This disclaimer states that these events that transpired are purely fictional and the characters are not real people if your not legal age to read these please don’t. This is a story involving boys and growing up first time fun

Josh's Summer Chapter 1

by Rylie

So my name is Josh and I live in the midwest It was the first day of summer break and I was sooo excited I was 9 year old that year, and was planning to spend all of my time at my cousins house since they lived close to a pool. I woke up early that day in anticipation of what adventures would lie ahead. I heard my mom yell that it was time to go since she had to drop me off at my cousins on her way to work. Soon as she dropped me off at my cousins she left and I was excited to spend time with my cousins for a while. 

    So to tell you about me Im Josh, 9 years old I have short brown hair blue eyes slender I was about 4ft tall.

    My cousin Jeremy is 7 years old brown hair brown eyes slender and stood about 3 ft tall.

    My cousin Hayden was 12 years old blonds hair and blue eyes was 5 ft tall.


The months before summer break I had over heard my mom telling my aunt some tips on “The Talk” with Hayden. I had no idea what the talk meant so I googled it and read several stories about sex. I knew he was older than me and i knew boys got bigger in special places so i was hoping to catch a glimpse of him and see what happened over the summer.


We greeted each other the usual way a big hug from my aunt and of course a fist bump from Hayden and hug from Jeremy. My aunt said she had to leave for work and that we needed to keep the house clean and not kill each other. So of course we smiled and said yes ma’am.


Immediately we ran to window to watch and make sure she turned the corner of the street to go towards work. We knew we had tons to do and so little time. We immediately ran upstairs to get our swim trunks and pool towels to head to the y. We had a bowl of cereal and i borrowed my cousins bike and we rode down the street to the y. It was not too crowded that day not many people came since the water had not warmed up yet but to us we couldn’t wait. 


    We went into the changing room and no one was in it so we all started to take our clothes off and naturally i kept my eye on Hayden who instinctively saw me out of the corner of his eye he slowly took his clothes off and tugged at his undies to show a nice boner at which point i slipped off my undies too and tried to hid my hard on. He smiled and said nice you grew too I see. I smiled back and said yeah thanks. meanwhile Jeremy was already naked and just staring at the two of us. We got done and he said why do i have to wear anything we don’t at home Hayden why do we here. So Hayden said ok how about we wear our trunks now and when we get home we will be naked. Jeremy got excited and said he couldn’t wait to do that with me. So i couldn’t up but smile thinking about the amazing summer ahead that I have to look forward too.


Please let me know if you like this story so far not sure if I should continue. I have a lot in my mind.