Chapter 2

I am an early riser by nature, other than a few times when I was really sick, I do not believe that I have ever slept past seven, though five is my normal time. No matter how late I go to bed, my eyes just pop open at damn near dead on five am every morning. I have always been like that though, not sure how or why, I certainly have never needed to be up that early. I have had to train myself to go to bed no later than ten, which, when you are a partier like I was, is kind of difficult, but then again, sometimes I just did not care, and went with four hours of sleep, but it was always a pretty damn good sleep, if you catch my drift.

When I opened my eyes, I was almost shocked to see that Hayden was just waking up as well. I waited the few seconds for the fog to clear, and then I had to smile when he smiled brightly to me.

Barely seconds after waking up, we are kissing once more. I cannot seem to get enough of kissing my hot young nephew. He does not seem to be able to get enough of kissing me either.

“Mmmm, good morning Baby. How'd you sleep?” I asked when we broke apart.

“Mmmm, so good. Such a gloriously thick and soggy baby diaper, it held all my baby peepee and didn't leak, so I'm not all wet and cold. Then there was cuddling up to you all night long. I've never got to sleep with anyone before.”

“Not even your parents?”

“Yeah, right, and risk wetting their bed. My dad accepts the fact that I have no choice but to wear diapers, he accepts that I wet the bed, but I am absolutely not allowed in their bed, because the few times I did when I was younger, I always leaked. Not my fault they buy the cheapest of cheap, shitty diapers. Then there's the fact that I have two sisters too. Even if I was in there, there's no way they'd allow that. If I dare take any attention from my parents, the little bitches ensure that I get in trouble for something, even if I had nothing to do with it, they always blame me. It's gotten to the point where I don't even like being around them any more at all.”

“I can understand them not wanting you in their bed if you leak, but really, put a protective cover on, and problem solved. I understand the need for them to buy cheap diapers, they don't exactly make a lot of money. Hell, this house is damn near as good as their house is, and you only have three bedrooms, and I'm certain they pay too much rent for it too. Now, are your sisters really that bad to you, or are you just being a big brother?”

“No, sadly they really are that mean to me. Any time their backs are turned, they call me all sorts of names behind our parents' backs. I can't say anything, because they gang up together and say that neither of them said anything at all.”

“Then I'm buying you a digital recorder so that that sorta shit can be stopped.”

“I'd really appreciate that, most days I don't even leave my bedroom if they're home. Thankfully being the only boy, I get my own bedroom, the bitches getta share. They'd love it if I moved, then one of them would get my room. Granted, I'd loveta move too, and I'd loveta move here.”

“Yeah, I knew where you'd wanna go. Stay with your parents though, it truly is where you belong. I also think that sooner, rather than later, you should sit your parents down, preferably without your sisters home, and explain a few things. I suggest that you get some good quality recordings first, and then sit them down, tell them how they are to you, and then who and what you are. Trust me, I know how scary that is, but, I'm willing to bet that they already know, or, at the very least, strongly suspect. My parents did, so did my siblings mind you. I guarantee you that you'll feel better for it, and I know for a fact your mom will not take kindly to how your sisters have treated you.”

“I'm pretty sure they haveta know, and I know I should tell them, everything, well, not everything, just the things that they need to know. I'm sure it'd make living there a billion times better.”

“I felt so much better afterward, only, of course, I wasn't strong enough to do it in person. If I hadn't have been so scared of dying, I guarantee you I would've been suicidal, but, with that being said, had I have been bullied, I doubt I would've had the strength, and I probably would've just done it.”

“Yeah, there was a while there when I thought maybe it'd just be better. I found your letter not long after, and found that there was at least one other person just like me. I started doing lots of research on the computer, I hadn't before that at all, was too afraid I think, and became at least a little more comfortable with who I am. I knew that the family accepted you, even though you're a freak, which, by the way, is what half the kids in school call me, have for a few years now. They all know I'm a bed and pants wetter, and they've assumed I was gay for years already.”

“Yeah, they accept me, that was probably the single largest shock of my life. I felt like I was a freak my whole life, 'til I moved away in fact and learned that there are lots more like us out there. The internet certainly helped in that regard, but it was more just meeting others like us that helped more than anything.”

“Yeah, the internet has certainly helped me a lot as well.”

“How do they know you're a bed wetter? I mean, I can understand pants wetter if you've managed to have accidents at school.”

“If you're a pants wetter, you're automatically a bed wetter too I guess. I mean, it's true enough, but still, pointing it out every fucking day is kinda annoying. I haven't wet my pants at school for a little more than a year, but there have been a few close calls, but I have wet them during the day at other places. I'm not even allowed to sit on the couch at home, I haveta sit on the floor, just in case.”

“How often does that happen?”

“Once a month or so. If I'm sick, or really tired, then that's it, I'll wet, and don't take me on long car rides. Well, unless I'm heavily diapered of course.”

“Of course. I was the same, still am really. Sitting is when I feel my bladder least of all, and if it gets too full, then bam, I'm wet.”

“Yeah, exactly. Usually as soon as I stand, I wet. I go to the bathroom between every class, no matter what. I hadta get special permission from the school to do that, so that I could either leave class a few minutes early, or arrive a few minutes late. I made the school principal do that for me after the third wet pants accident in a month, that was when I was in grade four, and I just make sure and carry that over to the next school. Granted, I was standing in front of him in soaked pants, again.”

“I hadta do the same. It got so bad at times that I damn near asked for diapers during the day, so's to prevent wet pants. I mean, how much worse could it be, wet pants or diapers.”

“Same. I doubt they'd tease me any more or less because of it.” Hayden laughed.

“Yeah, probably not. Well, Baby, what say we get our super soggy baby bums outta bed and go get some breakfast?”

“Okay, sounds good. I might leak soon, I'm getting pretty full, but it also feels so good, I've never had truly good diapers that could hold this much before, so I'm really enjoying it.”

“Meh, so what if you leak, especially if you've enjoyed it very fully I say.” I laughed.

“Good, and I think I've enjoyed it very fully. Let's go get breakfast then Baby.”

“Okay, then after breakfast we can see if that pitiful shower can fit two baby boys into it so that we can get cleaned.”

“Cool, sounds good, especially if we getta wash each other.”

“Of course. Babies can't possibly wash themselves, now can they.” I grinned.

“Nope.” He smiled brightly.

We hopped out of bed, both our super soggy baby diapers nearly knocking our knees they are so wet and heavy now. We leave them as they are, because neither of us care all that much if they do leak, and they likely will when we sit down, but that is perfectly okay. We go and make a nice filling breakfast of oatmeal with blueberries in it, a couple hard boiled eggs, and some fresh fruit. Hayden admits that he has never eaten anything like this before, and is usually lucky to just get a bowl of plain cereal or a couple slices of toast. This is my pretty normal breakfast actually, I like it, it is good for me, and I can eat it.

As soon as we are finished, we clean up quickly, then head to the bathroom to get cleaned up. The bathroom features a very water stained bath tub that was probably new when Canada was founded, and is large enough to fit one person sitting down, assuming they are no taller than me, but it would be tight, my back and feet would be touching both ends, and it is barely, and I mean just barely wide enough to sit in. We will both fit, but it won't be a comfortable shower either, granted, it will be cozy and very personal, but for some strange reason, I am okay with that. Practically hugging Hayden the entire time we are cleaning does not really sound like all that much of a chore.

I start the shower, then we strip each other of our sodden diapers, and then hop in. I know that unfortunately we will not get to truly enjoy this shower, we will have at most fifteen minutes of hot water, and maybe a further five of lukewarm water before it runs out. With as pitiful as the water pressure is, though, this is sometimes tough. As we hopped in, I did warn Hayden of this, so that he knows that we really will not have time to play in the shower, just clean.

We do get down to cleaning, we are mostly cleaning each other at the same time, with just soap in our hands, and this too is a special soap for my rather irritable skin. We make sure to wash everywhere, and we are both insanely hard because of it. We finish with washing each others hair, which we do manage at the same time, practically hugging each other, eyes closed, and we massaged the shampoo into each others hair for the entire five minutes of hot water that we had left, and then rinsed in the lukewarm water before it turned freezing fucking cold.

We dried each other, brushed our own hair and teeth, and then, with our dicks pointing the way, we went right back to bed, but certainly not to sleep.

“I wanna try sucking each other at the same time, and I'd love it if you fed me your pee again, and I'd love to play with each others baby bums. I'm getting pretty full and haveta peepee pretty bad, so soon would probably be good.” Hayden said.

“Okay Baby, sounds fun.”

“Do you happen to have dildos and butt plugs?”

“Of course.”

“Wicked, can we try those then please?”


I grabbed everything that we would be needing, and then crawled onto the bed. Hayden too climbed in and crawled onto me in the correct way, laying himself fully on my body, both of us nearly slipping into each others mouths already.

“You know what, no, this is wrong, get off.” I said suddenly.

“What, no, it's not wrong, it's so right?” Hayden asked, very nearly bursting into tears.

“Yes, it is. We're diaper lovers, we can't do this unless we're diapered.”

“You mean it?”


“But we'll ruin perfectly good diapers.”


“But, that's a waste.”

“Ah, but I have plans. Don't you worry your hot little baby bum about it.”

I pushed Hayden off of me, climbed out of bed and went and grabbed our diapers, our thickest ones, and then proceeded to thickly diaper my hot little baby nephew. I then laid down and allowed for him to do the same to me.

I changed positions on the bed, and then urged Hayden to come back up and to lay back down in the same way again, and he did, only this time we are presented with super thick baby diapers instead. Well, what is a gay baby boy to do in such a situation. I poked two holes in Hayden's still very much dry diaper. I pulled out his fine young erection, and sucked it in. Just as I was sucking Hayden in, he finished poking the matching holes in my diaper as well, and moaned deeply as I sucked him in. He extracted me next, then sucked me in, and I too moaned deeply, only around his baby peepee.

I grabbed the lube and prepared my fingers, then passed the lube to Hayden, who took it and prepared his fingers as well. Once I knew that he was ready, I led the pace by inserting only one of my fingers inside Hayden's diaper, and pressing it to his still moist little hole. He opened up to my pressing finger instantly, and I slipped in as deep as I could, same as Hayden is doing to me at the exact same time.

I started a nice slow motion, both sucking and fingering, and Hayden followed suit and matched my pace. We kept this up for maybe a minute, and when I pulled out my one finger, so did Hayden. I added more lube to two fingers, and so did Hayden, then we slipped them both back inside each other. Hayden groaned a little, but I did slip in with relative ease. He is certainly far tighter now though, and I am certain that there is a little discomfort. I know he both wants and needs this, and that even though it is a little uncomfortable, he does not wish for it to stop.

Had Hayden said anything, I would have done exactly what he had asked, but he did not, and so I very slowly fingered him, matching my sucking to that pace. Hayden is still matching my pace, so that is good.

This time we went for near on ten minutes, the fact that Hayden had not yet cum tells me just how uncomfortable it still is. He is still shockingly tight, but I am slipping my two fingers in as far as I can, twisting, turning, and scissoring them as I do so, I am also prodding his hot hard little prostate, and every time I do so, Hayden makes the cutest little sound.

I pulled my fingers out, and even disengaged with his erection momentarily.

“Are you ready Baby? The dildo is only just slightly larger than my two fingers, maybe five percent or so. It shouldn't hurt any more than what that just did.”

He pulled off. “Yeah, I'm ready. It never really hurt, but it certainly was uncomfortable at first. It's just a little painful, but nothing I can't handle. Can I use the dildo on you as well?”

“Hell yeah, and make sure and turn the vibrator on as well, I will for you too.”

“Okay.” He said, and then latched back on.

I too latched back on, lubed up the dildo, passed the lube back to Hayden, who also lubed up my dildo, we are just using my next smallest, which is just a tiny bit smaller than I am, but it is nice and comfortable for me. We turned on the vibrators, and then started working them into each other. Once the head of Hayden's dildo was just inside him, I pushed slowly and gently, until the entire thing was seated inside him as far as it would go. Hayden had matched my pace as well.

As it slipped into him, Hayden made a low grumbling sound from deep within himself. It felt amazing on my dick, to tell you the truth. I know that sound, it is one of both pain and pleasure happening all at the same time. He is getting exactly what his body has needed for a long time, yet it still hurts. I know that feeling so very well.

“Oh god, it feels so good, and hurts so good.” Hayden mumbled with my dick head just barely in his mouth still.

“Good.” I said around his dick.

With his dildo all the way inside him, I just kept the pressure on it lightly to keep it inside him, letting the vibrator do its magic. It will feel amazing, and will relax Hayden like almost nothing else could. I still find being rimmed and truly tongue fucked works better for me, but this feels damn near as good.

I also continued my very slow and soft sucking, just barely giving Hayden any actual pleasure. From the soft mewling sounds he is making, I think he likes it. We are being so soft and slow, and taking so long. I doubt that Hayden has ever taken more than a minute to cum before. But then, I do understand. Hence the reason I am trying to teach him to slow right down, because it is far more enjoyable to slow down.

Hayden is following my lead perfectly, and he too has not moved my dildo, and the vibrator in it feels especially amazing to me. We must have stayed exactly like this for a good solid ten minutes.

Then Hayden did exactly what I was hoping that he would do. His body shuddered softly, quaked lightly, his dick pulsed and hardened even more in my mouth, and he relaxed fully and completely. He is now ready.

I started pulling out the dildo, as slowly as I could, and Hayden matched my motion, and as soon as it slipped all out, I pressed it back in. This is not normally suggested until a hot boy hole is used to it, but Hayden has now relaxed enough that I am certain that I can safely do this to him and not hurt him. I was right, because the moan he let out as I did so to him was definitely one of all pleasure, zero pain. I know the sounds, I have made them myself.

We both continued the exact same motions, and for only about three minutes before Hayden quite violently came. It actually shocked me, both the intensity and the quantity. It was by for the strongest and most copious cum I have ever had the pleasure to produce in someone. I too am feeding Hayden a nice thick creamy load of cum.

No sooner had Hayden finished cumming, when his bladder, that he had warned me already had been full, probably half an hour ago now, just gave up, and suddenly I am getting a mouth full of hot sweet gay baby boy piss. Mmmm, so tasty. I too let go my aching bladder, only I do it voluntarily, I think Hayden's just let go by itself. We each savour each other, continue sucking each other slowly, as well as dildo fucking each other still just as slowly and fully.

I did not change our pace at all, and for easily another ten minutes we each absolutely enjoyed sucking and dildo fucking each other, before we came again. Hayden went soft in my sucking mouth before he even finished cumming, while I am still mostly hard, just not fully so. So, I guess I completely satisfied my baby, that is good. I stopped all motions as soon as we finished cumming, but we left each other in our mouths, and the vibrating dildos still fully inside each other. For easily ten minutes more, we stayed just like this, basking in the glow of an amazing lovemaking session. Slow, tender, and beautiful, my favorite way of making love.

Do not get me wrong, I love raw, kinky, dirty sex as much as the next gay baby boy diaper loving slut, but I do prefer being made love to. I have so rarely experienced it though, most of my partners had all just been about raw fucking, and for a one night stand, a hookup for sex only, that is fine, but I do need loving too. I finally found a partner who seems to want and need it every bit as much as I do, and I do love him.

As soon as I hear Hayden sigh deeply, I know that we are done. I very slowly slip out his dildo, and he does the same for me. I disengage with his nice soft dick, and roll Hayden off of me. He stays laying there on his back, staring at the water stained ceiling for several moments before sighing deeply again.

“Wow, that was utterly amazing.” He said so softly I more felt it than heard it.

“Yeah, it was, and so beautiful as well.”

“Mmmhmm.” He sighed, sounding very much at peace with the world.

“How do you feel Baby?”

“So very loved.”

“Good, and so do I.”

“Good, because you are. I love you more than any other person on the planet, put together, I love you more than all of them.”

“Ditto.” I say, trying not to laugh.

“Yeah.” He says, laughing, and I join him. “So, what are your plans with our ruined baby diapers?”

“Get into baby diaper change position Baby, close your eyes, and enjoy.” I say, and then finally get out of bed, it is actually well over an hour after we had gotten out of the shower I noticed when I looked at the clock. Mmm, nice, my longest lovemaking session to date.

I grab everything that we will be needing, and go back to the bed. I untaped Hayden's diaper, still dry, other than some lube, pulled it out, poked a whole bunch more smaller holes in it, and then replaced it. I then put a diaper doubler inside it. I lotioned and creamed Hayden up really good, and then slipped in the smallest vibrating butt plug I have, only just a tiny amount of a stretch more than the dildo had been, and he grunted only lightly as the widest part slipped into him, and then seated, at which time he sighed deeply.

I then grabbed another of our ultra thick diapers, and one more doubler, and proceeded to put that onto Hayden next. I urged him to stand up, telling him not to open his eyes yet, and once he is, I taped his diaper on extra well with some good strong packing tape. Finally I slipped onto him a nice soft thick pair of waterproof baby pants over top of his quadruple ultra thick diaper. I made sure that the diapers were fully encased inside the pants, and they were.

“There you go Baby, how's it feel?”

“Like you just wrapped a pillow around me. It feels fucking amazing.”

“Good, I'm glad you like. And what about the butt plug?”

“Mmmm, amazing.”

“Good. That dildo and plug are yours to keep, but they're still a little bit better than half my size, so you still have a little ways to go before we can make love to you pain free.”

“You mean it, thanks. I know, but when the time's right, I'll be able to take it.”

“I know, and I'll happily give it to you as well. Now, diaper me up Baby.”

I had to tell him exactly what to do and when, and he followed my instructions happily, loving what he is doing to me. I stood up once he told me to, and he happily taped me up and then slipped my baby pants onto me as well.

“Wow, you look fucking hot like this.” Hayden sighed deeply.

“Thanks, so do you Baby.”

“Thanks. I need a little more to eat now, and I definitely need something to drink, so can we go get a snack please?”


I made some tea, while Hayden got us a couple glasses of water. As we were waiting for the tea to steep, we each had a couple pieces of fruit. We are now nice and satisfied. I decided to go sit out on the front porch and sip my tea, and Hayden said he would too. It is not too cold out, so that is good, only about two degrees Celsius, so definitely chilly, but having my baby cuddled into me as we sip our tea sure is nice.

I am thankful that the property that I bought is quite secluded, no real neighbors because of the way the mountains shield us, and it is well treed as well, so that certainly helps. The road is a long way off, and because the driveway curves a fair bit, there is no direct line of sight from the road to the house, which is perfect.

This had been exactly what I had been looking for when I was searching, I had asked for acreage, privacy, and internet, preferably good high speed of course. My Realtor had found it, but, like he had warned me, the house was a tear down. I had not even asked about a place with a house, I had just been planning on buying an RV to live in for the few months that it would take to build. The fact that it had a house was better, and cheaper in the long run, that it is a piece of shit house that is still barely standing really does not matter, it only has to stay standing for about three to five months.

I have always hated living in a fish bowl, I do not like people too near to me, and my old house was okay, at least there I had had about a quarter acre with a nice house. I had started in student dorms, and then an apartment, and I hated those places so fucking much it was not even funny. Of course, when I lived at home with my parents, I always had people around, which I had dealt with, but I stayed in my own room more often than not. The hospital stays were always the worst, no privacy, always noisy, horrible.

Just before I had received my offer to come move here, I had started the designing of a nice large apartment complex, I had been doing it in my spare time. I have needed a good place to dump several million dollars, and so I had thought of doing that. It would certainly make me some good coin too. When I got the job offer here, I had asked the Realtor about property in town that could hold a building like what I had already designed. He said that not only is it insanely needed right now, but there are a few places he could think of that might be able to take it.

As soon as I had made it to town and was able to talk to the mayor, I had done so, that was only just this week on Tuesday, and she was all for it, saying that it is most certainly needed, and that there are several sites available. I asked about getting permits and all that, and she said something of that nature might take a month or more.

I gave her the plans, she looked them over and was happy, but said it was a full five stories higher than the current bylaws allowed. Shit, oh well, chopping five floors off and making it only ten stories really is not that hard to do. I asked if there were any suitable properties where we could put two of them then instead, in the shorter versions, and she said there is one, but that it would actually be able to hold three of them probably.

I just wonder if I can afford to do all that without having to go to the bank. I am not making it extravagant or anything like that, it is going to be strictly rental units, so more basic on the amenities and whatnot. I will ask my parents if they want to kick in some money, I think it would be an excellent investment for them. Each floor of the plans I had drawn has up to as many as ten apartments, depending on if they are the two, three, or four bedroom floor plans. Depending upon how I split it up, doing three towers could mean as many as two hundred apartments, and at an average of a grand a month for rent, that could be a most excellent return on investment.

So, that night I went back to the drawing board, and for the next three nights I redrew everything to those specifications. It needed a huge amount of underground parking, and I decided to add a massive pool complex to it as well. May as well. I called and talked to my parents about this, and they were only too happy to kick in a couple million dollars, I had no idea they had this much cash to spare, but that is good, with what I have, hopefully it will be enough. I had went and talked to the mayor again on Friday morning with the revisions, and she said it was perfect, and would hand it in, and told me which property it was and I called my Realtor and had him put in an offer on the property.

I got the acceptance call just before I had left work to pick up Hayden, and was happy. I called my bank and requested a money transfer to the Realtor company for their fees and the deposit. Once all the paperwork and legal bullshit is taken care of this coming week, I will pay off the balance. I will ask the same company that is doing my house to work on that project as well, which might just push them into moving faster on my house, so that they can start a truly massive project that will make them even more money.

Of course I will have them build one tower first, as well as all the parking for the entire complex, and probably the pool will have to be done right away as well, so this will help get income flowing pretty quickly. I figure that the entire three tower unit should take just about a year to complete, probably a full three months will be needed for just the under ground work, and then three months per tower, assuming that everything goes smoothly.

All this had been flowing through my mind as we sat there sipping our tea, we are both silent, only enjoying the peaceful companionship. I like that about Hayden, he does not feel it necessary to fill every silent moment with talk. I have been known to go several days without saying anything, I just listen most often. As soon as I saw that Hayden started shivering, I knew that it was time to go inside, and so I stood up, extended my hand to my baby, pulled him up to a standing position, and then still holding his hand tenderly, I led him back inside.

“That was nice, even though I'm really cold now.” Hayden said softly.

“It's actually quite good for you. Causes your body to ramp up heat generation, which makes it work pretty hard, and then when you get inside, you'll sweat lots, which in turn purges a shit load of impurities from your skin.”

“Yeah, I actually knew that already, just commenting that I'm really cold. A good boyfriend would offer to warm me up.” He grinned cheekily at me.

I said nothing, but did laugh, and then went in and pressed my lips to his nice soft ones, and kissed him deeply. We each grabbed hold of each others super thickly diapered bums, and held each other as we kissed. Well, I am certainly getting warmer.

“Mmmm.” Hayden sighed as we let go, “If I got that every time I went outside and got cold, I'd forever be going in and out.”

“Know how you feel.” I smiled warmly to my baby.

We did almost nothing the entire rest of the day, we cuddled, we talked a little, watched TV and movies, played games, and just had a nice super relaxing day. When it was time for bed, we were both in serious need of going to the bathroom, and even though our super thick baby diapers could likely hold on for longer, our bowels would not. Granted, I doubt that our diapers would have lasted through the night anyway.

We stripped each other of all our soggy baby diapers, and then I offered Hayden first shot at the toilet and he took it. He sat down, reached underneath himself and grabbed and pulled out the plug that is still inside him. It took a few seconds, but it came out, and he gasped lightly and sighed as it came out. He also went rock hard. I laughed.

I grabbed the plug from Hayden as soon as I was able to, and took it to the sink and washed it off fully for him as he evacuated himself completely. He was done only a few minutes later, and after flushing, I took his place and then handed Hayden my plug so that he could clean it off while I emptied out.

“I don't know about you Baby, but I needta drop a load before bed, and then I gotta get diapered soon.” I said once I was done.

“Me too. I didn't go peepee on the potty like a big boy, but I do haveta go, and I didn't hear you go either, so, if you haveta go, I want it please, and I'll happily give you mine if you want it.”

“I'm the same Baby. I knew you'd want it, so I've saved it for at least the last half an hour. Going poopies on the potty almost made me go peepee, but I knew you'd want it, so I forced myself to save it for you.” I grinned.

“Same. We're kinda naughty, aren't we?” He grinned.

“Mmmhmm, we're each others naughty baby boys for sure.”


We ended up jumping onto the bed, Hayden doing so in such a way that he is facing the correct way for us to pleasure each other at the same time. Well, I am certainly okay with that. Then Hayden hopped back up and went to the end table, I almost laughed when I saw him grab the lube, dildos, and butt plugs again.

“Dildos okay, but we shouldn't wear the plugs again so soon Baby. I don't think it's all that good for us.”

“Oh, okay, I just wanted to feel nice and full.”

“I know Baby, I know.”

Hayden got back into position, and sucked me in as far as he was able to, while lubing up his fingers to prepare me. I sucked Hayden in barely a second later, and then took the lube that he is passing to me, and so I too prepared my fingers to prepare him properly.

As soon as I was ready to do so, I started tickling Hayden's heinie, and so he did the same to me. As soon as he was relaxed enough for me to do so, I slipped my middle finger as deep inside him as I could, not stopping once I started, and going nice and slow, so as not to hurt him any. Hayden did likewise and slipped his middle finger inside me just as slowly. Of course he bottomed out first.

As we suck each other as slow as we are able, we finger each other gently to match. About three or so minutes after starting, Hayden sighed deeply around my dick, and so I knew it was time to add another finger. I pulled out, and Hayden did as well. I added more lube to my fingers and passed it to Hayden who did the same. As soon as I start slipping my middle and index finger inside Hayden, he did the same to me, and we slipped all in nice and slow. Hayden made no sound of discomfort, so he is well relaxed and open, which is good.

As we two fingered each other, we are still sucking each other, and for damn near five minutes we lasted as we are doing so. I just love hearing the soft moans and sighs that Hayden is letting escape around my dick in his mouth, it damn near sounds as if he is purring at times. Suddenly Hayden could go no more, and I felt him reach critical mass within a second, and I just barely had time to ensure that I was positioned correctly to enjoy his baby cream, and likely juice as well.

Five shots of cum, but thirteen or fourteen pulses, is what I counted from my baby. They were good sized shots of sweet, hot gay baby boy cream, and I savoured them thoroughly. Barely a second after he finished cumming, though, Hayden exploded in his second load. I knew that he would. He had said that he too had had to force himself not to peepee on the toilet, so I knew that he was full. That is perfectly okay by me, though, I wanted his slightly sweet and salty piss anyway, and I greedily sucked it all down.

As Hayden came, he stopped sucking, which brought me down just enough so that I did not drown him. As soon as Hayden came down, though, he wanted my load, and so started sucking and fingering again to get what he wants, what he so desperately needs. I am damn near desperate now to give it to him. Not only do I have to pee ferociously, but my balls are very nearly boiling, at least that is what they feel like. Instead of going softer as I waited for Hayden to resume, I am pretty sure I went even harder. Barely five seconds is all I could last before I exploded.

Thankfully Hayden read the signs, and so I did not shock him, or just go straight down his throat, that would have been damn near as big a waste as just spewing into a fucking tissue and throwing it away. Talk about wasteful. Us gay baby boys need our baby cream, absolutely, but we also love to taste it, savour it, enjoy it. I was not even down from my cum, and Hayden had not even swallowed any of it, when my bladder had all the pressure it could take, and like a damn bursting, I started peeing. I damn near flooded poor Hayden's mouth with the torrent, but he was just fast enough to accept it all and swallow it all down, though, once my flow started to ebb, he was able to start savouring it as well.

I sighed deeply around Hayden's hot hard dick in my mouth, then muttered sorry. He muttered something back, it sounded like no worries, but I could not be sure. I pulled out my fingers, Hayden did likewise, and I grabbed up his dildo and lubed it up, then passed the lube to Hayden, who lubed up my dildo. We turned them on and slipped them into each other at the same time, and once more, we did not stop once they started going in, but we did go nice and slow.

Hayden sighed long and low, clearly there is no pain at all, so that is good, because that was definitely a very satisfied sigh.

For damn near ten minutes we very slowly dildo fucked and sucked each other, both of us rising slowly but surely to another amazing orgasm. I came first this time, and Hayden came not even a second after I did. It was amazing, to say the least, and I know that Hayden still has my entire load in his mouth, as I do his, and we are enjoying each others loads as much as we can. I am already going soft in Hayden's mouth, and he is no longer quite so hard either. About five minutes later, we are both completely soft, yet still in each others mouths, we have yet to swallow down each others cum loads, we are still enjoying them, so why would we.

Finally we do swallow, and we both sigh deeply. We let each other fall from our mouths, and then Hayden spins around and kisses me deeply, tenderly. We kiss for damn near ten minutes before Hayden detaches. Saying nothing at all, Hayden slips out of bed and grabs our ultra thick diapers and a pair of doublers, as well the lotion and cream. By the time he makes it back to the bed, I have already turned myself into diaper change position, so that he can prepare me properly.

As soon as Hayden has me as thickly diapered as I deserve, desire, I repay the favour and diaper my baby. I crawl into bed, pull my baby to me, kiss him for just another couple minutes, then turn over and turn off the light, then turn back and whisper to Hayden just how much I love him, and he says the same to me. As we hold each other, we fall into a blissful sleep and sleep the night away peacefully.