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Kyle & Alex

By Douglas Alexander
This story is fiction.

Kyle & Alex

Until that day I had never really thought of Alex like that, I didn't even know that I could enjoy the touch of a man, let alone my brother. I was 17 of medium but athletic build, with light brown hair and I had just broken up with my girlfriend, or better said, she had dumped me on Facebook for all to see. It was bad enough to end a relationship, we had been together for almost a year (an eternity at that age), but to be dumped on Facebook in such a public way, with the suggestion that I was somehow lacking downstairs, was humiliating and depressing.

The real reason that Amy decided to leave me was because I suggested that she shouldn't be getting so drunk at the weekend. The weekend before she had went out with her friends into town. I received a message from one of her friends who was worried about her as she had disappeared from a bar that they were in together. I used the find the phone feature as here password was saved on the browser on my computer. I found her location and jumped into the car. I found her sitting on a bench outside a fried chicken fast food restaurant in the bar area. She was almost passed out and practically incoherent. She vomited down my shirt as I help her into the car staining it the bright blue of whichever alchopop was her choice that evening. I texted her friend to let her know all was ok and then drove Amy home. Her parents were away for a weekend break so I took her to her house. I made sure that she drank plenty of water despite her protest and then left her in her bed. I slept downstairs on the Sofa. In the morning I checked that she was ok before I left to salvage what should have been a day together. With her hangover she would be in no state to enjoy the day with me as we had agreed.

On Monday evening I told her that I was annoyed that she had gotten so drunk, and that moreover that I was worried about what could happen to her. She told me that it was "none of my business" and that "how dare you try to control me". In hindsight writing this she sounds horrible, but up until that point we did have many good times together and the good made up for the bad. This time I decided to leave her house and wait until she had cooled down to talk about it in a more rational way. It was only when I got home that my phone started buzzing with mocking messages in the various groups that I belonged to. I couldn't believe what she had done.

The next few days were hell. There was constant mocking everywhere that I went. I put everything on my phone on mute to avoid it as much as I could outside of school and activities. My inner circle of friends were supportive but the jokes and snide comments everywhere were getting me down. The last straw was when in the parking lot I found that the hood of my car had been painted with the most vulgar graffiti. When someone who you are in love with breaks up with you, especially when they dump you, it makes you sad, but doing it in such a nasty way made me feel like my whole world was falling apart.

For the first time in many years I decided to miss the Saturday morning soccer I played at a local club. Mom and Dad were away for the weekend so I had the house to myself, or so I thought. At around 11:30 I was rudely awoken by Alex jumping on top of me. He got my head in a headlock and started rubbing my head, while he did so he said "What the hell are you doing moping around at home?, and over some stupid chick! I saw everything on Facebook." "Hey, lay off" I said. "She's not just some stupid chick, I was with her for a long time. Besides with what she said, all the jokes this week have been too much and I needed a break from all that. what are you doing home anyway?" " I'm on shore leave for a few days. I was going to do something with some friends from the ship, but when I saw everything on facebook I decided to make the trek home to see my little brother."

He asked me about what had happened and I told him everything, how sad I was, how betrayed I felt by Amy and about all the things that had happened during the week. He stood up and he held out his arms for a hug. He hugged me and told me everything would be ok. I went to move away and he grabbed me.He hugged me from behind. It was comfortable and familiar to be held by him. He was 3 years older than me but I remembered him always caring for me and playing the big brother role any time I had cause for tears, he would be there hugging me and telling me that everything was ok. He sometimes took the blame for things I did and he always made me feel protected and loved. I became aware of his hard on through his sweatpants behind me. It should have made me feel uncomfortable, but it didn't, it made me feel...... excited. I lifted his arms from around me. I turned to face him and I looked him in the eyes. I saw in them pure love. He was a little taller and he shared some of my features with the same nose and chin. He though, was much more musclar than me and had broader shoulders and big arms and legs. He looked as if he would be clumsy, but in reality he moved with precision. He loved Judo and had won several tournaments as a teen. Without thinking I tilted my head and moved towards his face. He moved to meet my mouth and we made out with our tongues exploring each others mouths, he bit my lip lightly and took control of the kiss. He pushed me on to the bed and fell on top of me. He then started to move down from my mouth and on to my neck. He kissed my neck all over and then moved down to my nipples. Giving my left nipple the full attention of his mouth while running his hands along my sides. By this time I was as hard as a rock. He moved down kissing my stomach and then looked up at me questioningly as he reached my belt. I nodded and he undid my belt with some difficulty, fiddling with the buttons. Once open, he took my cock in his hands and tenderly licked the tip before practically swallowing the whole thing entirely.

He starting moving my cock in and out of his mouth right to the back of his throat with an enthusiasm that Amy had never shown even on her best days. I had to stop him from moving at times to stop myself from coming. While he did this he had his hand on my ass and his fingers rubbing along my crack pushing at times at my entrance. I had never felt so horny in my life. My brain said it was so wrong, but at the same time it felt so right.....

Suddenly Alex grabbed my hips turned me over and dived into my ass. He ran his tongue up and down my crack and over my hole. After a moment he started to concentrate more on my hole and I felt his tongue around and even moving inside. Nobody had ever touched my there before and the experience was intense, but I wanted more. I said Fuuuuck me in a wail that barely sounded like speech and indicated towards the bedside table where I had a bottle of lube which I used to jack off with. My brother lifted his head and scooted up with me under him. I felt his hard on brush my back as he put his full weight on me as he rummaged in the drawer for the pump bottle. He found it and moved back taking his weight off me. I heard the pumping of the bottle behind me as he applied the lube to his cock. Then I felt the cool liquid around my hole as he squirted it on me.

He said "I'll go slow. Tell me to stop if it hurts". I felt his cock at my hole and it slipped. I put my hand around it to guide it in. He put his weight behind it and after several more slips finally it entered. It hurt, a lot. He continued to push in very slowly and I was about to tell him to stop when I looked over my shoulder at him and saw him with his eyes closed, looking concentrated on making it good for me. I didn't want him to think for a second that it wasn't so I took the pain and gritted my teeth. "Are you ok?" My brother asked? "Yes" I gasped as I felt his cock stretch the walls of my rectum along it's length. Once he was fully penetrating me he paused and then slowly began to move in and out. The pain continued for the first few strokes. Then by some miracle it stopped hurting and now, as he moved in and out, I just felt a pleasant feeling of fullness. I moved on to my elbows and he was able to get behind me and move with more force. My cock which had softened somewhat started to get harder. As he got faster with his rhythm it was as if he was pumping up my cock every time that he would thrust in and out. I felt my excitement build and using my hand with the lightest touch on my cock I felt myself reaching the point of no return. I tried to hold myself back but I couldn't take it any longer and I came. Spurt after spurt of cum erupted from me. At each spurt I felt my ass tighten around my brother's cock and I felt his full length moving in and out, in and out. I heard him grunt and he slammed into me with extra force and his hot seed flowed inside me. He moved out and slammed into me again putting his full weight on me forcing me back onto my stomach. He moved his head beside my ear and said "I love you Kyle" before resting his head on my shoulder. He stayed there with his cock still in my ass and he put his arms around me. Of all the times he had looked after me, I had never felt so protected or loved.

That weekend he fucked me several times. From then on when he came home we would always spend the weekend together, sometimes going to a hotel for privacy. He left the Navy 4 years later and we moved in together in another city. Nobody here knows that we are brothers......