My Heart Belongs to Daddy


Tripp Savidge

This is a work of fiction, and contains scenes of explicit gay sex with a mild authoritarian theme. Any resemblance to actual places, persons, or events is coincidental. If you are not of the legal age to read adult stories, or are uncomfortable with gay themes, please stop reading now and close this document.

My Heart Belongs to Daddy, Originally published 2013, revised 2017. Copyright 2013 Tripp Savidge. All rights are reserved. Do not duplicate or distribute in any form without

express permission of the author.

# # #

I was really nervous. Staring into the mirror and adjusting my tie. Looks good. I thought to myself. I was wearing the blue shirt Angela and Mr. Marconi had picked out for me -- they said it made my blue eyes stand out -- and the new suit fit great, though I had to find tighter underwear to hide the bulge. My future father-in-law had insisted on the suit, he didn't think I owned anything reputable. And I had to admit, it really showed off my build well. I still looked too young but really `in shape' young. Now I was struggling with my hair. Angie had insisted I keep it long but to me it just looked wrong with a European suit. It was brown with gold highlights and really wavy, just hitting my shoulders and just way to casual for the suit. I decided to pull it back into a tight French braid. Yeah, that works. I thought. Tomorrow I was getting married, not just to Angela but as she put it, `to her whole family' and a new way of life. We had just graduated from college a month ago and the wedding day was already here! Everything was happening too fast.

It had started a little over a year ago when Angela and I met at a school fundraiser that her daddy was sponsoring. She seemed to be interested right away but I was sort of hesitant. I've led a pretty sheltered life and my folks are conservative to say the least. I didn't think they'd be too happy with me dating someone who didn't fit their mold. But to my surprise they were all for it -- see, Mr. Marconi is one of the wealthiest people in town and that somehow seemed to change their mind, either that or it was the visit from Mr. Marconi himself.

I'm sometimes still baffled with why Angela picked me. She is a knock-out and there's not a guy on campus who didn't notice her. But me... it's not that I'm not good looking, I know I turn heads but... people always think I'm way younger, just cursed with a `boyish' face. When we're together people assume I'm her little brother. I've tried to make up for it by being a work-out fiend -- so I am really ripped and am proud of my muscles and especially my abs. Now if people just wouldn't assume I'm still in high school. Angela teases me that if I kept my clothes off, from the neck down, no one would ever mistake me for a `little' boy. Not sure if I'm flattered or offended. Guess if I had to be blessed, that's where I'd want it. To me, 9 inches was a blessing -- maybe not the biggest but it made me proud.

I figure I'm really lucky that Angie took notice of me. We have a great time when we're together and my life is so much better and adventurous than it used to be... but somehow I always expected it to be a little more passionate. Don't get me wrong, I really like Angela and the sex feels good but I always hoped for a `rock my world' kind of thing. Lately she's gone a little weird on me and insists on tying me up -- which is okay, I sort of like it since I can focus on how it feels and don't have to worry about pleasing her. Guess I just have cold feet.

For a while I thought I might be into guys but I gave up on that. I had a real crush on my first roommate but he ended up being a really cruel bastard and did whatever he could to humiliate me and put me down. That sort of cooled me off being around a lot of the guys for a while and I also knew my parents would ship me off to one of those `retraining' camps if I so much as mentioned the possibility.

So here I am in my, soon to be our, new apartment getting ready for the rehearsal dinner. I had always hoped for a bachelor party too but my parents made it very clear that a bachelor party was out of the question besides, as my mom says "What would Mr. Marconi think!" Not a question, an implied unacceptable outcome. I didn't want to tick him off, no way. Mr. Marconi scared the shit out of me most of the time and when we got back from our honeymoon, he was not only my father-in-law but my new boss. Guess that's why he insisted on the new suits. Wouldn't want to be embarrassed. He usually looks like he stepped out of the Brooks Brothers' ad... well except for the muscles.

I think working for Mr. Marconi was what really won over my parents. Angela's dad insisted that I come to work for him at his company as soon as I graduated. Anthony Marconi runs a very successful import/export business and travels all over the world. To say they're loaded would be an understatement.

And I'm not sure why he scares me... it's not that he has ever said or done anything mean, he's just intimidating as all hell. He's about 6'3", black hair, dark tan, dark eyes, and built... like in bodybuilder built. I may be muscular but I swear the guy could bench press a Volvo. Angela said he was real young when she was born and her mother didn't stick around so it's been just the two of them all her life. Oh, they have the big extended family but the immediate is just the two of them. He just has this way of filling the room when he walks in. Maybe because he's always in a suit or how formal he is, or maybe it's the commanding looks he gives. Sometimes I swear he looks at me like I'm his next meal.

While I may look `boyish', Mr. Marconi positively radiates masculinity. I swear it comes off him like waves of heat. And god he has a bulge... I know you're not supposed to notice things like that about your future father-in-law but it's hard to miss. Most of the time when I'm around him, I can't think straight or put together coherent sentences. But even so, guess he's still okay with me. He's paying for the wedding and the honeymoon. He's even part of the ceremony.

Shit! Look at the time. Gotta go or I'll be late for my own rehearsal dinner and that would never do. I said to myself as I grabbed my keys and headed out the door.

# # #

Damn! I'm married. Somehow I expected it to feel really different... and better. The wedding went off without a glitch, though the parts that included her dad seemed a little weird and unorthodox to me. But guess it could be that I'm used to religious ceremonies and the Marconi's had insisted on a much more secular wedding. The reception was awesome, I have never danced or drank so much in my life. But damn! When Angela announced the father-in-law and groom dance -- definitely new to me and not one I'd ever heard of before. Got to say that without the alcohol I'm not sure I could have managed -- I was so embarrassed. I don't think I held Angela that tight for our dance. Maybe it was the booze - I really hope he didn't notice my hard-on... god! I hope not. I still don't understand why he has that effect on me.

"We're here love!" Angela's voice broke into my world. We'd arrived at the hotel.

"Chris dear, would you take care of the bags and porter while I go and get us checked in and get the room keys? Remember to tell him we're in the bridal suite." Angela was taking charge as usual.

"Sure, no problem. I'll meet you at the front desk."

"Wow! The room is huge or should I say rooms?" I asked as I looked around the palatial space. We were only here one night until we caught our cruise tomorrow, but wow, what a place.

"Lovely, isn't it? Daddy made all the arrangements for us," Angela said as she swept into the bedroom. "Christopher..." she called. "I'm going to get cleaned up, and then it's your turn."

I took some time to explore the rooms and pour the champagne. Sure never thought I'd be in a place like this. In my family the Holiday Inn was a splurge. I walked back into the bedroom with the tray and glasses as Angie came out of the bath looking refreshed in a very sexy black negligee and robe.

"Why don't you get cleaned up and ready for me? I don't want to wait too long to consummate," She giggled.

"Sure, that sounds like a great idea," I said as I grabbed my bag and headed to the bathroom to clean up. I really wish I was more excited about this but maybe I am just tired and will feel better after I take a shower. I told myself. Angie came in while I was in the shower and stood leaning against the counter. She reminded me to make sure I cleaned `really well', our code for my bottom. She had this phobia about me being dirty so I had to be very thorough. I was pretty sure I was clean enough even for her standards, turned off the shower and stepped out to dry off.

"Oh love, you are so pretty and your ass is so round... it just gives me shivers," Angie said, wrapping her arms around me and squeezing my ass. She took my hand and led me back into the bedroom and I had a rather odd shock. Where before the bed was covered in fluffy white duvet and pillows, now there was a black Velcro pad covering the mattress.

"Angie love, what's this?" I asked.

"Oh silly, that's for tonight. There isn't really a headboard or posts to fasten the restraints to, so I got this at the specialty store. You use Velcro restraints and they attach to the pad. The lady at the store said they are very effective."

"Restraints? Who are we tying up? I thought that was just for a change..." I said in confusion.

"Oh love, you are so silly. I want you to enjoy our wedding night and not worry so I'm going to make sure you don't have to do a thing!" Angela said as she came forward, pushing me back on the bed.

"Really... I'd rather not tonight if it's okay," I protested.

Angela started to pout and her lip was quivering. "Please Chris honey, it really means a lot to me, won't you please...?"

I guess it wouldn't matter if it was what she really wanted. "Sure babe if it's what you really want."

"Thank You! You won't regret it honey! I promise!" she went to her bag and pulled out several long, wide straps. "Lay down in the center of the bed and I'll get you ready." Angela said with a big smile. "And did you hold to our agreement? Huh?"

"Yes, I did...just like you asked."

"Good! It will make it soooo much better!" she cooed. We had promised each other to abstain from any `sexual' activity, stimulation or other enjoyment for a full week before the wedding. I personally thought it was extreme but I like making her happy.

"Wait... Chris honey, I've changed my mind. Get on your hands and knees on the bed... that's it with your feet right at the edge...perfect. Now lean forward putting your elbows down. See this way I can strap down your arms and your legs... oh wider honey... your knees have to be wider apart. That's it, with your cute little butt up in the air."

"Angela, in this position, I can't do anything and not sure that you can either. Are you sure?"

"Oh yes... this is perfect. Now hold still while I do the straps." Angie proceeded to use several straps on each of my arms and both legs. I hadn't realized that Velcro was so strong. By the time she was done, I couldn't budge beyond the little bit of give in the sheet. I was starting to get a little uncomfortable... this was feeling really strange and I felt very exposed. This wasn't one of the positions we'd done before and she'd never tied me down so tightly. It had always been more of a `suggestion' and I knew if I tried I could easily get loose. Not this time. I wasn't sure what she was planning.

Then she dimmed the lights and sat on the bed in front of me. She looked me over like she was doing a mental check list, then reached out and undid my hair so it fell over my face then ran her fingers through it like she were combing it.

"Oh! I almost forgot!" she exclaimed, jumping up and going to her bag. She pulled out a long bright red ribbon and then moved behind me.

"Angie, what are you doing?" I asked, barely getting the question out before I felt her take my cock and my ball sack in her hands. She then wrapped the ribbon around my package, tying it at my ass. The way she fussed you'd have thought she was wrapping a gift box.

"Perfect... though I do wish I was better at bows," she said.

"Don't you want to move closer or take of your nightgown?" I asked trying to move my head so that I could see through the cascade of hair.

Click. I heard the door latch in the outer room and then footsteps approaching.

There was a deep masculine sigh. "Oh princess, this is the best gift you've ever brought me! He's absolutely gorgeous and you even gift wrapped him."

"I knew you'd like it. And look at that sweet ass daddy! And that huge dick! Isn't he perfect? He's much prettier and so much better than any of the others," Angela bubbled.

"Oh it absolutely is perfect, he's beautiful," Mr. Marconi responded.

I recognized the voice as soon as he spoke. Shivers were running up and down my body. I really did not understand what was going on but I was very aware of his presence and extremely nervous. This wasn't exactly the most confidence inspiring position to be in with your father-in-law.

Then I felt the first touch. His hands, so hot, so firm sliding up my leg and squeezing my ass cheeks, pulling them apart. If I hadn't felt exposed before, I really did now. I could feel the heat of his hands on my hole as he began to touch and caress my ass. Then his hands moved down and untied the ribbon, scooping up my heavy balls. He squeezed gently and I couldn't help but moan. Then he found the base of my cock, fully engorged and squeezed it as well... running his fingers down the shaft as he pulled it back toward my ass and away from my body. I couldn't help but writhe at his touch.

"Please sir, don't," I asked.

"Goodness my little prince, your dripping already. So soon? We've just begun," he said in a whisper, his hot breath against my back.

"I did it for you daddy! I made him save up all week. That way he can give you a really nice treat," Angela volunteered.

"Oh baby, that's so sweet of you. And I wouldn't want to waste a single drop of Chris's precious cream. Do you know, is he a screamer? Wouldn't do to disturb the other guests."

"He never has been for me but then I never got that kind of moan out of him either. You must have the touch," Angela said. "Here, I'll set out the ball gag just in case..."

"Mr. Marconi, Angela, what's going on? What are you doing? Can you unstrap me now? This is a little awkward." Mr. Marconi released my cock and I tried to take deep breaths and relax... not knowing what was coming next.

"Chris this is your wedding night and I'm going to make it real special for you," Mr. Marconi responded as he started kissing a line up my spine.

"Please sir. Don't. We shouldn't be doing this..." I started to say, then all thought stopped as his tongue found my hole. My head was spinning and if I weren't fully aroused before, I was now. My body was quivering head to toe and all I wanted to do was to push my ass back into his face and feel more of this tongue. I was so torn, I didn't understand what was going on and I'd never felt anything like this before.

"Oh Chris you are so sweet, so tasty... and this ass is just heaven," Mr. Marconi said between licks.

I don't know how long he worked my hole because I couldn't think, there was no reasoning left, just sensation and then shock. His finger was sliding in my hole. I don't know where he found the lube but his finger was slick, gently pushing inside, opening me up.

"Only appropriate that you lose your cherry on your wedding night, isn't it Chris? You are a virgin aren't you?" Mr. Marconi asked moving up and kissing my neck.

"Please Mr. Marconi, please stop, don't do this," I begged.

"Daddy he is definitely a virgin. No one has touched that ass and I made sure to leave it just for you," Angela volunteered.

Angela moved in front of me lifting my chin to look me in the eyes. "Chris honey, take deep breaths and open up your tight little hole for daddy. I really want to hear his balls slapping against that cute round ass of yours!"

"Angela love, we're going to take it a little slower this time. Chris is special and this is his first time. Why don't you get some rest? You've got a big day tomorrow," Mr. Marconi coaxed.

"Okay, if you're sure. Goodnight Chris, goodnight Daddy... love you both," Angela called as she left the room latching the door behind her.

"Sir, please don't. I don't understand. Why are you doing this to me? Why did Angela leave... it's our wedding night," I pleaded.

"Chris, Chris, Chris... you are so innocent, so pure. You make me positively crazy with lust. Do you know how much I have wanted you? Ever since I saw you at the fundraiser, I wanted you and I have waited and planned and been oh so patient. Watching you with Angela, kissing, playing around when I so wanted to rip the clothes from your body and take you then. But now you are mine Chris... this is our wedding night and I plan to take you and fuck you like you've never imagined." Mr. Marconi was almost breathless as he whispered into my ear... licking, biting, and kissing.

"But... but I'm married to Angela..." I gasped out. "You can't do this!"

"No Chris. You're married to me. You should have read the papers you signed. You're mine," Mr. Marconi chuckled. "Oh we'll keep up appearances. I'm not sure our families would understand. But when we're behind closed doors, make no mistake about it, you belong to me."

With that statement he slid two fingers in my ass while squeezing my cock with his other hand. Again, all thought stopped as the sensations overtook me. I tried to struggle, to move away but I was trapped. It felt so good but this was wrong!

"This will never do my little prince. You are leaking like a sieve. We need to take care of that so you can enjoy yourself properly." Mr. Marconi said as he moved around me, positioning himself on the bed underneath me, adjusting straps so his own hard cock was in my face. Then he took my own throbbing member into his mouth. I tried to move away but couldn't. He pressed his hard throbbing cock against my mouth, rubbing the pre-cum over my lips. I couldn't escape, he reached down and held my nose until I had to open my mouth to breath and then pushed is cock up and into my mouth. I couldn't believe it; a man's hard cock was in my mouth. I didn't know what to do... I felt so ashamed, I shouldn't be doing this. But... at the same time, it was perfect, so smooth and large, I could taste more of his sweet pre-cum and it drove me crazy. His cut cock was as large as my own if not a bit thicker and I could feel the veins... and oohhh, it was so hard.

By this time he was fully sucking my cock and deep throating me. I couldn't think, I could only focus on sucking his cock, and try not to gag. I'd never tasted a man before and realized that this is what I wanted. I found the passion, the emotion and the excitement that was missing. Then he grabbed and started pulling on my balls and it was over. I couldn't even warn him before I erupted shooting forth streams of hot lava cream down his throat. I kept shooting over and over, there was so much. But he never slowed, just kept sucking and swallowing working my balls and fingering my ass while I orgasmed. Fucking my mouth with his own cock while he sucked.

When my head stopped spinning, he gradually released me and drew out of my mouth. He lifted my face to his, pushing my hair aside and kissed me passionately, his tongue forcing my mouth wide open as he explored the inside. I could taste my own cum and smell his masculine musky scent, feel his lips and the stubble of his chin against mine. I never wanted him to stop.

"Little prince, that was one of the best wedding presents you could give me." He said as he pulled back. "Your cum is the liqueur of the gods, so sweet, so warm and so wonderful and there was so much. And damn, that cock of yours -- perfect. So large and thick, a real man's cock. Oh the pleasure you'll give me with that tool of yours..."

I didn't even have time to respond before he was behind me again kissing and fingering my hole. I was still strapped tightly to the bed and I could only move a small amount to tip my ass up to meet his exploring. But ohhhh, it felt so good. And then I felt his cock pushing against my balls, sliding up my crack, teasing my hole. I couldn't deny what I wanted any more...

"Please Mr. Marconi, please..." I begged.

"My little me daddy," He demanded.

"Daddy... please. Please fuck me daddy," I pleaded.

Before I even got the words out, he started pushing against my hole. "Squeeze and release, pull me in. You can do it. I know you want it. That's it, keep breathing... tighten then release."

It took a few tries and a little coaching but he had been working it and my ass wanted his cock so badly. Then he was in and I found a new level of heaven. He was so big, so thick and he was sliding in and out, bringing waves of pleasure with each thrust. I so wanted to be able to move with him.

"Not this time love. I get to fuck you my way and you just have to take it," he said as he reached around and found my nipples, pulling and pinching as he started thrusting deeper and harder. Now I had no doubt I was being fucked. It was hard and forceful and he was so strong and while at times there was a twinge of discomfort, most of the time I was in fuck frenzy. I couldn't help but grunt with each thrust, and then moan as he pulled back. I'd never made this much noise during sex and I was trying hard to be quiet. I really didn't want to be gagged.

If he kept this up I also wasn't sure I'd be able to walk tomorrow because as soon as I thought he could go no deeper or faster, he would. My body was starting to build up to a climax again. I could feel it in my balls as the pressure was building and each time he hammered into me, he'd bring a new wave of pleasure. At first I thought he was going to rip off my nipples, now he couldn't do enough and I so wanted to push my ass back to meet those thrusts. His balls were slapping against me, I could hear the sound of his flesh smacking against mine, harder and faster and then it hit me again and I burst forth with a geyser of cum shooting all up my body and over his arms. But he hadn't slowed and I swear his cock was going to go right through me when I felt him shudder and the tempo of his thrust changed ever so slightly. Then he pounded my ass so hard I thought either the straps would rip or I would. Finally, he slowed and my head was spinning again.

He withdrew slowly and I could feel the wetness streaming down my ass and my legs.

"Not yet my prince," He said gently. Then I felt his tongue... first on my thighs then up my legs to my ass and my hole. It was almost too much. I was so sensitive but he wouldn't stop. He licked my ass clean, my hole, my legs, my balls, and then he pulled the straps loose and flipped me on my back.

God! He was gorgeous. So strong, so beautiful. This was the first I really saw him. His pecs were huge with full, large erect nipples, washboard abs and arms as big as trees. He must shave because I had expected him to be hairy but except for his pubic hair, and pits he was smooth. Then his lips were on mine again kissing me, letting me taste his cum and mine. I couldn't get enough of him, I kissed him back with a passion I'd never felt before. I wanted to devour him and even more wanted him to take and use me until there was nothing left.

"You are truly beautiful my prince." Then he slowly started kissing down my chest and stomach before taking my cock in his mouth and cleaning every last droplet of cum from my body. He then moved back up and kissed me again... so very gently.

While he kissed me, his hands explored my body, touching and caressing. I so wanted to touch him back but he had me strapped tightly -- now I was on my back, with my legs spread eagle. It didn't take long and he had me raging hard again. He teased me with his fingers then moved down and took me in his mouth again. I groaned and tried to move but the straps held me tight. He took my balls in his mouth, first one then the other, rolling them, caressing them with his tongue. Then he moved back to my cock. I finally caught my breath when he started up my body, first burying his face in my pubes then licking up the small line of hair that ran to my belly button. Then he explored my belly button with his tongue, complimenting me on my eight pack abs -- which he kept making constrict with his kisses and touch.

"My prince, you have one of the most beautiful cocks I have ever seen. So big and so manly and such a contrast to that sweet innocent face," He said as he moved up and started sucking on my nipples. I couldn't help but groan more, my body was on fire.

He leaned forward and kissed me again on the mouth, exploring me, biting at my lips and my tongue. Then as he straddled me, he started rubbing his own tight butt crack up and down my cock. He grabbed a bottle of lube I hadn't even noticed before and massaged my cock, then his own hole. He continued to slide his but crack up and down on me as he kissed me, then slowly using his hand to guide my engorged cock, he took the head in and out of his hole. Teasing me.

"It has been so long, my little prince. And I never had one as large as you," he said between kisses. Then gradually, he took all of me slowly, one inch at a time into his own tight, hot, ass. Is this what I feel like? I wondered. It was so tight and so hot, so good. I so wanted to be able to move and explore this glorious new sensation. But I was at his mercy; he was in total control, taking me in slowly. Too slowly, I wanted him deeper and faster. Yet I was his to use, like his personal silicone sex toy.

He took me deeper and deeper and he was going faster. Watching this huge muscle bound hunk riding my cock like a bitch in heat was driving me crazy. He was so hot and so fucking gorgeous and he was riding me so hard and with such intensity I knew I couldn't last long.

"Oh YES! You feel so good! You fill me up and it's so tight," he exclaimed as he rode me like a bronco. Then he started jacking off while he rode me and it seemed only seconds before he shot his load all over my chest and I exploded deep in his ass. And still he rode, squeezing all my hot cum out of his ass as he rode.

"Damn, you are so fucking hot," he said as he leaned forward and kissed me savagely, before licking his own cum off my chest. Then he moved forward and straddled my face putting his hole firmly on my mouth.

"Time for you to clean me up little prince," he said as he squirmed on my face. I licked and sucked and lapped up my cum that coated his hot ass. When he was satisfied, he gradually moved down my body, kissing me gently.

"You are everything I ever imagined little prince. Your ass is so tight and so sweet and your cock fits me so fine," he said as he began removing the restraints one by one. When he was done, he sent me off for a shower and then joined me in the hot steam. We took turns washing each other's bodies, rubbing our hands over each other, kissing. He was so fucking beautiful, so big and muscular and he felt marvelous. When we were done, we returned to the bed to find it completely refreshed in new sheets, fluffy pillows and comforter. He pulled me into bed and spooned against my back wrapping his arms around my naked body as we drifted off to sleep.

I awoke with a wonderful sensation of being in a sea of fluff, being toasty warm and someone caressing and kissing me all over. As I opened my eyes, I looked down to see him looking up at me, his dark hair in curly little ringlets, and those glorious dark bedroom eyes, with thick dark lashes. The look he gave me, sent chills up my spine. He moved forward and started kissing me, gently but fervently. I felt his hands on my thighs, lifting my legs up on to his shoulders. Then I felt his throbbing cock pressing against my hole. I never knew it could be so sensitive and before I could think too much he was entering me again.

This time felt different. He was slow and gentle and he didn't pause from kissing me or holding me as he thrust deeper and deeper inside my hot ass. He was going deep and steady holding me tightly while he made love to me. It wasn't long before my passion was building again. But it wasn't quite enough I wanted more and my moans were becoming more desperate.

"Are you ready little prince?" he asked. He pulled back letting me see that hot body fucking my tight little hole. Seeing those abs ripple as he moved his ass with each thrust. His thick arms holding my legs tight. Then he reached down and wrapped his finger and thumb around the head of my cock so his palm was stroking the head... using my own pre-cum as lube he stroked and massaged my glans as he fucked my hole. It happened all too quickly -- like a geyser, my load shot up into the air hitting him in the face and running down that gorgeous chest as he exploded deep inside me, seeding my ass with his load. We took turns licking the cum off each other before he tucked me back in bed under the soft covers and I quickly drifted off to heavenly sleep.

When I next awoke it was to Angela tickling me and poking me through the covers.

"Come on sleepy head! Time to get up!" she said as she leaned down and kissed me. Her long hair falling over my face like a waterfall.

"Ohhh, sweetie, so good. You taste like man cum. Yummy..." She was licking my mouth like her father had done. Then just as abruptly she pulled back. "Oh, well. Maybe another time. You have to get ready so we have time for breakfast before the cab gets here."

"Sure, okay," I responded. My head hurt. My life had just become seriously complicated and I felt like the whole world had just gone bat-shit crazy. There was no sign or mention of the night before -- like it never happened. Angela acted like we were the typical newlyweds and I truly thought I had lost my mind. I went through the motions, which was fairly easy since Angela liked taking control. We did breakfast, some shopping, got to the port and through the boarding process. Then had lunch and explored the ship. I was feeling strange and torn. Last night, while not anything I would have ever imagined - was the best sex I could have dreamed of. Even if I was tied up for most of it. Guess I could live with that if the sex was that good. But now Mr. Marconi was off taking care of business and I was leaving on a 12 day honeymoon cruise with no clue what was happening next.

When the cabin was ready, Angela again led the way and opened the door with a flourish. It was huge! I didn't know you could get rooms like this on a ship. It actually had a living room and dining room and at this point guessing at least two bedrooms. I stood in the entrance trying to take it all in. There were flowers on the table, some gifts and a bottle of champagne chilling with glasses. I turned to look at Angela -- who seemed oblivious. At some level, I guess I was a little disappointed that Mr. Marconi wasn't there. I kept telling myself that was stupid, but there was this little part of me that hoped...

"Dear, you look so lost!" Angela commented as she walked over and kissed me. I am, I thought to myself.

"About time you got here!" I heard the masculine voice seconds before I was caught in a very powerful hug from behind. He must have been in one of the bedrooms. But right now, my heart was soaring as Daddy turned me around, laced his fingers into my hair and pulled my mouth to his - and proceeded to tongue fuck kiss me right there while his hands began pulling off my clothes, popping buttons and tearing seams in the process.

"Guess that's my queue to go read for a bit," Angela said as she went into one of the bedrooms.

"Not sure I can wait until we get to the bedroom my little prince, but we can try," Daddy responded as he pulled down my pants.


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