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Subject: My opinion about your stories
Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2005 06:33:38 -0700 (PDT)
Too much sex, not enough story. Try jerking off BEFORE writing & see if your writing improves.

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction.
However, I am yielding to a minor few with a sexless story, at least this chapter.
I'm not sure if it will continue on or not, that is up to you.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

If you are underage, or if this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut.
If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

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      "It was a wonderful afternoon, Martha. You are always such a gracious hostess."
      "Oh, yes, I love coming to your house for bridge. The view is magnificent."
      "I have enjoyed having all of you here today, and remember, we will meet here again next week also," Martha said.
      "Darling it was marvelous. They are clods but they mean well," Betty nodded toward the backs of the two ladies climbing into the car at the edge of the circular drive. "You and Brian have the most beautiful home in the county, or the state for that matter, but the lot... God made this little piece of land just for you."
      "'This little piece of land' is one hundred and forty five acres, dear. Brian hunted on this land as a boy and bought it on his 18th birthday. He always knew he would build a home here."
      "The cliffs down to the sea on one side and the view of the mountains to the east... It is spectacular. I can just imagine your sunrises and sunsets."
      "Betty, I'm sorry. I should have done this before. Oh, I'm mortified at my oversight. We have been friends since college and I have never had you and Dave out for a weekend. Forgive me. Betty, will you come out and spend a weekend with us? We will rise early and breakfast on the terrace as the sun comes over the mountains. We'll ride down the cliffs to the beach, Brian has a magnificent stable. We'll have cocktails and dancing on the back patio and watch the sun set over the ocean and dine under the stars. Just the four of us, Betty. How about it?"
      "It sounds romantic. When?"
      "Memorial day is next week. We could make it a three day weekend."
      "Robert is flying in from school Monday morning. But we could stay Sunday night and leave for the airport from here. I would like it and I know David would. May I ask him to check his calendar and call you later?"
      "Of course." The two ladies walked to the parked car at the driveway. "I can't believe, you have lived here for three years now and I have never invited you for a weekend. What must you think of me?"
      "Martha, darling, don't give it a thought. You have invited us now and we will have a good time. You have had us out for dinner many times and you and I get together every week, you haven't slighted me at all." Betty started her car, "Martha, I mean it. I am excited and I never even thought of coming for a weekend, but we will and we will enjoy ourselves."
      Betty pulled away and started down the drive. As Martha looked after her a car pulled in from the road coming toward the house. As Betty turned onto the road toward the highway four more cars came through the gates of the estate and headed up the drive toward Martha.
      "Mrs. Blalock?"
      "Mrs. Blalock, I'm Jim Peal of the U.S. Marshall's office. This is Tom Johnson with DEA. We have a search warrant. Is any one else at home?"
      "What's this all about. No, there's no one here but me. What....?"
      "Mrs. Blalock, we will explain everything to you. Would you like to call someone to come over and be with you?"
      "Yes, I could call..."
      "Anyone except your husband, Mrs. Blalock. We must insist that you not contact him."
      "I... I could call Roger.... He is our attorney and our best friend... I guess I could call..."
      "That would be fine, Mrs. Blalock. I'm sorry to have to do this to you. If you could call your attorney and have him come and be with you... We will wait and not start our search until he arrives. Please do not try to contact Mr. Blalock."

      A black Mercedes pulled into the driveway and a tall, athletic man in tan slacks and a pull over shirt stepped out of the car. "Oh, Roger," Martha cried as he approached, "thank you for coming so quickly. These men..."
      "Let me talk to them a minute Marty." Roger took Jim Peal aside. The Marshall produced a document and opened a file folder. Roger looked over the file and looked back at Martha, shaking his head.
      "Martha, we will let them search. Sit down here and let me talk to you. Have you ever seen Brian with drugs?"
      "No!! Brian would never touch drugs. He hates the kind of people who do."
      "I thought so too. I've known Brian since highschool. I've never seen him do anything like this. I'm sure it's a mistake...however, they have pictures."
      "Mrs. Blalock, I have two female marshals here. Would you like to go up to your room with them and pack a bag?" Jim Peal was trying to be as respectful of this lady as he could.
      "Marty, go pack a few things. You can come to our house for a few days while these men do their job. I'll get you back in the house as soon as I can. For now come stay with Cece and me."

      A soft knock at the door brought Martha around. She dabbed at her eyes with a tissue and sat up on the bed. "Come in," she said.
      The door opened and Roger entered, "Would you like to talk a little?" At her nod he moved across the room to one of the two wing-back chairs before the fireplace. He started to turn the chair toward the bed as Martha rose and seated herself in the second chair. Roger sat down facing her. She looked very tired and drawn. It had only been three hours since the marshal had arrived but she appeared to have been grieving many days. Roger wondered at this, he knew how close Brian and Martha were but this seemed extreme.
      "Where's Brian?" she whispered.
      "He's in custody at the Federal Building. I haven't seen him yet."
      "Why?" she seemed startled.
      "He hasn't asked for an attorney. Until he does they don't have to get him one. Then he has to ask for me."
      "What is he charged with?"
      "Nothing yet. They are just questioning him. When I left he was not yet under arrest. But what they suspect him of is pretty serious.
      "Martha, have you ever known Brian to use drugs?"
      "No!! No way! Brian hates drugs and anybody involved with them. You asked me that at the house earlier. You know he fired two of his employees three years ago because the rumors in the office said that they were using cocaine."
      "Yes, but I had to ask again. Remember that I defended the company in the slander suit those two brought. It cost the company nearly a million dollars to settle that one.
      Martha, I was shown some of the government's case against Brian. That Jim Peal is an okay guy. He didn't have to even talk to me, you know. Still he showed me all their photos, tapes and files. They have been tailing Brian for two years. Let me start at the beginning........"

      " I hate this stake-out. We have been on this guy, Ferny, for six weeks now. Don't they think we have enough to put that piece of shit away yet?" The federal agent lay stretched out on the bed scanning the newspaper.
      "Yeah, we do. I think that this is the last night. I was talking to Jim at the office today and he said the DEA is ready to wrap this up. He thinks we'll be finished before Friday." His partner was looking through a powerful telephoto lens on a tri-pod mounted camera. He was watching a man on the corner a block away with.
      "Man that would be great. If I don't take the little lady out soon I'll be going out alone."
      "I know what you mean. My wife told me last night that I was going to have to start courting her again. She said I was becoming an absolute stranger. Even my dog barked at me when I got home the other night."
      "That's bad."
      "Yeah, especially since I took him home after the last stake-out."
      "That mongrel mutt that always barked at the back door?"
      "That's the one. He nearly blew our cover so I took him home and fed him. Now he acts like he doesn't know me."
      "You know it. Hey, wait a face. Sharp dresser."
      Allen sprang from the bed and took up the binoculars, "Where'd he come from?"
      "I don't know, just walked up to Ferny and made a buy." Jess focused his long range camera lens on the tall, well dressed man as he walked across the street. He didn't seem in any hurry as he opened the door of a fifteen year old 'rust bucket' of a car and got in. Jess zoomed in on the license plate of the old car as it pulled away from the curb.
      "Dresses too well for those wheels. Who you suppose he is?"
      "Don't know. I got good shots of him taking the buy from Ferny and passing the cash. I got several full face shots of him, and pictures of the car and plates.
      "He stopped by the lamp post like he was posing for me, got him right beside the marks you put there. I put him at six one about one-eighty, maybe forty seven forty eight. Never seen him before. Doesn't look like a user. He bought three bags and laid down cash. Didn't appear to haggle just walked up and made his buy and left. Ferny didn't look at or count the money he just pocketed it, business as usual."
      "Let's run the plates see what comes back."

      "Who's the new kid on the block?" Jim Peal asked as the two agents walked into his office.
      "Don't know, boss. Plates come back to a Brian Blalock of Redlands." Jess laid a stack of pictures on the desk and a seated himself.
      "Redlands? That's a long way from here, what's he doing in San Francisco?"
      "We're checking on that. May be business the way he was dressed. We're checking the motels. Maybe he just needed a fix after a hard day negotiating."
      "What's the word on the stake-out?" Allen asked.
      "Well, we were gonna fold it, but I want to see who this guy is." Jim held up an 8 X 10 of the mystery man. As if talking to the picture he asked "Who are you? Why do you make my hair stand up? Are you just another junkie? You got me wondering, man. I want answers.
      Let's stay out there a few days. I want to know if Dapper Dan buys again."

      Brian did indeed buy again. Two days later he walked up to the street vendor, purchased three bags and walked back to his car. It didn't appear to the agents that any conversation took place between the two. 'Dapper Dan' , as they had all come to call him, touched the top of the three buttons on the sleeve of his $2500 Armani suit. Three bags were produced and money, already in the palm of his right hand, was passed across. It was done as smoothly as if rehearsed. Brian never stopped walking. He passed by the vendor, the exchange was made and Brain crossed the street to his old car.
      Allen spoke into his radio "We have a buy. 'Dapper Dan' is headed for his car." As the old, rusty car started away from the curb it belched out a cloud of blue white smoke. An old pick-up truck followed it through the smoke cloud up the street. Three blocks later Brian turned right, the pick-up continued on ahead. One block south a white van with "handy man" painted on it's sides fell in behind.
      Brain drove about a mile and turned into the parking lot of an old apartment building. He parked his car inside the fenced in parking lot beside a newer model Silver Grey Bentley. He climbed out of the old car and went into the building's side entrance. An agent dressed in blue jeans and tank top, with a leather tool pouch strapped to his waist, entered the front door. The two met at the elevator as the doors opened. Both men entered and Brian asked, "What floor?"
      "I'm checking the elevator," the agent replied. "Neat suit. Didn't get that at K-Mart. Looks like Sears, maybe?" The elevator doors opened and Brian stepped off with out comment. The agent hit the stop button and stepped out of the elevator as if checking it. He watched Brian walk down the hall and enter in an apartment. Quietly the agent slipped down the hall, "318," he said to himself, mentally, and quickly left the building.

      "Got a make on 'Dapper Dan'," Phil told the assembled surveillance team. "He is Brain Blalock. He has a house on the coast highway two hours north of the bridge, a seven million dollar 'cottage'. He is CEO of ASPET Software. He pulls down three million a year plus bonuses and benies. He has a wife, no kids. A stable of thoroughbred horses, one of which won Preakness and Belmont last season.
      He's been in Japan for the last three months, which is why we haven't seen him before. He doesn't appear to be a user. We got his last physical and he's clean, that was a year ago. The amount he is buying would appear to be to sell, but to whom? He's not buying much but it is too much for one person to use. I want to stay with him and see where it leads.
      We're going to pull off surveillance on Ferny and his street corner operation. We've got him and his suppliers and dealers. We can pull them in later, I want this Mr. Blalock. I want to know what he is doing. I think he probably has a girlfriend and she's using. That would explain the apartment. Allen, you and Jess get a warrant and check that place out, today. Put a camera on the bed and mike the place. Set it up on remote and take the weekend with your family," Phil said in response to Allen's groans.
      A search of the apartment in the wharf district revealed little of nothing. There were dirty towels in the bathroom and a couple of toothbrushes. Some condoms and sex jelly in the drawer by the bed. The bedding was pulled up and straightened and the pillows fluffed. The few clothes around the room appeared to belong to a boy. Maybe a teenager.
      Surveillance was continued. On the second night a tall, thin boy of maybe sixteen or seventeen entered the room. He was dirty and looked as if he had been in fight. He removed his tee shirt and sat on the edge of the bed to untie his shoes. As he bent over the light caught the severe bruises on the boys back. He had been beaten and beaten bad. Standing the boy removed his blue jeans and pulled down his underwear. They were dirty. The boy had messed his pants. He carefully pulled the mess filled drawers off of his long thin legs and carried them to the bath tub. He turned on the water and rinsed the mess down the drain then lay the briefs on the edge of the tub and climbed in to take a shower.
      Ten minutes later he was clean and stretched out on top of the unmade bed, stark naked. The door opened and Brain Blalock entered. "Oh, Mike. Not again." He moved to the bed and sat on its' edge as he ran a hand down the face of the boy. He rolled the boy over so that he could look at his back and lay down beside him and held him close. He kissed the boy on the cheek and the two of them cried.
      They lay together for a half an hour before Brian rose. He looked at the boy and again rubbed his face then he pulled a blanket over the sleeping youth. Bending over he planted a kiss on the boys forehead. He stood up and lay three bags of cocaine on the table by the bed and stepped out of the room turning off the lights as he left.
      DEA agent Tom Johnson stepped up to Brian as he opened the door of his Bentley. Showing his badge he informed the man that he was under arrest for trafficking and sex with a minor.

      Three days had passed. Brian was starting to crumble. His whole world was collapsing around him. What would happen to his wonderful wife, his business and his dream home by the sea? He could replace everything except his wife. Should he come forth and tell these people the truth, knowing that it would destroy him in the process? His cell door swung open and a guard told him to get up, he had a visitor. Brian couldn't begin to guess who could be here. He had not contacted anybody. No one knew where he was.
      He was led out in hand cuffs and leg shackles to an elevator. He had two guards escorting him into a large room with smaller rooms inside. Each smaller room had glass on all four sides and in each smaller room was a large table and four chairs. He was led to the room at the end where a man sat with his back to Brian. As Brain was led inside Roger Ames stood up. "My God, Bry, you look like shit."
      "Thanks a lot old buddy. That means a lot coming from you. How did you know I was here?"
      "The FBI and DEA searched your home yesterday and made Martha leave. She is staying at my house. She asked me to come and see you as your attorney. Since you haven't asked for help she did it."
      "Bri....I, ah...I have known you since we were kids in school, man. I have to know, who is the boy you are having sex with and why are you buying him drugs?"
      Brian leaped to his feet. If he hadn't been hand cuffed he would have hit his old friend. The guard burst in and shoved Brian back to his seat. "Are you alright sir?" He said to Roger. Roger nodded and assured the guard it was okay. "One more outburst out of you, inmate, and you go in lock down. Now stay in that seat until I come to get you." He turned and left to return to his station against the wall.
      Roger looked at Brian with a tear in his eye. This was his best friend in the whole world and he was in trouble. He wanted to help but Brian was going to have to open up to him.
      "You have known me since we were kids...yeah, did you know me? Okay so when we were fourteen we had a little sex together. Shit, Roger we were kids. We didn't know what we were doing. It just felt good. But we quit it and grew up. You honestly think that I am having some sort of queer sex with someone?"
      "DEA had your hotel room bugged. You were under surveillance. Now the kid is in the wind. After they grabbed you they went back to the room and he was gone, along with the dope you left for him."
      "Omigod!! Roger you've got to find him. Please. His life is in danger. They're going to kill him."
      "Who is. Tell me the whole story."
      The whole story came out. The boy was Brian Andrew Blalock. Brian Statford Blalock's love child. He is nineteen. His girl friend is pregnant with their first child. She is eighteen and was a street child. Her pimp was a pusher by the name of Ferny. He is one nasty bastard. He has threatened to kill little Brian and his girlfriend if she doesn't get back on the street and start making money. Little Brian sent her to her grandmother's house in Phoenix to stay until he could get things straightened out. He had made a deal with Ferny that he would buy two hundred dollars of cocaine every other day until the girl had the baby. He had hoped this would buy him enough time to get out of town and cover his trail. He had to call his dad to help him as he didn't have that kind of money. The drugs were never used. They were always flushed them down the toilet. Brain was trying to get the girls friends and anybody else out of Ferny's reach and then he was going to send his son off to join his girlfriend.
      "Roger, this is going to destroy Martha when she finds out that I had an affair twenty years ago. I was a senior in college. You remember, that little blonde sophomore that I was seeing. Martha was at home. We were away at school. I was horny...yeah, like that makes it all okay. I wish I had sucked Bill's dick that night. My room mate, remember. He was always hitting on me. He wanted to do me and I was horny as hell so I got a piece of pussy and now I'm going to loose everything because of it. Oh, Martha, I am so sorry. I love you so much." Brian was overcome with his emotions as he lay his head on the table and cried his heart out.

      What Brian could not tell his oldest and dearest friend was that he had been having sex with his own son. The boy was beautiful. Brian had involved himself in the boys life since his birth and just happened one night. He had taken the boy to a Giants ball game on the peninsula.. They stayed in a hotel room together, just like so many times before but for some reason, somehow. He and his thirteen year old prodigy filled each other with more cum than either knew that he had in him. This relationship has been ongoing for four years.
      Roger asked Brian how much of the story he could tell Martha. He said he had to get the story out so that he could get him released, and eventually Martha would find out. Brian told him to tell her everything and asked his friend to arrange bail. Roger told him that bail was only ten thousand and he would post that in cash within the hour. He told Brian that he would come back and pick him up and take him out to the cliff house.

      It took over three months before the trial was over. Brian was found innocent. His son was never charged. The girl friend got married to an old boy friend in Phoenix and put the baby up for adoption. A DNA test revealed that the baby was not Brain Statford's.
      Brian Statford is more gay than bi but he had succumbed to a street walker. The episode scared the boy queer. The incident with his son awakened hidden desires in him and Brian began to have afternoon sex breaks with his beautiful son, but that's another story for another time.
      Brian Statford moved in with Roger who had been deep in the closet gay. The two of them were married at city hall in San Francisco in 2005. Brian Andrew and Martha Sue Ellen Blalock stood up, proudly with the couple and wished them peace and happiness, forever. Martha has wedding pictures of the two on prominent display throughout her house. The full color, two and a half foot by three foot copy hanging over the fireplace cannot be missed when one enters the house.
      Martha forgave Brian everything. Martha and Brian had Betty and Dave out for Labor Day weekend and the four of them had a wonderful time. They walked in the surf and played bridge until midnight. They rode horses and drank champagne as the sun set. Life goes on.

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