Nathan's Naughty Nephew

****Warning, this story contains scenes that may not be suitable for all audiences. This is a gay, diaper loving, piss loving, boy loving tale of love. If any of that does not sit well with you, then I encourage you to leave now. If you are curious and continue to read, then I hope that you enjoy. If you are not legally allowed to read this story, then you make the choice as to whether or not you do, I could not and would not stop you if you choose to do so. This story was conceived during a waking dream that I had right around Christmas, the usual, the one thing I want for Christmas is the one thing I can never possibly have, a boy who understands me and is the same, so I was dreaming, and I loved what I came up with, so started writing as soon as I got up. Took me a couple weeks, but that's okay too. As always, I love to hear from my readers, so email me at erich5748 at with your comments, but, of course, no flames please. Also, please remember that Nifty is a free site and relies upon its users' generous donations to keep it going, so do what you can, as I do what I can. I hope that you enjoy, and now, on with the story.****

My name is Nathan, I just turned thirty years old, I am the youngest of six kids, and I just moved back to my home town. I had moved away to go to college, all the way back when I was eighteen, and discovered much about myself that I had only previously guessed, assumed really, but hid fully. I had thought that none of my family would accept me for who and what I was, so, when the opportunity arose to go all the way across the country to go to school, on a full scholarship, I took it and never looked back.

At the time that I had left, the next youngest of my siblings had just gotten married, and was already pregnant, my eldest sibling already had two kids, the eldest of whom was three at that time. Two of my siblings had not yet had kids, and my one other had a one year old. Since then, though, they have all had a few more. Three of them have two kids, the other two have three kids.

My eldest nephew is oldest of three himself. When last I saw him, he was a cute little guy, still in diapers full time, and I loved babysitting him, and when I did, I always ensured that he stayed in only his super soggy diapers. He loved me babysitting him, because I never made him wear clothes, and never made him change his super soggy baby diapers until he was super soggy.

But he is now twelve years older, just about to turn fifteen, and boy was I shocked when I first saw him. I honestly thought that he was one of the younger kids, he looks to be at most thirteen years old, in fact, most of his cousins and siblings are considerably bigger than he is, even ones that are three and four years his junior.

I had moved back to town just barely days before Christmas, and though I did not truly want to go, my parents pretty much made it well known that I had not spent a Christmas with them in twelve years, that I can suck it up and spend at least a little time with family.

Yes, they do know all about me now. Once I became more comfortable with who and what I was, I wrote my parents a long letter, explaining to them why I had had to move away, who and what I was. I told them clearly that I would never disgrace their doorstep ever again, but that I did have to be who and what I was.

Who and what I am, a gay baby boy diaper lover.

I had wet the bed and my pants so often as a child, had had to wear diapers to bed, and frequently during the day as well, that I just grew to love my diapers. It got so bad, that by the time I was sixteen, I was dreaming of wearing them all day every day. I was fourteen when I started to realize that I was gay. I hid it all, I buried it as deeply as I could, but the more I buried it, the stronger it tried to manifest itself.

So, instead of allowing myself to be who and what I was, I buried myself in my schoolwork, I did everything I could to be the absolute best that I could be. I was so ashamed of that one aspect, that I did everything I could to be proud of myself.

I had no idea how long it would take the letter to reach my parents, or for how long their return letter would take, telling me that I was never welcome back again. Instead, I was shocked when they actually came out and visited me. They told me that they had suspected that I was gay right from the time I was five, but knew for sure by the time I was eight. Not sure how the hell they knew, I did not know for sure until I was fifteen, almost sixteen. Then again, even though I have older siblings, I was the baby, and I do mean that in a few ways, and as such, I was very sheltered.

I was never given the talk, I was never told anything, I never even learned anything in school. I was a loner, I never had any friends, but thankfully I was never bullied either. I doubt I was strong enough then to have withstood it, I would have crumbled, I would have died.

My parents even told me that they suspected me of loving diapers more than was normal, but knew that I truly did need them, at least the doctors did state that my issues were life long and irreparable. I was born severely premature, I was not supposed to survive, my mom was not even supposed to be able to have kids any more, yet I showed up anyway, but almost did not make it. As such, I too was a very small child, even still I am not very big. I was sick most of my childhood, which I suppose lent well to my being a loner, I sometimes spent weeks at a time in hospital. I understand my nephew too has some of these issues. Not sure about all though.

So, here I am, finally back home. I had completed twelve or so years of schooling in only seven years, became an architectural engineer, and have been doing that since. Though I do have a couple extra engineering degrees as well. Only a month ago, I was head hunted by the countries topmost architectural firm, given a ridiculously large signing bonus and wage, but the only problem, I had to move back home. I did not actually want to, even though I knew my parents were okay with me, even my siblings were apparently, because they had told them, on my urging of course, because in the letter, I told them to tell my brothers and sisters why I would never be around again.

I still had a good life there, I always had lots of gay guys around, many of whom also loved diapers, and we always had plenty of fun. I am giving that up though, this opportunity is just too good to pass up. This company does work all over the world, and projects that are right up my alley. In fact, I was promised two bridges, one skyscraper, and at least a dozen other large projects just in the next three years. I wonder if I will even have the time to do them all, but I have worked under worse conditions than that before.

I had sold my house, that I had designed and had built, it sold in only three days, went into a bidding war because everyone loved it so much, and I packed up everything I wanted, and moved back across the country, going home. I had already bought a small place, all by phone, it was a huge property though, with a tear down of a house on it. Just barely livable, the Realtor had admitted, but, like I said, I do not care about that, as soon as I can, my new house will be built and the old one torn down.

When I arrived, I realized that the Realtor may have actually painted the picture just a little too rosy. There was next to no space, the house was at best seven meters by eight meters, there was one bedroom, a bathroom, and then one large multi purpose room for everything else. The roof was shot, the foundation was crumbling, the windows were nearly plastic film thin, and there did not feel to be any insulation in the walls at all. When I turned the furnace on, it spluttered a few times, and then promptly died, an agonizing death by the sounds of it. I paid a guy to come and get it up and running, and he did, but, he said that at most it has six months of life left, he just got it limping along, which was all I needed. Thankfully there was a wood burning stove, so I was able to heat the place, just in case the furnace died again, but I had had to have someone come and inspect it first, to ensure that it was at least usable. It was, but only after a good cleaning.

I had not even gone and seen my parents yet when I had already drawn up the plans for the new house and went and saw my new boss, and blueprinted the plans. I was on the phone with the construction crew my new boss suggested, and told me to mention his name, so that they would very nearly stop what they were doing to come and help me. Thank goodness for that, because I needed a new house, and fast.

I went and visited my parents, we talked for a few hours, and it was actually kind of nice. We did talk at least once every couple weeks, and they had come and visited a few times, but this is my first time back home. Even still, the property I bought is about as far from town as you can get, yet still be in the city limits, and is nearly twenty five minutes to my parents place. I did not really want to be too close after all. I have talked to my siblings several times, I get pictures and letters, but I have not seen one of them since I left all those years ago.

Now, here we are, Christmas is coming, and I have been informed that I really do have to be there. Everyone is going to be together for the first time in far too long. Yay. Yippee. Hooray. I think you understand just how sarcastic I am being there.

I have always just sent cards to my family, and for each kid, I always sent a fifty dollar bill, since mailing gifts is difficult and I had no idea what to give them anyway. I have never hurt for money, I had full ride scholarships, grants, bursaries, and all sorts of stuff to pay for school, I never even technically had to touch my school savings, because I had worked from the time I was twelve to save up for schooling, as well our parents had had good school savings plans for us. After school, I got a job that had a starting wage of two hundred thousand a year, so yeah, no school to pay for, and way more money than I ever needed, I was not hurting at all. I make more now.

This year, I had asked for lists of what everyone wanted, and had decided to do something that I have never done before, and went Christmas shopping, and spent way too much money.

I was the first to arrive to the old homestead, and my parents had to help me bring everything in, both of them commenting on how much I had bought. I think each kid ended up with three gifts, then my parents got a couple really nice things each, and all my siblings and their spouses each got something nice. So, yeah, I have lots. It did feel nice to do this though. None of my siblings are really all that well off, all of them and their spouses had not really went to school, nor do they have fantastic paying jobs or anything. I think it is wrong how they did it, but hey, I am not really much better when it comes down to it, I did move clear across an entire continent because I was too afraid of who I was.

The next to arrive was my eldest sister, her husband, and their three kids, one of whom is my eldest nephew. We hugged, and I truly met the kids for the first time, and that was when I met Hayden again for the first time since he was three. I honestly thought he was the youngest of the three of them though. I cannot keep track of them all, so I never remembered who was who, or who belonged to whom.

He is incredibly cute, in a lanky, skinny, nerdy sort of way. His hair is too short, he needs braces, and he needs clothes that suit him better. He has a few little pimples, but otherwise he appears to be very smooth skinned. He is wearing a pair of too short and old looking sweat pants, and a long sleeve shirt that is at least three sizes too big on him. It actually looks funny. My mom spoke up.

“Hayden, what are you wearing, and why, couldn't you wear something at least a little nice?”

She never was one for beating around the bush, she has always been very outspoken, hence the reason I thought she of all people would hate me.

“None of my other clothes fit, I've grown too much in the past few months.” He said, looking down and very nearly crying.

“Good grief, you've grown lots recently, and you're still so small.” I said accidentally. Yep, guess I inherited the foot in mouth disease from my mom. “Oh god, I'm so sorry Hayden, that totally came out wrong. I was really small growing up too.”

“It's okay, I know I'm small. I'm smaller than every other kid in my entire school, and the blasted place starts at grade seven.” He said to me, smiling shyly to me.

“Yeah, know how you feel. When I was in grade six, there were kids in Kindergarten bigger than me.”

“Yeah, same, but I've grown two inches in the last three months. I lost weight though, and mom says I didn't have it to lose in the first place.”

“No, doesn't look like you did. Then again, I'm the same. Even still, I have to force myself to eat and keep some weight on, otherwise I look like a freaking skeleton.”

“Yeah, know that too.” He laughed.

“Well, I sure hope you got lotsa clothes for Christmas then.” My mom said.

“Me too.” Hayden admitted.

Well, I got each kid one full set of clothes, so hopefully his will fit well for a bit.

Shortly thereafter, everyone else arrived, and I do not believe that I have ever been anywhere that was so noisy in my entire life. I never knew twelve kids could make so much blasted noise. I have not been around a single solitary kid since I left home. When I go grocery shopping, I do so very late at night, I never go to department stores, nor to malls, and though I have gone to a theatre a few times, it was always late at night, where the youngest people are already well into their teens usually.

I have to admit, I did find myself watching Hayden a fair bit. He is cute, and he has a great ass, as well he has an enticing little package up front. I do not know if his parents know it or not, but I am absolutely certain that he is gay as well. This is the first time that I have ever had feelings of this sort for someone so young, though I did have a hot seventeen year old not all that long ago, fuck he was a lot of fun. We would still be together had he not moved, but then, I too moved shortly thereafter. I told myself that I would never act on the thoughts I was having about my nephew, but deep down, I know that if he asked for it, I would fuck him all night long, and let him fuck me wild too. Mind you, he has to be diapered and soggy to get that privilege, I am very strict on that.

Pretty much as soon as we are all gathered, and somewhat settled down, we start passing out gifts, and all the kids are ecstatic with what I have given to them, even the clothes, but mostly because I certainly did not buy cheap ones. The adults all like their gifts as well. My parents always do a lunch on Christmas day, so shortly after the gifts were done, we sat down to eat, and it was an amazing meal. I have to admit, I did miss my moms turkey dinners, they always were pretty spectacular. I was the last to leave, and I hugged all my nieces and nephews goodbye, as they left, Hayden held me longest, and he patted my soggy baby bum too. So, he either knew ahead of time, or had seen it, not sure which, but clearly he likes.

I thanked my parents for the great day, and then headed out. I had a few small gifts as well, mostly from my parents, but then, they are not hurting for money either, my dad had always done very well for himself, and my mom has too since all us kids moved out, she runs her own business now as well. As soon as I got home, I continued doing what I could to prepare my property for the new house.

The contractor that I have hired will be starting in only a few days, and there is still a large pile of shit right where I want the house to be. The previous owners had not taken care of the property in the least, and there is garbage and all sorts of scrap metals laying all over the place. I worked for the rest of the day, at least thankful that the weather here is far more mild than where I used to live. There had already been about forty centimeters of snow when I left, but here there is next to none, and the temperature is a nice comfortable two degrees Celsius, whereas it had already been down to as low as negative fifteen before I left where I used to live.

I am to start work on the second of January, that is when they open back up, which is perfect, because it gives me some time to prepare things, and to settle in at least a little. It took me every bit as much time as I had to clean up the yard, and boy am I glad that I bought a truck and not a car, because I must have done something like thirty dump runs, and cost several hundred dollars in dump fees.

The same day I start work, so does the construction crew. I am told that they foresee three months, since it is such an easy build, since I am going with only two stories, both of them nearly wide open. A full unfinished basement with one and a half meter high ceilings, and then the upper floor with two meter high ceilings at the lowest that are vaulted. There are only to be five bedrooms, four bathrooms, and then the rest is wide open space. There will be a wrap around covered porch, lots of windows, and almost the entire thing is to made from concrete. Foam encased of course for insulation value, but it is super fast to construct because of it.

The only real wood in the entire structure is in the roof system and the interior walls. Even the main floor will be concrete, which will probably take the single largest amount of time to prepare for. All floors are to be heated with hot water, but I will have a forced air system in place as well, so that I can have air conditioning and moving air, but the floors water will mostly be heated by the wood burning fireplace that will be put in too, granted, so will my hot water system.

I started work on the allotted day, and so did my construction crew. The day after I started work, I got an email. I am still at work, but almost ready to call it a day, when I got the email, and all it said was Hayden. At first I had no idea who the hell it was, then I realized that it was Hayden, my nephew.

Hi there Uncle Nathan, it's Hayden, you know, your nephew. My mom and dad haveta go away for a couple weeks, and I don't wanna go to aunt Jessie's with the others. There's too many people there for me. Grandma and Grandpa are gonna be away too, and even though I'm old enough to stay at home alone, my parents even offered, I don't really wanna, I've never stayed alone at night like that. I asked if I could spend the time with you instead, and Mom thinks it's a good idea, but only if you say it's okay. I know you haveta work and all, so you won't really be at home during the day, but that's okay, I still haveta go to school as well. They leave this Friday, so, could I please come and spend a couple weeks with you.

I am totally flabbergasted, he has no idea who I even am. He certainly will not remember me, he was far too young. I am also not sure how I feel about him coming to spend time with me. I felt his hunger, I felt him feel my soggy baby bum, I know he is gay, and I am certain I know what he wants. With that being said, if he wants an adult, and I know he does, because I was the same as him when I was his age, then I know that if he gets horny enough, he will just go and find it elsewhere anyway, and possibly get hurt. I cannot allow that to happen, so, if that is what he wants, then I will allow it. To that end, I reply.

Hi there Handsome, sure, I don't mind. I used to love babysitting you when you were a baby, though I doubt you'd remember that. You've always been a great kid. I don't have lots for kids to do here though, so you'll haveta bring anything you need to keep from being bored to tears while here. My house is also really small, there's only one bedroom, so I'll get you a portable bed. I'll pick you up after I get off work on Friday. See you then.

I hit send, and then went about doing other things. Hayden must have been impatiently awaiting my response, because not even ten minutes after I hit send, my email pinged me, so I opened it to find his reply.

That's awesome. Thanks. I don't need much to keep me occupied, just books and my computer, and you don't needta buy a bed for me, I can just sleep on your couch. It'll be so nice spending time somewhere where it'll be nice and peaceful and quiet. Having two younger sisters means I never get quiet, and I hate all the noise. I could tell that you hated all the noise on Christmas day too. So did I. I even hate school because of that, never any quiet, just unrelenting noise, all the time, and people always jostling me all over the place. I like space, I don't like being around a lotta people, Mom says you're the same, which was why you moved. Well, amongst other reasons. She never said why, but I think I know anyway. I'd liketa talk to you about that in fact. I think we're kinda alike. Anyway, I'll see you Friday afternoon some time then. I get home from school at three, so any time after that'd be awesome.

Yep, he and I are a lot alike. Well, if that is what he wants, then I am all for it. I am so totally buying him diapers though. In fact, I am going to stop at the store I get them from on my way home. I have to buy myself some anyway, so I may as well.

I head home, stopping at the medical store as planned, and grab two packs of diapers for each of us, one regular daytime, one extra thick and thirsty night time. I also grab four packs of their diaper doublers, two diaper shirts for Hayden, and a couple more for myself, since mine are starting to wear out, and several pairs each of their ultra thick rubber pants.

I also hit a grocery store and grabbed a few groceries, as well I grabbed the good smelling baby lotion and diaper rash cream. I still use those for myself, so they are not only for Hayden, but I am hoping that he too enjoys it.

Friday could not possibly come fast enough, I have never anticipated anything more in my life. I decide to call it a day shortly after three. I am allowed to work from home, I am not always needed in the office, so they are okay with this. I have no intentions of working though. I had had to ask Hayden for his address, and punched it into my GPS so that I could find the place. As soon as I pulled up, I was not impressed. The house is almost as bad as my place is.

Hayden must have been watching for me, though, because he came out carrying one large bag, before I even shut off the truck. He locked the door, and headed to the passenger side.

“Hey there Handsome, how are you today?” I asked as soon as he opened the door.

“Glad that it's finally time. I've wanted to come and see you for a while now, I wanna talk to someone who's the same as me.”

“Good. I hope it helps, I never had anyone to talk to when I was your age and learning about myself. Let's not talk about that yet, though, we'll wait 'til we get home.”

“Thanks, I appreciate it.”

We took the long drive to my place, and Hayden laughed and said he had not imagined that I'd live in such a shit hole. Clearly he too was infected by the foot in mouth disease. I laughed and said that it is only temporary.

I pointed out the rather large hole in the ground, where the construction crew is already starting the foundation prep work, and explained to him what I am having built. I even showed him the blueprints.

“Wow, your new house is gonna be amazing.”


“Are you gonna have a pool?”

“Wasn't planning on it.”

“I'd love it if you did, you could fit an awesome indoor pool easily, so that we could use it year round.”


“Well, yeah, I hope that this isn't the only time I getta come spend time with you.”

“Fair enough. Okay, let's say that I decided to put in a pool as well, what would you like to see?”

“Doesn't haveta be huge, since it'd just be the two of us most of the time I'm sure, but not too small either. I'd say a nice deep end for sure, so that we can dive. We'd definitely haveta have a hot tub, sauna, and steam room as well, just 'cause they're so awesome. I'd say the hot tub should be put right into the ground as well, but it definitely needsta have some nice relaxing loungers in it too, and so many jets that you can't possibly count them all. Then, like I said, so that it can be used year round here, it really needsta be covered, but it would still be nice outside, so maybe just a simple greenhouse type structure, so that we're outside, but inside too. It doesn't haveta be fancy, but it sure would be nice.”

“We'll see.” Is what I said to Hayden's face, but I have already drawn it up in my mind, and will transfer it all into the computer and blueprint it and have it added to the scope of work. Hopefully they can do it at the same time.

“Cool. Thanks. So, can we go sit and talk now?”

“Sure. You're almost excited to get to talk to someone, aren't you.”

“Oh god yeah. I know my parents must at least suspect certain things, but I just can't talk to them. I know I can talk to you. I have so much shit floating around in my head it's not even funny, things I can't say to them, but I'm certain I can say them to you.”

“You have a dirty mouth.”

“Thanks.” He grinned cheekily at me. I laughed.

“Right. So, here we are. Go ahead and tell me anything you care to tell me.” I said as we sat down.

“Thanks.” He said as he got comfortable. He sat on the couch with his back to the arm, sitting cross legged and facing me. I sat the same way, so that I too can face Hayden. “So, I think you already know that I'm gay, don't you?”

“The second I met you, I was pretty near a hundred percent certain, yes.”

“Call it a hundred percent then. I am, I know I am, I never want a female, ever. I know you're the same. I started to suspect it all the way back when I was nine, but I was ten the first time I ever said it out loud to myself. You're the first person I've ever told. Other than online of course.”

“Congratulations. I was far older, and a helluva lot more scared than you were, when I admitted it to myself, and I'd moved well away long before I admitted it to anyone in the family.”

“I know, I read the letter.”

“You did. Why would your mom show that to you?”

“She didn't, I found it. She kept it.”

“Ah, so you know the other thing too, which might explain the hug you gave the other day.”

“Yeah, and I am too. I know I'll never stop wetting the bed anyway, the doctors have all said the same thing, and that only brain surgery would help, but that even then, it was too risky for something so trivial as that. Hell, even if it wasn't risky, I'd never go in for it anyway. I think I was ten when I realized I was a full on diaper lover as well. I'd wear all day every day if I could, but my parents can't afford to buy the diapers I do get, and they're pretty shitty diapers and leak at least a couple times a week as it is.”

“Excellent, then the nice thick diapers I bought for you won't go to waste then.” I grinned. Hayden grinned brighter.

“Wicked, thanks. As soon as we finish talking, I'd love it if you'd diaper me up then please.”

“I'll give you the diapers and you can diaper yourself. We get to walk around in just our thick baby diapers though.”

“I'd rather you changed me. And yes, I saw how you looked at me, well, I was looking at you the same way. I know you both want and fear it, and honestly, so do I. You'll be my first, and even though I've played, I've only ever gotten my middle finger inside myself, so I'm sure you're gonna hurt me a little our first time. I'm willing to take it though, and I know that you'll prepare me and make it as good for me as you possibly can. I know that we can't start fucking like bunnies right away, but before I leave in two weeks, I truly do wanna have you make hot gay baby diaper love to me.”

“If it's what you want, then I will give it to you.” Thanks dick head for ruining logic yet again. “Fuck, what I meant to say is that we can't do what you want.” I laughed.

“No, that's not what you meant to say, that's what the law says you haveta say. You meant what you said first.”

“Yeah, you've got a point there. I knew what you were looking for, and I told myself that I'd try and hold you off for as long as possible, so that you could maybe find a younger friend to share with, but, deep down, I knew you were like me, and that another boy just couldn't give you what you need.

“I was the same. Had I have found a man to give me what I needed at your age, I too would've taken it in a heartbeat. And yes, I too was searching, as I know you probably have been as well. Knowing all this, I told myself that I would haveta give it to you to prevent you from searching it out elsewhere and possibly getting hurt. Yes, I will hurt you our first time, probably the first few times, but, it is amazing as well.

“My first time was when I was almost nineteen, he was already well accustomed to things, and didn't give me the time I needed to accommodate his size, because I wanted big, and he was, and fuck did he ever hurt me. He knew I was a virgin, but he barely lubed me, and then pushed in, and none too gently either. I cried, I bled, and fuck did I ever cum. Hardest orgasm I'd had to date, painted my own face, and his too, but I was in so much fucking pain. I don't want that for you. I'm not exactly small, but nor am I massive either, but I will hurt you.”

“Yeah, I've been searching for a couple years already, since I was twelve and a half I knew what I wanted. I knew it was gonna hurt, and being so small as I am, it's probably gonna be worse, but I know who and what I am and what I need, and that when the time comes, I'll gladly take it. The other day, when I met you again, I fell in love with you. I already knew I wanted you so bad, we were so much alike, I'd found and read the letter a good three years ago, and I've read it again several times, in fact, I ended up scanning and saving it to my computer. I dreamed about you so much. When we met on Christmas day again, I damn near came. I was wearing four pairs of underwear, the tightest ones I could find, so as to make sure I didn't show, because I knew you were gonna be there, and I knew how I'd react getting to finally meet you. I already felt a strong connection to you though, maybe it's from when you usedta babysit me.”

“When the time comes, I'll make it as gentle on you as I possibly can, I've loved you a long time, and I truly don't wanna hurt you, even though I know that the first time usually will, at least some. You are still so small, but your little gay baby boy pussy will stretch, no worries there, and I'll prepare you so well that with any luck, there won't be any real pain, maybe just a little discomfort.

“Back when I usedta babysit you, you usedta love me coming over, 'cause I'd let you wander around in just your soggy diapers, and I never made you change before you were ready. Even then I suspected that you might be a diaper lover as well. You were such a cute little baby in your super soggy Pampers.”

“My parents have lotsa pictures of me when I was a baby, and I was often in just my diapers, I love looking at those pictures. I'd love it if you took more of me now in just my soggy baby diapers, but they'd only be for us to see.”

“We'll see.” Is what I said to him, but my mind was screaming, get the fucking camera.

“So, yeah, I've wanted sex for a long time, but I also want it kinky as fuck. I wanna be diaper fucked, and I knew deep down I'd only truly enjoy it with another diaper lover who wanted the same things, and I want it through both our super soggy baby diapers. I wanna be filled with as much cum and piss as I can possibly be filled with. And yes, in my mouth as well. I've sucked the piss right from my diapers before, I love doing it, I've peed in my mouth in the bath hundreds of times, I actually have pretty good aim now, and I've dreamed of having another boy do it to me as well. Ever since I started cumming, which was just about a year ago by the way, I've licked up every amazing drop of it. I just love it, and I dreamed of sucking so much cum it was sick, since I was at least ten, maybe earlier, I can't remember.”

“I'm the same, so I think we'll get along just fine there.” I said, and I am now so fucking hard it is painful. Yes, I was hard before, now I am more so. Hayden too appears to be good and hard.


“So, you only started cumming a year ago, and you're just about to turn fifteen.”

“Just turned fifteen, beginning of the week.”

“Oh, well happy belated birthday then. Wish I had've known that.”

“It's okay. This was what I wished for when I blew out the candles.”

“Glad to hear that wishes can come true.” I laughed.

“No kidding.”

“So, yeah, you just turned fifteen, and you started cumming only a year ago, which is a few months earlier than I was, but I was even smaller than you are now at your age. So, is it full milky and thick yet, and how much do you cum?”

“It was maybe ten months ago, actually, and yeah, it's nice and thick and creamy now, and tastes amazing. I usually cum about five times a day, and each cum is only about four good squirts full. If I hadta guess, I'd say five millilitres or so. My mom told me that you'd had even worse medical problems than me when you were a kid, and spent nearly half your childhood in the hospital. I've been there lots too, but the longest I hadta stay was only a few days, and only a couple times. I can't imagine being there for a couple months at a time like you hadta.”

“Trust me, horrific might not be close enough to what it was like. One heart surgery, two lung surgeries, twice for my bladder, hell, even my appendix. Then all the food allergies I had, they couldn't figure what the fuck to feed me that wouldn't cause me to barf my guts out. It's no wonder I was so small, and a larger wonder how I survived.”

“No shit. So, what are you allergic to then?”

“Wheat, corn, most preservatives, and pretty much all processed sugars, can't have it at all. So, yeah, needless to say, I do most of my own cooking. I can't go to restaurants, never any prepacked meals, no pop, no candy, no regular breads, and pretty much everything hasta be home made, so that I ensure that I don't get anything I can't have. A tiny little bit of any one thing and it won't hurt me, but too much, and it can kill me.”

“Fuck, that sucks.”

“Not really. You get used to it.” I laughed.

“I sorta am, I can't have sugar either, never have, as soon as I have it, I start having difficulties breathing.” (This is me by the way, and some of the rest too.)

“Same. Full on asthma attack with a couple grams of sugar.”

“Yeah, same, it's one of the few things that'll trigger an asthma attack in me, except cats. Cats are actually worse for me than sugar. Went to a friends house once, they had a cat, and I almost died. I was there for only five minutes when my face started to swell bad, and I couldn't breathe. I called my mom, and she took me to the hospital right away, but by the time we made it, I was already turning blue and wasn't getting any oxygen. That was a three day hospital visit. They hadta inject me right to the heart with adrenaline and everything, fuck did that hurt. They said had I not started breathing right away, that they would've given me the breathing tube and all, and that I would've been in hospital for a couple weeks.” (This is me again, I was eighteen when this happened to me.)

“Not sure about animals, but I can only assume I'd be the same. We never had any, and I never had any friends at all, so going anywhere wasn't in the cards for me.”

“So, yeah, I'm still super small, but my doctor says that I should grow more soon, that I still have a good few years worth of growing left in me, but he already told me I'm not likely to be huge, I'm guessing kinda like you.”

“Yeah, at least I did get taller, still not as tall as others, only just barely a hundred and seventy five centimeters, but at least my dick grew. Not sure what I would've done had that not grown.”

“Yeah, mine too. Fuck, this time last year, I wasn't even ten centimeters long when fully hard, and my balls were still fully inside, and I was so skinny. I cried to my doctor, begged him to help me, I wouldn't bare myself in gym like the other boys did, they all had huge and hairy dicks, at least in comparison to mine, I still had a babies dick and balls. I still have almost no hair, but at least I'm about thirteen and a half centimeters long now, getting nice and thick, and my balls finally grew and dropped. Hell, my voice is still changing. Most of the boys in my grade finished mostly last year. Sure, they still crackle a little, but still, I still sound mostly like a little kid.”

“I was the same. I too begged the doctor to do something to help me grow, but there was nothing he could do, short of giving me hormones, but that they don't like doing that.” (And yes, this too was me, I finally started growing when I was almost fifteen.)

“Mine said the same, but that if it didn't start by the time I was eighteen, that they would likely haveta.”


“So, I haveta go peepee really bad, I want you to take me and diaper me up good and thick like the little gay baby boy I am. I'd also loveta change your soggy baby diaper. I'm sure you must need a change. I really wanna suck you, and if you haveta go peepee, give it all to me please.”

“I am, and I do, and I will, but only if you'll let me suck you and drink down all that you care to give me as well.”

“Oh hell yeah.”

I got up and held out my hand for Hayden. He took it and I pulled him up as well, and continued holding his hand tenderly as I led him to our bedroom. Deep down, I always knew that Hayden would not be sleeping on the couch even so much as one night. Now I know for certain.

Hayden had asked first, so, I stood him in front of the bed, and started slowly stripping him, until he is as naked as the day he was born. He is hard, and truly a good size for his stature. It actually looks big on him, but would only be average for a boy his age. He is pointing nearly straight up, and with the slight upward curve that he has, he is very nearly touching his own stomach. His balls are nice and full and loose, though, like he said, he is very nearly hairless still, he does have just the smallest bush of the downiest hairs above his dick.

I know what that is like, even still I have not much hair, I am totally hairless on almost my entire body, only just a little above my dick, less on my balls, and even less in my arm pits. With that being said, though, I do remove all my groin hair anyway, just because I wear diapers and I like to feel truly babyish. I only have to shave once a month though. I shave my face once every three months or so, but only because when it does finally grow some, it is sparse. I have seriously thought about going and getting laser hair removal done, face and groin.

I admit that I stared longingly for at least a good solid minute, and Hayden is standing there, letting me ogle him fully. I would guess that I am the first person that he has allowed to see him naked in a very long time, and probably the first to see him hard. He knows what he wants though, and is letting me take what I want as well.

I lean forward just the last few centimeters, and press my lips to his, and kiss Hayden softly, tenderly. He sighs deeply, but then sighs even deeper as I reach in and grasp hold of his pride and joy. I am not stroking him, but I am feeling all that he has, touching him, caressing him, fondling him, learning him, all while kissing him, and Hayden seems to be enjoying it a great deal.

Finally I pull away from our kiss, and pick Hayden up and lay him down on the bed. I am shocked at just how light he truly is, but then, I am so fucking horny right now, that that is probably lending me a lot of strength as well.

I lean down, aiming for my target, and Hayden opens his legs wide to allow me all the access I could need. I gently reach under his knees and pick them up, there is one target that I want access to first. I love rimming, and I love being rimmed, so much so, that I have been known to cum from just that alone. I hope that Hayden enjoys it as much, and the deep moan he lets out as I venture into his deepest darkest crevasse let me know that he most certainly likes it.

“Oh fuck me, it's even better than I dreamed it'd be.” He moaned only a few seconds after I started.

I have not even started penetrating him, I am only licking and kissing. He tastes amazing though. He cleans himself up very well by the taste of it, which is good. All I can taste is his sweat and a little of his musk.

Pushing Hayden's legs even more, I truly push in, and start tongue fucking him real good. Hayden starts panting and moaning even more now, and in only a minute, I know that he is getting seriously close to exploding.

I drop Hayden's legs as I pull free, and then engulf his entire package in one gulp. I am more than talented enough, and he is just barely small enough, that I can take his entire package in in one gulp. I suck real hard for just a second, more than enough to cause intense pain, and Hayden gasps, and swats me upside the head. I laughed. That is exactly what I needed him to do, come down from his precipice more than enough to enjoy my ministrations.

I am not strictly into BDSM, but there sure are some aspects I like, and both giving and receiving just a small amount of pain during sex can be absolutely amazing. The thing I enjoy about BDSM most, though, is the bondage part. Fuck that can be a lot of fun.

Keeping Hayden fully in my mouth as he currently is, I start pleasuring him, and now he is holding my head gently, almost petting me. I am using my tongue and throat muscles as best I know, and I have been told that I am an amazing cock sucker, possibly the best, and Hayden seems to be truly enjoying it as well. When I felt that Hayden was going to blow again, I felt it was still too soon, and so sucked hard once more, causing Hayden to gasp in pain, smack me once more, only this time harder, but he did back off, and I continued enjoying my young nephew.

Once more I refused to allow Hayden to cum, and when I did, he smacked me really hard, it hurt, and felt great, and I knew that I finally had him where I wanted him to be. I pulled of, so that I am now only sucking his fine specimen of a young boy penis, I am slurping him up from base to tip, giving him all the pleasure I can, and now I can taste his precum, and it tastes really good.

Only one minute more Hayden lasts, before finally exploding, at least a full five minutes later than I am certain he had been hoping for. I expertly sucked it out of him, and savoured his amazing flavour.

Hayden made the most amazing orgasmic sounds as he came, he squeaked and squealed so cutely, he panted and gasped, and he even moaned deeply. It was an impressive orgasm to be sure, and from the feel of it, easily ten millilitres worth of amazing tasting boy cream was deposited in my mouth.

I did not stop though, I went through the entire routine once more, only this time I edged him five times before I allowed him to cum again. This time his cum load was even more powerful and copious, and I enjoyed it even more. Almost as soon as his orgasm ended, his bladder lost its fight to hold all his pee in, and quite suddenly he was peeing. I was looking forward to it, and hoped that Hayden would let go involuntarily.

If anything, Hayden's piss tastes even better than his cum, and his cum had been amazing. Slightly sweet, slightly salty, just a hint of boldness, and no bitterness. He actually tastes much like I do. As soon as he finished peeing, I let go, because he had already gone soft in my suckling mouth.

I stood there and watched as Hayden came down from what I hoped was his best ever pair of orgasms. Considering I know that he has never experienced anything with anyone else, I am sure that was far better than he had ever managed on his own. As soon as I saw that he was down, I grinned to him when he looked to me.

“So, how was it?” I asked.

“Fuck, that was amazing, and horrible, and even more amazing. Don't ever make me hold off like that again.”

“'Til you get staying power of your own, you'd better believe I'll do so. I like to take my time, enjoy myself, one or two amazing orgasms are far preferable to four or five fast ones.”

“My god, I thought I was gonna die there a few times.”

“Nah, I haven't killed anyone yet.” I laughed.

“Yet, but I sure felt like I was gonna be the first.”

“No, I make everyone feel like that. I love sucking, everyone says I'm the best they've ever had. Now, let's get Baby all diapered. Would Baby like a diaper doubler and some baby panties over top?”

“Oh hell yeah.”


I grabbed everything, and then proceeded to diaper Hayden up nice and thick, and then worked his waterproof baby pants up and onto him.

I reached for and grabbed Hayden's hand as soon as he presented it to me, and I pulled him up. I kissed him once more, this time for a good ten minutes, truly showing him everything he needs to know about being a master kisser. I love to kiss, but so few of my partners ever did, because they just wanted release, not a boyfriend. Hayden was the first to break our kiss, and when he did, he started undressing me. He left me with nothing but my soggy diaper on.

“Fuck, you're hot like that.” He groaned.

“Did Baby cum again?” I laughed.

“No, but I did get hard, well, harder. The kiss already made me pretty hard.”


Hayden asked me to lay down, and so I did. He reached in and released the tapes on my soggy diaper, pulled it down in the front, and then buried his face in it. I can hear him sniffing and sucking from it.

“Mmm, you're a naughty little baby boy, aren't you?”

“Oh hell yeah, but I'm pretty sure that had I been wearing a nice soggy diaper, that you would've done the same to mine.”

“Oh hell yeah. I just love soggy baby diapers.”

Hayden then lifted my knees, and I rolled back and opened my legs even more, to allow him all the access he was searching for. As soon as he was clear to do so, Hayden very nearly dove in and started licking and kissing my ass, and then started tongue fucking me. All I can hear from him is the deepest, most satisfied moans and sighs, but then, I too am moaning and sighing deeply. Like I may have mentioned, I love this a great deal.

Hayden must have felt me getting close, because he dropped my knees and backed out, then went straight for what he had thought that he had needed most his entire life, a dick in his throat.

I am not huge, and I am not small, but clearly I was too much for Hayden's tiny little throat, because no matter how hard he tried, he could not seem to swallow me down, and boy did he try. I have to say though, I am impressed, he never once gagged.

“Fuck, I just can't take you all in.” He said in frustration.

“Don't hurt yourself Baby.”

“I've been practicing for this day, but you just won't go down. I guess I just never tried anything as big as you.”

“You'll get it soon enough, don't worry.”

I did not ask how he has practiced, it really does not matter, and is likely the same way I did. Anything that was even remotely dick shaped, and I swallowed it. I too have no gag reflex, whether by design or by practice, I have no idea, but I never recall gagging on anything.

Hayden did do a good job of sucking me, though, he used more than enough tongue action, just the right amount of suction, and not one tooth scrape. I am holding myself from cumming though, I want this to last as long as I can. In fact, I am willing to bet that Hayden will tire far faster than I will.

Almost fifteen minutes later, and I am finally ready to cum, and I wonder if Hayden has recognized the signs yet. I know he wants my cum, and I plan to give it to him. As soon as I was ready, I gasped, and then started shooting. In truth, I have not had a single orgasm since Hayden had asked to come here, I had hoped that we could do just this. It is certainly making for a most amazing orgasm now, though.

As soon as my cum is finished, I let go my bladder, and start filling Hayden's mouth once more. He had done an excellent job at taking my cum, he never lost one drop of it, and he savoured it every bit as much as I savoured his. I am not sure if my piss startled him or not, but I heard him sigh deeply, and then swallow. He is not letting me go straight down his throat though, much like I had done for him, he is letting me fill his mouth up, and then swallowing it down once he has enjoyed it some.

I am now done, though, I had went soft about half way through peeing, so Hayden will not get a second treat. I doubt his neck and mouth could stand to do it any more anyway. Hayden finally let me fall free from his amazingly talented young mouth, and then proceeded to diaper me up every bit as thick as I had diapered him. Still he has not said anything, I can tell why though, he still has a good mouth full of my piss, and he seems to be enjoying it very slowly.

“Fuck, you taste amazing. Did I do it right?”

“Thanks, so did you, and yeah, you did perfectly, every bit as good as most guys ever gave me, and certainly better than some, and they'd all had some practice, though not always lots.”

“Good. Any chance we can go get something to drink and eat?”

“Yeah, I'm getting hungry as well, and we could probably both stand to have lots of water and or tea, I vote for both myself.”

“Me too. I love tea, especially Earl Grey, but almost any green tea is also good.”

“Good. Since I absolutely can't have any sugary drinks, I drink a lot of tea and water.”


We headed to the kitchen, I put on a kettle of water, while Hayden grabbed us each a large glass of water. As I was preparing everything for our tea, we each drank two of those glasses full. While waiting for the tea to steep, we got started on something for dinner, and then sipped our tea as we cooked.

I have never truly enjoyed cooking, because I never got to really cook for anyone other than myself, but having Hayden with me is so much better, not only does he keep me company, but I am not cooking just for myself. With my health problems though, I have had to always cook for myself. I cannot trust anything that a restaurant does, everything they make has either some form of sugar or some other thing I am almost deathly allergic to. Sure, just a tiny bit will not kill me, but too much absolutely will, hence I cannot trust them.

After dinner, we sat back and relaxed, talked, read, and even watched a little TV. It was actually quite nice. Hayden and I seem to be shockingly similar in many ways, yet we are quite different too, which is good. Where I was always architecture and buildings, he is all science and space. I do not like to cook, he loves to cook. I love drawing and art, he can barely draw a stick figure, I admit, I laughed at that one. Yet, we both love to read, we both love sci-fi movies and books, and of course we are both gay baby boy diaper lovers. Hayden is shockingly witty and funny, though he admits that, much like I was, he hardly ever talks to anyone else, though I certainly got better once I was away from home and more free to be who and what I was.

By the time bed time rolled around, neither of us are in need of a baby bum change, our very thirsty double diapers are still more than thirsty enough to hold on, and should they not be, oh well. I never asked, Hayden never asked, we just ended up in bed together, kissing and cuddling, and before I knew it, we were sound asleep, wrapped up in each other, and I think that I had the best sleep I have ever had.