getting benny stretched

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“Dad!” Yelled my 12 year old son as he came running into the living room where I was currently watching TV. “I need help. Ummm, you know with what Mom used to help me with...”

My wife and I divorced last year and she has moved across the country, promising to see Benny as often as possible. “I’m sorry, Benny. What did Mom help you with?”

“You know… I uh get stopped up… and Mom helps me with the bottle thing to clean me out.” he said a little embarrassed.

“There is nothing to be embarrassed about Benny. You are my son and I love you very much. There is nothing that you cannot tell me.”

“But Dad… it’s embarrassing enough when Mom put it in my butt. Having you help is, you know...”

“It’s okay Benny, I know what to do. Why don’t you go get ready and I’ll be in there in a minute.” With that, my son rushed off to the bathroom.

I gave him a minute and then got up and walked in to find him laying on his hands and knees butt naked. I stood there and stared. His ass was smooth, rounded and very white. His cheeks were slightly separated and his little pink hole was puckered shut. My breathe caught in my throat as I glanced over the rest of him. His feet were clean and his long toes flexed out on the bathroom rug. Above his glorious ass his back stretched forward, arched up to his just filling out shoulders and a long neck connected to a short clean cut haircut. His face was straight forward and unmoving. I kneeled down beside him where the bottle of Fleet enema sat.

I shifted my now hard dick into a better position and with one hand I picked up the bottle uncapping it. My other hand reached out to his tight ass and gently caressed it. Precum gushed out of my cock and I could feel it wetting my leg, “Don’t worry Benny, it will be fine. Where is the lubricant?”

“I couldn’t find it Dad. Is there something else we can use?”

“Yes Son, but I can’t lube the end of the bottle, I have to lube your butt. Is that okay with you?”

“Whatever you need to do Dad.”

With that said, I leaned over his small body and getting close enough to his ass that I could smell his boy essence, I separated his cheeks farther apart. Opening my mouth, I let some saliva leave my mouth and watched it land on his crack. It slowly ran down his crack and as it reached his pucker, I reached out with my hand and using my pointer finger, I rubbed it gently into his hole. stretching it open. I let more spit out and pushed it even deeper into my son eliciting a small moan from him.

After fingering his very tight hole until it loosened up, I brought the enema up and inserted it into him, draining it. “Hold it as long as you can and then let it go.”

I watched him jump up so he could sit on the toilet, giving me my first view of my son’s naked body that I haven’t seen in years. He is thin with light muscle, a little gangly and not a hair anywhere on his body below his ears. His dick is about three inches long hanging softly over a nice sack of tight balls.

Standing up slowly with my hand hanging in front of my crotch to try to hide my rampantly hard dick, “Let me know if you need a second cleaning,” and with that I was out the door heading to my room to unload my aching nuts.

That night I tossed and turned from dreams of my son. He was naked and my hands roamed his tight hard body and always seemed to end up caressing his glorious ass. I awoke the next morning, painfully hard and had to jerk out two loads before I felt safe leaving my room.

I found Benny, my son leaning across the counter top, his ass stuck out, while he ate a bowl of cereal. He was wearing some tight boxer briefs that magnified the beauty and shape of his ass. His back was shirtless and his clear smooth skin kept my attention longer than I thought.

“Dad!” Benny yelled at me. “Why are you staring at me?”

“Sorry Benny, you are a very attractive boy and I guess I was just admiring you.” Then as I saw him reach back and scratch his ass, I turned and rushed back to my room, my dick leaking again.

By the time I was able to leave it again, my dick was sore from wearing it out and I had a plan to get closer to Benny’s ass.

I went to a local adult store and purchased a four pack of butt plugs that started small and thin and went up in size just past the thickness of my dick when it was hard. I thought about lube and decided to get it now but maybe put it aside for use later. Arriving home I called for Benny.

“Yes Dad?”

“I have something for you that I think will help with your problem. Go to the bathroom and get ready.”

“But Dad, I’m not stopped up… why do I need to do that again?”

“It is something to help you. Trust me. I think it will eventually keep you from needing the enemas. Now go get ready.” Then I watched his ass as he went down the hallway, stripping out of his clothes. Then thinking how much I would like to see him strip out of his underwear, I hurried after him.

I arrived just in time to see him pulling them down across his butt, his cheeks showing their whiteness. He bent at the waist as he dropped them lower and as he stepped out of them, his rosebud puckered and I started leaking. I watched him get down on his hands and knees and I stared at his beauty.

When I finally broke away from his body, I noticed that he had turned his head and was looking at me. All of me, which included a very hard cock that was leaking precum into my pants. I reached into the bag and removed the smallest butt plug. “Now Benny, I’m going to insert this plug into you and it will stretch the insides of your butt some. Then, tomorrow, I will replace it with a bigger one and after a few days, a bigger one yet. When I am done, you should be stretched enough that you won’t have to use them anymore, but there will be something we can do to keep you from tightening back up that will be a lot easier than using these.”

He nodded and I kneeled next to him. “Just like the other day, I need to lubricate your insides,” and with that said, I grasped his cheeks and pulled them apart. I again leaned over him and dripped spit onto his crack. When it reached his hole, I spread it around it and pushed my finger in some. Benny moaned softly as I pushed further into him than I did the other night.

I pulled my finger out and keeping his cheeks spread, I spit directly into his ass. Then I pushed my finger back in working the spit around. Benny’s ass was following my movements and as I withdrew my finger again, his ass tried to follow it, wanting to keep it inside. I grabbed the plug and slid it slowly into my boys virgin ass.

Benny moaned louder as I worked it in and out a little trying to get him used to it. With another moan I saw his knees buckle some and realized he was hard as a nail. Without thinking, I reached under him and grasping his erection, I worked it while playing with his ass. His moans increased in loudness and pitch. His body started shaking and then I felt his dick throb as his body shook and shook.

Then he collapsed. I stared at him amazed that I had given him what was probably his first ever orgasm and decided I should get him to bed. I picked up his light body and carried him naked to his bedroom. I laid him on his bed and started to cover up his nakedness.

“Dad, what was that? I thought I was going to explode...” he asked softly.

“Well Benny, that was an orgasm. I’m sorry I shouldn’t have grabbed you but I guess I got carried away. See it’s okay to help a friend in need with something like that but a Dad really shouldn’t be doing it for his Son.”

“That’s crap Dad. It was awesome and you can help me any time. I guess the feeling of the plug in my butt caused my penis to get hard huh? But what caused you to get hard? And why are your pants wet there?”

“Son, I will be honest with you always and I’ll treat you like an adult by answering your questions straight forward. I got hard looking at your body. You see I haven’t had sex since your Mom and I broke up and seeing your naked body reminded me of her and I became hard. The wet spot is from precum, what older guys produce when they get excited to help lubricate their passage into another body. And lastly, yes, the plug I am sure helped you to get hard. With it inside of you, you will find it gets harder and harder and if you rub it like I did, the plug will cause very intense orgasms,”

“Did you orgasm?”

“No Son, I wanted to but it would take more rubbing to get me there.”

“You helped me, let me help you.” Then before I could stop him, his little hand and those long fingers wrapped around the front of my pants grabbing onto my still hard dick. His hand started sliding up and down and within a couple of strokes, I came into my pants.

As I came down from my strong cum at the hands of my 12 year old son, I realized he was laughing. “Your face, it went all, I don’t know, scrunched up when you orgasmed Dad. It was funny.” Then he pulled his hand away and saw the mess I had made. “Wow, you must have needed that.”

I smiled at his joy, saw his dick was again hard but decided to ignore it. “Leave the plug in all night and in the morning come get me.” I kissed him goodnight and went to find my own bed, knowing I would make even more of a mess before I was done.

The next morning, I awoke to see my son standing next to my bed, naked. I smiled at him and started to get up but remembered that I wasn’t wearing anything due to my masturbating. “Hand me that robe Son, I’m not dressed.”

“Why? You get to see me without clothes, Why can’t I see you?”

I stood up, and let him look me over. He studied my half hard cock for a bit and then turned and walked to the door. His ass started making me harder so I tore my eyes off of it. I then followed him to the bathroom. “Okay Benny, I want you to bend at the waist, putting your hands against the counter. I’m going to remove the plug so you can poop. Then after you shower, I will put the next plug into you.”

I watched him lean into the counter and I slid my hand up his ass crack to the plug. Then grabbing it by the base, I slowly slid it out of him. I tossed it into the tub and told him to clean it when he showered. Then I walked back into my room to get the next plug.

Coming back into the bathroom, I watched Benny get into the shower, having already finished his business and watched him clean his self. As he stepped out, I instructed him to lean against the tub this time and I repeated what I did the day before. This time when I slid my finger into him, he felt looser and I asked “How was it this morning? Was it easier to go to the bathroom?” He nodded so I resumed and started pushing the larger plug into him. I went slow since I knew he was tight and when I got it into him he exhaled loudly. I then started to push and pull it in a small fucking motion. I reached around him and grasping his hard dick, I jerked him into another intense orgasm causing him to buckle and pass out.

I let him slip towards the floor, turning him over so he faced me. I was hoping when he regained his self, he would help me. I watched as his face smiled big and slowly his arm snaked up towards me. Since I was still not wearing clothes, he wrapped his whole hand around my dick and started jacking me similar to how I did him.

I stared at his face, watching it concentrate on what he was doing to me and I warned him I was close to cumming. He didn’t know better so I smiled right before I came all over his face and chest. He was covered in it and I watched some run down his cheek, his tongue slipping out to clean his lips.

I told him to leave the plug in until tomorrow morning and to take another shower to clean him self. Then I walked out leaving him covered in the cum that had created him.