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This story contains some graphic depictions of sex, heavy themes of reluctance, bullying, and brief scenes of beastiality and underage content. Please be advised.


The Memorial Day party was tomorrow and Cody’s Dad insisted he help his uncle clean the pool and set up at the lake house. They arrived Sunday and set to work on the house. Around four Cody and his uncle went out to scrub down and skim the pool. The sun beat down on them as Cody brushed the algae off the sides of the pool and his Uncle Trent followed behind him skimming the water.

“Fuck it’s hot.” Trent wiped his brow as he rested the pool skimmer.

“Wish we brought our trunks and could go in right now.” Cody said.

“We can still go in.”

Uh, I’m not wearing underwear.” Cody said, embarrassed.

His uncle grinned.

“Hell kid, neither am I.” Trent said as Cody turned and saw his uncle hook his thumb under the waistband of his khaki shorts, revealing a thick mess of golden pubes, “I always go commando. We can skinny dip.”

“No way!” Cody laughed.

“Why not? We’ve got the same equipment. I used to skinny dip with your dad all the time.”


“All the time. We had a pond just by the family home in Wyoming.”

“I don’t know.” Cody wanted to cool off and he was perversely curious what his uncle looked like nude, he’d never seen a grown man naked before, but feelings of self consciousness kept him from agreeing.

“Well, one thing I know is that it’s hot. I’m going in.” His uncle didn’t wait for Cody’s go ahead and pulled off his wife beater revealing a sturdy well defined body with the same golden almost red body hair Cody had seen when his uncle had exposed his pubes. As Trent unbuttoned his shorts and moved to drop trou Cody pointedly looked away and began to fumble with his shirt, still not wanting to skinny dip with his uncle but feeling like he didn’t have a choice. Cody felt a cold pit in his stomach and his balls tightening up, he was nervous, scared, and excited and it all left him feeling a little sick. He pulled off his shirt and nervously undid the buckle of his belt.

“You can look you know.” Trent said.

Despite himself Cody turned to see his uncle, he was curious and was having difficulty avoiding peeking. He saw Trent standing across from him in the buck with a cocky grin. Cody’s eyes locked on to his uncle’s dick, it looked a lot like his but bigger, even with part of it covered by his pubes.

To Cody’s horror his own dick began to swell, and fast. Blushing Cody tried to think of a way to stall taking his clothes off, but his uncle called him out before he could come up with anything.

“Sporting a little pup tent there bud? Looks like you’re excited to swim.” Trent’s lip was curled up to the left in a lewd smile, his eyes cast with a peculiar look Cody hadn’t ever seen before.

Uh...” Cody looked at his uncle like a deer in headlights.

“Like I said we’ve got the same equipment, look.” Trent grabbed his cock by the base and shook it, and it began to fill out. Cody starred as it stiffened, then looked around. Whether to avoid looking at his uncle getting a hard on or to find an opportunity to get out of this situation, even he couldn’t say.

Turning away from his uncle Cody slipped off his jeans, revealing a pale smooth body, a thin smattering of blonde pubes beginning to grow in his groin, and hard cut cock still not quite done maturing. He walked awkwardly to the pool and jumped in, trying to at least have some cover of his nudity. His uncle Trent followed close behind, diving into the pool after the young man. The water was cool but not so cold as to tamp down their erections.

Trent surfaced just next to his nephew.

“It’d be a shame to let these go to waste.” He said.


In answer Cody’s uncle reached out and grabbed his cock. Cody squirmed, he’d never been touched like that before. It felt good, it felt wrong. His uncle stroked his cock, and the Cody whimpered, till now he’d never jerked off, never felt what his uncle was giving him.

“Help me out here bud.” Trent said.

Cody imagined his uncle was asking him to return the favor, but the idea of grabbing his uncle’s cock made his stomach churn. This wasn’t right, none of it was. He began to stamer something to that effect out but his uncle cut him off by guiding his hand. Cody felt his uncle’s dick, it was strangely familiar, hard and soft at the same time. They stroked each other for a minute before Trent let go of Cody’s cock and pushed the boy’s hand away from his own rod. Trent pressed his body against Clay, their cocks grinding together, bodies slick in the water, pressed close enough that Cody could feel his uncle’s body hair scratching against him from his balls to his chest.

“You like playing with your uncle you sick little fuck? Like feeling my hand on your cock, my body against yours?”

Trent leaned in to kiss his nephew before he could answer. Cody had kissed a few girls at school but never with tongue, never like his uncle was kissing him now. He felt the same mix of pleasure and shame that he felt when the older man’s hands first gripped his cock. Now those hands were at Cody’s back and ran down to his ass.

“I know you like it you twisted fucker. I can feel how hard you are, I saw how hard you got seeing your own uncle naked.”

Cody’s uncle grabbed him by the shoulders and turned him away facing the side of the pool.

I’m gonna fuck you.”

Cody shook his head no but couldn’t get the words out.

“Don’t give me that, I know you want it. You’re the little perv who started this. Tell your uncle you want his cock.”

“I want it.” Cody said meekly, still shaking his head no.

Cody felt his uncle’s hard cock slide in his crack, probing. When he found his target Trent pressed in slow, his nephew was tight, and clearly nervous.

The pain was unbearable, Cody was never much of a crier but wanted to at the feeling of his uncle stretching out his tight hole. He breathed deep as he could but the breaths came ragged and his head began to spin.

“Uncle Trent, please-” Cody was going to beg him to stop, but the pain caught the words in his throat. His uncle, misreading the intent of his words as a plead for him to go harder, shoved the last of his six inch cock inside of him. Cody yelped and leaned against the pool side for support.

It seemed like hours to the young man, in reality it was perhaps ten minutes before the pain started to subside. To Cody’s deep embarrassment, he found his cock getting hard. Sticking straight out in the water and twitching with each thrust from his uncle. He was strangely afraid his uncle would notice, and after a minute his uncle did. Trent reached around and grabbed at the young man’s cock.

“Fuck kid, you’re getting off on this.”

Cody could only blush.

“You like taking your uncle’s cock Cody? Bet you want me to shoot in you, you sick little fuck. Take unkee’s cock bud, take it-”

Trent let out a load moan and gave several more violent thrust. Cody felt his uncle’s cock twitch and his fucking becoming slicker with the man’s load. Hands braced on the poolside he dropped his head as the pleasure peaked.

“Stop. Please. I think I’m gonna pee.” Cody moaned out as his uncle continued to fuck him, his rhythm slow but hard, savoring the post load feeling of the young man’s ass.

Cody’s cock began to bob up and down in the water and several white spurts of cum spooled out in front of him, floating suspended at his end of his cock.

Trent felt his nephew’s hole spasm with the load the boy was spending, with a final moan he pulled out. He looked down at Cody’s load dispersing in the water.

“You ever cum before Bud?”

Cody shook his head no.

“I thought so,” he laughed, “That’s not pee. You shot a load of cum. You jerk off yet?”

“What’s that?” Cody asked.

Trent reached out and grabbed the boy’s still hard cock, giving it a few strokes. His body convulsed at the touch of the man’s rough hands jerking his post orgasm cock.

“You rub it like that and you can get yourself to cum.”

They dried off and changed back into their clothes. Trent drove Cody home in an awkward silence he broke only once.

“I won’t tell anybody what you did Bud. I don’t want you getting in trouble. But if you tell anyone there's nothing I can do to stop you from getting punished for getting me hard and making me fuck you.”

“I didn’t-”

“You came while I fucked you. I know you wanted it, you were practically begging for it bud. But don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.”

That night Cody laid in bed, wondering if he had asked for it. He was certainly curious to see his uncle’s dick. Maybe he’d sent off signals. But being fucked by his uncle like that he felt used, not at all like he’d made his uncle do anything.

He sprung up thinking of his uncle inside of him, the stretched out bloated feeling of his cock pumping inside of his ass. Frantically he stroked his little cock like his uncle had shown him. He stroked for less than a minute before it really sank in that it was his uncle’s cock pounding him, the man who’d he’d seen all his life growing up, and he shot at the thought.

Soaked in his cum he felt a deep shame well up inside of him. What the hell was he doing getting off thinking of his uncle’s dick? He’d heard at church that it was wrong to sleep with men, and he knew in his gut there was something deeply taboo about being fucked by his uncle. But it had felt so good. Cody drifted off to sleep thinking that maybe doing something “wrong” when it came to sex wasn’t all that bad…


I woke up feeling the sudden shift in my bed, my brother, back from serving in the marines, was out drinking earlier in the night and had just come home. I figured he’d was so drunk he ended up in the wrong bed and I tried just to go back to sleep. I began to drift off when I heard a familiar repeated brushing sound, and a slight uptick in the intensity of my brothers breathing. My heart started pounding, was he doing what I think he was doing? At this point I almost couldn’t hear him over the sound of my heart beat but I did catch a low moan from him. Memories of the last time I was this close to a man who was hard raced through my head, and I felt a slight tightening in my boxers. If any light was in the room Dave would have seen my face burn red. I had a girlfriend and this was my brother for God’s sake, what was I getting turned on for?

The constant brushing sound of my brother jerking his cock stopped suddenly. I thought I just hadn’t heard him finish and he was done. I was relieved it was over but was strangely disappointed I hadn’t heard him shoot.

But then I felt his hand on my chest, rough, warm, a faint scent of dick on it, he ran his hand over my hairy blonde pecs, tracing my right nipple. The nervousness and confusion I felt when he stopped was doubled, mostly I wanted to ask him what the hell he was doing and tell him to go back to his own bed, but part of me was curious.

His hand traced down to my belly, running against my soft skin, down to my happy trail. My head spun enough that I was seeing stars, my heart was pounding harder than ever. His fingers slipped beneath the elastic of my boxers and I almost came to my senses, but before I could say anything his hand wrapped around my hard dick.

“Knew you were awake bro.”

“What are you doing in here?”

“Getting off.” He laughed, but his words were slurred. He was drunk.

“Get your hands off of me and get off in your own room.”

“Why? You seem like you were enjoying it. You’re still hard too. You like this.”

I couldn’t answer that. His hand felt good on my cock, and though I’d never admit it the fact that it was my brother grabbing it was hot as hell. The taboo of what was happening had my blood pumping in a way that I hadn’t experienced since I was in Jr High and my uncle fucked me in the pool.

“That’s what I thought.” Dave took his hand off my cock and put my hand to his groin. He was naked. I felt his hard cock.

“Now you know why I’m the big brother.” Dave whispered.

He wasn’t wrong, he had to have at least nine inches on him, beating me out by two.

“I want you to suck me Cody.”

“No way dude. I’m not gay.”

“I’m not either. Doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun.”

His hand still wrapped around my wrist and my hand still gripping his cock he leaned in towards me, I felt his breath on my ear.

“Jerk me off bro.”

Telling myself if I got him to cum I could get this over with I began to stroke him. My own dick continued to strain in my boxers and I wanted to stroke myself too but didn’t want Dave to know I was getting off on this, let alone admit that to myself. After a short while I felt him precumming and stroked him faster as he lubed up, my cock was pre-ing but only succeeded in making a mess, wetting my briefs.

Dave’s breathing became more ragged and he began to thrust in my hand. Knowing he was about to shoot, that my brother was gonna get off from using me, that I was going to feel his load drip down my hand was getting my heart racing.

Without asking Dave pushed me over, so my back was facing him. I felt his cock press against my asshole.

“Fuck no dude.”

“Fuck yes. You’re gonna take it for me little bro.”

I barely struggled, though I was loathe to admit it I wanted it. He pressed inside of me and I cried out, he cupped a hand around my mouth.

“Keep fucking quiet dude.”

Dave slowed down a bit, entering me slowly. When he bottomed out he only rested there for a moment before he started pumping in me with a low steady rythym. Side by side on the bed, my back against his firm chest, Dave threw a leg over mine and wrapped an arm around me. The thought crossed my mind that we’d probably never been this close before, we were never much for rough housing. At the very least I was certain we’d never been so close that he was inside of me.

“Fuck bro, you’re tight.”

Dave’s rhythm picked up, and soon he was whimpering, I felt his cock twitching in me and he stopped thrusting, he just held me tight, buried in as far as he would go. As he unloaded in my ass I felt on the verge of shooting myself, and I bucked on his cock trying to get his dick to push me over the edge. Dave let out a long deep moan as I fucked myself on his cock.

Soon my dick was spurting out a load, shooting in my sheets, soaking my crotch.

We laid there for a moment before he pulled out of me. I felt oddly empty and some part of me wished he was still in me even as I started to come to my senses after I came.

Dave got up and left the room without so much as a thanks. I laid back in the darkness, staring at the ceiling. That was my big brother I was just fucked by. The same brother who would fight off the bullies till he went away to the marines. The same one who taught me to snowboard. What the fuck had gotten into him that he’d do that to me and how sick was I that I got off on it.

Conflicted I drifted off into a restless sleep. I kept getting woken up from little sounds, terrified and excited that it might be my brother again.

For the next week I was woken up by my brother every night. By Friday my brother was getting so bold I got woken up by his cock slipping in me. Without fail, no matter how much it hurt or how roughly my brother used me, I found myself shooting by the time my big bro pumped a load in me. I dreaded going to bed, and was upset to find myself also looking forward to it. Part of me hated my brother for what he was doing but when I shot it felt better than anything I’d felt in my life besides that day in the pool with my uncle all those years ago.

I went out for a date with my girlfriend on Saturday, and to my deep embarrassment I couldn’t get it up. It was just boring being with her compared to the way knowing I was doing something so wrong got me off when my brother was humping away at me.

I drove home that night depressed and confused. Had my uncle fucked me up so bad that
i wanted this now or had I always been gay?

I couldn’t deny getting used by a man turned me on, just thinking of my brother gave me the hard on I was trying to get with my girlfriend. I frustratedly stroked myself on the ride home, busting in my pants, a dark stain spreading out on my jeans. The guilt followed the load. What was I doing jerking off thinking of my brother fucking me? I couldn’t help how my body responded when he forced himself on me but I’d be damned if I was
gonna fantasize about it or seek it out.

I told myself I wouldn’t jerk off thinking of him
again, and pulled up to my house. My dad was in the living room when I came home. His eyes darted right to the dark cum stain on the front of my shorts.

“Looks like you had a good time with Delany tonight champ!” He laughed, “Why don’t you throw those in the wash? I’m doing a load right now

Sheepishly I said sure and hurried up to my room. I peeled off my cum soaked briefs and put on a fresh pair, taking the rest to the laundry.

That night I wasn’t woken up by my brother. I came downstairs in the morning and asked my dad where he was, petting our
retriever Caesar as he waddled up to me, tail wagging.

“Staying at
a friends in Santa Fe for the week. He didn’t tell you?”

My heart sank. Like it or
not I’d started to count on those late night fuck sessions. I eyed my dad, wondering if I could get him to help me out and felt my stomach drop. The fact that I’d even consider that was sick. I started back upstairs.

“Cody where
you going? I made breakfast.”

“I’m not feeling too good,
gonna try and sleep it off

I found myself going to Dave’s room instead of my room. In a slight, heady daze I fished around his bedside table and found what I was looking for. An old rag my brother had gotten at a give away at a hockey game was bundled up, smelling like his loads. I picked it
up, and found that even after two days it was still wet with his cum. Fucker must be even hornier that I thought.

I huffed it, taking in his scent and felt my cock fill out. I pulled my dick out of my briefs and started jerking frantically, but slowly stopped myself. I had just the night before promised myself I’d stop doing this, and here I was huffing my bro’s jizz rag and stroking my cock. It was gross.

For a long moment I laid there in his bed, wrestling with myself, telling myself I should stop.

Eventually I gave in. Slowly started stroking again. I hated myself for it but I was so riled up by the musky scent of his countless loads that I couldn’t help myself. I got a wild urge to taste it and shot as the taste of my brothers bitter loads filled my mouth. Some spurted onto his sheets and I moved the rag to my dick, mixing my load with his.

The next few days I was getting hornier a hornier. Another failed attempt to sleep with Delany led to a fight and I wasn’t sure we’d be able to work it out. I started checking the guys in gym out but didn’t feel the same spark I had with my uncle or my brother.

Four days into my dry spell with my brother out of town I finally found something that got me hard. I’d noticed the janitor Mr. White for the first time the last few days. I had gym the final period of the day and would see him cleaning as the last of the guys left for home. Mr. White was an out of shape older man at least twice my age. He was gruff and a bit mean, but attractive in his own way. I found myself wondering what was in his tan work pants and half consciously came up with a plan to get off.

I lagged behind everyone so I was the only one there, getting in the shower as the last of the guys left. As I expected I heard Mr. White come in, the door opening and closing with a slam and the squeaky wheels of his supply cart. Stroking myself I got hard quickly, excited for the man to see me, desperate for him to use me.

A minute or so later I heard his cart stop abruptly. Turning to the sound I saw Mr. White starring in at me. My heart was beating so hard it hurt. Just exposing myself to him was hot
 but I wanted more.

Slowly, I continued to stroke, hoping if things went bad I could play it off. From the corner of my eye I saw him grab his groin and my heart skipped a beat. It was
gonna happen.

The whole thing played out painfully slow. It was nearly six minutes, with more and more obvious peeks his way till I saw him fish his cock out of his work khakis.

It was thick around as my wrist and the first uncut dick I had seen. The whole thing seemed like less of a good idea now that I’d seen how thick he was but I was beyond reason, hard and desperate. I turned to face him once his cock was out
 and we stroked watching each other for a minute before I turned off the water and approached him.

We didn’t discuss anything, I didn’t even get a nod from him, but his hard cock said all I needed to know.

I dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth, tasted his
precum, a little more acrid than my brothers. His cock felt weird and kind of off putting in my mouth, it was different than any I’d handled before, but I wanted it all the same. Being naked on the concrete floor of the locker rooms sucking the janitor had me hard as hell.

With no warning Mr. White started to fuck my throat. I gagged as his cock violated me but he took no notice, skull fucking me till tears streamed from my eyes. Still, I was hard as a rock, my cock sticking straight out in front of me.

The janitor tugged at my shoulder, slipping his cock out of my mouth. I stood
 and he turned me around.

The way he fucked me wasn’t like my brother or uncle at all. I’m one violent thrust he stabbed his cock into me. The pain was incredible and the only thing that kept me from screaming was that I nearly blacked out. Going limp, the edges of my vision darkening I felt his right hand grab hard hold of my balls and his left arm wrapped around my chest. Basically holding me up by my nuts he carried me a step forward and pushed me against the lockers. The pain of his tight grip on my sack was intense but distracted me a bit from the splitting sensation in my ass. He fucked me there, hard and fast. The pain didn’t go away this time, he was too thick and too rough, didn’t
pre as much as my brother had. But my hard on was if anything stiffer. Every thrust from the older man ground my cock into the cold metal of the lockers and forced his hand to tug on my balls. I felt an orgasm building with the pain of him shoving his cock into me.

Soon I was shaking as jizz oozed out of my dick, squirting onto the lockers, dripping down my shaft and nuts, pouring onto the janitors rough hands still gripping tightly to my sack.

He didn’t stop. Guilt washed over me as my cum left my
system, as my cock went back down. I didn’t want it anymore. But I felt too timid to tell him to stop. I started this, it really was my fault this time. The pain was still too much but the tears in my eyes were from shame now. I was getting fucked by the school janitor, what was my problem? Why could I only shoot when I was doing this fucked up shit?

Anger flared up in me, at my uncle, at my brother. I may have gone looking for this with the janitor but they forced themselves on me. I remembered reading about fetishes in AP psychology and wondered if my first load I ever shot getting fucked out of me by my uncle left more of an imprint than I realized.

When Mr. White finally came he let out a deep growl as his thrust finally weakened, coming in arhythmic and softer than at any point since he started. I felt his cock twitch inside of me more times than I could count before he pulled out, a stream of his load poured out of me down my leg.

Mr. White packed his cock back up and left me there, shaking, wet, naked, and drenched in his cum. I made my way back to the showers and rinsed his load off of me.

I felt strangely numb, disconnected from the whole event, like there were two versions of me, the sick fuck who needed to be used by these twisted men and the self I thought I was.

I dried off and went to my locker. Mr. White was waiting at the end of the row and watched me sideways as he mopped. I dressed quickly, he’d seen enough of me already and there was no way I was ready for a round two.

I stepped out of the locker rooms. The cold afternoon air brought me a little clarity, but I was confused as ever by what
i was going through.

“Hey faggot

My heart dropped
 and I turned to see Zack leaning against a nearby wall. My chest thundered. Zack was an ass but the worst he usually called me was a pansy. His favored form of bullying was more physical, he’d “wrestle” me and some of the other smaller sophomores whenever he caught us alone.

“Dude please, I’m not in the mood right now.”

“You sure seemed like you were in the mood a few minutes ago.” He said it casually, a smug grin on his face.

I panicked. Zack was by far the last person in the world I wanted to know what I was getting up to. I’d be damned if I was
gonna cry in front of him but I sure as hell felt like it.

“Just leave me alone Zack. Please.”

Zack moved towards me. He was taller than me and something about his demeanor made me feel like I was even shorter than I am. He smelled like a teenager, all B
.O and body spray. He was built pretty solid, a little less buff than my brother and a little more padded. His hair was a dirty blonde, only a little darker than mine. He would have been handsome if he wasn’t such an asshole.

“I’ll leave you alone. Right after you help me out like you helped out Mr. White.”

“Hell no Zack! You’re the last person in the world I’d do that with!”

Zack’s eyes narrowed, his lip arched up in a gentle snarl.

“How about you let me fuck you or I’ll tell everyone what you were doing with the janitor.”

“Look Zack I’m sure you’re not used to getting rejected but I’m not
gonna take it in the ass by an ass like you. That’s a stupid threat. I’ll just tell everyone you were trying to blackmail me so you could fuck me. Then everyone would know your a fag too-

Zack slugged me. I was fast enough to mostly
doge it and it still hurt like a bitch.

He grabbed my arm and started matching me to the men’s room outside the gym.

“Are you fucking insane Zack? You can’t force yourself on me like this in school. You’re
gonna get caught!”

“I’ll tell you what. I won’t force it. We’ll play for it.”

“What are you talking about?”

“We’ll wrestle, winner fucks the loser.”

I stopped in my tracks. Zack’s go to bullying move was his damn wrestling matches. But I’d gotten good over the years dealing with him. Twice since I’d turned eighteen I’d managed to pin him. He’d probably win, but the idea of fucking the dude who’d been tormenting me since middle school was too good to pass up.


We stepped into the bathroom and Zack started grappling me before the door even closed. He had me on the floor in no time, I was sore and tired from my encounter with Mr. White but I was fueled by the desire to put him in his place. The impromptu match dragged on for a while before I noticed something. Zack was getting hard. His cock dug into my back as he tried to get me in a headlock. I slipped out of it and flipped over, wrapping my legs around him. I reached down between us and grabbed at it. He froze up, and I unzipped him, fished through the fabric of his white tights and felt a firm cock. He wasn’t all that big compared to my bro
 but he was long enough even if not that thick.

Grappling him with my legs I rolled us over. My own dick was hard at this point and dug into his thigh as I moved him. Halfway through the motion I slipped behind his
back, when we came to a stop I pulled his cock out and gave it a few strokes. He was following every move I made now that I was handling his dick, he was like putty in my hands.

And I slipped him into a headlock. He trashed on the tile floor his cock sticking up lewdly in the air through the fly if his jeans.

The grip was perfect, I held it with ease. But
i saw that dick exposed to the world and I felt a wave of lust. Sure fucking my bully would feel like some sort of justice being served but...

My hand slipped. Angry from the close call Zack got a burst of strength and pinned me. Or I let him. Somehow I was never sure.

Face inches from mine, flashing a primal, hungry grin, Zack kissed me. It was forceful and invasive. My cock filled out
 and I thrusted involuntarily.

uh buddy. I’m the one who gets to do the bucking today.”

Letting my hands go, Zack grabbed at the waistband of my pants and pulled them down in a swift single movement. He pressed his cock to my hole.

“Take it you’re still lubed with the janitors load?”

“Probably.” I winced.

Slowly, he slipped in me, I grimacced in expectation of pain but as sore as I was it seemed like the janitor had loosened and lubed me up enough for round two. Having Zack in me almost felt better than not.

Zack began fucking me. He wasn’t like anyone I’d been with before. It was a slow and fluid
movement, where the other guys who’d fucked me all had different rhythms Zack’s fucking was melodic.

I stared into his eyes as he rocked his cock in and out of me. This was the same guy who’d made me eat dirt in sixth grade. The same one harassing me day in and day out since we first met, and here I was giving it up to him. Zack’s eyes were an almost unsettlingly light blue, threatening. I didn’t feel any safer submitting to him, I could have won the match. But truth was I’d wanted the man I hated most in the world to fuck me. Even as he slipped in me my head reeled at what I was doing. What the fuck was I doing?

Zack fucked me for about thirty seconds till he
came, before he could get me to shoot. Apparently the natural fucking skills he seemed to have did not extend to endurance.

He collapsed on me, groaned.

“Fuck that was good.”

Zack slipped out of me and stuffed his cock back in his pants. He got up and was to the door before I could get my pants on.

“What about me?” I said, my cock sticking up in the air in front of me.

Zack threw his arms up in the universal “What?” Position.

“What about you, you fucking pansy?”

I lay on the tile floor a while, jerking, thinking of how I had two men’s loads in me. How’d I’d been fucked multiple times in a row, once by a janitor twice my age, and again by my childhood
bully. Why did these low lifes turn me on so much? I stroked for a long while but couldn’t shoot. Without Zack’s cock in me I was second guessing my desires too much to climax.

“Fuck!” I groaned and packed my self up trying to be semi presentable.

When I got to my
car I almost yelped as I sat down. My ass was sore as hell. I rested my head back and sighed. I let myself be used as a fleshlight by a married man and a dude I’d hated since I was a kid. And I still wanted more. I wanted my brother in me even now, and I wasn’t happy about it. The next few days the need got worse and worse. Jerking wasn’t cutting it any more than fucking Delany- I felt like I couldn’t get off if I wasn’t being used. I found myself hoping Zack would corner me again. Even though Mr. White was a rough fuck and I thought sucking him was kind of gross I was looking for him after gym every day. But either his schedule changed or he was avoiding me.

I was picking up coffee on my way to school when a guy around thirty approached me. His shabby clothes and scruffy appearance tipped me off that he was homeless before he even asked me for change.

An idea popped in my head as soon as he asked.

“How about, uh, I’ll give you fifty bucks if you let me give you a bj.

He grimaced slightly.

“Yeah okay.”

My heart jumped and my cock filled out. I was finally going to get some again. I clicked the locks open on my door.

“Hop in

I drove us to a back road where I knew a turn off we could get some privacy at, the same place I’d lost my virginity to Delaney, and reached over and grabbed the man’s groin nervously. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back, I felt his cock slowly filling out beneath my stroking. I fished it out when he was hard, revealing a dick that was cut high and tight. He had a two toner, the top half of his cock lighter from his cut. It was about seven inches long and as thick around as my brothers. I leaned down and took him in my mouth. That close to him I could smell he hadn’t showered in a while, the musky scent of his groin and a faint hint of piss. His cock had a slight alkaline taste.

I sucked him and stroked myself for ten minutes till my lips started to chap. He pre’d more than anyone I’d been with and I leaked in response when I tasted it.

“You close?” I said coming up for air.

“I dunno, I can’t really get off from a bj.”

“You want to fuck me?”

“Not really into that dude

“For another fifty bucks?”

He paused for a second.

“Alright let’s do it.”

We got out of the car and both dropped trou. I felt one hand on my waist as his other ran his slick cock head on my hole.

He rubbed at me for a good while before pressing in. He took it slow, and waited in place once he bottomed out. When he started thrusting he took me by surprise- dude fucked like a jack rabbit, he was humping away at me in a rapid fire fuck different from the way the other guys had taken me.

His experience, or perhaps his lack of interest in men, showed as he lasted way longer than Zack. As he got closer to cumming he got vocal.

“Take my fucking cock kid, you want my load in you?”

“Yes.” I said meekly.

“Come on faggot tell me how much you really want it

“A lot,” I groaned, “I need you to shoot in me, please. I want you to use me

“Fuck yeah. I’m using you alright kid. Gonna cum inside your ass. Fill you up with my load.”

Hearing him talk to me like that pushed me over the edge and I started shooting my jizz pooling up in the dirt in front of me.  The clenching of my ass as I orgasmed sent the homeless man over the edge and he came in me. His rapid thrust got somehow faster as he slicked up with his cum and a second load got fucked out of me. My knees got weak and he held me up, jerking me and using my cum as lube. He seemed to shoot forever, I felt his cock twitching and pumping for a good forty seconds.

“That wasn’t too bad.” He said as we drove to the bank.

“Not bad at all man.” It was a little awkward driving with him after we fucked. Every time I looked over I was reminded I’d let myself be fucked by a bum. That I was so desperate for cock I paid a homeless dude to fuck me.

Still I wanted him. If he asked for another round I don’t think I could say no.

“Was surprised you stroked me.” I said.

“I was all charged up,” he laughed, “You can’t be held accountable for what you do when you’re shooting.”

I pulled out the cash and gave him the hundred.

“I don’t have more than this but if you need to get off and you see me, I’m game.”

“I’ll probably take you up on that.”

I got to school late, and the day went by in a blur. I saw Mr. White outside the gym when I went to fourth period and got riled up again, having to fight off a hard on the whole class. I lagged behind again and waited for him to come in. This time there was no build up, he walked right up to me, standing alone by my locker and pulled my pants and briefs down, nudging at me to turn. He rolled his jumpsuit down and revealed a slightly out of shape body and the same beer can cock.

He fucked as mercilessly as the first time. Sinking his cock in without loosening me up first. I took it slightly better this time but he still held be up by my nuts like the last time. His grip was too firm and hurt but it kind of distracted from the pain of him stabbing his cock into me. I came first again, painting my locker white. And a few minutes later he added his load to the homeless man’s in my ass.

When he slipped out of me I dropped to my knees and sucked him clean. I could taste both men’s loads on his rod and wondered how the married older man would feel about having another dudes load coating his cock.

We dressed again in silence. I didn’t know what to say to him- and I limped out of the locker rooms. I saw Zack first this time and briefly considered avoiding him. I could stop, I told myself, I didn’t have to do this. But I walked up to him all the same.

“Hey Cody.” he said.

“You want to uh...”

Zack excitedly pulled me into the restroom again. He sort of wrestled me to the ground but it felt almost playful. He pinned me and dry humped me.

“You get fucked by the janitor today?”


“Good baby, you’ll be all lubed up for me. You want it? You want me to add another load to you?” He sucked on my neck after he spoke, probably leaving a hickey.

“Yes. Fuck me dude. Please.”

“I thought I was the last person in the world you want fucking you.” He teased.

“That was before I knew how good at it you are.”

Zack yelped and I felt his cock twitch on my ass.

“Fuck.” He gasped. Quickly I dropped my shorts and pulled his down. His cock twitching and spurting on my back. He pressed it to my hole and pumped the last of his jizz in me.

“Don’t stop” I pleaded.

Zack leaned in, fucking me in his distinct rocking motion, grinding constantly on my prostate. My cock oozed as I rode him, pouring out a thick constant stream of pre, more than I’d ever leaked out before.

Having busted moments before, he lasted longer than our first fuck. About ten minutes in I started to buck on his cock, getting that feeling that I was gonna unload. He pushed me back and leaned over taking my dick in his mouth as his rod rubbed my prostate. I fired off as soon as his lips locked over my head and I thrashed and bucked, fucking my self on his cock and thrusting mine in his hot wet mouth as it unloaded. I felt his cock spasming inside me and we collapsed after our orgasms subsided. I’d had BJs from girls before but seeing my dick buried in a man’s mouth was a head trip. Especially given that the dude swallowing my load had tormented me all through middle school and high school.

“Fuck that was good” I said, exasperated. It still didn’t sit well with me what I was doing- or who I was doing it with for that matter, but every time I submitted to these men I found myself having the best orgasms of my life.

Zack only laughed and packed his dick back up.

“Well good, cause I’m gonna be using you a lot. I want to see you here after school every day. If I’m not here by three thirty you can go home but otherwise your taking this dick he grabbed his crotch for emphasis.


The next couple days consisted of me waiting all day to take it from him. The day my brother was supposed to come home I mentioned to Zack I had gotten fucked by the janitor again. He did something I never expected and ate me out, tasting the janitors load. The wrongness of what he was doing had me shooting as soon as he entered me.

I got home and saw my brothers truck outside. I raced in the house and found my dad in the living room again.

“Hey champ.” He said.

“Hey Dad.” I walked passed him to the stairs.

“Tell Delany to cut it out with the hickies. I don’t-“

He stopped himself mid sentence but I was already halfway up the stairs.

That night I stayed awake restless, my brother still hadn’t come into my room. Around one AM I was desperate, even having taken it twice that day I wanted my brother to fuck me. I snuck over to his room and stopped at the door. I heard my brother grunting and a jangling that I figured must be his belt.

My cock stiffened so quick I felt it press its way through the fly of my boxers. Slowly, so I could catch him, I opened the door.

The jangling sound wasn’t his belt after all. It was our golden retriever’s dog tag. I had walked in on an absurd scene, Dave was in his fatigues for some reason, his pants bunched around his ankles, on all fours, getting fucked by Caesar.

“Shit!” Dave scrambled as soon as he saw me, trying to get out from under the dog, but seemed to be stuck to him. My cock twitched as I stared at him. A huge part of me was screaming to get down there and suck my brother as he took a dogs cock but it was too fucked up for me. Thinking I’d finally found my limit I started to walk out.

“Cody wait.” Dave panted, “You want me to fuck you?”

I stood in the doorway. My boxers were tenting out pretty obviously, I couldn’t hide what I wanted.

“Yeah.” I said, caving.

“Come here.”

I walked up to my big brother and he motioned for me to get on the floor with him. I slipped underneath him and took his cock in my mouth. He’d never felt so hard before, never pre’d as much as he was then. I jerked myself as I sucked him.

“Oh fuck yeah little bro.” He groaned as I took his cock in my mouth, “You’re such a twisted little fuck. Not even good enough to take the dogs cock you gotta suck off you brother while a pup is fucking him. You want my load bro?”

I mumbled my assent with his cock twitching in my mouth.

“Get under me, on your back.”

The set up was awkward, me laying on my back, Dave on all fours over me, Caesar unloading his dog cum in my brother. Dave had me lift my ass, legs wrapped around his back, tussling with the warm fur of the pup he was taking, and entered me.

Dave leaned down and kissed me, it was rough and sloppy but made my cock twitch against his belly all the same. His thrust were shorter, limited by the dog he was tied to, but he made up for it in speed.

“You gonna let your brother cum in you while a dog’s unloading in him?”

“Yeah. Do it. Shoot in me.”

“You’re a sick little perv Cody.”

He leaned in to kiss me again as he came. I felt his abs clench over my dick and his body shudder with each twitch of his cock. He stopped supporting himself with his arms and collapsed on me, holding me, resting his head in the crook of my neck. I still felt his cock twitching in me.

We laid there for about four minutes, the dog’s cock in my brother, my brother’s cock in me, until Caesar got off of him. Dave yelped in pain and pulled his cock out of me.

“Thanks bro.”

He pulled up his fatigues and crawled into bed. I flopped down beside him.

“So since when do you play with Caesar?”

He smiled.

“How old is he now?”


“Then about eight years.”


“Thought about him every day when I was deployed. Always got off knowing my bunk mates had no idea that the tough guy jerking under the covers next to them was getting off remembering taking his dog’s cock.”

Dave leaned over and held me, running his hand on my ass.

“You’re one twisted fucker Cody. I like it. Must run in the family.”

I drifted to sleep for a bit and woke up with Caesar licking at my dick. His tongue was rough, wet and warm. Something about the fact that it was a dog licking my dick head got me off and I moaned as he licked me.

“Why don’t you return the favor bro?”

I looked over at him, incredulous, was he joking? But all I saw in his eyes was just.

Hesitantly I positioned myself beneath Caesar’s cock. It was bright red and angry- long as mine was and a little thinner around. I licked the head and it tasted like pennies. Dave sighed and began to stroke himself.

Hungry to be used by the dog I found myself taking his rocket in my mouth. I sucked him for a while before his cock started to thicken.

“Fuck he gets bigger?” I asked.

“It’s his knot. You should let him fuck you man. It’s the best.”

Laying there, sucking a fucking dog, stroking off naked as my brother kicked back with his hard dick out of his fatigues next to me, I was filled with lust. Right now i wanted it bad, I knew I’d regret what i was doing in the morning but it didn’t feel real to me right now.

“Yeah. I want it

“That’s my little perv. Get on all fours.”

I did as he said and Dave patted my ass. Caesar jumped up on me, and I felt his cock stab at my ass, missing the mark. His cock was ridged and his thrust were harder than even the janitor had given me. I was certain the spots where he jabbed me would bruise. I wondered if it hurt this bad having him poke at me how much it would hurt inside me and I panicked.

“Wait. Dave, get him off, I don’t-“

But Caesar finally found his target. The same narrow tip that made his misses hurt so much let him slip into me with ease.

I cried out and saw a predatory grin cross my brothers face.

Caesar began to fuck me. It wasn’t like anything I’d ever experienced before- like a man had shoved a jack hammer in me and let it run. My cock rapidly filled out and drooled clear thick precum. Dave got to his knees and shoved his cock in my face. I started to suck him.

This was probably the low point of my life. I was taking two cocks, one my brother’s, and the other a fucking dog’s. I felt my eyes sting a bit with shame, and my cock leaking.

It was all too much, I started to shoot. Spurt after spurt jutted out of my dick onto my brothers sheets. By far the biggest and longest load of my life my moaning and bucking under the dog set my brother off and he unloaded in my mouth. It was bitter and slimy. I gagged but he ignored me and fucked the load down my throat.

Dave pulled out of me and shucked his fatigues off. He turned the light off and got under the covers.

I tried to get Caesar out of me but the pain was excruciating.

“He knotted you. Give it fifteen minutes. You’ll be good Dave yawned.

I stayed there in the dark, on all fours with a dogs knot in my ass, the taste of my brothers spunk still in my mouth. Now that I’d cum i felt guilty about what me and my brother just did. I couldn’t push the shame out of my head though- the hot panting on my neck, the warm fur on my back, the knot in my ass, I’d let myself be used by a dog, and now I was stuck with his cock in me.

The worst part was how much I loved all of this, that had been hands down the best orgasm of my life and I got it from sucking my brother’s cock and submitting to a dog, letting him use me as his bitch.

I slumped in the bed, Caesar still in me.  My cheeks burned and my eyes stung. I wanted to cry. This was so pathetic, being stuck here naked with a dog inside me. His dog cum mixing with the janitors, my school bully’s, and my brother’s loads.

When Caesar finally pulled out I cried out in pain, his knot still hadn’t gone down. I stumbled to my room and slept, ass wet with the loads of the men and the dog I’d given myself up to that day.

I woke up late that Saturday. I came down stairs and found my dad in pajama pants, shirtless. He was hairy unlike me and my brother. My ass was sore but I wondered what it would be like to take it from my dad. Even as my nuts ached getting blue balled by the thought, my stomach churned.

“Cody we need to talk

I sat down across from him, my heart skipping a beat.

“Okay. What’s up?”

“I know what you’ve been doing.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I said, hoping that was true.

He pulled up the black t shirt I’d worn the day before from the chair beside him. The back was stained with jets of white dried cum. Zack must have shot on my shirt when he lost his load from grinding up on me. Severa jets had squirted out on my back as we’d frantically tried to get some of his load in my ass.

“I thought it was weird you had a hickey on the back of your neck. When I saw you going up the stairs I noticed this.”

Dad I can explain-“

“You gonna try and convince me this is your load? Cody when do you think I got this out of your room? I saw what you were doing with Caesar in your brother’s room last night. You need to stop this shit.”

I buried my face in my arms on the table.

“Listen buddy. I went through a uh- phase too around your age. I just want you to stop before you get hurt. You can’t go through life getting fucked by dogs-he stopped himself awkwardly and then continued, “I’ve already talked to Pastor Rich about it, I want you to go there at one today. He’s going to help you out. I saw him about a decade back and he helped me work through it. He’ll fix you right up.”

I dreaded taking to my pastor all morning. When I got to the church it was empty but i saw his truck outside, i found him waiting in his office. He was coming on sixty, but looked like he was in his late forties. Clean living and a somewhat incongruous hobby of boxing left him fit and youthful.

He sat down on a maroon couch and patted the seat next to him. I nervously sat beside him.

“How are you doing Cody?”


You’re father told me what you’ve been doing. But I thought it would help to hear it from you. I want you to tell me everything. Start from the beginning

I did, haltingly at first I told him about my uncle, then Dave. He nodded through out my tale and finally spoke after I told him about Dave shooting in me and how conflicted I was.

“You’re not alone with dealing with all this Cody. Your father came to me with the same problem after he had a similar experience. I helped him through that. He sent your uncle my way after and I heard from Trent what he did to you and your brother.”

Well that explained where Dave got the urge to fuck me at least.

“What your brother and uncle did doesn’t have to mean anything. You don’t have to let them do this to you-“

“But what if it’s my fault they’re doing it?”

“It’s not your fault son, don’t blame yourself for what their doing-”

“But I did more. It wasn’t just them. I wanted it again and when my brother left I did more.”

“Tell me What you did.”

I continued, telling him about the janitor, about Zack, the homeless man, the intrusive thoughts about my father, and finally reluctantly, about the dog. Recounting everything I did made my cock fill out. I put my face in my hands as I explained the guilt I felt being tied to the dog after I came, unable to escape the reality of the taboos I’d committed.

Pastor Rich rested his hand on my knee.

“I get... sinful desires too Cody. You can resist them. I don’t-“

“But what if I don’t want to resist them? That’s my problem, I don’t want to want it but I get so hard and I feel like i have no control over what I’m doing!”

I looked up at my pastor, a helpless expression on my face, and noticed his black slacks were tenting worse than mine. My stomach twisted. I felt trapped.

“You’ve got to resist it...” he said, but his hand slowly traced up my thigh. I felt his fingers touch the head of my cock and saw his own tent flex in his slacks.

The contact seemed to unleash us, my hand flashed out and grabbed his cock, our arms wrapped around and explored each other as he pulled me into a kiss. His beard was trimmed and the same jet black as his hair but with flecks of white in it, i felt it scratch against my face as his tongue violated my mouth. Our cocks were fished out of our pants. Pastor Rich had nearly ten inches on him, uncut and paler than the rest of his skin. I leaned over and sucked him,

He started to pull my pants down and I tore them off, immediately straddling him, pressing his cock on my ass.

“Cody, no, we can’t do this

I leaned back and sank down on his cock. Pastor Rich moaned as he entered me. Impaled fully on his cock I waited, but he wouldn’t fuck me. I started rocking back and forth on his rod.

We were like that for some time, my cock streaking pre on his clerical shirt, his dick slipping in and out of me. I felt him convulse under me and he groaned.

“No. Cody please I’m gonna shoot. Stop. No, no, no.” His pleas bled into a savage growl and he bucked under me, his body spasming and his cock twitching. I unloaded, jizz squirting onto his black clerical shirt, wetting it with my cum.

Spent, I eased off of him. Pastor Rich sat there numbly, his cock still standing at attention. I leaned down to suck him. His hood felt weird in my mouth, was more slack than Mr. White’s. I tasted his load on his cock and my heart raced.

He pushed me off of him.

“Cody I- I don’t think I can help you. You need to go home.”

“Okay.” I walked out dejectedly.

I sat in my car for a long time. The last two weeks were a heady blur. I’d done disgusting things. Taking my brother’s cock, the janitors, my childhood bully’s, a homeless man’s, a dog’s, and now my pastor’s. Worse I’d loved it every time. And now the one man who was supposed to help me couldn’t, he’d ended up fucking me.

I was in a funk the next two days. Sucking Caesar and taking my brother’s dick on Sunday- feeling him unloading in me as I swallowed Caeser’s massive batch of dog cum, made things worse. I tried to dip out of gym early Monday but Mr. White was there. I found myself staying. He fucked me hard, I had to limp out with his cum dribbling down my ass. My heart sank when I exited the gym. Zack was there.

“Not today man. Please.” I must have sounded desperate because a look of concern crossed his face.

“Come on man. I’ll be quick.”

Didn’t I know it.

“Please.” I said exasperated.

But he leaned in, grabbing me by the neck, and kissed me. He groped at me with his free hand, shoved it down the front of my pants.

“Come on dude,” he whispered as he stroked me, “I need it”


We went into the restroom. Zack undid my buckle and dropped my slacks. He pressed his cock head to my hole and groaned.

“Fuck man you’re drenched!”

Zack dropped to his knees, eating me out for a moment before he stood back up and slipped in me.

“Fuck yeah dude” he groaned as he entered me, and began his distinct rocking motion rubbing his head on my prostate.

“What’s his cock like Cody?”

“It’s like a fucking beer can. He’s uncut.”

“Hell yeah. You take that thick cock? Doesn’t it hurt?”

“Yeah but I shoot pretty much every time he fucks me.”

Zack shuddered and started to shoot about thirty seconds into fucking me. He grabbed my cock and stroked a load out of me.

When we finished he pushed me to my knees made me clean his cock. I tasted Mr. White and Zack’s loads on his dick.

“You think Mr. White will be down to let me in on the action and fuck you with him?”


“Fuck.” Zack stood me up and kissed me again, “I love how twisted you are man. So hot slipping in you with another dudes load in your ass.”

He walked with me on the way home.

“Sorry I pushed it man. Hope you’re okay.”

Meh.” I shrugged, “I don’t know how to explain it. I don’t want to keep doing this stuff but it feels so fucking good.”

I shook my head.

Yeah I get that. I was thinking about screwing around with you way before I caught you with the janitor.”

“Seriously? Is that why you harassed me all those years?” I half laughed.

“I guess, probably. But I mean come on, I just teased you a little.”

“You literally made me eat dirt.”

He leaned in and groped my ass.

“Yeah well I’ve eaten you out, so we’re even.”

I laughed. Feeling a little better.

“You wanna hang out at my place a little? I’ve got someone you can screw me with if you’re interested.”

“Sure,” he grinned, “You fucking perv.”

We walked to my house. I still didn’t feel great about what I was doing. But my brother and Zack seemed to like how twisted I was. Maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

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