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Andy Mann





"Here you go," I said as I put the last of the four pints of lager on the table. I looked around the busy pub before taking my seat on the stool, pulling it in close so that our conversation could be kept quiet.

"So what's everyone up to this weekend?" Chris asked, brushing his hair away from his eyes.

"I was thinking about going to the sauna," Frankie chuckled. "They've got a trannie evening tomorrow."

"You and your bloody cross dressers," Harry complained. "I swear that you're not gay."


That caused a little bit of banter to be thrown back and forth between the two and I sat for a moment, watching my old school mates. The four of us had been best mates since the age of ten, growing up together, fighting the bullies together and yes, exploring our pre-pubescent bodies together. I had finally built up the nerve at the age of thirteen and came out to the rest of them, only for the others to breathe a sigh of relief and admit that they thought they were gay as well. On top of that, Chris told us that he knew a guy who would suck us if we wanted. While all of us screwed up our noses, we found out later that we had each visited the man individually. I lost my own anal virginity to him just shy of my fourteenth birthday.

Over the last twenty five years, we had lived in the same city, picked up good jobs and picked up good shags but always remained the best of friends. Even when Chris had finally admitted a dark secret to us, that his sexual taste hadn't moved on from when he was young, we still stood by him. In fact, we all took turns in admitting to ourselves and to each other that we shared that interest, and while we wouldn't actually act on it, all four of us found boys to be attractive.

Harry had a thing for under tens, preferring them to be around the six to eight year old range, while the rest of us preferred the tween generation, those on the cusp of puberty who oozed the awkwardness of growing sexual knowledge and desires.

Of course, we never acted on our desires. We didn't want to end up in prison after all. But there was no harm in window shopping and fantasising. We normally ended up either going to the gay clubs, the sauna or, on the rare times we failed to strike out, we had the fall back that Frankie and Chris were both versatile and liked a good arse fucking with Harry and I only too willing to dish it out.


"I've managed to download some more videos," Chris said, dropping his voice so that the noisy, chavy girls on the next table couldn't hear.

"Cute ones?" Harry asked.

"It's from that same Czech site that I got the last lot," he replied.

"Is that little dark haired lad on it again?" Frankie questioned, shifting on his chair. I didn't need to look to see that he'd already popped a boner. He had fallen in love with a lad who looked to be around twelve, who had gotten his arse well and truly buggered by two middle aged guys.

"Yup... I watched them all last night. He gets fucked by a black guy and, no kidding, the guy is fucking hung like a horse. You can see that it must have hurt him, but he still moaned like a whore in heat."

"Shit man, I need a wank!" Frankie squeaked and disappeared to the toilets.

"So, if you want, we can grab some beer, order in a takeout, and wank till our balls run dry," Chris offered.

"I'm there," Harry confirmed, his hand squeezing the front of his jeans, shifting his own hard dick to a more comfortable position.

"Shit!" I exclaimed, just as thoughts of watching wonderful boy sex filled my mind. "Jacob is coming tomorrow to stay for the week. It's Mike's anniversary and he's taking Karen to Paris."


The image of my thirteen year old nephew suddenly filled my thoughts and, as always, I sighed lustfully at the prospect of seeing his fit, young body in close quarters.


"Damn! Unlucky Matt," Chris chuckled. "But think about it, we'll be watching boys on the TV while you get your hands on one in person."

"You know it's not like that," I moaned. "As much as I'd love to, you know that I'd not force myself on him or hurt him."

"You know he's gay," Harry prompted. "He's always flirting around us, taking off his shirt whenever he can. He's a little cock tease and you need to take control and show him what being a little bottom boi is all about."

"Jake's in town?" Frankie asked as he sat back down. His face was flushed and he was slightly out of breath.

"That was quick," I chided.

"Well, the thought of that hottie made me all hot," he chuckled. "So are you ever going to put the move on your nephew?"

"You know I'm not," I frowned. "He isn't gay... he's too sporty. If I tried anything and he told my brother, firstly Mike would kill me, then he'd stop me from ever seeing Jacob again and finally Karen would kill me."

"She's scary," Chris laughed, but with a hint of seriousness about it.


My brother was two years older than us and Karen is a top rugby player. She had trials for England a few years back before she got pregnant and while she had never achieved those levels again, she could still probably beat the shit out of the four of us single handed.


"Just think though, if Jakey boy was willing, you'd have boy sex on tap, and maybe share him with us as well." Frankie had a thing for dark haired boys and my nephew had jet black hair, just like his Dad.

"Well, get over it cos it ain't gonna happen," I frowned at him. However, I did have to make myself more comfortable as the thought of my sexy nephew made my dick spring to life. Okay, sue me! I have a lust crush on my thirteen year old nephew.


The discussion moved away from Jacob and back onto the videos. As I found myself more and more out of the conversation with plans being made for the following night, my mind wandered back to Jacob. He had met all three of my best friends before and all of them lusted after him from afar and with good reason. Whether I had rose-tinted specs on, I wasn't sure, but my nephew is one fine looking boy. Jet black hair as I mentioned, kept at shoulder length and dark brown eyes that looked like pools of chocolate. His face had remained acne free and his body was to die for. He was one of the better sportsmen in his year, a full back for his rugby team, central midfielder at football and a cricketer to boot, his abs were nicely forming, his legs were firm and his arms were already showing signs of muscle.

I had seen him naked on a few occasions, either when I took him swimming, or on more than one occasion where he had stepped out of the shower and forgotten to take a towel in with him. He knew that I was gay, as I had been upfront with my brother before agreeing to babysit Jacob as a toddler, so I always tried to maintain eye contact on those naked occasions but I will admit to having a peek every now and then. Jacob had a nice small set of balls and a dick that was just beginning to thicken away from the pencil thin of pre-pubescence. It looked to be around three inches long, the size of my little finger and many times at night, I sucked on my finger imagining that it was Jacob's dick.


"I'm off," I announced to my mates. "I need to get an early start in the morning to clear up before I go and pick Jacob up from his parents."

"More like you're off to have a wank thinking about his naked body being just a wall away from you," Chris laughed.


I shot him the finger and waved goodbye. As I reached the door of the bar, I glanced back to see the three with their heads together, whispering to each other. Frankie shot me a quick look before blushing and turning back to the others. I sighed as I thought about the fun they would have watching the videos at Chris's. At least I would get to see them at a later date.



The following morning, I awoke to a wet, sticky mess. Despite wanking myself to a satisfying cum before I fell asleep, my dreams were still invaded by Jacob. I had imagined him naked, writhing on top of my own naked body as we traded tongues. My hands had cupped his arse, feeling down his crack until my finger had poked inside his treasure cove. In my dreams, he loved every minute of our sex but I knew the reality would be far different.

I chucked the dirty sheets into the washer and put fresh sheets on my bed before grabbing a shower. A quick wash and shave and I was good to go. I quickly walked through my house, making sure that I hadn't left any signs of gay porno material in sight and headed out to my car.

Ah... my pride and joy. A dark British racing green Jaguar F type convertible. One of the benefits of being a national sales manager for one of the largest breweries in Europe is that my basic salary is high and my target bonuses are even higher. It's how, at the age of thirty eight, I own a four bedroomed detached house in a quiet village, mortgage free, along with my car, as well as a holiday cottage in the Lake District and a three bedroomed apartment overlooking the gay quarter in Brighton.

I jumped in, gunned the engine to the delight of three teenage boys who were walking past, and shot off for the hour long drive to my brother's house.

As I pulled into their drive, I could see Karen already fussing of Jacob, much to his disapproval. He certainly was a boy's boy, not one for wanting his mother to be seen kissing him in public. He wiped his left cheek with the back of his hand when Karen had turned to greet me and I returned his infectious grin.


"All set?" I asked him, having received the same cheek peck treatment from my sister in law.

"I guess," he replied, a slight hint of reservation in his tone.

"What's up?" I queried, pulling him slightly to one side. "You do enjoy staying at mine, don't you?"

"Course I do, Uncle Matt," Jacob forced a smile onto his cute face. "It's just..."

"It's just that he wanted to go and watch Aston Villa play midweek," Mike told me, clapping Jacob on the shoulder. "It's some preseason game so it's cheap to get in."

"Why do you support those losers anyway?" I chuckled before ducking underneath my brother's playful punch.

"At least we're Premier League, not like you bluenoses!" Jacob joked back.


It was a long running banter between us as I had followed my Dad in being a Birmingham City supporter while Mike, and now Jacob, had gone over to the dark side and were supporting our fierce rivals Aston Villa. My Uncle Jim was to blame for that. Not wanting Jacob to miss out, and of course, in an effort to spend even more time with him, I decided to bite the bullet.


"Look Jake, you're with me for the week so why don't I see if I can get us a pair of tickets?" I suggested.

"Really? You'd do that?" He threw himself at me, giving me a tight hug and I allowed my arms to encircle his lithe body and hug him back. I kept my hands on his back, rather than their wishful desire to slip down to his pert buttocks.

"Sure kiddo."

"You spoil him," Mike sniggered, knowing that I'd do anything for family. I was already running through my contacts in my head and smiled as I realised that one of my customers had a corporate box at Villa Park. Why not spoil him properly?

"So you all packed?" I asked him, leaving my arm around Jacob's shoulder. He didn't shrug it off so I left it there.

"Yeah. Taxi is due in around an hour."

"Well, we'll get going if that's okay?"

"Go get your bag, Jacob," Mike told his son. I watched him run back into the house, my eyes being dragged to his rear end as the baggy shorts bounced up and down.


Ten minutes later, we were in the car, back on the M6, racing along in the fast lane, keeping my eyes peeled for any police car or cameras. Jacob was giggling as his hair streamed back in the wind as I hit ninety. With the noise of the wind and the blasting music of Kerrang radio, conversation was kept to a minimum with the occasional shouts back and forth.


"Can we stop for a Big Mac, Uncle Matt?" Jacob asked me as we slowed down having pulled off the motorway at my exit.

"How many have you had this month?" I poked him in the side.

"I haven't had any since the last time I stayed at yours," he griped. "You know my Mum don't like them so we're not allowed them."


I glanced at the clock on the dashboard and saw that breakfast had just finished so I pulled into the car park. Two Big Mac meals later and we were soon pulling into my driveway. We got out and closed the roof before heading inside.


"You know where your room is," I told him and watched as he started his way upstairs. My eyes were fixed onto his butt as he walked up the steps and I cursed myself as I felt my dick stir at the thought of what lay beneath those cotton shorts.

"Sure, Uncle Matt," Jacob replied and I heard the footsteps across the landing into the second largest bedroom.


My brother was right. I did spoil my nephew as I had decorated the second room as Jacob had wanted it, furnished it out and it was now his room. As he tended to stay over at least once a fortnight, I had decided to give him his own room. Mike and Karen were relegated to the third bedroom whenever they stayed over, much to the amusement of their teenage son.

I grabbed a couple of bottles of water from the fridge and flicked the TV on while I waited for him to unpack. He generally didn't need to bring much as I had bought him some clothes which he kept over at mine, but he always liked bringing his underwear and some shirts so that he had a choice of clothes.

I sat on the couch watching the sports news channel when he suddenly appeared next to me, jumping onto the sofa, making it bounce slightly. He giggled as I handed him his water and my eyes were immediately drawn to his naked chest. As usual, if it was warm enough, Jacob went without a shirt, saying that he preferred the coolness of air against his skin. As a secret boylover with a crush on him, who was I to complain?

I noticed that his tan was coming along nicely and he still had a completely smooth chest. Not one sign of hair. As he lifted his arms in a stretch, I took the opportunity to note that his armpits had just started to have a smattering of hair... nothing too bad yet, and I started to wonder how I could persuade him to keep his pits shaved. I always did as it reminded me of being younger, and if I could keep my precious nephew looking like the tween he was, then all the better.

I shifted in my seat as my dick wanted to make its presence known and directed Jacob to the news that Villa had agreed to sell their best player.


"Looks like you guys are in trouble this season," I stated. "First Delph left you and now Benteke's on his way to Liverpool."

"Urgh! I know... with Vlaar gone as well, we're gonna have it rough this year," he moaned, leaning into me.

"You know what's rough?" I asked, a mischievous grin spreading across my face.

"No?" Jacob replied before looking at me. I saw the sign of comprehension dawning in his eyes as my hands found his ribs. "Argh! No! Not fair!" he yelled as I wrestled him to the ground.


Jacob loved all sports, especially the rough and tumble of rugby, so I took every opportunity to wrestle with him. Of course, it gave me the ideal chance to get my hands on his silky skin and we were soon panting with exhaustion after ten minutes of full on tickle and grab.

I laid back on the rug, breathing deeply to catch my breath. Jacob was beginning to be able to hold his own against me so I was going to have to start hitting the gym. I heard a giggle from the side and turned to see Jacob lying by the side of me, propped up on an elbow.


"What's so funny?" I asked.

"You've got a boner," he chuckled. Before I knew what he was doing, he put his hand directly over my tented shorts. I groaned as he squeezed it gently before he pulled his hand away. "I'm so sorry, Uncle Matt... I didn't mean to."

I propped myself up and looked him in the eyes. I could see a hint of fear and worry in them. "Don't worry about it, Jake," I told him. "It's natural to be curious about body parts at your age. I'm sorry for not realising that I'd popped wood."

"I keep getting one all the time," he moaned. "It's really annoying cos it happens at school and in the changing rooms. I nearly had a fight last week cos Graham Phelps called me a fag."

"That's not a nice word," I explained softly.

"I know, that's why I threatened him," Jacob replied. "My mate Jordan is gay and he gets called it a lot by some of the year nine boys and it really upsets him."

"I didn't know you had a friend who's gay," I said, surprised at the news that a boy would come out at such a young age. "You're a good friend to stand by him."

"Well, it would be wrong if I didn't," he shook his head. "He was my mate before he told us and nothing has changed in him, other than we now know he's gay. Besides, you're gay so why would I have a problem with him being gay?"

"That's true. It just makes you even cooler than I thought you were already," I grinned and pulled him to me, giving him a hug. I held him for a few moments and could feel my still hard dick pressing into his leg. He didn't show any sign of discomfort so I didn't pull away. I hoped that I would feel his dick growing and poking me back but I couldn't, much to my disappointment. I released the hug and was pleased that he held on for a moment longer before rolling off me and sitting up.

"I'm hungry!" he announced.

"You've only just had that Big Mac!" I argued.

"That was like forever ago!" he whined.


Knowing that I would have a whiny boy on my hands if I starved him, I sent him back upstairs to clean up. I heard his bedroom door shut and I decided that I needed to clean up myself, having got a little sweaty during our wrestling match. Walking past his closed bedroom door, I had an idea about the afternoon.


"Hey Jacob, have you seen the new Terminator movie yet?"

"No, I'm not allowed," the muffled reply came back.

"Why not?"

"Mum says I'm too young."

"Well, you liked the others, didn't you?" I asked. We had sat through all four last month.

"Sure did."

"Okay then. We'll go and watch it after we've eaten. So hurry up and shower."


I was just about to walk away to my room when the door opened. My eyes widened as I saw Jacob standing with a towel in his hand and nothing else. I immediately fixed my vision onto his cock, taking the first opportunity in weeks to check out his nether regions. He looked to have grown slightly, or it could have been the fact that his cock was slightly plump. It wasn't exactly limp against his ballsac but it wasn't erect either. I dragged my eyes up to his face where I saw him blushing.


"Crap," he stammered. "I thought you'd already gone to your room."

"You do know that you have an en-suite shower room, don't you?" I chuckled, trying to keep the nerves and butterflies from my voice.

"Yeah, but the shower in the main bathroom is much better." He hadn't made any move to cover up and Harry's words sprang back to my mind about him being a cock tease.

"Well, don't take all of the hot water," I told him. "Make sure you wash under your arms as well, you got a little stinky." Way to go brain! What a way to compliment him!

He lifted up his left arm and turned his head and sniffed his pit. "Nah, I don't. Smell it!"

"Pardon?" My cock throbbed in my shorts.

"I think I smell alright," he giggled and turned his body slightly to offer me his left armpit.


I took a hesitant step forward and was pleased that Jacob took two steps to cover the distance between us. I leaned over, negating the six inches of height differential and put my nose to his pit. I took in a long, deep breath through my nose and smelled the wonderful aroma of boy sweat. My cock lurched in my shorts and I could feel the front of my boxers beginning to get damp.

I counted to five, slowly, luxuriating in the closeness and aroma of my nephew before pulling away so that I didn't creep him out. I saw a faint grin on his face.


"You stink!" I announced and grabbed him, picking him up easily. I had one arm around his waist and the other underneath his buttocks. He was giggling his infectious laugh as I carried him the short distance to the main bathroom.

"Go and shower," I told him as I set him down. I couldn't resist so I gave his arse a medium strength slap. He jumped slightly as my hand made contact with his cheek and he let out a surprised yelp and rubbed his bum.

"What did you do that for?" he asked, turning back towards me. Again, it was all I could do to not gawk at his nakedness, but I did notice that his dick had gotten a little fuller.

"Because you're a cheeky chappie that needed reminding who's the daddy," I chuckled. I forced myself to turn away and walk to my room. Opening the door, I stepped through and risked a backwards glance as I closed it behind me. Jacob was still standing at the bathroom door but as I closed my door, he turned around and went in the bathroom.

I ripped off my clothes and jumped onto my bed. My dick was rock hard. I spat on my right hand and started to stroke my seven inches of man flesh. Pulling the foreskin back and forth over the sensitive head, I moaned to myself, imagining that it was Jacob's hand. Needing to cum quickly, I leaned over to my bedside table and opened the drawer. I pulled out my fleshlight and squeezed a little lube into it. Slipping it over my cock head, I started to pound it onto my dick. The suction was like a hot blowjob and I groaned as my mind's eye had Jacob's mouth sucking my cock into him. The feelings were intense, even more so with the memory of Jacob's silky smooth buttocks on my hand.

I felt my balls begin to tighten and, with a loud gasp of "Oh Jakey!", my dick spewed six loads of cum into the tight, rubber mouth of my nephew. Well, I wish it was my nephew! As always, a tingle of guilt ran through my body as the thought of using my nephew as a sexual release brought the happy feelings back down as the disgust of what I am hit me. Shaking off the guilt, I pulled the rubber insides out of the fleshlight and walked into my own en-suite shower.

Soaping myself and the spunk from the sex toy, I quickly showered and got dressed. I decided to put on a pair of tight briefs to hide any signs of regrowth and finished my attire with a pair of black jeans and a short sleeved shirt.

I started to head back downstairs but as I passed the closed door of Jacob's bedroom, I could hear soft groans from inside. I knew it was wrong but I put my ear against the door and heard faint slap slap noises. My little nephew was certainly growing up and my limp dick sprang uncomfortably back to life as the image of a naked Jacob jerking his dick fixed itself in my mind. I should have walked away to leave him with his privacy, but the thought crossed my mind that if he didn't know I was listening in, his privacy was intact, wasn't it?

I heard Jacob let out a gasp of pleasure and I found myself with my hand on the doorknob. I had to force myself to not open the door and look at his potentially cum drenched body and I marched downstairs. I went to the kitchen and opened the freezer, placing my right hand inside one of the drawers. Pulling out a bag of frozen peas, I pressed them into my groin, groaning as my boner shrivelled under the ice cold assault.

I pulled a can of lager from the fridge and called a taxi. I fancied a couple of beers with my meal and didn't want to run the risk of being pulled over for drink driving. Jacob came bounding into the kitchen and looked stunning. He'd spiked up his hair slightly on top, giving it a ruffled look and his cheeks were still a little red from the wank that I'd listened to. He had a pale yellow t-shirt on which hung just below the waist of his dark green jeans.


"Can I have some?" he asked as he sidled up to me.

"Does your Dad let you?"

"Only when Mum isn't around," he giggled.


I put the can on the counter and went to get him a glass. As I turned, I heard a burp and saw him drinking directly out of the can. He giggled at his burp and handed me the can. I was surprised that he hadn't necked it all, but it seems he had only taken a couple of mouthfuls. As I raised the can to my mouth, I realised that my lips would be touching the same spot that his lips had been moments earlier. It was almost the same as kissing him, wasn't it?

I took three swigs and handed him the can back, just to see if he'd do the same. He did. So was this him kissing me? I mentally shook my head at the bad thoughts running through my mind and was relieved when my phone rang, indicating that the taxi had turned up.


"Come on, let's go and get something to eat," I said, taking the can back from him. I quickly downed the quarter that was left and we walked out to the waiting car. Now, normally I get in the front when I get a taxi, so that I can chat with the driver and make it easier to pay. However, as Jacob got in the back, I decided to join him.

Unfortunately it was quite a large car so we weren't cramped together, legs touching, but I still managed to pat his leg a couple of times during the brief banter about football. I could tell that he was just as eager as I was for the season to start up again, but with it still three weeks away, we'd have to bide our time.

The taxi dropped us off outside my favourite Indian restaurant and we were quickly seated. One meal later, we were walking the short distance to the shopping centre which housed the multiscreen cinema.


"Damn, that curry was hot," Jacob groaned, rubbing his stomach.

"You still managed to eat it all," I grabbed him, pulling him into me as we walked along. I took a gamble and rubbed his stomach through his t-shirt. "You're getting fat," I joked, knowing that his abs were nicely forming through the exercise routines that he put himself through.

"Am not!" he whined. "You are, fatty bum bum!"

"My bum isn't fat!" I countered, looking over my shoulder, causing his giggle to come back to the fore. "Yours is getting chubby though." I slapped his arse gaining another set of giggles. Oh how I wish I could leave my hand on his cheeks, massaging them, kneading them, licking them... stop it Matt! Concentrate on something boring.

"So am I going be let in to the film?" Jacob asked nervously.

"Of course you are," I replied, looking at him. "Why wouldn't you?"

"Aren't I underage?" Only for sex, I thought.

"It's only a 12A, so you're fine," I explained. "I guess that what used to be classified for older kids back in the day is getting lower and lower age limits now. Sign of the times."

"Maybe porn will get a lower age limit soon," he giggled before blushing.

"Oh, and what do you know about that?" I asked, raising my eyebrows at him.

"Well... you promise not to tell my Mum?"

"Scouts honour."

"I found a way of turning off that net nanny shit that Dad put on my computer," he grinned mischievously. "I can then look at the free sites and clear my history before turning it back on."

"Well, that's rather naughty," I jokingly scolded him. "What punishment should I give you for that?"

"Spanking?" He giggled as he pushed me away from him before turning pensive. "I've seen some videos where they do that... do people really enjoy that?"

"I'm not sure if I'm the person you should be talking to about this stuff," I told him seriously. My dick was screaming at my mouth to shut up. "You really ought to talk to your Dad."

"Are you kidding me?" Jacob scoffed. "He makes me leave the room whenever they want to watch Game of Thrones or Strike Back. He would never talk to me about sex."

I sighed at my brother's lack of sexual experience. Okay, he and Karen obviously have sex, otherwise I wouldn't have a nephew, but growing up, he was always a prude. I had tried to get him engaging in some mutual fun when we were kids, but he always refused point blank.

"Maybe we can talk about it sometime this week, eh?" I suggested.

"Will you show me movies?"

"I don't think you'd appreciate the ones that I like to watch," I chuckled, ruffling his hair.

"Why? Oh, yeah... cos you're gay. I guess you only watch men doing it to each other," he replied. He looked me in the eye. "But I guess it wouldn't be too bad, cos, well, I can see how I compare and it will help me understand Jordan better, and you as well."

"We'll see," I hugged him. Did my sexy, straight, thirteen year old nephew really just ask me to watch gay porn with him?


We stopped our conversation as we joined the queue for tickets and soon we were loaded down with snacks, despite the huge curry that he had just eaten and we watched the latest version of the Terminator. It was decent, messing up with the time line. I'd forgotten how hot Arnie looked back in the day, when his naked Terminator first appeared. Jacob pointed out that Sarah Connor was actually Daenerys Targaryen, which I let him think I didn't know.

I pointed him in the direction of a bar just outside the cinema and we walked in. He took a seat at a table in a booth while I went to the bar and bought our drinks. He gave me his puppy dog eyes when I passed him a coke but, with the burly bouncers keeping a watchful eye, there was no way I was going to get him an alcoholic drink. I didn't mind giving him one at home, a drink that is, but not in public.

We sat talking about the film and football before I started to bore him with questions about his schooling. I was trying to be a responsible Uncle and Godfather and take an interest in his schoolwork. He is a cracking sportsman and, academically was also very bright. However, he tended to concentrate more on his sport than his schoolwork and needed to be nudged along every now and then. I frowned at him when he told me that he'd only got a C in his latest maths exam.


"But maths is boring!" he whined as I came back from the bar.

"All subjects are boring unless you look at how they can help you out in life," I started. "Look at algebra for instance." I saw him scrunch up his nose, something that I feel makes his cuteness multiply dramatically. However, I ploughed on and explained how I use it to determine future sales based on past performance. I was trying anything to stop thinking about the memory of his naked body earlier and it seemed to be working. I saw him stifle a yawn that had nothing to do with being bored, and looked at my watch.

"Jesus, where has the time gone?" I asked.

"What is it?"

"It's nearly ten. Stay put while I order a taxi."


I nipped outside, made the call and came back to an empty table. My heart stopped for a moment and I frantically looked around the bar. I couldn't see him anywhere and fear began to grip me.


"If you're looking for your son, he went to the toilets," a blonde waitress told me as she walked past. "I saw him going in a couple of minutes ago."

"Thanks," I breathed a sigh of relief and decided that I needed to go myself. I walked in and saw Jacob at a urinal in between two men who I had noticed going in just before the waitress had put my mind at ease. Despite the fact that there were empty urinals along the wall, the two men had positioned themselves either side of my nephew. I held back for a moment, hoping that nothing untoward would happen but ready just in case. It could serve as a life lesson for my sometimes naοve nephew. I could see Jacob trying to slyly cast glances at each of the two men, as any normal kid does when he wants to compare.

"That's a nice one you've got there," the smaller of the two men said.

"Pardon?" Jacob's voice cracked slightly.

"Well, I can see you looking at mine so I thought I'd look at yours," he chuckled. I fought down my immediate reaction of rushing over to rescue him.

"If you're that interested, here you go," the taller of the two said and moved his hand away. I saw Jacob look down and shift slightly as he continued to pee. "You can touch it if you want."

"Let's have a proper look at yours," the shorter guy said.


I decided that it had gone far enough.


"There you are Jacob," I announced my presence. "The taxi is nearly here." I walked over and stood next to the taller of the two men and whipped out my own dick. I sighed as the stream of piss relieved the built up pressure of my bladder.

"Hey Uncle Matt," he replied. "Sorry, I couldn't wait... I was busting."

"That's okay," I told him. "So guys, you having fun this evening?" I asked the pair.

"Just having a few beers, you know. Checking out the scene," the smaller guy replied. "Well, back at it." He shook off and walked out without washing his hands. The taller guy was still pissing as Jacob finished up and washed his hands before putting them under the dryer.

I leaned over to the guy. "Don't even think about looking at my nephew again or I'll string you up by your balls."

"Wha.. what are you talking about?" he stammered.

"Inviting a thirteen year old boy to touch your cock..." I looked him in the eye. "I should call the police but count this as a warning and your lucky day. I'm too busy to be bothered with all the shit that would go on with it."

"Ah, you heard?" He had the decency to blush. "Sorry, it's just that he's too cute for his own good."

"I know... and I'll be having words with him later."


I turned and, after washing up, followed Jacob back out into the bar. My phone buzzed to tell me that the taxi was here and we climbed in. Jacob went back to telling me in detail about the film, despite the fact that I was sat next to him watching it and I bit my lip about what had happened in the toilet. We got back home and I went into the kitchen and grabbed two cans of beer.


"Here," I said, handing him one. "Let's go into the lounge. I want to talk to you."

"Cool," he smiled at the offered can. He popped the opener and took a long swig. He started to sit down in one of the chairs but I guided him to the sofa, taking a seat next to him.

"Now, you want to tell me what you were thinking of?" I started.


"Going off to the toilet on your own?"

"I needed a piss."

"I was gone literally two minutes. You should have waited for me." I knew that I was probably laying it on a little heavy but I would die if anything happened to him.

"But nothing happened," he started before I held up a hand.

"Nothing happened? So that man didn't ask you to feel his dick."


"And the other man didn't want you to show him your dick?"


"Well nothing, Jacob. There are men out there who would jump at the chance of getting you alone and molesting you."


"Jake... you're a damn good looking kid. Being the age you are is a turn on for a lot of guys and they wouldn't hesitate in using you for their own sexual pleasure." I should know... I'm one of them, I thought to myself.

"Really?" he squeaked. "You mean that those two guys were pervs?"

"In a way. I'm not sure how far they would have gone but they were sexually interested in you. They wanted to see your dick and wanted you to wank them off for sure."

"How do you know?"

"Because a man wouldn't want you just to hold his dick. You know how good it feels to wank, it's even better when someone does it for you."

"Do you do it to other people?"

"Whoa! This isn't about what I do," I stopped him. "This is about making sure that you are safe and you realise what situations you could be getting yourself in."

"So they would have wanted to wank me?" His voice took a little quiver.

"If they could have got away with it, I'm sure they would. Probably more."

"Can we watch one of those movies now?"


I glanced down and saw that his crotch was showing definite signs of bulging. I guess talking about him being wanked off had made him pop wood, so I sighed and gave up trying to explain about the dangers of being alone in strange toilets.


"I can probably find a straight one if you give me a moment," I said, leaning over to the table to pick up my laptop. I plugged in the TV connector so that the picture would appear on my 52 inch widescreen plasma TV. It is a 3D TV as well, but I am yet to find a porno on the web that is filmed in 3D.

"It's okay if you can't," Jacob replied, not looking me in the eye. "If you want to put on one of your normal ones, I don't mind." There he was again, talking about not being bothered if I put on a gay one.

"You can't tell your parents that we're talking about sex or that I'm showing you this," I told him.

"Duh... I'm not thick," he pulled a face. "Like I'm gonna tell my folks that I wank to porn."

"I didn't say anything about wanking," I countered.

"Well, you did talk about it earlier," he giggled. "It kind of got me hard."

"I guessed as much," I chuckled, ruffling his hair. I used to hate that as a kid but Jacob seemed to like the contact. "Okay, let's see what I can find."


I decided that I wouldn't risk upsetting him by putting on gay porn, despite my brain telling me to push the limits, so I settled on a bisexual site that I visit occasionally. Watching naked women doesn't turn me off so I have no issue and some of the men are quite hunky. I found one that was very vanilla, a couple in their early twenties and they were both already naked.

I glanced at Jacob who was sat on the edge of the sofa, his eyes glued to the screen. The woman started off by giving the bloke head before he got down to the business of fucking her. I found myself watching Jacob more than the porno, gauging his reaction to what was on screen. He shifted on his seat a couple of times as the short ten minute clip climaxed with the woman screaming like a whore and the bloke pulling out to shoot his spunk on her tits.


"That was sic..." Jacob grinned at me.

"You didn't like it?" I questioned, worried that maybe I shouldn't be exposing him to porn.

"Eh? No! Sic means cool," he giggled and sat back into the sofa. He stretched and I couldn't help but notice that his jeans were straining at the crotch. He definitely had a hard on. "Can we watch another? Maybe where a man like, wanks himself or something."

"You want to watch a man jerk off?" I asked, my eyebrows raised.

"I wanna know if I'm doing it right," he blushed. "Jordan has asked me a couple of times if we want to, you know, wank off in front of each other, but I don't want to make an idiot of myself."

"So this is purely research?" I chuckled, patting his leg. I was tempted to let my hand stray but went back to my laptop instead. "Here, I think you'll like this one." I pulled open one of my download folders and found the video that I wanted. It was of a lad who was around eighteen or nineteen and he had one of the biggest dicks I've seen. Easily ten inches. The video lasts for fifteen minutes so it would certainly keep Jacob interested.

I sat back again and watched Jacob rather than the screen. That was easy because I could probably describe in detail every single stroke that the lad made. Jacob's eyes were wide as he took in the length of the lad's dick. His hand dropped to his lap and he started to squeeze the front of his jeans. I decided to bite the bullet and take a gamble.


"If you want, I can give you some privacy and leave you watching it so you can practice," I offered.

"Huh? Oh, you mean that I can wank while watching?" he turned and looked at me. "But then you will miss out on watching it as well," he frowned.

"I've seen it before," I explained. "I just didn't want you to be embarrassed."

"We have to shower after rugby and cricket so I've seen naked boys," he giggled. "And they've seen me."

"But I'm not a boy," I reminded him.

"I know... maybe we can both wank and if I'm not doing it right, you can tell me." I wasn't about to argue. I was finally getting a fantasy come true.

"Okay, if you're sure you're okay with it," I offered a final way out.

"It's cool cos you're cool," he leaned over and hugged me. "I can see a proper man's dick then as well," he grinned.

"Well, if we are going to do it, we need to get them out. Do you want to just undo your jeans?"

"And risk getting cum on them? Uh uh. Mum would find out." He stood up and undid the button and zip. He pulled them down and stepped out, leaving himself in a pair of black briefs and his pale yellow t-shirt. As he pulled his t-shirt off, I could almost feel the drool dribbling out of my mouth. He was stood in just his briefs and a pair of white trainer socks. The front of his briefs were tented, giving evidence to his excitement of watching the porn and I wanted to drop to my knees and munch on the fabric.

"Aren't you gonna take your jeans off as well?" he asked, breaking my daydream. He had a sheepish grin on his face.

"I'm not sure if this is such a good idea," I started, only to see his face drop.

"I promise I won't tell anyone, ever, Uncle Matt," he almost cried. He walked the two steps to me and hugged me. "I'm just so curious about what a man looks like and I thought that maybe you'd want to show me."

I let my hands slowly stroke his back and found one of them resting on his cotton clad buttocks. "Is that why you didn't react to the two men?"

"Kind of," he mumbled into my chest. "I was hoping that I could see their dicks properly but then you stopped them, which I'm glad of. I'd much prefer to see yours."

"Why?" I asked.

"Well, you're still well fit, and you're family. I know that you won't hurt me or anything."

"Okay sport," I finally gave in to my own desires as well as his. "I will show you but we can't touch each other."

"Cool..." he hugged me tighter and I felt his boner pressing against my leg.


He stepped away and I undid my shirt and pulled it off. I'm not smooth but I'm not a bear either. I have a smattering of hair around my pecs, but I'm shaved from the belly down. I'd forgotten about that before I had agreed to strip in front of Jacob and realised that I would have to explain why.

I undid my jeans and lowered them, repeating Jacob's actions earlier and kicked them off. I had a pair of black socks on and bent over to remove them. I don't know why but I can't get sexy when I'm wearing socks, unless I am fully dressed. If I'm stripping, everything has to come off.

I could see Jacob's eyes were glued to my lower body. I reached out and lifted his head by his chin. He gave me a nervous smile as our eyes met.


"Last chance to back out," I told him.

"No way!" he shook his head and put his hands on his slim hips. "Do we do it at the same time?"

"If you want."

"No, I want to watch you... you go first."


I shrugged before teasing him by pulling down my briefs slowly. Finally, I took a deep breath and uncovered my dick and balls. I let my underwear fall to the ground and I stepped out of them. I was naked in front of my sexy thirteen year old nephew. I held my breath for a moment as I watched him take in the sight of my hard on. I could tell he was eager to touch it but my earlier instruction had stuck in his head.


"Wow! It's so big," he said. Unconsciously he licked his lips. "Why haven't you got any pubes?"

"I shave them off," I told him. "Some guys don't like giving blowjobs if you've got hair so I keep myself smooth."

"You've had blowjobs?"

I chuckled. "Jacob, I'm thirty eight. I've done most things that you see in the videos."


"So... your turn."

I saw him take a gulp. "I'm tiny compared to you," he mumbled, his head dropping.

I placed a hand on his shoulder. "Jake, you're still growing. Until you get to eighteen or twenty, your dick is going to keep getting bigger. I'm sure you're fine."

"Okay, but promise not to laugh at me."


He closed his eyes and pulled down his briefs. He stepped out of them as they hit the floor and I could see that he was fighting with himself not to cover up. I sat down on the sofa which brought his cock to my eyelevel. I was stunned by his beauty. I had seen him naked on a few occasions, but this was the first time I had seen him with a hard on. He was certainly a grower and looked to be a touch under five inches.


"Jacob, you look just about average," I reassured him as he stood in front of me, nervously shifting from one foot to the other.

"Really? I know that I've seen other boys but not when they were hard," he rushed out. "At least, not where I could have a proper look."

"Is that why you are keen to get naked with Jordan?"

"Well, maybe. But I know I'm bigger than him," he giggled. "He always get hard in the showers and isn't afraid of it so he doesn't hide it."

"Sounds like Jordan is a brave lad then," I told him. "I'm glad you are friends with him."

"Me too... but how do you know I'm average?"

"Because the average length of a thirteen year old is around five inches erect and you look to be about that."

"I'm five inches and an eighth," he proudly stated. "I measured it last night," he laughed. "How big are you?"

"I'm just a touch over seven inches," I replied, thinking that I'm definitely in for the pound, not just the penny. "That is over average as a full grown adult is around the five and a half to six inch mark."

"Wow!" he said and before I knew what he was doing, he reached forwards and took it in his hand. "It feels so hard but soft," he said and gave it a squeeze.

"Jake, stop," I heard my voice say. I reached down and took his hand and he reluctantly let go. My dick cried out to me for stopping him. "It's okay for you to touch other boys your own age, but it's against the law for you to touch me, or for me to touch you."

I saw him nod his head and swore I heard him mutter `stupid law' but he sat down beside me none the less. I turned his attention back to the video, which I restarted, and he began to stroke himself in rhythm to the lad.

Ignoring the video, I concentrated my attention on Jacob, with the ready excuse that he wanted me to make sure that he was doing it correctly. I didn't know if he was getting it wrong on purpose or if he actually didn't know how to wank. He was stopping just short of pulling his foreskin over the head, giving his cock short, sharp strokes. I put a hand on his leg to interrupt him.

"Jacob, you're not giving yourself long enough strokes," I explained.

"What do you mean?" he asked. "Show me." He released his cock, probably expecting me to take it but, despite my selfish desires, I remained the good Uncle and gave me own dick some good, long strokes.

"Do it like this," I told him, ignoring the puppy dog look that he had shot me. I watched as he took hold of his dick again and matched my strokes. It wasn't long before I heard a change in his breathing and his left leg began to shake slightly. He grunted and I watched as he fired several shots of almost translucent cream onto his belly.

That was enough to push me over the edge and I let out my own growl of pleasure and fired six heavy shots of cum onto my stomach. I laid back into the sofa, catching my breath. I looked at my nephew who was still watching my cock as it oozed the final dribbles of my juice.

"That was like so sic it was awesome," he bubbled before letting out a loud yawn. I looked at my clock and saw that it was approaching eleven so told him that it was time for bed.

"Here, clean up with these and I'll wash them before you go back home," I said, passing him his underwear. I picked my own up and after a quick wipe, I pulled him up from the sofa. He gave me a hug goodnight, our naked bodies pressing against each other before leading him to the stairs. I watched his naked butt as he trudged upstairs, sighing to myself at what I could have done if I was unscrupulous.

I went back into the lounge and sat down, taking a long drink from my can of lager. Had that really just happened? Our clothes were still on the floor and I leaned over to pick them up. My hand felt the dampness on his briefs and I looked around to make sure that Jacob had remained upstairs. I raised them to my nose and took in a deep breath. The smell of his crotch was overwhelming and mixed in to it was the faint smell of his cum. Before I knew it, I had them in my mouth, sucking as is my life depended on it. I had done it, in a roundabout way. I'd tasted my nephew's cum.

Guilt flared up again but with the knowledge that I hadn't actually touched him, just been the good mentor that a godfather should be, I decided that I wanted to call it a night myself. I put my shirt and jeans back on so that I could go around the house and lock up without exposing myself to the street outside... my kitchen faces the road while the lounge opens out onto the back garden. Walking into the kitchen, I decided to chuck Jacob's clothes in the washer as I already had a few items of my own and I set the timer to come on overnight.

Movement caught the corner of my eye and I glanced up and out onto the street. I thought that I saw some shadows moving down the side of the driveway and I slipped on a pair of trainers before heading outside. Living in such a quiet village, it is rare that we get any trouble so I was assuming it was either my imagination, or a small animal.

I couldn't see anything, and my car was all locked up and alarmed. I should put it in the garage, but having had a few beers, I wasn't risking scraping it on the way in. I stepped back into the house and locked the kitchen door behind me. Turning the light off, I started to go upstairs but noticed that the lounge light was on. I could have sworn that I `d turned it off but shrugged to myself that I was already going senile.

Walking into the lounge, I shivered as I felt a draft blow through the open patio door. Now that certainly was shut before and I immediately looked around for signs of forced entry. I picked up a table lamp, ready to use as a weapon before I heard a brief cry from upstairs.


"Jake!" I gasped and rushed out into the hallway, only to be confronted by two masked men. I swung the lamp, only for the nearest one to grab my arm. Pushing me back against the wall, he quickly wrestled it out of my grip.

"Now then, we don't want anyone to get hurt," a garbled voice said. I looked at the second man who added his weight to the first. I was well and truly pressed against the wall and, before I knew it, I was flipped around and I felt a plastic tie loop around my wrists. It was similar to that the police had started using instead of handcuffs when they were out and wanted a quick subdue.

"Let's take him back into the lounge," the taller of the two said. Again, his voice had a weird metallic sound to it, disguising the voice. "Don't give us any trouble and we won't hurt you."


I was in shape and could handle myself in a fight. In fact, there had been a few times when Chris and myself stepped in to break up fights in clubs and pubs, but the two guys looked to be fairly well built and with my hands tied behind my back, I had no choice but to give in and I nodded my agreement.

They pushed me back into the lounge and I stumbled onto the sofa before they started to look around. I could see them eyeing my tv and laptop before I heard a struggle on the stairs.


"Please, don't hurt him," I begged as I realised that there must be at least one more burglar.

"Hurt who?" the taller guy asked, just as the door opened. In came a third man, dressed in black and masked like the others. In his arms, he held a struggling Jacob. He had obviously gotten dressed before bed as he was in a blue t-shirt and a pair of black shorts.

"Look what I found upstairs," the newcomer's metallic voice chuckled. "Looks like we hit the jackpot."

"What do you mean?" I growled. "Leave him alone or..."

"Or what?" They laughed.

"I swear I will hunt you down," I started but one of them walked over and covered my mouth with his hand.


I watched as the man holding Jacob placed my nephew's feet on the ground with a warning not to try to get away from him. I nearly cried as I saw him rub his hand over the front of Jacob's t-shirt before slipping his hand underneath it to touch his bare skin.


"Nice and smooth," the man said. "I wonder if he is smooth everywhere."

"Please... don't," Jacob's quiet voice croaked in fear.

"Now then boy, you are here as pleasure, nothing more." I tried to buck away from my captors as the man slid his hand over the front of Jacob's shorts, causing my nephew to groan as he felt his cock and balls gently squeezed.

"Take his shirt off," the taller of my two captors instructed.

"No... what will be more fun is for the boy to do it himself," the third replied.

"Your choice boy... either you take off your shirt or we will rip it from your body."

"I'll do it," Jacob's shaking voice answered.


If I hadn't already seen him naked, and we weren't trapped with three men who obviously had ideas about what they wanted to do to Jacob, I guess I would have been sexually aroused watching my nephew slowly pull his t-shirt up and over his head. He held it in his right hand as his smooth chest heaved with deep breaths. His captor took the t-shirt from him and threw it onto the armchair beside them. Again, his hands roamed the now naked chest, pausing to tweak a nipple, stroke his side, and tickle his belly button.


"Let's get a look at the rest of him," one of the two holding me down said.

"NO!" I growled, but again I was silenced. This time, the man holding Jacob took hold of his shorts and pulled them down, exposing my nephew to the room. Jacob sobbed out as his erect dick slapped upwards, a testament to his body's reaction to the gentle caressing.


Surprisingly, the man didn't take hold of Jacob's five inches but instead turned the boy around, showing his pale buttocks to the room.


"Lean forwards and spread your cheeks," he told Jacob, who shook his head in refusal. "Do you want me to spank you until you comply?" he asked. That earned another head shake and I watched as he bent slightly and took hold of his buttocks. With an audible gulp, he pulled them apart and his pucker was clearly visible to all of us.

To my shame, my dick was now straining, despite the situation. My mouth watered at the sight of Jacob's pink rosebud and I knew that I would forever have this vision in my head. Imagining myself rimming his little tight hole would serve as wank fodder for years to come, I was sure.

"I think that this little hole needs something to stretch it open, don't you guys?" the smaller of my two captors chuckled.

"Don't you fucking dare!" I shouted and, with a rush of adrenaline, I nearly managed to escape the two holding me down. However, they both reacted and tightened their grip on me.

"Oh no you don't," the man holding Jacob crowed as he caught hold of my nephew as he nearly ran past him.

"Please... don't," Jacob cried. "My first time is supposed to be special."

"Your first time?" the man replied, softening his grip. "You've never had anyone up there before? Looks like we've got a virgin, lads."

"Well, that changes things," the taller man said. "He should get to choose who pops his cherry."

"That's true," the third replied. "So how about it, boy? Your choice. Who in the room do you want to lose your virginity to?"


There was a silence that seem to last an eternity, but in reality was only mere seconds. Was I really going to see my nephew raped in front of me? My dick should have flopped in anger, but instead it only grew harder at the prospect of seeing live man boy sex... and with my gorgeous nephew to boot.


"I want my Uncle to be my first," Jacob said.

"What?" I gasped.

"Please Uncle Matt, don't let them take me," he cried.

"Looks like that's your choice, mate," the man holding Jacob laughed. "Either you take his virginity here and now, or the three of us will gang bang the arse off him."

"Please Uncle Matt," Jacob sobbed.

"Okay! I'll do it," I growled. "But I need to get some lube, I don't want to hurt him."

"Just use your spit," the tall man told me. "We want to see you rim him."


I was pulled onto my hands and knees and positioned behind Jacob, who was now bent over the arm of the chair. His hands still had hold of his buttocks, spread open, giving me access to his virgin hole. I was almost drooling and I leaned forwards and stuck out my tongue. I gave his hole a tentative lick.

"Oh crap!" Jacob gulped.

I could feel him push back slightly as I continued to lick and I realised that he was enjoying the sensations. Knowing how good it feels to be rimmed, I wanted to make this as pleasurable for him as possible, despite the fact that he was only submitting to me due to the situation. I found that my arms had been released and I pulled his cheeks open wider, before I started to French kiss his hole. He tasted wonderfully musky. I probed at his pucker with my tongue and I knew that I wanted to get inside him. I ran my index fingers down his smooth valley and gently placed them at his entrance. Pushing them in just to the finger tips, I eased his hole open and lapped at the inside of his body.

"Oh Jesus!" he moaned as new sensations and feelings that I was sure he had never before experienced racked his body. "Don't stop," he begged.

"Sounds like someone is enjoying it," the smaller of the three chuckled. "Time for the main action. Strip."

"But..." I started.

"Either you strip and fuck him..." he started.

"Or we will," the tall guy finished.


Knowing I had no choice and to be honest, I was beginning not to care about privacy, I got off my knees and stripped naked. I shivered as the three all looked me over, noting my seven inch erection and I saw that all three were tenting their own jeans.


"I think that the boy will need to lubricate you, otherwise you'll rip him open," the second guy suggested. He pulled Jacob up from the arm of the chair and turned him around. I saw a look that I had never seen on a real life boy before, one that looked like wanton lust.

"What do you mean?" Jacob stammered.

"Get on your knees and suck him," the man told him and with his hands on Jacob's shoulders, he gently but firmly forced him to his knees.


Jacob reached forwards and took my stiffness in his hand and I very nearly passed out with the touch of his young hand. I looked down at him, offering him a reassuring smile but he was just staring at my dick as he worked the foreskin back and forth. I saw him lick his lips and he leaned in, opening his mouth. I bit back a yell of pleasure as my dick passed between his lips but he immediately coughed and choked as it hit the back of his mouth.


"Looks like he needs teaching," the tall guy said. "You... get on your knees and show the boy how to suck cock."


I dropped to my knees once more as Jacob was pulled up. His five inches was bobbing in front of me and any reservation that I had about the sexual act I was about to perform disappeared. I kissed the tip of his dick, before taking it in my right hand. I was actually touching his dick, a boy's dick, my nephew's dick. I gave it a couple of strokes before taking him into my mouth.


"Oh gosh!" Jacob groaned as I licked around the corona of his cock. He automatically started to thrust himself into my mouth and I slid my hands up and down his smooth legs until they reached his buttocks. I gripped one in each hand and helped guide his rhythm, gently squeezing them as he fucked my mouth. "Oh crap!" he cried out and I felt wetness splatter against the back of my throat.

I pulled back slightly so that I could taste his offering, rather than it shooting straight down my throat. It was like nectar, so sweet and creamy and the fact that it was Jacob's made it even better. I felt his legs wobble slightly before he pulled out of my mouth. I looked up to see a smile of contentment on his face.

"Don't swallow it," I was told.

"Sit over there." I moved to the sofa and sat down. Jacob was positioned in front of me on his knees and we were the same height.

"Now kiss and share."


No longer fighting against their demands, I took my nephew in my arms and our mouths met. Jacob must have also resigned himself to his fate as he placed his lips on mine without hesitation. I let him poke his tongue into my mouth first before pushing back into his, taking his cum with my tongue. Jacob's arms encircled my body and our kiss turned passionate. Both of us were moaning into it and I could feel that his cock had already gotten hard once more.

Minutes passed as our hands roamed each other's nakedness. Jacob could only feel my back whereas I had one hand on his back and the other cupped his buttocks, pulling him into me. I was amazed at how unrestrained he was being.

Finally our audience had had enough kissing and wanted the action to go further. Jacob was instructed to try again with his oral ministrations and I was told to lie on the carpeted floor. Jacob was positioned on top of me, straddling my chest. As he leaned in to take my dick into his mouth, I spread his cheeks and restarted my rimming. I could literally have stayed in this position forever but after a few moments, I could feel my saliva dribbling down my chin.


"That's enough," the smaller of the three men said. "If you haven't got him wet enough, it's your own fault."

"Yeah... now we want to see you pop that cherry!"

"Jacob?" my voice quivered.

"Do it, Uncle Matt," he responded in a heavy voice. "Take my virginity so that they don't."


That was enough for me. I got up and picked him up. His legs wrapped around me as I held him to me.


"Where do you think you're going?"

"If he is going to lose his virginity, it's going to be in a bed, not on the floor," I growled. "If you are going to watch, fine... my bedroom is spacious enough for the three of you to stand and watch."


I didn't wait for a reply but walked out of the room. As I started up the stairs, Jacob's mouth found mine once again. We kissed each other, getting ready for one of Jacob's life defining moments. I remember when Harry first took my virginity and changed my life forever. I wanted to make sure that Jacob was as comfortable as he could be for his, so I returned his kiss with passion.

I laid him on my bed and got on by the side of him so that I didn't crush him with my weight. My mouth left his and kissed a gentle trail down his neck. I sucked on his nipples, causing him to moan loudly.


"How do you want to do it?" I asked him. "There are various positions that we can use to make you the most comfortable."

"I want to see your face when you are making love to me," he replied.

"It's probably easier on the boy if you have him on his back with his legs on your shoulders," the taller guy said, his metallic voice proving that the three men had indeed followed us upstairs.

"Is that okay, Uncle Matt?" my sweet nephew asked.

"Of course, sweetheart," I replied.


I knelt between his legs, gazing down at the perfect boy body in front of me. His dick was hard, a trail of pre-cum sticking to his smooth, hairless groin. I lifted his legs, spreading them apart and pushed them back towards his body. Telling him to hold them while I entered him, he grabbed the back of his knees and I could have wept tears of pure joy as his pucker was presented to me in all of its glory. I licked a finger and pressed it against his hole, easing it in past the tight sphincter.

"Oh God that feels good," he groaned and wiggled his hips slightly as if to make better contact.

"It's not hurting?" I asked, wanting to make sure that I didn't cause him any pain.

"No, it just feels good," he giggled before sighing as I started to twist my finger inside him.

"Tell me if it does," I told him.


I finger fucked him for a few minutes with just the one finger before I pulled out. Needing to dampen a second finger, I sucked both index and middle finger into my mouth. I nearly creamed myself there and then as the taste of his insides hit my tongue. Slobbering some saliva onto my fingers, I pressed them gently against his pucker and saw him wince slightly as they broke through.

I took my time, easing them in, twisting them in the process to help the loosening up process. I half expected to be told to speed up by the three masked men but, as I glanced over my shoulder, I was surprised to see that they had left the room.

Pulling my fingers out of Jacob, I dropped my voice and said, "They've left... we can stop now."

"No, please... keep going," Jacob begged. "They might come back and I don't want them to hurt me."

"Jacob, they won't hurt you, I promise," I told him. My dick was screaming at me but this was my nephew and my senses were coming back to me.

"Take his virginity or we will," came a voice from the landing.

"Shit!" I cursed. I had hoped that they had left for some reason. Right now, I would have let them rob the house, rather than abuse my nephew but now, I knew that I had no choice but to commit to the act.


Jacob still had his legs pulled up and so it was with a heavy heart that I realigned myself next to him. I held my dick against his hole, rubbing it gently around the tight opening, spreading my pre-cum over the pink puckered entrance. I glanced up his face and saw a look of expectation.


"Jake, baby, this is probably going to hurt like hell," I told him. "Push out like you're taking a dump and that will help, but your first time always hurts. Tell me if it gets too much for you and we can pause or stop."

"I'll be fine, Uncle Matt," he told me. "I trust you."

"Here goes then," I said and pushed the head of my cock into him slowly. I could feel his pucker resisting to the intrusion but, by God, when I got the first half inch of my head inside him, the tightness was wonderful. I was torn between watching my dick enter him or studying his face for signs that he was hurting.

"Oh God!" he moaned. "Feels so big!"

"You okay?"

"Keep going! I'm fine!" he begged. I carried on and my cock gave a lurch as the wide neck of my head popped inside him, causing him to yelp. Now that I was in, I knew he wouldn't let me back out without a fight, and to be honest, the worst was over for him and I finally had my perverted dream come true. I had my cock inside my sexy, cute thirteen year old nephew.

I inched forwards, pushing against the resistance of his insides and was rewarded with a series of moans, groans and grunts as I got five inches inside him. That was enough for now and I slowly started to pull out.


"Don't! Please!" he cried, obviously thinking that I was pulling out to end it.

"Hush, sweetie. I'm going to make love to you now."


I leaned forward so that I was almost lying on top of him. I propped myself on my elbows so that I didn't crush him and was pleased when he wrapped his legs around my waist. Because of the angle that I was in, with my waist below his on the bed, our heads were just about at the same level. I could see a mixed look of contentment and slight pain as I slowly pushed myself back to almost balls deep and he bit his bottom lip slightly.

Dragging myself back out until I could feel his hole stretching around my cock head, I pushed back in, setting up a slow, steady rhythm. I sensed that he wasn't get the full feelings associated with being a bottom so I changed my angle slightly.


"Oh fucking hell... what was that?" he gasped as I felt my cock rub past his still growing prostate.

"That's what makes being a bottom worthwhile," I smiled at him. I gave him a couple of quick thrusts to emphasise the point, getting groans of pleasure from him. I could tell that he still felt some discomfort as his body tensed up with each inwards thrust but the moans that were coming from his mouth told me that the enjoyment was beginning to overcome the pain.

Now that I had my cock pumping into him, I eased my body onto his, still supporting my weight slightly on my elbows but now resting on top of him. My mouth found his and we kissed with passion, our tongues duelling with each other. Jacob had snaked his arms around my body and was holding me tight.

His dick, which had shrivelled under the pain of penetration, was back at full mast. As I was moving my hips back and forth, I was managing to get friction with my lower stomach, rubbing his cock back and forth, increasing his enjoyment of the sex.

Sweat began to pool on my back as the intensity of the sex increased. I could feel myself beginning to reach my climax after what seemed like mere seconds, despite my brain knowing that it had been some minutes, but certainly not the hour long sessions that I normally could last. Such was the tightness of his ass, I knew that I was going to be seeding him in very short order.

I paused in my lovemaking, trying to hold back my orgasm but Jacob dug his nails into my back and tried to hump my cock with his ass. Knowing that he wanted me to continue, I broke our kiss and pecked his cheek. I worked my tongue into his ear, nibbling gently on his lobe while washing out the inside of his ear, Jacob gasped as I assaulted his g-spots.

"Fuck! I'm cuh-cuh-cumming!" he whimpered and his cock shuddered violently between us. Dampness spread over my stomach and I let out my own whimper, gratified that I had brought him to a climax with our love. His pucker tightened around my dick as he moaned through the throes of his orgasm which pushed me over the edge.

"Ah fuck!" I gasped as my spunk flew out of my cock, coating his tunnel. "I'm seeding you, Jakey, I'm breeding you." I grunted as I fired shot after shot inside him. Despite cumming just an hour or so before, I couldn't believe that amount of cum that I was shooting. It felt like it would never end, and I wished that it never would.

Finally, my cock dribbled the last of my seed and I collapsed fully onto Jacob. We kissed as we panted, getting our bodies back from the nirvana that we had visited. Breaking our kiss, I rolled to the side, still buried inside him and he rolled with me so that he was on top. His hair was matted down with sweat and he had a look of intense satisfaction.


"How are you?" I asked him, remembering that this had been forced on him.

"That was awesome, Uncle Matt," he smiled at me before snuggling his head onto my shoulder.

"Let me get up and make sure that those guys have gone," I said before he squeezed into me, holding me in place.

"No, don't pull out," he whimpered. "Keep inside me... I've read that you feel really empty after the first time. I don't want to ruin this moment."


I didn't get a chance to reply as his lips found mine and we kissed, boy did we kiss. Unbelievably my cock was still hard inside him and I felt him beginning to slowly hump himself back and forth on my shaft. My hands travelled up and down his smooth back, feeling the silky skin that betrayed his growing, firm muscles. My head swam as my supposedly straight, thirteen year sporty nephew rode himself on my cock. I cupped his buttocks and began to grind into him, forcing my cock in and out of his now non-virginal pucker. I could already feel my balls tightening and I broke the kiss to gasp out loudly as I fired a second volley of cum inside him.


"Oh Jake, I love you," I cried. "I can't believe this is happening."

"Me too," he whimpered as his face nestled into my shoulder.

"Did you cum again?" I asked him as I felt my cock begin to soften.

"Uh uh, but that's okay... I just wanted you to feel good."

"That's sweet of you, babe, but let me get you to cum as well," I told him.


I could feel his hardness poking my stomach and as my now limp dick popped out of his hole, he surprised me once again. He pushed himself off me, wincing slightly as he twisted his body around. His five inches were dangling right in front of my face and I quickly gobbled him in. I heard him groan as I started a slow, rhythm sucking before nearly biting him as I felt warmth around my own dick. Although I couldn't see past his glorious buttocks, I knew that he had taken me in his own mouth. I thought he would be repulsed by the fact that my dick had been up his arse but he lapped and licked at it, getting his tongue under my foreskin and around the cum smeared head.

I worked on his dick, humming slightly to increase the sensation for him and was rewarded as sweet pre-cum began to leak from his slit. He shifted slightly and my dick was exposed to air as his tongue worked up my groin and onto the covering of his cum that was smeared across my belly. I used my right hand to start to jerk his shaft, wanting him to orgasm, needing to taste him and within moments, he let out a loud cry of pleasure and I got my mouthful of his spunk. I savoured the taste before swallowing in an effort to keep up with the load he was shooting.

He finally sagged down onto my body, his head resting next to my balls. I reached up and spread his cheeks, wanting to make sure that I had done no damage, at least permanent anyway, to his anus. I nearly shot another load as his pink pucker came into sight. It had changed colour slightly to a darker pink, but at this stage, no bruising seemed to be coming. I could see it winking slightly as it tried to close itself back to a virginal state. A small dribble of translucent liquid was dribbling out and I quickly lapped it up. Jacob remained motionless on top of me as his moaned his pleasure as I licked his pucker clean.


"You seem to be okay back here," I told him when I finally ran out of cum and ass juice to slurp.

"I'm definitely okay here," he giggled before a yawn took over.

"Jacob, are you okay though? I mean, I've basically been forced to rape you," I said in all seriousness. He scooted around and hugged me tightly.

"No you didn't," he said as he buried his head into my chest. "You have no idea how long I've been waiting for you to do something with me."

"What do you mean?"

"I've been dropping hints at you for months, walking around with no shirt on, sitting on your lap, letting you see me naked but you never made a move."

"That's because you're my nephew, and underage at that."

"But Frankie told me that you'd had sex with him before you were my age, and that you were about my age when you had sex with a man," he blurted before blushing bright red.

"Frankie told you that? When?" I asked, my interest peaking in what my friend who has a thing for boys like Jacob had been talking to him about.

"About a month ago," Jacob shrugged. "He figured out that I was gay when I stopped here when my folks went to London."


I cast my mind back a month when Mike and Helen had gone to see a show in the West End. Jacob had stayed for the weekend and I remember the guys coming round for a poker night. Jacob had played for a while before losing his chips. Frankie had soon followed and now that I thought about it, they had sat quietly on the sofa, watching a film or so I'd thought.


"So he just blurted out that he thought you were gay? Did he touch you?" I asked, feeling a slight tinge of anger and disappointment in my friend.

"No, no, no... he didn't do anything other than talk to me," Jacob quickly interrupted me. He looked into my eyes and I knew he was telling the truth. "He told me that I could talk to him if I needed to, about anything to do with being gay. He's been really helpful cos I thought I was a deviant or something."

"So you've known you were gay for how long?" I prodded. "I mean, I always thought that you were straight."

"He he! That's what I make my folks think cos I don't want to disappoint them," he sighed. "I guess I knew I was gay when I shot a load when we were on holiday in Tenerife. You had just taken off your shorts and your trunks weren't done up." I blushed in remembrance at my accidental flashing.

"That was two years ago," I said. "Why have you never said anything to me?"

"Cos I didn't want you to think I was a perv," he mumbled.

I hugged him and kissed his head. "Why would I think that? You know that I'm gay so why would you be a perv?"

"Cos I like, you know, um, kindareallyfancyyouandwantedyoutomakelovetome," he rushed out.


"I said..." I touched his lips with mine.

"I kind of really fancy you too," I told him as we kissed once more.



The next morning, sunlight broke through the small gap in the curtain, waking me up from the fantastic dream that I had experience the night before. I was certain that I was going to have to change my sheets, such was the intensity of it. A heavy weight pressed on my chest and my immediate reaction was that I was having a heart attack. Surely a dream wouldn't give me one!


"Morning Uncle Matt," Jacob's sweet voice floated up. I opened my eyes to see him pressed against my chest. My hand travelled down his bare back until it cupped his naked buttocks. "Oooh, that feels good, but I'm a little sore."

"You mean... it wasn't a dream?" I gasped out.

"It was for me," he giggled as he stretched up and kissed me. I immediately responded as our tongues duelled and we were panting heavily within moments. "Can we go Maccie Dee's for breakfast?"

"There's a sausage I'd prefer to eat, but yeah, come on... let's get up. We need to talk about what happened and I need to see how much those men robbed," I stated. The thought of losing my laptap with all of my porn certainly had me worried.

"What do we need to talk about?"

"Jakey baby, I practically had to rape you last night..." I started.

"No you didn't... I told you last night!" he hissed. "Don't ruin this by saying that you didn't want it to happen. I love you, Matt, and I don't care that you're my Uncle. I want us to be together as much as we can."

My heart melted as I saw tears welling up in his dark brown eyes and I knew that any moral standing that I wanted to hold had just been torn away. I kissed the tip of his nose, and wiped away his tears with my thumbs.

"I love you too Jacob and I promise that we will be together as much as we can," I told him. "Let's get showered."


I had never experienced a shower like it. Sure, I had showered with him before when he was younger but that was strictly non-sexual. This time, our hands washed each other tenderly and there was a lot of kissing and groaning involved. He yelped slightly as I washed his hole with my finger, making sure that he was clean as well as undamaged. The last thing we needed was a trip to A&E with a bleeding anus.

We pulled on our bathrobes and headed downstairs. My breath was short and quiet as we stepped into the lounge. I was stunned to see that everything was in place. The laptop had been turned off and closed down, the patio door was locked and the thought that it was a dream flashed back into my mind, other than the loving embrace that I was being held by.


"See... I told you that the burglars had gone," he giggled. I had a sense that something was out of place and pieces of the scattered jigsaw started to rearranged themselves in my mind.

"Let's get dressed and go for breakfast."


We spent the morning together, wandering the shops. Of course, Jacob allowed me to spoil him rotten with three new shirts and a pair of jeans, which he had insisted on modelling for me. He wanted to get a new pair of speedos but I drew the line at the offered catwalk show, much to his amusement.

I felt my phone vibrate and read the text from Frankie saying that the lads were meeting for lunch in our local. Jacob was eager to meet up with my friends so we headed off, bags in hands. As we walked into the pub, Jacob spotted Frankie and the guys sat at a secluded table.


"Hi guys," he babbled as he dropped the bags onto the high backed bench. He hugged each of them in turn, something that I knew would please the three of them as it allowed them secretive touches of his body.

"How are you, Jakey?" Frankie asked him, a hint of concern in his voice.

"I'm all good, a little sore but Uncle Matt said I'm okay,"

"WHAT! Jacob, shush!" I hissed at him, pulling him to me. I leaned in and whispered, "even though they are our friends, you can't tell them what happened."

"Why?" he giggled. "I mean, it's not like they don't know."


I looked up at my friends, expecting to see disgust, horror, shock or any number of murderous expressions. Despite our own admissions about our sexual desires, none of us had ever touched a boy, let alone a relative! But now, I had crossed a line and was preparing for the consequences. I saw Frankie smile and take a deep breath as he leaned forwards.


"So how was it?" he asked Jacob. "Did you like it?"

"More importantly, how tight was he and what did his cum taste like?" Chris chuckled. I saw all three of them discretely rubbing their crotches.

"What?" I asked, my mouth hanging open.

"You weren't supposed to grope me," Jacob frowned at Frankie before grinning. "But I bet you liked feeling me up."

"And I'd like to do it again," my friend patted my nephew's leg. I glanced down and saw Jacob tenting his jeans.

"You mean..." I stopped. "You were the masked men?"

"Jesus... the penny has finally dropped," Harry laughed. "You certainly put up enough arguments despite the fact that we all knew you'd been lusting after Jake."

"But how?" I asked, only to see Chris waving a key at me. It was the key that I had given him last summer to keep a check on the house while I was on a cruise for a month. "You made me rape my nephew?" I half accused.

"He's been begging for it," Frankie reassured me. "In fact, it was all his idea."


I stared at my friend before my eyes drifted across to my nephew. His face was blushed red and he wouldn't meet my look. I picked his head up with my fingers underneath his chin. His dark eyes flicked to mine before quickly dropping again as he shifted uncomfortably in his seat.


"Jake, is that true?"

"Um, please don't be mad at me, Uncle Matt," he whispered in a quiet voice. "But I was running out of ideas about how to get you to notice me."

"So you didn't mind being naked in front of these three?" I asked.

"That was the trade off," he giggled. "They promised that they would get you to have sex with me but they wanted to see me naked."

"What about the sex?"

"That was a bonus," Frankie chuckled, ruffling Jacob's hair. "We never thought that he would go for it in front of us, but you certainly took charge."

"Well I wasn't about to let him be raped by three men," I huffed.

"Maybe we could all have a play some time?" Chris suggested hopefully. "It's one thing watching the videos but to see it happen live was something else. Just a shame we couldn't watch you two actually doing it."

"Why didn't you?" I asked. "I mean, you watched everything else."

"That wouldn't have been fair on Jakey," Harry said. "A boy only loses his virginity once and it's supposed to be special. Jake wanted you to be his first and we weren't about to ruin his moment."

"What do you mean watching the videos?" Jake piped up.

"Ah... maybe that's a topic for another time," I interrupted Frankie. "Let's leave these three reprobates to their pints and go get something to eat."

"You just want to shag him again," Chris pouted.

"Yup, I do," Jacob sniggered. "I mean, now that we've done it, there's no reason why we can't do it again, is there?"

"He's got you there, Matt," Frankie smiled. "Have fun and tell us all about it tomorrow."



We got home around thirty minutes later. Jacob was firing questions at me non-stop all the way about what videos Chris had talked about, about whether the three of them would want to have sex with him and what different ways there were that we could have sex.


"I think we've created a sex monster," I groaned as I felt the boy touching my straining trousers as we put the shopping bags on the kitchen table.

"But it felt so good, Uncle Matt," he giggled. "Can we please do it again?"


I pulled him to me and we kissed. He responded enthusiastically and I knew that I was now his forever. I pulled his t-shirt from his body and sucked his left nipple into my mouth causing him to groan. My hands slid down his stomach until the found the front of his jeans. I cupped his groin, feeling his hardness that was struggling to break free. I undid his button and unzipped them, sliding them down. He kicked off his trainers and stepped out of the puddled jeans, leaving himself in just a pair of tight briefs.

I licked my lips as I knelt in front of him and leaned in. I sucked the outline of his dick into my mouth, soaking the blue cotton underwear before taking hold of them and pulling them down. His dick slapped up against his bare stomach and I wasted no time in sucking his shaft into my mouth.


"Oh cripey!" he gasped as I worked my tongue around the head of his cock. I gently cupped his tight ballsac before gripping his buttocks. His own fingers wove into my hair as he started to thrust into my mouth. I pursed my lips, tightening them around his cock so that he could feel the friction as he fucked my mouth. I ran a finger down his crack, finding his hole and rubbed it gently but firmly.

I wanted to penetrate him, to push my finger inside him but with no lube, I wasn't going to hurt him. I found that I didn't have time anyway as he raised up onto his tiptoes and with a loud shout of joy, I felt him shoot five heavy cum loads into my mouth. The first three shots were so strong that they hit the back of my throat and were down before I got a chance to savour them. The final two were more of a dribble and I lapped the taste of his sweet nectar.

He pulled out of my mouth, his breath heavy and I stood up. I leaned in and kissed him, sharing his cum with him. He started to undo my shirt but I stopped him.


"Let's take this up to our bedroom," I said.

"Our bedroom?"

"Well, there's no way you're not sleeping anywhere other than my bed now, is there?"

"Damn straight," he giggled.

"Damn gay you mean?"

He giggled again before looking at me seriously. "Matt, please make love to me again."

"Whatever you want, my dear, sweet lover."


I carried him upstairs, his legs wrapped around my waist and I placed him gently on the bed. I stripped and lubed myself up before twisting a couple of fingers inside my nephew's hole. He was face down on the bed, the position that he wanted. I lined myself up with his hole and eased myself inside him. No longer a virgin, he was still tight and grunted as my dick slid inside him until my balls touched against his taint. I lowered myself on top of him, my arms sneaking underneath him to grip his shoulders. He turned his head and with a little neck craning, our lips touched.


"Are you ready?" I asked.

"Make me yours," he replied, a dreamy look on his face.


For the next two hours, I did indeed make him mine.


The end????


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