This is a fictional story involving youth/youth and/or adult/youth sexual relationships. If this type of material offends you, please do not read any further. This material is intended for mature adult audiences. Names, characters, locations and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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It was summer between my senior and junior year in high school. My dad had taken me out to the Keys, to the small cabin that my grandfather had left him when he passed away. It wasn't much, just a place to leave your stuff while you enjoyed the sun and the beach.

My dad and I hadn't spent that much time together since he separated from my mother during my freshman year. He had transferred bases out of state shortly after their divorce was final. My dad was a medic and he trained new recruits before they were shipped off to the war. It always seemed to take a while for us to get used to being around each other at first, but eventually, things would get back to normal between us.

The first morning we were there we got up and he made us breakfast. After, he suggested we hit the beach and I went into the bathroom to change into my swim trunks. We laughed when I came out because we had both put on red life guarding shorts. I had been life guarding since I was old enough to. My dad had done it when he was a kid, and he encouraged me to do the same.

The truth was I would have done anything he told me to. I had always looked up to my dad and wanted to be like him in every way. At forty he was still in great shape. Being in the army kept him fit. His dark brown hair had started to go gray a bit at the temples, but still he looked younger than his age. It was funny, as much as I wanted to be like him, we looked like opposites. While he was dark and hairy, I was fair and had little body hair. Being on the water polo team kept me in good shape and I had been pleased at the way my body had filled out. I had always wanted to have big muscles like my dad. Life guarding had kept me tan and in good shape too. I liked when I was tan because my skin color looked more like my dad's olive skin.

We hit the beach early, before it got too hot and crowded. We had been swimming for a while when I felt a burning sting on my inner thigh.

"Fuck!" I cried, "What the hell was that?"

"What happened?" my dad asked looking concerned.

"I don't know, but it stings," I said as I started hopping towards the shore.

My dad followed me out as I hobbled to the beach. When I was out of the water, I lifted my shorts a bit to see what was causing the stinging. I could only see some red skin.

"Let me take a look," my dad said, coming up behind me.

I turned around and my dad got down on his knees and put his hands on my leg.

"Where is it?" he asked.

"Here," I said indicating my left inner thigh.

My dad gently touched around my thigh where the stinging was. As his fingers probed my skin, I felt that unmistakable feeling in my groin despite the pain in my thigh. Lately, it seemed like anything would trigger an erection. I was always fighting them off.

I looked down at my dad as he checked out my leg. I looked at his dark hair, dripping wet from the sea and his broad, muscled shoulders. The sun had turned his skin the color of burnished copper. He kept feeling around my thigh, higher, brushing my nuts. I sucked in a breath and my cock throbbed.

"That hurt, kiddo?"

"Uh, yeah. Stings."

"Looks like you got stung by a jellyfish. Usually aren't any `round here this time of year. How bad is it?"

"It stings really bad," I said, shifting to hide my burgeoning erection.

"I learned a trick to make the stinging stop until we can get something at the pharmacy."

"What is it?"

"Well, I know it sounds strange, but if you pee on it, it'll stop hurting."

I blushed.


"Yeah, I know it sounds weird, but it may be worth a try."

My dick jumped in my shorts.

"I don't think I can pee on it. It's too high up my thigh"

"No, dummy. I'd have to do it."

My stomach did somersaults. Somehow, the idea of my dad peeing on my leg made me swoon. Weird.


"No buts, kiddo. Take down your shorts and sit in the sand."

I looked around the empty beach.

"Don't worry. No one's around. Just do it quick," he ordered.

I knew my dick was almost half-hard and that added to my embarrassment about the situation. But when my dad ordered something you did it.

I shoved my shorts down quickly and sat in the sand. I spread my legs so my inner thigh was exposed and propped my self up with my hands behind me. My dick lay thickly against my right thigh and my nuts hung low in their hairless sack against the sand. It felt exhilarating to be naked out in the open like this. My dick had grown a lot in the past year. Last time I measured it, it was nearly eight inches long. My balls had grown bigger and they hung down low in my smooth sack. I liked the feel of the sand on my naked ass.

My dad looked around again before hauling out his dick. I hadn't seen him naked in a long time. My jaw dropped as I saw his big dick. Unlike me, he wasn't cut. Even soft it looked huge. Had to be at least six inches soft, and thick. His thick pubes were dark, unlike mine, which were almost blond. I was strangely fascinated by his big manhood. He shoved his shorts down a little more and he pulled out his fat nuts. They were even bigger than mine and very hairy.

He rubbed underneath his nuts while he aimed his schlong at me. I looked up at him.

"Sometimes if I can't pee it helps if I rub under my balls," he said, by way of explanation.

I just stared at him amazed. Looking at his big cock had made mine go harder, and it throbbed and stretched lazily.

It seemed to last forever, the two of us suspended in time, him pointing his big dick at me and me, naked on the sand with a growing erection.

Then suddenly it came. A golden stream of piss erupted from his piss slit and arced down and hit my thigh with nearly perfect aim. I was startled by the force of it. It felt hot and it ran down my thigh and into the sand. He painted the red welts expertly with his heavy stream of piss. He went a bit too far to the right and hit my right nut. I gasped and my dick throbbed to full erection and slapped up hard against my belly. My face flushed and I thought I would pass out from embarrassment.

My dad quickly adjusted his aim and refocused on the welts on my smooth inner thigh.

I looked up at him standing above me. The sun was behind him and created a halo around his powerful frame. He was looking me in the eye. He looked back down at my erection. Then back in my eyes. There was a slight twitch in his eye. He moved his hand slightly and the hot piss moved back to my nuts. His warm, heavy stream hit my big balls and it landed so hard it almost hurt. He peed all over my nut sack making me squirm as the warm liquid streamed down in between my legs, soaking my ass. He aimed higher, pissing on the base of my thick, throbbing cock. It felt incredible. I couldn't believe my dad was peeing on my hard cock!

He kept pissing, his unbelievably thick cock seemed to lengthen and thicken as he soaked me. It felt so hot and kinky, my big, muscled dad peeing all over me.

He moved his stream of piss higher up my cock and it flowed down my tight belly and into my pubes.

When he got to the sensitive underside of my cock, I thought I would pass out. I groaned and my whole body tingled. And then before I knew what was happening my cock throbbed and I knew it was too late. I drew in a sharp breath and my nuts drew up tight against my body. My dick jerked and I threw my head back. I squeezed my ass cheeks to try and stop it but it was useless. My dick jerked again and I could feel it coming as my dad continued to piss, the hot liquid stimulating the sensitive underside of my cock.

And then it came, undeniably, improbably, intense orgasm. I cried out and my dick jerked and started firing wildly. The first shot flew out of my piss slit and landed on my neck. My dick throbbed hard as my dad's piss coaxed the orgasm out of me. The second jet of hot cum flew up and hit me in the nipple. Then more and more volleys of thick cum splattered all over my chest. My chest heaved and I gave into the orgasm. I don't think I had ever orgasmed without my own hand wrapped around my dick and it was an incredible sensation having my cock explode without even being touched. My dick kept firing wildly as I panted, my dad's steady flow of piss finally slowing.

Finally my dad's piss stopped and he shook the last drops off his growing cock on me. He quickly shoved his big meat back in his shorts. I looked down at my smooth, tan chest, covered in cum and my dad's piss. My dick stopped spurting cum, and I slowly came down from my orgasm, my breath returning to normal. I suddenly felt humiliated, sitting naked in the sand, soaked in piss and cum.

"Go wash off in the surf and meet me back at the cabin," my dad said. I couldn't read his expression or his tone of voice.

I turned nine shades of crimson and my heart dropped into my stomach. I pulled up my shorts and scrambled to the water as my dad walked back to the cabin.

To be continued?