Kissing Cuzzins: A Christmas Story

By Carson Carruthers

We lived in upstate New York, in a small village outside of Syracuse. My mother and father were both from South Carolina, but I was born at St. Joe's, the Catholic hospital in Syracuse. My parents had both graduated from college. Although they knew each other and dated there, neither of them knew that they were going to work for the corporation. I won't say its name, but it is one of the larger companies in America which recruits people right out of college. It was when they were both assigned to the office in Syracuse that they really got to know each other, dated and got married. I was their only child. I think I was the obligatory child. After me, my mother was back at work and could not be bothered to have another one. I really wanted a baby brother or, hell, I would have even taken an older brother.

About the time that I turned five I knew that it was an older brother that I wanted. I would make up these daydreams about a kid named Bailey that lived down the street. He was older than I was. He was Irish. He had red hair, green eyes and freckles. I doubt that I would find him attractive now, but then he was a god as far as I was concerned. He rode his bicycle up and down the street so fast that it made my eyes water trying to watch him. I would make up these romantic scenarios where he would come for me after school and we would go to some place in Syracuse and just lie in a great big bed naked together. We would do all the things that I saw couples on television doing. He never came, and I had no way of meeting him unless I ran out in the road in front of his bicycle and let him run over me. Believe me I thought about it.

It was during these prepubescent years that I remember going to South Carolina for a week during the summer. Actually, we went for two weeks. The first week was always at my maternal grandmother's house in a small town in the upstate, and the second was spent at Edisto Beach where my parents always rented a house. My grandmother lived by herself. She had a pretty large house for just her, so there was plenty of room. My mother was, like me, an only child. My father's family lived out in the country. They were totally different. If there was one there were thirty. Whatever I lacked in relatives on my mother's side of the family, I more than made up for on my father's side. But we never stayed there over night. My mother had some objection or another every time, and my father gave in to her. We always slept at Grandmother's. She was always "grandmother" whereas my dad's mother was called "Granny" by everyone. That is everyone except my mother. She called her Mrs. Taylor.

When we were there during the summer, I started to get to know my cousins. I set it all down on paper once and there were seventeen first cousins. That included a set of twin boys who were just slightly older than I was. They were identical. They picked on me all the time. They would gang up on me and call me a damned Yankee. Often I would have to defend myself with my fists. I was not too bad with them, but when you are fighting two barnyard bullies they usually get the best of you. They did me. I would get so mad that tears would come to my eyes. It did not matter what I said, I could not convince them that I was not a damned Yankee. Usually, their older brother, Zebulon, would come to my rescue. No one ever called him Zeb. It was always Zebulon. He was gorgeous. I really wanted him for a big brother. Ever since I could remember he was always a head taller than the twins or I. As we got older and the fights got more intense between me and the hateful duo, as I thought of them, he was quicker to take my part. It did not seem that he liked them very much either. Zebulon had golden ringlets for hair. I swear it looked like spun gold. He was about average built but he had some muscles that sort of punched out in all the right places. He had blue eyes. His skin was so clear and fine it looked like browned honey when he was tanned in the summer. That was all I knew because the only time we went to South Carolina was in the summer.

My parents took me to the Macy's parade in New York City every Thanksgiving. We would then go out and eat and then go to the Christmas Show at Radio City Music Hall. I loved the huge organ that rose up out of the floor. There were always marvelous things. One year there was an entire airplane on stage. At Christmas, they did the office party circuit. Then they would hire this guy from a florist in Syracuse. He would come and decorate. He always looked at me like he could just eat me up. Once I got a little older and realized what was going on... yeah, that was one of my favorite parts about Christmas. The decorations were a lot. I mean there was even something green in my underwear drawers. I swear. I guess, because my parents were from the South, he really went crazy with the fake magnolias. After he got the decorations up, then my parents had their Christmas party. I was expected to come down in pajamas and slippers and a robe. After about age six I slept naked and ran barefoot, so this was a crock. I did it though for my parents. My old man would have killed me if I had just come prancing in wearing nothing but my underwear. All the women "ohhhed" and "ahhhed", and the men always said that I looked just like my father and that someday I could hope to be as important, rich, famous, handsome, and anything else they could think of that would make my old man feel good and like them.

This went on every year. There was never a change in the schedule. You could count on it. When I started to school, they got rid of the woman who had been living with us and taking care of me. I liked her, but I was not sad to see her go. They hired this woman to come in and clean and then make sure that I was okay after school. She fixed our dinner. When my parents got home around six in the evening, she left. I was going to private school. The bus picked me up and brought me to my door. It was not really a bus but a van. I liked school. I liked the kids. I liked the new housekeeper. The big thing that I liked was her son. I was six about this time and Mark was ten. He had big brown eyes, black hair that was curly, really white skin and muscles. This boy was built for a ten year old. I knew that I would never have to worry about the twins if he were around. I mean if he had gone to South Carolina with us. He usually did not come to the house, but if there was a snow day or something his mother would bring him with her. From the very beginning I wanted him. I think he thought that I was cute too, because he always was punching me in the shoulder and hugging me like I was a doll or something. I mean he was cool. We got along. I went out of my way to ask him to my room. I gave him things to play with. I tried to interest him in some of my games and anything that I could think of to keep him close to me. This went on for several years. I mean by the time I was ten he was already fourteen. That is when it happened.

We had a snow day. Now, Mark had gotten really tall and was pretty big even for a fourteen year old. He was lanky. His arms and legs seemed to be all over the place. Most of the time, even on snow days, his mother just left him at home or else with one of the older brothers or sisters who were all married. Mark was the baby. But that day, which I will never forget, Mark came with his mother. I did not know that he was in the house. I had slept late since there was no school. I got up and in just my underwear with a stiffy sticking straight out I took off to the bathroom. I had to go bad. I flung open the door and rushed in. There sitting on the toilet was Mark. His naked legs extended almost across the room. He had his shirt pulled up. There sticking out of a thick bush of dark brown pubic hair was a monster cock. I mean it must have been nine inches. Mark was pounding hell out of it. I came to a screeching halt. Now, I knew what he was doing. I had learned about masturbation at school, but this was the first time that I had seen it put into practical use. He just looked up at me and smiled. I must have looked like the proverbial deer caught in the headlights. I know that my mouth was hanging open. Mark did not say anything he just reached out to me with his other hand. I moved closer and he grabbed my stiff cock and started to pull it up and down. I liked it. He pulled me closer to where he was sitting. He took his other hand and with it he took my right hand and placed it on his hot cock. At first I jumped like I had been shocked, it was so hot. He still had not said anything.

I forgot all about having to piss. Mark slipped my underwear down. I can even remember that they were the Robin Hood underoos that I had on. He stroked my little three inches just like I was stroking his nine. Then he pulled me to him. I melted against his naked chest. I could feel a few hairs that were starting to grow on his chest rubbing against my smooth one. I had not even started to grow any pubic hair at ten. I ran my hands through his hairs marveling at how thick they were. He then kissed me. I returned the kiss, but I did not expect what came next. He French kissed me. I mean he stuck his tongue in my mouth. I had heard the older boys at school talking about it, but I had never done anything with a boy or a girl at that point. It was great. I thought that I was in heaven with this boy's tongue running down my throat. This was better than anything that I had imagined Bailey, the boy down the street, and me doing. Mark was still stroking my cock. His was still throbbing in my hand. He broke the kiss and gently pushed my head toward his cock. I did not have to be told. I knew what he wanted. I had even thought about it. Here I was ten years old, and I was going to suck my first cock. I suspected that I was a cocksucker. I wanted his cock in my mouth. I thought about it being dirty. Then I thought about sucking his tongue. His cock could not be any dirtier than that. I let him guide my head down to his crotch. I knew what a blowjob was. The boys in school knew all sorts of things about sex. I knew that queers sucked cock. Fag. Homo. I could hear all of those names. I had heard the twins call me some of them last summer. They always taunted me with them. They always added Yankee to them, however. Now, I did not care. I wanted Mark's cock in my mouth. Dirty. Clean. The fact that I was a gay or a fag or other name could not stand in the way of my sucking his cock. I opened my mouth and engulfed as much of that nine inches as I could. That was not a lot in proportion to what was left outside. I started instinctively to bob up and down. It was then that I heard Mark moan. This was the first sound that either of us had made since I had walked into the bathroom.

After Mark had shot his load into my mouth and I had swallowed it, he really started to work on me. He sucked on my ear. He sucked on my nipples. I was ticklish, and I squirmed in his grasp. Then he sucked on my cock for just a short time. He held me under the arms and lifted me off the floor. He held me above him so that my cock was just at his lips. He kissed it and blew on it. He was being playful, and I loved it. I thought that if this is the way sex is why do people not do it all the time? Then it happened. He started jacking me again. There was a fire in my groin. There was something in my balls or down there somewhere that wanted to get out. I started shaking. I thought I was going to die. It was the first orgasm that I had ever had. It was dry, of course, but it was terrible and intense. I was scared. When Mark realized what was happening, he made it as good as he could. He stroked me faster. He held me tight. Then as I started to land back on planet Earth, he kissed me again. This time it was a chaste kiss of friendship. "I love you, Paul," he whispered as he held me.

Needless to say that changed my entire life that day. It was December the fifteenth. How was I to know that within the next ten days my entire world would be turned upside down? It was nothing really bad, but it was a big change. The first thing that happened was that on that date there was a blizzard. It snowed all day. It was so deep that nothing was moving even in Syracuse. The television news showed pictures of the pile-ups on the interstate. There was a snow advisory. This area is ready for Lake-effect snow, and people used to laugh and say that there was a snowplow for every five people. They were not working that day. My parents' office was in Liverpool. The subdivision where we lived was out Erie Blvd. to the east. They were supposed to be going to a Christmas party that evening. Mark's mother had planned to stay until they got home. That was another reason that she had brought Mark. Mark's father had sort of disappeared when Mark was about eight. He said that they all knew where he was, but none of them bothered to go find him. I was glad he was gone since Mark was obviously here for that reason. If Mark had not been here then I would not have sucked my first cock nor had my first orgasm. I was delighted that he had disappeared, so to speak. I laughed without anything obvious to be laughing about.

Her name was Maria. I have been trying to think of some other good Italian name to give her but cannot come up with one that suits her. I wanted to disguise who she was for the story, but I guess there are enough Marias out there that it is a sort of anonymity of its own. Anyway, by four o'clock in the afternoon, it was almost dark outside, the clouds were so low. It was still snowing. We had not heard any traffic on the street since before we ate lunch. We were all watching the afternoon soap operas which Maria followed faithfully. She could tell you everything about everybody on As the World Turns and The Guiding Light. We all jumped like we had been shot. Then we laughed. Even Mark had jumped. It was the telephone. Maria talked to whoever it was. "That was your mother. She and your father are staying in town tonight to go to the party. Then they are spending the night with their friends. They said that even if they wanted to come home they could not because the highway patrol has closed the roads to all traffic. The only things that are getting through are emergency vehicles."

Maria then made a couple of calls to check on her other children. Everyone was fine. They had all left work early and were home. From what we were able to surmise from the conversations she had with the children no one was moving to go anywhere once they were there. I sort of whooped it up that we would probably not go back to school before New Years now. I did not know how prophetic that would be, either. Maria assured us that we had plenty of food. She was going to bake lasagna for us tonight. Mark put on his heavy coat and his boots and went out to the garage and brought in several loads of firewood for the fireplace. The fireplace in this house really worked. I had been in several of the homes of my friends from school where there were fireplaces that were just for show. They had gas logs or electric logs in them. They never looked real. Ours worked. My father liked the smell. My mother hated it. It would figure. I am sure that they had wood fires when he was growing up on the farm. It was dark really early. The television showed pictures of people trying to get home. It also showed pictures of grocery store shelves with nothing left on them. They said that even with the preparations that the city and county had done for such emergencies, no one had planned for a three-foot blizzard. That was above my waist. I am sure that the drifts were way over my head. They were predicting that the snow would last until morning with accumulations up to forty-eight inches.

The lasagna was delicious. Mark and I both had double helpings. After Maria had cleaned up, we all sat in the family room and watched more TV. Mark kept the fire going although the furnace was still working. We had natural gas everything, but you had to have electricity to start the furnace. If it went off we would be glad that we had the logs. I knew that there was plenty of wood since I had helped my father stack it in the back of the garage. He got it from some man who lived out in South Onondaga. I went upstairs and got a big comforter from my bed and a really warm afghan from the foot of my mother's bed. I brought them down to the family room. I gave Maria the afghan, and Mark and I, who were sitting on the sofa, spread the comforter across us. He reached over when he was sure that his mother was watching the television and pulled me closer to him. He sat that way through several of the television shows. There was no mistaking it. Maria was asleep. She was snoring. I laughed at the sounds she was making, but Mark told me to be quiet. He reached under the covers and started to unzip his jeans. I had on a pair of sweat pants that I had been wearing all day. He pulled the string on them and slid them down my thighs. If Maria stopped snoring, we would stop. Then when we were sure she was snoring again we would stroke each other's cocks. Finally, I could not take any more. I slid my head under the comforter and into his lap. I swallowed as much of his cock as I could. I knew that I was not large enough to take much of it, but I had to try. Mark ran his fingers through my hair. I had long hair back then. He would let his fingers caress it and then he would pull my hair up and let it slide through his fingers. There was no question that I was in love with him. I could tell that he loved me. I mean, after all, he had said that he loved me. I was again rewarded with a gush of his young teen juice. It flooded my mouth. Even more than I had gotten in the morning. I drank as much as I could.

He cleaned his cock off with a handkerchief that he had in his jeans. He wiped my mouth and face off. He put his hands to his lips and motioned for me to be quiet. He then went and knelt in front of his mother. "Mama. Mama." Maria stirred and opened her eyes. "Yeah. What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong. It is late. I think he's asleep, and I am going to take him upstairs to his bed."

"Oh. Okay. But... ."

"He said that he wanted me to sleep up there with him because he was afraid that something might happen. He got scared that he would get lost in the snow, it is so deep. I told him that we were not going out, but I think that picture they showed where the roof collapsed on those people scared him."

"Oh. Poor baby. Television has no idea how they scare children. Okay, you stay with him. I am going in the maid's room and go to sleep. If you need anything come and get me. If he wakes up screaming or something."

"I can handle him. You sleep good, mama." Mark kissed her on the forehead.

I was overjoyed. He was going to spend the entire night in bed with me. I wished that my mother and I could be like that. Maybe some day. I thought. Then Mark picked me and the comforter up and carried us upstairs to bed. I kept my eyes shut the entire way in case Maria decided to follow us for some reason. I did nothing until Mark laid me on the bed, and I heard him close the door. He came over to the bed. "Lock it," I whispered to him.

He went back and slipped the lock on. "What if she comes up here and cannot get in? Won't she suspect something is going on?"

"Nothing works right in this house. Maria knows that doors sometimes lock themselves. It happened to her once. She got locked outside when she closed the kitchen door. So, do not worry." I pulled him to me. He stripped his clothes off. Then he stripped my clothes off.

"Do you wear pajamas?"

"Are you kidding?"

"I usually even shed the underpants. I have been after my mom to buy me some boxers. I do not know what it is, but she insists that I wear briefs. I do like my Robin Hood underoos though. Do you like that TV show?" I was talking on and on. When I looked at him, Mark was sound asleep. I could tell. He was snoring just like his mother. I thought that it was funny. I snuggled up to him. Threw my arm across his stomach and held his cock in my hand. I did not think that things could get any better. They did.

As I lay there listening to Mark's gentle snore, I thought that even though there were only ten days left until Christmas I had already gotten three things on the third day. I had sucked my first cock. I had my first orgasm, and I was sleeping with my first boy. I had never had a friend sleep over. Some guys did, but I was not really interested in guys my age. I wanted older guys. I had landed a fourteen year old. He had said that he loved me. I snuggled even closer. He turned in his sleep and put his arm around my neck. His arm was holding me to him. I fell asleep.

I woke up and Mark was gone. There was sunshine. Bright. Blinding. Sunshine. I jumped up. Disappointed. I had to piss. I ran to the bathroom. The floors were warm, so the heat had not gone out. The ceiling was still there, so the roof had not crashed in on us. As I opened the door, there he sat. I thought to myself this must be a morning ritual. "Hey, man, I will suck your cock if you will please move and let me piss." I was dancing from one foot to the other.

Mark laughed at that and stood up. I pulled my pants down and let flow of a wicked stream of hot piss. I suppose it must have had an effect on Mark because he started pissing as well. When I finished, he said, "Okay, you owe me one." He laughed again. He was not like some guys that age who are sullen all the time. He laughed, and we had a good time. I do not think that I was as happy as he was when I was fourteen. Looking back on it, Mark was a good kid with a lot of love and laughter. I was a fourteen year old prick when I reached that age. But that day in December with the sun shining and the world a brilliant white, I owed him one.

"When do you want me to do it? I had rather suck your cock than piss on myself?"

"I'm not sure. Maybe I'll want something else," Mark grinned. "I'll let you know later. Get dressed. Mama has breakfast started already."

He followed me to my room. I dressed pretty much in what I had worn the night before. Sweats and a tee shirt. It was toasty in the house. Mark had not brought any clothes and was wearing the same things that he had worn the day before. When we got downstairs, Maria was already cooking bacon and eggs. She had a pan with peppers and onions frying. She was cleaning potatoes and slicing them really thin into the pan with the peppers and onions. There were several jars of spice and seasoning on the counter. I do not know what she did, but everything that she cooked tasted wonderful. Mark and I sat at the kitchen counter and watched the TV news about the blizzard. The announcer said that there were nine more shopping days until Christmas. Maria served the breakfast. Again I ate almost as much as Mark did. We devoured the potatoes and asked could she cook more.

"Maria, these are the best potatoes that I have ever eaten," I declared to her.

She giggled and laughed.

"You know that Mark is never going to leave home. Where else could he find such a good cook?"

I really was into being prophetic. Mark did not leave home. He never came out to his family, but he ended up working at a gay bar on West Onondaga Street in downtown Syracuse. His family never knew that it was a gay bar. It was named for a football player who was famous at S.U. Mark's family thought that it was a bar where sports fans hung out. He finally had a lover after his mother died, and he was in this thirties. Unfortunately, they both were among the first ones to get AIDS and both died early on in the epidemic. He was my first lover and my first gay sex. I still miss him, but, now that is out of the way, back to a time when life was really pleasant and happy and my first full day of being gay.

You are never going to believe what happened.

My parents called about nine o'clock to check on us. They said that they were with friends and that the office had closed down so they were going to stay there until they saw how the snow removal was going. If it was like it was here, it was not going. I could have cared less about my parents at that point. I was wound up in Mark, my first sex and my whirlwind of living my first day as a proven cocksucker. Mark and I got dressed. I had snow clothes. I put on thermals and my ski outfit. I got a pair of my father's thermal underwear for Mark. It was a little loose on him but it was hardly long enough. We bundled up. We were off to play. That is what we did. We had a snowball fight. It appeared that all the kids on the street and even some of the adults had stayed inside as long as they could. Everyone was out making snowballs and lobbing the wet mush at each other. Swat. One got Mark right across the face of his ski mask. "That will fix you, eh Mark!" some one yelled at us.

"Who is that?" I asked him. I was surprised that he knew anyone in my neighborhood.

"That's that fart, Bailey. Can't you see his red hair? He goes to my school," Mark said, making a stack of snowballs as fast as he could. I was adding as many as I could to the stack. I was still afraid that I was going to slide into a drift and be smothered. I was staying as close to Mark as possible. We started rolling big balls to make a fort for protection. Across the street a couple of guys were doing the same thing. It was like a truce. No one was throwing snowballs. "Hey, Bailey, come on over and be on our side," Mark called to him.

Bailey sort of ran dodging snowballs across the road with taunts of "traitor" and "Benedict Arnold" being hurled at him as well. The three of us held off all attackers. I did not do much other than keep the supply of snowballs to the maximum number. The two older boys were dead-eye accurate. They would ping a kid right in the head every time. Then they would high-five and go back to helping me make the ammunition. This went on for a long time. Finally, the other fort raised a white tee shirt in surrender. The three of us cheered. Mark picked me up and swung me in the air. Then just as suddenly he let go. I was sailing in the air. I was about to piss in my pants. I knew that I would have at least a broken arm. Then wham! I landed against something cold and wet but with a warm breath. Bailey caught me. Here I was. Finally, I was in the arms of the boy that I had dreamed about. What was happening? What had I done to deserve such a wonderful Christmas present?

The two older boys trudged through the snow. Bailey carried me on his shoulders. I was screaming and shaking my fist. "We won! We won!" The two teens were laughing. When we got to the front door, I asked Bailey to come in and have something to drink. He sort of hesitated and Mark urged him. 'Damned', I thought. I never said swear words in those days, but I thought them. Maria fixed us hot chocolate with marshmallows in it just like a real mom is supposed to do. I know what they are supposed to do. I see it on television all the time. My mother just does not do it. She is too busy being the person in charge of everything. That is what my dad says about her when she is not listening. She is a vice president. Not a junior vice president. That is what my dad is. She is a senior vice president. I wonder if she makes him call her "sir". Believe it or not at that time, although I was only ten, or almost eleven, I wondered about things like that. I was smart. I knew that, because I was in accelerated classes in a very good private school. I guess I just thought about things a lot then.

We all had taken off our coats and boots and left the wet clothes in the garage. Bailey stripped down to his thermal shirt just as Mark and I had done. I could see the muscles in his stomach as we sat there sipping the hot chocolate. Maria told Mark to put some more wood on the fire, which he did. Bailey acted like he was going to drop his trousers and warm his ass by the fire. Mark and I laughed at his antics. When Maria went back to the kitchen, he did it. He dropped his trousers and his boxers and wiggled his ass at the fire. That was fine with me since that meant that he was wiggling his pecker at me. It was long and soft. It sort of flopped back and forth as he wiggled. He had red pubic hair, but it was a dark red. I had always wondered about its color. His cock was bigger than Mark's on the soft. He had two egg-shaped balls that hung way down in his scrotum. I was in shock. Mark acted like it was nothing. Then I realized that he had seen it before. They probably had gym together. I would have to ask him. There were some other things that I would have to ask him. When we looked outside again, the clouds had come back in and it was starting to snow again.

Mark turned on the television. Sure enough, the storm had turned and was headed back our way. It would probably drop as much as another foot of snow and possibly two feet. "I can't stand it!" I screamed. "We are never going to school again. Hurrah. Hurrah. Hurrah." I was doing my best imitation of one of the high school cheerleaders. We all fell out laughing hysterically. Maria came in to ask what the problem was, and it took a while before we could calm down enough to tell her. She was not nearly as pleased as we were. She told us that she had planned on doing some Christmas shopping this week. She still did not have everything for their Christmas meal bought. Mark told her not to worry, that if it did not stop snowing we would be having Christmas right here. Bailey said that he had better get home. He was hungry and his brothers and sisters would be eating up everything before he got there.

Maria had gone back to the kitchen. I told Bailey to wait a minute. I went back to the kitchen and asked her what we were having for lunch and if there was enough that we could ask Bailey to stay. She said that we were having Pasta e Fagiole. It was an Italian bean soup. She had made it the last time it snowed. I liked it. So, I went back and told Bailey what we were having and asked him if he wanted to stay since it was all right with Mark's mother. He was all for it but wanted to call home so that he did not get into trouble. We ate. If I thought Mark and I put the food away, Bailey had us both beat. He ate three helpings of the Pasta e Fagiole.

After we finished eating, Mark and Bailey both offered to help with the dishes. I'm not sure, but I think I had never offered to help with the dishes before. It seemed that someone just took care of it. These boys were not used to living with a housekeeper or a nanny. They were polite and helpful. Maria said she had nothing else to do. The boys cleared the table. I decided if they could do it I could too, so I took my plate in and scraped it just like they were doing. When we finished, I asked them if they wanted to play Strategy. We went up to my room and started the game. Both of the boys were aggressive, but neither of them had played as much as I had so I was smarter in some of my moves. When it looked like I was going to be the loser, Mark said, "Why don't we make this a little more interesting?"

Bailey said, smirking, "What did you have in mind?"

"I say that whoever loses has to give the other two blow jobs."

That same smirk again, "I think that would only be fair." Bailey adjusted his cock in his pants.

I might be smarter. I might already have the advantage and could wipe all their armies out in one fell swoop which is how I like to do it, but I was going to lose. If there was ever a game I did not want to win, this was it. I had dreamed of being naked with Bailey for years. Now the chance was here. I was not going to blow it. That sounds strange. That is exactly what I was going to do. I was going to blow it, so that I could blow it. That pretty prick nestled in that bush of red pubic hair. My little cock was rock hard.

"You agree?" Mark asked reaching over and rubbing my cock through my sweat pants right in front of Bailey. Maybe they had seen more than just each other's cocks in gym class.

"I agree," I said coming back to reality.

They were both lousy at the game. I was on the verge of losing twice when one of them would blunder into the other and lose twenty armies that I had just given them. Finally, after about an hour of excruciating pain of trying to lose to the world's two worst Strategy players, I lost. It was almost an anticlimax. Mark looked at me as I folded the board and said, "Well, squirt, you know what to do."

"Yes, I know what to do," I said trying to sound beaten and reluctant to be sucking another guy's cock.

Bailey stretched out on the floor. He unbuttoned his trousers and for the second time that day I got to see his red bush but this time what was sticking from it was not flopping around. His cock was standing straight up as hard and as white as alabaster. It looked as though it had been carved from a beautiful white stone. I leaned forward and kissed it. Mark was sitting there with a smile on his face watching me. "Go lock the door," I whispered and motioned for Mark to lock it. He did. When he came back, he sat beside me and fondled my cock as I sucked on Bailey's. Before it was over, I sucked both Bailey and Mark off. They both sucked me and each other. It seems that they had done this together several times. They both belonged to the scout troop from their church and had been on campouts and sleepovers together since they were in the first grade. I thought that for the fourth day of Christmas I had gotten four balls. I had also gotten four loads of cum by the time Mark and I crawled into bed that night.

My parents were still not home. That day they called several times, since we really had gotten two more feet of snow. The television was talking about records being broken. They were telling people where to go for shelter. They mentioned that several homeless people had frozen to death. It was sad. I thought about those people who would die out there by themselves in the cold. That next day Mark and I went out again. We did not have a snow fight. We were trying to clean some of the snow from the drive. According to the television we were not to get any more from this storm. We could not get the garage door opened. The snow was too high. We had to tunnel out of the house. My father was a gimmick man. He liked them. He bought everything that Ron what's his name ever invented. One of the things he had bought and had installed was a heat system for the driveway. I told Mark if he would clean the walk to the house of snow then I would clean the driveway. He protested that was not fair. We could both work together. I told him no. I wanted him to agree to do the walk while I did the drive.

He said, "Okay, have it your way, squirt."

I went in the garage and cut on the electric heater for the driveway. Mark was shoveling snow. He was plowing through it. I mean it was almost up to his waist. I was just standing there. Finally, he stopped out of breath and just looked at me. "When are you going to start?"

"In just a little bit. I have already started with the prelims. I am psyching myself up for it. This is going to be kung fu snow removal," I said and bowed to him like Kung Fu on television.

"Okay, grasshopper, when I have finished and you still have snow to plow, remember that the ant worked and the grasshopper played." He went back to shoveling. Then it happened. The snow on the drive sank all at one time. It made something of a noise. Mark looked up. I did my most inscrutable and mysterious look. Then I did a kung fu move like slicing the air with my opened hand. Swoooshhhhh. There was a noticeably lower level of snow in the drive than around it. There was water running out from under the snow. Mark was still shoveling. I took my shovel and went over to the drive. When I stepped on to the snow on the drive I went down. Not slowly, but very quickly. I found myself in several feet of water. I screamed. Mark came running.

Well, after he pulled me out of the water and I got dried off inside, I explained what was going on. He got a big laugh about it. In all the time I knew Mark, he never got mad at me no matter how stupid I was or what stupid thing I did. After I got dried, we went back out and Mark cleared a path for us to get to the driveway. He then crushed the ice that was still above the water. He found the sewer drain on the street and opened it so that the water could drain into the gutter. Before long, the drive was cleared and dry. Most of the water was gone. We never did finish the walk because Bailey and his brother Jarvis, who was fourteen and in Mark's class at school, came over. Since it was my house, I invited them to come in. Maria did not make chocolate, but we had some Cokes and sat around the fire getting dried off. It was great having all these older boys to myself. After we had warmed up, Bailey sat his Coke bottle on the hearth and shucked off his outer shirt. He was wearing a thermal under it. I was instantly hard. For someone who had never had an orgasm and never even jacked off until the day before, I was suddenly getting hard a lot. I had gotten that tingly thing that Mark told me was a dry orgasm again yesterday with him and Bailey. I remember the envy that I had for the two of them because they could unload their sperm.

"You guys up for a game of Strategy, like yesterday?" Bailey asked.

"Sure," I said, but then realized that I might have sounded a little too anxious to suck another cock.

"What about him?" Mark asked pointing at Jarvis. "Does he know the rules?"

"Yeah, I told him what the bet was, and he's cool with it," Bailey said with that stupid grin across his face.

I broke up. The two boys were standing there telling each other that the third one knew about giving and getting blow jobs. I wondered why Bailey and Mark knew about and did each other although Mark and Jarvis were in the same class. I figured I would find out eventually. "Well let's go up to my room and play. Mark, tell your mama where we are going to be. I would hate for her to come looking for us." We all laughed at that thought.

We started playing the game. Jarvis was no better at it than either of the other two. I was really going to have to work to lose to him. Jarvis was named for Port Jarvis where he had been born. I thought that was cool. I also learned that he had not been in to sex very long. He had just gotten his pubic hair when he was almost fourteen and had not been having wet cums but about a year. The reason that he and Mark had never done anything at camp was that he was ashamed of his little cock and being immature. He had never done anything with anyone. Then finally Bailey had sort of taken matters into his own hand so to speak and started jacking his cock for him every day after school before their parents came home from work. Bailey would make him reach his orgasm no matter what. Jarvis had been afraid to do anything like that to himself, and when it started tingling he would get scared and stop. After working the boy over day after day, he started returning the favor. Then they had moved on to oral sex, which Bailey had done with a couple of other boys. One of them was Mark.

That afternoon, I sucked three cocks and sampled the loads from three sets of balls. I had three orgasms. After we finished, the brothers went home. Maria made dinner for us. She called her children. Everyone was fine. They were all safe. They wanted to talk to Mark. Mark talked to his brothers and sisters just like they were his own age. He was kidding the one oldest brother about being too old to go out and shovel snow. They all laughed. You could tell that they all loved each other. When he hung up, I was sitting there looking forlorn. I guess I was looking sad.

"What's wrong, squirt?"

"You guys sound so happy. I just wish I had a brother to kid with. Some one. I would even take an older brother."

Mark laughed. "Boy, you do not know what you are asking for. I have six older brothers. You can have one of mine. Hey, I know -- why I don't I give you all of them." He was really laughing now. He put his arm around me and pulled me into an embrace. "You have a big brother now," he said, and he kissed me on the top of my head. "I love you little brother," he said quietly. I knew right then that I would never be without a brother again.

That afternoon, Bailey came back without Jarvis. We went to my room. We did not even pretend to play. We locked the door. Bailey made Mark lay over the bed on his stomach. He had brought a bottle of Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion with him in his baggy coat. He squirted some in Mark's ass and then put some on his cock. He then lowered his body onto Mark's. I watched as his beautiful cock disappeared up my brother's asshole. I was amazed. I had no idea that a person could take another person's dick up his ass. I just stood there with my mouth hanging open. Bailey started to pump in and out of Mark's ass. I thought that Mark would start screaming, but instead he started to moan. I took my own cock out of my pants and started to masturbate watching the two studs in my life -- one fucking the other. Bailey started going in and pulling out in long quick strokes. I was matching him stroke for stroke with my fist. Finally, he flung his head back and let out a muffled groan. I could tell that he was shooting off up Mark's ass. Mark was pushing his ass back with every thrust that Bailey made. Sweat was dripping from Bailey's brow. Mark was groaning as well. Bailey pulled out and Mark turned over on his back. His cock was covered in cum and his spent juices. There was a huge wet spot on my bed. How would I ever explain that one? I wondered how he had gotten his cock to shoot.

I knew how I had gotten my cock to shoot. Well, it did not shoot but I sure as hell brought myself to orgasm. That was the first time that I had ever jacked myself to the point of no return and then went over the line. I had my cum just at the same time that Bailey had bucked, arched his back and shot his load in Mark's ass. It was great. I wanted to do it again.

Bailey was still wandering around my room with his pants around his ankles. He stuck his head out the door to look. When he saw no one, he scurried across the hall to the bathroom. "Are you okay?" I asked Mark, who was lying there with a huge smile on his face.

"Sure, squirt, that was awesome." He slid off the bed. I could tell that he was holding his ass muscles cramped together. It suddenly dawned on me. He was holding all of Bailey's cum up his ass. Bailey came back in the room. He had brought a damp towel and a couple of wash cloths. They cleaned up their mess. It was Mark's turn to scurry to the bathroom. He was really walking funny, and Bailey and I both laughed at him.

"When am I going to get your cherry, squirt?" I was not sure what he was talking about. I must have shown it.

"When are you going to let me fuck you? Take your virginity?" Bailey ran his fingers through my hair and then started squeezing my ass. "You've got a great ass. Once Mark gets you opened up for me, I can give you the fuck of your young lifetime."

"Soon, Bailey, soon."

"Hey, what's the matter? I ain't enough for you? Now you are trying to fuck my little brother." Mark put his arm around me protectively. Then they both laughed.

"He'll want it as badly as you do. It is written all over his face. FAG. In great big letters."

I thought this was mean of Bailey to say that, but them Mark countered with," and what did you see when you looked in the mirror this morning?"

"A fag," Bailey said, laughing again.

He took Mark in his arms. They kissed. I could see their tongues going in and out of each other's mouth. I could not hear what they were saying, but they were whispering into each other's ear. I was still trying to clean the cum spot off my comforter when they broke up their make-out session. After Bailey left, Mark and I went back down stairs. We were still in the same clothes that we had on three days ago. My tee shirt was stained where I had spilled potatoes on it yesterday at breakfast. Maria took one look at us and said, "You two, go get showers. You stink." She held her nose and looked disgusted. Mark raised his arm and made as if he were going to put it in her face. She slapped him on the arm hard. "You go look in my bag and get that pair of school pants that I was mending. I sewed the button back on. They are clean. You can wear them. Paul, get another pair of your father's thermals for him to wear. I can wash all these clothes while we watch television. Your parents still cannot get out of Liverpool. They called while you were upstairs."

We went upstairs. I found him another pair of my father's thermals. I had never seen my father do anything to match the bulge that Mark made in them. The two of us locked the bathroom door and got in the shower together. We soaped each other. I washed his ass hole. I was gentle with it. He said that it was sore but that it did not hurt too much. We shampooed each other's hair. I asked him about how he got off without touching his cock. He explained about the prostate gland. He then soaped up my ass hole and pushed his finger in. It hurt at first but then it eased off. He started feeling around in my intestines. It was a strange feeling. Then he touched something that really set me on fire. I had never had anything that felt so good. It was delicious. I loved it. This was better than chocolate ice cream. I started pounding my pud, as they used to say at school, while Mark fingered me. It was no time until I was wiggling around in a huge orgasm. I was like a butterfly, and Mark's finger was like the pin that holds it to the paper as it flutters around. By the time we finished the shower, ate dinner and got in front of the television under the comforter I was so spent that I fell asleep immediately. I had gotten off five times on the fifth day of Christmas was the last thing I remembered thinking before I fell asleep.

The next morning, no Mark. I ran to the bathroom to piss. I fully expected him to be sprawled on the toilet with a raging hard on. No. I pissed and went back to my room. I looked out the window. It was still not quite daylight but there were a couple of snow plows moving down the street toward where Bailey lived. A truck loaded with sand had stopped in front of our house. I could see people out checking the truck. Then it started up and moved off, leaving a fine layer of sand along the road. There were cars which had been totally covered with snow starting to emerge as the plow lowered the depth of the snow on the street. It was making a high wall in front of everyone's house including our house. We would have to tunnel our way out to the street. Maria's car had been in the garage thank goodness. Our driveway was still clean. Oh, shit. I forgot to turn the heater off. I slipped on a clean pair of sweat pants with the SU Big Orange logo on them and hurried downstairs. I slipped out into the garage. It was cold. I flipped the switch to cut off the heater for the drive. My father was going to have a fit when he saw that power bill.

I went into the kitchen to get something to drink. There was some OJ, and I poured myself a glass. I was sitting at the kitchen counter thinking about the past few days. Today was the nineteenth of December. On the fifteenth I had gotten my presents for the first three days. I had gotten a blowjob and sucked my first cock and had my first orgasm. On the sixteenth I had sucked two cocks and gotten four loads of cum. On the eighteenth I had five orgasms but I had also had another boy, watched Mark get fucked and beat my meat until I had an orgasm on my own. Today was the nineteenth. I wondered what six things I was going to get that day. In there somewhere I had gotten my own big brother, who was great and I loved him. The thing that was so amazing was that he loved me. Oh, and one other thing. I had gotten a nickname. All my life I had been called Paul. There was not much you could do to shorten Paul. My big brother called me "squirt". Bailey, the boy that I had loved forever, called me that too. I was not sure that I wanted anyone else to call me that but the two of them calling me that really meant something. It meant that they cared about me. Just about the time I was thinking all this and smiling to myself I heard a ruckus in the family room. Lanky legs and arms came toward me from the door way followed by a body sporting a huge hard on. I laughed at him and pointed to his erection and started saying in a sing-song voice, "Mark's got a woody. Mark's got a woody." He lurched for me. I ran out of the room and back upstairs to my room. He was right behind me.

I jumped in the bed. Mark jumped right behind me. He did not waste any time. He stripped all my clothes off. Started licking and sucking on me everywhere. I started trying to get away. This only made the game more fun for both of us. Then suddenly I lay very still. Mark had his tongue up my ass. He was really licking my ass hole. This was great. It felt so good. I could not keep still. One of the boys in my class had told me about putting peanut butter on his ass hole and letting his dog lick it out. He said that he and his older brother did it all the time. Damned. I need a dog. I was moaning. I did not need a dog. I needed Mark full time. I was going nuts. The pleasure was too great. Hell, this alone would make up for six or seven presents today. I had an orgasm. Then five minutes later I had another. That was the great thing according to Mark. When you started having wet orgasms, you could only do one and then you had to wait a while until the cum built back up.

We cleaned up and went back downstairs to eat breakfast. This morning Maria gave us cereal. She said that she had finished the wash last night. She wanted Mark to get in his own clothes. She really wanted to get home. She had not checked on her own house in all this time. The television was giving more of the gory details of the storm. There was one thing that delighted me. There would be no more school until after the New Year. It gave a list of the schools that would close. Mark had to watch all the way to the end of the list since he went to Xavier Catholic. That was it. I had six more days of school before Christmas. There were actually seven more days before Christmas, but one of those was a Saturday since Christmas came on Sunday that year. Now I had my sixth day's present. Six free days from school. Maria groaned like she was hurt because neither Mark nor I had school. If I also got six sets of balls, or six orgasms, or six loads of cum I would not turn the presents down even though I already had six free days.

Maria and Mark lived in an older house on Butternut Street up behind St. Joe's. It had been the house where Mark's father had grown up. Mark's next oldest brother lived on Central which was only a block or two away. He had gone over and checked on the house at his mother's insistence. The water was running. The furnace was still on. No one had broken in. Everything was safe. I really did not want them to leave. About eleven o'clock the phone rang. It was my father. He wanted to talk to Maria, but said that he had a big surprise for me. He would tell me after he talked to Maria. Maria took the phone in the kitchen. I hung up when I heard her answer.

Mark was getting ready to go like his mother had told him to do. I was following him every step he went. Finally, he turned around and caught me right behind him. He picked me up in his arms and hugged me. "Go sit down before I trample you underfoot, squirt." He sat me back on the couch as he brought in more wood from the garage. He was making sure that everything was just like it was before. Then Maria came back in and told me to pick up the phone there in the family room. She did not look happy. She called Mark to come with her into the kitchen.

"Hello, Dad."

"Hey, son. How're you doing?"

"It has been pretty good so far. Mark and I made a snow fort. We've been playing Strategy. A couple of kids from the neighborhood came over. Actually, lots of fun."

"Well, good. I am glad you are having a good time. I have one more day here at the office before I can leave to get home. Maria is going to stay with you today and tonight. I want you to do what she says now. Okay?"

"Okay, Dad." This was a little strange. I always did what she asked me.

"Are you okay, Dad?" I asked him.

"There are some changes going on, son. I can explain it better when I get home."

"What about Mom?" I asked him.

"She is waiting for a flight out of Hancock. She is going to be flying to the office in Spain for a week."

"But, Dad, Christmas is only eight more days."

"I know, but she is going to be staying there for the rest of the year. You and I are going to South Carolina for Christmas."

Wow. This was really different. I guess I did not say anything for a while.

"Paul, are you still there?"

"Yes, Dad. That is cool. When are we going?"

"I think that we can leave by tomorrow, but it will depend on things here. I am staying at a motel. Maria has my number. She is going to help you do some packing. Paul, put in some summer stuff. Shorts and tee shirts. It can get really warm down there at Christmas."

"But, Dad, none of my stuff from last summer fits," I laughed. "I have grown three inches since last summer." I thought to myself that was not all that was growing.

"Okay, then we will buy you some clothes when we get down there. Don't worry about it then. Tell Maria that too."

"Dad, is Mom going to call?"

"Well, she is sort of busy with getting ready to leave. She had to take the train in to the city this morning so that she could get new clothes before she went. She said to tell you that she loved you and merry Christmas."

I knew that last part was a lie. I could hear it in his voice. I did not say anything. I sort of suspected the truth. This was it. My parents were finally going to get a divorce. I had expected it to come. It was sort of shitty coming right at Christmas. No one had to tell me. I just knew it was happening. My mother was the corporate bitch. She was the woman that they put on display as having made it to the top. She had done it. I was not sure how she did it. My father was a workaholic, but she was worse. She was a company person. There had been other times when she would fly out without much notice to one or another of the offices overseas. She always brought me something nice when she came back. After I hung up the phone, I realized that she probably was not coming back. If she did, she would not be living here. There were lots of kids in the school where I went that had parents who were divorced. It was not like Catholic school where the Pope frowned on people who got divorces. At least that was the way I looked at it. I sat there a little stunned. I had a new brother. I had found a new friend in Bailey. Lost a mom. From the way I looked at it I was ahead. She was rarely ever here except at nights anyway. Most nights she was in her office going over stuff for the next day. Her homework was what she called it.

Maria got all my clothes cleaned up. Mark got the bags down from the attic where we kept the ones my father and I used. My mother's bags where in her closet since she traveled so much. Maria was especially attentive to me. She would hug me and hold me to her without saying anything. That was how I knew that my father had told her. She got my dad's stuff ready for him. She folded everything very neatly and put it into the bags. Between getting everything ready for the trip and making sure the house was spotless, we had forgotten about the snow. Then we heard the snow plows going down the street again. Mark and I put on our thermals and grabbed the shovels. This would probably be the last pass for the snow plow so we had to tunnel our way out to the street down the driveway. We had to have a space large enough for my father to turn in and for Maria to get her big Buick out of the drive. I had the bright idea to heat up the drive way so that we could throw the snow on the drive and it would melt. That way we did not have another wall of snow where we dumped it. I went in and turned on the switch. Mark and I had fun throwing the snow over our heads or at each other. I will say one thing though. My father's buying another stupid gimmick as my mom had called it was really doing a lot of good. Mark and I had shoveled our way through to the street and most of the snow was melted and running down the drains in the gutter.

Bailey did not come over that afternoon. After lunch Mark and I just lay around my room. I guess Maria had told him that my mom was leaving because he kept hugging me, too. Finally, I told him that I knew she was leaving. He said that was a relief. He did not know how I was going to react when I found out. I told him that it bothered me a little, but that as long as I got to live with Dad instead of her I would be happy. I told Mark how I really felt about all of it. I told him how my mom really neglected me. There were tears in his eyes when I got through. He told me that he missed his dad but that his brothers had taken his place. He said that he could not take my mother's place but that he was willing to share his mother with me. I hugged him and told him he was the best big brother a guy could have. We kissed, and then he got me down and tickled me.

That evening Mark and I took another shower together. I had multiple orgasms with Mark's finger up my ass. I am not sure how many orgasms I had that day. It was getting so that I had lost count of the number by this point. We lay in each other's arms in bed and snuggled all night. He was still there when I woke up the next morning. It was the seventh day of Christmas. What were the seven things to be today?

There were only five more days till Christmas. Mark had packed all their stuff in Maria's car. My father had called and said that he was on the way home. That had been around ten o'clock. Mark had even gotten our bags, which were packed, and brought them down to the door to the garage. Maria was making sure that there was nothing in the refrigerator that would spoil before we all got back. Then the unthinkable happened. The flamboyant florist from Syracuse showed up with a truckload of greenery and a crew to decorate the house. When Mark went to the door, the guy just pushed his way in and started giving directions to everyone. I sat there laughing. Mark's mouth was hanging open as he watched this guy ordering his crew around. When he finally got his wits back, he went running to the kitchen for his mother. I could not do anything I was laughing so hard. This florist was a real swishy sort and bossy. "Here, dearie, not there. Put it over here. That's better, luv," he directed his crew.

Maria came out. Took one look at him and gestured for him to follow her to the kitchen. In a moment he came back from the kitchen. He told the guys to pack it up and put it back in the truck. He went back to the kitchen. When I went in there, he and Maria were having coffee and discussing some episode of Days of Our Lives. When he left, Mark asked me what that had been all about. I told him that my mother had the guy decorate every year and had obviously failed to call him and tell him that the whole thing was off this year. Mark whispered to me, "If you ever get that fruity, I will beat you up. You can suck all the cock you want and be as faggoty as you want, but if I ever see you act like that I will give you a spanking you will never forget, little brother." I guess it was then that I realized that there was more than one kind of fag. I had already learned more in the past five days than I had in the past year at school. After we had our lunch, the phone rang again. My father. He had been stranded for just a little while because of an accident on Erie Blvd. He was at a diner waiting for the traffic to clear out so that he could come on home. He told Maria that since he and I would be leaving that evening we would follow them back into Syracuse to make sure that she and Mark got home safely. I was dressed up to go on the plane ride. In all the excitement I forgot about the seven presents for the day. My father got there finally around two o'clock. He and Mark packed everything into the two cars. My father wrote a check for Maria. He must have given her a good bonus because she exclaimed that it was too much and that they had been eating our food. My father just wished her a Merry Christmas and told her to buy something for Mark because we were not going to get to Christmas shop. I did get a chance to kiss Mark goodbye when we were upstairs. I told him that I would bring him a Christmas present from South Carolina. He told me not to forget him. I laughed and asked him how I could.

My father told me all about the split up after I told him I knew Mom was leaving. We talked the entire flight about what was going to happen. We discussed my going to a boarding school. I told him that I liked my school and thought that I was getting a good education there. I was big enough to stay by myself some. Although I would not be eleven until after Christmas, I was one of the oldest boys in my class and also the tallest. I had English and history with the sixth graders, and I was as tall as most of them. I guess I was just a big boy. He said that he thought that if Maria would help out when he had to be away or late then we could work it out. I told him about Mark saying that he would be my big brother. I told him that he really did take good care of me. I just did not tell him how. I fell asleep before we stopped in DC. This flight was going straight through to Atlanta. Dad had a rental car waiting there and we would drive back up to South Carolina. I never did figure what the seven things were for that day. There had been too much excitement. I dreamed about Mark.

It was after midnight when we got to Atlanta. We were two hours late getting started from Hancock Field. Then during the layover in DC there had been ice on the wings and they had to defrost them. The rental car was there. My father bundled us into the car and headed north. Once we got past the downtown part of Atlanta, my father found a motel and checked us in. He said that he wanted a good night's sleep before facing the family. I thought that my father probably would have to listen to a lot of "I told you so" the next day. We got up early anyway and had a great breakfast in the restaurant. He tried to get me to eat grits, but I put my foot down about that one. I told him that I really was a Yankee when it came to grits. He laughed and told me not to let my cousins find out that I was a Yankee. I told him all they had to do to figure that out was to listen to me. We laughed and cut up. The waitress was really nice. She called me "Hon".

We drove on to South Carolina. We went right through the town where my mother's mother lived. We were going to stay with "granny" for the first time in my life. When we got there, I realized why I had not gotten my seven presents the day before. There were fifteen boy cousins at my grandmother's house. They ranged anywhere from seventeen or eighteen to about seven or eight. It was a tradition that all the boys stayed with granny during the week before Christmas. My South Carolina cousins were beautiful. Each was different but each was more stunning than the other. Zebulon was still my favorite. He came bouncing down the steps and helped me get my bags. We went upstairs, and he showed me into a room with two other boys. They were both around fourteen. The twins were nowhere to be seen. Zebulon said that he and I would be sleeping together in one bed and that Eric and John would sleep in the other. I thought that sounded fine to me. Maybe something would happen besides sleep. Then my worst nightmare appeared. The twins. The thing was that over the summer and fall I had shot up and felt like I had actually put on a little muscle. The twins were the same size that they had been last summer. I was a good four or five inches taller than they were. When they saw how much I had grown, they did not try to pick a fight. They still taunted me with "Yankee bastard" and "Yankee go home". Zebulon told them to shut the hell up and get out of the room. John and Eric also started after the twins. I guess they figured that I had too much protection so they called them "Yankee lovers" and "You're all queer for a Yankee". I liked the sound of the last part. I was hoping.

That afternoon my father took me shopping in the largest town nearby. We took Zebulon and John and Eric with us. He spent a lot of money on me. He bought me a lot of clothes. I told him that I would probably outgrow them before next summer, but he bought them anyway. I think he was feeling guilty that my mother left. I had some money, and Zebulon, and I took off so that I could buy my father a present. We found a really nice wallet for what I had to spend so I bought that and had it wrapped up. Since I did not have to buy my mother anything, I bought Zebulon a book about outer space since he was always talking about being an astronaut. It was one of those big books with colored pictures. I also had the woman wrap that for me. My dad said that he was getting something for granny from the both of us but that I should buy her a little something. Zebulon said that she liked bath powders. I had no idea what they were but he took me to the part of the store where they sold them and I got a box for her and had them wrapped. Dad asked the boys where they wanted to eat. There was no question. Barbeque Bill's. They all loved the place. We went to this place that looked like an old barn on the outside. Inside, the long tables were covered with oil cloth. Everybody sat with everyone else. You did not have separate tables. They brought you a menu but there was only really one thing that they had. Right. Barbecue. John told me, "Don't ever order a hamburger here. They try to poison you. I know a kid that ordered one once, and he almost died." We all laughed at the way John made the word "die" sound like it had a million syllables in it. The barbecue was really good. We all ate a lot. I thought about Mark and how he would have loved this place.

That night when we got in bed neither of us wore anything but our underwear. I had talked my father into buying me some boxers. I had put on a pair that I thought were sexy. Zebulon had on white briefs. I could see that he had a pretty good size dick even though it looked like it was still soft. Once we got into bed I could hear John and Eric thrashing around. I figured that they were doing something. Then I heard Eric moan. I felt Zebulon's foot push against mine. At first I thought that it was an accident then he did it again. I responded. Then he did two pushes. I did two back. That was when I felt his arm flung over me like he was asleep. I did not do anything for a moment but then thought this is stupid. I reached down and grabbed his cock. It was as hard as rock. His hand slipped in my boxers and started to stroke my dick. "Do you?" He whispered in my ear.

"Yeah. Do you?"


"You go first," I told him.

"No, let's do it together. Sixty-nine."

I did not know what sixty-nine was, but I said, "Sure."

He scooted down in the bed and then turned around. His face was at my cock, and his cock was at my mouth. I figured out what sixty-nine meant in a hurry. I opened my mouth and took his cock in. It was only about five or five and a half inches long. He started sucking mine at the same time. It was good. He was using his tongue and making me squirm. I tried to mimic what he was doing. I had to remember this, so I could do it to Mark. I had two orgasms and sucked Zebulon's cum out of his cock and swallowed it. When we were turned around face to face again, he said, "Wow, man, that was something else. I have never had anyone who would let me cum in their mouth before."

"Merry Christmas," I whispered to him.

"Hey, guys, he's cool. I told you that he would be," Zebulon announced to Eric and John in the other bed.

"Great. One more for us and one less for them." They were all laughing.

"What's so funny?" I asked thinking that they might be laughing at me. I did not want them making fun of me or make fun of me being a faggot. Mark had told me to stand up to people, and I would. Of course it would be nice if he were here to back me up. "What are you guys talking about?

Zebulon said, "Well, there are about half of us cousins who suck each other off. The other half are either too young, too straight or too Baptist." They all laughed again. By this time Eric and John were both in bed with us. John was feeling me up and Eric and Zebulon each had a hand on the other's cock. I reached behind me and started playing with John's long cock. For a fourteen year old, he had a long thin cock. It was probably seven or seven and a half inches but not much bigger around than my own. Bailey said that I had a fat cock. I know it looked bigger if not longer than most of my classmates' when we undressed for gym.

"Hey, do you shoot?" John asked rubbing my hairless scrotum.

"Not yet, but I have dry orgasms."

"Shit, man, I remember those. They were awesome. It was great you could get off, not mess anything up and be ready to go again in a matter of minutes. Now I have to wait at least an hour."

Eric said," Yeah, but if you want to shoot anything but piss you have to wait to the next day. Don't let him lie to you, Paul."

"Which guys suck?' I asked.

They started naming them. The oldest cousin that sucked cock was eighteen. His name was Matthew. He had blond curly hair. He and Zebulon looked a lot alike. Then there was Jordan, who had dark hair and blue eyes. His hair was curly also. Jordan reminded me of Mark. He had long arms and long legs. He was the tallest of all the cousins. There was one cousin that lived in Mississippi. He was the oldest of all the cousins. He was twenty. He only came around at Christmas and then for a couple of weeks in the summer. Unlike the other cousins, he was not friendly. Jake was his name. They told me that he hardly spoke to any of them. He would come, spend most of his time reading and then go back home. He would not have much to do with any of the cousins. They did not know if Jake did or not. No one had ever gotten that close to him. One other cousin who was older than they were was Richard. I had met him. He was sixteen. He was blonde and blue eyed with a muscular body. I mentioned that he was really muscular. They told me he worked out a lot with weights. He and our cousin Thomas, who was fifteen, were more or less a couple. They always slept together and did things together. Thomas was just the opposite of Richard. He was dark haired and really skinny. He did not appear to have muscles at all. He wore glasses and had long hair. He looked like a bookworm. Eric said that he was a worm, but that it was about eight inches long and pretty big around. They all laughed at that statement.

That did not leave a lot of the older cousins out. Then the twins. No one knew what the twins did, but if they did anything it was together. Most of the cousins did not like them. Zebulon said that he did not like them and they were his brothers. He said they more or less made his life miserable. Zebulon did say that at home when they started anything he would just pound the hell out of them. By this time I had John's cock ready to shot. I slid down in the bed and took it in my mouth. I sucked on it greedily. He kept trying to push me off of him and whispering that he was going to shoot. I just kept sucking and soon had his full load in my mouth. I then swallowed it down in one gulp.

"Man, that was tremendous. No one has ever done that before," John told me.

I was a hit in this group since I was the only one that would take cum in my mouth and swallow. I liked the taste and did not see anything wrong in doing it. The others thought that it was pretty gross to take someone's cum in their mouth.

The next day was the ninth day of Christmas. I had lost count of all my presents so far, but I knew that I must have been doing something really right since I was getting so many tasty cocks. I just said thanks silently to the bountiful universe. That night I slept with a cock pushed up against my butt and another one pushed in to my stomach. The four of us slept in that one big feather bed. I thought this was like something that I saw on an after-school special the week before where all the kids crowded into one big bed at their grandmother's house to keep warm. We were not just warm. We were four hot guys.

The next morning after everyone had eaten breakfast, my father said that he was going into town to visit my uncles. He had not spent any time with them in a long time. He wanted to know if I wanted to go. I told him no, that I would be fine staying with the other cousins. We were having a good time. He knew that I had problems with the twins. He asked if they were leaving me alone. I told them since I was bigger than they were now, they seemed to be. I told him that any one of the other boys would help me since none of them liked the twins either. After he left, the other boys all had chores to do. I did not have chores since I had not expected to be there. Zebulon said that I could help him with cleaning the barn if I really wanted to. I agreed and we changed into older clothes. I did not have anything old so he loaned me an old pair of his jeans and a ragged out sweatshirt.

Once we got to the barn I found out why I needed old clothes. We were cleaning shit out of the stalls. It was dirty work but with both of us working it did not take long to clean a stall. Zebulon was pulling down a bale of hay from the loft so that we could spread fresh hay when I heard a sound like someone sucking cock. I thought that maybe it was John or Eric that had come out to the barn. I put my fingers to my lips to indicate that Zebulon should be silent. I started looking through the cracks in the back wall of the barn. I finally found what I was looking for. I motioned for Zebulon to come to me. We crouched there looking through a crack between the boards and through a bush. On the other side were the twins. One was sucking the other. They both had their pants down around their legs. Zebulon did not say anything. He pulled me up and together we crept around to the side door. Silently, we moved in on our prey. We caught them as one twin went into an orgasm in the other one's mouth. Neither of them had hair yet and both of them had cocks smaller than mine. I was sure that they were not having wet cums. Their balls were still tiny and close to their bodies like mine were. I had had enough older cocks to recognize that when they started to shoot the boys' balls hung down lower.

Zebulon grabbed the two boys before they could get their pants up. I said mockingly, "Well, if it ain't two rebel queers sucking each other off."

They were horrified that their brother had caught them. They were mortified that I knew their dirty little secret. I said to Zebulon, "What do you guys do to dirty little queer twins down here?"

"I don't know. These are the first two I have caught. What do you do to them up north?" he asked, winking at me as he held on to a protesting twin with each arm. They were not going anywhere since he had his foot on the pushed down jeans of one twin and I was standing on the other's pants.

"We usually take them somewhere, strip them naked, give them a spanking and make them suck our cocks."

"That sounds like a good idea," he said as he pulled the twins up from the ground where they had fallen. We herded the reluctant duo into the barn and up to the loft. We made them take off all their clothes. Naked, anyone could see that they had not shed their baby fat. They were still pudgy in the stomach and had love handles. Their white asses were soft and smooth. I thought that here were two really fuckable boys. I had seen Bailey do it to Mark. Maybe we should do it to the twins. Zebulon told them if they wanted their clothes back then they were going to suck not only his cock but mine as well. They moaned and groaned, but in the end they sucked us both. Zebulon and I stood there side by side as a twin sucked each of us. I saw him nearing orgasm and he unloaded into the twin's mouth. When he tried to spit it out, Zebulon made him swallow it. "You might as learn to do it the right way to start with," he told the twin smacking him across the face. Then he did something really perverse. He made that twin swap spit which included his cum with the other brother. I had already had my orgasm. I was even getting another hard-on watching the cousins.

Zebulon made the twins sit down and hold their knees. He then took rope and hogtied them. At least that is what he called it. He pushed them behind a couple of bales of hay. I told him that was pretty drastic. He said not to worry, they would not be that way long. He asked me if I would finish spreading the hay while he went and got John and Eric. I said sure. He helped me break the bale open and then took off. I was still spreading the hay in the stalls when a few minutes later he conducted the boys into the barn and up into the loft. He left then up there while he returned to help me. I could hear the twins' protests, then quiet and then slurping sounds. They were having to do Eric and John. When we had finished, Zebulon said, "I have to go get Richard and Thomas." I heard groaning and then smacks as they were obviously forcing the twins to swallow their loads as well. I had finished spreading the straw and went back up to the loft to watch. Eric and John were making the twins suck each other while they watched. They must have had a dry orgasm because they both started to writhe on the floor. I knew that they were probably having a wonderful sensation. My own cock was getting hard again. Eric came over and said, "You want another blow job?"

I said, "Yeah, but I would really like to fuck them."

"Have you ever done that?" John asked.

"No, but I watched a guy do a friend of mine once. He put Intensive Care on his cock and it slid right in. I bought a bottle yesterday when we were in town."

Eric looked at John. John looked at Eric. Then together they asked, "Where is it? We will get it for you."

I told them and they took off. I figured that I should at least wait until Zebulon got back before I fucked his brothers. I did not want him mad at me.

John and Eric rushed back in with the lubricant. They asked me to come back downstairs. I thought that they might be going to try it out on me, but that was not it.

"John and I have been talking about fucking for a long time. We did not see how we could do it. We have tried it, but it hurt too much. But what we have decided is this...," Eric gave out of wind and John took over.

"We figure this way. You fuck a twin and get him loosened up with your small cock and once you get off either John or I fuck him. That way none of us are going to get in trouble for cornholing the asshole twins."

We all did that wild bump and thumb hand shake and started back up to the loft. Now my dick was really hard. I could never tell the twins apart. No one ever called them by their names because they were always together. You just said "the twins", so I never knew the name of the first boy I fucked. I squirted the Intensive Care up his ass like I was giving him an enema. He started screaming. Eric took an old rag and stuffed it in his mouth. I put some on my cock and lined it up at his ass hole. Tears were streaming down his pudgy cheeks. I thought serves the bastard right after making me cry last summer and the summer before and as for as long as I could remember. I thought how truly things were changing in my life. I pushed it all the way in with one plunge. I held it there for a short time. His ass was really tight. He was still clenching. Finally, I reached around and pinched his tit like I had seen Bailey do to Mark. When I did, the twin forgot and relaxed. I went all the way in. It felt great. I started pumping in and out. The friction of the boy's ass soon had me ready and I had a tremendous orgasm. I wanted more. My cock was going soft, and I knew that I was going to slip out. I motioned John to me and put lotion on his cock. I pulled out and before the twin realized it John had skewered him with his real teen prick. John did something that my short dick could not do for the boy. John's long cock found his prostate and the twin started to gurgle around his gag and his tears stopped. He was moaning now. I reached over and pulled the gag out.

"You like that teen cock up your ass, don't you?"

"Oh, God, yes. It hurt to start with but this is incredible."

I was ready again. The second twin tried harder to protest. Eric and I had to hold him while I pushed the lotion bottle into his ass hole. I finally got a good squirt into him. I greased my cock again. This time I was really pissed at the twin under me for making it so hard to do. I told Eric to start pinching the twin's nipple. Eric laughed and said, "He does not have any. They are turned in. His have not even popped out."

"Well, pinch his balls then."

Eric must have pinched something because his ass hole relaxed, and I pushed in. He tried to tighten up again but I told Eric to slap him a couple of time. Eric did and the twin started to cooperate. I fucked his slick hole until I went into another orgasm. "He's all yours," I said to Eric as I pulled out and he pushed his teen cock into the waiting twin's ass hole.

This was still going on when Zebulon came into the loft with Thomas and Richard. All of them just stood there in disbelief as they witnessed the two boys fucking the twins in the ass. The twins on the other hand were just pushing back into their teen cousins with smiles on their faces. The two older boys pulled out their cocks and forcefed the twins each a cock. The twins were getting fucked from both ends.

Both Eric and John reached their orgasms and shot loads into the twins' upturned asses. Richard and Thomas pulled their cocks out of their mouths avowing that they wanted some ass. By this time, the twins were loose and lubricated with the Intensive Care and the cum from their teenage cousins. The two new boys just slid their oversized cocks right in to the hilt.

"I'll be damned." Zebulon shook his head as Eric and John cleaned their cock on the old rag that had been in the twin's mouth. "How did you guys come to fuck them?"

The two teen cousins pointed at me. "I just said that I had seen it done. I bought the Vaseline Intensive Care when we were in town yesterday in case you wanted to fuck me. I did not plan on our finding a better use for it." John and Eric and I all laughed. Finally, Zebulon laughed too.

"I guess I am just jealous that I did not get their cherry."

"Naw. I got both of those," I said proudly.

Then I whispered in his ear that he could have mine tonight if he wanted it. He looked at me and then said, "Hot damned."

It was December the twenty-second when I lost my cherry. Zebulon Vance. Vance was his middle name. He was named for some famous guy from North Carolina. We were supposed to be related to him some way. Zebulon Vance with his fat five and a half inch cock "cornholed" me. That is what the boys down there called butt fucking. He did it slow and easy. It never even hurt. His cock was just right so that it hit my prostate every time that he plunged into me. I felt like I was going to have a wet orgasm. When I felt down there afterwards, there was something sticky on the end of my dick.

I had never had so many different and wonderful experiences. John and Eric wanted some of the lotion. We could hear them fucking into the night. I slept with Zebulon's cock pressed up against my butt crack and his arms around me. I never felt so protected. The next morning the twins came to our bedroom. They were being their normal obnoxious selves. Zebulon had made them promise that they would never tell anyone what we had done to them, and we would never tell anyone what they did to each other. They calmed down quickly after they found that no one really liked them any way. The real reason that they had come to the room was they wanted some Intensive Care Lotion. They wanted to try fucking each other. I gave them the bottle but told them that they had to bring it back before night.

That afternoon, Zebulon and I went into town with my father. We went to the drug store and I found the stuff that Mark had told me about. KY jelly. I bought a tube. There was a really prissy man behind the checkout counter. He raised his eye brows when he saw what I was buying. He obviously knew what I was getting it for. When he had rung up my purchase, I said, "Do you have a bathroom?"

"Sure. Come with me, I'll show you."

He led us through the storage room into a small hallway. He cut on the light hanging from the ceiling. In the corner was a toilet. I moved over to it and pulled my cock out. I motioned for Zebulon to do the same. He did, and we both started pissing, one on each side of the bowl. The man was standing there watching. I made sure that he got his eyes full. I looked over at him and noticed that there was a rise in his pants. He reached down and was stroking it. I watched as he did so. I reached over and took Zebulon's cock and jacked it a couple of times until it was erect. Then I did my own and turned toward the man. He was positively drooling. I arched my back and pushed my pelvis out. Hell, what more of an invitation could I make other than to call him to join us.

By now there was a wet place on the front of his pants. I was afraid that he had already cummed. I walked over to him pulling Zebulon with me by the cock. The man, who was probably in his early forties, sank to his knees and took my cock in his mouth. Zebulon just shook his head and smiled. I was soon having another orgasm. I pushed his head away and over on Zebulon's cock. Zebulon moaned. He shot his wad almost as quickly as I had my cum. The man swallowed his load. He got up and went to the sink. I went over and put my arm around his waist and sort of hugged him. "Merry Christmas," I said to him. He just smiled and waved to us as we left the storeroom.

That night we had an orgy. Thomas and Richard came to our room. They had already tried fucking each other. They had gotten some Crisco shortening from the kitchen and used that. They all laughed when I said very seriously to Thomas, who had the longest dick of any of the cousins, that he had best be careful since he was using shortening. He said he would not mind losing a couple of inches.

"Damned if that's so," cried Richard. "I like every one of those inches."

I will say Thomas had a dick that touched me in places no one else had gotten to. I fucked and was fucked by all five of these cousins. I still had not had Jordan or Matthew. Jordan had a job during vacation. He was saving up money to buy a car. Matthew was in and out. He had a car and a bunch of friends. The other boys told me that he mostly sucked cock and got his rocks off with one of them only when he could not get his girl friend to fuck or if he wanted to keep her in line by not giving her any. They said that the girl friend that he had now was always fucking up so I would probably get a chance to suck him. They said that whoever he turned to would send him on to me. I expressed my appreciation because I wanted to have sucked all my cousins by the end of vacation. p>

Then Jake arrived. It was December twenty-fourth, Christmas Eve. I knew I was in love again. It had not even been ten days since I had sucked Mark's cock the first time and now I was in love with my second boy. Boy, hell, he was a man. Twice my age. I took one look at him and knew that I had to have him or at least die trying. I thought at the time it was love, but I think it must have been more lust. He was all the cousins in one. He had the beautiful honey skin like Zebulon. His hair was so blonde it was white. It was a little long. Even his eyebrows were white. He had a smile that covered the world. His eyes were a dark blue. They were navy blue. Almost black. I could tell from looking at his pants that he was hung, and he had muscles. More muscles than Richard. We were introduced. I thought I was being very polite by offering to shake hands with him. He just pulled his hand away. He was twenty years old. Twice my age. Why would he not want to shake hand with me? I could not hurt him.

That night everyone went to bed. I was in my sexy boxers and had even given Zebulon a pair to wear. I told him his cock would not fall off if he let it hang free. I told them that I was going to go and make love to Jake. They all laughed.

"Hell, he would not even shake your hand. How are you going to make love to him?"

I left the room and went down the hall. I had already scoped out Jake's room. Sure enough when I opened the door, he was lying on his bed in a pair of sweat pants and no shirt. I could feel the drool gathering in my mouth. There was an even larger bump in the front of his sweats than had shown in his pants. He was reading. He took his black horn rimmed glasses off and looked at me.

"What do you want?"

"Nothing. I just thought that you might want some company." I moved on into the room. "What are you reading?"

"Nothing that would interest you."

I pulled the book so that I could see the title. It was Maugham's Of Human Bondage. "I read that," I stated as a matter of fact.

"I doubt that. What would a kid like you be doing reading a college level book?"

"Since you doubt that I have read it turn to page one hundred and fifteen. At the top of the page, second paragraph . . ." and I started quoting verbatim the passage. I went on to explain that it signified most of what Maugham was trying to state in the book. When I had finished he was lying there smiling.

"You, little shit," he said. "Even my fucking professors at Ole Miss could not have said it more accurately." By this time I was sitting on the bed with him, my arm resting against his thigh.

I told him about my school and about the accelerated course that I was taking. All the time I was talking my hand was moving closer and closer to his groin. I could now feel the heat from his sexual furnace. I could see that a tent was forming in his sweat pants. He reached down and moved my hand on to his hardening prick. "Go ahead and enjoy it. You deserve it for being so damned smart." He shook my hand and then put it back on his cock again.

I slid next to him and grabbed his massive meat with both hands. He put his arm around me and reached over and turned off the lamp. The moon was shining through the window. I pulled his sweats down. He was not wearing any boxers. His massive cock sort of sprung out and then bounced off his stomach. It was the biggest cock I had ever seen. I mean I had in the past week seen more cocks than I had seen in my entire lifetime but this one was the biggest.

"How long is it?" I whispered in his ear.


Twelve. I thought, "I got twelve inches on the twelfth day of Christmas." I might not remember what I got on some of the days but I would never forget this massive monster cock. I sucked him and he jacked my cock. When I started to leave to go back to my room, I kissed him and wished him a merry Christmas.

When I got back to my room, Zebulon was still awake. "Where have you been?" he asked

"Giving Jake a blow job."

"Sure, I bet," he snickered.

"I did too. Come here." I had saved some of Jake's cum in my mouth, and I pulled Zebulon to me. I ran my tongue in his mouth and let him taste Jake's cum. "Now you know what Jake tastes like," I told him. Damned, I thought. That was Zebulon's first taste of cum. I had given it to him but not from my cock.

Christmas Day was a madhouse. All the uncles and aunts came. We all exchanged presents. I had brought a copy of Hemingway's For Whom the Bell Tolls to read on the plane. I was not sure if Jake had read it or not but I hurriedly wrapped it and put it under the tree. Zebulon gave me some wool socks and a hunting knife he had. After everyone had eaten, and we had all pretty much given out everything there was to give, he and I went out in the loft and he fucked me again. I told him we were leaving the next day and that I would really miss him. I kissed him and told him thanks for making this the most wonderful Christmas in my entire life.


That was the story of the Christmas when I was ten years old. It was a good many years ago now. I have already told you what happened to Mark. He was really young when he died. Bailey. Well, Bailey got married. Not once but three times. None of them ever worked. The last time that I was in Syracuse he was living with Jarvis and his family. Jarvis got married and had a bunch of kids. He and his wife are really happy. I will say that he takes good care of his brother. My cousins. Let's see. Jake became an English professor in a college in the Southeast. He retired a couple of years ago. We e-mail now and then. He is working on the family genealogy. Richard and Thomas went to college. They lived together there and have been living together ever since. Like I said, opposites attract and those two did for life. They both work at totally different jobs. Richard is a mechanic for some big trucking firm and Thomas is the office manager for an insurance agency. John moved to Florida and the family rarely hears from him. He was living in Orlando the last I heard and was married for the second or third time. Eric is still in South Carolina. He lives with his wife and kids. As you can tell, although we were sucking and fucking when we were growing up, only a few of us actually ended up gay. The twins. I wish I could tell you they changed when they got older, but they didn't. They are now old obnoxious twins. I saw them last at granny's funeral, and I hope I don't see them again. I saved the best to last. Zebulon. He is living with me. We both went to college in Virginia and lived together there. We have been living and working in Richmond for the past twenty years. We are still kissing cousins and wish you all a Merry Christmas.