getting benny stretched pt4

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I woke the next morning before the alarm went off to Benny sucking my very hard dick. He pulled his mouth from it and said, “About time you woke up old man… hehe, I had a great time last night Dad and I want you to fuck me again and again and again. Pleeaasse Dad! Please fuck me, my ass needs something in it. Please!”

“Old man! I’ll show you an old man.” I grabbed him by his sides and flipped him over face down, his sweet ass raised automatically and swayed slightly. I reached down and using my fingers to separate his ass cheeks I spit onto his hole and brought my dick to his hole. Gripping him tighter about his sides, I started pushing the head into him. His moans caused me to push in harder going deeper into the sweetest ass I have ever seen. My balls bottomed out against his cheeks and with a small yes from Benny, I started fucking him hard and rough.

“Daddy! Fuck meee!” and I did. I fucked his ass hard and fast, as deep as I could and with a loud grunt I unloaded my night’s pent up semen. I pulled out and flipped my boy over, his face was lit with the afterglow of a good hard fucking and the smile across his face was from ear to ear.

My eyes followed down his thin sleek body, past his small nubs that were his nipples, nubs that needed to be sucked and chewed on and thinking of the pleasure that would bring him almost made me cum again. My eyes traveled farther south, down his taunt belly, no six pack here, nothing but a smooth flat stomach with a V shape sides pointing down to his soft, flaccid 3” cock. My mind was swirling with desires and I was having trouble keeping a sane thought.

I smiled up at Benny’s face and told him as much as I would really LOVE to stay and fuck him all day long, we both needed to get up and get ready for work and school. Then as Benny got up and started walking towards the bathroom, he stopped and turned his head back towards me with a coy smile. “Will you shower with me and make sure my butt gets good and clean Dad?”

“You just want me to fuck you in the shower don’t you?” I asked. “I guess we can skip breakfast if you want but we will have to hurry.”

With a shriek of pleasure Benny rushed off to start the shower, where I joined him and spent my time washing his beautiful ass before fucking him nice and slowly. I made sure when I was finished that his dick was unable to rise, his newest plug was inserted and then we were off.

When I arrived home later that day, I found an over excited boy jumping all over me and trying to strip off my clothes. I quickly helped him remove them before I carried him into his bedroom and removed his. I laid him naked over my lap and separating his cheeks, I removed the last and largest of the plugs. “How was it today? Did it give you any problems?”

“It was murder Dad! Every time I moved it would rub against me and make me hard. I had to jerk off 5 times today at school! I needed your big Daddy dick in me instead of the plug...I even thought about asking Chase for a quickie. I didn’t, but I thought about it a lot!”

“My poor little boy… you have become quite the cock hound haven’t you?” I said as I gave a slight swat to his glorious ass cheeks.

Benny moaned and swayed his but back and forth, “Do it again Dad. It felt different than other spankings. It gave me a tingle.” Benny giggled out.

I raised my hand again to give him a swat when the doorbell went off. Benny jumped up and running towards the door buck naked said it must be Chase. I tried to stop him but by the time I got near the entrance, Chase was standing inside the doorway staring at Benny’s nakedness.

I walked through the last doorway letting Chase take in the fact that I was naked also. “You must be Chase,” I said, “please come in. Benny why don’t you help get Chase out of those restrictive clothes so we can all have a chat.”

Benny quickly had Chase naked and I must admit, he had a great body. “Now Chase, Benny here tells me that you took his virginity yesterday.”

“Umm, I guess I did, although I didn’t know he was a virgin.” stated Chase.

“Really? You didn’t? You mean when you told him he could put things other than your finger in his ass and he said like what, you thought he was pulling your leg?”

“Well… I was not really thinking too much Sir. I mean, you’ve seen his ass. I’m, um I’m sorry sir. I didn’t mean to take what was yours.”

“Well, you did Chase. And whats more, you didn’t do him the decency of making sure he enjoyed it. Don’t look at me that way, I know he enjoyed you fucking him, but you didn’t make sure he came. Not once. That I can’t let slide.”

Chase’s head slanted down and I continued, “So to make sure that this will not happen again, I have decided that since you took something important from me, I will take it from you. Benny tells me that you can only do the guy part but I am here to inform you that for tonight and until you leave this house tomorrow, you will be Benny’s and my slut to do with as we see fit. Then after that, you will be free to fuck Benny as often as you like. As long as you treat him like the sexy God that he is. When you fuck him in the future, you will suck his dick or take it up your ass when ever he requests it or if nothing else, you will jerk him off. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good, now just to show you that I am a fair man, why don’t you suck on Benny’s dick and make him cum, then we can see about opening you up.”

I watched as Chase slid off the chair and brought his head towards Benny’s mid section. Benny’s dick was hard and ready and when Chase’s lips wrapped around the head, Benny shoved it all in, causing Chase to gag.

Benny didn’t let up for a second though and continued to pound Chase’s mouth and throat. The sounds of his gagging seemed to turn Benny on and he got rougher and rougher. “Dad, why don’t you take that end while he sucks my dick?” Benny said.

I walked towards them and dropping to my knees, I spread Chase’s cheeks apart and spit onto his hole. He was clean and I leaned in further till my tongue poked his opening. Hearing a moan included with his gags, I knew he was ripe for fucking. I ate his hole just enough to relax him and get him to open up some.

I looked up at Benny who had a hold of Chase’s head, driving it up and down on his dick. “Do it Dad, do it. I want to see you fuck him.”

I spit on Chase’s hole again, lined my dick head up with it and in one mighty push, I sank it fully into him. Chase’s head came up, a loud moan coming from his mouth. I gave him about five seconds to get used to it before I started long dicking his no longer virgin ass. As I fucked him, I noticed that his head had dropped back onto Benny’s dick and he was working it hard. Benny started moaning out, coming, dry heave after dry heave until he finally pulled Chase’s mouth from his dick.

I pulled my dick from between Chase’s cheeks and said, let’s go to the bedroom. Benny grabbed Chase’s hand and led him to the master bedroom crawling onto the bed. “Dad, I want Chase to fuck me while you fuck him. Okay?” Then not waiting for an answer, Benny rolled over to his knees, his sweet ass sticking out. Chase like any smart young man, quickly got behind him and inserted his hard prick. I lined up behind Chase and resumed my pleasure.

By the moans coming from both boys, I am guessing that there will be many happy as well as drained balls ahead of us.