My month at the factory


When I was a student at an engeneering school, during my holidays, I had to spent one month as a worker in a factory. I arrived in tee shirt and jeans, but as this summer was very hot every worker had only short pants. Going under a ladder, and having a look at the man on it, I could see this one did’nt wear an underwear. I stayed still for a brief moment looking at the show he unconsiouly offered to me.

I proceeded to the warehouse, the place I had to work, where every worker could find what he needed for his job. When I entered it was even hotter in there. There was a single man to manage this and he was a man middle aged, about 45, only in short pants.

  Its too hot inside, get off your clothes, I’ll give you short pants. 

Once I was in underwear he had a good look at me, pretending guessing my size. Wearing only underwear, in front of him, I had a slight hard on he seemed to notice, with a smile. I was gay, and already had sexual plays with my pals at school, never refusing beeing screwed, but also able to give good fucking to other pals. But it was the first time I was standing, quite naked in front of an elder man. He went on looking for my pants.

 Sorry, you are very slim. I’ll hope this one will fit you, even if it would be a bit too large 

In fact, it slides slowly on my waist, revealing a bit the top of my butt, backside. And, on the tighgs, it was very short and large, so I think I absolutely have to keep and underwear, for not letting my cocks and balls going out of my short.

My first job was to take care of  The book , where I had to mention the date, the name of the worker, things he takes away, and on another page, the equipment we still have, to prepare orderings. I do this job, supporting me on a large counter running through the front part of the warehouse. Behind me, there were huge rows of lockers for the different tools, lockers climbing up to the ceiling. And large scales  to climb on to reach the upper parts

  Those scales are a bit old and dangerous. Keep your attention when climbing to keep your legs apart, to be in a steady and secure position. 

The space between the counter and the lockers was quite narrow, so, when my boss had to go behind me, I could feel his belly against my back.
Then enter an elder guy, accompanied by a younger one. I give them what they needed, then, once at the door, the elder one winks towards me, while quickly massaging the younger butts. I thought this factory was a place without any woman ( as it was at my school ) so, men should sometimes play together.
It was time for lunch, so I get out to have some fresh air and began to eat my sandwich. I noticed a guy, leaning on the grass, legs bent in front of him, so anyone could have a good view of what he got under his pants, for he was’nt wearing underpants.. I seats, in front of him, at a slight distance, to look at what he was showing. His eyes closed, still, as if sleeping. A guy seats next to me.

  Be careful. I noticed him in this position one day, and I got my hand in his short. He became very angry about that. I don’t think he likes sexual contacts, he just like to show and been looked at. 

 So, during the rest of my lunch, I stay still. In the end, he rolls over his stomach, and with one hand, spreads the lower part of his short, giving me a good view of his crack. It was now time to go back to work, with a solid hard on …Once back to  The Book , my boss shows me some mistakes I have done, and explains me how to correct. While doing this, he stands behind me , pressing slightly his body against mine. I can feel he has an hard on, he had placed against my crack. I act as if nothing was happening, and when a new worker come into the warehouse, my boss leaves his position. But, in the afternoon, each time moving behind me I  feel his wrist scrubbing my cheeks through my pants.

 The next morning I decide to go to work with a string under my pants. Cock and balls should be maintained, but my bum in the air, under my pants. I arrive early, so the warehouse was still closed. I wait, lying in the grass, legs bent in front of me, so everyone coming to work could have a look under my pants. Some of them slow down their steps, in order to have a longer time to look . One of them even stops and kneels in front of me, with a large smile. Then my boss arrives and notices my bum, quite in the air. He openes the door and we go inside

  Well, kid, there is no women here, so we can act and speak frankly between men. I must say your bum looks very cute 

  I could show it again to you by climbing on a scale 

 What I do, climbing only half way the scale, my butt just sligtly above his head. He spreads the lower parts of my shorts, exposing entirely my butt, caresses my cheeks, has one finger rubbing between my fence, and slowly enters a finger in my asshole. We stop, hearing a worker coming in. He needs a tool of a very special shape and size.

  The young man here will show you what we have. It’s on the back side of the warehouse, on the upper parts 

Followed by the worker, I get there, climb the scale. When I turn back to show him a first tool I see him obviously looking at my bum. The tool was not the good one, so I chose others, managing to let him have a good view under my pants. When he ends picking a tool I get down the scale, hearing him speaking in a low voice with my boss. When he had leaved, my boss turns towards me :

 What do you like best, to be fucked by a man, or fucking him ? 

  Well, you know, at school we fuck each other in different ways 

  That’s what I guessed. So I ask the worker to come back at lunch time. I’ll close the warehouse and he’ll fuck you in the room at the back of the warehouse. I settled a little bed there. 

I thought immediately it was the bed my boss used for private sexual games. The worker come back at noon, and we proceed to the room. He has me laying on the bed, my ass in the air and slowly but firmly inserts his cock. A very good fucker, taking care of his partner while giving him a good fuck. He whispers nasty things to my ear

  You’re a little whore. Tiny, but hot hole. I feel inside you, you’re warm, wet, and tiny enough to give great pleasure to men. Soon, you’ll be an engineer. Guys w’ll have to obey you, even for nasty things, maybe you’ll ask fucking them, but right now you have to stand me fucking your tiny butthole. 

He fucked me for half an hour. Later I told my boss it was a bit burning in my ass, and I whished to stay quiet this afternoon. He understood

  The next week will be a great one, I hope, my nephew, 18 years old is a bit mentally deficient. His parents are in holidays, and asked me to keep him in my home. Yesterday, I invited him in my bed. As soon as he was there, he lowered his pants and presented his butt to me. He is usually in a specialized school. I think people there use to fuck him regularly, and now he loves that, so, I entered him very easily, and he began immediately to moan, and once finished, he already wanted to be fucked again. I think this guy have been fucked for a long time you know 

When the guy arrives, he looks quite normal to me, till his uncle has him on the bed in the backroom. He immediately get naked, and lays on the bed asking for a fuck. My boss go on first. When we hear the front door of the warehouse opened, my boss asks me to go there. If they ask for my nephew, bring them here. As it was for the nephew, I have them enter. They appreciate the show of the uncle fucking his nephew. Once the uncle had fnished, they fuck him succesively. He wanted more. So I fuck him, then we bring him some food and let him quiet for a moment. But many workers heard about this, and many asked to participate. We had to have a  waiting list . A very hot week.

Then things came back their usual way, me exhibiting my bum in the grass, my boss fucking me or having me fucked by workers. In those occasions he often stayed to watch the show.
When back to school I talked to my pals about this month, and as this factory accept young men all over the year some of them wanted to go there for a month…


This story is pure fiction. If you liked it, feel free to suggest new stories, I’ll do my best