getting benny stretched pt2

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The next morning, I went to wake Benny and found him sleeping on his back, one leg stretched out from under his sheet, his morning wood holding the sheet up like a tent. I admired his long toned leg, going from his foot up to where the sheet hid his privates, teasing me and leaving my imagination to fill out the view. I closed my eyes and then called his name. He started waking up, stretching his body to its max and twisting, he rolled over onto his side, pulling the sheet with him. His beautiful ass was now on display and I could see the plug base between his cheeks. I told him to get up and to meet me in the bathroom.

“Morning Dad,” said Benny as walked naked into the bathroom. His penis was soft and hanging and I watched it sway as he walked in. He took position leaning against the counter top, pushing his luscious rear out and waited on me to remove his plug.

I placed my hand against his ass and started to caress it. “You know Benny, whether you know it or not, you are one sexy kid.” Then, seperating his cheeks I worked the plug from him and tossed it into the tub. “Let me know when you are done,” and with that said, I walked into the kitchen.

“Ok Dad!” Benny shouted out to me. Confused since I didn’t hear the water running, I walked back into the bathroom to find Benny playing with his now hard member.

“Did you shower yet?”

“No, I don’t want to take take two showers this morning,” he told me as he smiled and played with himself.

“But Benny, you won’t get the same feeling without the plug… are you sure you want to do that now?” I asked.

“You can help me after the shower, I want to help you and since I really liked what I tasted, I want more but don’t want it all over me after a shower.” Then dropping to his knees, he started playing with my quickly growing dick through my baggy sleeper pants.

I placed one hand behind his head and with the other, I pulled my pants down below my nuts and pulled him towards me. His mouth opened on command and I pushed my hard dick into him. He closed his mouth and started sucking on it as I pushed it deeper into his mouth. I tilted my head back some closing my eyes until I heard him choking.

My head snapped back and my eyes opened to see Benny choking on my dick, most of it was lodged in his throat. I quickly released the strong grasp of his head that I had pulled to me and pulled my dick from his mouth. Strings of saliva running from it to his mouth.

“Don’t stop Dad, I almost had it all,” coughed Benny, then he attacked my dick again.

I figured if that is what he wanted, I would give it to him, so I grabbed his head and pushed in deeper and deeper. Benny’s eyes watered and he coughed some but he never stopped his attack.

Slowly the last bit lodged into his throat and I started pulling it back so the head was in his mouth and then pushed it back into his throat. I knew it wouldn’t take long and with one more push, I started unloading down his throat. I pulled back after the second volley so my head was on his tongue so he could taste my cum.

Swallowing the last of it Benny slowly let me slide out of his mouth, his face turning into a huge smile. “God Dad! That was awesome!” His voice was a little hoarse but his joy was overwhelming. My dick stayed hard and all I could think of was what my son just gave me.

I wanted more. I wanted to grab him and shove him over the counter top and push my dick into his ass and breed him for the next year or two but I knew I couldn’t do that. I took a breath and told him to hop in the shower and I would put his plug back in and then suck his dick in return,

He jumped into the shower and I just leaned against the counter and watched him wash his body. He was quick about it and was soon standing in front of me, dripping water. I took the plug from him and turned him around, pushing him over against the tub. I spread his ass cheeks and kneeling down, I pushed my mouth against his hole and pushed my tongue into him. He squirmed like crazy and I reluctantly pulled my mouth from his sweet ass. I grabbed the plug and pushed it into him as he moaned out loud.

I turned him around and engulfed his hard pulsing dick into my mouth and sucked for all I was worth. After a few minutes of bobbing up and down on him, his body shook and making all kinds of high pitched sounds, his dick throbbed like crazy and he sank to his knees.

As his breathing became more regular, his eyes stared at me with longing and love. I reached down to him and pulled him up, my mouth crushed against his, my tongue shooting into his mouth. We kissed heavily for about ten minutes before I broke away. Benny sank to his knees breathing hard and I turned to leave the bathroom when I noticed that I was still raging hard.

I turned back to Benny and grabbing my dick in my hand, I tugged it a few times and shot my load all over his face. Then I turned and left.