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My Uncle's Mistake


Andy Mann

"Oh no Mike," Aunt Gina complained as she stood at the hotel reception desk. "This young man is saying that we booked two separate rooms and not a family one."

"There must be a mistake," my Uncle Mike replied as he shuffled past my little sister to the desk. "Are you sure, young man?"

"I'm positive, sir," the young guy behind the counter said as he typed on his keyboard. I tried to watch him out of the corner of my eye, while trying to give the impression of being bored. Hey, it wasn't my fault! The guy looked to be around twenty or so and was really cute. He had blonde hair that was shoulder length, tied back into a ponytail and a little stubble that gave him a rugged look.

"Let me check my booking form," Uncle Mike frowned as he rummaged around in his holdall. He finally pulled out a crumpled piece of paper and unfolded it before sighing. "I'm sorry dear, but it looks like the young man is correct. I must have clicked the wrong button when I was booking online."

"Well, I'm sure it won't be a problem to change our rooms to a family one, will it?" Aunt Gina insisted only to see the guilty look on the receptionist.

"I'm afraid that we're fully booked this weekend, ma'am," he replied. "If you wish, we could try to get a couple of camp beds into one of the rooms but I am afraid that we wouldn't be able to offer a refund of the second room."

"I'm not sleeping on a camp bed, Uncle Mike," I interrupted my Aunt as she was about to reply. "I get back ache," I lied, rubbing my lower back to reinforce the point.

"I'm not either!" my eight year old sister Lily added.


I knew I could always trust her to back me up when it comes to comfort. To say that she is a little princess is an understatement. She's certainly the apple of my parents' eyes, while I sort of bumbled along in the background. Now that wasn't to say I wasn't good at anything. In fact, up to last year I was one of the school's best swimmers and could easily hold my own on the soccer pitch, but in the last six months my body had started changing and so had my emotions. I had started sprouting hair in unusual places and my dick had gotten bigger. It now measured a proud four inches when it was hard, something that happened more and more now that I was twelve. Uncomfortably for me, and the main reason that I had stopped swimming, was that it seemed to happen whenever I saw my swim team mates naked in the changing rooms after practice or a meet. I managed to keep it hidden in the soccer changing rooms as coach didn't insist on us showering, but after being in a chlorine filled swimming pool, we had no choice but to strip naked in front of each other and shower off in the communal shower area.

I'd done some searching on the internet and found out that boys like me are called faggots. At least, that's what I read on some middle school forums and I knew that I had to keep it secret from my friends and the other guys at school otherwise I'd get beaten up. Plus, reading sites that had coming out stories, most of them seemed to be from boys who's parents beat them and chucked them out on the streets with no clothes and no money and they had ended up whoring themselves out for sex just to get enough to eat.

While the thought of having sex was, of course, a huge turn on and fantasy, the thought of having any old pervert stick his dick in my bum wasn't something that I wanted. So I kept quiet and slowly faded myself into the background. I stopped wearing my contacts at school, choosing some geeky glasses to try to deflect any attention from girls who used to fawn over me and I went from being a popular kid to one that sometimes ate his lunch on his own, hiding away from the popular cliques.


"Eric? Eric!" Uncle Mike's voice brought me out of my musings and I looked over at him.


"What's wrong with you lately, sport?" he patted my shoulder, which I shrugged. "I was saying that as we can't all go into a family room, we need to split up. Obviously we can't let you and your sister be in a room on your own as you're both under fourteen, so your Aunt is going to share with Lily and us two guys can bunk together."

"Oh," I grunted. I didn't really care as I didn't want to be here anyway.


Where was here? It was a hotel on the outskirts of Stratford upon Avon in the heart of England. My parents were going to Paris for their anniversary so my Aunt and Uncle had offered to take us for the weekend. My sister had argued to come here, while I had tried to get us to stay at home. My best mate Harry had just got a new Xbox One and had invited three of us over for a sleepover but no, my Aunt said that we had to go away. I had decided to make her pay by being as grumpy and uncooperative as possible throughout the weekend.


"Why can't I stay with Aunt Gina?" I asked.

"We thought that you would prefer to be in with your Uncle so that you can talk sports and things, and I know that Lily would prefer to be in with me," my Aunt replied, stroking my sister's smiling face. "Wouldn't you princess."

"Of course, Aunt Gina," Lily replied, smiling a sickly sweet smile at her.

"Of course," I grunted. "Princess Lily has to get whatever she wants." I stood up and picked up my bag and took the key that the receptionist was holding out to my Uncle. I looked at the number and headed off to the stairs, following the signs. I threw open the door, wincing slightly as the extra force which I hadn't meant to put into my frustration made the door bang on the wall.

"I think that you need to calm down a little, sport," Uncle Mike made me jump as his hand touched my elbow. I turned and nodded apologetically to him and walked in, putting my bag on the floor next to the bed. It took a few moments for it to sink in.

"Ah, Uncle Mike," I started as he followed me in, closing the door behind him. "There's only one bed."

"I know," he sighed. "That's another reason why we chose the pairings as it wouldn't be right for a boy of your, ah, advancing growth to be in the same bed as your Aunt."


I blushed bright red as I realised what he was talking about before making a face.


"Yuk! That's my Aunt!" I grossed out.

"Oh, so you think my wife is ugly?" Uncle Mike stopped me with a hand on my chest. I had already shed my coat and was just in a tight blue t-shirt.

"Um, no, but, well, you know what I mean, Uncle Mike!" I tried to backtrack but as I saw the edges of his mouth twitch, I realised I'd been had. He grabbed me and threw me on the bed, his hands digging into my armpits as I squealed out for him to stop. Unfortunately, Uncle Mike had long learned that I was most ticklish under my arms and he showed me no mercy as he had tears streaming down my face and I was reduced to a blubbering mess of giggles.

"So, are you going to be less of a grumpy bum?" he asked, pulling his hands away, leaving me panting on the bed.

"Can't promise," I giggled, which led to another thirty seconds of tickle torture before I finally gave in and said that I would.

"Good. Now, we both need to have a quick wash and then we're going into the town centre for a look around," Uncle Mike told me as he undid the buttons on his shirt.

"Urgh!" I started before my Uncle held up his hand in a claw. "Okay okay! Are you gonna use the bathroom first?"

"If that's okay?" he said and I nodded, laying on the bed and grabbing my phone to check if I had any new messages. I secretly flicked my glance up at my Uncle as he headed over to the bathroom. I hadn't noticed before but my Uncle was built! His arms were really muscular and his chest was ripped and was quite hairy. I found myself popping a boner before shaking my head at my perverseness. "Shit Eric, he's your uncle!" I scolded myself.

"What's that, Eric?" he called from the bathroom.

"Nothing, Uncle Mike," I lied. Note to self! Keep those thoughts to myself!


I heard the taps running and it caused my bladder to remind me that I shouldn't have drank the three bottle of water in the car and I found myself in desperate need to piss. Unable to hold it any longer, I got up and knocked on the bathroom door.


"Um, Uncle Mike, I really need to piss," I said through the door.

"One moment," he replied.

"But I'm really gonna go any second," I hissed, pinching the end of my dick through my jeans.

"Hold on a second, Eric," Uncle Mike's voice left no room for compromise.


I hopped on the spot before the door opened and I was greeted by my Uncle, who's face looked to be red. I automatically glanced up and down his body, noticing that the fly of his jeans were undone, before I rushed past him and fished my dick out. Aiming a dick that's still hard is difficult, especially when the object of the reason behind it was semi naked in the same room but somehow I managed to get most of the stream of piss into the bowl, letting out a loud sigh as I shook off. I reached over to get some toilet paper to wipe the splatters on the seat when I glanced at the mirror and saw that my Uncle's position just inside the door would have given him a clear view of my dick. Quickly flushing, I tried to head back out without looking at my Uncle but he held his hand up.


"Wash your hands before you go," he told me, a strange note in his voice. "Actually, I'm about done so you may as well lose the t-shirt and you can have a wash."

"Okay, I'll take it off out in the room," I started.

"No point going out just to come back in," he said. He held out his hand. I shrugged to myself, wondering why we were in such a rush, but then again, if Lily had it in her head that she wanted to spend all day wandering around the town, it was easier to go along with the princess. I pulled my t-shirt over my head and handed it to Uncle Mike, who looked me over. I had the urge to grab the shirt back and cover myself up. Due to my swimming training, which I still kept up despite quitting the team, and my soccer training, I knew that my upper body was lean and beginning to show signs of putting on muscle but compared to my Uncle, I was a scrawny little twerp.

"Just use my soap and flannel," Uncle Mike told me, his voice slightly lower than normal. "I'll see you back out in the room."

"Okay." I turned to the sink and soaped my armpits and thought about just rubbing the flannel across my chest, but knew that I would still smell from the car journey. Having washed my upper body thoroughly, I looked around for a towel, only to find the rack empty.

"Uncle Mike, there's no towel!" I complained.

"Oh, I'm sorry," he reappeared at the door. "I guess I must have picked up both by mistake." He walked across but instead of handing me one, he reached forwards and dried off my chest before holding up my arms and drying them. I thought it was a little weird at first but found that I liked the attention he was giving me. After all, my Dad was still upset with me for quitting swimming and had little interest in soccer, preferring the rough and tumble of rugby while my Mum doted on my sister. To have an adult pay a little attention to me was nice, even if it was just my Uncle drying my chest.

"Come on, let's go and see if the women are ready," he said. Again, I noticed that his voice was slightly different but shrugged it off to the cough that he had been getting over. We grabbed a fresh set of tops and headed out to my Aunt and sister's room.



After spending an excruciating day traipsing around Stratford, shopping and eating at some half decent steak house, we headed back to the hotel. I flopped on the bed, exhaustion creeping through my body when I let out a loud yelp and clutched at my left calf.


"What's wrong, Eric?" Uncle Mike asked, concern evident in his voice.

"I've got cramp," I moaned in pain.

"Turn over and let me try to massage it out," he told me. I did as he said and felt him start to press his fingers into the offending calf.

"Argh!" I cried as the pain shot through my leg.

"This isn't working properly," he said. "Lose the jeans so that I can get a look at the cramp and hit the tightness spot on."


All I could think about was the pain in my leg and knowing how bad I can cramp at times, I hotched my hips up so that I could pop the button of my jeans. I hardly needed to undo the zip, as they were the low hanging type that I knew upset my Mum, and Uncle Mike pulled off my trainers before sliding my jeans down my legs and off my body. I felt his hands returned to my lower left leg and sighed in relief as he massaged the cramp out of my body. It felt good, having his hands on my leg and I failed to tell him that my cramp had gone. I let out a soft moan.


"How's it feeling, Eric?" Uncle Mike asked.

"A bit better," I replied. "But it still hurts a little."

"That's strange because I can't feel any tension left in there," he chuckled.


I started to turn over as he took his hands from my leg. However, as I did, I felt my dick snag and I glance down. The tip of my dick was poking out through the fly of my boxers and I squeaked, rolling back onto my front. I grabbed a pillow and covered my face, not wanting to face my Uncle, knowing that he must have seen my boner and the head of my cock. I let out a quiet sob as I knew that he would now tell my parents what a pervert he was. I was just thinking about how I would have to try to survive on the streets of London when I felt hands slowly stroking my legs once more.


"Now then, Eric. We'll have less of the tears and embarrassment," he said.

"But I'm a pervert," I sobbed.

"Whoever told you that?"

"The forums and stories I've been reading," I cried. "I'm a no good faggot and my parents will kick me out and I'll have to find a pimp just to eat."

"You really do need to stop reading the wrong stories," he chuckled. His hands travelled further up my legs, past my knees and started stroking my hamstrings and inner thighs.

"What are the right stories?" I gulped, turning my face to look at him for the first time.

"There are story sites all over the web, which tell of how boys like boys and men like men," he cooed softly.

"What about stories of men who like boys?" I whispered so quietly that I barely heard myself. "And of boys who like men."

"Is that what you want to read about?"

"No... it's what I want." I took in a deep breath as the words that I had kept secret, from myself at times, were uttered out loud for the first time in my life.

"Then maybe, it wasn't such a bad thing that I booked two rooms in the first place," Uncle Mike said. I felt his hands slip up onto my boxer clad buttocks. He gently squeezed them and I moaned in pleasure as I felt my groin rubbed into the rough blanket that covered the bed. "You see, I've noticed how you've been looking at your friends over the last few months."

"Wha... what do you mean?" I gulped. Had my secret glances been not so secret?

"Trust me. A boy lover knows when a boy is interested in other boys, and in men. I just needed the chance to get you alone, away from everyone so I could see how serious you were."


He rolled me over and my hands automatically went to the front of my groin, to cover up the massive boner that must be obvious to the whole world. Well, you know what I mean. Uncle Mike reached his hands, placing them on mine and gently pulled them away, putting one back on each side of my slim frame. I looked down and flushed with embarrassment as around an inch of my hardness was visible through the fly.


"Looks like you are serious. Is that true, Eric? Tell me if this is what you want."

"It's what I want, Uncle Mike," I garbled out. "Please, touch me."


And touch me he did. He stroked my face, leaving my dick aching in its stiffness. He lowered his body, crawling onto the bed beside me and placed his lips on mine. I opened my mouth and he pressed his tongue into my mouth. It felt like heaven and I wanted more. Uncle Mike slipped his arm underneath my body and rolled onto his back, pulling me on top of him. Hands were underneath my t-shirt, rubbing my back before settling a hand on my buttocks. He ground my groin into his stomach, friction caused my dick to stiffen further. My body shuddered as I kissed him deeper. My breath shortened and I felt my dick spasm between us and I let out a groan of ecstasy as my orgasm wracked my body.

I broke the kiss, my head rolling to the side of my Uncle's and I panted deep breaths, trying to regain the composure that had left me. Uncle Mike lifted up my arms and my t-shirt was pulled from my body, leaving me in just my boxers. Despite the dry climax, something that I wish I could change, my dick was still hard. I guess the very fact that it had been my first ever climax with another guy had kept little Eric interested in playing some more.

I was rolled onto my side as Uncle Mike sat up and undid his shirt. He peeled it off, exposing his hairy chest before his hands travelled down the belt around his trousers. He undid it before I took in a deep breath. Reaching forwards, I placed the palm of my hand against his crotch and let out a gasp as I felt what seemed to be a baseball bat in his trousers.


"Oh God, that feels good," Uncle Mike sighed. "Do you like the feel of it?"

"It feels massive," I gulped. "How big is it?"

"Why don't you have a look?" he replied.


Leaning back on the bed, Uncle Mike linked his hands behind his head and watched as I kneeled next to him, sitting on my heels. With shaking hands, I undid the button of his trousers before lowering the zipper. In a move similar to my own, my Uncle lifted himself from the bed to allow me to pull his trousers down and off. He had already kicked off his shoes and as I pulled his trousers over his black socks, I smelled the odour of his sweaty feet. My dick throbbed and after folding his trousers over the back of the chair, I kneeled down on the bed, next to his feet. Biting my lip at the thought that I could ruin whatever fun we were about to have, I hesitated.


"Go ahead, Eric," my Uncle urged. "Smell my sweaty feet if that's what you want to do. In fact, I think I'd like to do the same."


Before I knew what had happened, I was back on top of my now near naked Uncle, but facing in opposite directions. I felt my feet being sniffed through my white trainer socks and decided that if it was okay for Uncle Mike to do it, it must be okay for me. I pressed my nose against the black cotton material of his sock and took in a long deep breath through my nostrils. The smell was intoxicating and I took more, quick, shallow sniffs, revelling in the manliness of the aroma.

I felt coldness on my left foot and realised that Uncle Mike had taken off my sock and I braced myself for another tickle bout but instead, warm wetness enveloped my big toe. I turned my head to see my Uncle happily sucking on it, licking around it, taking each of my toes into his mouth. I never knew that something that appeared to be so dirty would be so arousing and my dick quivered a little more. I quickly removed my Uncle's socks and sucked his big toe into my own mouth. There was a salty taste to it, but only like where I once licked the back of my hand after wiping the sweat from my forehead during the summer so I tried to duplicate what my Uncle was doing to me. I licked around his toes, pushing my tongue in between them before my jaw started to ache.


"That was awesome, sport," Uncle Mike praised me, stroking my lower back, making me smile at him. I shuffled around on the bed and we kissed once again. This time, my smooth, naked chest was planted against his furry, muscled torso as his arms gently stroked my back. I could feel his hands sliding lower and lower until, of course, they slid into my boxers. His hands were touching my naked buttocks, grinding my body into his. Due to the difference in height, my dick was pressing into his stomach and I could feel his own hardness prodding against my thighs. I broke the kiss.

"Can I see it? Please?" I begged and with his nod, I rolled from his body once more. This time, I didn't care that my dick was visible through the fly in my boxers as my attention was on the lump in the front of my Uncle's briefs. It looked huge and I reached out for it once again. I traced my fingers around the outline of it, noticing that the length of it easily surpassed the size of my hand. I pulled the front of his briefs from his body and again, my Uncle lifted himself from the bed to allow me to remove the blue cotton material.


And there it was. The first adult dick that I had seen. Well, the second really as last year I'd walked into the showers after swimming to find a bloke showering off. He wasn't supposed to have been in there as the pool was shit to the public during our practice sessions and the police were called after one of the lifeguards was called in by Lewis Finnigan. The bloke had been stroking himself to make himself hard while he'd been waiting for us naked boys to come in. I'd made as big a fuss as the rest of the team, while secretly catching a look at his dick but now, I had a full grown, hard man cock in front of my eyes and I could touch it. I took it in my hand, revelling at how soft but hard it felt. The end of it looked wet and I licked my lips subconsciously. I bent down to have a closer look but before I knew what was happening, my Uncle placed his hands on the back of my head. He gently but firmly pushed my head closer to his dick and I suddenly realised what he wanted me to do. I tried to pull away but he was too strong, holding my head in place.


"Come on, Eric," he started. "I know, and you know, that you want to taste it. Open your mouth and give the end a lick."

"No Uncle Mike," I argued. "I don't want to do that."

"Of course you do," he countered. "All little gay boys like you want to suck a grown man's dick. Now open up and take it in."


He pushed my head down with more strength and I knew that I had no choice but to do as he asked. I opened my mouth as his dick pressed against my lips and swiped my tongue over the tip. I could taste a salty but sweet flavour and remembered the sex ed class from school. This wasn't piss, it was his precum. I sucked the head of his dick into my mouth, being careful to keep my teeth away from the flesh at his urging and soon found myself being guided up and down on his shaft. I gagged a couple of times when the head of his dick hit the back of my throat but mainly, Uncle Mike was content to let me suck the first three inches or so into my mouth. I rolled my tongue around to try to give him a better feeling before I felt Uncle Mike's hands on my body. I hadn't realised that he had stopped pressing my head down and I had been bobbing up and down of my own accord.

I paused to try to see what Uncle Mike's plan of action was, only to receive a slap on my butt and the instruction to carry on sucking. I returned to the job at hand, or mouth should I say, and could soon feel my saliva dripping out of my mouth and down the thick shaft as my body was picked up and placed across my Uncle's. I was back in a similar position to when we had sucked each other's toes and I thought to myself that sucking his dick was actually less dirty than my previous suck job.

Uncle Mike was rubbing his hands over the cotton material of my boxers, one hand rubbing my buttocks while the other massaged my dick and balls. I could only start moaning as I felt my dick harden back to full length, which must have been what Uncle Mike was waiting for as he quickly removed my boxers, leaving me completely naked, just like he was. I could feel the sexual tension in the room as I felt a hand other than my own, wrap around my naked penis for the first time in my life.


"That's it, keep sucking and I will reward you with an experience like no other," he cooed at me as he rubbed his thumb over the exposed head of my dick. It began to get sensitive and I squirmed in his grasp for a few moments before he released his hold. Sighing to myself, I let my own hands travel down to my Uncle's balls, feeling them gently, cupping them. My eyes widened slightly at the size and weight of them before my mind went blank. My buttocks had been pulled apart and warm wetness was lapping against my shithole. I immediately recognised the sensation from when Uncle Mike had licked my toes. I pulled off his cock and twisted my neck to look over my shoulder.

"Oh Christ, you're licking my bum hole!" I gasped at the new sensation. It was a sensation that I liked... a lot!

"Get back to sucking my dick," Uncle Mike told me and he waited until I returned my mouth to his dick before restarting his own ministrations.


I tried to concentrate on sucking Uncle Mike's dick but I was distracted by the feel of him pulling open my cheeks and even pulling my hole open so that he could push his tongue inside it. I got a little grossed out for a moment when I heard him spit and thought that he had come across something dirty, only to feel the splatter of his saliva against my pucker. I was about to complain about him spitting on me when an electric shock shuddered its way through my body. I yelped in pain as I felt him push a finger inside my hole.


"OW!" I complained at the sudden intrusion. I squirmed and pulled my body away from him, his finger sliding back out.

"Look Eric, you need to let me loosen you up," Uncle Mike told me as he twisted his body to grab hold of me.

"Loosen me up?" I queried, wondering if he meant to tickle attack me again as he pushed me onto the bed. He'd moved me around so that my body was now the correct way round again but face down, I couldn't see what he was upto. "What do you mean?"

"If I don't work this little hole, it's gonna hurt real bad," he replied and he sat on my lower back, pinning my body to the bed. He pulled open my legs and rubbed his finger back over my hole before pushing it back inside me. I yelped out once again and tried to wiggle away but, of course, his weight held me in place. My cries to stop were ignored, despite increasing when I felt Uncle Mike push a second finger into my tight hole when suddenly comprehension dawned on me about what he was loosening me up for.

"Uncle Mike, I don't wanna be fucked!" I gasped out.

"Of course you do," he answered softly, twisting his fingers as they entered me. "All little gay boys who say that they want to do stuff with older men want to have their bum holes poked and trust me, yours is going to be poked and poked hard."


I was about to shout out, to cry out for help when my whole body shuddered from a starting point somewhere inside my back passage. Uncle Mike had pressed against something inside me and my limp dick had shot back to full hardness as I groaned out loudly in pleasure.


"That's what I'm talking about," my Uncle chuckled. "I knew that as soon as I hit your spot, all of your complaints would stop."

"What's that?" I stammered as my body turned to putty.

"That is your prostate, your little love nub," he told me. "It's what makes a boy truly become a bottom boi."

"Shit. I'm so hard again but I still don't want you to do it," I argued. "You're too big!"

"Trust me, you'll open up for me," he said as he pulled his fingers out.


He got up from my back and I found my mouth being prodded by his fingers. The very same fingers that had just been up my bum. I turned up my nose but with the instruction to open up, with an implied threat of consequences if I didn't, I slowly parted my lips and the two fingers were pushed in. I held my breath as I swirled my tongue around, licking the fingers clean, tasting a musky flavour and praying that poop didn't taste musky.


"Now you're ready," Uncle Mike said and shifted position. He laid himself on top of me, pushing me into the bed with his weight but holding himself up enough so that I didn't suffocate. I felt his hardness prodding against my opening and I squirmed underneath him.

"Please Uncle Mike," I begged. "Don't do this. I'll suck you all night. Promise."

"I'm going to take your cherry, sport," he leaned down and licked my ear, sticking his tongue inside. "I've wanted to have your ass for four years and now I've got it, I'm not going to give up the opportunity and let you give your virginity away to anyone else." He pushed forwards, his thick mushroom head stretching my hole open and I cried out in pain. Uncle Mike turned my head and pushed it into the covers, muffling my cries as he continued his attempted entrance into my rear entrance.

"You're hurting me! You're too big!" I sobbed, tears leaking down my cheeks, soaking the cover on the bed.

"Sport, I've deflowered smaller, younger boys than you at the care home so I know that you can take it," he told me. My thoughts flashed to the cute boys that I'd met at the council run foster home for boys where he worked. "Push out like you're taking a dump and it will make it easier."

"Don't. Want. To."

"Eric, stop being a big baby and take my dick like the bottom you are," he hissed into my ear. "One way or another, it's going in you and no amount of crying or shouting will stop it."


I gasped loudly as he reinforced his point with a hard push and I felt my hole expand around the head of his dick. I cried out, before gritting my teeth and following his instruction. I clenched my stomach, pushing down with all my might and found that it did indeed help. He slipped further inside me, my innards filling up as he slid inch after inch of his thick shaft into me. Sweat poured from my body as it battled against the intruder. My mind reeled in the fact that my Uncle was forcing me, he was raping me in fact but when he sighed and I felt his balls rest against my flesh, a weird sense of pride swept through my body that I had taken the whole of his large, thick dick inside me at the first time of asking. I felt backwards movement as he raised his hips away from me, dragging his dick out and I could only whimper as he grazed his mushroom head past that prostate nub. I shivered in pleasurable pain, causing him to chuckle softly.


"You see, sport," he cooed. "Once you get used to it, you boys love having a big dick inside you, prodding away, making you cum."

"Urgh!" I grunted as he pushed himself fully back inside me, thrusting my own body against the bed covers. My little dick rubbed itself on the rough blanket, causing me to moan even more as my sex organ was stimulated from beneath.

"That's it," he moaned, as he started to thrust into me harder and harder. "You know that you were ready to be my little bottom bitch, weren't you?"

"Argh!" I nearly screamed as a climax like none I'd ever experienced before rocked my entire body. My dick spasmed beneath me, my little ballsack tightened up against my skin and my skin shivered as wave after wave of pure ecstasy spread throughout my body.

"Tell me, Eric, tell me what you want."

"Make me your bitch," I cried out, unable to stop myself from saying the words. I knew that he had changed me forever, and so did he. "Please, shoot your stuff into me and make me yours, Uncle Mike."

"Anything you want, my sweetie," he whispered into my ear before gently kissing my cheek.


He started his thrusting into me again, slowly at first before gradually getting harder and harder. Each inwards thrust grazed my prostate and I felt my dick harden underneath me once more and I could already feel my breath getting shorter and more rapid. Uncle Mike was no longer holding back as he forced his dick deep inside me with every push, making me grunt and moan like a wanton whore. Tears leaked from my eyes again, but instead of the pain attached to the previous time, these were tears of pleasure and contentment.

I shouted out as my second orgasm ripped through my preteen body, my hole tightening around my Uncle's dick which I felt grow inside me. I heard him cry out as he gripped my body, holding me immobile against him as he powered his dick in and out of me at a rapid pace before I could feel it throb inside me. My Uncle was spewing his spunk into me, marking my tunnel as his own, making me his bottom. He held me tight as he finished pumping into me, lying on top of me, before he rolled over, pulling me with him so that I was now on top of him, staring up at the ceiling but no longer bearing his weight on my small frame.

His hands caressed my shivering body as we both came down from our orgasmic highs. One hand circled my stomach while the other cupped my limp dick and balls. I looked up at him and he bent his head forwards to place gentle kisses on my lips and forehead.


"Uncle Mike?" I asked.

"Yes sport."

"You know we are staying at the hotel in Birmingham tomorrow?"

"Yes sport."

"Well, I was thinking, maybe you have made the same mistake on the booking for that one as well?"

"Is that what you're thinking or hoping?"

"Um, hoping..."



The End.

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