Becoming a Boy 59

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Fucking A! Donor had become a begging bitch after experiencing Alonzo's tongue bath. Couldn't believe what a little slut he'd become in 15 minutes of pussy eating.


"Yeah, yeah, I heard her too," I confirmed. "You win, Alonzo. I didn't think it would happen. Go on, take your prize. I'll try to keep her focused and full of poppers. She'll need it."


Alonzo was suddenly like a little kid. He stood up and did a little dance.


"I'm getting some pussy!" he exclaimed.


I moved back up to Donor's head. He was staring at Alonzo, watching the man do his pussy dance, his big cock bouncing hard and straight out from his torso.


"This what you want, baby? You want that big cock inside you?" I asked. "You want to feel that cock?"


"Oh god, yesssss" he moaned.


Donor turned to look at me. His eyes were a little unfocused, but he was adamant about that cock.


"Please, Sir, can I have his cock? Please let him fuck me."


"Of course, girl," I told him rubbing my hand through his hair. "If that's what you want, I'll let you have it. I'm surprised, but you did beg."


Donor stretched his neck to meet my face. He wanted to kiss. Something kicked in on this boy when he was treated like a slutty girl. The words, the sensations, the dick, whatever it was it added up to a slutty fag begging. I leaned down further and kissed him. He reacted strongly and tried to pull me into him. His tongue licked at my lips and I opened wider and he tried to French kiss with me. He may not think of himself as gay, but he had no trouble thinking of himself as a girl it seemed.


Alonzo had found his lube and had slicked his cock up. He must go through lube quick, I thought. He slicked his fingers again then slid them into Donor's ass. No resistance was there. The tongue had done its job and opened him up.


"Yessssss, yes, oh god. I want your cock," Donor moaned. "Fuck me!"


"Demanding little bitch, isn't she," Alonzo observed.


"Who knew?" I replied. "I had my inklings this might happen, but its turning out better than I imagined."


Alonzo removed his fingers and lowered himself into a fucking position. He aimed his cock at Donor's hole. Donor was watching the whole thing. He seemed to want to watch as he truly got cunted. I gave him another hit off the poppers bottle and he moaned as Alonzo started sinking his cock into his new pussy.


"That's it baby. That's it. Look at that cock. You ever even imagine anything that big before?" I coached him along.


"Never," was all Donor could say. He grimaced as Alonzo sunk some of that cock inside. "It's soooo big, so hard."


"Yeah, girl. That's it. Let me hear you. Tell Daddy Lonzo how much you want me inside you."


"Ohhh, god. Oh shit, you're stretching my pussy out. Fuck, you're so big. Yes! I want it. I want your cock Daddy Lonzo. I want to be your girl."


Alonzo chuckled at Donor's pleading. "Yep yep, you'll get the whole thing soon enough, baby. Going to give you everything you imagine, everything you need."


"Yes! I need it, I want it. I want your cock."


Donor huffed at the poppers and Alonzo used that opportunity to slide more dick inside him. Donor moaned loudly. He reached up to Alonzo and began clawing at his chest. He flung his legs around Alonzo's waist and tried to pull him inside deeper.


"Damn, girl, you're really hungry, aren't you? How long you been needing a good fuck?"


"I don't know," Donor said. It was like he had been thinking the same thing. "But I'm pretty sure too long."


I grinned. I couldn't get jealous. I knew how addicting Alonzo could be. Alonzo wouldn't be back for more unless Donor needed it, and I approved, so it was a safe way to adjust Donor to cock. Alonzo liked to fuck but he wouldn't steal a fag from another man.


"That's it, girl. Watch that cock turn you out. See how a man does it. See him change that hole into your pussy."


"Oh fuck, sooo big. It's like you, only bigger," Donor said looking at me. "You made me think like a girl," he mumbled, and his eyes closed as he grimaced again. "Now I'll have a cunt like one."


I chuckled at that. Must be some serious hormonal rushes going on in his head.


"Can't believe she's taking so much," Alonzo said. "I'm halfway in. I'm going to start fucking. See how much more I can fit in there. She's opening up real easy, like she just been waiting for a man to treat her properly."


He pulled back and started a slow fuck of Donor's new pussy. Alonzo's hips knew how to move. He thrust and pulled back all in one slow motion of hip, back, and ass muscles. He was a big man, but he moved like a cat. I watched Donor begin to writhe on the sofa. He was really enjoying this.


I massaged Donor's chest, playing with his nipples as he grimaced and writhed to the pumping of Alonzo's cock inside him. I knew he'd be very sore later, so he may as well enjoy it now.


"Feel that cock, baby? Feel what it's doing to you?"




"You like that?"




"How's that make you feel?"


"Like a girl. Can't help it. Girls get fucked by men, girls take cock in them."


"That's right. If it helps, then think that way," I told him. "Think about how the rest of you feels with that man fucking you."


"Ohhhh, goddddddd. I feel alive. Never felt like this before."


"Reach your hand down there, baby. Feel that big cock in your pussy," I encouraged him.


He moved his hand off of Alonzo's pecs and slowly moved it down his torso. He bypassed his locked dick and went right to where Alonzo had split him open. He ran his hand around the cock that was fucking him. He looked at his pussy being fucked. Then he moved up a little and placed a finger on each side of Alonzo's dick. It looked like he was thinking of this as his pussy, a finger on each side of the widening gash, rubbing up and down the sides, feeling that cock going in and out slowly. Donor moaned loudly.


"That's it. Amazing feeling isn't it, girl? Knowing you can open up and let a man in there, gotta feel real good seeing your pussy getting worked over." He moaned again and continued to let the reality of his world change, continued to leave his fingers there and feel that cock going in and out.


"Soooo big. Never get all of it in me," he moaned.


"Is that what you want, baby? You want all of Daddy's cock in there?" Alonzo asked him. "Gotta ask for what you want, girl."


"Yes, I want it all. I want to try."


"Good girl. I like a girl who tries," he told Donor. "Hit him with another round of the bottle," he told me.


I held it under Donor's nose and he took two big sniffs then I capped it again.


Donor reacted as you'd imagine. He went into overdrive about the cock. Writhing his hips, wrapping his legs tighter around Alonzo's waist, trying to pull the man inside further.


Alonzo unwrapped his legs and pushed down on Donor's thighs. Now Donor had his legs pinned to his chest. He was folded up leaving that hole exposed and easier access. Alonzo still only had about half his cock up inside him. It was fucking hot to watch and my dick was straining my pants. I was fighting a desire to fuck Donor's face. I wanted to do it, but I also wanted to talk him through the biggest cock he'd ever get.


"Okay baby, open that pussy, relax that cunt, let Alonzo inside you," I told him. I massaged his tits and ran my hands over and around him. It was hot. Furry, chubby, Donor looking like a man until you heard him begging and referring to himself as a girl. The thought continued to make me chuckle.


"Here we go," Alonzo said.


He pushed firmly forward. Donor grimaced but slowly that big cock slid further inside.


"Oooooohhhhhhh, fuckkkkkkkk. I'm being split open."


Donor was craning his neck to get a view of his own cunting. He was focused on watching that dick impale him. It seemed to me he was as amazed as I was.




Oh god. My pussy was being created as I watched. There was no way I'd have a tight asshole after this afternoon. I watched as more of it slid inside slowly. Each time more went in, Alonzo would pull back and start over. The see-sawing of his cock moving in and out was intense. I felt each push forward and each pull back. It had been so tough to take the first half of his dick, I had no idea how more would fit in me. Zach had started this. He'd broke open my hole and after that I wanted it again. I wanted a dick inside me. Guys didn't do that, guys didn't get fucked. I was really a girl. I was a girl who needed cock inside her. I was going to have a pussy for men to fuck.


"Fuckkkkkk, you're opening me up!"


"Oh yeah, girl. You're going to be ready for any man after this," Zach whispered in my ear. "You're going to want my dick all the time."


Fuck, he was right. I'd need cock after this. I'd need to get filled up. I'd need cock. I wasn't a man anymore. Men don't need to get fucked.


"That's right, baby," Alonzo repeated. "I'm going to give you just what you need. Going to open you up nice and leave my seed inside you. You've needed dick for a long time. You're just learning how deep your need is."


I watched as his dick moved in and out. He was moving faster now. I watched as he pumped in me. He was so fucking hot! Such a big man, but so sexy. I was touching everything. My hands roamed over his pecs, his abs, his arms. Oh god, his arms were huge! I ran my hand around my new pussy and felt his cock fucking me. Everything was intense. Zach jammed the poppers under my nose again and a rush of warmth filled me up and electrified me. My nipples were hard as a rock. My pussy was flooded with heat and dampness. I could feel the muscles relax and Alonzo slid more in. I swear I could feel him in my stomach. Then it happened. I felt a sharp thrust and Alonzo bashed into my ass with his hips. Then everything stopped for a moment.


"Fuck! I'm in," Alonzo announced. "Bitch took all my dick her first time."


I ran my hand down to my hole and he was bumped up against me. No space. I had all of it inside me. It both scared me and thrilled me. Zach stuck that bottle under my nose again and told me to inhale. I did. I started humping against Alonzo again. That stuff just made me want more.


"Look at that. She wants more. She wants a good fuck," Alonzo sounded amazed.


"That's it, Donor. Show that man how much you want his cock. Good girl! A man loves to see that energy from a girl."


That made me feel good. Like I had accomplished something.


"Daddy Lonzo, it feels so good," I moaned. "Love your cock. Love it inside me. Give it to me. Fuck me good, Daddy."


"Damn, girl knows just what to say. You sure she hasn't had any experience?"


"Only with me," Zach confirmed.


"You're a little dick, compared to me," Alonzo told him. They both laughed.


"Everything is little compared to you," Zach told him


I wiggled my ass. Alonzo responded by pulling back out some and thrusting in. I jumped again. He was knocking insides of me into new places so he could fit. I tried to imagine what it was doing to me, but honestly it felt so amazing to see the base of that thick cock sticking out of me. It seemed like the right thing. It felt natural to be on my back with a man inside me. It felt right to have Zach with his hands all over me, whispering in my ear, his lips caressing my face.


Shit, I was really thinking like a girl, acting like a girl. I was a boy, but I was loving this treatment.


Alonzo started fucking. He moved slowly. I felt every push and pull. I swear my ass was a pussy, I could feel the edges of my hole push in and pull out as he moved in and out. It was like I had pussy lips. Alonzo didn't go fast or hard, he just fucked Long slow strokes out and long slow strokes in. Every inch was heaven, each thrust pushed me further into the sensations in my body.


"See how good that feels, Donor. You like those feelings?" Zach whispered.


"Yessssss." I hissed. "Sooo full. Sooo hot. I'm getting fucked."


"Love seeing you enjoy yourself, girl," He told me.


Zach took my hands and we locked fingers. He was hovering over me on the sofa, while Alonzo continued fucking.


"I'm going to treat you so well, baby. You're going to be such a good girl for me," he started telling me. "You've been waiting for a Man to show you what you really need. I already know exactly what you need. I'm the one who knows you so well, Donor. I know what makes you feel good."


"Yes," I agreed. "You're right."


"Of course, I'm right," he noted. "I'm always right. You can remember that, can't you girl?"


"Yes, I can remember that," I told him.


"Good girl." He leaned in and kissed me.


Shit, he used his teeth to chew on my lips, and he licked them. His mouth caressed me. I couldn't believe what a kiss it was. I'd never kissed anyone like that. No one had kissed me like that. I felt so good, so sexy. I had never felt sexy before. He knew what felt good for me. All the while that he attended to my mouth, Alonzo was attending to my pussy. His cock was no longer feeling as rough. It was sliding in and out so easy. I could feel the heat, the firmness of his huge cock. It was really sliding back and forth now. Zach broke our hand's contact and I immediately reached down to feel that cock, the pole that was creating so many new feelings inside me. I slid a finger on each side of my pussy and felt that cock moving in and out. I still was adjusting to the idea that he had split me open so easily, that I was accepting it fully. I was really meant to do this, my body opened up so fast, so ready for his fuck.


"Yeah, that's it baby, that's it. Feel Alonzo fuck you. It's your new pussy. I'm going to fuck you when he's done," Zach told me. I'm going to show you how to use that pussy for me. I love you gave yourself up to Alonzo for me, so fucking hot!"


I moaned. Whatever Zach said made sense. He was proud of me for letting Alonzo do this.


"Shit, I'm about to cum," Alonzo announced. "So hot fucking you, girl. I love breaking in a girl."


"Oh godddd, yes, yes, fuck me Daddy," I told him. Calling him Daddy like he wanted seemed natural. He was so much bigger than me, like my Dad had always seemed so much bigger than me. "Cum inside me. Please cum inside me." This huge feeling of love and physical heat was coming from my pussy.


"Yeahhhh, love that begging, girl," Alonzo said. "Get ready. My nuts are bout to bust."


"Take it, baby. Take Alonzo's seed. Let him breed you like a good girl. Let him give you that cum," Zach encouraged.


Zach rubbed my nipples and intensified my body sensations. I was writhing around on the sofa, the feelings in my body and in my head were so strong. I wanted to feel Alonzo release that load. Wanted to know what it felt like to be a girl for such a strong man. I wanted to know how a girl felt taking a man's load inside.


"FUUUUCKKKKKK!!. Take it!! Busting a nut in you, girl!"


It was amazing! I could feel Alonzo's dick get even harder than when he first sunk it in me. It was brief, but I could feel him swell up then it happened. I had no idea you could feel a man cum. I had no idea a girl could tell when a man shot his load. Yet, when Alonzo came I felt it. I could feel the pulsing of his cock, the load shooting into my guts. I felt the warmth of his seed spreading inside me. I let out a long moan as I realized what a wonderful feeling it was. All over my body. All over.


"OOOOHHHHHHHH GODDDDDDDDDD, Oh goddddd, shit," I was shaking, I was vibrating, I mean my body was vibrating. I could feel heat all over and my ass was alive sending signals to my brain and was causing me to moan and wiggle around. Everything felt so intense.


"Look at that, Alonzo. You made her orgasm," Zach said.


"Shittt, this girl is wild," he told Zach. They gave each other a high five as I tried to calm down.


I slowly released the cushions of the sofa. I kept feeling my muscles twitching as my brain was firing off these amazing waves of orgasm. I hadn't realized I had grabbed the cushions. I touched myself gently and it was electric. All parts of me seemingly had been involved. I ran my hands over my chest, my torso. When Zach or Alonzo touched me, I shuddered. I could barely keep from moaning as they ran their hands over me.


"Look at this!" Zach demanded. "Baby, you came, you squirted a load all over yourself."


"Damn, of course bro. I'm a good fuck," Alonzo announced. "Always get the lady to cum too."


I ran my hand down to my locked dick. It had been trying to get hard the whole time, but it couldn't. I had stopped thinking about it after a while. But had I cum? My caged dick had been straining and was pointed up my abs. There was a pool of liquid I could see there. It sure looked like I had cum. I didn't remember cumming. I wasn't fully hard, but something had happened. I was breathless, and I had cum, but the feeling was much longer and more intense, it wasn't like a regular orgasm at all. It was seriously intense.


"Oh god, that feels so good," I told them. "I've, I've never felt anything like that."


"It's because you've been pretending to be a man all this time, Donor. You're a girl at heart," Zach told me. "You're going to learn to have those orgasms regularly. I'll be sure and get you what you need," he added.


For whatever reason that left me feeling warm and comforted.


"I'm gonna pull out, baby," Alonzo announced. "I need a break. That's tough work breaking in a girl."


"Noooo, oh god," I sighed. "So good."


"Can't always be screwing you, baby. Now thank Daddy for fucking you," Alonzo ordered.


"Thank you, Daddy," I told him. I meant every word. "You don't have to stop," I added.


I couldn't believe I was asking for more. I thought it would never fit and now I didn't want it pulled out. But Alonzo had other ideas and he pulled his deflated cock out. Even going soft, his dick was larger than anything I'd seen.


"Better squeeze that pussy, girl. You'll leak it you don't. Hey, Zach wanna see this hole now? I've busted it wide open for ya."




I went around to see what Alonzo was talking about. I had a pretty good idea. I was fucking boned and was thinking about fucking that sloppy cunt now. I got over to Donor's backside about the time Alonzo was pulling out. Donor's hole was gaping and cum was running out already.


"Close that hole, girl," I ordered Donor. "Don't you lose that load yet. He just planted it there. Show some respect to Alonzo and keep it in there."


"Yes, Sir," Donor moaned.


He was still riding a wave of his orgasm and everything looked like he was struggling to regain control of his body. His legs shook still, little muscle twitches all over. Fuck his hole was wrecked. It made me smile this huge smile, and Donor grinned back. He seemed satisfied with himself.


"Go get your cock cleaned up, Alonzo. I want her to get used to cleaning up after she gets fucked."


Alonzo walked around and knelt on the sofa near Donor's head. Donor looked at me, then Alonzo's cock. He only hesitated briefly. He was still malleable after his workout, all those brain chemicals still circulating in him. I inspected Donor's pussy. No blood, just redness from the stretching. He'd be sore for a couple days, but no worry. He'd want a lot of cock now. Donor's hole was pulsing as he tried to close it up and so many minutes of it being stretched so wide. I was impressed, both by Alonzo's dick as always, but by the fact that Donor had taken it all and how it had changed his hole. I wanted it too now. I unzipped my pants and pushed them down to the floor, no need to step out of them, this was an urge to fuck, not a courteous calling.


I placed my hands on Donor's legs and pushed them back onto his chest. He was suckling on Alonzo's cock, trying to swallow it. He licked it clean just as I was lining up dick towards it lose sloppy cunt.


"Tell me what you want, Donor. Let me hear you girl."


"Yessssss, yes fuck me please. Please Sir, stick your cock in me, I'm so empty," Donor whined.


I pushed in and sank all the way to my nuts immediately. No tight hole, no fighting with his virginity like the last time. This felt like a pussy now, warm, moist and ready for a man to fuck.


"Ohhhhhhh, fuck," we both said at the same time.


"Jinx," Alonzo added while laughing. He pulled his dick out of Donor's mouth and stepped away. He started looking for his clothes and putting them on. He sat back down in a chair.


"Baby, you have a real pussy now," I told Donor. "No going back now. You've been broken in. Feels so good. I hate a pussy that is too tight," I told him. It was a rule for me to always make the sub feel good about their body. "Damn, your cunt is so hot."


"Oh god, yes, fuck me. I love it. Fuck me good, Sir."


"Will do, baby."


I just wanted to get off and dump my load. No need to play around. I had gotten worked up watching Donor and Alonzo. I pulled back and began a good solid quick fuck. I hammered at his hole and Donor just moaned and writhed on the sofa. No need for lube, there was plenty of cum and his own juices to slick me up. It was only a couple minutes and I was ready.


"Giving you my load now, Donor. Filling up your pussy again. Yessssss, take it all, baby."


I slammed deep and planted it inside, grunting repeatedly and shoving hard. Not as deep as Alonzo, but mentally for Donor, it was mine, and I held the key to his mind and dick. It was deeper mentally for Donor. I could see it.


"Ohhh god, I can feel it," Donor called out. "Feel your cock, feel your load."


He stared at me, his eyes boring into me. He was changed, I could tell. His attitude had adjusted with Alonzo. I'd have little trouble breeding him moving forward. He'd do as I wanted mostly. I leaned forward and stuck my tongue out. He slurped at it and took it in his mouth. We kissed. I licked at bit at his lips while I stayed inside him and finished emptying my nuts. I pulled out and heard his ass slurp and more cum rolled out.


"Tighten that hole, girl. You want to keep me inside you." I watched Donor try to close up his hole. The idea that he'd never close it up fully again nearly got me hard again. "Clean me up, girl," I ordered.


Donor dropped his legs to the floor and sat up. He leaned forward and sucked my cock into his mouth. He lapped at the head and swirled his tongue around the shaft. Then he swallowed it down and slurped up the cum from Alonzo and me and all that pussy juice we'd created.


I pulled up my pants and adjusted everything and sat down again. Alonzo and I went over the details of the party over the weekend. I started thinking about getting Ian there. I thought I could imagine it.


Donor didn't say anything. Eventually he stood up, wobbled, then managed to get his clothes back on. He seemed lost a bit. I got up and went over to him. I tousled his hair and put my arm on his shoulders.


"You did well, baby. You handled it all, better than I imagined you could." He grinned a little.


"Hell yeah, she did," Alonzo added. "Not seen anyone that happy to be taking my dick in a long time."


"Thank you, Daddy Lonzo. I, well, uhm, I enjoyed it."


I hadn't needed to remind Donor to thank Alonzo. His attitude was in general very good for someone just learning about sex. Well, just learning about the sex he really wanted. I had a feeling he'd be doing a lot of things and thanking me for the opportunity. Made me happy to have brought him around to see what he wanted. I was feeling damn proud of him as we left Alonzo's place and headed back to the frat.


"How are you feeling, Donor?" I asked as we walked back. He wasn't walking very fast. He glanced over at me and then looked forward again.


"I'm okay. I feel like I've been well used. I feel a lot of weird stuff. But mostly I feel like I'll never be able to hold all that cum inside me. It feels like it's leaking out now."


I laughed at him. I grabbed his arm and stopped him. I spun him around and looked at his backside.


"If you're leaking, it isn't showing through. Yet, anyway"


"Thank you for checking, Sir."


"You're welcome, girl."


We started walking again. He still wasn't moving quickly, so I just let him set the pace.


"I really kept having thoughts of being a girl when I was getting fucked," he said. "I just couldn't imagine being a guy and getting fucked. I mean, guys don't get fucked, that's what I was taught. But I was getting fucked and my thought was I was a girl."


"Lots of guys get fucked, Donor, you know that," I tried to reassure him.


"Yeah, but those aren't the thoughts that run in my brain when it's happening. Like, when I learned Tim was getting fucked. I thought of him as a girl too. I don't get it. I know Tim is a guy. He's like even got a body that emphasizes that he's a guy, but my brain just sees him as a girl now when I think of Ian and him. I see him as the girl. I see me as a girl every time I've been fucked."


"And this bothers you, Donor?"


"Yeah, some. I mean, I don't feel like a girl right now. I mean, I know I'm walking around with my ass full of cum."


"Your pussy," I interrupted him. If he thought of himself as a girl when he was getting fucked, then he needed to see that point when he was loaded with my seed.


"My pussy," he said blushing slightly. "I thought I had a pussy when Alonzo was fucking me. That's what was running in my head. That's what I swear I felt when I felt his cock inside me."


"I don't see a problem with that Donor. We can explore that. I'll help you with it."


"I don't want to explore it most of the time," he emphasized. "I don't want to think about it, but when I'm getting fucked, it just is there."


"So, it may just be a kink, Donor. It may just be the way you feel when you encounter a man who wants to fuck you. Don't worry about it. Just let it happen as it happens. That's the only way you'll know more. Don't avoid yourself."


He sighed, and we kept walking.


"Look," I told him, "Ian bases his relationship with Tim on that very thing. He believes in a divide between men and women. He believes men do some things and women do other things. Tim is his "woman" and that is why you see Tim doing the laundry, cleaning Ian's room, all that stuff. He wants a relationship that dates back to that old-fashioned, 1950s, TV-show, type of thing. He wants someone to be his woman, whether it is a guy or a girl. He wants a wife, and Tim seems happy to be that. He wants to follow Ian's lead. Maybe that is what you want too. You won't know until you test it out."


He didn't say anything. He just kept walking slowly. I eyed him closely. He had a big ass. He carried weight there, as well as his stomach. I didn't mind it, but I decided then I'd put him on a diet. I'd see what happened when he lost a few pounds. See what he thought of himself then. Twenty pounds might be a good start. I could make that his goal. He wasn't proportionally big in his legs or arms really, he had some muscle, he had just let it go. I wondered if it had to do with his body image and how he saw himself as a girl at times. He had nice hands. I enjoyed seeing his hands. He had those long fingers with long nails, not the round ones, or chewed ones, but those long rectangular kind that always looked long though he clipped them short, that I thought was sexy for some reason. Hey, don't knock my little fetishes. He had a nice face, no big ears or nose to distract you from his eyes or lips. I could do a lot worse, I told myself.


"Donor, it's okay for you to follow, you don't have to lead. It's okay for you to obey, you don't have to give orders, I can do that. It's okay for you to be feminine, you don't have to be a real Man, that's why I'm here. It's okay for you to have insecurities, you don't have to be cocky, a sub doesn't need to be cocky. It's okay for you to be indecisive, you don't have to make decisions, I'm more than happy to do that for you. It's okay for you to feel inadequate at times, you don't have to be superior to anyone. If you are submissive to Men, don't be ashamed. Love yourself, accept who you really are, and obey a Man who can guide you to be the best you can be."

 He stopped and looked at me. He just kept staring. It was cute. Clearly, I had said something that hit home for him. Exactly which statement was important I wasn't sure. Maybe it was the whole speech. I glanced around quickly, no one else was close by, I moved forward, put my hand on the back of his head, pulled him close, and kissed him. I locked lips and gave him the full-on treatment. He struggled with me, but I kept him in place until I finished.

"I don't know if I can do that stuff all the time," he told me.

"What stuff," I asked.

"All the kissing, touching, and stuff you like," he clarified.

"It's okay. I can work with your insecurities. I made the decision it was safe to do that here. Who's around? No one. "

He looked around and saw I was right. He relaxed a little.

"Just let me be the one making your decisions, the one leading. You can follow for a while, you can obey my decisions."

"Okay, I get it," He nodded.

"You seemed okay with my decision to let Alonzo have a go at your pussy. That turned out well, I think," I told him. "You had a huge orgasm, one from deep inside you."

"Oh my god," he said. "That was totally something that has never happened to me. I had no idea what was happening. Is that what girls feel like when they have an orgasm? Cause if so, I'm all for that part."

Donor seemed to have forgotten the previous discussion and moved right along to his orgasm. I'd remember that part and circle back at some point. But hearing him be excited about something instead of freaked out or that focused on his state of being unsure led me to move along in the discussion.

"I have no idea what goes through a woman's body or mind during an orgasm, but I know that the one you had went deeper than just shooting a load," I said to him.

"Totally," he said. "Dude, it was intense! It was like a constant explosion in my body. I know he was hitting my prostate but there was other stuff too. It was total. He was rocking my whole world."

I laughed to myself. I liked his description."

"Okay, work with me here, Donor. First, I'm not your dude most of the time. I don't mind it if we're in a crowd or with people we don't know, but most of the time you need to accept I am going to be leading and you are going to be following. Call me Sir, or if you want Daddy, or some other term of respect, but when we are on our own, dude won't cut it for that power difference we are exploring."

He looked sheepish. "Oh yeah, sorry about that Boss," he added.

"Boss works," I told him. "I like that one. Second thing is that I call that spot your p-spot, not the prostate. The prostate is small and doesn't quite cover the full mind fuck you received, so let's call it your p-spot for a while until you figure out more."

"Oh, okay," he agreed. "Anyway, it was amazing. I want to feel that ALL the time during sex. I'd never go back to fucking anyone if I could do that every time, whatever it was called."

"Good boy," I told him. "I like that idea. You SHOULD focus on that idea. Think about what happened and what you felt and how it happened. You CAN recreate that every time, or at least most times, if you figure out what your body did and what your mind thought. It can be good each time. Maybe not exactly the same, but damn close."

"Oh man, that would be fucking hot, knowing I could recreate that," he said as he started walking again.

"What has you walking so slow, Donor?"

"My asshole, uh, I mean my pussy," he added in a quieter tone. "You took my cherry," he said a little slower, "so don't take this wrong, Boss, but that cock today was immense. I feel like I've been stretched open and spit roasted. Then to top it off with that big O."

I had to laugh at that. He'd get spit roasted in life, but I got his idea. Having been a toy for Alonzo before, I knew what he felt. I knew going in to that experience I wouldn't like it and I didn't. It had shown me I didn't want to be a receptacle for a man's dick. Donor though had loved it. He'd learn from this and do it again.

"So, feeling a bit worn out, huh?"

"Yeah, it's new, and I swear I'm leaking cum, which is a weird feeling, all squishy."

I reached in under his coat and down his pants again. He stopped walking and looked around. Always checking to see who was watching him. My hand found his pussy easily this time. I ran my finger around and then easily slid one inside him, tapping on his inner pussy wall.

"Shit," he exclaimed. "That went in so easy."

"You have a pussy now, girl. I like that. Easy access when I want it," I explained. "Now there is some leakage, not much, but I'm guessing most of what you are feeling is that lube Alonzo used."

I slid my finger out and brought it around to his face. There was a bit of cum on the end of it. "What do you smell, baby?"

His eyes darted around before he sniffed and closed his eyes.

"I smell my pussy," he said.

"And?" I pushed him.

"I can smell you and Alonzo. You smell different than him, I know your smell," he blushed as he said it. "The newer smells have to be him."

"Good girl, now lick my finger clean. It's been in your pussy and you want to clean off anything that's been using your pussy," I told him. "You want to respect your pussy and the men who have been using it."

Donor paused only briefly before he opened his mouth and swallowed down on my finger. His tongue rolled around on his before he pulled back making sure he held his lips tight cleaning anything off it.

"Excellent, Donor. Your pussy will be fine. We'll talk about how to keep your pussy clean and ready for fucking when we get back to the house. But you'll always want to keep that cum inside as long as possible. A man's cum is loaded with a lot of substances that will make you feel good, will make you feel part of that man. You can look up the details if you want, but studies show it's a real effect of taking a man's load. It will calm you down."

"Just imagine what it would've felt like if I could have been jerking off while it happened," he said excitedly.

"No, that's not the point of that experience, Donor. If you had been playing with your dick during that, you'd have done everything you could to jack that dick furiously and cum just like you always have done," I explained. "It wasn't YOUR dick that made you feel so good, that gave you that intense orgasm."

"So, what did it then? I mean I did cum, right?"

"What made you cum was HIS dick. HIS dick was what was important there. His feeling good, his cumming. Yet, you also got off while you got him off. You were paying attention to his cock and you were paying attention to other parts of your body. That's what got you off. Knowing he was getting off and letting your body feel the pleasure he was giving you. In order to fully understand pleasure, you also must fully understand restraint, Donor. It's one reason why I locked that dick of yours up. Other than it pleases me to see you frustrated from time to time, it is also important for me to teach you to pay attention to men's cocks and your other sex organs.

"My other sex organs?"

"Yeah, baby, your pussy, your nipples, your throat, your mind. There are lots of places on or in your body a man can use to get you off. It wasn't your dick that got you off and the orgasm wasn't centered on your dick, it was centered inside you. You know that, think it through."

"Oh, that's cool, yeah, I guess you're right."

"You know I'm right," I stated. "You never touched your dick, you couldn't. You didn't even know you'd squirted a load out because the rest of you was feeling even better than just a dick orgasm. Now tell me you know I'm right, let it out."

"You're right, Sir, I know it. I'm learning," he admitted.

"Good girl," I congratulated him while I slapped his ass. "Let's keep moving. I need to figure out how to get all of us to Alonzo's party on Saturday.

"You think you can get Ian and Tim to go? What's going to happen when we go? Is Alonzo going to fuck me again?"

"No," I chuckled, "you've had enough of Alonzo for a while. My cock is enough for you, you'll see that. Getting Ian there will be tough. Tim not so much, he'll do whatever Ian tells him to do.

"What are we going to do at the party then?" Donor wondered.

"We're going to give Ian a taste of his own medicine, baby. We're going to give him some humility."

Donor shrugged. "You know best, Sir."

"That's right, girl, I sure do."