Becoming a Boy 58

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I was sooooo horny. Drinking Ian's piss only lasted a short while in making me feel sated. My nipples hummed with excitement and my ass was throbbing again after an hour or so. I needed some dick. Ian had forbidden getting fucked, but I could suck off people. There must be someone who needed a blow job in the house!

I headed down to the kitchen to see what food I could find. I was hungry for something and I didn't want to head to the gym at the moment. I needed to go there as I hadn't been to one since before break. I mean I'd done a lot of exercising because Ian made sure of that, but no weights. Now I was eating again, I'd done plenty of that over break.

No one was in the kitchen area and amazingly, no one was in the tv area either. Ugh. Not everyone was back from break yet. Donor was locked up and belonged to Zach now. I doubted either of them would be interested in a blow at this point. Maybe the gym was an option. I could see who turns up and maybe they would see I was available. I hadn't really flirted ever with anyone. Either Ian had turned me out or men just seemed to know I was a cocksucker. I knew I stared too much sometimes. I had heard the library was a place to find a cocksucker, maybe I could go there and like wait until someone came along. That seemed dumb, just waiting like that in a bathroom. I couldn't believe my life had come to the point where I was so focused on cock.


Fuck, that was hot! Getting Timmy to beg for my piss, knowing he loves it. All it took was making him think through what he wanted. He would do whatever I wanted him to do. I loved having that control, having that desire of his managed to perfection. I might never use a urinal again since he seemed so happy to serve my cock for all purposes.

And fuck Zach. He had no clue what he was talking about. He needed dick just like the rest of the fags. He might think he was top dog with Donor but he dropped easy when he saw my cock. His tight pussy opened right up once I got him on his knees. Man to man contact my ass, I wanted a nice fuck, not a man. Jackass had it all wrong. Zachass. I'd have to remember that one, it could come in handy soon.

I wrapped up the spreadsheets that Johnson wanted me to work on. I checked the cameras he had posted around the place. They were all working, nothing unusual going on. He monitored stuff, but really only went back to the files if something was off with the boy's work or the stud's performance. It would be good to get back out at the farm later this week. It was a place I felt in charge all the time. It gave me a solid grounding knowing I could manage a place like that and help train the fags to their potential. I'd brought Timmy a long way and he had some more learning to do, but to see those lessons spread over dozens of fags was impressive to me. It was something I could definitely see myself doing long term. I was cut out to be the top alpha.


Fucker. I just kept thinking the same thing over and over. Ian was an asshole. He might be a decent alpha if he wasn't such an ego-driven fucker. An alpha took care of his sub, he treated the submission as a gift. An alpha wasn't a jerk who went around forcing himself on others. Ian needed a lesson.

I headed off to the shower. I needed one badly. I cleaned myself up. The hot water felt good. I cleaned my ass up as much as possible. I checked for any damage but didn't find any. I'd been fucked before, by dicks bigger than Ian's but I still didn't enjoy it and I sure as hell didn't crave it. Ian forcing himself on me did nothing to change my confidence in that fact. I'd taught myself that lesson, choosing to give it up to the biggest one I'd ever seen and knew from personal experience that serving cock just wasn't in my bones.

I thought back to the party I'd been at a year or so ago. I wondered if those guys still got together. If they did, when was the next party? If I could get Ian there, I'd have no trouble getting him in a position to show him what it was like taking a cock his size. He might learn a little humility if I could pull it off. I'd check with Alonzo. If anyone knew when the next party was it would be him. It was one of the few places he could gain satisfaction instead of scaring off people with his fat foot-long dick. I wouldn't have to worry about any of the set -up if I could get Ian to a party like that. All the necessary equipment would be there, and Ian could be set up easily for a take-down. I liked the idea more and more as I washed off the last of his smell and cum.

When I got back to my room, Donor was there. I knew he'd show up eventually. He needed dick now. Since he was locked up, I knew he'd be getting hornier and hornier until he would beg to be allowed out. It had been a day since I'd creamed on his tits. That was a long time really, for a straight man to not cum. Donor was probably used to jacking 2 or 3 times a day and he'd made it a full day now with no cumming.

"Donor! How's it going, girl?"

He blushed slightly. I'm sure he found it uncomfortable now that I knew how he thought about himself on his knees.

"It's good, uhm, Sir. I'm really horny though."

"I bet. You'll get used to it. It may take a while, but yeah, you'll adjust to a schedule of letting you cum. You did a few days before break, you'll be good."

Donor looked disappointed. He had needs, he thought, I got that. I had a couple places to go to though and I could drag Donor along to keep him busy for a couple hours at least.

"We're headed out Donor. I need to catch up with a friend I haven't seen in a while. I know where he hangs out but I don't know his number anymore. Up for the chase?" I asked.

He looked a bit disappointed, but I whacked him on the back and smiled supportively. He seemed to agree with my needs.

"Okay, I'll grab my coat," he announced.

"Good boy,".

We headed out. I wanted to check Alonzo's apartment first. He'd changed his phone, but he didn't move. Once he found a decent apartment he kept it. It wasn't far, town isn't that big really.

"You do any more thinking, Donor? Thinking about what you're doing or where you're headed now?"

"Of course," he said. "How the hell am I not supposed to think about it? My dick is locked up. All I can think about is I can't jack off."

"You're looking at it all wrong, Donor. Think about it differently, think about all the stuff you can do now that doesn't involve your dick. You've freed up all that time you used to spend fapping or looking at porn. That is time I created, and you can think about things you can do for me instead of doing for you."

"Uhmmm, okay. I hadn't thought about that."

"Of course, Donor. It's one of the reasons you've asked to be my boy. You know managing your life has gotten too much for you. I get that. If you turn that over to me, which you've started to do, I'll be sure and schedule your time so you are focused on things that are good for you. And me too of course."

"Yes, Sir," he sighed.

"Good boy," I said clapping him on the shoulder again. "You're going to be fine. I'll deal with the decisions, but I need your feedback on what you want or what you have thought about but have been too scared to think about. I can help manage that, since I have control of your time."

"So you WANT to make all those kind of decisions?" he asked amazed I would take on something like that.

"Yeah, that's what a Man does for his boy," I explained. "I want what's good for you Donor, really I do, but I need your help in figuring out what it is you want. I mean other than giving up some control to me. Control is great, but an idea of what it is you're moving toward is important."

"What do you mean? I already know what I want. I want to finish school and go back and work for the family business. Dad expects me to come join him in a few months when I'm done. He says it's what is good for the family."

"Cool!" I told him, "and is that what you want Donor? You said it's what your Dad wants, what is good for the family. Is it what is good for Donor?"

It seemed Donor already let others decide some of what he did in life. He might be an easier mark for fun than I had first thought. I guess it made sense. Donor had no shortage of cash. He knew that was assured probably if he did as he was told. I'd have to keep an eye on whatever I did, so I didn't ruin his chances of maintaining that money flow in his life. If this worked well, Donor could keep us in a decent life as long as it worked out. I wouldn't fuck with his monetary future. I knew that would free up a lot of his life if he had a good income and didn't have to stress over that stuff. I could use a lift up like that. This might be okay.

"Well, it will make life a lot easier," he said thoughtfully. "I wouldn't have to think about finding a job or worry about paying bills."

"That's right, girl," I said. His head shot up and he looked around. I smiled. "That job handles things for you so you don't have to worry about it. Think of the benefits of not worrying about that."

"I do," he said. "It's all I've been told and thought about growing up. Working at car dealers somewhere."

"So that doesn't change, Donor. I'm not going to take that away. I'm not going to take anything away from you except more control. And just like with the decision that's been made for you about a career, turning over more to me will also make it easier, but that makes it important you tell me everything, so I get it right. I'm not interested in screwing you over, baby."

"Okay, that makes sense," he mused. "Will you always be calling me your girl?"

"No," I chuckled. "Only when it is what is good for you. You need to hear it sometimes and it will serve me well at times when others know your chosen role in life, Donor. You made a decision to serve, and some people will learn that. You need to face that fact. This is a test for a while. It will feel weird, but that's what you want to figure out now. If it isn't right, you'll figure it out or I will."

"Look," I continued, "you've already told me a lot. You have spent some time thinking about yourself as my `girl' and you need to get in that space for a while and see if it fits you. I'm going to push you in that direction for my amusement and your growth. Some of it will freak you out, but it will show you what being with a man who has the leading, directing role. It will show you what your life could be like in a submissive, caring role as the woman to a Man does in a standard, fantasy dominant-submissive man-woman marriage. I'll do that for you, make it relatively safe. IF it is what you want to do."

"I get it," he replied.

"No, you don't yet, but you get enough to know you need to explore it. Look," I told him, "I honestly get that you haven't seen yourself as some concept of `gay'. I don't see you as gay either. I do see you as submissive. I'm not concerned with you being straight, don't be concerned that I'm gay. It's just an identity, it doesn't make me everything you associate with that word, just as I won't associate you with everything I think of straight men. Focus on the act of providing service, of pleasing me, of pleasing others I tell you to please. That's a start."

"Yes, Sir."

"You're getting good at that," I told him. "I appreciate the effort."

He smiled, and we continued walking.

"Do you see yourself as a girl, Donor? Do you see yourself with a vag instead of a dick? If you're dealing with trans issues, we can work on that."

"I don't think so," he sighed. "I'm not sure why I thought of those things. It just popped into my head when I had to do those things. The only thing I've really thought about when I was thinking about sex. I mean if a dick is getting sucked, I thought about a girl sucking it. So, when I was sucking, the first thing I thought was that I was a girl. It kinda freaks me out. I just never really thought much about guys sucking off guys, or fucking guys, until the last couple months. Honestly, it's more about giving up something, giving up fucking choices."

"Cool. I get it. I happen to like taking away choices and decisions. I like seeing what happens," I told him. "just do what I tell you and let's see what happens."

"Okay, I'll try."

I patted him on the shoulder and we continued walking. I was still going to reinforce the binary with Donor for some time. If he was going to do as I told him, I'd put myself in the role of guiding Man, and I would emphasize he was the woman accepting that guidance. I'd see what he was interested in and get a feel for if he could do what I wanted. What the heck? I had time for this.

I eventually got to the house where Alonzo stayed. I figured he wouldn't move since the house had big ceilings and doorways. It was a big place with the slightly rundown look of most student rentals. Alonzo was simply big, he needed a place that he could fit into easily. He played on the football team and anchored the offensive line. At 6'7" and close to 300 pounds, he was all man, all meat. He had that big look about him, but the extra weight didn't make him out of shape in the least. He was just big. To make him more interesting, he was usually as gentle as a kitten, until he took on his alpha role in sex. He'd fuck just about anyone, especially if he thought he could get that person to submit to his dick. I'm sure he didn't much opportunity to use it if he didn't take an in-charge attitude, that dick could scare people, especially girls. It was probably why he ended up fucking with guys.

"What are we doing here?" Donor asked.

"We are looking for an acquaintance of mine," I told him. "Alonzo Brown."

"The guy on the football team? You know him?"

"Yeah, we're good. Haven't seen him in a while, but I think he might help me with a problem that has developed."

I rang the bell, then knocked for good measure. A guy answered the door. I asked if Alonzo was in and the kid said `yeah' and let us in. We walked into the big entrance and then I spotted him. He was sitting on a huge sofa watching TV in a big living room area. We shed our coats in the entry area and headed in.

"Hey, Boss," I called. "Been a while."

Alonzo turned around and gave me a big grin. He stood up and by the time we walked over he was towering over us. I was about 6 feet tall and Donor was a couple inches shorter than me. Alonzo was an impressive figure to anyone. He was dressed in big oversized sweats. The only thing he said was comfortable for him to wear.

"Zach! I knew you'd be back," he said, knocking me on my back and making me jump. "Brought a little buddy with you too," he noted.

"Yeah, this is my girl, Donor. She's following me around today," I told him using Donor's preferred pronouns when he was sucking dick.

Donor turned to me and blushed deep red. Alonzo laughed. Donor did manage to stick his hand out to shake, but Alonzo simply took his hand in both of his and held it. Donor's hand disappeared inside Alonzo's big hands. You couldn't see the pale color of Donor's hand inside Alonzo's dark hands.

"Hmmm, Zach's girl. Well, look at that backside. I bet that gives a nice bounce back when you're hammering away at it."

Our talking left Donor speechless. He kept glancing over to me then up into Alonzo's face.

"Cat got her tongue I guess, Zach."

"Yeah, it's all new at this point," I told Alonzo. "She's taking some time to figure out the lay of the land."

"Okay, I get that. Always time to learn new things," he said letting go of Donor's hand. "Have a seat, let's catch up."

"Got some time?" I asked. He chuckled.

"Yep, I got time for a bitch like you, Zach."

"We talked about that Alonzo, I'm not interested."

"I know, I know, but doesn't change the fact you were good at putting out," he said.

Donor's face took on a look of shock. As if he couldn't imagine that I had bottomed for this man or that this man would be interested in fucking a guy. Alonzo took his seat back on the sofa. There was a man-sized space seemingly carved into that spot on the sofa. Looked like it was Alonzo's spot and no one else could sit there now, unless they wanted to feel the outline of his body.

I took a seat in a chair on an angle to the sofa. Comfortable but room for only one. Donor glanced around, and Alonzo took it as a cue.

"Come on Donor," he told him, "sit down and let's talk." He patted the space next to him.

Donor glanced at me, then at the sofa, then decided he'd sit next to Alonzo. It was obvious Donor was somewhat in awe of everything going on. The ease of the conversation we were having about sex, the size of Alonzo, the invite to sit next to him. Probably overloading him. I wasn't one to beat around the bush, so I went right to the questions I had.

"So, do you still host parties like you used to?" I asked.

"I knew there was something you needed. I was just hoping it was something else," Alonzo replied while rubbing his left leg. It might have looked like a casual move, but I knew what was draped along that big muscled leg, it was Alonzo's third leg. "Yeah, we do. Got one coming up this weekend in fact. I want to start the semester off right. Have some fun before classes kick in next week."

"Makes sense," I replied. "Think I can get an invite for four people?"

"Four? All I see are you and your girl here. Who else is coming?"

"Me, her," I said pointing at Donor, "a friend named Ian and his boy, Timmy."

"Oh yeah? What's the sudden interest?" he asked. "You stopped showing up and didn't seem all that interested anymore. You want to get your girl some experience for the future?" he asked while he reached over and patted Donor on the leg.

Donor's legs weren't small. He carried some weight on him, but with Alonzo's hand on his thigh, Donor didn't look so big after all. Donor looked amazed at the size of the man next to him.

"I have an issue with my buddy Ian. Good guy, usually a good man, but lately he has gotten out of control and needs a little lesson in humility to bring him down a notch or too," I made clear. "He needs to learn to respect people's choices and the gifts he is given as a Man."

"Okay, okay, I get what you're saying," Alonzo "He been out of line and you want to be the man showing him the error of his ways. Interesting. What you got in mind?"

"Ian is total alpha," I explained. "Has good control over his boy Timmy but has lately been thinking he can fuck anything he wants. Not sure how it happened, but I'm not going to be his toy and he needs a lesson in consent."

Donor looked shocked again. As if he hadn't imagined Ian taking things that didn't belong to him.

"Ian did," Donor started to say something.

"Shhhh," Alonzo told Donor putting his big finger up to Donor's lips in a shushing sign. "Your man is talking. Don't interrupt girl, let him finish."

"So, like I was saying, Ian is generally a good Man, but he is exploring new territory for himself too. He seems to think he deserves a lot more than what he has, and he seems to think he can just take what he wants and disrespect what he already has. Hope that makes sense," I finished.

"Yeah, yeah, I get it. So, he won't be cooperative then."

"I'd say no, he's not used to being the object of someone's attention as a bottom. He sees himself as straight and has gotten into guys this last year as a way to get himself off. Got himself a nice boy too. Yet, he is a little slow to realize that he needs to be more respectful of the submission he has been given. He still thinks he can use the boy and not make a commitment I think. Not to mention he forced himself on me earlier today thinking I would just submit because he wanted it. Disrespectful is a nice word."

"So, if I am understanding this, you want to bring this boy here to our fuck party. Then you want me to treat him as a piece of meat, I'm guessing. He a big guy?"

"He's good sized for most folks," I told him. "Probably about 6'2" and 230 I'd guess."

"225," Donor said without thinking.

Alonzo and I laughed. Donor seemed to know Ian's weight by heart.

"So, you know this man pretty well, eh girl?" Alonzo asked Donor.

Uhm, yes Sir." Donor replied. He blushed again as Alonzo ran his hand up and down Donor's leg.

"Well, I might like this idea. I don't find guys that big most of the time. He ever done any service to another man?"

"Nope, strictly new to this. Based on what I can figure out, he simply turned out his boy and that was the first time he'd done it. From what his boy says, he never does anything except fuck him or get him to suck him off. No reciprocation of any kind, no pussy eating, nothing."

"Got it, and you want him to open up and learn to accept what the role of an alpha is. Needs some lessons to give him an idea of his power and his limits."

"That about sums it up," I told him. "You got the tools for that?"

We both laughed and Donor looked confused.

"Oh yeah, not much has changed around here. I've got a couple places I can secure him and you can do what you need to do."

I explained what I had in mind and Donor's eyes got all huge. He must not have realized I could do something like this. It was nice to know I could blow Donor's mind in several ways. Alonzo nodded his head and agreed that he'd make it happen. I figured I could get Ian here on a pretense of getting plenty of pussy. He might not realize I met only boy pussy, but I didn't think he'd run after he got here.

"So other than the obvious opportunity to break in a virgin hole, what's in this for me," Alonzo asked as he reached over to Donor's leg again. He was making a claim on Donor in exchange for this party planning we were doing.

"Mouth only, Alonzo. And keep it gentle, she's new. Only had me teaching her," I explained.

"Damn! I can't even taste her pussy?"

"Taste? Yes. Fuck it? No. Not unless she begs for it on her own. My rules, Alonzo."

"Damn you drive a hard bargain, Zach."

"Maybe later. I don't know how well her training will go yet."

He laughed while nodding his head.

"Your man has traded your mouth for invites to a party, girl. You ready to give Alonzo some of those big lips?"

He wasted no time in moving right in. He took his big hand and placed it on Donor's chin and went to kiss him before Donor could say anything. I watched Alonzo's tongue part Donor's lips and his hand move around to the back of his neck to keep Donor in place while Alonzo explored that mouth. Looked pretty hot really. I liked Alonzo a lot, just not being his boy. Alonzo was nothing if not gentle, a real man who knew his strengths and weaknesses.

Donor struggled against Alonzo's grip. I'm sure it wasn't tight, just firm. When Alonzo broke the kiss Donor jumped a bit backwards in his seat.

"Donor," I started talking to him, "you give Alonzo what he wants. It's good for you to learn to take care of a man when he wants you to do it. Don't tell me no, because I am making decisions now."

He looked at me and then at Alonzo. His shoulders slumped a little which I took as the signal he was giving in to me, my decision.

"Right here?" was Donor's only question.

"Yeah, baby, right here," Alonzo told him. "Everyone knows the story in this house. They all tell you, Alonzo does what he wants where he wants."

Alonzo took Donor's hand and placed it on his crotch. He moved it around a bit then let Donor do the rest of the exploration. Donor's mouth hung open a bit as he figured out that Alonzo's cock stretched far down his leg.

"Holy mother of god," Donor whispered.

Alonzo just chuckled. It made me grin too. Donor was in for a workout, whatever happened.

Alonzo moved Donor's face back toward him and he started kissing him again. I wasn't sure how Donor would take to the kissing. I hadn't done that with him. Watching it all was pretty hot really. I was going to bone up, but I wanted no part of getting in the middle of this pairing. Alonzo was in my past, I wasn't going to invite his dick inside me in front of Donor. They continued kissing. Alonzo moved his hands to Donor's polo shirt and began to pull it up and then over his head, breaking their kiss.

"Let me see those titties, baby. I love to get my hands on those," Alonzo told him.

Donor looked a little uncomfortable, but he let Alonzo fondle him. In fact, Donor's hand went back to Alonzo's leg after his shirt was removed. They looked at each other as if feeling out each other and what might happen next. Alonzo moved his hands to Donor's pecs and began rubbing. Each hand covered one of Donor's tits. There was no getting around Alonzo's size in general, I wondered what Donor would think when Alonzo revealed his cock. It was in proportion to the rest of him, huge.

"Yeah, those are some nice titties, baby. I wanna taste those," he warned Donor.

Alonzo leaned forward and his tongue snaked out and lapped at Donor's nipples. Donor closed his eyes and let Alonzo do what he wanted. I heard him let a little moan out.

"Mmmmm, yeah, that's nice. A furry little nipple. I like that."

Alonzo proceeded to lick, nibble, and twist on Donor's nipples. Donor let him do it. In fact, he let go of Alonzo's leg and lay back a bit on the sofa. Soon he was full on laying on the sofa and Alonzo was hovering over him chewing on his tits. Donor was writhing around probably in some pain, but clearly in some form of pleasure. Donor's hands were at his sides, as if he didn't know what to do with them.

Alonzo then went for Donor's pants. I wasn't going to say anything. I'd already given Alonzo my rules. He'd follow them, he knew not to disrespect my rules for my boy.

"Come on, baby, let me in those pants. Daddy Lonzo wants to see what your pussy looks like."

Donor struggled with him a bit, which I found funny. I got my phone out and took a couple pics for my pleasure and use later. Every time Donor got a hand free to try to stop Alonzo, his move was countered, and his wrists were eventually clasped in just one of my buddy's big hands.

"Let him do what he wants, Donor. I trust him," I said firmly. Donor stopped trying to wrestle away from Alonzo and just lay there.

"That's it, Daddy's not going to do anything you don't want, baby. Give yourself over to me. Your man says it's all good for you."

I chuckled at that. Yeah, it was good for him. Donor needed as much attention as possible right now. Going through a first intentional lock-up would be a challenge for a month or so. If he behaved, I'd let him out for the weekend party if it went the way I wanted it to go. Alonzo undid Donor's fly and started pulling off the jeans. Donor's shoes were still on so when Alonzo pulled the pants down they wadded up at Donor's ankles. Then he went back up and took off the underwear.

"Awww, man, you locked up her clit," Alonzo turned to tell me. "Daddy doesn't get to play with your clit baby, but I still wanna see that pussy," he said turning back to Donor.

He flipped Donor over so that his head hung over the edge of the sofa and his legs were up in the air. I got a few more still pics and a short vid of what was happening. I was boned hard as a rock watching Alonzo just toss Donor around. Alonzo pulled the legs forward and grabbed at Donor's ass with his hands. He spread Donor's cheeks and looked at his hole. He had ahold of Donor's legs under his left arm and Donor didn't struggle. It left Donor's ass exposed. Alonzo smacked it a couple times hard. Donor yelped.

"Now, that didn't hurt, baby. I know that was just a gentle smack. I want that hole to open up a little."

He spread Donor's cheeks and took another look.

"That's it. Look at that tight pucker," ALnzo told him. "Now that's a real cute pussy, baby. I got to taste some of that real soon. Plus he went and shaved it all clean just for me."

I was impressed with Donor's attention to detail. I had told him to shave his pussy and he had done it. Points for him.

He then placed Donor's legs back on the sofa. He removed his shoes and then the pants came right off. Donor never left his position. He was either a bit scared of Alonzo, or he was trying to be as obedient to my instructions of letting the big man do what he wanted to him. Alonzo backed up and pulled his hoodie off revelaing a wife-beater t-shirt. Then he pulled down his sweats. He'd been going commando as usual. His big cock swung out half hard, dangling down between his legs.

"Shit," Donor exclaimed. "It's fucking huge. How am I supposed to do anything with that?" he asked.

"Awww, baby, don't talk about me that way. You gonna run scared like all the girls do? I haven't even shown you how good it feels to work on Daddy's cock."

I chuckled and kept up my work with my phone, getting a great shocked look on Donor's face as he saw the biggest dick he'd ever see in real life. Alonzo stood up over Donor's head and swung his dick around. It looked like a big tree limb swinging. Donor reached a hand up and took hold of the base. His hand didn't wrap around the whole dick there.

"That's it. Grab on to it. Get it down to your lips. Try working on the head, baby. Use that tongue and show me what you can do."

Donor did that. Alonzo bent forward a bit and let the tip of his cock near Donor's lips and Donor guided it to his mouth. He used his tongue to lick all over and around the head. Alonzo let out a little sigh which sounded almost cute coming from a man his size.

"Open up, baby. Let me see if you can fit some of that inside those nice lips you got."

If anyone could talk his way into getting a blow job or anything else, it was Alonzo. He was a sweet talked that often got what he wanted, despite the fact that his dick was as scary as they come. He let Donor have some control over the process because he let him keep his hand on his dick. Donor could get away from it if he wanted.

Donor opened as wide as he could and took just the head into his mouth. His lips clamped down on it and it looked like it was a strain. Hopefully he didn't use his teeth at all, that would get him a sharp smack somewhere.

"Hell, yeah, baby. That's nice. See it isn't so big. You got the start of it inside you."

No way in hell Alonzo could fit all that cock inside Donor's mouth. It was too big. I had never seen any throat take that cock. I'd seen most of it in my ass, and a few others, but never in a throat.

Alonzo watched Donor try to keep the head in his mouth. It kept popping out. I could hear the suction Donor was applying to the dick because of the popping sound it made when it slid out.

"Don't forget to breathe, Donor," I reminded him.

"It's so fucking huge," he gasped at one point as the cock popped out of his mouth.

"Just focus on what you already know, girl. Think about what feels good to you. You're new to this, but I can tell you, girl that you are pretty damn good at it already. It's natural for you I think. Think about how you would want your cock treated, if you had one that worked," I added.

That may have been a little rough, but it was true. Donor wanted to experience submission, he needed ways to think about it. He thought of himself as a girl doing it, so I'd work with what he gave me.

"That's it, girl. Work those big lips on that fat cock," I continued urging him. "Think about your body and how it feels taking that cock. Think how good it will feel the more you take inside you."

"Shit, that's hot, baby," Alonzo added. "You got a good start on my cock, feels good."

Donor slobbered all over. No place for that saliva to go when your face is stuffed full of dick. He was trying to get more and more in his mouth.

"He's not bad, Zach. Where you find him?" Alonzo asked as he slowly moved the first few inches of his dick in and out of Donor's mouth.

"Oh, he found me at the frat. Ran into a little trouble with his last girlfriend and I felt sorry for him. Started showing him a few things. You know how it goes," I explained. "He needed some guidance and I saw it as a challenge."

"Yep, yep. I know the next part," he began.

"Once you go Zach, you always come back," we said in unison.

"You're crazy," Alonzo added when he stopped laughing. "Once they come to Daddy Lonzo, they gonna have a BIG need to fill." I had to laugh at that.

Alonzo still had Donor resting on his own shoulders, head hanging off the sofa, legs up in the air. One leg wrapped in each of Alonzo's arms. He pulled Donor further up so he could access Donor's ass again.

"I'm gonna eat that sweet pussy, baby. I gotta taste that. It's one of my favorite things, getting a pussy all ready for my dick."

Alonzo pretty much squatted over Donor. He leaned forward and smashed his face into Donor's crack and started eating him out. I doubted Donor had experienced much of that.

"MMMmmmmmmmm," Alonzo was humming as he started eating out Donor's hole. "That's some nice pussy there, Zach."

He buried his tongue back into Donor's cunt. Alonzo's tongue was huge too. He could do all manner of teasing with that sex instrument. It was damn hot watching Donor put out for Alonzo; for me. He was doing it on my order, a gift to Alonzo. My cock was throbbing in my pants and I gave it a rub, feeling how hard it had gotten.

"uuughhhhhhh. OOooooohhhhhhhh," Donor was moaning.

"Yeah, that feels good, Baby. I like that feeling of your moaning around my cockhead," Alonzo told him. "Your pussy is opening up nicely. I can tell you've had a dick or two in here before. I'm going to see how far open it can go with my tongue."

Alonzo leaned back in and get up his sloppy work. His tongue was pushing into Donor and lapping around the lips of his new cock chute. Donor had stopped working on the fat cock. He was just holding it by the base in his hand.

"Oh fuck, oh my god. That feels so fucking good," Donor moaned and writhed around.

"That's right, baby, Daddy Lonzo knows how to make you pussy boys happy. Tell me what you want girl."

"Ohhhhh, eat my ass," Donor moaned.

Alonzo slapped his ass cheek hard and Donor yelped. He'd learn to refer to his hole properly soon enough.

"Not an ass when I'm eating it, girl. It's your pussy and I love eating pussy," Alonzo explained.

I stood and moved closer to the sofa. I was filming a vid of that long-pointed tongue fucking Donor's pussy.

"That's it, Lonzo. Tongue fuck that cunt. Listen to how much my girl loves it."

Donor was moaning and trying to hump Alonzo's face. He seemed to really be getting into it. I'd remember that and make sure I got him warmed up that way soon enough. Lonzo hauled him up so he was standing on his hands. Donor couldn't reach that cock in that position and it was funny to watch. He tried. He had ahold of it briefly, but the size difference was too much. With Alonzo nearly standing and Donor's hands mostly on the floor, that dick just swung around between them.

"Oh god. Why does it feel so good?" Donor mumbled to no one.

"It feels good girl because it's your pussy," I explained. "You're just reacting to the sensitive spots in your pussy. Alonzo is just activating nerve endings that you have been missing all this time. You are reacting just like a woman would."

"Yep, yep. It's true baby," Alonzo continued. "The way you carrying on, you should have been using this pussy for a long time. You been missing out on all that pleasure. The feel of a cock in there tickling your cunt."

Alonzo licked his lips and dove back into Donor's hole. It caused a moan to escape from Donor's lips.

"Oh god. Mmmmmmm. Yes, stick your tongue in me Daddy," Donor moaned.

"You going to be a good girl for your man?" Lonzo asked. "You earn a good pussy eating yet?"


Fuck, it felt so good. I'd never had a tongue in my ass before. I wanted to feel it again. It was like nothing I knew how to explain. I had no idea my ass would feel so good getting eaten. I moaned again as he munched on my hole.

I thought about what Zach said, focus on my body, focus on what felt good. This felt good. It sent little surges of electricity through my body. It made my dick ache as it strained in that damn cage. I was so horny to begin with and now this huge fucking football jock was making me stand on my hands as he ate my ass out.

The thoughts came back to my mind even though I tried not to think of them. I was a girl. Girls sucked cock, girls had a pussy. Why did they keep calling me girl? Why did he say he was eating my pussy? Why did it feel so good? Did I need to act like a girl? Was that different than what I was already doing?

As they talked about me, bits and parts of their conversation entered my brain. Discussion of my holes, my talent, my learning. It was a lot to pay attention to as Alonzo ate my ass out and Zach egged him on, explaining shit to me. I was a girl in this setting. I had tits, I had a pussy, my clit was locked up.

Finally, after thinking I was going to pass out from being stood on my hands, that big jock pushed me back over on to the couch. Then he grabbed my legs and spun me around and I was on my knees, my ass was hanging off the cushions. Alonzo got down on his knees and went back to eating me out. I turned and tried to watch him, but all I could see was my big ass and a head buried between my cheeks.

"Ooooohhhh, goddddddddd, feels so good."

"That's right, Donor," Zach continued talking to me. "You're learning just how good it feels to get that pussy eaten out. Go with the sensations, feel that tongue on your cunt."

Alonzo had a hand on each of my ass cheeks. He kept kneading them like bread dough. Sometimes he would smack them firmly, making a loud cracking sound. His rough unshaven cheeks tickled and scratched at my butt. His tongue kept plunging into my hole. He nibbled and sucked at my ass-lips. He really seemed to be enjoying it. The noise of lip smacking, slurping, and spitting on my hole was loud as there seemed to be no other sound in my head.

"Tell me what else you are noticing, Donor. Give us some feedback," Zach instructed.

"Oh god, it's like amazing. No one's ever done this to me before. No one has eaten my ass before."

"Pussy," they both said to me.

"No one has eaten my pussy before," I corrected myself. "I can feel it in my toes. I don't know why, but it's like they are curling and uncurling."

What a weird thing to feel, I thought. I had noticed my toes clenching and unclenching. God, that tongue! It was driving me crazy. I wanted to shake my ass and drive it further onto his face.

"It's crazy, my pussy feels so good. I want to feel your tongue way up inside me."

"That's right, girl. Let that feeling spread all over your body," Zach instructed. "Tell me about your clit and your titties."

Just as I was about to do that, Alonzo grabbed my lower legs and flipped me over again. Now I was on my back with my ass turned up. I could see his face and his long tongue as he lapped at my hole. Holy shit it felt so good! He really seemed to be enjoying it. Who knew a Man would do that. I'd never done that. I mean I ate pussy a lot. Now someone was eating my pussy!

Geezus, my nipples are on fire," I told Zach.

I ran my hands over them and they jumped. I knew I was a little overweight, I had some moobs really, it wasn't an issue for me, so I was a little big, who cares? But now Zach was calling them titties. As I rubbed them, it seemed that it intensified the sensations in my hole, my pussy.

"Feels so good when I touch them. I can feel it in, in my pussy," I reported.

"That's right, baby. It's all connected for you girls," Alonzo said between munching.

I reached a hand down to touch my dick and remembered it was all locked up. A piece of plastic instead of flesh. I could feel my nuts, but the sensation wasn't the same. I wanted to feel hardness, firmness. I wanted to be able to smack my hard, fat cock in my hand, on my abs. Instead I felt a small piece of plastic that wasn't big, wasn't fat, wasn't fleshy.

"I can feel tingling in my dick, but I can't touch it. It's locked, out of reach," I told him. It made me squirm thinking I couldn't get to it.

"That's right, Donor. There's a connection from your nips to your cunt, from your cunt to your clit, from your mind to all the parts of your body. Use your mind to feel those parts. Focus on the pleasure," Zach told me.

"Zach, go over and open that drawer," Alonzo pointed to a cabinet on the other side of the room. "Grab that bottle of poppers in there."

I closed my eyes and tried to do as Zach told me. I thought about that tongue in my ass, my pussy, I thought about my fingers playing over my nipples, I focused on feelings in my dick that I couldn't touch. I could feel the head of it tingling, I think. Repeatedly all I could think of was the sensations in my pussy. Try to think of it as my pussy, I told myself. A man was eating my pussy. He was eating me out, opening me up. His rough beard on my tender skin. His long tongue flicking at the edges of my pussy, then dipping deep inside me, teasing the walls of my cunt. Oh god, it felt good, sooo good. I arched my back and tried to go deeper on his face. Yeah, I wanted his tongue in there.

I reached down and felt his head and I pushed on the back of his head, trying to get him deeper in there. I was hungry for him, for that feeling. Then I heard Zach telling me to inhale deeply. He covered half my nose and stuffed something under it. I inhaled and a few seconds later my head expanded.

"Ohhhh, fucckkkkkkk," I moaned "Fuckkkkk, yeah, eat my pussy, Daddy. Eat me out. Stick your tongue in there deep."

All manner of filthy thoughts spilled from my lips and into the air between us. My eyes flew open and I watched Alonzo double down on his munching on me. I ran my hands over my nipples and they were connected directly to my hole, my cunt. I moaned again.

"Daddy Lonzo, your tongue feels so good. I love how you're making me feel," I told him.

"Look at that, Zach. This girl gone wild. Look at her pussy too. Opened right up when she took a hit."

"Damn, you're right," Zach said. "Looks like you're making a connection, Lonzo. Haven't seen her that open before. Gaping her hole with your tongue. Driving her crazy."

He was driving me crazy. It was like nothing I'd felt before. Why didn't anyone tell me this before? How come I hadn't found a Man to do this to me?

Next thing I knew Zach's hand was back under my nose. I inhaled again and there was a flood of warmth all through my body but especially in my pussy. It was HOT! I swear it was dripping and all wet and that tongue. And then all I could think about was cock. I wanted cock. I wanted cock inside me now. I wanted Alonzo's long, fat cock deep inside me, fucking me. He was a man and I wasn't. I had a pussy and he was eating it out and I wanted it filled up.

"Ohhhh, godddddd, fuck me. Fuck me Daddy Lonzo. Fuck me NOW!" I moaned. All I could think about was hard firm dick, something I no longer had, something I wanted very badly. "Please, stop teasing me. Please just fuck me now. Stick your cock in me, please!! I need to feel you inside me."

I heard myself saying these things and I believed them right then. I wanted to get fucked good and hard by this man.

"You heard him, Zach. He begged for it. You said if he begged, I could fuck him."