By Lucas Boulderguard

As I step into the dim kitchen from the bright sun, my eyes fall upon Nathan's back. Wearing only tight white briefs, he stands with his face toward the cupboard, making PBJ.

When I set my book bag on the table, he glances at me. Of course, he barely recognizes me. Today's his first day out of jail. He hasn't seen me for two years. I'm taller now—taller than him.

“What's up, faggot?”  He grins at me in his odd little way that lets me know he doesn't mean to hurt me. If anything, he means to say that he's alright with me.

I make no answer, but he's right. He caught me making out with my best friend when I was fifteen. I'm seventeen now. Taller and stronger, but still a fag.

I walk around the table.

Nathan turns around with his PBJ in his hands. He's filled out a lot. Twenty now, and he likely worked out every day he was locked up. Shoulders broader, biceps thicker, chest deeper, and his abs deeply carved. His briefs are a relic of his former life and at least two sizes too small. His balls seem bigger and his dick longer than I remember. I've always been jealous of my brother's dick—seven and half flaccid.

Two years of spying cock in gym showers and back-rooms and I still have seen one better than Nathan's. It hangs in the back of my mind—a demented fact of life that I can't seem to get over. Flashes of him—seeing him in the shower, walking in on him pleasuring himself—stay in my thoughts. Something seems so unfair about it. Why can't Nathan belong to another family? It's not that I want rid of him; it's that I want him in ways I can't quite reach. What does the best dick I've ever seen have to be family? Why does it have to be my brother? 

“What?” He smirks and bites into his sandwich.

"I've..." I throw my arms around him and collapse into him. "...missed the fuck out of you, Bro."

He drops his sandwich to the floor. Holds me. But one or both of us have forgotten the rules—if there were ever any rules to start with. The tightness is fine, but my lips are pressed against that tender spot where his neck meets his shoulder. And I'm drawing a deep breath. Smelling him. His right hand presses against into the small of my back and his warm dick presses into my thigh.

All I can think is "this is wrong...this is wrong...this is so insanely wrong."  But my body says otherwise. I feel centered and happy. I feel loved. I feel right.  

I slide my hands lower and press into his hard lower back with my fingers. He leans further into me, pressing his abs against my stomach. I feel his dick stiffen against my thigh.

The feeling of being centered gives way to a tingle. A buzz. Euphoria. I yield to it, sliding my hands past the elastic  of his briefs, I grip and squeeze his warm butt cheeks. He moans. I squeeze and pull in on his butt.

“Awww...” He croaks, pulls his hips back, and drops his head against my shoulder.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing... You just smashed my balls against your thigh."

"Sorry." I tear my hands out of his underwear and take a small step back.

He stays leaning against me. His cock, pointing straight north, has slipped past his elastic band, and taps against his stomach. "Don't stop."

"Nathan..." I press my hands against his shoulders. "We can't."

"Bro, we already love each other. Why waste it?"

"Stop it, Nathan. You know we can't."

"Why not?"

"Because we're b-----" Before I can get my words out, he reaches down and smacks the back of his hand into my balls. My breath whooshes out and I stoop forward.

"There!" He glares at me with fresh anger. "Now, both of our balls hurt."

I cover myself and stare daggers at him. "What the fuck?"

He grabs the head of his cock and repositions himself in his briefs. He stoops down, grabs the PBJ he dropped on the floor, and stomps out of the kitchen.


In the dim light of the game room, Nathan leans against the door frame. Not really looking at me or anything else. Part of me wonders if he's found an old stash of dope already.

He's put on a white tee, but he's still in his tight briefs.

Ignoring him, I continue playing my X-box.

After several minutes of spacing out, he finally clears his throat. "Hey, Bro... Sorry I hit your balls."

"Go away." I keep my eyes on the screen.

"You mad at me now?"

I pause the game. Look at him. "You're weird."

"You're not exactly normal, little Bro."

"What happened to you in jail?"

He shrugged. "Not much. Spent a lot of time working out. And I got my G.E.D."

"Some dude claimed you as his bitch?"

He shook his head. "No... Not really. Nothing happened that I didn't want."

I look him over again. His arms, his chest, his thighs. "You got really ripped in jail."

He glances at his arms and makes a nonchalant nod. "You've grown up a lot. How tall are ya?"


"What about your dick?"

"I..." A little chuckle slips out of me. "That's a... really odd question."

He shrugs.

I turn my attention to my X-box. Take it off of pause.

I play for a few seconds.  He comes around the couch and stands behind me. "Ya wanna wrestle?"

I hit pause again. My eyes meet his. "What's the point? You always win."

"Maybe I can teach you a few things."

"Like what?"

"I've learned some jujitsu."

"How? You've been in a jail."

"One of the guys I was in with... he taught me."

I rise from the couch, kick off my shoes, and peel of my socks. "Okay." 

Nathan shucks his tee, wads it, and throws in the corner.  I follow suit.

"Ready? Bump my fist."

"Wait a second."

I unbotton my jeans and jerk them to my knees.

"What are you doing?" He asks.

"Meeting you at even." I pull one leg out of my jeans. Then the other.

"You don't have to," he says.

"No, it's cool. Besides, you were asking about my dick." I grab my elastic band and pull it down for a second, so he can see me.

His mouth gapes open as he looks at me. "Fuck, Bro. You're really handsome."

"We're cut from the same cloth, ya know."

He smiles. "Isn't it sweet?"

I hold out my fist. He holds out his. We bump. "Alright, let's do this."


It's true; I'm taller than him now—by an inch, maybe two. He's heavier than me by thirty pounds. I guess him to be about 205 pounds, and it's lean muscle, not blubber. He's obviously stronger. Has more skills in the wrestling department.

He steps toward me. I reach out, grabbing his arms. He puts his foot on top of mine—pinning my foot, so that I can pull it back to catch my balance. He shoves with both hands. I sail backwards.

Clenching my eyes and rolling my shoulders, I expect my back to smack against the floor; it doesn't. Somehow Nathan scrambles forward, sliding his leg under mine, so that my fall is cushioned by his thigh. His hand slides under my head. Catches me. Keeps me from knocking my head on the floor.

"What the hell was that?" I ask.

He throws his right leg across my chest. Wriggles around. Straddles me with his butt planted firmly in the middle of his chest. His dick—hard again—tickles my collar bone.

"I told you I'd teach you a few things." He grabs my wrists, one in each hand, and pins them to the floor.

"So teach me," I say.

"I like that you're young still young enough to be completely oblivious."

"What am I so oblivious about?"

"You walk around like you think you're some sort of dweeb, but you're the hottest guy in town."

"I'm hot? Really?"

He leans forward until his face is just an inch from mine. Whispers, "Just shut up."


And before I can get my words out, he kisses me deep and hard. My throat tightens, as it feels like he's about to suck my lungs out.

My chest pounds. My eyes water. Snorting deep a deep breath through my nose, I catch the musky scent of his armpits. His sour sweats.

Our lips slurp as they break apart. Breathing heavily, he raises his head. He grabs my hands. As he slides his butt across my stomach and pelvis, he pulls me until I'm sitting upright. His tight ass slides to the floor, resting between my thighs.

I bend my legs. Mine are under his; his are over mine.

He grabs my dick through my I underwear. I grab his.

He kisses me again. Sways, wobbles to get his feet under him.

“Lay back.” He puts a hand in the center of my chest. Eases me down.

He slides his fingers under my elastic band at each hip. He yanks and pulls.

As my underwear slips past my knees, I pedal free of them.

He looks me over, seeing me completely naked for the first time in years. His eyes zero in on my cock. I'm hard and throbbing. “You're fucking huge, bro.”

“You're nuts.”

He jerks his own underwear to his ankles. Steps out of them. His hard cock bounces between two muscular thighs.

“Looks like we're the same length, Bro.”

“But you're thicker. A lot thicker.”

He kneels beside me and curls his left hand around my shaft. His right caresses and massages my balls.

“Careful with the family jewels.” I whisper.

“Since I'm family, maybe I should just call them 'jewels'.”

I laugh as he slides the head of my cock into his mouth.

I can't help thinking “he's done this before”. He moves up and down my shaft, humming from his chest which causes my dick to vibrate with the sound.

Oh, fuck...”

He moves rhythmically until I'm on the edge.

Nathan... I'm about to...”

His mouth makes a plop as my cock slides out. He gently pats my balls. “You can't cum yet.”

He lowers himself until he's partially on his back. “Now, you... me.”

I grab his dick with both hands. Like I'm holding a microphone. I sniff it, drawing in a sweet musk. Then, I kiss the bottom of his head.

Extending my tongue, I lick around his head. I lick his slit. Opening my mouth as far as I can, I wrap my lips around his head. I close my eyes and mimic his humming.

Nice, Bro.” And sensing that my jaw is tight, he supports my head while moves his hips slowly back and forth.

That's it... that's it... that's...” He tenses. His cocks feels like a shaken bottle of soda, as hot cum hits the back of my throat.

With both hands on my head, he hugs my face against his pelvis. “Told ya I'd teach ya some things.”

He pulls his cock from my mouth. I look up at him. “Guess you're gonna wanna fuck me?”

He laughs. “No, Bro. You got your whole life to bottom. I wanna show you how to be a good top.”


He pushes me back to the floor. Shoves my legs flat. He crouches over me. A foot next to my hip on each side. “You're gonna fuck me.”


“You're already the best I've ever had.”

He lowers his crack to my cock. Eases my head inside of him.

I feel my head inside his rectum. Hot and gripping. I smell his scent. Hormones. Cum. Ass.

I feel my cock tingle as he slides up and down my pole. Riding me.

"Oh, Bro. Oh, fuck."

He slides all the way down my pole until his cheeks sink into my pelvis.


"Oh, fuck." His eyes clench shut and I lose my load inside of him.

He leans forward, collapsing against my chest. Kisses my nipple. Then my throat. Then my lips. “I love you, Little Bro.”

“I love you too.”

The End