Lyle and Kyle


Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys.
It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, or offends you, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

If you are underage, or if this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut.
If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

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     My name is Lyle. I will be thirteen in two months and four days. I love to swim and run so my body is perfect. I stand four foot eleven inches tall and weigh ninety eight pounds. I am broad shouldered and trim waisted with long thin legs. My feet are big and my hands are large. Everybody says that I am going to grow into a very big boy. I hope not. I like being smaller and hairless. I started getting hair around my huh huh last year. I knew my mom has some lotion stuff that she puts on her lip and under her arms and on her legs. She says it removes the hair and leaves it smoother than shaving. I started using that on my ankles and huh huh. I look like a little kid except that my thing is like five inches long and bigger around than a quarter.
      My brother is Kyle. He just turned fourteen. I have seen him naked everyday of my life. We share a bedroom with twin beds. We both like to sleep naked and our folks don't care. In fact the whole family kind of walks around naked at home. Sometimes my dad and us boys will watch tv naked. My mom usually wears a slip or a housecoat. We only see her naked in her bedroom or when she comes out to get a towel from the hall closet.
      Kyle is my hero. He likes to wrestle and is on the team at school. He is five foot four and weighs one hundred and twelve pounds. He has a tight bod with a cute butt. I dream of his butt. I want to feel of it. I want to sleep on it like a pillow. I have seen Kyle play with his huh huh, you know his thing. He thinks I am asleep. He sleeps by the windows and a little light shines in and I can clearly see him rubbing his hand up and down. Sometimes, if he is in the beam of light, I can see his sperms shoot out in a high arc and land on his face and chest. He looks to see if I am still asleep then he licks his hand off and wipes himself with his bare hand and licks it off. I would love to taste his. I love the taste of mine but I don't have as much as he does.
      When we wake up Kyle and I usually have an erection. I like looking at his. It is maybe an inch or so longer than mine but he is real thick, almost as big as a half a dollar. He looks at mine and smiles at me. He likes to look at me and pull his skin all the way back so that his shiny purple end stands out. I do the same and we stare at each other.
      This one morning we were doing that and I started to sperm. Kyle didn't know I could do that yet and he was real happy. I told him that I had been doing that for a year now. He said I didn't have any hair so I shouldn't be able to do it. I showed him the bottle of cream that I had hidden under my bed. He ran his hand over my tummy and said it was nice. We had to hurry and get dressed because today was my diving lessons at the school. I was going to be on the jr. high swim team when I start the eighth grade in two months.
      Our dad is a reformed drunk. I am so glad. I love him so much. He used to be so mean. He spanked me one time for spilling his drink. He stopped and looked at me as I lay there crying and he grabbed me up and hugged me and kissed me. He kept telling me how sorry he was. He took me to the basement where he had a bar along one wall. He opened every bottle on the shelf and poured it down the drain.
      He took me upstairs and got down on his knees in front of me. Mom and Kyle were sitting there on the couch holding each other, scared to death that he was going to beat us all like he usually did. He pulled me to him and kissed me long and hard right on the lips. He told me that he was so sorry and that he would never have another drink. He swore to mom and Kyle and me that he was going to stay sober from now on.
      The next morning he took us all to church. It was the first time that he had ever gone to church with us. As church was starting the pastor asked if anyone had a prayer request. My dad stood up. He made us stand with him and he put his arms around Kyle and me. The deacon handed dad the mic. "I am an alcoholic. I found out last night what I am. I vow before God and everyone here that I will never have another drink and that I will learn to be a better man and I will follow Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior." That was two years ago and he has been true to his word. He is now an elder in the church and is on the church board. We all love him so much.
      The first thing we did after church that day was to take the bar apart. We left the cabinet along the wall and the eight foot long four foot high mirror which was glued to the wall. He put the old hide a bed sofa out of the living room down there and then we went out and bought a new sofa for the living room and a thirty six inch tv for the basement.
      He cleaned out the half bath that was down there and put in a new toilet so that we could use it and he told Kyle and me that this would be our hide away. We could come down here and watch tv and be alone anytime we wanted. He put a wide table to one side of the room and put two lamps on it so we could come down here and do our homework. He took us to the store the next weekend and bought us a stereo with a cd player and tape player in it so we could have our tunes as we studied.
      Well that brings me back to that day. I got home from diving practice. I was so stoked. I had managed a triple gaynor for the first time. I know it's no big deal to most people but it was the first time I had done it and I nailed it. The coach was very pleased. All of the guys were patting me on the behind and making me feel really proud. I wanted to go home and get down in the basement where it was cool and maybe play with myself. I went to my bedroom and took off all of my clothes. I got a cold soda and headed down stairs. As I got to the landing of the basement steps I froze. The site I saw in the mirror took my breath away.
      There on the couch was Kyle and his best friend Pete. They were jacking each other's thingys and watching two men on tv doing sex stuff with a teenage boy. My guy got stiff and I started pulling on it. I sat my soda down and I guess the movement was noticed by Kyle because he was looking right into my eyes as I stroked myself. "Don't just stand there. Come on down." I picked up my soda and walked on down. They scooted apart and made me sit between them. Both of them reached over and started playing with me. They called it a cock and they wanted me to play with them.
      I took one of them in each hand and started rubbing up and down. I was watching their cocks as I rubbed them and they were rubbing me. Pete was stroking me and Kyle was playing with my hairless balls. Kyle told Pete that I used what he called a depilatory to remove all of my hair. Pete thought that was cool. He asked me if I would do him. I said, "sure."
      They told me to watch the movie. The two older guys were like in their late teens and the other boy was maybe thirteen or fourteen. They lay down on the bed in a triangle and started to suck each other. "That is so hot. I want to suck a cock. Let's do it guys," Pete said. Kyle agreed so I went along.
      We lay down on the braided rug on the concrete floor. Pete got in front of my cock and Kyle had his in front of my face. Pete took me into his mouth and I never felt anything so good in my life. I watched as Kyle took Pete in his mouth and started going up and down on it. I took hold of Kyle's cock and looked at it real close. I stuck my tongue out and tasted it. It was okay. I put my mouth around it and it felt pretty good. Pete moved so that he had all of me in his mouth and he was going so fast that I knew I was going to cum.
      I took all of Kyle in my mouth and started to move up and down like he and Pete were doing. In just a few moments I felt my cum rising. I started to say something when Kyle's cock got real big in my mouth and he was shooting his hot cum right in my mouth. That did me in. I shot Pete's mouth full of my juice and I could hear him moaning and figured that he was shooting in Kyle's mouth.
      We lay there for the longest time just nursing on each other then Kyle sat up. "Wow, baby brother, that was fine." We got back on the couch and put our arms around each other and watched some more of the movie. We talked as we watched and I found out that this was the first time any of us had ever done anything. Pete stole this movie from his uncle's house over the weekend. He knew his uncle was queer and he had a big stack of DVD porno and it was all boys. He put the movie in his pocket and brought it over here to watch with Kyle.
      Pete had wanted to do this for sometime but he was scared. He knew that Kyle and I were naked most of the time so he took all of his clothes off and left them in our room then came down here and put the movie in. As they watched it they both got a hard on and started playing with themselves then each other. That's when I came in. So now we all like to do it together. We were all stiff again so we got down in a triangle again. This time I sucked Pete and Kyle did me. We kind of rolled our hips so our butts were flat on the ground and the sucker could get up over it. I liked that because I could get all of Pete's big dick in my mouth. He had seven inches and it was thick. He was cut so I had to really watch my teeth but I really like sucking his cock. When he shot his load it was the best thing I had ever tasted. I wanted to do this for the rest of my life.
      We stayed down stairs until mom and dad came home. We had done the three way twice and then we paired off and did each other until everybody had done everybody and we all had cum four times. We were really hungry that night. Dad cooked burgers outside and we each had three along with the chips and potato salad and pork and beans. I got full just as there was nothing left to eat but the paper plates.
      Pete spent the night and the three of us slept in the basement. We pulled out the bed and lay together thinking of different ways we could have sex. Pete was the first to take it up his butt. He let Kyle fuck him while he and I sucked each other. He really liked that. I fucked him while he and Kyle sucked then I let them fuck me. We finally got around to fucking Kyle about mid night. We went to sleep with Pete's head at our crotches. Pete and I fell asleep with each other's dicks in our mouths. We woke up that way at nine o'clock the next morning only I had Kyle's dick up my butt too.
      We all showered together and washed each other then had breakfast. Kyle and Pete had wrestling practice so I decided to run. I put on my jogging shoes and a pair of shorts. I decided to swing free. I will never do that again. My balls were so sore from banging back and forth for a fifteen mile run that I thought that I would never cum again. I told Kyle what I had done and so he and I stayed in the basement all afternoon and he just sucked my balls for me.
      We were watching the news on tv when dad came down the stairs. He was naked. He sat down between Kyle and me. He had a little white paper sack that had the name of a drug store on it. He laid the sack between his legs then he kissed each of us on the mouth. He does that sometimes when he is feeling in a loving mood. We both snuggled against him as he told us how much he loved us and what kind of plans he had for our future. He told us that he wanted us to be the best we could be at whatever we wanted to be. He said if we wanted to be homeless bums we should be the best homeless bum the world had ever seen.
      He told us that his favorite dream was to one day pull his car into the driveway of our house that we had bought with our own money. He wanted to come into our house and sit down with our wife and maybe children and hear all about our successes at work. He wanted us to succeed. He kissed us again then he picked up the tv remote and pushed the play button. Pete's DVD started playing right where the younger boy was taking both of the older boys huge cocks up his ass, at the same time. The film was very detailed and had some really close up shots along with vocals as the younger screamed out for the other two to fuck him.
      Dad left the movie playing but muted the sound. We were both about to shit bricks. Dad made me stand up. He took hold of my cock and felt around it. He pushed the skin back and felt of the head. He leaned forward and licked at a drop of precum that was on the tip. He made me turn around and bend over. He looked into my ass hole. He reached in the sack and pulled out a shiny tube of stuff and he squeezed about a quarter inch of clear jelly stuff on his finger. He put his finger against my ass hole and pushed it all the way in. He had me turn toward him as he felt around. All at once he hit my magic spot and my cock jerked and more pre-cum oozed out of the tip. He licked it off and turned me around again.
      This time he put two fingers in, one from each hand. He pulled my ass apart. That hurt but I said nothing he was up close and looking at my hole. He told me to sit down then he did the same thing to Kyle. I looked at his dick and he was totally hard and it was huge. I reached over to touch it and he slapped my hand, hard. I sat back and watched as he examined Kyle.
      He told Kyle to sit down. "Boys, I remember what it was like being a teenager and I am not mad about what I saw down here this morning before I left for work." Kyle and I blushed. "How long have you been messing around like that?" We told him yesterday was the first time. He wanted to know about Pete. We told him it was the first time for all of us. We told him about the DVD and how it turned us on and we wanted to try some of that stuff. He talked to us about safe sex and treating each other with respect and never to force anyone to do anything.
      He reached in the sack and gave us two tubes of KY jelly. He explained what it was and how and why it should be used. He gave us a box of twenty five condoms and told us to always use them when we messed around with anybody else but each other. We asked about Pete and he told us that as long as Pete didn't mess with anybody else we could skip the condom but he said that since we had tried this he was sure all of us, Pete too, would be doing it with other people as we learned what we liked.
      He told us about being careful not to let anyone find out about us. He told us that if anyone at school learned that we did these things that they would call us fags and queers. He said that some of the guys would beat us up and that some of the parents would not let their sons come around us. He grabbed me and pulled me into his lap and kissed me again only this time he stuck his tongue in my mouth. He wiggled it all around and I stuck my tongue in his mouth. All of a sudden I started cumming. All over both of us. I tried to pull away but he held me tight and kept kissing me. I felt so good but so dirty as he let me sit beside him.
      He took Kyle and kissed him. They kissed for the longest time but Kyle wasn't cumming. Dad scooted down on the couch and stretched his feet out. He moved Kyle so that he was stretched out on top of him and their dicks were touching each other. I was sitting so that I had a clear view of both of their dicks as dad started to rub himself back and forth against Kyle's dick. Kyle started breathing heavy and he started rubbing back and forth himself. He was pushing harder and faster and I knew he was about to cum.
      He blasted a load all over daddy's dick and pulled up a little. I could see the cum pouring out like a faucet. Dad pulled him down again and kept rubbing and in a few minutes he was cumming all over Kyle. Kyle sat up and we watched dad's dick squirt long, thick ropes of cum up in the air. Some landed on Kyle's chest. Some landed on me. A lot landed on dad.
      Dad lay there breathing hard as Kyle slipped aside and sat down. Dad reached over and sucked some of the mixed cum off of Kyle and swallowed it. He got up and stepped into the little half bath and got our hand towel. He got it damp with a little water from the sink. He came back and got on his knees. He washed Kyle's stomach and chest and all around his dick and under his balls. He then wiped me down even though I didn't have that much on me. He cleaned under my balls and pulled my skin back and wiped down the head. He started to wipe himself off and I grabbed the towel and did him. He started to stop me but then he just lay back on the floor and let me do it. Kyle slipped down to his knees and took the loose end of the towel and started wiping dad off too.
      "This was a learning curve. I didn't come down here to have sex with you and I won't ever do this again. I hope you know how much I love you and it is for that reason that I will not have sex with you. That would be wrong." We both leaned in and kissed him but he kept his mouth closed. He held us in a tight embrace until mom called out that dinner would be ready in five minutes. We all washed our face and hands and wiped our hands dry on each other's butts as we went upstairs to dinner. I overheard mom ask him if he felt better. He kissed her and told her that they had some very virile young sons and he was proud of us. She pulled back and told him that somebody sure tasted good. He snickered as he looked over her shoulder at me. I was standing there with the milk in my hand and holding the refrigerator door open.
      Life in our house remained normal except that Kyle and I slid our beds together. Dad bought us a wedge to turn two twin beds into one big bed. Mom bought king size sheets and Kyle and I slept together for the next five years until Kyle went to Iraq.
      Mom was at lunch with two of her friends. They were sitting at a table by a big window. A car hit the front end of a big truck and sent it crashing through the window killing seven people, including my mom and her friends. I was just starting my junior year in high school. Kyle and Pete were seniors. We were all devastated of course. Pete had been kicked out of his house for being gay and had lived with us for about five months. He and dad were good friends and after mom died Pete took to sleeping with my dad.
      Kyle and I really liked being alone together. We like Pete and he is a tight fuck. He loves to be fucked so we took care of him but we just like to suck each other and fuck once in awhile. I don't really like getting fucked. It's alright in its own way but I like the taste of cum and I feel like it is going to waste in my butt. Kyle likes the feeling and I have kept myself in good enough shape that I can fuck him and bend over to catch his cum. I can just get my lips on his head and I suck all of his juice in my mouth. Then we just cuddle up and sixty nine all night. I love to wake up with his cock in my mouth.
      We never thought much of Pete and our dad until one morning they didn't come out for breakfast. Kyle opened the door and there was dad plowing Pete at hyper speed. We all got a laugh out of that. Pete stayed with us after school but Kyle wanted to go collect some towels. He enlisted in the Marine Corp and headed to Iraq. I was alone for seven months. Pete and dad took care of me. One night we did a three way with dad fucking Pete and him and I sucking. I really like that. For the most part though, I just slept alone and prayed for my darling Kyle.
      On graduation day we got the telegram. Kyle had been wounded and was on his way to a stateside hospital. I skipped graduation exercises as dad and I took off for W. Virginia. We got to see Kyle right away. He lost both legs in a land mine but I was so glad he was alive. I hugged him and kissed him with all of the passion I had. Dad pulled the curtain around his bed because some of the other wounded were looking at us with disgust.
      I pushed the curtain back and looked around. "That's my big brother and my hero and if you can't take the fact that I think that he is the biggest hunk around then fuck you." Several of the guys applauded me. One guy called me a queer. I walked over to his bed and hit him in the nuts. I was not allowed back in the ward to see Kyle.
      He spent a year in rehab before they sent him to the local VA hospital. He is home with us now but he has to go to rehab every day. They have fit him for some really cool legs and he is slowly learning to walk again.
      He sleeps with me every night. I kind of like the fact that his legs don't get in the way when I eat his delicious ass hole or when I fuck him. I can still just reach his cock when he cums but we both like to sleep in a sixty nine. I am going to be my brother's keeper for the rest of his life.

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