Jason & Jerrod


Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys. It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

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My whole life can be summed up in two wonderful words, Jason and Jerrod. Let me tell you how they came to be.

I got my first piece of pussy when I was fourteen and about three months old. School had just started back for the fall. I was in the ninth grade and thought I was something great. I had a great body, a winning personality and looks that made everyone want to get to know me.

I discovered masturbation, quite by accident while sitting on the toilet, about two weeks into the school year. I had been learning about myself and my dick every night since. My best friend, John, and a group of our neighborhood gang liked to hang out in a huge cemetery just a block from John's house. We knew all of the places to hide and we would sit and tell ghost stories and see who would get scared and leave first. I have always been the maestro of words and my imagination runs to the absurd so it naturally fell to me to tell the tales on the crypts. The only thing to fear in this cemetery was the old caretaker and his shotgun. I might mention that it was nineteen fifty eight and a shotgun loaded with rock salt was not an uncommon thing so no one ever really questioned the practice. My dad used to tell me stories of his boyhood and it seemed that rock salt was the best deterrent for errant behavior long before I was born.

One evening, in early October, John and I had taken our girl friends to the cemetery. He had been telling me all afternoon that we were gonna get fucked and of course I couldn't wait. It was a dark and moonless night... We entered the cemetery by jumping over our usual wall. The wall was only two feet high on the side where we went in but it was a six foot drop into the cemetery. John being the tallest, at six feet, jumped over the wall. I was by far the strongest with amazing muscles for my age, so it fell on me to lower the girls to John's waiting arms below. We already knew where we were going so we led the girls to a tree covered section where it was quite, dark, and secluded.

There were two graves in this section that had granite slabs laid on top of the graves. These slabs measured six feet by eight feet, we had measured them in the daylight, and they were ten inches thick. A perfect place to lay or get laid. These two graves were in rows perpendicular to each other and about eight feet away from each other. The girls had there blouses open, so we could maul them to our hearts delight, and their skirts up for the delight of our other body parts. In those days skirts were long so it afforded the girls something on which to lay so that they weren't in direct contact with the cold stone. John and I had our pants around our ankles and let our hard cocks lead the way. The stone upon which I lay allowed me to look straight at John as he made his moves on his girl. I was watching him for pointers and let nature move me in the natural actions that I needed to make. We were really getting into it and I had never had anything more enjoyable in my whole two or three week old sex life.

A popular joke of the day was: Confucius say 'girl with skirt up run faster than boy with pants down. We were about to prove that. I didn't hear the sound before I felt the pain. My whole naked ass was peppered with salt. I jumped up and fell over my pants as I started to run. The girls were screaming and of course ran the wrong way. John and I got our pants up and took off after them. I was hurting like mad. We caught the girls and mine was screaming at me and slapping me telling me that I had peed all over her. We finally got out of there and headed toward the girl's houses. I tried to apologize and tell her that I had been shot but she wasn't listening. I finally walked off and went home.

My dad is a doctor and has an office at the house for emergencies. He was laughing his ass off as he picked the bits of salt out of my ass. He kept asking how this had happened when I had no holes in my pants. He made me roll over so he could check me out. When I did I could smell the girl on me. Dad's eyes flashed and a big smile came to his face. He bent down and lifted my, completely flaccid, dick up and checked around it, his face was inches away and I know he was smelling me. He pulled my foreskin back and ran his fingers around my glans then sniffed his fingers. "Well, it looks like you are a pretty healthy boy. You do need a shower though. Be sure and keep yourself clean." He fondled my cock head and smiled at me. I don't know what was going through his head but I was sure I could see pride where I had never seen it before.

The next day at school was a disaster. I was sure the girls would never say anything. What fourteen year old girl, in nineteen fifty eight, wanted everybody to know that she was fucking, and in the cemetery no less. I guess my girl did. Even seniors walked by calling piss boy. Several of the nerdier kids asked if I really pissed in a girls twat. I was mortified. Looking back I should have been proud. That one incident set my machismo in stone for the next four years. It had the reverse and adverse effect on me.

I was terrified of girls. My strokenoff fantasies turned immediately to boys. I went through that whole school year with no more sexual contact. Several girls wanted to go out with me but I was sure it was some twisted girl thing to make fun of me and I couldn't do it. I sucked my first dick the following summer and was hooked. I sucked eight different boys during the following three years of school. I still had a macho rep but I liked boys. Graduation night made me reevaluate my thinking.

I had know Susan like forever. We went to the same church. We had classes together since seventh grade. She had always been there. We were always cordial and spoke to each other but my fantasies lay in the line of a long hard cock shooting its' nice hot creamy filling down my throat.

When it came time for my prom I knew I had to go. That was going to be the night. I asked Susan and she said yes. We had a great evening and I took her home then I went to an after party. I left with a guy that I had been wanting to do for years. We went to his house. He was so drunk that he didn't remember where he lived or even who he was. There was an old room in the back of his garage and he had a bed in there. I always thought of this as his jack off hide-away. We decided to sleep there so his folks wouldn't see him drunk. I got us naked and we sucked each other's dicks all night. He asked me to fuck him so I got my first piece of butt that night. I compared it to my pussy experience and decided that I really liked this. After I fucked him we turned around and sucked each other some more.

I awakened when the first bit of light lit the room. Suddenly being here didn't seem like a good thing. I awakened him and suggested that we go to my house and sober up some more. He asked me if we had sex. I looked at him, not sure what to say. He bent over and sucked my dick and I shot a load in seconds. It was getting brighter out and I was afraid his folks would head out to work and see my car there and wonder where we were. I got us dressed and into my car and took him to my house. My dad had to leave early so mom was up. She cooked us breakfast and chastised us for drinking. I told her it was the prom, we were seniors, we were grown up. Like that explained everything.

He was sober so I took him back to the party site to get his car. On the way he told me his ass hurt. He looked at me and told me I had fucked him in the ass. Again I was silent. He smiled and told me that he liked it. He said we had to get together again and stay sober the next time.

The rest of the school year he shined me. We did not speak and he acted as is I didn't exist. Graduation night he came up to me in the hallway. He told me that he wasn't a homo. He said that I raped him and I should be in a hospital because I was a sicko. He said if we were anywhere else he would hit me. Like yeah. That would have been the end of him. I was one tough little cocksucker and I love to fight.

After graduation I asked Susan if she wanted to go to a party or two. She seemed really anxious so we left. We made about four parties and she said she really wanted to go somewhere alone. I drove out to the lake. I knew of a grassy hillside with a small stand of trees where we could not be seen from the road. I drove down into the tree grove and parked the car. I had a big blanket in the trunk that I spread on the ground. It was a perfectly clear night with a big full moon hanging over the lake. A more romantic spot or night never existed. She didn't want to get her gown messed up so I helped her out of it and I took my slacks off. Before we got to the blanket I went back and removed my shirt and tie. Now, clad only in my bun huggers and shoes, I went to the blanket to lay down with her. She had on a silk slip that went from her chest to her knees. I helped her remove her stockings so that she wouldn't snag them and we lay down for some serious face sucking. That girl could kiss and she was aware of what she was doing to me. How could she not be, all I had on were a small pair of white brief bun huggers. I always, to this day, buy my underwear a size or two small. I like being held together. I hate flopping around unless I am freeballing in a pair of Levis.

I never got to first base. She just raised her petty coat and pulled off her panties and told me to be gentle, home run with no hits. My briefs got the worst treatment. I practically tore them getting them off. I got between her legs and lined up. Yeah, I had to look, I wasn't all that sure of where everything was. I was as gentle as I knew how to be. I pushed in slowly and I felt a major resistence. I was barely even inside her. I almost pulled out but nature kicked me in the butt and I pushed in all the way. "Oh, silly boy. You just busted my hymen."

I looked at her as I thought for a moment. "You mean you are virgin? I just broke your cherry." She giggled. I was in lust. I began the age old movements that make the world go round, and round and round. My head was spinning. I had fucked a virgin ass hole just a few weeks earlier and now I had virgin pussy. I was doing a comparison study. I pushed all the way in and bent over to kiss her. I wasn't even moving and suddenly. Boom. Without warning. There it was. I blasted off a full load in her. She was kissing me with more passion than I knew existed in this whole world. I was terrified. I just shot my load in a virgin. What if she get's pregnant? The way she was making me feel I didn't care. I just stayed where I was.

She raised up slipped the straps of her petticoat off of her arms. I reached behind her to unhook her bra. Three fucking hooks. They only make these things to torment horny boys. Her breasts were small. I have seen boys with bigger boobs. She had a B cup. I took them in my hand and began to knead them. She was in ecstasy. I never a knew that tits were a girls erogenous zone. She had a massive orgasm and nearly cut my dick off at the base. That got me super hard again. I started to pump in and out while I continued to massage her tits. She had another orgasm then another. This girl was fantastic. I was working my dick in and out and up and down and all around and I guess I hit her clitoris as her pussy started to spasm and squeeze my dick with the best love it had ever had. I fired off a big load that turned my toes inside out.

We broke our kiss and I rolled over beside her. She scooted up on my arm and lay her head against my chest. I spit and blew and pushed her hair away from my face as I pulled closer into her. I worked my hands over her entire body as I explored new territory. She was complaining that she could feel my stuff running down her legs. I was so gallant. I put my hand between her legs and scooped it up. I brought my hand to my face and sniffed. Yum, cum. I licked my fingers and went back between her legs. I pushed my whole hand into her cunt lips and wiped what I could find then I stuck two fingers up inside to hunt for more. Each time I was pulling my hand to my face, carefully, to lick it clean without her seeing me and getting grossed out.

My cock was now back to full erection and I was hitting her clit with my diving. We were ready to go again. I mounted my new found little pony and we went at it like to seventeen year olds in heat. Duh. I was only afraid that if I kissed her she would taste or smell what I had been doing. I fired off another big load and was pretty much drained but I knew we would go to kissing when I rolled off. I thought I would perform a noble gesture. "Let me make sure that doesn't drip out and bother you again." I bent down and licked her pussy clean. I gagged several times. This had to be the most disgusting thing I had ever done in my life. I wanted cum and I needed cum, bad. But to suck it out of a pussy, with pussy juice mixed in. I gagged again. It helped if I kept my eyes closed. When I could taste more her and less me I pulled up and lay beside her.

"That has got to be the nicest thing anyone ever did for me. I know it was sickening to you. I could hear you gag but you did that for my comfort. I hope it doesn't taste too bad. I love you. I have never said that to a boy before but I know deep in my heart that I love you."

I astonished myself. I was in love with her. This wasn't just lust. I felt something inside. For the first time in my life I loved someone outside my family. I was truly in love. We slept for a few hours. When I awakened the moon was far off in the western sky. I kissed Susan and she opened her eyes. "It's late, my love. Maybe I should take you home." I helped her dress and I stayed naked as long as I could. She was really getting a good look at my virile body, and I could tell she liked what she saw. I walked down to the edge of the lake. I pissed on some weeds about ten feet from the shore then squatted down at the lake's edge, to wash my dick and under my foreskin. She was standing beside me watching me.

"Was I good?" Egads, the girl thing.

"Yes, baby. That was the greatest."

"You do it much?" She kinda pouted.

"No. You're the first." I was walking back to the car. I put my underwear on with a flourish as I bounced my huge balls around and made a process of getting my cock to lay just right in my drawers.

"I heard about..."she started. That old story just wouldn't die.

"That was a disaster. I was a scarred little kid. I had no idea what I was doing. I decided that night to save myself for someone special."

"Am I special."

"The most special." We got in the car and drove the long way around the lake, slowly. We headed back to her house at about six thirty. When we got there I walked her to the door. Her dad opened the door and asked me in. "Oh, shit." I thought. We went to the kitchen. Susan's mom was cooking bacon and homemade biscuits, a serious weakness of mine. She asked me how I wanted my eggs. I asked for a cup of coffee.

"You two been drinking?" Her dad asked.

"No sir. We went to a few parties and they were drinking but we didn't want to so we went for a drive. We went to the lake and watched the moon set."

Susan came back in with a simple skirt and blouse on. She had combed her hair out and put a ribbon around it to pull it back. She really looked sweet. I got up and walked over to her and held her hand as I looked at her dad. "Sir, may I marry your daughter?" She threw her arms around me and kissed me right there in front of them.

"I guess that's what she wants also," he paused as the two of them stared at us. We looked at them with eagerness on our faces. "How will you support her?"

"Sir, I just graduated high school last night. I am seventeen years old. I don't know what I'm going to do with my life. I have been working as a soda jerk at a drive in restaurant for two years so I have some money saved. I have thought about college but...sir I love Susan and I can't think beyond that."

We sat down and ate breakfast with Susan feeding me bacon and hot buttered biscuits. We giggled and held on to each other as if our very lives depended on it. Her parents sat across from us holding each other and smiling at us. They made comments about how we reminded them of themselves. They kissed each other and smiled at us some more. Phill, Susan's thirteen year old brother came in with just his pajama bottoms on and scratching at his ass. He looked at his sister then at me and in the sing song fashion of a little brother he rang out, "Susan's got a boyfriend."

"Be nice," his father said. "This is your brother in law. He has my permission to whip your butt if you get out of line." Everybody smiled at each other.

Life jumped off the starting line. We sat a new record. Zero to two hundred in ten seconds. I started to work as an Actuary at her dad's insurance company. I was too young to get a sales licence. We were married in August. We had a huge wedding and totally filled the large, eight hundred seat, church. Susan was one inch shorter than me. At six feet she had to be very careful wearing high heels. She looks great in heels. She only weighed on hundred and eighteen pounds when we got married. Yeah she was skinny but I loved her body. I have looked at old pictures, especially ones in which she has her hair back or short and wearing shorts. She looked much like a teenage boy.

Jason, our first son was born in February, our valentine. Yeppers, the old February fourteenth. Nine months later Jerrod arrived for Thanksgiving dinner. It was too much for Susan we shouldn't have tried to have sex so soon. It really messed up her body and her mind. Our love life just disappeared Oh, we were still very much in love, we just didn't have sex, ever again.

The boys were little mini-shes. They were total carbon copies of their mother except for their enormous dicks. I was in the delivery room with each of them and their impressive equipment drew comments from the surgical team. "Be careful where you cut doc, his penis is bigger than the umbilical cord." I was blessed. In those days it was uncommon, no actually frowned on for the father to be in the delivery room. Our doctor was a saint and allowed it even though the hospital tried to prevent it.

When the boys were born I was beside the doctor who took their little bodies from their warm womb and laid them directly into my hands. I held both of them as they drew their first breath. I watched as the nurse suctioned their little mouths and noses for mucus. She put the silver drops in their eyes and the cord was cut. I cradled my sons as I walked around the doctors and lay them in their mother's arms, twice. No one will ever take that away from me. It is my memory. It is the reason for my being today. I love my sons like I believe no other father has ever loved his child. Well, it's my belief, okay? You believe what you will.

We were a happy family. We spent a great deal of time together. There was a lot of love and no one felt left out. The boys never argued or fought like other siblings and I was so glad of that. There was no rivalry or even competition between them. They always seemed to want the very best for the other and encouraged each other on. They were excellent students, a real joy to be around.

When I turned twenty one I could get a state sales license and I went to work as a salesman for another insurance company. My father in law and I talked and we decided that if I was going to make it I should do it on my own so that no one would be able to say that he was showing favoritism. I was very successful and within five years I opened my own independent agency. I have done really well and have several agents working under me and am making more money than my father in law and father combined.

My folks are so very proud of the boys and lavish them with love and gifts.

Our lives changed in May of nineteen seventy one. The boys and I had taken a fishing trip. We had gone to a lake that we frequented. We had gotten a late start on Saturday so it was only going to be an overnighter. Susan had promised her mom to go visit with her grandmother and didn't make this trip with us. We were excited. This was our first outing of the season and we were anxious to get out and be one with nature. We set up camp and caught some nice fish. We had a big fire going and I threw some foil wrapped potatoes and corn in the coals. We fried the fish in the old cast iron skillet with lots of butter. I look at it now and wonder why we're still so skinny.

We were having a wonderful time. Father and sons, bonding. We had cleaned everything and put it away in preparation of an early rise and a trip across the lake to some secluded fishing holes. Around nine o'clock a melancholy settled over us. All at once the merriment was gone and we just sat around the fire staring into it. "Dad, something is wrong. I want to go home," thirteen year old Jason said.

"Me too dad. I don't feel so good."

The old dad took over and I was checking for temperatures and asking about belly aches and if everyone had gone potty today....and well you know the routine. Trouble is, I was feeling it too. I was afraid of food poisoning but everything had been fresh. We didn't feel sick we just had a hurt in our beings. The boys helped me break camp and pack the car. We pulled the unused boat out of the water and tied it on top of the station wagon and headed for home. We got home at around two in the morning and there was a police car in front of the house. I opened the door for the boys as two police officers approached. I tried to push the boys inside so of course they were in front of me as the officers came up on the porch. They asked who we were and I identified ourselves.

"Sir, I'm afraid there has been an accident." I sat down on the porch glider and pulled the boys to me. Susan, her folks, and brother were coming home. They were at the outskirts of town when a car came across the median and hit them head on. Everyone was killed in both cars.

We had the funeral the following Wednesday. Susan's dad had left everything to his kids with survivorship. I was Susan's heir so everything came to me. He had set up a very large trust fund for both boys and had a life insurance policy on them to pay for their college. But they had to go on without the brightest ray in their lives, their mother. We were close and we could do this.

Two weeks later school was out. Jason was on an overnight trip with the eighth grade class. I went to the school to help Jerrod with his myriad projects. The kid was always building something for school and we had to take it all home. Jerrod left to take a load to the car and I was alone with his seventh grade teacher, Mr. Burns. Something about this guy makes my skin crawl. "You need to talk to Jer. He has told me that he and Jas are having sex. I remember Jas from last year. I just thought you should know."

I kept quite. That evening I was preparing for bed. I have slept in the raw since I can remember. I don't know because I never checked but I think that the boys do too. They share a big bed. I tried to get them separate beds a few years ago but they begged me not to. They have been together all their lives and can't stand to be separate, was their argument. It was close to the truth. I wasn't surprised when Jer walked in. I was a little shocked to see him naked. I had not seen that for many years. Yeah, on the campout as we changed. Or when we went swimming or that sort of thing. Now here he stood at the foot of my bed stark naked. He's my son but I was impressed with his developing cock. It was about two and a half inches soft and about as big around as a nickle. His balls were close up yet and looked to be about the size of grape. He had a little bush of blonde hair crowning his perfect little package. "Daddy, can I sleep with you. I'm lonesome." Well I just tossed the cover back and swatted that perfect little bubble butt as he jumped in my bed and took up residence on the opposite side.

We lay there with him on his side. His head was on my bicep. I was unaware of it at the time but I was rubbing his butt. We were both loving it. I hadn't turned off the beside lamp. I wanted to talk. Finally I said, "Jery...uh, Mr. Burns told me that you and Jasy are having sex with each other." I only used these nicknames when I want them to know how really extra special I think they are. I felt my little guy tense up. I lifted his chin with my left hand so that I could look him in the eyes. They were starting to spill over. "I'm not mad, little one. Really, I'm not. I just wondered how Mr. Burns knows. Did you say something."

"Are you going to kick us out for being queer?" He was crying now.

I sat straight up in bed and pulled my son to me, "Jerrod, son..No. Never. I love you. I would never kick you out of my house and never for that. Jery, I was a boy once and I know what life is all about. I'm not mad or upset with you at all. I just don't like it that Burns knows."

"He's a faggot you know? He sucks all the boys dicks. He always has." I let him talk. "The first day of school he had me stay and help him put away the extra textbooks. We were in the coat closet putting books up on the shelf. He was sitting on a pile of books a he was looking at my willy."

"You have a really big dick don't you?" he asked me.

"It's a monster. It makes the old grey mare wish she were a philly again."we both laughed at his humor. "He put his hand on the front of my pants and started feeling around and I got a hard on." This boy knows more than a twelve year old should. This was only nineteen seventy one. The sexual revolution was in its' infancy. Children only talked sex from experience. "He asked me if he could see it and without waiting he unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down. He pulled my underwear out and looked down inside then he pulled them down. He told me it was very nice and very big for a boy my age. He told me he was going to make me feel good and he started sucking me. I was scared that Jas would come in but it was feeling so good. He made me tingle and shake all over. Then he quit. He told me I was going to be his special little boy all year and that he loved me.

I pulled my pants up and started for the door and Jas was standing there. I stopped and he put his arm around me and started being his cheery self as we walked home. I asked him if he saw and he told me he did. He said that Mr. Burns does that to all of the boys in his class. I asked him if Mr Burns did it to him and he said, 'yes, all last year.'

When we got home I wanted to talk about it. I told him that Mr. Burns had said I was big. Jas got out his ruler and measured me. I was four inches long. I made him let me measure him and he was four and three quarter inches long. He asked me if I liked it and I told him I did. I asked him about the tingling and he told me about cumming and that I was too young. I wanted to see so I jacked him off as he did me. I liked his cum and I tasted it. He told me that Mr. Burns was the only other person to taste it and he liked it, he just didn't like Burns.

When we went to bed that night I asked him to let me taste it again and I asked him if he would make me cum. Jas taught me how to sixty nine. We do that all the time now."

"Do you like it?"

"Yeah. Jas tastes really good. He tastes a lot better than Mr. Burns, or Mike. Oopps. I wasn't supposed to tell about him." He looked at me and snuggled back in as I returned to feeling his ass. "A few weeks later Mr Burns had taught me to suck him and he sucked me. I went to the closet to look for him after school one day and he had Mike, you know, Jas's friend, in there. Daddy, he had his dick in Mike's butt and he was going in and out really fast. Jason told me that was fucking. Anyway Mr. Burn's saw me and told me to come and suck Mike's dick. Mike started crying and saying, no, but Mr. Burn's slapped his ass, hard and told me to suck him. I got down in front and was sucking Mike as Mr. Burn's kept on behind him and all at once Mike started to cum. It tasted good. It was kind of like Jas's.

Mr. Burns cummed in Mike's ass and I could see it running down his legs. Mr. Burns told Mike to suck me. Mike pulled my pants down and sucked me and I had my first cum. I was so happy I cried. If felt so good and it meant that I was grown up now. Mr. Burns told me to turn around that he wanted to fuck me and I told him, no. I told him, "My ass belongs to my daddy." He looked at me and said, 'your dad?' I said, "My daddy."

"Mike and I got dressed and ran out of there. Jas was just coming in and we grabbed him and headed out. I asked Mike if his mother could give us a ride. He said she probably would. We talked and he wanted to know if my dad fucked me. Jas got all mad and was going to hit Mike. I explained to them that I only said that to stop Mr. Burns from fucking me. I told him I didn't want to do that. He said he wished he had thought of that because he hated it. Then he said he did it with his friends and it was okay but he hates Mr. Burns.

Mike's mother came and she took us home. I told her that I hated walking home and she said she would be glad to take us. It is on their way 'cause they only live a block down the street. That way Jas and I could get out of school every day without having to hang around with Mr. Burns."

I had a very hot and horny boy poking me in the leg with a very hard dick. I pushed my hand into his ass crack and he pushed into me. He ducked his head under the covers and took my dick in his mouth. I pulled the covers back and pulled his head up. "Please, I want to. I have wanted to for so long." He pulled away and went back down on me. I picked his little body up and turned him around and sucked his dick. He shot a load in just a few minutes but kept right on sucking me. I could feel it coming and I tried to warn him but he didn't stop. Just as I started to cum he gave me a second and even larger load of his own. We lay there for little while as we nursed each other. Then he turned around. He reached over me and turned off the lamp and we went to sleep.

I awakened a little after seven to a good climax. I realized that my dick was being sucked. I looked down at my little Jer wiping his lips. "Son, we can't do this. We will talk tonight but we just can't..." We showered, separately, and dressed. I took him to my Friday sales meeting with me.

After the meeting we ducked out to get to the school to pick up Jas. Now hold on a minute guys. I know that many of you are going to get very upset with me now but...well fuck you, if you do. Burns was a pedophile of the worst sort. He was rapping young boys. Sex should be enjoyed. It is something that a child should discover on his own. Yes, he needs someone to guide him when he discovers it. He does not need someone, in authority no less, to force him. Burns has a position of trust and he has abused it as well as who knows how many boys. I won't stand for that.

The bus was just pulling in as Jer and I got to the school. We walked up as the students filed out. Jas ran up and gave us both a hug. Mr. Burns was there even though none of his students were on this bus. I watched as he hugged several of the boys and patted some on the butt. I watched the faces of these thirteen year old lads and it was evident that most of them did not appreciate the advances.

"Burns, you really should keep your molesting hands off of these boys." He turned to me with venom in his eyes. The principal was nearby talking to a police officer who had come to pick up his son. "You have been molesting both of my boys for two years now and from what I understand you have forced yourself on most of these boys."

Mike walked up to me and looked Burns straight in the face. "He makes me suck his dick and he sticks his dick in my rear end."

Several other boys came up and said, "Yeah, me too."

The policeman's son walked up to his dad and looked at Burns. "He is a bad man dad. He hurts me."

The policeman's older boy was there. He was sixteen, "You still doing the little kids, pervert? When are you going to jail?" The officer walked over and placed handcuffs on Mr Burns to the cheers of all of the boys there.

My little brood and I headed home. Jas was quite and withdrawn. I could tell that he was scared that he was in trouble. As soon as we got home I told the boys to go to their room and get naked and get in my room at once, no talking, move it, NOW. Four little legs rushed through the living room. I heard Jas's bag hit the floor and feet scurrying toward my room. I had barely beat them and was sitting on my bed naked as they came in the door. Jer took his place by my side as Jas stood there not knowing what to do.

"So, you've been sucking your brother's dick every night. I should have realized there was a reason why you still want to sleep in the same bed. What would your mother say?" That was wrong. That brought tears, from both of them. I raised up and reached for Jason and pulled him to me. He struggled at first until he looked at me and saw my smile. I felt him relax and let me pull him in.

I lifted him to the bed and rubbed his soft cock and fondled his balls. He instantly responded. He was up to about six inches and at least five inches around. I pulled his foreskin back and fondled his little head. He moaned and threw his head back. I lay him on his back and bent down to take his cock in my mouth. I did a slow suck on him and made him squirm. I wanted to talk but I wanted his attention not his tension so I sped up my actions a little. I decided I would go for it and I ran my finger through my drool on his pubes. Now slick with spit I hit his little pucker. He shoved his cock deep in my throat. I pushed a little harder and my finger went in. I wiggled it around a moment then pulled back out and got it wet again. This time when I pushed it went in much easier.

I began a slow fuck of his virgin butt and sought out his prostate. When I hit it you would have thought that I had shot him. His back arched high off the bed and he moaned with sheer joy. I sped up my sucking and bobbing as I finger fucked him hard and fast. In seconds he was filling my mouth with the juiciest load I had had all day. I was really going to have to do a taste test on these two boys. They were both sweet. I lowered Jas to the bed as he gasped for air. Jer was all smiles as he kissed his brother.

"Now that I have your attention." I paused for effect and four eyes were on me. "First of all I love you. I don't care if you are cock sucking homosexual, queer, faggots. You come by it naturally because that is who your father is." Another pause. Then enlightenment and their eyes widened. "I was queer all the way through school I tried pussy when I was fourteen and it was a disaster. I sucked dick where ever and whenever I could until graduation night. Your mother and I have told you the story of how we got together many times. I never told you the rest. She didn't know it either. I hope that you grow up and meet girls and get married and have sons. Until then you can do what seems right to you.

Now for the downside. It would be terribly wrong for me to continue to have sex with you. If you want to mess around sometime I would welcome it. I love the taste of cum and nothing excites me more than to have a hard dick in my mouth. Jer gives the best blow job I have had in fifteen years. The only blow job in fifteen years and the best. Yes, I have fucked a boy in the ass and I liked it. I never had the opportunity to get fucked but maybe...

I just want you to know, not think, not guess, but know that I love you. I will never kick you out of my house or life. Jer was really sad last night and thought that I would be mad about you two being queer (the word gay wasn't used yet in those days) and that I might make you leave. That will never happen. I will carve you up and eat you in a stew first because you are both delicious" That brought about the most beautiful sound in the world, children's laughter, more specific, teenage boy giggles. "Now that being said I am open for discussions and questions. After which I would most sincerely like to spend the rest of the weekend right here in this bed getting to know my two darling sons and all of their body parts."

"You said that your ass belonged to daddy, fuck him," Jas told Jer.

"Not yet. Let's go slow. Who has a question?" We talked for several hours. They both had questions. Questions about their body. Questions about the world and its' view of homosexuals. We just lay there and snuggled and kissed and talked. I have never spent a more enjoyable day as that with two little horn dogs crawling all over me, touching me, feeling me, loving me. They were soft for much of the time and just watching them and feeling them as they moved around warmed me to my very inner being. They played with my soft dick as I played with them. We sucked and I introduced them to rimming, shrimping, and even feltching. This was a day of education.

We broke at around five and went out for burgers. Pizza was just coming into its' own but hadn't really caught on in our area yet. It got there soon enough and the well balanced meal went by the wayside.

Saturday morning found both boys trying to get my dick into Jer's little butt. I questioned them very sternly about this. I didn't not want to push them or force them. I suggested that they do each other for awhile and see if they even liked it. I told them that I they did each other then they would be opened up a little so that my huge cock wouldn't hurt as bad. I assured them that my seven and a half inch by five and three quartet inch cock was going to hurt. They both had just around five inches and not much less than that around. Jas decided he wanted to go first. I told them that I would like to prepare them for the first time. They agreed.

I had Jas get on top of me in a sixty nine. I told him that if he wanted he could suck me but that he should wait until Jer was in him so that he wouldn't bite me off. They both laughed and said that would be the first piece of meat in the stew pot. I had Jas spread his little legs and show me his beautiful pink pucker. This was the first time that I had looked at a fourteen year old's body in nearly twenty years. My cock was so hard it hurt. I pulled my little boy to me and told him this was the birthday present he missed in February. I stuck my tongue to his tender little shitter and his whole body tensed. He pushed down on my face as I kept licking. I told him to push out. His little butt lips opened like a flower to a bee and my stinger went in. He gasped at the sensations. My dick went in his mouth and he was nursing me. By the time I had him sloppy wet he had me deep in his throat. I pushed a finger against him and wiggled it around to widen him. I quickly added a finger. Jer had his face right there where he could watch all of the action As I worked my fingers around I was explaining to Jer what I was doing so that he could do it when they were alone and wanted to fuck. I then went for the prostate. Jas looked like the new St. Louis arch way. I had Jer put his fingers in and told him what to search for. He was a quick study and found the little butt nut quickly. I took Jas in my mouth and began to suck him as Jer continued to finger fuck him. After a few minutes of this I figured both boys were ready to blow so I reached for Jer's cock and pulled him into position. He lined up and pushed in. I kept my hand on his belly so that he wouldn't go to fast and let him go in by stages. Both boys were moaning as if they were dying.

I let Jer bottom out and Jas was doing a number on my cock. I let Jer go and he took off like a house afire. He was pumping so fast that his little cock was a blur moving back and forth in the hole above me. I had longed to be in this position for years but I really wasn't getting to see what I had hoped for. Jer shot his load and I pushed his ass in and made him stay there. I knew he would recover quickly. Hell he's twelve and a half. I pulled off of Jas and told Jer that he was in it for himself that he didn't think of his partner. I wanted him to wait a minute and try it again but this time feel what his partner was doing and help him to feel good too.

Jer said he understood and he started fucking again. The little fart was hard, as I knew he would be, and he was throwing a fuck on his brother that was making us all feel good. I watched as his cock pushed in and drew back. As he pulled out Jas's ass lips followed as if they were not willing to let this cock go. As he pushed back Jas would moan around my dick and nurse it deep in his throat. This fuck lasted more than ten minutes. I could feel Jas really responding to this assault on his ass hole and then he began to tense up. I knew the end was near. I started applying nothing but suction to his sweet little cock in my mouth. I didn't want to move. I wanted Jer to bring about a climax by his actions. Jer changed positions and we all knew at once that he had found the right position. As he raked his cock back and forth over Jas's butt nut Jas was out of his skull with pleasure. He was moaning and pushing back to meet each thrust. This was dragging his dick in and out of my mouth and I was in heaven as I got the mouth fucking of my dreams. In only a few more strokes Jas was filling my mouth with his sweet nectar. His spasms sent Jer over the edge and he let loose volley after volley in the tight butt holding his dick captive. Jas's moans and ministrations on my cock got his reward as I burst forth with a copious load into his sucking mouth. Spent we all rolled away and came together hanging on to each other as we sucked all of the air in for five states around us. I think we created a low pressure area because later that afternoon we had a thunderstorm of major proportions.

Jason was a convert. He loved getting butt fucked and he wanted me to do it right now. We rested a little for my recovery time and then I took him on. I will have to rethink the word tight. This was nothing like I thought it would be. I had considered that my time with Susan was the best fucking ever but I found out that night that my son could out fuck his mother six ways from Sunday. And later I found out that his little brother had the same qualities.

I made the boys spend time with each other and stay away from me. None of us liked it but I felt that it was best if I remained the father, not the lover. The summer progressed as the three of us got closer than I would have ever thought. Our love for each other really grew and we worked to only please each other.

An investigation was began concerning Burns. More than fifty boys were identified from over the six year period that Burns had been teaching here. Laws were much more lenient in those days but these boys were twelve and under when their molestations began. The state did not stack the charges they called them separately although there was only one trial. Burns was convicted of over one hundred charges of continuing rape of a minor twelve and under. He received ten years for each count. The school district was held accountable and offered a very generous settlement on each victim.

A real high spot in all of this is that a few of us parents got together and formed a support group for these boys. The oldest of these victims had graduated high school this year and had gone through the last six years with horrible conflicts in their young lives. Many boys had dropped out of school and more than half had real problems socially. The school board provided us with councilors. We did not allow anybody except the boys into the meetings. A few boys wanted their fathers there and all of the boys voted. We fathers acted only as moderators and did not participate in the discussions except when asked. All of the fathers in attendance turned out to be boy lovers who had fantasies themselves. The boys accepted that. Some of the fathers had issues from their youth and could really identify with the group. Some of the fathers started relationships with their sons. Some with other boys in the group. Some of the boys got involved with each other. Many of the boys resolved their problems and were able to get into straight relationships. I stayed in contact with these boys for many years and there are some fine families that came about as a result of our reaching out to help them. I have always been thankful to the school board for making the money, facilities and personnel available to help each one of these boys. To this day there has never been anything mentioned outside of those meetings. Everybody had been there. Everybody had their own shame and no one pointed fingers or told tales.

In nineteen seventy nine, nineteen year old Jerrod came to work for me in my office. He wanted to learn the insurance business. I made him a clerk. He had married a girl he met in High School and they were happy. They had two wonderful sons. Six years later she left him and the boys to find a better life. Jer moved back home with Jason and me.

Jason had gone to college. He took business administration and was going to revolutionize my business. He met and married a girl in his senior year. She died giving birth to his son. We are now three men living together, raising three boys. The boys are now teenagers. We just had the youngest, fifteen, came out to us last night. There are six cocksuckers living in our house. Every bodies dick gets a daily workout.

Jas and Jer are starting to look forward to grandsons to get into the family jeans.

So there you have it. Is your friction enhanced by my fiction? Tell me about it at fisherman@iname.com.

Hangin' hard, dude.

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