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Bad Dad


In the Men Pen

I wuz bringin' in the tack after a long morning in the fields, herding up the young calves that had broke out of the busted fence. A tree had fallen during the storm, and a good amount of the herd had set off. It was long work, but it was done.

The kid had headed into town to get some new fencing and supplies. Lunch would be up when he got back any minute now then we had to get back out to fix the fence proper, and do a hundred other chores that always needed to be done on a big place like this.

Coming out of the barn, I caught a look at him, shoveling muck over to the other side of the pen. His big shirtless back, flared, forearms bulging, and sweat pouring down his spine, into the deep trench that pushed up over the low-slung jeans. God he had an ass for a man of his age all big and thick from years of hard work.

The sight kind of stopped me in my tracks, like it does sometimes.

Fuck, he was hot. Brawny, muscled, but a nice layer of meat on him, the way I liked. Just right just the right size, just the right age. Good stank on him, too, like men should have. Man in his prime, he wuz.

But, I shook myself out of it. Bossman didn't like dawdlin' on his farm, and I sure didn't want him to catch me staring like that lookin' all hungry and such. I headed off to get the last of the gear, pacing back to the barn, keeping my head low, but my eyes still focused on his beefy frame. He was intent on his work, so he couldn't see me lookin', I think. Front better than the back. Thick thighs, hairy chest, big pecs. He was getting into it now, near enough done, pushing himself, tossing the muck to the back of the tractor, so we could add it to the heap out back that fertilized the front forty.

Didn't get a good look at the bulge, dammit, but I had a sense of it. Ya couldn't be around the Boss without getting an eye of what he held down there. Not just the mound, or the snake pushing down his thigh, but the way he held himself, too.

You know how some men with big dicks, are, right? Even if you can't see what they're hidin', they got a way with the world, a way they move through it: confident, struttin'. Like a man does when he's swingin' inches. Like the bulls out in the herd. They know what they got and what to do with it.  And, you can tell they know. Least I can, anyway.

I'd hung up the last of the gear and was headed back to the house, figgin' to make sandwiches, I guess, all the while thinkin' about big dicks and bulls and the Bossman, mind kinda wandering. Got that way a lot, lately, now that the hair had come in down there, things startin' to fill out. Body nice and lean and tight. My shirt was off so I could smell my own funk and that just made me more randy. Seemed like all I thought about these days was sex, but I sure couldn't -

The wind got knocked out of me, good, when he hit me from behind, pushing me to the ground. He was on me, alright, growling fuck, didn't know what hit me at first. The horses in the pen scattered, and the next thing I know, he's ripping my pants over my butt, not even bothering to get `em undone.

"Saw you lookin', boy, don't pretend you wasn't."


"Shut it."  He pushed my head down, grinding my cheek into the dirt. "I know what you want, kid. Don't deny it."

I tried to wriggle free, but his forearm pushed into my back. I couldn't move for his size.  He was such a big fucker.  

"Come on, kid, give it up."

"Yes, sir," I gasped, dust flying up in my face with my exhale.

Next thing I know he's hawking up a deep loogie of spit, the sound loud, and the rumble from his lungs, deep. His paw slaps it up in my hole, sliming it with his throat muck, sticking a finger up there, too, to get it ready. And, then, all of a sudden I feel it, pressing against my ass.

One thrust and it's in. I cry out.  Can't help myself.  Fuck, it's big.  

"Shut up, kid.  Scare the horses.  Push back on it.  Let me in."

I does. It goes deep. I cry again, this time into the dirt, so as not to scare the animals, like he tells me. Sand covers my tongue, and I'm suckin' grit.

It's not like I haven't had anything in there this ain't my first rodeo or nuthin'.  I been sweatin', too, so my ass is slick and wet, but Jesus, I wasn't ready for this. Well, mostly not, given what I been thinking about lately all morning and right before he got up in me.

I push up, knowing my ass looks good, giving him what he wants. And, he takes it, thrusting in deeper. I groan, can't help myself, and then he's power-fucking - dragging it out and sluicing it back in. My head spins.  My hole's burnin' and my own cock's pulsing, caught in my pants, and hell if I ain't close myself ... usually don't cum that quick though.

I reach back with both hands not to push him off, but to pull him in.

"Yeah, that's it want it, don'tcha kid?"

"Yes, sir.  Want it bad.  Need it."

"Thought so," he grunts, pushing in to the limit - to that deep place only he hits, the one that seems to be itching all the time, needing to be scratched.

My head bucks up as my body reacts to the final invasion, butting up against his - start to see stars a little. And, that sets him off, big time, like he needs to pay me back for the ringin' I just caused in his ears, and instantly he's deep-dickin, growling, bitin' my neck, pushing my head back down in the dirt, so's he can take it like he wants to.

Then I feel it biggen, fatten up back there, and sure `nuff I know he's gonna seed me.

"Give it to me - shoot it. Breed me, Boss," I beg, making sure he knows what I want so bad.

And, he does, a yell roaring from him as his steel-cock pushes the seed home, pumping it deep, where it needs to be.

"Fucking slut fucking sweet-assed hungry little slut."

It pumps and twitches, and the warm flood fills me. I can feel it spread in my guts and I clutch the thing with my pucker, sucking on it, pulling out as much juice as I can. Shit, gonna be dripping all day now, which is only gonna make me more randy.

My body wants as much of his juice in me as he can shoot, so my hips are twitchin', pushing back, hole all spasmy, tellin' him how much I needs his spermers. His cock keeps pulsing, but I know he's done. Know this is a quick one that he just needs to get the edge off, so he can focus on work for the rest of the day. I feel his sweat dripping on my back, and I push up hard, one more time, holding my ass in the air, wanting to prolong this quick, nasty fuck, feel his sweat, get his musk on my skin so I can smell his stink fer the rest of the day.

But, he begins to pull out, done with it, so I grabs his open jeans, yanking him back down.

"Please just a little more, Boss," I beg `cuz I know he likes beggin' sometimes, likes knowin' how much we need him me and my bro and how much I need him, especially these days when I'm so horned out all the time.

He gives me one more hard thrust, but I know it's time to de-couple. His rules, not mine. His needs. Not mine.

"The kid's coming back anytime now, boy.  Can't have him finding us like this."

"Yes, sir."  There's a calculated whimper in my tone.

He leans down, nuzzling my neck.

"And, sorry, boy. Saw ya lookin'. Just flipped my switch."

"Ya never done me like this."

"I know but, you're getting bigger, now, more muscled, figured you could take it."

"I can."

"Thought so."

"Anytime you want it, Dad, you can have it. Anytime. Like this. You can just take it, Daddy."

"Good to know, son. That's a good thing to know."

"I want it, Dad. Seems like I want it all the time, these days. Can't stop thinkin' `bout it."

He gives me a cuff on the back of my head. Pure love in that, and I feel it. Then he drags his big hog out of me, picks himself up, and yanks me up by the belt like I don't weigh nuthin'.

Next thing I know, he's slammed me back into his big frame, grabbin' my chest with his paws, givin' my pecs a good, hard squeeze. Hurts a little since they covered with dirt and grit and sweat, but it's good hurt. Love hurt. Man hurt.

"Shoulda told me that, kid," he growls in my ear, breath hot and heavy. "Need to know things like that."

"I just did, Dad. Just did tell ya." Then the kiss on the back of my neck, meaningful-like, makes me feel warm and loved, and the hard, manly squeeze on my ass, tellin' me he's gonna get back in there today maybe a few times. Could stay like this all day, I thinks. But, he slaps my chest with his big paws, pushes me off of him, and I turn around, just in time to see him shoving his wet meat back in his jeans.

I dust myself off, rubbing the dirt from my face and chest.

"You do Carter like that, Daddy?"

"Not yet. Want to. Shit, that ass of his is lookin' fine so high and tight. But, he's young, yet, boy." His eyes get all glassy, thinkin' of Carter, I suppose, while he fixes his pants, snappin' the wide buckle of his belt. "Soon enough, though. Least, that's what I'm thinking."

Then, he looks up at me, raking my young muscles with his eyes.

"But, I got you, son. Good to have a big kid like you around. Man enough to be able to take it like that. All a father needs, really. Best not be greedy. Carter's time will come. It's your time, now."  

"Yes, Sir," I said. I can't help myself, I smile so big. Knowing that my Paw knows I'm man enough now.  Man enough to take things to the next level. Whatever level he wants to take it to.  

"Get yourself cleaned up, now, or Carter will be suspicious. You know how he gets when we play games without him."

"Yes, Daddy."

I headed off to the house, full of my dad's cum, some of it squirtin' down my legs already, no matter how hard I tries to keep it up in me. Dad shoots a lot always has. Seems like the man's just a sperm-factory, always full of spunk.

And, I feels his eyes on me, too, lookin at me lookin' at my ass, I suppose. Makes me feel good. Real good wantin' more of him.  

I hear the truck pulling up, see my baby bro smiling at me in the cab, and suddenly I'm really looking forward to getting' more seed in there. Tonight maybe - after my bro sucks the cream out of me, slurpin' out Dad's hot cum, after it's been cookin all afternoon, mixin' up with my insides.

Yeah, that's the ticket have Carter get me nice and ready with his young tongue, then have Dad take over fuck me nice and long and deep and slow, so I can appreciate it so he can enjoy it - with baby bro Carter looking on, getting' all jealous, wondering when he gets the Bossman up inside him, deep, like I do.