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---Bobby Joe

"Custody of the step-son is remanded to the step-father. The step-father requests no alimony or child-support be granted. The divorce decree is hereby final."

"What? I don't even get to have my son live with me?"

"You sat here in court and listened to your son's testimony, Ms. Larson. He wants nothing whatsoever to do with you. He has given you your freedom to live as you wish. You should be happy about this, and moving on. What's your problem? He gave you your parole from being a parent. You said you wanted to go and live with your same-gender partner. Your son has actually done you a huge favor, Ms. Larson, so I would not make any attempts to contest this judgment, if you know what's good for you."

"Fine. I'm out of here. I hope you're happy, James and Jared."

With that, my ex walked out of the lives of my step-son Jared and myself, never to return.

"Good riddance, Dad?"

"Yep. She made her own bed, as the old saying goes, Jared. Now she has to lie in it."

"I sure won't miss her. I know that, for sure. She's been vicious, especially so these last few months."

"Ready to head for home, son?"

"Yeah. It'll be nice to not have her around, anymore. I don't know why she had to be so hateful."

"Your Mom has some serious issues, Jared. She has to deal with them, or she will never change, and never be happy. I can't help her, and neither could you. She has to deal with them, herself. You want some lunch or early dinner, before we hit the house? I don't know what's there that's fit to eat. Looks like I'll have to clean out the fridge and freezer. I don't know what's good anymore, and I don't want to take the chance and have one of us get sick. Since the bitch quit cooking for us, we've been on our own for a while now, and some of it may already be freezer-burned. May as well start from scratch, that way we'll know everything is good."

"Yeah, let's get some takeout Chinese. Mom hated it. Fitting end to bad relations, huh, Dad?"

"You got it, son. Fitting end to bad relations, indeed, for the BOTH of us! Hope she finds her happiness somewhere, but I'm glad she's finally gone. She was just so negative it wasn't pleasant to be around her any more, and she sure wasn't happy here, either. Hopefully, her new gal-pal will help her with her attitude, although honestly I doubt even SHE can turn your Mom's thinking around. I don't hold out much hope for that relationship to last, either. More than likely, she'll be on the prowl for someone else in less than five years. Two years may be more accurate, as I don't think she's ever been satisfied with anything in her life. Her parents unwittingly spoiled her rotten. I often wondered if she would have been a different person, had she had siblings, however, with her personality, I doubt it."

"Yeah, I think you're right. But, let's quit talking about the bitch, Dad. I want to talk to you about us. You obviously are comfortable with me being here with you."

"Sure thing, son. You long ago became my son, Jared, and not just my step-son. I love you as a son, too, and am really proud to call you son."

"Thanks, Dad. Same here."

Surprisingly, Jared approached me, and landed a kiss on my lips. The kiss lingered, and his kiss became more passionate.

"You sure about this, son? This is a big step."

"Yeah. I've wanted you for all the five years you and Mom were together. I was going to ask you to go out of town with me, if Mom hadn't left first. Now, we can be together, and I know you feel the same way, as you look at me from out of the corner of your eye. I was doing the same thing, though, and spying on you, every time I could get away with it."

"I always knew that, Jared. I let it happen, too, as I've wanted you ever since I met you. I just didn't want to louse up my marriage. Thankfully, your Mom did that for me, and now we are free to be together. You want to take a shower together? I'm pretty rank from the courthouse. I was sweating it, all that time."

"Me, too. Let me taste, Dad."

"Really, boy? You like your Dad's stench?"

"Damn straight. You're a fuckin' hunk, and a stud. I want you, all of you, and want to have you, forever. Your cock as rank as your pits?"

"Just about. My balls have been sweating all morning, too. I probably stink pretty badly."

"Your natural body odor doesn't offend me, Dad. It's a sweet scent to me, man. Natural manhood at its finest. Raw, unadulterated man."

"God, you're just as much as a pig as I am. Your Uncle Tony and I have been diving into each other's pits and groins, for years now."

"You and Uncle Tony? Really? I wondered a year ago if there wasn't something going on there, but I didn't want to intrude, especially so as Mom was being a bit too nosy for her own good."

"If she ever figured it out, she never said anything. Besides that, he's my uncle, not hers, so she probably didn't really care, as long as it wasn't one of her family. God help me, if it had been, though! She could be a hateful bitch when she wanted to be!!!"

"Yeah, and always so unnecessarily so. I never figured out where all that anger came from. Guess it was just her way, when she couldn't get her way."

"Probably so, Jared. Her parents let her get away with a lot of stuff my parents would never have let me and my brother Mark get away with. We would have gotten a swift punishment if we had tried that crap on my folks."

"Sad. I guess my other grandparents were pretty well worn out by their daughter by the time they passed. They always looked so tired."

"Yeah, `fraid so, son. They were nice people, just very permissive. Guess it finally caught up with them. From what her aunt said, your Mom pretty-much bankrupted her folks. Took a lot out of them, and then your Grandma had to sell the house and go to live with her cousin Mabel. But like you said, let's quit talking about her, and concentrate on what we have now, and that is a peaceful home, once again, and a really good relationship, you and I!"

Our food finally picked up, we were on the way home.

"Oh yeah, Dad, I want to sleep with you tonight. Will that be OK with you?"

"Fine with me, son. Anytime you want. You're welcome, any time."

"Thanks, Dad."

Our car in the driveway, Jared went in with the food while I grabbed up the legal paperwork, showing I was now Jared's permanent parent. One more step in the process would take place one week from this day, when Jared would receive my surname, and his ties to his mother's family would finally and completely be severed. With a smile and a silent prayer of thanks for God to have given me such a wonderful son, I went in and helped Jared get dinner spread out for the two of us and a bottle of wine out of the fridge for our private celebration. The wine helped the two of us to unwind from the stress of court, and Jared wound up in my arms on the sofa, curled up and asleep. I helped him walk down the hallway to the big bed in the master bedroom after the 11:00 news, and held him tightly throughout the night. Thankfully, no more night terrors, nor sleepwalking episodes. The household terrorist as I very disparagingly called the bitch I had been married to for five horrible years was gone, and in her wake was a quiet, peaceful house, and two men who loved each other deeply.

At six o'clock the next morning, with the sun was streaming in the window, Jared began looking at me, rather intently. I had been enjoying the view of a handsome, smiling young man with smooth skin and a gentle spray of chest hair, a treasure trail leading to a full, black-haired pubic bush and a fully-distended, mushroom-headed cock. It was certainly a sight for sore eyes, and brought me a joy I didn't expect. Suddenly, my love for my step-son, soon to be my adopted son, overwhelmed me. I was feeling gentle tears of joy flowing down my cheeks and turned away from the handsome young man who had so captured my heart.

"Dad, how did I get here? I don't remember coming in here."

Wiping my tears on my pillowcase without making it obvious, I turned to face Jared, once more.

"Naw, didn't think you would. You were pretty well out by the halfway point in the movie. I got you on your feet and guided you through the hallway down here after the news ended. Once your head hit the pillow, you were out again. I held you all night, in case you had another incidence of the night terrors. You were fine, and kept my arm around you all night. I was just glad to be here for you. I think those night terrors are over, son. The household terrorist is gone, and we have peace in our home, once again."

We were both out of bed and on our feet by then. Jared had become fully hard and was leading with a beautiful, manly, fully-erect cock as he walked across the room. Taking the three steps over to me, he put his arms around me, and his head on my hairy, bare chest. I had always slept naked, and apparently, Jared had started it when he became a teenager, as I never found pajamas in his laundry hamper after he turned 13. The young man was looking he would turn out to be furry, damn near as much as me, as he sprouted underarm hair that sprang up from under his arms even when he had them down at his side, and a five o'clock shadow that would have done a thirty year-old proud. If I didn't know better, I'd swear he was my own, although I knew his biological Dad, Hank, was a bear like me. I was glad I had thought and gotten pics of the man for Jared, long before my marriage had hit the skids. His dresser had pics of the two, with Jared being a two year-old, and a shirtless Hank, aged thirty, looking in his prime. Sadly, a drunk driver had taken the man out not more than a year later, and two years later, I had married his mother. His family, the Parkers, wanted nothing to do with my ex after that, and totally walked away from her and poor Jared, leaving him with only one set of grandparents. Gratefully, I had contemplated the marriage ending, had written Hank's family, and had received a warm welcome from them for Jared and I to visit them later in the summer, after the divorce was finalized and he was finally a member of my family. I couldn't possibly be any happier, for Jared and I, both.

"Dad, I love you so much. Thank you for taking me in."

"You're very welcome, Jared. I wouldn't have it any other way. You're gonna have to go out and start looking for work pretty soon, son. Did you find anything in the paper? Mister Thompson down at the grocery store told me you are a valuable employee, but he knows you won't be staying here long, as college looms, and you will probably want a higher-paying job eventually. He said you can use him as a reference, though, and he'd put in a good word for you with any prospective employer. That says a lot about your character, son, and your dedication to hard work."

"I hoped it would. I got that from you, Dad. Seeing how hard you work to keep us in a house, and fed, and clothed and all. I don't think Mom really ever appreciated you, or how hard you worked."

"No, I don't believe she did, son. She was always looking for a sugar-daddy, especially so when it became clear that I wasn't that, and was never going to be. She got positively pissed off when I forced her to get a job, and the marriage was toast, not too long thereafter. I don't think she ever forgave me for that. Oh well...water under the bridge. You said you wanted to look up one of your old high school teachers for an assistant coaching job at the high school, while you are deciding on your major. Are you still looking at the P.E. teacher thing? Teachers don't get paid much in our district, son. We're not the richest part of town, by a long-shot, and the teachers we get here are horribly under-paid, albeit a good, dedicated bunch. You still thinking about that route, Jared?"

"Yeah, but I don't want to just teach P.E., maybe English and something else, too. I always got straight A's in English and Composition. Maybe a cert from the state to do some sort of tutoring, too. One of the freshmen class last year approached me, and I wound up tutoring him all the first semester. Got an A for the young man in English, and Comp. I sure was proud of him!!!"

"Well, see, there you go. Already thinking about teaching. Better that than what I do, son! I work too hard for my pay. No need for you to do so, too. You're much too good at academics for blue-collar work. Nothing wrong with blue-collar work, son, but it's a hard life, and will make an old man out a ya before you're even forty."

"Yeah, Dad, I can see it's taking its toll on you, although you're hardly what I would consider old. You're still a handsome hunk!"

"Well, thank you, Jared! I'll pay you later for that compliment. Remind me, will ya?"

"No need, Dad. That one was a freebie. Besides that, I look at the man you've become, and want to be like you, handsome as hell at thirty-five!"

"Well, son, some people call my age to be men in their prime. You get to my age, you'll understand. Actually, I think youth is wasted on the young, sometimes. I feel good about where I am, and look at this handsome young man who's got my heart all tied up and know you feel about me the way I feel about you, and feel 18 again, myself. It's kinda cool how hangin' out with young people makes me feel like a teenager again. You want to fool around with your old man a bit? We've got all weekend to make love. Let's make some noise, boy... Here, give me your hand."

"Gosh, Dad, you've got me feeling like a blushing bride on her wedding night!"

"That's what I wanted, Jared. You and I are joined as one, now. You're 18, now, too, which means you can do anything you want with an adult, and the law cannot do a fucking thing about it. I think that's another reason why your mother didn't fight my custody of you. The judge knows we're in court with him next Friday for the final adoption of my name, and wasn't going to put up with any of her shit. She'll never know what she missed out on, seeing you growing up into the fine young man you already are becoming."


"What you want, Jared? Do you know yet?"

"I want you to fuck me, sir. I want your seed, planted deep inside me. I wish I could give you babies, Dad, but we're both guys, so that's impossible, of course, but I also know I love you, and want to give myself completely to you. Make me your spouse, Dad."

"Gladly, son. We're already one, and now we're about to become more so. Have you ever had a man inside you, before, Jared, or even just a buddy your age? It's not very comfortable the first time, son, and I don't want to hurt my boy."

"Yeah, Tommy Parenti and I used to fuck each other. Only problem was he liked it more and I wound up fucking him far more than he would hammer me. It was good, I like being top, too, but I wanted to bottom for you, and wanted to make it special for us, so I finally coaxed him into slipping me his Italian sausage every now and then. It finally dawned on him he liked it, too, so we finally ended up being 50/50 on the fucking thing. It was hot, and he wasn't hung like the proverbial horse, so it was easier than I thought it would be. He was hairy as hell, though, so whenever we were done, we always had to shower and stuff, as we both sweat, so much, while we were locked in passion. He was a passionate lover, though, and will make someone a fine hus-bear some day. Hopefully, he finds someone who likes to fuck as much as he does, `cause he can still easily get up six times a day, and cum like a fuckin' racehorse!"

"Figures. His Dad and I are butt-buddies, and Mark is still the same way...fucking `til the cows come home. He and I did it seven times one day. I was worn out, `cause that last one, he lasted more than an hour, inside me. He was good, though, and very loving and caring. He never let on that I was gay to anyone, nor did I ever "out" him. I wonder if anyone else knows?"

"Tommy and I do, Dad. Mark used to fuck us both in the barn. You're right, he's very caring, and VERY affectionate. Watching him and his son fuck was a treat for me. Very loving. I could tell his Dad loved the daylights out of, too, Dad. Mark let me know I could come out to you when I was 16, and I always looked for an opportunity to tell you, after that."

"I'm glad he did, son. Mark is one of the sweetest guys I've ever met. I think we'll be having some four-ways with him and Tommy, really soon. He mentioned it the last time we got together."

"You mean, you still get together for sex?"

"Sure, son. Mark and I have been secret lovers for nearly twenty years, ever since middle school, actually. I taught Mark how to jack off, and suck cock. He's one of the best cocksuckers in this County, boy, and don't ever forget it."

"I won't. Tommy is, too. His old man taught him well."

"Yep. I would bet he and his Dad are going to drive us crazy with their mouths, once we get together. You want to get together with them this weekend? Or next, so we can get to know each other better, first?"

"Next weekend, or the weekend after that, please. I want to spend some time with you, first. I missed out on a lot of time with you, `cause of you and Mom fighting so much, these past two years, especially. I'm glad you joined me that one night, instead of sleeping on the sofa, or going over to Mark and Tommy's. It was great, having you to cuddle with all night. First time in a long time I didn't have nightmares, either, Dad. I don't think Mom ever did figure out you were sleeping with me that night."

"Yeah, I know. I think those days are over, son, or at least greatly diminished. You will probably be having less and less of the nightmares, and then just stop altogether, one day, if they haven't already."

"Oh God, I hope so. Those damn things scared the fucking shit out of me. God, what a bitch she was to the two of us!"

"Shhhh...Baby Boy. She's gone, now, and won't hurt us anymore. Your Dad is here, and nothing and no one's gonna harm you, anymore. You're safe now, son."

Jared began gently weeping at my side, and soon was full-on sobbing. I held his head in my hands and gently kissed his sweet face, until he calmed down again. His head on my hairy chest, he fell asleep, and stayed in that position for nearly two hours.

"Daddy-bear? You're not gonna leave me, are you?"

"No way. You're mine, now, and as of next Friday, your surname and mine will be the same, Martin. You will officially be a member of the Martin clan, with all the rights and privileges thereof. Your Grandma and Grandpa Martin, my Mom and Dad, have a special welcoming party planned for you, too, and we'll be meeting people I've not seen since I was a teenager, myself, Jared. This is a special time for the both of us, son, and you will have cousins, aunts and uncles to meet, besides Gram and Gramps Martin. They are all excited to have you in the family, and want you to know how much you belong."

Well, I expected him to start bawling again, and he did. Jared is such a sweet, sensitive young man that I just want to kiss him all the time.

"My parents don't know you and I were meant to be lovers, and now are partners. They may never figure it out...or will they? Dad's pretty intuitive, and Mom isn't the brightest bulb on the planet, but she knew long before I did even that I would probably wind up being gay. She never said a word until I told her my ex and I had hit the skids, and were well on our way to divorce court. Her only words were "I'm sorry it had to wind up that way, Jimmy-boy. I knew you probably wouldn't be happy, being married to a woman, but I promised your Dad I wouldn't interfere, and let you make your own mistakes, and take your lumps like a man. It made you a better man, and now I'm glad I didn't interfere. It helped you to realize you didn't need to be married to a woman to find happiness. I was just sad it took five years for you to figure that out."

"Well, Mom, some of us learn slower than others, I guess!" We both had a good laugh about that.

"Dad, what is your family like? I don't know if I've met any of them, except your parents, and Uncle Mark and Aunt Lynn. You think they'll like me?"

"Sure thing, son. You're already a part of the family. Dad already told them you were so much like us it amazed him, and they took that to heart. I don't think any of them will have a problem with you, at all. And as far as the gay thing goes, that's up to you to tell them, not any of us, OK? But you will find every last one of my family accepting and loving, very much UN-like your Mom's family, who could be very judgmental."

"Thank God, I was afraid of saying anything that may have given me away."

"Let that be the least of your worries, Jared. My family is full of kind, loving, gentle people. No assholes in my family, not a one, and if someone says something unkind to you, ever, you tell me and your grandparents, right away, and we'll set them straight, OK, son?"

Jared's smile told me everything I wanted to know in that moment. His face buried in my chest hair, he began a slow, tortuous campaign of nipple-licking and sucking that I thought would never end. An hour and a half later, my cock totally spent and drenched in my own cum, Jared began cleaning me up with his tongue.

"Let me clean you up, Dad. Hold still."

A thorough tongue-bath later, Jared had saved some of my essence to share with me.

"Your essence, up...let me share it with you."

His tongue and mine met, and I began slurping my cum off his tongue and out of his mouth. French-kissing with the young man was like doing it with my best bud, Mark, with Jared and I remaining in that position for nearly another hour, licking up and down each other's body, until I had Jared's manhood in my mouth. His cock was spectacular, and at seven inches, was almost too big for me to handle, yet handle it I did, and sucked him to a blinding, screaming orgasm in less than ten minutes, and the second and third orgasms in rather rapid succession thereafter. Spent, his cock finally deflated. Rubbery and fun to play with, I took it in my fist and gently man-handled the lad. His back arched, and yet another blast of cum blew out his piss-slit, only five minutes later.

"Jared, do you always cum like that? That makes four orgasms in less than an hour."

"Yeah, me and Tommy both. I could do seven orgasms, too, although my cum was usually watery by then, but I still got my rocks off. You should see Tommy's load on number seven! I thought he was going to flip out on number six, but number seven still blasted half-way across the room, and his scream could be heard outside. That was when his Dad knew he had his libido, meaning he was like his Dad, and could cum like no one else I'd ever seen."

"Me, either, son. Mark's ability to last through that many orgasms was quite satisfying, to the both of us, I might add. Usually, when I went home at night, I was really sore, but sated. Like I said earlier, though, Mark is a sweet, kind, gentle soul I love dearly, and love making love with. We should probably be the bottoms alongside each other, with Mark and Tommy on top. I bet they'd like that. I'd love to see my son being made love to by his younger lover. You, too, Jared?"

"Definitely! He can't compare to my Dad, though! I think, though, that Mark and Tommy being lovers like we are now will help us become better partners for each other. They seem to be able to work out any differences with each other as matter-of-factly as any couple I've ever seen. Much more forgiving when the other messes up something, too. It's kinda like being soul-mates, I think, if I am understanding what it means to be soul-mates, correctly."

"Me, too, Jared. They are a good example of what being a male-couple means. Makes me hopeful for our relationship, and being able to iron out whatever differences we may have over the years."

Noticing that Jared had grown sleepy, I had him cuddle up next to me. The afternoon sun had faded from the windows in the bedroom we now shared, and the moon had begun to shine in the room. My son turned over, and looked at me with a smile on his face, looking for mine, which I willingly returned.


"Watching you sleep is a joy, son. Your smile could win wars when you're awake, however, your face when you sleep is one of total peace."

"That's because I AM at total peace. I have what I want in life, and that is a loving man with me and a peaceful home. I can't think of anything else I could possibly want than that. Having a good man at my side is something I've literally prayed for, all of these last five years of living with you. I was hoping it would be you, and here you are. I cannot possibly be more grateful!"

"Really? You're amazing, Jared. I was hoping that someday you would agree to being my son, too, and being adopted by me, and now the fact that all of that happened, and we wound up being even more than just father-and-son, but also partners in life, has given me too something to be grateful for. To have a wonderful man in my life, and a sweet one at that, is beyond my wildest dreams!!!"

Jared's smile spoke volumes in the moment. His kisses brought tears to my eyes, and his joined mine to wash our faces.

"I love you, Jared."

"I love you, too...Jimmy. You're my man, and not just Dad, now. I feel like you're Dad to me, but also a person who respects me, and actually WANTS to have another man in the house, and isn't threatened by that. Mark says the same thing about his son, that he feels it's nice to have another man in the house, and to respect the sexual nature of his son, and the fact that he is sexually active, means the world to him, `cause it means his son is a man."

"That's the same way I feel about you, Jared. I was never threatened by that. Actually, as you know already, I welcomed your sexual activity, and encouraged you to explore your own sexuality, and what it meant to be a man; to have a penis, and testicles, and body hair, and facial hair. And when I found you had started having wet dreams, I encouraged you to begin to take care of yourself, and as you knew I always did the laundry I would not have embarrassed you with references to your dried ejaculates on your sheets, as I knew what it meant to a young man to begin having ejaculates. My Mom accidentally did that one time and thought my poor Dad was going to give her the divorce papers right then! They got it ironed out though, but Dad made it clear to Mom that that was not acceptable, and told her right in front of me that if she EVER tried to shame me for being a male, a man, he would definitely reconsider being married to her. I had a lot more respect for my Dad after that. He was imperfect and made some mistakes raising me and your Uncle Mark, but he definitely wore the pants in the family, and made it clear to everyone who the boss was, and it WASN'T Mom, not by a long-shot!"

"Daddy, I love you, SO much!"

"I love you, too, son! I always wanted you to grow up to be a healthy, self-confident, and secure in your sexuality, whatever it turned out to be."

Jared's tears began flowing again.

"You see now, that your welfare always was and is still VERY important to me. I wanted more for you than I ever got from my folks, Jared. Dad always let me know it was ok to jerk off, and did the same thing for me and my brother that I do for you by doing the laundry so your Mom never saw your cum stains and never had the opportunity to shame you and he never shamed me, but was very cautious about talking to me about sex, Jared, as the church they attended for the first few years of my life was pretty conservative. They left that church when I was ten and your Uncle Mark was twelve, and never went back. They finally told me it was because they didn't want me to be taught it was wrong to be gay, as they kinda knew I'd turn out to be gay, even if it took me a while before I came out. I've only been out with my family about two years."

"You're only newly out? Wow...I always felt we had a connection though, ever since I first met you!"

"That's true, son. I always knew I'd have to eventually be honest with people. I loved your Mom, or at least at first I did, although I knew that I may not be married for long. Then when the marriage started going belly-up, I saw the situation was going this direction. I knew you and I had a lot in common, right away, and saw you looking at me the way you did, you knew more about me than I wanted most people knowing. That's when I realized you and I would eventually need to have a serious talk. The situation with the marriage failing helped me along, and now, well, we're here, and I am glad we are able to be honest with each other, and be with each other, as it's the best feeling to have you be my son, and now my partner, too."

"You've made me so very happy...I'm so glad you came into my life!" Jared sang the lyrics to the old Blood, Sweat & Tears song, surprisingly on key for an a cappella mini-performance. It elicited a laugh from me.

"What? I'm sincere, Dad...I'm happy you came around! I don't know where I'd be, if it hadn't been for you marrying Mom, back then. And I'm positively joyous that it's you who did it. You're the man of my dreams, as well as one helluva nice guy in the bargain."

"I wasn't laughing at your sentiment, son. I was just surprised at your singing the old song. I didn't even know you knew of the song, let alone knowing the lyrics!"

"Believe it or not, Dad, you introducing me to the music of your youth was neat...I love the music, almost as much as I love you!"

"Wow...I didn't know you were paying that much attention to my music, Jared. Guess you must love me an awful lot, to want to share that part of me, too."

"Sure, Dad! That's an important part of your life, so it's become an important part of my life, too.!"

"My sweet son...I do love you, Jared. You've made ME so very happy, too, son!"

Jared snuggled in close to me, and buried his nose in my chest hair.

"You're my man, Dad, as well as my Dad, and I want to be a part of your life, just as much as is your job, your favorite music, and of course, your sexual life, and to be able to share in that, as two men, Dad, two men in love with each other!"

"Well, then, Jared, welcome to my world, my love. You'll always be welcome in my life, AND my bed."

"Thanks, Jimmy. I finally feel like I belong."

"Always, Jared. You belong here, and you belong to ME, now. Get some sleep, Baby Boy. You've had a VERY full two days, and need your rest."

Jared soon fell asleep once more, head on my chest and nose in my fur, a mile-wide smile on his face.

"Sleep well, my prince..." I thought, as I fell asleep myself, my most precious son in my arms, and slept without dreams.