giving big brother my love

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I had always worshiped my big brother Wil. He was older than me by two years and had always watched out for me, taken up for me and generally protected me. He was my idol. He wasn’t a big burly football guy, more of a thin hard bodied toned runner. His hair was dark brown bordering on black that always needed to be cut. His bangs would hang over his emerald eyes and I always wondered how he could see while running. His tanned body would be dripping sweat when he returned from his runs, his shorts always sticking to his body showing a mound up front and two hard spheres behind, the shorts always tight between them, separating them. When he would walk by me, the smell from all the sweating would cause me to chub up some. I would have thought that sweat would smell bad, but his didn’t.

I would follow him around and hang out with his friends, as much as they would let me, that is. He was always nice to me and had no problem hugging me, or giving me a quick kiss on the lips. His arm would drape over my smaller shoulders when standing next to me and he would often offer to massage my feet or shoulders if I was having a bad day. Massages always made me feel better even though I always got hard from his hands rubbing me. I know he knew I got hard cause any time I looked at him, he was always staring at my crotch, but he never said anything about it and I figured it was normal.

When I turned 13, I got a laptop for my birthday, I was sooo excited and spent a lot of time researching everything I could think of. My body had a growth spurt and started to change. My voice started cracking and I was embarrassed. Wil would always start talking to me and when it cracked he would smile. I thought he was making fun of me till I saw him adjust himself after smiling at me. I went on line and found a helpful site called Nifty. It had a ton of sex stories but I also realized it had a ton of information in those stories. I started to wonder about Wil and started to pay closer attention to him. Or maybe I should say his body.

As usual, he would start talking to me and as I responded, my voice cracking, he would smile and adjust what looked to be a tenting crotch. I started to put together all the different information from my growing up and realized my big brother was into my body. I was overwhelmed with thoughts and stayed to myself for a bit. Wil noticed my pulling away and asked if everything was okay with me. I told him it was just all the new things going on with my body and I would be fine. I did more research and decided that Wil being so nice to me and doing things for me without ever asking me to do anything for him might have been a little more than him having a laid back demeanor. I loved my big brother and after being so good to me over my life, I wanted him to be happy and I decided to see if I could return some of the love my big brother has given me.

I stood in front of my mirror, mounted onto my bedroom door, looking at myself. My sandy brown hair was cut short, not a military short haircut, just short kind of like a professional business look and I had to admit I liked it. My body is not muscled or even toned like Wil’s but my stomach was flat and I was thin. The white skin was a little too white and I mentally told myself I needed to be in the sun more. My nipples were not small and tight like Wil’s, they were bigger round and a little puffy. I had always been a little embarrassed by them but its not like I could change them. Then I looked down, my legs were longer than my chest and the bulge in my crotch filled my boxer briefs. I don't really know how I fare to other guys, since gym class didn't require showers yet but it looked good. My feet were bare, my toes digging into the soft carpet.

I took a deep breath and opened my bedroom door, “Hey Wil, can you come in here?”

“I’m just on my way out for my run, can it wait?”

“Umm, I guess it can wait.” I closed my bedroom door, knowing I had waited till I knew he would be ready to leave. I wanted him in his shorts for this.

Then as I expected, my brother put me ahead of his own needs and opened my door. “What can I help you with bro?”

My breathing deepened as I noticed his eyes looking me up and down, centering in on my crotch. “You know with all the changes my body is going through, and with my growth spurt, my body is really aching and I could use a massage. Um, a full body massage.” I waited a moment while he processed what I said and noticed his shorts getting tighter. “I read up on line that the best kind of massage is an oil massage and thought you could try that, if you want.”

“I um don't have any oil and um, it could be messy and umm...” he stammered out.

“That's ok, I have some and I put the washable pad on my bed just in case you said yes.” Then turning around so he could see my backside, I walked to my bed to show him both items.

When I turned back towards him, I noticed his eyes seemed like they were locked onto my growing crotch. “Ok, um get on the bed,” was all he said as he sort of stumbled to my bed.

I smiled at him and said “Wouldn’t it be better if I was naked, so I don't get oil on my clothes? You should probably do the same.” Then I turned away from him and slowly pulled off my underwear and crawled onto my bed. I looked at him staring and knew I needed to take control. “Wil. Strip now.”

His eyes glazed over and he started taking off his clothes. His dick was hard as steel and sticking up towards his stomach. It looked to be about 5” which meant I was bigger than he was. A thrill ran through me at that thought and I stepped up my orders. “Grab the oil and start on my legs, pay close attention to my feet.”

As if he was a robot following orders, he grabbed the oil and spread some into his hands warming it up. Then he started rubbing my legs and my dick went instantly hard under me. He rubbed them for a couple of minutes before going down to my feet. The pleasure was intense and I was horny as hell. “Lick them,” I told him and without hesitation, he started licking my feet. “Now suck my toes.” He moaned out as the first toe entered his mouth and he was soon working them for all it he was worth.

I pulled my foot from his mouth, his tongue extending towards my toes as I pulled away. His eyes pleaded with me for more so I turned some, “Now suck this bitch.” His eyes enlarged for a second as he stared at my hard dick and then he was on it. He started sucking the head, his tongue wrapping around the head, his oily hands going to my balls. “That’s it bitch. Suck that big dick… Yea, you like sucking on your little brother’s dick don’t you bitch.” He moaned as he feverishly sucked me.

I grabbed him by his hair and at the last moment, pulled him off my dick just as it exploded. The first two shots caked his face and then I shoved his head back onto my dick so he could take the rest of the load. When he was trying to nurse out the last remnants of my cum, I pulled him off and told him to stand before me.

I was going to ridicule him about being smaller than me knowing he would get off on it but I noticed cum spread around his dick. I sat up and slapped him hard across his face, The shock of it made his eyes widen again, his hand coming up to caress his slapped cheek. “I didn’t give you permission to cum, did I? DID I?”

His eyes dropped and he responded softly, “No…. no master.”

I swung off the bed and grabbed him by the arm and pushed him against the bed, his crotch hitting the side of it and causing him to bend some. “I was going to go slow and easy since you have always been good to me, but now, now you must be punished.” I grabbed the oil and applied some to my dick. Then pressing an arm against his back I pushed him down and slid my dick up his crack. Finding his hole, I pushed in, getting it to open just a bit before I rammed all 6” of my dick into him. He screamed as I started fucking hard and deep. The harder I fucked him the more he screamed. His screaming turned me on and I continued to fuck him roughly.

Then the screaming softened and the moaning began… “Fuck me little brother, my master. Fuck me please...”

His begging sent me over the edge and I came deep inside his ass. I pulled out and ordered him to suck me clean. Then I had him stand in front of me where I grabbed his raging hard dick and told him, “Cum, now.” With a single tug of his dick, he exploded all over my body.

I had him lick my body clean as well as his mess on my bed. Then I informed him that from now on, he would stop in my room before going on a run to suck my dick and when he came back, sweaty and all, he was to strip and wait for me to fuck him. He was my personal slave and would do anything I wanted him to.

With a smile, he replied, “Yes master.”