Becoming a Boy 65

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We thanked Montana several times and I tipped her well. She made sure to schedule Donor for regular tanning sessions. Two to three times a week to start, in order to build a nice base. She scheduled a haircut in 3 weeks and even scheduled another waxing for him. I had him put the appointments in his phone with half hour notification so he would go. I had a month to show him this was at least something to consider for his future. Would he be comfortable changing from a frat boy shambles look to a well maintained, femme boy look? He'd learn. We headed out of the salon and wandered past a couple clothing stores in the plaza. My phone buzzed and I reached for it to check the text.


"Dude! I can see you with the hot babe. Nice ass on her!!" It was from Andy. I jerked my head around and spotted him. I grinned at him, he gave me the thumbs up sign, and I kept walking. I decided to give Andy a show, so I slipped my hand onto Donor's ass and gave it a good rub. Donor slapped my hand away.


"Hey, hey," I scolded him. "That's my ass. You going to stop me from touching it?" Donor blushed. "Look at my phone," I told him. He looked and then looked at me with surprise in his face.


"He thinks I'm a girl. He didn't even see my face. He would know it was me if he saw my face."


"True," I told him "but he didn't see it and he thought otherwise. Even though he should know that I'm gay, he thinks I'm with a girl."


"Fuck," Was all Donor said.


I slid my hand in his and kept walking. He tried to pull away quickly, then stopped when I wouldn't let go. We walked hand in hand for a while.


"This is so strange," he commented. "I'm freaking holding hands with a guy wandering around a shopping center. No one is even looking at us weirdly."


"Why would they?" I asked. "You saw yourself in the salon. What did you see looking back at you?"


"Something in between a guy and a girl," he replied immediately. "Femme enough to make me think about what makes a girl, yet still parts of the slacker guy look I had. Something in between. It was weird."


"Well, I'm guessing that is what Andy saw too. Enough touches that most people associate with girls, but some that don't look so girly. I didn't change your clothes on the outside. You still are in jeans and a shirt, not a skirt."


"Fuck. I'm pretty sure I can't pull off a skirt. That would be too much for me," he claimed. I just smiled.


"Obviously, you don't need a skirt to pull off a "hot babe" look for Andy," I said and let that sink in.


"What the hell am I going to do the next month? How am I going to talk about this shit?"


"You came up with a good story. I'd buy it if I was the brothers. We are always doing stupid bets."


"What happens if they like start making passes at me? I mean Andy just commented on my ass. What do I say to that if he calls out my ass?"


I thought about that for a few seconds. Donor did look totally different. It helped that he had gotten his body waxed and a manicure with a clear coat polish. He was hairless and really did have nice hands now. What did I want him to learn about compliments from men? His dick was locked and he was going to be completely horny. He'd have a tough time saying no if one of the brothers, or someone else on campus, got their hands going on him. He'd be fighting to control his inner sub. I wasn't fully sure I was committed to Donor long term. I was gay, mostly attracted to guys. I could get into a girly-boy but wasn't really into dating someone who wanted to be a girl full-time. Don't get me wrong, I could get into girls at times, but they would look like butch girls, like Donor was carrying off pretty well right now. He should be able to explore sex for a month, see what happens.


"Donor, you're going to need to learn to deal with it. For at least the next month I want you to maintain this look. Waxing, eyebrows, nails, a few other things we have already talked about. I also want you to accept any and all passes that are made. I want you to act like a slut if someone compliments you."


"What??? Zach, Sir, I don't know. What am I even supposed to say to someone? You want me to like just act like a slut? Or you want me to be a slut?"


"Let's use Andy as an example. If he tells you he likes your ass, you thank him. Then you go a step further and tell him it would look better if his hands were on it, or something like that. I want you to encourage as much as possible anyone who compliments you to take those words a step further."


"That's like leading them on. I'm not any good at picking up girls, how would I be any better at picking up a guy?"


"Because you've been in a guy's pants. You know the horniness. You know the interest in getting off. Now, the way you look, you can get the chance to get those horny guys off. Don't forget how horny you are these days."


"Fuck, Zach, you're going to have me on my knees with anyone. What are the brothers going to think when that starts?"


They'll think what a great idea it is to have a slut brother in the house for getting off, is what I thought to myself. I didn't say it though. I just went back to my original instructions.


"I want you to see how that attitude goes. They compliment you, you encourage them. If they want to take it to the point where you are giving up your mouth or pussy, then you encourage it and take it. Give them a good time. I'm not going to tell them you have to do it for the next month, but if they take it there, that is what you are going to do, Donor. Do you understand?"


He stopped walking and pulled his hand away from me. His hands started moving wildly as he spoke trying to get me to change my mind. He had all manner of arguments for why he shouldn't do what I wanted, but after talking it over with him just now, that was what I wanted. I stood my ground. It was almost as if Donor got hornier thinking about what I was telling him to do. He blushed as he argued. I watched his hands move and the nail polish glint in the sun. He really was somewhere between a guy and a girl. Funny how it didn't show when he had that slacker look.


"That's it, Donor. I won't argue with you. You WILL do what I tell you, at least for the next month. We will discuss your behavior more later. I won't have you arguing with me in public like this."


I turned and started walking away. He had no choice but to follow me. I knew he didn't want to catch a bus back or try to flag down a ride.




The talk with Johnson was good. I hadn't gone out there to talk. I had really gone out there to fuck up a fag or two, but things had gone sideways. I ended up doing actual work for Johnson and talking about my shit. By the time I got back to the house, it was dark. I wondered if Timmy was around. I could use some pussy tonight. When I got up to my room, Timmy was there. He was putting my clothes away. He had managed to wash them all. The place looked like it had been cleaned well too. Damn fag really did enjoy his life under me.


"Hi Sir," he said as I entered the room. I think I had startled him as he jumped a little.


"Hey boy. How's it going?"


"It's good Ian, Sir. Just finishing up my chores."


"I can tell. The place looks great Timmy. I don't tell you enough how great your dedication to my needs has made my life. Your work frees up my schedule a lot. Makes it much easier to get homework done and the time at the farm easier to handle."


"It's not work, Sir. I enjoy doing it. I like serving you."


"Good boy. How'd your day go?"


Timmy proceeded to tell me about his encounter with the swim coach. It made me smile to think how Timmy has been transformed into the team faggot. It was easy to see why. He'd made himself look real good following his gym routine. His pecs kept growing as his ass had too. I was sure the swim team would appreciate using his mouth the rest of the season. It wouldn't slow my use of him at all.


"Strip for me, boy," I told him. I wanted to take a look at that dick and free it if he wanted.


Timmy stripped off his clothes and stood before me. He had begun to kneel, but I kept him on his feet. I gave him an inspection, looking all around his body. Seeing what I was creating. I rubbed my hand through his hair. He had let it go long as I had ordered. It was getting to a good length. I could grab it easily. I wrapped my hand in it and pulled his head back. Automatically his mouth opened. I stuck in two fingers and Timmy immediately got them wet. I spread his ass globes, there was no other word for them really. He'd done truly an amazing job of building that ass into two halves of a globe. I saw that slit that had been an asshole a few months ago. I was tasty looking. I easily slid my two wet fingers inside and I gave his spot a rub while they were in there. He grunted only a little at the intrusion. I pulled them out and continued my inspection. I ran my hands up and down his legs. There was very little stubble left on his legs. The treatments had worked well. I continued to run my hands over his body. No chest stubble, no hair in the pits. His face still had some stubble, but nowhere near the semi-beard he had when he started that removal. I ran my hands over his pecs. They were still growing. He had a ways to go to get them fully where I wanted them. His nipples though protruded a good inch out from his pecs. Those nips were about where I wanted them. I rubbed them and gave them a twist. Then I went to the last piece I needed to check, that dicklet. Locked and useless for about a month now I figured. It was cute locked up that way. The hair around his crotch was all gone too. He'd really put a lot of work into himself for me.


"I'm happy and proud of the dedication you show in making these changes, Timmy," I let him know.


"Thank you, Ian, Sir." He smiled so big I thought his cheeks might crack.


"I'm not always the best at letting you know, but I haven't seen dedication like yours from anyone before. I'm still amazed. No girl ever has dedicated herself to me, like you have, boy."


"Thank you, Sir. I'm glad you are pleased."


"Tell me about your dick, boy. How do you like it these days?"


"Uhmm, I try not to think about it much. It wasn't like I was using it when you locked it up. You were the one who made me cum. Until a couple nights ago I hadn't used it since last fall. I guess like everything, it belongs to you now."


"Good boy. Pretty good summary. You've done an amazing job for me, Timmy. You fought some things as a boy will do, but you really make me proud."


I think I was making him emotional. His eyes seemed to get watery. I didn't want a fountain of tears and I told him so.


"Sorry, Ian. I'm just so happy you are pleased. I wasn't sure. You... you haven't said much the last couple days. I was afraid you were pissed at me."


"It's been a rough few days, boy. I'm freaking out about Tressa. I felt like I might have made a mistake letting you use your dick the other night, but that party was crazy," I added for no reason. I needed to keep that shit quiet I told myself. "I'm not pissed at you, Timmy, just a lot on my mind."


"Yes, Sir. I get that."


"I locked you up Timmy because I wanted complete control. The only thing was I failed to realize I already have complete control of you."


"You do, Ian."


"I think you would dedicate yourself to me as long as I want, at this point."


"Yes, Sir. You are correct, as always." That made me smile. I liked how he let me know I was right.


"I am going to let you decide what to do with your dick, Timmy. It can be unlocked now, or you can keep the cage on it." Timmy opened his mouth, but I held my hand up. "Before you answer let me talk a little about what will happen over time. The longer I keep your cock locked up the smaller it will become. Because it can't fill with blood regularly, the tissue adjusts to not being used. After a year if I let you out, your cock will not fill fully with blood. You may think you are hard, but it won't be fully hard. You will lose length over time and eventually it simply won't get hard because the body will teach your mind it isn't possible. You will effectively have an oversized clit. As you know, you can cum anytime you want. You don't have difficulties there, but if it remains locked, you won't cum as a man does."


He looked at me a little but said nothing.


"I figure you have the right to choose what to do with it, boy. I realize I don't need to keep you locked. You'd never use the thing anyway as long as I keep you happy. So, your choice moving forward, Timmy."


"Oh, wow, uh... thank you Ian, Sir."


"Any thoughts, boy? Other than `thanks'?"


"A lot, Ian. I `m not sure where to start," he replied.


"Well, let's hear it, boy."


"I really liked the other night," he started. I think I winced, but I said nothing. "I never imagined fucking a man, even after I had been with you. It's weird I'm sure but being the submissive guy with a man came naturally and I really didn't have a reason to think about fucking a guy, until you said I could. I'm glad I had that opportunity, but really, Sir, the feeling from that orgasm was nothing compared to the physical orgasms I have when you are balls deep inside me."


Now that made me smile. I felt it creep across my face until I realized it was enveloping my whole face.


"I can't say I won't ever have a desire to fuck someone Ian, but I don't think it will be something I need as long as I belong to you."


"Well, we seem to be at an impasse, Timmy. I'm offering to let you out of the cage and I think I'm hearing you aren't sure if you want out."


"I'm not, Sir. The last few days have been crazy. I'm freaked out about Tressa too. About school, about being the swim team faggot, about losing you. I always worry about losing you to a girl or some better-behaved fag. So, part of me wants to stay locked so I continue to please you. I realized the last few days that I have submitted everything to you. Not only submitted everything that is me but realized that it is what I want. I realized I belong to you. You told me that months ago, but it took this long for me to realize I do belong to you. So, thinking now I have a choice to unlock, my choice, is a little weird after finally getting to the point where I am good giving it all up to you."


"Huh. Go figure," I said to him. Timmy just said he belongs to me! Fucking hot! I hadn't set out to have a faggot boyfriend, but it seems I turned an old buddy into one. He's worried about losing me too.


"You belong to me, Timmy. That's what you are telling me?"


"Yes, Sir. Yeah, I belong to you and that is what I want, no it's what I need."


"Yeah, I get that. I need you too, boy. I'm not going to say I'm perfect. I'm not. I'm still the same person. I'm going to fuck around. Going to chase pussy sometimes. May even chase a fag now and then, but you belong to me. You're my boy. Now and moving forward," I told him. He needed to hear that, and I guess I needed to say it. "I may not say that shit every day, but I want you to know it, boy."


Timmy grabbed me around my waist and hugged me. He snuggled up against me. I still didn't get the whole affection thing as much as I understood the power thing. I let him hug on me. I rubbed his back, his head.


"Thank you, Ian, Sir. That means more than anything to me. I know I won't be the only one you are fucking. I've known that since the start. I could never expect that from you. I think I have other things from you that those folks won't have."


"Yeah, yeah," I responded. "I'm a softie at heart." Timmy laughed at that. "Let you get under my skin and now I can't get rid of you."


"Nope. I'll be cleaning your messes up for a long time," he teased.


"What about that cage boy? That's what we were talking about when you got all emo on me."


"Can I decide later Sir? Like, can I still decide in a month?"


"Hmmmm, that's an interesting thought, Timmy. Let's say that you can decide once a month. Let's make it same as today, the 18th. On that day you can decide if you want to remain locked up or whether you want to be unlocked. I don't want to hear about it on any other day. If you say now that you want to remain locked then don't bring it up until the 18th that you want unlocked. It will always be your decision, boy, but I only want to hear about it once a month."


Timmy smiled. Guess I had made the decision while giving him an out. He seemed to like that. I was thinking I liked it too.


"I need to go talk with Zach, boy. I need to clear up a misunderstanding that came up. I'll be back to deal with you later. Shouldn't take too much time so don't bother putting any clothes back on," I told him. It got another big smile out of him.




We got back to the house. I hadn't said much since Zach had said he wasn't going to argue with me. I could tell he was pissed off and I didn't want to push him. No telling what he might make me do if he was pissed off. No one was around when we got back so I was able to get up to his room without any interference. I knew that was just temporary. I'd have to explain a lot once the brothers started seeing me.


"On your knees baby," Zach told me when the door was closed. "You know the routine."


I did know the routine. Open my mouth and keep it open. Zach would stroke his dick a couple times and then I would wait for a drop of his pre-cum to emerge from the slit, hang off his dick, and fall onto my tongue. Once that happened I could then start sucking him. I loved the anticipation. Sometimes he would let me run my tongue on the underside of his dick to help it emerge. I was so horny, as always, these days. No way to get off on my own that I knew about. I tried playing with my tits or my hole on my own but it never felt the same as if Zach were doing it.


"Here it comes," he announced.


Sure enough, a large drop of pre-cum formed at his dickhead and then dangled for what seemed like forever before falling onto my tongue. I moaned as I tasted it. I kept eye contact with Zach the whole time and then he nodded, and I immediately dove on his cock. I don't know what it was about his hard cock but working to get Zach off was usually what I needed to lessen the problem I had with not getting off. I moved a hand up to his pecs. I was going to work on his nipples.


"So fucking hot!" he exclaimed. "Baby, your hands look great. I love the clear polish." I could feel my face get warm. "It really looks good on you. I think you're going to have a fun month. Hell, I sure am."


Fuck, I loved hearing that they looked good. I don't know why. I guess because he told me they did. Hardly anyone ever said I looked good, except my Mom. I loved how he just knew what he wanted me to look like and how when I did it, it totally looked different than I thought possible. Maybe he was right on a lot more stuff too. That was why I did the manicure, because I knew he wanted it, or at least I thought so then, now I was pretty sure.


"Wrap your hand on my cock. I want to see your hands on my dick today."


It felt like he was teasing me, but he meant it. Maybe my hands really looked good to him this way. I was so confused, but I liked how Zach made me feel. His cock was so hard and yet felt so soft to my touch, to my tongue. He was a freaking stud and he liked me!


"Fuck, that's hot. I never thought about how hot that looks. A girl on her knees looking cute with her well-manicured hands wrapped on my cock. Knowing I convinced you to do that. Fuck!"


Zach continued to talk as I tried to work on his cock. One hand was on my head lightly guiding me up and down his shaft, or underneath it on his balls. I had stopped wondering why I was here. I was here for cock. I loved his cock. I loved his attitude. Why had I waited so long to hang with Zach? So many months of tagging along with Ian but Zach was the one who knew what I wanted. He just picked up on the stuff that was hot for me, kinky stuff.


"That's it girl, deep throat me," Zach demanded.


I went deep and felt that intense feeling of a cock parting open my throat and sinking in until his crotch was smashed up against my face. Something in my throat felt amazing when he did that. I focused on that spot and went up and down on his cock feeling it rub that spot. It was hot knowing I could take a cock this size inside me, way deep inside me. I heard myself moan as I thought about it. Zach moaned in return as I was humming around his big dick. I moved my hands to my chest and began to play with my nipples through my shirt.


"Play with those titties, baby. Keep those things in your mind. Focus on my cock and the parts of your body that feel good when you worship dick."


Shit! Zach knew exactly what I was doing. I couldn't think about my dick, it didn't matter. Zach had said as much. My throat mattered, my tits mattered, my pussy mattered to him, but my dick meant nothing. Holt shit that was a hot thought. He didn't care about my dick at all yet he loved my hands, my mouth, my cunt. I had become his slut. I moaned again.


"That my slutty girl. Make love to my cock."


I could be someone else! The thought hit me again as I lapped at Zach's nuts. I could be a slut for the next month. A femme version of myself. A slutty girly version of myself. I could behave like I had always wondered about. I couldn't be a good slutty man like Ian was, fucking everything that moved, but I could try as a girly version of myself to see how much dick I could get. Girls didn't like me much and I had tried to get my share of pussy, but it hadn't worked. Now, if I thought of myself as the girl, my pussy might get a lot of cock. Oh fuck, I twisted my nipples hard to stop my dick from trying to get hard. I held that pinch and twist until my dick reacted and stopped swelling. Zach started battering my throat while that was going on. He probably figured out what was going on.


"That's it girl, a little self-inflicted pain can set your mind on the right path. Focus on what really feels good, not what doesn't."


After that I had to pay attention to Zach. His long hammering thrusts into my throat drew my attention back to him. It was like my mouth was a cunt and he was jamming away at it. Pulling back and slamming back in. He was encouraging me, telling me how good I was doing. I had learned how to breathe and was practicing that, getting air when I could. Before I knew it he was spurting shot after shot of spunk into my mouth. He didn't slow his hammering, just kept going as he emptied his nuts.


"Oohhhhh, ffucckkkkkkkkk, baby. So good, so submissive."


Zach held my head all the way down and just shook as he finished. Finally, he let go and I pulled back getting air. I went right back to his cock though, cleaning it up, lapping at all the seed that hadn't been shoved into my throat. I wanted all of it. I looked up at him and he was grinning down at me. He suddenly cleared his throat and spat it on me. It hit right in the middle of my lips as I licked them clean of his load. I just kept licking, taking his spit inside along with the remainder of his cum. Fuck I was slutty. I could be a slut, I really could.


"You're a mess baby," Zach told me. He slid his hands under my armpits and pulled me to my feet. "Go clean yourself up," he ordered. "Get all that stuff from the salon cleared off your body. You smell like a coconut from that tanning oil. And remember, focus on being a slut when you have the chance, baby. I have some things to do. Be back here tonight before bed. I have some things to talk about with you. And I may want to use that pussy before I sleep."


"Yes, Zach, Sir," I replied. He leaned in and kissed me. Full-on kissed me. Tongue slipping in my mouth and twisting around my tongue. Fuck he was so damn hot! I was already hooked on him and I had no idea what was going to happen in the next month, but I would try to do what he wanted if it got me his attention. Even if it meant being a slut.




I was just about to knock on Zach's door when it opened and someone walked out and nearly bumped into me.


"Oh, sorry Ian, didn't see you," they said. I had to look twice to make sure the voice went with the person.


"Donor? Dude, what happened?"


"Oh, ha! I had a makeover," he said.


"No doubt. Zach put you up for that?"


"Something like that, yeah. You like it?"


I thought for a minute. "It's different. You look a lot softer," I told him.


"Thanks! See ya later, Ian."


I turned back to the door and Zach was standing there. "Got a couple minutes?" I asked.


"Sure, come in."


I went in and took a seat. I just wanted to clear the air with him. I wasn't happy with what happened, but I needed to not be pissed at a brother.


"So, I just wanted to say that I'm sorry about the shit that went down."


"You mean fucking me?" Zach asked.


"Yeah, you know that's what I mean. I shouldn't have gone there. I mean it was a nice hole but still, not mine to use."


He chuckled which was a good sign. Maybe he wasn't pissed.


"Yeah, and I'm sorry I drugged you and fucked you. Your hole was too tight though. I prefer something a little looser."


"Right?" I added while laughing. "I hate busting a virgin. Much nicer when the hole is already open. Course, that other fucker probably opened mine up enough it won't return to a tight hole again."


"Yeah, Alonzo has a big one. Some folks like it though," he added.


"Hell, I don't know who. I'm actually happy I was drugged for it. No way in hell I could have taken it otherwise."


"Back when I thought I was a versatile gay I took it once. It was more than enough to learn I didn't need to repeat it," Zach explained.


"Yeah, so, like I said, sorry about all that. Won't happen again. I should know better than to force things when it isn't wanted. I don't work that way in general," I told him. "I just want it clear that I'm good with you and I will watch myself better moving forward."


"No problems, Ian. I dealt with it in my own way and I probably should have talked it out instead of returning the treatment."


"Have you told anyone about it?" I asked.


"Nope, no one. I won't either," he gave me his word.


"What about Alonzo?" I continued. "Is he good with keeping quiet?"


"I can say that I have never had any problem with him talking about stuff he doesn't need to talk about. I wouldn't worry about it, but if you need to make sure of that you know where he lives now."


"Yeah, I'm pretty sure I don't need to visit him," I told him. "He liked my ass a little too much I think."


"Look McNeil, you aren't the best at everything. Don't kid yourself that you were a good bottom."


We laughed some more about that. Then I asked him about Donor.


"So, you put Donor up to doing a makeover? He was that easily convinced?"


"Now, THAT boy likes dick," he told me. "I wouldn't have figured him for being as kinky as he is. I could tell him to bark and he would ask for how long. He'll be telling folks he lost a bet to me about his grades. The loser has to do whatever the winner says for a month. His idea, so I'm planning for a lot of things he'll need to do."


"Interesting. I had no idea he was remotely interested either."


"One of the things he is going to explore this month is his inner slut. You should test him out. Give him a compliment or two. He's under orders to act slutty if he gets compliments on his new look. Let me know what you think. I appreciate your opinion, Ian."


"Mighty nice of you brother," I thanked him. "I'd be interested to see just what Donor can do. No limits on him is there?"


"I doubt it, honestly, just don't leave him bruised or anything," Zach instructed. "I don't need a broken fag returned to me."


"No worries. He might be sore, if I opt to do anything, but he won't be injured."


We yapped a couple minutes more about other stuff, but I had done what I set out to do, make sure things were back to normal.




That was weird running into Ian. He said I looked softer. Was that a compliment? I hoped not. I didn't want to be in trouble with Zach if Ian told him it was a compliment. Fuck! I needed to act the way Zach said or I was sure he'd hear about it. I would tell him I didn't think softer was a compliment if Zach asked. I hope he didn't ask.


I grabbed my stuff and headed to the shower. Of course, the first person I run into there at the bathroom was Andy.




"Hey Andy, S'up?" I tried to play it cool.


"Wow. You've changed your look. What gives?"


"Oh, I lost a bet with Zach. I didn't get the 3.5 grade average I thought was safe to bet on. Now I have to do what he says for a month."


"HAHAHAHAHA," he laughed at me. "You definitely look different. Wait, did he make you do a manicure too?"


Crap, he'd seen the hands already. I wonder how long he'd take to figure out it was me he'd seen walking with Zach earlier. Wait a sec, he had already complimented me. I should thank him for that. I definitely knew Zach would ask about that.


"Yeah. He made me do that. Oh, thanks for saying I had a nice ass earlier today. I appreciate it."


"What? What are you talking about?" he asked.


"Earlier today. I was walking with Zach at the shopping plaza and you texted him. Said I had a nice ass." I turned around, so he could check it out again.


"How fuck. I thought Zach was with a girl. It was you?"


"Yep. If you like what you see, let me know, you can have some fun with it," I winked at him. How humiliating I thought. I can't believe I just said that to someone. That line would never work, I thought. Way too obvious.


"Serious? You like, take it up the ass?"


"Uh, yeah, and something tells me you could really make it feel good." Holy fuck, maybe this would work. Was he so horny he'd fuck me?


"Dude! I don't know."


Should I go farther? I wondered what would happen if I reached out and groped him. Would he freak out? How far was I supposed to go? Maybe I should have asked Zach more questions. I'd already said I was gay, I would let him fuck me, and told him to give it a try. What else could happen, except he might take me up on it. He hadn't said no.


"Well, if you change your mind, let me know. I bet you have a lot to work with in those pants," I told him as I reached out and gave his crotch a rub. I swear he was semi-hard as I squeezed at it.


"Fuck, Donor. You're a horny dude all of a sudden."


"Well, I learned a lot lately about what really turns me on, Andy. I know I love dick now, and I'm betting you have plenty in there you could give me if you're interested."


"I'll think about it," he said. "Not promising anything." He looked around, to make sure no one was hearing us I guess. "You give blow jobs?" he whispered.


I smiled. "Oh yeah. I love giving those." I got on my knees right then. He got this shocked look on his face.




"Why not?" I asked.


"What if someone comes in?"


"It doesn't bother me," I told him. "But we can go to your room if you want. Is your roomie out?"


"Yeah, come on," he said.


I got up off the ground and followed him to his room. He hurriedly closed the door behind us, then as an afterthought hung a tie on the outside doorknob, so his roomie wouldn't enter even if he came back when I was there. I was nervous as could be possible. I'd given Zach blow jobs but no one else really. I could barely manage to get Alonzo's dick in my mouth. Hopefully Andy didn't have one that size, but I was hoping it would be big for some reason.


"Okay, what do I do?" he asked. Maybe he'd never had a blow job I thought. Or maybe he'd never had a guy give one.


"Nothing, if you don't want," I told him. "I'll do all the work to make you feel good. All you have to do is enjoy it."


"Fuck! I can work with that."


"So, lay down, or sit, or stand, just tell me when to start," I told him. I couldn't believe it! I tried being slutty and the first guy I try it on is down to get a blow job. "Let me know if I'm doing ok or if my teeth scrape. I like feedback," I added.


"I'm gonna lean against the wall. You can go to town. Make it good," he told me.


Oh fuck, I was excited as hell to do just that. I got back on my knees in front of Andy. I reached up undid his belt and unzipped his pants. I pulled them down then did the same to his underwear, boxers of course. His cock sprang out already hard. I guess he was excited about the thought of me giving him a blow. He had a fucking gorgeous cock. It was almost as fat as my dick, well as fat as my dick used to be. He was about 7 inches I'd guess. I knew my dick was six and this was longer than mine.


"Oh god, that's pretty," I told him. "I knew you had something impressive in your pants." I stuck my tongue out and licked his shaft. I wanted it wet before I slid down on it. I thought about all the things Zach had told me about sucking dick. Then I remembered to look up and keep my eyes on the man. I continued to lick his cock as if it were an ice cream cone, wrapping my tongue around the head and licking up the full shaft as if it tasted like Ben and Jerrys. Dang, I could feel my nipples get hard as I enjoyed this.


"Shit, do that tongue thing again on the head," Andy told me.


I did it again a couple times then took the head into my mouth and closed my lips on his shaft. I rolled my tongue around the head a couple more times while it was inside my mouth then slowly slid down the full length of his dick until I felt it pop through the back of my throat and on down. I thought Andy was going to fall over. His knees buckled and he had to grab onto my head to keep himself upright.


"Ohhhhm fuck. Why can't a girl do that?" he asked. I didn't give him an answer. I backed off slowly and began sliding my mouth up and down on his cock. I kept my eyes on him as much as I could. I watched as he moved his lips but said nothing. His eyes were big, as if he were surprised. Somehow that made me happy, like I had given him a shock for the day.


"Damn that feels so good. How'd you learn to do that?"


I was pretty sure he didn't want an answer so I kept going. I ran my tongue on the underside of his dick. I tickled the head with the tip of my tongue and in between milking his cock I would swallow it and let him feel how deep he could go.


"You really like my dick, don't you?" Andy asked. I nodded in reply, keeping my eyes on his. "I could get used to this."


I swallowed him down again and then continued swallowing, milking his dick. I swear I felt it get harder. I moved my hands to my nipples and began to rub them through my t-shirt. It felt good to rub them as I sucked cock.


"Ohhh fuck. That's so hot. You look like a girl doing that. Shit you look almost like a girl anyway. Fuck, you got me so hard. I wanna fuck your throat," he admitted.


I nodded again. Let him do it. Let him fuck my face. Let him use me. Zach did it and his cock was bigger. I could handle it. Andy put his hands gently on my head. He wasn't totally sure about this I could tell. He thought I needed some gentle treatment. He would figure it out. I didn't need to tell him. He started very gently, very slowly, as if he was finding out that shoving it into my throat didn't bother me. He would pull back, while holding my head, then slowly move forward and feel it slide into my gullet. His dick curved down naturally, so it was easy to handle. It wasn't a totally straight dick where I had to adjust to the shapes of the body, like Zach's big cock. He did that several times before he got a little more assertive.


"Oh shit, you just take it so well. I get to feel everything," he mumbled. "Wanna just fuck."


He started moving a little faster, not quickly, but a little at a time. I caught breaths when I could, it wasn't difficult. He didn't grip my head hard like Zach, maybe he thought I was a girl.


"Oh fuck," he exclaimed again. His eyes bore down into mine. He looked more and more like he was getting into this. "I'm going to go harder," he announced.


He picked up more speed and I gagged once or twice as he picked up speed. I think he enjoyed that as I had to spit his cock out and catch my breath. I knew I had to work on my gagging but he seemed to enjoy that.


"Gag on it. Fuck yeah! You love getting fucked like this." I nodded even though I don't think he cared now. "Damn, your good at this."


He started driving harder and his hands gripped my head tighter. I thought maybe he was close to cumming but he kept it up for a couple minutes. I thought about my nipples and continued rubbing them. I tried to think about my ass, my pussy, was it leaking? Did I feel twitches of excitement there as he used my throat? I thought I did.


"Oh fucking A, oh godddd, I'm going to cum. Fuck, I'm going to cummmmm," Andy announced.


He continued hammering at my throat. He was really going at it now. He'd given up being gentle. He had a grib on my head and was pounding my face. His balls slapped my chin and his cock was hard and pounding my tonsils. Then I got that feeling of it getting even harder, even firmer, as he started shooting his load.


"FUUUCCCCKKKKKK, Oh fuck, oh god, so damn good! Take it, swallow it! Eat my load!" I could feel his dick throb in my mouth, my throat, and feel the cum shooting out. I didn't get to taste it but I sure as hell felt it. I was totally hot for this stud. He was filling me up and I was swallowing it all. Damn I wanted more of him even before he finished shooting.


"Fuck! Holy hell! Fuck!"


Andy's eyes bore down on me. He didn't see me the same anymore, I could tell. He stared at me as he emptied his nuts like I was some toy. He had clearly enjoyed this. I could tell from the look he was giving me, primal and hot. He continued to say fuck over and over, as if this was some surprise to him. He thrust one last time and buried it deep. I swallowed a couple times and he moaned. Then he pulled back and out of my mouth. I noticed his legs were bent. He'd moved lower, his knees had given way and he'd nearly collapsed on top of me. He was shaking. His thighs were trembling. Fuck it must have been good, I thought.


"Oh fuck, Donor. Why was that so good? What the fuck? How'd you learn to do that shit? No, don't tell me. I don't care. Fuck, I just let a guy give me a blow job, and it was better than ANY of my girlfriends have ever given. Fuck me, I let a guy blow me."


"Thanks Andy!" I told him. "I really loved that. I liked how you really used my face like it were a hole."


"Dude, it WAS a hole. Fuck, it was soooo good."


"I'm glad," I said. "I just wanted you to enjoy it."


"Then you did great," he said. "Okay, get the fuck out," he told me.


I thought that was a little harsh but what did I know. Maybe it was more of a reaction to using a guy's face for the first time. I had no idea. I didn't need to worry though, I was a slut, I was just there to get a man off and make sure he enjoyed it. That is what I told myself anyway. I was a slut. Zach wanted me to act like a slut and I had. I had acted like a slut and Andy had eventually used my face like I was a toy. How cool! I was a little less horny again. My nipples were on fire, but my dick hadn't tried to get hard. I was doing what Zach wanted. I was good. I was working on being a slut!




I got back to the room and Timmy was working on something, homework maybe. He was still naked, which made me smile. He was getting a real nice body and I realized how pleased that made me. I liked how he looked and knowing he did it for me, not for anyone else, not even for himself. He did it for me. Just thinking that got me hard. He smiled at me as I entered and watched as I walked over to him. I grabbed onto his nipples immediately. They stood out so far that it was impossible not to use them as something to grab onto.


"I think your nipples are big enough now, boy. You can lay off the suction cups and let's see what happens. If they get any bigger you'll make the girls jealous." Timmy blushed.


"Okay, Sir. I'll stop pumping them."


I continued to twist on them and Timmy began to moan. Little whimpers at first that grew into grunts as I worked them hard.


"Oh, shit, that hurts now. Uughhh," he groaned. He didn't stop me though. He knew better than to tell me no. I took the cue and let up some on them. I leaned over and popped one of them into my mouth and ran my tongue over it. His pecs were firming up and getting bigger. He was turning into a true jock. The exercise routine I'd given him really worked the pecs over other muscles. It was not an easy routine as I didn't focus on the arms at all really. His arms had gotten a little bigger but didn't have the size increases his chest had. It was the look I wanted. Big chest, huge nips. The boy had done exactly what I wanted. I feasted on his tits. That's what I called them. Firmer than a girl's tits but his were rounding out nicely, and the nipples. I continued to lick them and nibble on them and Timmy squirmed.


"Ohhhh, godddddd. Drives me crazy," Timmy moaned. His body was twisting under me.


"You love it. You need that tit work. Reminds you what is important to me."


"Yessssss! I love you working my nipples over," he admitted.


I switched tits and worked the other over for awhile. My dick was hard already and I wanted it deep inside Timmy somewhere. I picked Timmy up and walked him over to the bed. I pushed him down on his stomach and looked at that ass I created.


"Your ass is looking good, boy. Keep that up and you'll be attracting attention all over town."


I dove in and started eating that pussy. I didn't do it often for him, but I really wanted to just shove my cock in deep and Timmy needed at least a little lube. His hole opened immediately. His asshole had become a rosebud. Nothing resembling the virgin hole I had stretched out. His hole clenched and opened, clenched and opened as I fucked it with my tongue.


"Ohhhh, goddddddd! Yes! Ohhhh fuckkkkkkk. That feels so good. Yeah, eat my pussy, Sir."


His ass lifted off the bed, arching his back like a good slut. I put a hand on each side of his ass. He had worked that ass out nearly as much as his pecs and it showed. He had added a lot of muscle and that ass was one fucking pretty piece of meat. I slapped his left cheek hard and he yelped. His big ass gave him more of an hourglass figure than most men would ever dream of having. Timmy had done it for me, not for himself. He was surprisingly oblivious to what it had done to his looks. I dove back in and feasted on my creation. I spit and slobbered on that pussy, got it good and wet for what was coming next


"Sir! You're driving me crazy. Please fuck me! Give me your cock, please!"


"You know I love to hear to beg, boy." I stood and yanked my clothes off. No need for him to be denied my cock. "Your cunt was already wet and waiting for a fuck. Seems like you're horny."


"Fuck, your cock is so beautiful," he said. His head was cranked around looking at me as I stripped off the clothes. "There's nothing like it anywhere."


"Oh, I imagine there might be others like it. I hear my Dad has one similar to it. Maybe I'll let you find out someday," I teased him.


"This one is the only one I'm interested in, Sir. Since you locked me up, it's all I think about."


I spit on my cock and slicked it up a little. "So that's why you want to stay locked up, you enjoy thinking about my dick all day long."


"Maybe," he admitted. "That and I know I am more attentive to details, to you. It really seems to focus my attention on things."


I grabbed Timmy by his hair and pulled his head back, lined up my dick and entered him. I just put the head inside and let it sit there. I didn't push in, didn't move, just the head. His ass started gyrating. He started backing up further on his own, trying to get more inside him.


"Please! Don't tease me Ian, Sir. Just fuck me. I'm sooo horny! It's been a couple days since you fucked me. I need it so bad! I want you to make me cum. I haven't gone this long without cumming since you started making me your boy. PLEASE!!!!"


"Now, that is just what I love to hear, boy. Your appreciation for my cock. Love it!"


So I did what he begged me to do. I slid my big stick inside him, not stopping until my nuts slapped up against his impressive ass.


"Holy shit!" he squawked. "Oh god, that feels so good." He squirmed around some more, grinding his ass up against the base of my cock.


"Been missing it, huh? That what you needed?"


"Oh god, yes! I love your dick."


I settled into a good fuck of my boy's ass. My boy! Go figure. I had a boy who did what I wanted and gave it up when I wanted it. Fucking HOT!


"That cage makes you horny, doesn't it?"


"Am I allowed to talk about that?" he asked.


"We can talk about it all day, but not when the day is done," I clarified for him.


"Yes, yes, it makes me horny. Especially when I'm not getting off."


"You sure you want it on the next month?"


"No. Yes. No." I laughed at him. "I'm not sure, but I know that not being sure is why I need you to tell me lots of stuff. I need to have guidance, direction. From you," he answered finally.


"That's right," I echoed him. You need me. Need my dick to get off. Need my direction to feel fulfilled. Need to do what I say."


"Yes, Sir. So that's why I am not sure if I should take it off."


"Well, I realized that I already control you and the things you do, without the cage. It's why it's up to you to make that decision. I know I have full control with or without it, so your choice."


"Do you like it on me?" he wanted to know.


I continued the slow fuck as we talked. It felt good being back inside my boy. I shouldn't have taken a break from this. I had a responsibility to get the boy off regularly, keep him at home with the dick he needed. Plus, it felt so damn good for me. I won on several fronts.


"I'm amused by it on you. I like the idea of controlling it, but when I thought it through after I put it on at Christmas, I realized what I told you. I already control your life, the cage is not a requirement. I'm amused that you will leave it on, if I have given you the opportunity to take it off. You now understand what will happen if it stays on. Are you okay with your dick shrinking over time?"


"Not sure," he said. "The more I realize I want and need the control you offer me, the less sure I am that I need to worry about things like my dick. I really have a better understanding of Bailey as time moves along. I'm not saying I want a vagina, I don't, but I totally get how he could come to that decision now, with realizing it wasn't useful."


That blew my mind. Hearing Timmy talk about Bailey that way. "When I first put you down on your knees and made you suck my dick you were scared of getting your pants dirty," I commented. "You've come a long way from that day Timmy. You are my boy now. It might be good to reach out to Bailey and talk about stuff again. Maybe he would be a good person to chat to about other stuff that comes up. BUT, for now, shut up and take my cock."


With that done and decided, I went back to getting what I wanted, off. I pulled Timmy up and over on top of me. "Ride it," I ordered him. He started using those glutes and thighs he'd built up to ride my cock. I was able to reach up and continue to work his tits at the same time. Watching him work up a sweat for my dick was hot. I could mostly lay there as he did the work.


After a couple minutes he began to moan. I watched his face as he stared at me and pistoned up and down. He was going to cum! I knew the look on his face, he was close to orgasm. Jock faggot really liked riding my cock. I twisted his tits harder and he squirted a brief load out of his locked cock and it landed on my chest. His head was thrown back and his eyes were shut.


"OOOOHHHHHHH, Yessssss! His legs started shaking and he collapsed, ramming the full length of my dick into his guts. It was fucking hot watching my boy work himself up to an orgasm riding me. I rolled him onto his back and began to full fuck him. He didn't stop moaning. He moved from his personal orgasm to moaning about my cock lodged inside him.


"I see what you did there boy. Don't think I didn't notice. You rode my cock for your own personal pleasure. I'll have to decide if I approve of that or not. Fucking is about my orgasm, not about yours. You're lucky I'm feeling generous today."


"Sorry," Timmy gasped as I drove in deep. "I just wanted it so bad."


"You always cum," I reminded him. "Just wait your turn. That is the perfect example of why it doesn't matter if your dick is locked up or not, you know how to cum."


"Sometimes I'm bad," he said grinning.


I fucked. I took my time. I'd wear his pussy out tonight. If he wanted to stop, he'd be out of luck. I was pretty amazed at how fags could cum from just getting their ass fucked, or a cock in their throat. Getting my ass plugged didn't make me shoot a load automatically the other day. I came but it was not from that fucking monster dick. It was from jacking my dick. Timmy moaned, I must be scratching her p-spot.


"Work my cock, boy. Keep your pussy muscles in shape," I told him. "Awww, yeah. Fuck you really can work my dick."


"Cuz I like it," he responded.


"You like all dick. You've become a real slut, Timmy. Who's got the best dick?"


"Hmmmm, your Dad," he said.


"Little bitch! You're pretty cheeky tonight. You may need to keep that dick locked permanently. Make you see just what horny means."


"Your dick is best," he changed his tune. "You know that. It's so good, girls get knocked up, so they can have more of it."


That did it. I slapped Timmy hard across the face.


"Ow! Fuck, I'm sorry."


"I don't need to be reminded of that right now, boy. I'm enjoying your pussy. I'll get you knocked up too. You might look cute pregnant."


What would Timmy look like pregnant. I tried to imagine that possibility. A jock boy used to carry a baby for me. Too funny. He'd hate being pregnant, breasts getting big and heavy with milk.


"I don't need to be pregnant," he said as I sped up my fuck. "I have too much to do now. Can't imagine having a baby."


"You'll adjust," I told him. "It's my baby you'd be carrying. My seed. My boy. You'd learn to honor him as much as you worship me."


"Fuck, that's freaky."


I grinned. I'd still freak him out from time to time. He needed to be kept on edge. He responded well when he wasn't sure what would happen. I watched my dick slide in and out of Timmy. Fags took cock so well, better than any of the girls I'd fucked. I'd adjusted to the idea that meant my life would be stranger than I imagined, but it was good. I had a fag who worshipped me. I had control of him if I didn't fuck it up. There was a knock at the door.


"Did you put a tie on the doorknob?" Timmy asked quietly.


"Nope, I forgot," I admitted. Could be fun I thought. "COME IN!" I shouted.


"Ian!! Oh my god," Timmy freaked.


He squirmed around and tried to remove my dick from his cunt. I smacked him once and he stopped squirming. I slowed my fuck to short strokes and turned towards the door. It was Andy. He walked in and closed the door. It took him a few seconds to turn around and realize what he was seeing.


"Oh shit. Dude, I'm sorry. I thought you said come in," he covered his eyes, then turned away to leave.


"No, its all good. I did say comein," I told him. "Want to watch?"


"Ian!" Timmy squawked again.


"Shut up, boy. I'm trying to talk to Andy."


"I can come back later," Andy said, still not facing us.


"It's not going to bother me," I tried to reassure him. "And Timmy will do as I tell him to do. What's up?"


"Uhm, well actually, I came to ask you about this. Uhm, ya know, like what's it like to fuck a dude. I, uhh, sorta wondered and like Donor was offering his ass up to me earlier. But, like I wanted to ask about it. I didn't like figure you'd be going at it. I mean everyone knows you're fucking Tim, but I didn't expect to see it. I can come back," he repeated.


He was rambling a little. It had thrown him off letting him walk in on us. I liked it when folks were thrown off their path like this.


"Well, it's pretty intense," I told him. "I was just thinking before you knocked that I like it better than pussy most of the time. Less hassle," I explained.


I kept fucking Timmy. I was stroking in and out. Timmy had these huge eyes that were darting between me and Andy. Wondering what would happen next. Andy had turned back around again and was staring at my dick splitting Timmy open. He just stared at us.


"Wow, so like there isn't any shit anywhere," he observed.


"Of course not," I told him. "A good fag knows to keep their pussy clean, Andy. So a fag like Donor is going to be ready for dick, if he's offering it up. Gotta feel nice to get offered a piece of ass by a frat brother," I observed.


"Totally out of the blue," Andy mentioned. "Dude, this is a little weird. I'm totally not gay, but it's kinda hot watching a guy get nailed like this," he said as he adjusted his dick in his pants.


"Yeah, Donor was looking different today," I said.


"Yes, totally," he agreed. "I had to look a couple times to see if it was him."


"What? What happened," Timmy suddenly was interested more in the conversation than his embarrassment.


"Oh, he got this femme haircut, total body wax, from what I can see, and like, got a manicure with nail polosh and all," Andy said. "Said he lost a bet to Zach and has to do what Zach says for a month. But like I said, then he offered me a run at his ass. But, I was like caught off guard. Hadn't expected it. I didn't say no, but I didn't say yes either. I wanted to ask Ian about it. Like would it be to gay to fuck a guy like that. He doesn't even look like a guy hardly now. Looks like something in between," Andy explained.


"You're right," I agreed with him. "Donor was looking pretty femme when I saw him. Zach must be enjoying his month so far."


"Wow," was all that came from Timmy's mouth. Andy was still taking in everything around him.


"Uhm, yeah, so anyway, I just wanted to ask you like what it feels like and all that. I've never even plugged a girl's ass. None of them want to try that stuff with me."


"Yeah, I hear that," I told him. "Too much talk before it ever even has a chance to happen."


"Dude, you are like hung!" he suddenly observed. "How does he even take it?"


I laughed a little and noticed Timmy was blushing. That was nice to see. Andy had ignored Timmy and asked me how it felt as opposed to asking Timmy. He didn't care how Timmy felt with my dick in him, he wanted to know what it was like for me.


"It took some time to break him in," I explained. "Now, he's a champ. You can see he doesn't have any problems taking all of it." I shoved deep and Timmy grunted a moan out.


"Impressive," Andy noted. "It looks like a pussy. I mean his asshole is like wide open for it and everything."


"Oh yeah, That's what I call it too, his pussy. He has good control over it too. Want to take it for a spin?" I asked.


He looked over at me. I think it was the first time his eyes had left Timmy's hole.


"Serious? I mean, I didn't come over here thinking anything about this dude. I mean, I don't want to stop you. We know he's your boy now."


"No problem. Sometimes I share him."


"Yeah, Manuel mentioned that, but seriously that wasn't why I came over," he said again.


"I get it, like I said no problem. I`ll let you drop a load in him if you want. Timmy loves dick. He's not particular."


"Ian!" Timmy protested.


"Timmy, stay quiet. It's my pussy, I'll let someone use it if I decide it's cool." Timmy blushed.


"Fucking hot!" Andy said. "He does everything you tell him?"


"Pretty much. So, you want to try it out? That will answer your questions, I'm betting," I told him.


"Well," he said squeezing his dick through his pants, "as long as you don't mind. Why not?" Andy pointed at Timmy's cage. "What's that?"


"Chastity cage," I told him. "I hold the key. Keeps his hands off his dick so he is always horny and ready to fuck. Can't believe how horny a fag gets once they can't get hard or jack off. Keeps him coming back to me for more. He can get off even locked up though, just a different way. He's all focused on that pussy of his. I'll teach you to find the fag's spot inside where it feels good for them. Like a girl's g-spot, only inside a fag."


"Whoa! Serious? I gotta see that. Think he'll get off when I fuck him?"


"If you treat him right, he will," I said laughing.


Timmy was completely red-faced. I knew he hated being talked about but not acknowledged. It made him feel like an object, I guess. He would never admit he was proud of me talking about how good he was. It wasn't like I lied or anything, Timmy loved getting off to a cock inside him. I pulled my dick out of his hole and it gaped for a few seconds before closing slowly. I stood up and moved over to my desk. Andy pulled his short off and then undid his pants. He pulled them down and stepped out of them. Then he faced Timmy and slowly removed his boxers, his dick springing out already hard.


"Oh my god," Timmy said. "You have a beautiful cock," he exclaimed. I wasn't a judge of cocks. I thought mine was pretty nice, but Timmy seemed impressed my this one. It wasn't nearly as long as mine, but whatever, if Timmy thought it was pretty, then I'd take his word.


"So, do I need lube or something?"


"Nah, his hole works just like a cunt. He self-lubes after he gets all hot and bothered. I don't know how it works, it just does. Go ahead, just slide it in and there will be plenty of lube already. Mind if I get some pics of you fucking him?"


"Just keep my face out of them, oh, and send me copies," he grinned.


Andy stepped up to the edge of the bed and pointed his dick at Timmy's pussy. He slid his head in slow and followed it up by slowly sinking all of his dick inside in one slow push.


"Holy fuck! It's like totally smooth and silky inside. Really warm too. Fuck, that feels nice," Andy beamed. It was like listening to a Yelp review of Timmy's cunt.


"Timmy, go on and show Andy what you can do with your pussy." He just looked at me and didn't say anything.


"Oh, fuck, how's he do that?" Andy asked. "I can feel him squeezing and releasing, like he's jacking me off inside him."


"Go on and fuck him," I encouraged him. "He loves it hard, so don't be afraid to give him a good ride."


"Yesssss, fuck me, please," Timmy finally said something.


"Okay, you asked nicely," Andy told him.


I grabbed my phone and moved over to watch Timmy get fucked. I was always thinking of the boy, giving him fresh dick when I decided he could use it. Andy pulled back slowly and gave his hips a little flex and he started the in and out. He started slow, as if he couldn't really be sure it felt good. He looked confused actually, as if he didn't know really what to do. It made sense. I was a little confused the first time I fucked Danni. He kept moving his hands to different places, Timmy's knees, thighs, knees again, to the bed. Maybe I'd offer some advice.


"So, one thing about fucking a dude is that they like it rougher than a girl would. If you feel like squeezing his tits or twisting nipples just do it. If you put your hand up on their throat then give them a little choke, it's all good. You're fucking a guy, even if they are sissies, they like it hard."


"Huh, okay, thanks."


I filmed a little bit. I was getting some nice pics and vid of Timmy. He'd love it later. I'm sure Andy would too. I might could use the stuff later. Who knows? I did my best to keep Andy out f the images, but oops, I slipped a few times, ya know?


Andy had a hold of Timmy's tits. Seemed like a comfortable posture for him. He gently twisted his nipples and Timmy moaned. Andy's dick was getting up to good speed. He was pumping Timmy good. Timmy was laid out on his back, his arms over his head. He was watching Andy. My guess was he was focusing on the in and out motion and learning when to squeeze on his cock. Timmy started moaning. I knew that was always a good sign. Once that started he'd getting higher and higher pitched until the fucking stopped.


"Makes a lot of noise, doesn't he?" Andy observed.


"Yeah, if it annoys you I can stuff his mouth with your boxers. It will keep the noise down."


"Nah, kinda good feedback. I like that when fucking."


"Give him some feedback, Timmy."


"Fuck, I love your cock. Love watching it go in and out of my cunt," he said. He was getting into it now. I knew he would. He could be a shameless slut when he wanted to be. "Give it to me. I won't break."


Andy got up on the bed and balanced himself then began pounding Timmy's ass. Heavy, deep strokes that I could hear smacking down on Timmy. That cunt was beginning to make squishy sounds too as Andy fucked him. It slowed down the speed he was going at I, but I think Andy liked the slamming action.


"Damn, you just keep moaning."


"I like it, I can't help it. You're hitting my spot and it feels soooo good," Timmy told him.


Timmy reached behind him and cupped Andy's ass. He started pulling him in even harder, letting Andy bounce back off those bubble cheeks and helping him slam down again and again. It was pretty hot. I had half a mind to fuck Andy while this was going on, but decided he probably was not interested in that. I didn't need to make him my bitch, he would probably come around for more of Timmy if I let him use him well enough.


"Fuck me! Fuck me hard," Timmy moaned.


"You're a real slut, Tim. Wish I had known fucking ass was so good. I'd have been doing it before now. All fags like this, Ian?"


"Most are, yep. Some need some training or convincing, but yeah, once they realize what they are good at, you just tell them what you want, and most will give it up. I'm not talking gay guys, but fags, yeah. I've only fucked fags," I explained. "Gay guys are nearly as bad as women trying to get you to flip fuck with them or wanting a blow job in return. A good fag like Timmy is satisfied to get some cock, and knows it's about you getting off, not him."


Andy stopped the pounding. I think his arms were going to give out. He lay on his side and lifted Timmy's leg. He began long dicking him from behind while laying on his side. He wrapped his free hand around Timmy's throat and kept it there. He wasn't squeezing tightly, but he was trying out the controls.


"Oh, yeah, feels so good. Love your cock. OOOoooohhhhhhh, oohhhhhhhhhh," Timmy moaned. "Come on Andy, give it to me."


"Damn you are a horny fuck," Andy told him. "Guess you don't get enough to ever be satisfied. I'd think McNeil's dick was plenty, but obviously you just like getting fucked."


"Yes, I love it, yes."


"Little whore for dick. Take it,"


Andy worked up a pretty good pace for being on his side. He was slamming in and pulling nearly all the way out. He moved his hand and stuck some fingers in Timmy's mouth. Timmy was getting yanked all over by Andy's fuck tempo. He pulled out and turned Timmy over onto his knees. Timmy immediately arched his back and lowered his bed to the bed. Andy climbed back up and jammed his dick in. Timmy let out a yelp.


"There ya, dude. With the curve of your dick, I bet that is hitting his p-spot just right."


"Oh yeah? How can you tell?"


"Well, you keep doing what you're doing and see if his moans get to sounding more girly. Then watch him shoot a load of his cum out of that soft dick, if you do it just right."


"No way! A guy needs to be hard to get a load out," Andy argued.


"You just keep fucking and see what happens," I told him.


Andy fucked for a couple minutes. Sure enough, Timmy's moans got higher pitched and peaked every time Andy hammered past and over that prostate. TImy had grabbed on to Andy and was pawing his pecs, grabbing his ass, and scratching his back with his fingernails.


"Shit, he gets like a bitch in heat like this. I'm not doing anything except enjoying his ass massaging my dick. Just think how he'd get if I got practice at this, knew what I was doing," he said.


"Oh, fuck, OOooooohhhhh, ooohhhhh, ooohhhh god, oohhhhhh. Yeah, yeah, oh goddddd, make me cum. Please make me cum," Timmy begged.


That seemed to spur Andy on. He rose up again and was really hammering away at Timmy. Timmy's legs wrapped themselves around Andy and pulled him into his ass. I could tell from the concentration on his face he was trying to milk Andy's cock and get himself off again.


"Give me that load," Timmy growled. "Give me your cum, please. I want to feel you cum inside me. Breed my cunt!"


"Ohhhh, fuckkkkkk," Andy moaned. "Gonna do just that, bitch. Gonna seed you. Ohhhh, fuck, gonna fill up your hole. Shiiiitttttt, feels so amazing. Ugh, guh, ugh, UggGHHHHHHH!!!!! TAKE IT! Fffuckkkkkkk!! Oh fuck, cumming. Cumming. Squeeze my cock."


Timmy wailed, then his legs tightened down around Andy and kept his dick buried deep. Timmy shook all over and Andy shook his head and twitched in that way a guy does when he's releasing that seed into a pussy. I let them finish, let Andy come down from his fuck, let Timmy take his seed. Andy collapsed on top of Timmy and lay there a few seconds.


"So bro, what do you think? Not too bad, huh?"


"Dude, That's the best fuck I've had in months. Not gonna pass any offers up from a dude anymore."


"Thought you might enjoy what a good fuck could be like." I chuckled at him. "You make Timmy cum too?"


"Not sure," he laughed back. "I didn't really think about it till now." He pushed up off of Timmy and looked. As he moved I heard that tell-tale, ass-slurping sound as his dick slid out of Timmy's ass. I imagined some of that load Timmy wanted so badly was sliding out of his pussy too. "What the fuck, Tim came too. He leaked all over his stomach."


"Told ya. He enjoys the dick."


"Tim, you have a great ass. I mean pussy. Actually, I don't care what it is, your hole is amazing."


"Thank you, Sir. I really enjoyed that," Timmy said politely.


"Ian, I swear, that was amazing," Andy continued. "I'm completely sorry I walked in on you but not sorry you let me see what that was all about. It was cool."


"No problem, bro. Glad to show you another side to good sex."


Andy got up off the bed and looked around for his clothes.


"Wait!" Timmy said loudly. "Let me clean your cock up."


Andy looked over at me and I nodded. "He needs to suck the man's cock clean after fucking. No need to have a mess to clean up later," I explained.


"Shit. A full service visit." Andy stepped to Timmy's face and Timmy moved so he was on his hands and knees on the bed. He hungrily slurped in Andy's dick and cleaned it up, sucking off all of Andy's cum and his own pussy juices. Licking his lips even when he finished. Andy just kinda shook his head, not believing someone would clean up all that fuck mess.


"On your back, Timmy," I told him. I wasn't going to waste any time getting back to my fuck. I also wanted to show Andy the cream pie he'd created. I slapped Timmy's ass as he lifted and spread his legs. Andy was sliding back into his pants when I pointed it out to him.


"Nice job creaming his pussy," I said. I spread Timmy's cheeks so his cunt was visible.


Andy glanced over grinning. "Dude, I'm still just amazed that you'd let me use his hole. It was totally amazing. This boy has some tight pussy that he can work right! My brain is still on overdrive. I'll sleep well tonight." Andy seemed thrilled. I was happy to help out a brother.


"You're welcome to hang out for some beer after I finish up what I started," I told him. Maybe he'd want to watch a pro take on Timmy's cunt. "Just to make it fair. I watched you fuck and all." I slid my cock back inside Timmy and started fucking. If he stayed, I was cool with it. Just thought he might want to see what Timmy could really do. I had handled everything so far in a very chill way. I wanted to make sure Andy was also chill about this. No more freaking out about this stuff for anyone, I figured. I was over shit like Donor freaking out, Tim freaking out. The men needed to realize fags were cool and the fags needed to realize putting out for men was cool.


I grabbed onto Timmy's waist and rolled over. Now I was on my back and Timmy was laying on his back on my chest. I raised up my hips and started fucking from below. Timmy caught on and soon he was placing his feet on my thighs., then eventually grabbing his legs to hold them out of the way. Then I was able to take him and roll him back and forth. It allowed full bore strokes in and out of his hole. I couldn't see it, but I knew it made for a show. Open gaping cunt then suddenly stuffed by nearly 10 inches of thick cock. Back and forth, in and out. Timmy was squealing each time I entered, and he gasped each time I yanked my dick out of his hole.


"Holy shit, he's really open. His hole doesn't even close," Andy said.


"Nope. He knows it's better to keep it open for this position. He knows I am not going to stop the fuck, so he needs to adjust to my needs."


"Holy shit, so he just takes it, just accepts that."


"Oh yeah, he loves it."


"Oh god, I love it," Timmy moaned. I laughed, and Andy joined in after a few seconds.


Andy hadn't left yet. He was watching now. His pants remained unzipped and his dick hadn't fully softened. I could put on a good show I figured. Maybe he'd decide he wanted more. I could play with him while playing with Timmy too. I mean, I wasn't going to fuck him, but I could set his mind going different directions I thought. I moved Timmy onto his back and lifted his legs up until his ass was pointing almost directly to the sky. I stood and slowly sank my cock back inside. I pushed in him easily and began fucking. It was really more about pushing Timmy up and down on the mattress as my dick stood still.


When I got tired of that I let him fall down until his legs were folded up to his chest. His knees nearly to his chin. That left that big ass nicely pointed so Andy could see me fuck it.


"Oh, god!!" Timmy wailed as I drove back inside.


I never pulled fully out in this position. Just hammered it home. Slamming into his ass, burying my bone deep in the hole I'd chosen. I placed my hands over Timmy's pecs and used them to support myself. Someday I hoped I could fuck those tits, if he kept on gaining muscle like I wanted. It wouldn't be too far into the future. Timmy held his legs tight as my hands pressed on his chest. The pounding was beginning to wear on Timmy. Between me and Andy he been getting fucked for nearly an hour already. He just moaned louder and louder.


"Sheesh, he's loud. And it just keeps getting higher pitched too," Andy noted.


"Yeah. He's just enjoying himself. He'll cum again soon," I told him.


"You can tell?"


"Oh yeah. You can easily tell when he's going to shoot. He gets to moaning and wailing and then of course there's the usual stuff, balls tighten up, ass clamps down, he even goes into shaking, like a girl does during the big O," I explained.


"Woah! Cool," Andy replied.


"Stuff something in his mouth to keep him quieter," I told Andy. "He's used to it. In fact, a cock is always a good thing to stuff in there. You up for blow from him?"


"That's kinda gay, isn't it? A three-way with two guys?"


Obviously it hadn't sunk in to Andy that he had already fucked a guy. Had gotten a blow from Donor already too. How was using Timmy's mouth while I hammered his pussy all that different? Maybe because it involved doing it with me? Did he consider Timmy a guy too? Or was he just thinking of us as the two guys? Made me chuckle to think what he really meant.


"Up to you," I told him. "I mean, you just fucked a dude, not sure how plugging his mouth is any gayer than fucking. But, stuff his mouth with my boxers if you aren't going to use it for fucking."


Andy wasn't dressed yet. He'd stopped putting clothes on when I started up my fuck. He hadn't even zipped up his pants. Hadn't put on his shirt. He was rubbing his dick again even as he was asking about how gay it was to share a fag. I moved a hand up to Timmy's throat, he growled his assent. I didn't grab tightly, but continued to support myself while choking him a little.


"Dude, you're choking him," Andy stated the obvious.


"You hear any complaints?" I asked. I began fucking hard again. Long deep strokes that were bumping Timmy's p-spot regularly. Between periodically cutting off his air, I was ramming his spot. He managed to gasp and moan in his high-pitched way.


"Dude, he's turning red. Don't choke him out."


"He's fine." I let go of his neck and Timmy took a deep breath. "See? He's good." Timmy moved his legs off his chest and wrapped them around me. He lifted his ass off the bed on each stroke to take my dick as far as he good. He was getting as good a workout as I was. Fucking me back with his pussy each time I long-dicked him.


"Fuck! He really likes your dick. Can't believe he's still going."


"Timmy loves cock. All types in any hole," I noted.


Timmy was losing control again. He was trying desperately to get as much dick inside him as possible. He wanted a load bad.


"Fuck me, fuck me Ian, Sir. Give me that load, Please!! I want it, bad, Ian."


"Damn, he's got no modesty as all," Andy said while he rubbed his dick.


"Nope. I fucked that out of him a good while ago. He can tell you what he likes."


I fucked harder, faster, and in a few seconds Timmy was starting to shudder again. His body twitched. He wriggled about and his moaning was one long noise now. Now interruptions. His cunt tightened up and he spurted once then leaked a bit more."


"Fuck, McNeil. He got off again. Damn."


"I know how to push his buttons," I bragged. "He was pretty easy to figure out."


Timmy went limp after that. He been pounded for a good long time. He had squirted his fag load 3 times now. I placed my hands under Timmy's back and then rolled him over again. He was laying on my chest and my dick was buried inside him. I wanted to empty my load again. I wanted to plant some seed inside the boy. I started a slow fuck of him this way. It would work me up to a blast in his cunt soon enough. He just lay there grunting as I reached his deepest spots.


"Come on," I said to Andy. "Drop your pants and stick it in him again. He won't even notice it."


"Dude! Double fuck him? Is that even a thing?"


"He's taken two at once before," I told him.


"Ooohhhhh, goddddd," Timmy wailed. "Yes! Please fuck me Andy. Please."


"Shit. He's out of it. Begging to get ripped up. What's he on?"


I laughed. "He's not on anything except his own brain chemicals. He can handle it. Come on," I coached him along. "One time offer. May not happen again, bro. You gonna pass this chance up?"


I made the tough sell. I kept fucking and Andy was obviously thinking about it. His dick was in his hand and hard. He was watching Timmy who could barely raise himself up off my chest a little to turn around and look at Andy. Timmy licked his lips as he looked at Andy's dick.


"Damn! No homo McNeil, not interested in you. I just wanna try this and see what happens."


"Yes!" Timmy crowed. He lay back down on my chest and reached around behind him to spread his ass further apart. Andy stripped his pants off again and stepped forward. My legs were on the floor and I spread them more to let Andy stand between them. He spit on his dick a couple times and rubbed it around.


"Okay, I'm gonna to try this. You tell me if it's too much Tim. Can't believe you're going to let me do this."


"He needs it. Every once in a while, the boy can't get enough. I owe it to him to try and get him what he needs," I explained.


Timmy moaned when I spoke. A simple `yes' escaped his lips. Andy was hesitating, like he wasn't sure what to do.


"Go on," I encouraged him. "Grab his hair and pull him up. Shove in while you're doing it."


He reached over to Timmy's hair, wrapped his hand in it and pulled Timmy gently up by it. He aimed his dick and pushed. Timmy had no resistance anymore with cock. He'd been fucked dumb tonight and he'd been double fucked before, nothing new to him. I could feel Andy's dick start sliding along my own shaft.


"Open it up Timmy. Relax and let your brother inside." I slapped his ass for good measure. Timmy grunted.


"Dude, this feels fucking weird. I can feel your dick," Andy noted.


"No kidding. I feel yours too. Just don't treat him gentle at this point. When I say grab his hair I mean give it a good pull."


Andy gave Timmy's hair a yank, Timmy squawked but continued moaning. His head went back and he straightened up. I wondered if Andy's dick would fall out but it didn't. I could feel him still moving into Timmy.


"He opened right up! Didn't even complain," he said as if he couldn't believe it.


"Well get to fucking then," I told him.


"He's like a rag doll. He just moves where I push or pull him."


"All to make you happy, bro. He loves to put out for a guy. Of course he loves what it does to him too, but he's focused on pleasing first. Most of the time," I added slapping Timmy's ass.


Andy fucked a while. I had a feeling it wouldn't be long. He was too hard, too excited. He was trying things out on Timmy. He grabbed him under the chin and moved his head around. He tightened his grip on Tim's neck and watched as Timmy turned a little red before letting go. He reached around and grabbed Timmy's nipples. He gave them a good twist and when Timmy moaned, Andy stayed on them awhile, until Timmy was squirming around on our cocks.


"He doesn't care what I do to him. Never gonna get to fuck a girl like this. They are too delicate," he noted.


"Yeah, and Timmy enjoys the rougher stuff. I discovered he's pretty kinky after he started begging to blow me."


"So, he came looking for you?"


Oh yeah. I mean, I know what to look for. My brother is a fag, and Timmy had a lot of similar looks as my brother does. There is a need in the face I can see. I can hear the tone of the voice, the offer of services a fag will do to try to get some interest from a dude."


"Serious? Huh, I honestly never thought about it until Donor straight up offered his ass up."


"First off, a fag considers it their pussy, so stop thinking about them as guys, they are fags. A good fag keeps that hole cleaner than a pussy. They are always ready to go."


Andy didn't talk any more. He was clearly into the fuck now. Timmy flopped around and tried to do what Andy wanted as he moved him around. Felt good getting my dick stroked by Timmy's cunt and by Andy's dick. This always felt good to me, sharing my fag's pussy with a buddy. Watching Tim take what I told him he'd take. Fuck I was definitely on top of the world, even with the problems I had.


Aawwwww, fuckkkkk," Andy moaned. I started fucking more. I wanted to cum about the same time. I wanted to coat his dick in my seed as much as I wanted Timmy's cunt coated with of our loads. I wanted Andy to know it was my boy's pussy and I'd nut on him if he used it. I was getting close.


Gonna cum soon," he gasped.


"Do it. He loves it. Wants that seed inside him."


"Fuccckkkkkkk! Fuck, this pussy feels great. "AAwwwwghgghhhhh."


I guess calling Timmy's hole a pussy was enough to push Andy over the edge. I could feel his dick throbbing and spitting seed. Then the warmth of his load slicking up my dick too. I pulled back just a bit so that when I shot I'd coat them both.


"Oh, fuck, me too," I told him. I held my dick and made sure I didn't shove all the way back in. I was guessing where to place it so Andy knew it was happening. "CUMMING!!!"


Timmy moaned and tried to grind down deep but I held his ass in position. Andy was leaning over Timmy and I let loose. I could feel my big load I'd worked up over the long fucking of Timmy. I was ready to release. I flooded Timmy's guts with my load. Felt so damn good.


"Aw, dude. I can feel your dick shooting. Gross," he said and yanked his cock out with a sloppy wet cunt sound as it popped out. "No way I need to feel that," he added.


"Bro, you shot your load all over me, you'll get over it," I told him. "You've felt worse things in your life."


"That was different, at least until I felt that stuff. That isn't my thing," he repeated.


When I pulled out I stuck my dick in Timmy's face and he slurped it up right away. Cleaned me off and thanked me. Then he stretched out and went to sleep almost immediately. Andy had already dressed so he missed the clean-up. Guess my load had scared him too much. He managed to thank me again for the use of Timmy and took off. I figured I wouldn't see him again for a repeat. That seemed like a one-off for him. He might get a blow again from Donor, but I doubted he'd use his ass. Didn't seem like the type.


I looked at Timmy dozing off from exhaustion and got an idea. I dug around in the sex toy drawer and found what I was looking for, a good-sized plug. I walked back over to the bed and started pushing it inside Timmy. He grunted and opened his eyes.


"I want that seed to soak up inside there, boy. No need you wasting what the men give you. You leave that in there for the night." He didn't say anything. Just looked at me with a confused sleepy look. He didn't argue either, just accepted it and lay back down.