right, boy. Your body parts are connected. If I rub your titties like this," he told me, pushing my hands away and rubbing them lightly, "you feel it all over your body."

"Mmmmmm, yes, I do." I gurgled. "Feels so good."

"That's right. And when your pussy hums, and your titties get hard, what do you think about?"

"Cock," I answered. "Your cock," I corrected myself.

"Cock, that's right, Timmy. My cock, Zach's cock, Donor's cock. You think of cock. What do you hope to get when you think of cock?"

I didn't get where he was going. I thought of cock because it made me feel good. I thought about cock in my mouth, in my throat, in my pussy. I thought about getting a load from a man, about getting a good fuck. I started thinking about how all of it made my pussy open up some, made my nipples firm. I thought about licking the head, working my tongue around and under the foreskin if I was lucky enough. I thought about the taste, the mix of sweat, old sex, pre-cum, piss...Oh god, piss. I was thinking of piss.

"Pleeease, Sir. Pleeeeeease let me have your piss. Please let me drink from your cock."

Ian smiled. A big huge smile, to the point he looked as if he would laugh.

"Good boy, Timmy. You made the connection yourself. You are learning about what you want, about the connections in your body and in your mind. Open your mouth boy and don't lose any. I'm not going to stop the stream once I get going."

"Oh god, yes Sir, thank you Sir." I told him. I opened my mouth wide and waited.

I was thinking about his piss. I wanted it so bad all of a sudden. I wanted to drink it again. I never thought I would want it, but I thought back to when Ian did it the first time and how hot it seemed to drink it after I got used to the strong taste. Now, I wanted it badly, and Ian looked so sexy standing above me, smiling, holding his beautiful cock inches from my open mouth. A moan escaped from deep inside me that I couldn't stop.

"Nice, boy. You really want it don't you?" Ian asked.

I nodded aggressively. I could almost see the need on my own face.

"Here it comes, Timmy. Get ready."

The piss shot out the slit in Ian's cock. It sprayed my lips just briefly before Ian found the best aim and then it went directly into my mouth. I focused on keeping my mouth open as far as possible. Then it occurred to me I would need to swallow with my mouth hanging open, and soon! I managed to do it the first time without thinking. I thought about how I could swallow down on a cock as it was in my throat and then it wasn't tough at all. I swallowed the first mouthful before I had time to think. He was filling my mouth up again immediately.

"Good job, boy! No drips yet."

I stayed focused on Ian's eyes as much as possible, trusting him to aim correctly. I thought about how hot his piss was. Hot in temperature and hot that he was pissing in my mouth. I swallowed another mouthful, his stream continued. I couldn't stop myself from rubbing my nipples some more. It seemed drinking his piss made me very horny. My pussy seemed to be on fire. I wanted to get fucked so bad! I swallowed again. I wanted to taste every drop. Right at this moment it seemed this was what had been missing in my life.

"Almost done, boy," Ian said as he stepped forward.

His stream was slowing. I swallowed again. Now his piss was dribbling out. How many mouthfuls had I swallowed? Why did it have to end so soon? Why was I thinking this way?

Before I knew what was going no, Ian was standing almost on top of me. He was shaking his dick and the last drops of piss splattered in my mouth and on my face. I took my hands off my nipples and wiped the splattered drops from my face and into my mouth. I sighed audibly and felt sated. I was no longer so thirsty.

"Good boy, Timmy," he told me running his hand over my head and through my hair. "You're beginning to see what a fag you are. You're making connections between your body and serving me, pleasing me and my cock. Frankly serving any cock at this point will be good for you in nearly the same way. Just like it was earlier with your swim buddy."

"Yes, Sir," I nodded. He made so much sense. He really knew me and what made me tick, before I had figured anything out myself. He was so great at teaching me about myself.

"Now get up off the floor, boy. Get your shirt and get back to your other work, whatever you have to do," he instructed.

"Thank you, Ian, Sir. Thanks for everything," I told him. I left him grinning in his room.