Becoming a Boy 61

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We got to the house and went inside. It wasn't like last time and we had to ring the bell or anything. The door was unlocked, and the noise could be heard outside. There was music playing loudly and I could hear people talking above that. Zach opened the door and headed in first, followed by Ian then Tim and me. There were people all over, well men all over. I didn't see any women at all. Oh wait, I noticed a few over in the corner of one room talking to each other. Mostly guys.

"What kind of party is this?" Ian asked. "Looks like a total fag sex party."

"Uhm, yeah," Zach answered. "Pretty much. Alonzo is gay. He loves a good fuck party," Zach explained.

The four of us just kinda hung in the entryway and looked around for a bit. We took off our coats and tossed them in the area of the coat rack which was already overflowing with coats. Then I saw Alonzo striding towards us with a huge grin on his face and beers in his hands.

"Zach! Dude you made it!" Alonzo seemed excited to see us.

"Told you I'd make it. Brought some friends too," Alonzo towered over all of us, even Ian. All I could think about was what I knew was in his pants. He had sweats on, so I could only see a hint of his dick. He may even have underwear on, I thought. Holy shit I was looking at men's crotches. Had I been looking all the time? Nah, it must be just because I know what is in Alonzo's pants. I didn't remember staring at crotches. I'd remember stuff like that.

"Here ya go," Alonzo said handing a beer glass to each of us. "Now I can shake your hands properly. Glad y'all could make it."

Zach started introductions. Alonzo shook Ian's hand, then Timmy's hand, then patted my ass before fist-bumping Zach. I blushed about the ass pat and I was sure Ian had seen it.

"Look, I got to make the rounds. Make yourself at home. The kegs are in the kitchen, there's other drinks in the back room, and well, y'all can figure out where everything else is. I'm sure I'll see you around. Zach knows the score if you have any questions."

Alonzo wandered off and I just kind of stared around at everything. There were a lot of men here. All shapes and sizes and colors. I looked over at the girls again, not much going on there.


Ian sipped his beer. I knew already that Alonzo had prepared Ian's beer before we arrived. I'd texted him and he shot back a note saying he'd be waiting for us with beers. I think Alonzo said he'd put a couple ecstasy tabs in Ian's beer as well as a muscle relaxant or something to dull his ability to fight back when we tied him down. I wasn't sure it would knock him out, but it would probably make it easier to corral him into a position where we could tie him up, secure him for some time.

"Dude, you failed to mention that there were only going to be fags here," Ian looked at me with accusing eyes.

"Oh yeah? Must have slipped my mind," I replied. "Shouldn't be a problem for you. You fuck whatever you want," reminding him that he'd fucked me against my wishes.

"Yeah, well I was just thinking I'd get a chance to impress a few girls, see what could happen," he said grinning.

He didn't seem to be pissed about it, just not totally happy. "There's some girls over there," I pointed to a small group in a nearby room. Go chat them up."

"I might. I need to give Timmy some instructions. I don't need him wandering around flirting on his own with this crowd. He'll be offering up that ass in no time."

Ian pulled Timmy over to us. He started whispering to him. I wanted to know what he was saying, but I'd get it out of Tim later, the noise from the party was too much to hear over. Tim was going to be busy, no doubt, just not in any way either of them had thought about.


"Boy, I don't want you offering that ass up to anyone tonight except me. You got that?" Ian told me. "This place is too wild, and I don't trust a lot of these men with your pussy." He rubbed my ass through my jeans as he spoke to me.

"Yes, Sir," I replied.

"If you have questions, find me. We may get separated during the night. I can't be next to you all the time."

I had a lot of questions now. Would he be going off to fuck one of the girls here? Was he going to fuck a guy or get one of them to blow him. I'd not really watched Ian fuck anyone other than me in a long time. He kept his business to himself generally. I'd love to watch him fuck, I thought. I loved most everything about him, and to see him enjoying another person would be hot I figured. I mean, if he wasn't going to be fucking me.

"Can I ask questions now?" I asked him.

"Yeah, go ahead. Might as well," he replied.

"Well, what are you going to do? I mean, you said we might get separated. I haven't been to a big party on my own in a while. You're always there keeping an eye on me," I stated. I sounded like a fag as I said it. I was unsure what to do without Ian and it surprised me. My dick was already hardening at the thoughts in my head. It hadn't been locked all that long and now it was free, and we were in a house with dozens of horny men.

"I'll be keeping an eye on you, Timmy, but I'm also going to look around and may find something I'm interested in. Too many opportunities here to pass up," he grinned. He rubbed my ass again. "Just remember that belongs to me," he said patting me.

"What if someone wants me to suck them off?" I asked. I imagined being able to suck someone at least. He was less interested if I did that. He looked at me for a moment as if he were considering that. I knew he would take as much control as he wanted.

"That depends," he said pausing before continuing. "Yeah, you can suck a couple guys, but only men, Timmy, no fags. I don't want you to be servicing everyone. No hanging by the bathroom blowing them all. Your dick isn't caged tonight, and I know you'll be hard the whole night looking at everything going on, so only real men boy, no sucking other sissies. If they try to suck you, you get up and leave. I don't want any of them encouraging you to play with that dicklet, it's mine."

"Yes, Sir, Ian." I could find a man or two I thought. I'd have fun comparing which ones were as hot as Ian. Then I wondered if I could fuck. My dick was out. Ian didn't usually want me fucking anything. I hadn't fucked since Ian and I had done that girl at the frat party together. Would he let me fuck a girl tonight? I had seen a few here already. "Can I fuck a girl, Sir? Pleeeeeease?"

"No, Timmy. You aren't man enough for that. No fucking girls." He looked around checking the crowd, then he laughed. "If you can find a virgin here, some BOY who's a virgin, I'll let you fuck him," he said chuckling. "I can't imagine any of these fags are virgins, so good luck asking for that information." It really seemed to be funny to him.

I looked around. He was right of course. There were a lot of fags here, I could tell. I wondered if any were virgins. Like Ian just glancing around, I didn't spot any likely characters. I sighed and nodded.

"Yes, Sir, understood. Only a virgin and only a guy."


I stepped over to Donor. Might as well give him some instructions, I figured. No telling what he'd do. He was newly locked and newly turned out. Although the thought of sharing that ass around had some appeal to me, I'd really rather have him practice his cocksucking. He'd hate it, I figured. He wasn't against it, but it was his ass that drove him currently. I bet he'd really work up a good bit of horniness if other guys were using his mouth. Then I could make use of his ass later if I chose to do that.

"Donor!" I called to him and he stepped closer. "No sucking tonight. You can get fucked by whoever you want, but no one goes near your mouth," I explained.

"What do you mean? You think this is a sex party?" Donor asked. He was naïve, obviously. He'd been fucked in this house the first time he walked in the door, he thought it was going to be a regular party?

I pointed with a finger towards a darker part of one of the rooms we could see from here. There was someone on their knees and they were clearly sucking off someone else. You couldn't see a dick, but you could see hips thrusting forward and someone kneeling in front of that thrusting.

"Oh!" he said. "Shit, I hadn't thought about it. I figured maybe Alonzo would..." I interrupted him.

"Alonzo is not interested in your ass tonight. With all these fags around to choose from? We'll need to work on your ass if you think yours is that fantastic looking when he can choose from all of these," I explained.

I didn't want to crush his newly chosen life path, but in all honesty, Donor's ass just wasn't as hot as half the boys here. He'd catch on, plus that would make him look around and think about it. He could only get off tonight through that ass, so he was going to have to market it around.

"Can I be unlocked?" he asked.

"Donor, first off, you didn't ask that properly, considering the circumstances. Secondly, I just explained to you that the only way you're getting off is if you get fucked. And finally, I didn't bring the key, so there's no way to unlock that bad boy. Tonight, you have only a clit, so adjust your thinking so you think like a girl and how a girl would go about getting off at a party like this."

"Fuck me," he sighed.

"That's exactly what I intend to watch tonight. You being fucked."

"But, Sir...that's so not fair. All these guys are going to be getting off. And I won't be able to get off."

"Donor," I started to explain again, "what happens when I fuck you? Do you get off?"

"Yes, Zach, Sir."

"Good answer. You get off. And how do you get off?"

"My pussy getting fucked," he replied.

"Exactly, your pussy is your main sex organ now. I want you to have fun. I want you to enjoy yourself. But, I want you to do that through your pussy tonight. It's what is good for you right now. I want you to learn what is good for you. In my mind what is good for you is to focus on your pussy, not on your fat little dick, which I locked up. Did you ask me to make your decisions? To run your life?"

He looked down at the floor, then away from me over to the guy who was getting a blow job in the nearby room. "Yes, Sir. I asked you to be in charge."

"Yes, you did. So, I am honoring your request. My decision is that you need to get off, and the way you get off right now is to get yourself fucked. Do you understand that?"


"Yes, Sir," I told him.

It made sense. I'd asked him to be my dom. I'd let him lock my dick up. I could have said no, but I let it happen. I don't think Zach would have done it unless I had approved of it. He was always asking my permission before he made a decision for me. Then when I gave my consent he enforced it. Damn, that was kinda hot thinking about it right now. My dick tried swelling up in the cage.

"So, I can get off and I can have sex, but I need to get fucked."

"That's right, baby. You're going to have to try to convince a man to fuck you. You're going to need to work the party as if you were a slut. You can't get off unless you get a man to fuck you."

"Duuuude. Zach, Sir. I've never done anything like that," I told him. He just grinned at me. Fuck. He was going to make me be slutty. He expected me to find a guy to fuck me. It got me horny thinking about it. My cage was suddenly full and I had an itch I needed to get scratched. Damn it.

"You tell me you feel like a woman in bed, so go see if you can find a man tonight, like you were a woman at this party," he said. "I'll be watching you."


"That's right, my girl. Start working the party," Zach told me turning away.

Fuck. How was I supposed to do this? I didn't hang out with gays. I didn't know what to say. I took a long drink of beer and went to talk to some people.


"Where's Timmy?" I asked Ian.

"Oh, he went off in search of a virgin," Ian replied then burst out laughing.

"In this crowd? Not likely."

"That's what I figured. He's wandering around without his cage tonight. He somehow got some skin pinched and whatever, I took it off him for the night. So, he asked if he could fuck one of the girls. I told him no, but if he finds a guy here who is a virgin, he can fuck a guy."

"No way, too funny." I laughed for Ian.

This could work out well, I thought. Ian was probably the only virgin in the house. I knew several of the people here from looking around the room and none qualified as virgin. I wondered if I could manage to get Timmy into the room where Ian was going to be laid out, so Timmy could get a fuck in tonight. That got me boned up thinking about Timmy being the one to break open Ian's ass. Too funny. Ian's cockiness would really take a hit tonight.

"Let's wander. I want to keep an eye on Donor. He's horny as hell since I locked him up. I told him if he wants to get rid of that horniness he needs to get himself fucked. I'm interested in seeing how he works the room now that he needs dick."

"Your joking, right? You'll let someone else use his ass?" Ian sounded dumbfounded.

"He needs to learn how to get his needs met," I explained. "He was used to cumming a couple times a day. Now he might cum once a day, but only when he's getting fucked. I'm already tired of fucking that ass twice a day. I need back-up from time to time. Let him wear himself out trying to get off. I'm betting he'll just end up frustrated. Then he'll be back with me begging to get off. He'll soon realize that I'm the one who can get him off when he needs it. He'll also learn that not everyone is interested in getting him off. They'll use that ass to get themselves off, but not him. He needs to realize I'm the one who can do that for him."

"Dude, I think you're going about this all wrong. You need to control that fag personally. He belongs to you and should be living for you," Ian argued. "He'll only learn that by tough control, not by creating a slut out of him."

Yeah, I thought to myself, you'd see it that way because you were only concerned about your own dick. His insecurities were pretty obvious to me. I wondered why no one else saw them. You could only control so much and if you controlled others you needed to let them fly on their own sometimes.

"Donor has needs too, Ian. One of them is he needs to scratch that itch I've created by locking him up and showing him how to get off in a new way." I dropped it at that point. I wasn't going to argue with him. I'd give him a fuller picture later if things went well. I hadn't noticed anything yet from his specially treated beer, but it had only been a few minutes. "Let's grab another beer," I added. I felt I needed one to steel my nerves.

We headed out to the kitchen. Guys were just warming up it looked like. Other than the one getting a blow in the front room the rest seemed to be looking for their desired thing. Ian drew lots of stares as we threaded our way through the house. His artfully arranged package in those jeans was the thing that did it. Sure, he was built too, but the jeans left nothing to the imagination. Hanging with him might get me more action in the future, I thought. Tonight was all about putting him back down a notch or two.

We refilled our glasses and wandered back out. I spotted Donor talking to the girls across the space. I wondered if they were even girls. At one of Alonzo's parties, what you see may not be what you get. It was likely that the girls were boys. I pointed him out to Ian.

"You think those are real girls?" I asked.

"Oh, they're real, yes. They believe they are girls right now."

"So, they are guys then?" I wanted clarification.

"They look like girls, so they are girls," Ian told me. "They want to be treated like a girl, and behave like a girl, so you accept they are girls. My brother Danni is like that. On his way to being a girl."

"Whoa, really?" That made my dick get hard again. Taking a boy and making them into a girl. Why did that get me hard? "Kinda funny when you think about it. I gave Donor instructions to go get laid, and where does he go? To talk to the girls in the room."

"I bet most of them still have dicks," Ian observed. "Donor might find one willing to fuck him if he licks enough clit and kisses enough ass."

"Hadn't thought about that," I admitted. "I'll keep an eye on him."

"I'm going to have a look around," Ian slurred. Maybe that stuff was working already. I watched him head off to another room. I knew I should follow him. He was priority one at the moment, but I also wanted to watch Donor. I headed off to observe Ian.


"Hey ladies," I smiled as I walked up to the women. "What are the plans tonight?"

"Oh look, Cruella, a toy you can sink your teeth into," said a tall redhead on my left. She was obviously talking to another of the girls. A brunette answered her.

"Looks like you already ran him through your wringer, Ursula. I won't go there again."

I didn't have a clue what they were talking about. I just wanted to see what they did at a party. Maybe I could get tips on how to pick up a guy. I'd never tried to pick up a guy before. How did you do it?

I'm Don," I introduced myself. "Most friends call me Donor."

"Donor, that's an interesting name. I'm Vanessa," said the brunette. She extended her hand. She had a clear coat nail polish and very long fingers. She didn't want to shake hands she wanted me to kiss it, it looked like as she gave it to me palm down. I just gave it a clasp, didn't shake.

"Wait, I thought you were Cruella," I said.

The other girls laughed at me. I blushed slightly.

"Who? Me? That bitch doesn't know who I am," she said extending a finger to point at the one I thought was named Ursula. "She wouldn't know a cock from a clit," Vanessa said. All the girls laughed again.

That kind of made me uncomfortable. Did they know my dick was locked up?

"I'm Chloe," said the redhead, "not Ursula, and I know very well the difference between a cock, which is what she has and a clit, which is what I have," she stated, using her head to nod in Vanessa's direction. They all laughed again.

These girls WERE bitchy, and did one really have a cock? I didn't see it, she looked female to me. I probably stared too long. Vanessa took my chin in her hand and moved my head up until I was looking at her in the eyes. I could feel my face warm up. I'd been caught staring.

"Up here, boy. Don't be looking for something you can't have. My snatch is off limits for you little frat boys," Vanessa stated, getting laughs from the others.

"Uhm, sorry," I mumbled. "I didn't mean to be rude."

"What do you want, boy?" she asked me. "Give me a real answer and I'll allow you to stand here in my presence. If your answer isn't amusing enough, I'll set my claws on you and rip you to shreds."

Laughter was loud and hooting. Vanessa was a handful obviously. I loved her brown hair and long legs, but yeah, her claws seemed real sharp, in a couple ways.

"Uhm, I want to know how to pick up men," I said. "I, well uhm, I need to get fucked, and I've never picked up a guy before. I have no clue how to do it and I thought, well, don't take this wrong, but I figured go ask the women how to find a guy, ya know?" Geez that sounded stupid.

There was general giggling and a couple shocked looks, but at least the girls didn't laugh out loud.

"Wait a second," Vanessa said. "You mean to tell me you're looking for a man, to fuck you, and you've never picked up a guy before? How the hell do you even know you WANT to be fucked?"

I blushed. I hadn't considered having to answer questions about all of this stuff. Shit, I should have walked away when I had the chance.

"Awwww, look at him blush," Chloe said. "He looks so, well, vulnerable that way." Now they laughed.

"Sugar," she started, "these girls don't have a clue about picking up boys. If they did, d'you think they'd be standing here gossiping?"

"Bitch," one of them said, but I didn't catch which one.

"Why don't you let Miss Vanessa give you some tips."

"She only knows how to chase men away, don't pay no mind to her, Don," Chloe insisted.

"I saw him first, dear, back off. He came over to see me, didn't you Don?"

"Uhhh, uhm, yes, I noticed you first," I told her. I didn't know what was going on, but they clearly didn't think all that highly of each other, or I didn't fully understand everything they were talking about. Vanessa wrapped that hand with the long fingers around my arm and pulled me off away from the rest of the group.

"Now, what makes you think you want to get fucked? Aren't you the one who does the fucking?" Vanessa asked.

"Uhm, the uhm guy I came to the party with told me to go find a guy to fuck me. I'm so horny, and uhm, I do what he tells me to do," I explained.

What could it hurt to tell her? I didn't know her. Hopefully word didn't get back around to anyone. I hadn't seen anyone I knew so far. Her eyebrows raised in surprise.

"So, let me see if I understand what you're saying. You came to the party with a man, a man who tells you what to do and you do it. So, let's call him your Master, shall we? Your Master brought you here to the party and he told you to go get fucked. Now why would he do that if he brought you here? Let me're a bottom?"

"Uhm, yeah, I guess so," I replied. So many things to learn I thought. "He, uh, locked my dick up in a cage and I can't get hard. I wanted to fuck...ugh, shit!" Vanessa had reached out her hand and grabbed my junk, or rather she grabbed my cage.

"Well, what do you know, a little chaste frat boy," she smiled as she said it, letting go of my cage. Her hand moved up to my chest and she grabbed a nipple and twisted.

"Fuck," I mumbled and brushed her hand away.

"Don't swear at me, BOY," she said as she slapped me. "You should respect people who are trying to help you."

I rubbed my cheek. It stung a bit but didn't hurt bad or anything. I was mostly surprised.

"What did you hit me for?" I wondered aloud.

"You didn't show your mistress proper respect, boy. Now, call me Ma'am and tell me what you need."

"Uhm, I'm not sure you can help," I told her. I wanted to get fucked not slapped up by some dominatrix. I'd already learned that with Jessica. No, thanks I thought. "I need to find a man who will fuck me."

"No, you need to find a cock, and someone willing to use it on you," she said. "I happen to be able to help you with that."

"You? No, I don't need a strap on, uhm, Ma'am, thank you." I had no interest in that again either. Jessica had not been able to do anything fun with her strap on except poke at me randomly. She had no ability in fucking, sure as hell not like Zach or Alonzo had. They knew exactly where to poke me.

"Look closely boy," she took my hand and stuck it up under her dress. Oh god, I didn't need to be feeling up a, holy shit, she had a dick. I jerked my hand back quick.

"You're a, a, a DUDE!" I exclaimed. "What the...?"

"Yes, and so are all those other girls I was talking to little frat boy. Now you want to go see what a real woman can do to help you out?"

I looked around to see if anyone was watching us. I spotted no one looking.

"All of you are guys? How do you? What do you?" I didn't get it. I didn't know any guys who dressed up as girls, and now there were 4 of them a few steps away and one talking to me. Hell, one saying she'd fuck me, he'd fuck me, whatever. Vanessa smiled with a corner of her mouth.

"You have a problem," she began, "and I have a solution, now don't I? Women can have dicks too, boy." she said while taking my hand and running it up to her boobs. They sure looked real. When I touched them they felt real too, no implants there.

"Yes, Ma'am," I answered her. I leaned in close, "So you have tits and a cock?"

"I have a lot of things I think you'll like, boy. Plus, you don't get to do anything I don't want you to do because you're safely locked up. That is a fantasy I'd like to fulfill. A boy with no dick."

"Seriously? Uhm, okay. I can give it a try," I told her. I hoped this met Zach's definition of getting fucked. Was she a guy? Fuck it, she said she had a dick, and I was horny.


I tailed Ian into another part of the house. He was wobbling a bit but not seriously stumbling yet. I really had no idea what Alonzo had given him or whether it would even work. I was hopeful. We ran into Alonzo. He was stationed around a table filled with food and drink.

"Zach! How's it going? You finding some potential pussy yet?" Alonzo asked. I had to grin at that.

"Nah, not yet. I'll start looking soon," I told him. "Got to keep an eye on my girl ya know."

"True, true. Where she get off to?"

Oh, she's off talking to the other girls," I told him pointing over to the only group of women at the party.

"She'll fit right in," he said laughing.

"Hey, how you doing Ian?"

Ian looked over to Alonzo. He was looking a little confused. I knew Ian didn't get trashed very often. He was always in control. It must be an odd feeling for him, but he hadn't said anything about it yet.

"Doin okay," he said. That was it nothing more.

"You find anything you want to tap?" Alonzo continued.

"Oh, hell yeah," Ian said loudly. "I'm checking out that ass over there," Ian pointed wildly at a group of Latino guys talking in a corner. I couldn't tell which one he meant.

"Yeah, there's some fine ass over there," Alonzo noted. "Nothing like yours though," Alonzo told him. He reached over to Ian's butt and laid his hand on it rubbing it through his tight 501s. Ian let a little gasp escape his lips. Really unusual, I thought.

"Shit, that feels weird. Don't do that," Ian told him. He reached behind and took Alonzo's hand off his ass.

"Felt good, didn't it? I could make it feel so much better," Alonzo said smiling at him. Surprisingly Ian smiled back.

"Fuck that," Ian told him. "I'm not one of your boys. I'm all man, all top."

Alonzo did something only he could get away with. He placed his big hand on Ian's chin, leaned down, and started kissing Ian. I could see Alonzo's long tongue slide into Ian's mouth which had opened in surprise. Alonzo gave him a long slow kiss and seemed to enjoy it. Ian's hand moved up to Alonzo's arm and tried to pull it away. When Alonzo finished, and it was him who started and finished it, he grinned.

"Yeah, that was nice. I bet you could show me some good lovin'."

Ian laughed again. "Dude! I told you, not interested. I can see how you get what you want though." Alonzo laughed too. "Dude, you're hilarious, thinking you can swing me your way." Ian wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

Alonzo handed him a bottle of water. Ian twisted the top off and drank half of it right away.

"Okay," Ian announced, "I'm off to find some of that pussy. Talk to y'all later." He wandered over to the Latino guy he had said he had an eye on. He promptly stuck his hand on the guy's ass and rubbed it. I couldn't hear what he was saying but I could imagine pretty easily what he was saying, because the boy was smiling and looking all "fuck me now" at Ian.

"Yeah, he's feeling good," Alonzo said grinning. "That ecstasy is hitting, and the other drug will take full effect shortly."

"I can't believe he let you do that. I've never seen him kiss a man," I told him. "What happens to him when the drug kicks in? Will he just pass out?"

"Pretty much. He may get a bit out of control first. Not crazy, just really messed up. It doesn't last long, but I'll get him up to the room where we can tie him down and prep him for some good fucking. No worry, it will go fine," he added.

"Okay, I trust you, Lonzo," I let him know. Still, I was freaking nervous.


There wasn't really anything going on. I watched Zach and Ian for a while, then looked at Donor trying to hit up the boys dressed as girls. It was pretty amusing to see that he had no clue they were guys. I mean I suppose they could have girl parts, but they were once guys. His dick was locked up anyway, he was in search of cock and I didn't figure he was finding it over there.

I looked around to see if I really had a chance to find a virgin to fuck. Not sure why, but it seemed like a challenge. Ian had given permission and so I really did want to try to find one. I might not get a chance like this again. I hadn't fucked anything since Jessa back at the start of the school year. I sure as heck hadn't fucked a guy before. I wondered what it felt like to be the one fucking, I knew what it felt like to take cock.

I didn't see anyone who looked like a virgin, but what did I know? I mean, these guys were all here looking for cock.

"Holy shit," I said as I jumped. Someone had put their hand on my ass and was rubbing it. I figured it was Ian and I turned around. "Ian not, oh, sorry, I thought it was my, uhm, boyfriend," I said. It was Alonzo. He laughed.

"Nervous much?" he asked.

"Uhm, kinda," I admitted. "I haven't really been to a gay party before."

"Oh, you can tell," he laughed. "Took your friend some time to figure that out."

It was my turn to laugh. "You mean, Donor? Yeah, I don't think he's met girls who were boys before. He's not really that experienced with guys either for that matter."

"He'll figure it out soon enough. That's one fine ass you've got boy. I sure would like to explore that some more," he added.

I looked at Alonzo. Donor said he was big, but I hadn't really imagined his true size from Donor's description. I thought Ian was tall and muscular, but Alonzo was huge in comparison. He had meat on his bones too, yet his size was impressive. I could see that he'd look good with no clothes on. His arms were BIG guns and his legs looked like they would be called tree trunks, his pants were tight simply from being on his frame. I tried NOT to look at his crotch but failed.

"Boy, you ain't even sly about looking down there. You like what you see?" I blushed.

"Uhm, yes, Sir," I said automatically.

"I like that attitude boy. Your boyfriend must be happy with the attention you give him," he rubbed my ass again as he talked.

I could feel blood rushing to my face and my dick. I was a little surprised when my cock started to swell and actually had room to grow. I's been locked a few weeks and I guess I had adjusted to a confining cage. I had temporarily forgotten I was unlocked tonight. I reached around and placed my hand on Alonzo's wrist, it was thick. I pulled his hand off my ass, but he used his strength to move my hand to the front of his pants and he rubbed my hand around his crotch.

"Oh my god," I mumbled. Alonzo laughed.

"Sir, is fine, boy, I'm not your god," he said. I did manage to get my hand back and stuck it in my pocket to rearrange my own hard dick.

"Your cock is huge," I whispered.

"I do okay," he said. "I'll take that as a compliment. Now, why don't we find someplace where you can get acquainted with my dick. I'm sure you'd love to meet it up close and in person," he grinned.

"I don't have permission to mess around," I told him. "Only if I can find a virgin here, then I'm allowed to fuck the virgin."

Why had I told him all that? It was sort of embarrassing to say, but it had spilled out.

"So, then Ian is not really your boyfriend. Sounds like he is more than that."

"Uhm, yeah, he's my Dom and I'm his sub," I admitted. It actually felt like a relief to tell someone outside the house. Maybe it wasn't so bad to be honest.

"Well, damn, Ian has one fine looking submissive boy," he told me. I blushed. "Too bad he isn't keeping an eye on you like he should."

I wasn't going to comment on Ian. I wished he would spend more time with me, but he was who he was, and I had fallen under his control, his spell, on my own. I'd deal with it. It wasn't like I cared THAT much who he was screwing or what he was screwing. Okay, maybe I did some. I just wanted to do that too, tonight. I figured he was actually giving me a chance to find a virgin so I could see what fucking a guy was like.

"Well, he does his own thing," I tried to explain. "I do better supervised anyway. If I know the expectations, I know I am doing the right thing."

"Ima keep an eye out for that virgin for you, boy. Don't be surprised if I find one," Alonzo said as he wandered off.


Where the hell had Donor gone to? I had a hard time believing he had found some man to fuck him already. Maybe I had underestimated his need to get plowed or his ability to convince some guy to fuck him. I wandered over to where I'd last seen him, with the ladies in the room. I spotted the group and headed over. Maybe they'd seen him.

"Hello, ladies," I introduced myself. "I don't suppose you've seen my boy around here. Last I saw him he was chatting all of you up." A couple of them rolled their eyes but one spoke.

"Who? That chubby fagboy looking to get fucked? What did he say his name was, Chloe? Dumpling? Doormat? I'm so bad remembering faggy frat boy names," she said with an acid tongue.

"That's okay, dear," I told her, "You just keep your mind a blank. It will give some man a clean slate to start over with one day when you admit you can't get by without one," I finished while smiling. It got a chuckle out of one of them.

"It was Donor I believe, I don't recall why he went by that name, though I think he announced why," The laughing girl told me. "She went off with Vanessa. I believe Vanessa was overcome with an urge to fuck your boy. Again, I can't recall why on earth she'd do that. Wasted half her afternoon dressing up to catch a man and ends up trying to act like one."

All of them laughed at that. The one who answered I took to be Chloe, though I suppose any of them could be since the original question had been asked without indicating who was supposed to answer. Nothing like talking to some bitter girls, I thought. If Donor was seriously feeling like a girl, I would need to make sure he never got bitter like these seemed to be.

"Thank you, Chloe. I don't suppose you know which way they headed?" I asked.

If it was indeed Chloe, she waved off towards the stairs at the front of the house. She gave no other answer.

"You should keep an eye on your boy," she said putting air quotes around boy. "He was truly desperate for a fuck if he selected Vanessa. She hasn't used her dick in years for what he seemed to need."

Another round of hysterical laughter ensued. I skipped any retort and headed towards the stairs. If they were indeed fucking, I had no need to interrupt, but I did want to see what was going on. I took the stairs two at a time and began the process of looking into bedrooms. They were all pretty standard student rooms. Nothing fancy inside, just functional. None of the doors were closed so I didn't figure there was anything going on until I rounded a corner in the hall and spotted activity. Sure enough, Donor had exceeded my expectations, but then so had Vanessa if her girlfriends were to be believed.


I was shaking I was so nervous. I couldn't believe I had found a girl with a cock. Holy shit. She dragged me by my hand upstairs and then into the last bedroom on the hall upstairs. She had some strength in her arms. She pushed me hard to my knees and then looked at me.

"I like this," she announced. "I never figured you for wanting dick when you strolled over. I might get into this."

I just looked up at her. I had no idea how to begin or what she expected me to do. I only wanted to fuck. It was what Zach had said to do. I wanted to try doing what he said. She stepped closer, so she was right up in front of me. She pulled up her dress and I saw her stockings. There it was, her cock. She hadn't really tried to hide it. Maybe just being in a dress was enough. I hadn't seen it obviously before she'd had me touch it.

"Take it out of my panties," she ordered. "Start sucking!"

That wasn't really what Zach had told me to do. He said to get fucked, but I figured I needed to get it hard before I could get fucked. This was the first girl's dick I had ever sucked. Whoa! That was a crazy thought, girls with dicks. I reached up and pulled her panties down. Her dick was soft but looked fat. I pulled on it and then stuck my tongue out. Sucking dick was not my favorite thing, I enjoyed getting fucked a lot more, even though Zach said I was getting good at it.

"Yesssss!," she hissed. "Get me hard. Suck me, frat boy."

I sucked. She got hard. I wondered about that as I sucked. How did a woman have a dick? She got larger as I sucked it and she got hard eventually. It was similar to my dick, I thought; fat, but not all that long. I used to think mine was long but after my experiences I wondered. I tried to remember what Zach had told me. I could actually use my tongue, unlike Alonzo's huge pole. I looked up and Vanessa was removing her dress. She was still in her stockings and heels, her bra remained on. It was weird looking up at her tits and sucking on her dick.

"Get it wet because I don't have lube, boy. I don't see any around either."

She didn't waste any time and as soon as she was slick and hard she pulled me to my feet and spun me around. I bent over the bed and looked behind me. She was grinning and moving forward, pointing her cock at my ass.

"Now that really is a slit," she told me. "Who's been fucking you, frat boy? They've opened up that pussy for me."

"Just my, uhh, my man, Zach, and then his buddy Alonzo," I admitted. She smacked my pussy with her cock and I moaned. It felt good. I wanted a cock inside me. I wanted to get off. "Yes, fuck me. I want you inside me."

"You let Alonzo fuck you?? Are you crazy, boy? That dick is huge."

"Yeah. It was big," I admitted. "Ohhhhhh, yesssssss, feels so good."

Vanessa slid inside me. It didn't hurt. She just aimed and pushed, and I felt it sink inside. She bottomed out easily and left it there. She grabbed my shoulders and ground her hips against my ass.

"You have a cunt already boy. Fuck, feels so good. I haven't fucked anything in ages. Usually I get fucked, being a woman and all. Not many boys are interested in my dick."

She reached around and wrapped her hand around my cage. She squeezed it, but I couldn't feel anything really, just the tightening of her hand around it. I watched her big hand wrap itself there. I looked at her nails. Fucking hot! A woman with a cock and a manicure. I don't know why it was hot, it just was.

"Oh yes, fuck my pussy," I told her. "I want to feel you deep in there." I squeezed down tight as she pulled back. It was amazing, dick felt so good, even from a girl.

"Oh, got a pussy, do you? Once you got a dick inside you, you have a pussy?"

"Yes, yes, it's a pussy, fuck it, please!" I hoped it got me off. My dick was chubbing the cage and getting painful. I wanted to cum, I hadn't cum today, Zach had made me wait.

"Honey, you're just as big a girl as I am. Only time before you get some nice tits to go with your locked dick." She ran her hands up to my chest and squeezed. "You've got a nice set of little titties already, frat boy. You get rid of that hair and you're halfway to letting the girl in you out," she told me as she fucked.

Fuck, I don't know why, but that made me hot. She thought I already had nice titties. Shit, my dick was trying to get hard, it was getting painful. I dropped my head and looked down my chest towards my hole. My chest did hang some as I positioned myself on hands and knees. I could see her legs and her thrusting motions and felt her cock sliding in and out. I ran my own hand over my chest and squeezed.

"Play with those little titties, girl. Go on, feel them," she had seen me and was talking dirty. "I can get you some nice pills to get that chest growing."

FUCKKKK. I swear my dick got harder in the cage. Why did I think that was hot? What would I do if I had tits?

"Ohhhh, fuckkkkk. Yes, fuck my pussy," I moaned. "Make me your frat girl."

That made Vanessa laugh, but it didn't stop her fucking. I continued to have all sorts of weird thoughts in my head as she continued slamming her cock into me. I had to ask her later how she had real tits and a real dick. I wanted to see her tits. I tried to roll over, so I could play with her boobs. Eventually I was able to squirm onto my back so that she was looking down at me. A big girl, tall, her manicured hands placed on my thighs, those tits hanging down. I reached up and undid her bra and her tits fell out.

"Yeah, those are real baby. All me," Vanessa said. "Go on, feel them up, make me feel good while I fuck you."

I did too. I watched her. She was watching her dick go in and out of my cunt. I was watching that too, but also now focused on her tits. They really looked good. I wondered how she had tits that looked so real and a big hard dick. Somehow, I thought having both was impossible. I rubbed her nipples and she moaned. She fucked me deep and I moaned. I leaned as far up as I could and stuck my tongue out. I licked her nipples and tried to fit one in my mouth. She loved that. Her head went back, and she moaned. It made me feel good knowing I was causing that feeling. It also kept my mind off my caged dick. I was only going to feel good if she felt good.

"Can't believe I'm fucking you," she breathed heavily. "I'm gonna make you a real girl like me. You're becoming a girl right now, learning your cunt is what moves you."

She leaned forward and put my nipple in her mouth. She licked and nipped at my nipples. Fuck, it was driving me crazy. Her hair hung down around her face and tickled me. I thrust back up on her cock each time she plowed into me. I was getting screwed by a woman and she wasn't using a strap-on. Fuck what would it be like to be her? Fuck I was going to cum. I could feel it building.

"I'm, I'm gonna cum," we both said.

She stood up and pounded my pussy hard, like she hadn't done it in a good long time.

"Fuck, frat boy, you have a great pussy. You take it like a real girl does."

I exploded in my cage. My dick was straining, and it hurt, but it felt so good. I honestly squealed. I frantically was rubbing my nipples and hers, alternately. She shoved hard and ground in me. I could feel her in there, pushing hard, then I felt her cock pulse and I knew she was cumming too.

"Oh fuck, girl, I'm giving you my load. Take it, take my sissy cum."

I was totally fucked up. As I came down from the high I saw she had collapsed on top of me. She was licking at my nipples again and it felt so good. I moaned, and she raised up a bit. She moved her head down to my caged dick. She wrapped her hand around the cage then licked at the mess leaking out.

"MMmmmmm, you made a mess, frat girl," she said and smiled at me.

I was so fucking freaking out. I'd let my horniness take over again. I got myself fucked by a chick with a dick. I'd let Zach turn me out to cock and now I was like a whore. I needed dick. She'd emptied her load inside me. What would that do to me? Would it make me even more girly acting in bed? I'd taken loads from guys and girls now. My dick still throbbed in the cage. She kept licking and slurping at the messy cage, cleaning up my cum until there was nothing left.

"You're already on your way, frat girl. You'll be a sissy girl like me in no time at this rate. I've never seen anyone cum while they are caged like you. You don't even need to be hard to cum do you?"

I shook my head no. I was totally embarrassed when she said that. I'd cum again in my cage, but this time with a girl fucking me. Would it really make me a sissy girl? I looked at her. I looked at her boobs, her hands, her hair. She didn't look like a guy anymore, but she had a dick and had used it on me. Why did it turn me on?


I'd seen enough, heard enough. I left Donor to his fucking. I was both impressed over him being able to find a dick so fast and a woman tonight. I didn't figure there would be a girl ready to fuck at the party. The thought made me chuckle. I was also somewhat bemused by Donor calling his hole a pussy to her. He seemed pretty impressed by her tits and cock combination. Donor was turning out to be a slut. A girly slut. I'd use the knowledge to experiment on him.

I headed back down the stairs and spotted Alonzo coming up the stairs. He was carting Ian over his shoulders.

"What happened?" I asked. "Did he really pass out?"

"Yep," was all Alonzo grunted. He went to a door and used a key to unlock it. Then he stepped in and I followed. I was impressed. Alonzo had a sling in his room. Among other things like a bed. Alonzo stripped Ian's clothes off. I hadn't really seen Ian fully naked like this, helpless, flaccid. I had a strong desire to smack his nuts, but I checked that urge.

"Whazzzts happen?" Ian moaned. His head rolled around but he didn't move otherwise.

"You sure he's out?" I asked.

"Yeah. He is probably thinking stuff slowly, but he can't control the muscles." Alonzo picked up an arm then let it drop and Ian's arm with all his muscle just flopped back on the bed.

"Fuuuuck, I'm waaaasted," Ian mumbled. I chuckled.

Alonzo picked Ian up again and hauled him to the master bathroom. He managed to get Ian into the large shower and propped him up in a corner. He turned the water on and let it run until warm. I took off my shoes and got in the large walk in shower. Alonzo switched the water to an enema hose. He began to hose Ian out in the shower with little help from me. Who knew someone could be so full of shit?

It was a messy job, but I knew why he was doing it. With a dick as big as Alonzo's there was no way Ian wouldn't be a mess if he got fucked. Ian moaned and squirmed when the water went up his bum, but he seemed too forcefully relaxed to do anything about it other than roll his head around and mumble complaints. I was sorry the first thing in his ass was an enema hose, or that he was too out of it to realize what was happening. I hoped he would wake up more before the real show began. Finally, he was clean inside and out, and everything was cleaned up in the shower.

Alonzo told me to help hold the sling while he put Ian in it. It took a few minutes. Then he positioned Ian with his legs up in the air. His ankles were placed in leather cuffs that were attached to the chains supporting the sling. He tied his arms off to the chains at the other end. Ian looked out of it. His eyes were sorta open, but his mind seemed blank. His ass was hanging over the edge of the leather sling. I pushed on the sling and Ian swung back and forth.

"He's not going anywhere now," Alonzo heaved a sigh after all that exertion.

"How long do you think it will take to come around? I want him awake for this," I told him.

"Another hour or so, his brain will come back before all of his muscles do. I'll stuff his mouth with something, so he can't scream or call attention to himself. The muscle relaxant works quickly and wears off quickly, the ecstasy will linger a bit longer. He'll be feeling good and horny when he does come around."

"What do we do until then?" I wondered.

"Hang out at the party, what else?" was his grinning answer. "Plus, you need to find his boy, get him blindfolded, ready to fuck his man. I can't wait to see the look on this one's face when he sees who gets to take his unused hole," Alonzo grinned again.