Chapter 3

Our weekend passed, and before we know it, I am dropping Hayden off at school on my way to work. I had asked Hayden if he was sure about going to school wearing a diaper, and he was absolutely all for it, and even has a couple spares, and a spare pair of pants in his pack for just in case. I was happy with this, I think that he looks even better in a diaper, and I know that he loves them every bit as much as I do, so the fact that he did decide to wear does not really surprise me. I would have been more surprised had he decided not to. I would have been disappointed, to tell you the truth, but I would not have let him know that. He has to move at his own pace.

The week went by shockingly fast. Not only am I working on a massive project at work, but I am also working on my own project, and have had several meetings because of it as well. The contractor for my house was only too happy to ramp up his deadline on the house, even with adding the pool and pool house, so that they could get started on my apartment complex. He knows that that will be a serious money maker, and had asked to become partners in it. Since I doubt that my parents and I have quite enough money to complete the project anyway, I said sure. Of course I said I already have one other silent partner, and we signed papers for that as well.

The payments all went through, the permits are all well on their way, thankfully we do not have to get zoning permissions or anything like that, because it had already been zoned for just this sort of thing, it was simply that no one had come forth to actually build anything on the empty lot. Apparently a large grocery store had used to be there, but it had burned down and they had not paid taxes on the empty lot for something like ten years, so the city took it back, and so they needed to get rid of it as well. This would make everyone a shit load of money in the long run.

By the end of the week, my foundation was just being poured, and would need to set up for several days before they could do anything more to it. All the foam blocks for the concrete walls are ordered and are to be delivered in about a week or two anyway, so this is perfect. While they are waiting for them to arrive, the guys will work on the pool, the rest of the site work, and getting everything else ordered. I had had to go and choose what windows and doors I wanted, and since I was shopping anyway, I had Hayden with me for this, we picked out flooring, mouldings, cabinets, lights, appliances, and at least a hundred other things. I gave all this information to the contractor, since it is his job to order everything to ensure we get only what we need.

Friday afternoon, after Hayden and I had gotten home, but before the crew had left, I was talking to the owner of the company, and we ended up talking about the apartment as well. Hayden was confused as to what we were talking about, but held off until after all the guys had left.

While we were making dinner, he asked about it, and so I explained to him what we are doing, and that Grandma and Grandpa are also silent partners in the project.

“Are grandma and grandpa really that rich, and you too? I mean, I knew they had money, and I figured you must as well if you're building such a big house.”

“They have more money than I thought they had, and no, I'm certainly not hurting any at all.”

“Oh. How is it my parents and aunts and uncles all seem to have no money, while you and them all do?”

“Poor life choices sadly. You know your mom had you quite early, but what you might not know, is you are her second. Her first didn't make it through her first trimester. The others are all much the same. None of them wanted to go to school, hence the reason I had so much money for schooling, they used none of it, so I got all of it. Not even trades school or something to learn something useful. Your dad works in a factory, your mom in a clothing store, neither make any money at all. Same with your other aunts and uncles. They all have shit jobs, because they didn't care to go to school. I know and understand that not everyone's cut out to go to school, and certainly not for as long as I did, but at least go do something, even a trade. I'm reasonably certain I make more money in one month than your parents do combined all year. Grandma and Grandpa are the same as me.

“I do have a job that's paid me a couple hundred thousand a year for several years already, and because I paid not one cent of my own money for schooling, I was able to save a lot. Of course, that isn't enough on its own. I'm also really good with money. When I moved across the country for school, for the first couple years, I stayed in paid for school dorms, and then I had a cheap apartment. I also had shit loads of extra money, something like three hundred thousand dollars, and so I bought two small properties in town that were stupid cheap. The houses were in decent condition, but needed some work. I lived in one and fixed it up, rented the other to someone else who said he'd fix it up for cheaper rent, I just bought the materials, and it worked perfectly.

“Over the course of the next couple years, I used the income from the rental properties I kept buying, to buy even more. I just went to the banks for those, though, why use my own money for that, right. Then, about three years ago, the market swung back, and all my properties were worth somewhere between five and ten times what I paid for them, and so I sold them all. I had already bought a decent sized lot, back when the price was still stupidly low, and then built my dream house on it. I paid sixty thousand for the lot, spent a couple hundred on the house to build it, and when I sold it, it sold for three million, almost quarter a million over what I had been asking for it, but it too was a truly spectacular house, with amazing views and everything.”

“Oh, so you're into real estate investing as well then?”

“Big time, and so are Grandma and Grandpa. This won't be the first property they've bought and sold, though this one they'll keep for life.”

“That's awesome. It sucks that my parents have no school savings at all for me, and if I wanna go to school, I'm gonna haveta get stupid amounts of student loans and whatnot, and probably be in debt for the first five years after school.”

“You won't haveta worry about that Baby, I'll have you covered. I want for you to go to school and become even more brilliant than you are already are, and I'll do whatever it takes to help you succeed.”

“You mean it, that's, well, that's the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me.”

“You're welcome Baby. You're brilliant, of that there's simply no doubts, you're my baby boy, and so of course I'll help you, but, I have a sneaking suspicion that you won't need it either. Much like me, I think most, if not all of your schooling will be taken care of by all sorts of scholarships and grants and whatnot. The university here has some amazing courses for what you want, so you won't haveta move, and of course you pay nothing while you're in school. Afterward, we'll figure things out.”

“Thanks.” He said softly with tears in his eyes.

“You're very welcome Baby.”

Tonight, at bedtime, we played as we have every night, well, morning as well, and this night I upgraded Hayden to the dildo and butt plug that I had been using, and grabbed the next biggest pair for myself. This dildo is now only about fifteen or so percent smaller than me, but the butt plug is wider around at it's widest than I am, so, if by next weekend, Hayden can comfortably take both, I will happily make sweet gay baby boy diaper love to him.

Hayden grunted and groaned a little as the newer dildo slipped into him, he even gasped and asked for me to pause for a few moments as he got used to it, and I did. As soon as he sighed and relaxed a little more, I continued slipping it in, having to pause for a few moments twice more. Hayden is so shockingly small still, much like I had been at his age, and I doubt I would have taken this dildo any better.

We came twice each, and once more, same as the first time we did this for each other, Hayden took an extra long time in cumming because of the discomfort that he was feeling, especially at the start. By the end though, when he came for his second time, it was slipping pretty much all in and all out without any discomfort at all.

When I slipped in the butt plug, Hayden gasped and groaned deeply again, and said, “Fuck me, that's big.”

“I know Baby, but this is the next smallest I have, and you're ready for it. You have no real bruising, and you didn't tear at all, so we didn't go too fast for you, which is good. The good news, though, is that I think next weekend, once you're used to this, that I'll be able to make love to you easily without hurting you, because the plug is the same width as I am at its widest.”

“I know, and I was even gonna ask you if I could try yours tonight, but then I saw which ones you grabbed, and I knew you knew I was finally ready for it.” He smiled brightly.

“Good. Well Baby, we need baby diapers and good sleep.”

“And diaper doublers, don't forget the diaper doublers.”

“Like I would.” I scoffed animatedly.

We diapered each other up nice and thick, and then curled up and went to sleep. We had an amazing sleep, all cuddled into each other, and when we woke up, we kissed and cuddled some more. We pulled out our butt plugs as we sucked each other, though we did slip them right back in again, and pretty near fucked each other with them. I was surprised that Hayden could take this, but he was the first to slip mine back in, and what one does, so does the other, and so I had slowly slipped his back inside him, and he sighed deeply. We came twice again as we sucked and plug fucked each other, and pissed once, feeding each other all that we possibly could.

Once sated, we slipped out of bed and headed to the bathroom to get cleaned and ready for the day. Sadly we found out that the hot water tank, which I had known was a piece of shit, had finally gave up, unfortunately it did so after we had already gotten in and wet. Granted, the water pressure also dropped to almost nothing, which likely means that it actually blew, which also means, I better go check on it right away so that it does not cause more damage than is avoidable.

Naked I ran to the closet where the tank is, and yep, water is pouring out. I got the water to it turned off right away, but there is still a shocking amount of water all over the place. Hayden and I used every towel we had, and mops to get as much of the water sopped up as we could. I am not at all worried about damage to the house, it only has to last until the new house is built, and then this will be torn down.

“Well shit, now I haveta buy a hot water tank that won't be used for more than a couple months.” I said once we were done.

“Nothing that we can do about that, but I don't know if you've noticed or not, but we're still naked, and I for one have strong opinions on that.” Hayden said.

“You look good like that.”

“Thanks, so do you, but I think you look better diapered.”

“Thanks, and ditto.”

“Good. We need baby diapers, so let's go get diapered Baby, and then we may as well have breakfast before figuring that out.”


We diapered each other up nice and thick, but only a single baby diaper, since we are clearly going to have to go out soon, and then made and ate breakfast.

“So, since you don't need anything that's expensive, because it's not gonna get used for very long, why not get a used one at the used building supply store?” Hayden asked.

“We could just be inheriting someone elses shit though.”

“As long as it's shit that lasts at least 'til the new house is built, who cares, and even they'd honour it if it just plain didn't work as soon as we got it home I'm sure.”

“You have a point there. It's an electric hot water tank, so I can easily change it myself, I don't haveta pay anyone to do it, and the plumbing is easy, I've done plenty of that, so sure, why not. I trust you know where this store is and how to get there?”

“Yep, and I'd be happy to to tell you where to go and how to get there.” He grinned cheekily at me.

“Brat.” I snorted out in laughter.

“Thanks.” He said, giggling so cutely.

We got ready to go and headed out right away, but not before I measured the available space to ensure we did not buy one that is too big, but I will buy the biggest one they have that will fit. Lukewarm showers fucking suck.

We made it to the store, and Hayden was right, they are huge, and we ended up looking around for a while, checking out all sorts of things, and then found the hot water tanks. They only had three electric ones, most in this area are gas, but there was only one that would work, the other two are the same size as what we had, so too small, and the bigger one will just barely fit. I thought the price was a little high.

I know this tank, I paid only a hundred more for a brand new one a little more than a year ago, but this unit is six years old according to the manufacturers sticker on it. I went and talked to the person there, and she said that is the price. I explained to her what I know, and even pulled up the nearest stores website and showed the current price for the brand new model, now a hundred and twenty five more, and she would not budge, so I said goodbye, and we went and just bought a brand new one. There is no way I will pay more than half the price for a used unit, and the new one is only five hundred, so the most I would have paid for the used one is two fifty, and I told her that.

Oh well, if they want to gouge people, then that is those peoples problem, not mine. As soon as we got home with the new tank, as well I had bought all the fittings and pipes that I would likely need to put the new one in, I had Hayden help me to install it.

“That was actually pretty easy to do, wasn't it.”

“Yeah, they're usually not too bad.”

“So, what will we do with this one then once the new house's built?”

“Probably just donate it. I'm putting in a boiler system that'll provide continuous hot water anyway, so this won't even get used. Mind you, it might get used elsewhere too, I just don't know when or where.”

“Oh, okay.”

An hour later, I tested the hot water to ensure that it was up to temperature, and it was good and hot. I measured the temperature, and it was just about right, but I like it just a little hotter, so I went and adjusted it. Well, at least now maybe we can have nice long hot showers. I mean, I like being pissed on as much as the next horny slut, but I do not like to feel like that while having a shower to get clean, that is the sort of shower one has to feel especially dirty. And yes, I love being especially dirty. Once had four guys stand over me and piss on and in me. Was quite nice, actually.

Hayden giggled when I said this to him, and said that it sounded hot. I assured him that it most certainly can be.

For the rest of the weekend, we rested, relaxed, had amazing sex together, but not going any further than we already have, though we enjoyed it considerably. Monday morning Hayden and I are back to our daily drudgeries, though I do not consider my job a drudge, I love it in fact. Hayden too loves school, though he does not always care for all the stupid kids there, but he says he is smart enough to understand them more than they understand themselves.

The construction crews were back at my place Monday morning, and they are doing all that they are able to, and Wednesday the foam blocks for the concrete were delivered, so that is excellent. This next part is wicked fast, but it will still be a hell of a challenge for them to complete everything in only three months. With that being said, though, the owner has pulled another full crew each for the framing and interior finishing as well, and his plumbers and electricians were all warned that this is a high priority job, and that anything else that they book must be worked around this job, because they have another massive project that needs to start as soon as my house is done. I am told that all the doors, windows, flooring, cabinets, and pretty much everything else that needs to be ordered has been.

Wednesday was also not such a good day for poor Hayden.

“Well, I knew that the bastards would figure out I was diapered eventually, I was even ready for it, but, oh no, instead of just telling everyone, the fucking retard pulled down my pants and exposed my soggy baby diaper and diaper shirt. They all started teasing me right away, calling me all sorts of stupid names. Of course I told them that my bladder finally gave up, that they had to know that I had problems, that it is a medical handicap and that they were teasing someone who is physically handicapped. It didn't help. So now I'm known in school as the gay baby boy.” Hayden more sighed in frustration than said in anger.

“Just smile and nod to them, and eventually they'll just give up.”

“Yeah, that's what you're supposed to say, that's what I'm supposed to do, but we both know just as well as the other that that sorta shit just doesn't work with retards.”

“Yeah, you're right. Then you know what, start treating them the same way they've been treating you. I think you deserve it.”

“Like how, say something like, oh, you only got seventy percent on that test, wow, what's it like being so stupid.”

“Actually, that's pretty damn good.” I laughed.

“Yeah, tried that once, I ended up being the one to get in trouble.”

“So what, I say, give as good as you get, if you get in trouble, smile and say I only gave them back exactly what they gave me.”

“Okay.” He smiled brightly.

Thursday, he did exactly that, and I got called to the school. I ended up waiting for the principal, and finally I was called in. After the pleasantries were taken care of, he got to the heart of the matter.

“So, I called you here today, because Hayden was being a bully and calling other kids too stupid to listen to.”

“That's because that's exactly what I told him. Hayden's bladder's failed, and he now hasta wear diapers full time. You already knew he had issues, I'm told you were told in great detail, well, it failed. Yesterday the kids found out, and one kid pulled down his pants and exposed this, and then they all teased him mercilessly for it. Were any of their parents called?” I asked softly.

“I was not informed of any of this, so therefore, no.”

“Then good day to you Sir. I will not sit here and listen about Hayden being a bully, when he was only giving back a little of what he has received. And furthermore, you have been complained to about his constant and ceaseless bullying because he's gay, yet, how many of those kids' parents were called?”

“Sit back down, or I expel Hayden instantly.”

“Oh really, threatening me?” I asked sweetly.

“No, promising.”

“I see, and again, how many students were punished for bullying Hayden, even though I know that you have had numerous complaints?”

“None of it can or could be proved.”

“Oh, really. Isn't that convenient. Yet Hayden finally lashes out and gives some of it back, and you threaten to expel him. How is it, that he gets bullied ceaselessly, and no one ever gets caught, yet he does so once, and he gets threatened with expulsion. I think I have a good idea. I think you're a homophobe, and I think that you purposely turn a blind eye to his bullying, but you sure did watch for him to finally retaliate.”

“That's a pretty weighty accusation, and baseless as well. Not to mention, you couldn't prove it, even if you wanted to.”

“Clearly proof is not of any real concern here, though, is it. If I were to go to the papers, and they were to print this story, how long do you think you could weather the shit storm that'd befall you. The school district will do a full investigation, and I am willing to bet that they will find that other students who are gay have been forced to quit because of the non stop bullying, yet if they retaliated, they were punished as well. Tell me, how wrong am I?”

“You wouldn't dare.” He said, and he is sheet white.

“Actually, I would dare, I would do it, and don't you even think for a fraction of a second that I won't. Now, are you turning a blind eye to the bullying that your students do of gay and or different students, or are you just plain stupid as well as the bullies here?”

“You have no proof.”

“I don't need proof, I can allow others to dig all the proof up that they need, all I haveta do is tell the papers how you've treated Hayden. He gets hauled in here once for retaliating, and threatened with expulsion, while not one kid has ever been called in here at all with his numerous complaints, and Hayden tells me that this is true, no one ever gets in trouble, no matter what he says. So, like I said, I do not need proof, I'm sure it's there, but I'll happily let the investigators find all the proof they need. By the way, if you were a homophobe, and were caught having provided students ample opportunity to bully gay kids, maybe even encouraged them, do you have any idea how long you'd be in prison for. Last I heard, that's at least ten years. Do you know how you'd be treated in prison if you were found out to have been allowing gay kids to be bullied. I guarantee you, not well. In fact, that's exactly what I think you deserve. Now, today is your last day as a teacher of any sort, isn't it?”

“Yes.” He said, sounding very broken.

“That's what I thought. If I ever find out that you've done or caused any harm to another gay person, I will personally ensure that you never see the outside of a prison. Am I making myself understood.”


“Excellent. Hayden's not expelled, is he?”


“Good, good, well, have a wonderful day Sir.” I said far too happily for the situation.

Last night as we had been sitting back and relaxing, I had made Hayden tell me everything about how he is treated at school, and the more he talked, the more my blood boiled. I had been absolutely certain that the school principal himself had been turning a blind eye at the very least, or possibly as much as actively encouraging near on gay bashing in his school. I told Hayden that I absolutely wanted him to lash out today, and he did so perfectly.

On my way out, Hayden looked to me, and I smiled to him, said let's go home, and we headed out. On our way, I told him pretty much exactly what was said, and he was astonished, and incredibly happy. When we got home, Hayden wanted a celebratory suck and finger session, which lasted nearly two hours, because we took our time, and both enjoyed it immensely. We triple diapered each other once we were satisfied, and then had a nice quiet afternoon and evening.

Thursday, when I picked Hayden up from school, I asked him how it had went.

“It was so good. When the kids started in on me again, I just looked to them and smiled, and asked if they wanted to be gone, just like our ex principal, because he is never coming back, we ensured that, and that I'd be happy to ensure that they never get outta jail either of they continued to bully me, that I was tired of it, and that I wouldn't put up with it any longer.”

“Congratulations Baby. How'd they react?”

“At first they thought I was lying, but then an impromptu assembly was called, this was very first thing this morning, almost as soon as you dropped me off. Before that was called though, I was called to the office, and I ended up talking to who's the new principal, our vice principal. He asked me what'd happened yesterday, because you and I'd been the last to see him, and then he quit and left. So, yeah, I told him everything, how we're not putting up with that sorta bullshit any more, and that if I continue to get bullied because I'm gay or because I haveta wear diapers, that I'm calling the cops from here on out, because clearly the school isn't here for me.

“He was shocked that that's been happening right under his nose, well, I'm not, I don't think he's too terribly bright. He vowed that that sorta thing would be stamped out. Then he called the assembly, and pretty much told everyone that the principal had been caught actively allowing bullying of known gay kids, and that from here on out, all forms of bullying, regardless of the reasoning, would be punished as severely as he was capable of, up to, and including calling the police and having said student investigated.

“Of course, everyone knew that I was the one that caused this to all happen, and at least ten kids, all of whom I've suspected were gay for a while, thanked me. I smiled to the ones who were the worst and asked them if they cared to bully me any more, because I will ensure that they get expelled at the least.”

“I'm so proud of you Baby. I bet you feel better too.”

“Thanks, and yeah. I know my parents must know, and all, but I can't talk to them about this. As it is, when and if I finally do tell them, I'm still quite certain that they'll ask me to leave.”

“Don't sell your mom so short. As it turns out, she knew about me long before even I knew, and she says that it's never bothered her in the least.”

“Yeah, I know about her, it's my dad I worry about mostly. Granted, I think mom might have strong words should he say something, but I don't know.”

“No, she certainly wouldn't take kindly to anything untoward being said. I don't know him really, I've never gotten to know him or anything, but he's always seemed nice, and he does love you a great deal. I think you're just scared, same as I was, and in the end, it turns out I was just being stupid. I made mistakes, I didn't trust my family enough, I pushed them all away, I was being stupid. You have the chance to be far smarter than I was, and I urge you to take it.”

“After everything we've shared, I'm probably gonna haveta anyway. I feel different since we've made love to each other, and I think they know me enough to see it as well. What about you, though, I'm not exactly legal, what happens if they freak out that you're fucking me and I'm a minor?”

“Once more, don't sell your parents so short. How much you wanna bet that they orchestrated this?”

“Did they?”

“No clue. If they did, I wasn't in on it, but it is the sorta thing your mom would do.”

“Yeah, you do have a point there. She's kinda a busy body, isn't she, always doing things like that, she's constantly trying to get her single friends together.”

“Yeah, she's always been like that. I don't think your dad's much different.”

“So, you think they set us up then, don't you?”

“I was pretty certain of it right from the start. They know you and I are a lot alike, I'm sure that much like me, they know that you'd never willingly go to a noisy place with next to no quiet space, that you'd find somewhere that'd allow you your freedom and peace. I was always the same, I never went anywhere with my siblings when my parents went away, I always went to somewhere far more quiet. Where did your parents go, anyway, I never asked?”

“Not sure, neither did I, they just said that they hadta go away for a couple weeks, that the girls were gonna go to Aunt Jessie's, that Grandma and Grandpa weren't gonna be home, that I could stay home if I wanted, or go somewhere else. I never even thought about it, I just asked right away if I could ask you, and she said it was a great idea, and to ask you. My god, they never went away, neither did Grandma and Grandpa, did they?”

“Not a clue. Give em a call?” I said, handing my phone to Hayden.

He thought about it for a minute, and then dialed. He laughed a second later.

“So, you did set me up, didn't you?” Is all he said, not even hi or anything.

“Yeah, but I think it's something that we should talk about in person when I get home on Sunday.”

“Yeah. Grandma and Grandpa aren't really away either, are they?”

“Yeah, that's what I thought.”

“Thanks, yeah, love you, see you Sunday.” He said, and then hung up.

“Let me guess, she answered by saying something like, you finally figured it out?”

“Damn near exactly. When I asked if they'd set me up, she said yes, and that she hoped that her mark wasn't missed. She asked if there was anything that I wanted to tell her, so, as you heard, I said that I should do it in person. I suppose, since I know they know, that I should be man enough to do it in person. As we suspected, Grandma and Grandpa aren't away either, they were in on it by the way, so they know as well. She said that they'd said two weeks, because they knew that's about how long it'd take for me to fully shed the last of my insecurities. As you probably heard, I just said yeah and love you, and said it back, and we hung up.”

“Excellent, wish I had've been able to shed my insecurities at your age, I would've been so much happier. I still would've went away to school, that was in the works since I was your age, just because they have the very best architecture program in the country, so my parents knew I'd be going away to school. It would've been so much nicer and easier if I could've really been myself though. How do you feel though, knowing?”

“Strangely free.”

“Exactly how I felt, and how you should feel as well.” I smiled warmly to my baby.

When we got home, we both needed soggy baby bum changes, but we did not play, though as usual we are both very hard, and then we went out and checked out the work that the guys are still there and doing, mainly putting together my Lego house. I still love watching this being done. One good sturdy guy can easily carry each of the foam building blocks that form the forms and give the house its insulation, both inside and out. Hayden had clearly not thought about it before, because he was amazed as I told him all about it and how they work.

I know, it does not seem logical that something that can easily be maneuvered by hand can hold concrete. Of course, like I told Hayden, there is a lot more to them than meets the eye, and after the guys called it for the day, I took him and showed him how it all really works, and what gives it its strength.

After dinner we sat back and relaxed, and then went to bed, of course making hot gay baby diaper love to each other, but still only with dildos. I know that Friday night Hayden will ask to finally get rid of the last of his virginity, and I for one cannot wait, because I know that he is absolutely ready for it as well.

Finally it is Friday, I headed out in time to pick Hayden up from school, and from the way that Hayden is vibrating, I know what he wants and needs, probably as soon as we get home. I have no idea how I will hold him off until at least after dinner, but I have to. There are still going to be construction workers at the house, and we are definitely going to need dinner before we start, or we will never eat. I am not entirely convinced that is a bad thing, but neither Hayden nor I can afford to miss any meals as it is, and if Hayden is half as horny as I am, we are going to need a massive amount of calories in us to keep us going. I know that Hayden is likely twice as horny as I am though, I know that he has been waiting for this night for half his life at least, and I have no doubts that one or both of us are likely to pass out, and I am almost willing to bet that I am first. I doubt that Hayden will be able to stop.

As soon as we got home, I kept us outside, watching the crew do their work. We both need soggy baby bum changes, sure, but I know that we can wait, and truly, I want us to make love through our soggy diapers anyway, and the more soggy the better in my opinion. If we leak, so be it.

I know that Hayden is getting antsy, because he asked at least five times in the next hour, before the guys called it a day, to go inside. I just feigned ignorance as to what he was truly asking for, and said I wanted to keep watching. Finally they packed up and left, and then Hayden turned to me, the look of pure hunger, lust, and longing, is palpable in him.

“I know what you want and need Baby, and I plan to give it all to you, and so much more, but first, we need food.”

“I don't give a fuck about food, I need you buried in me. I've been looking forward to that all day, I've been so fucking hard all day it's not even funny. I've hadta force myself to peepee my baby diaper, because I was too hard to pee all day.”

“I know, and I'm the same, but if you only want half as much as I want, then we absolutely need food to help us last. Let's face it, neither of us has enough energy stored at any time to sustain us through what you have planned. We could both die.”

“It'd be worth it.”

“Food first Baby. Now, come on, let's go get dinner.”

“Can it at least be fast?”

I laughed and said yes to him, and then Hayden dragged me inside, and we made a sandwich each, and warmed up a jar of home made chicken noodle soup. I know I ate fast, yet Hayden ate so fast it put that to shame, I am not even convinced that he chewed. He could have just vacuumed it up for all I know. Then for the next two or three minutes that it took me to finish eating, he sat there very nearly glaring at me, his foot tapping rapidly in his impatience. I damn near laughed and slowed down my pace, but I have no doubts that Hayden would have just dragged me to the bedroom if I did not hurry up. In fact, with as horny as he looks right now, I am willing to bet that he would have the power to just carry me to our bedroom.

As soon as I took my last bite, he just said, 'Oh thank god.' and then dragged me out of my chair before I was even finished chewing, and then pulled me as fast as he could all the way to our bedroom. I could not even laugh, because my mouth is still full of food by the time we make it to the bedroom.

Hayden started stripping me, and with the speed at which he is moving, it was damn near brutally, I will be shocked if there are not a few buttons on my dress shirt that do not have to be replaced. My tie had been ripped off of me and thrown so much so, that it is hanging off the top of the door. My pants damn near joined it. It felt like no more than twenty seconds from fully dressed to standing in only a super soggy diaper.

“A wee bit horny are we?” I finally managed to ask.

“Fuck, I've never truly known what horny was 'til today, and I think I finally know what blue balls are?”

“Yeah, know how you feel, I feel nearly the same way. Now, let me strip Baby down to his soggy baby diaper as well.”

Clearly I was not going fast enough, because Hayden tried to help, but I just smacked his hands, and not lightly either, he yelped, gave a whimper, and a look that said more than any mere words possibly could. I grinned brightly to him.

As soon as I had my baby stripped, I instructed him to go lay on the bed, on his back, ankles by his ears, and knees spread. He practically jumped from where he was and landed in that very position. I did laugh.

I joined Hayden on the bed, my face aiming right where it needs to be so badly right now. I buried my nose right into the seat of Hayden's soggy baby diaper, and sniffed deeply. I massaged Hayden's hot little hole through his soggy diaper with my nose for just a few seconds, and heard him moan deeply. I know that he is not going to last long at all, no matter how hard I try to hold him back, I know that Hayden is very likely to explode quite violently and very quickly.

I poke a hole, as large as it needs to be, right where it counts, and slip my lube coated finger inside, clearly I had been lubing up as I had been torturing Hayden a little. He is gaping wide open right now, and he is already so sloppy, that I am thinking that I just might have been able to slip my entire dick deep inside him and not cause even the slightest amount of discomfort. Now that is a horny little gay baby boy.

I pull down the front of Hayden's diaper next, and suck his entire glorious package in, and give him all the attention that he deserves. Ten measly seconds is all he lasted for before he exploded, and it was with a force and quantity that I have never experienced from Hayden yet, I like it. A lot.

With cum number one out of the way, and finger number one also working easily, I slip a second finger as deep inside Hayden as I am able to, adding no further lube, it is simply not needed. Twisting, turning, poking, and prodding, I am doing it all with my fingers, and making Hayden make the most animalistic sounds possible. Then there is what I am doing to his amazing teen baby dick with my tongue.

This time Hayden lasts almost two minutes, and this cum was far more normal as compared with his other orgasms that I have given to him. Still, I am not stopping, though. I added a third finger, and it too slipped in easily with no extra lube needed. All Hayden did as it slipped in was sigh so deeply it reminds me of myself. Nothing makes me feel better than to be filled nice and full. I was not even sure Hayden would be ready for this much just yet, but the sound that he just made tells me that not only is he ready for it, but he needs it as deeply as I do, and this time I do not mean physically deep, though that is nearly as true.

As soon as Hayden came again, almost five minutes later this time, his bladder had taken all it could, and he gave me everything he could. I also know that he is now ready for me.

Once Hayden stopped peeing and filling my mouth, I pulled off, and then pulled my fingers out. I had already prepared my soggy diapered dick, I had started doing so the second I had started three fingering Hayden, so now I too am good and ready. Still with a mouth full of cum and piss, I work my way up, until all four pairs of our lips are about to kiss. Just as I press our lips together, I guide my near on impossibly hard erection right into Hayden's soggy diapered baby bum.

As Hayden opened up to not only accept my kisses, but to moan deeply from finally getting what he has needed his whole life, I too opened up and allowed some of the cum and piss that I had saved for him to flow into his hungry mouth. As soon as Hayden realized what I had done for him, he took my offering, his offering, greedily, but then passed it right back to me. We are sharing it.

As we are kissing, I am very slowly slipping all the way inside my baby. Once I started slipping in, I did not stop in the least and filled Hayden as full as I possibly could, our soggy baby diapers are now pressed together every bit as sensuously as our mouths are.

As soon as there is no more cum and piss for us to share, I start a very slow and loving motion inside my Baby, pulling only about half way out, before slipping all the way back inside, grinding my hips sexily just a little on every stroke. Hayden is still moaning and sighing, only now it is into our deep and loving kisses.

Hayden moved his feet, into a much more comfortable position, locking his ankles around my soggy baby bum, his heels actually digging into my diaper almost possessively, and trying to pull me back into him every time I pull out. I like it, a lot, and so kiss Hayden even more sensuously than I had been, though I bet Hayden had no idea that could be done.

I had heated up a lot as I was preparing Hayden, and as such, I am much too hot to hold on for too long. Not to mention that I too have been looking forward to this all fucking day. I would have happily stayed home all day, kept Hayden with me, and fucked his brains out all day long. I am certain he would not have complained about that in the least. I had just enough sense to not do so. Horrible, useless, fucking, common sense. I know, I know, it's needed, and sadly not as common is it should be, but I really did not want to play the sensible adult today. Some days playing the insatiably horny teenager is much more fun.

About three, maybe four minutes was all I could last for before I exploded in what was possibly my largest ever orgasm to date, and it was phenomenal. I am certain that some of my cum is pouring out, collecting in Hayden's already soggy diaper, for the amount it feels like I spewed, there is no way that Hayden would be able to hold it all.

I know Hayden also desperately wants my other load, and so, I paused and concentrated enough to give it to him, and then started peepeeing deep inside my baby. As soon as I started peeing, I started rocking my hips again, this time even more slowly and gently, truly piss fucking my baby. The moan Hayden let out as I started peeing inside him is even longer and deeper, even more satisfied than the moan he gave as I finally slipped inside him. So, yes, he desperately needs this every bit as much as I do, which is good, because that bodes very well for our relationship.

It took me probably four or five minutes to actually pee inside Hayden, and my next orgasm came probably not even a full minute after that, and still I am not stopping.

Normally only two good strong cums is all I can go for, I am a high output kind of guy, so two is normally all it takes to fully drain me. I am not stopping though. I cannot stop, and I doubt that Hayden would even fathom allowing me to stop. I will probably have enough cum left to give Hayden a half load, but with any luck, I will have stamina enough to go for another two, or maybe even three rounds, though yes, I do know what it will cost me in doing so as well. I may pass out, but probably not, Hayden, on the other hand, likely will not be able to make it without passing out. He has already had several Earth shattering orgasms, because he has cum every time I did as well, and I doubt that he has another one left in him, let alone two.

Several minutes later, and I came for my third time, and I was right, because it started burning like it was dry not even half way through. Hayden made the sexiest squealing sound as he came, still into our kiss of course, so I think that he is now fully dry, and that is probably starting to get uncomfortable now.

And still I keep on going. Almost ten minutes later, and Hayden preceded me in cumming, his eyes rolled up into the back of his head, the spasms in his sexy little ass very nearly ripped my dick off he came so hard, and then that was it, he completely and totally passed out. I came just as Hayden passed out.

I lay there, fully buried as deep inside my baby as I could for easily five minutes, waiting to come down from probably the single most amazing love making session that I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Hayden is passed out fully, his eyes rolled up into the back of his head, and his eye lids still mostly open. I know I did not kill him, because he is still breathing hard, and his hot little ass is still having all sorts of incredible spasms around my almost hard dick. It feels amazing.

Almost five minutes after I finished cumming, I came down, and my dick shrank down, and with the force of the spasms still rocking Hayden's passed out body, he too finally expelled me. I got up on very shaky legs to get the diaper change materials that we are going to need. I filled Hayden rather full, so I know he will definitely need a doubled diaper, but we will both want it too.

When I got back to the bed, I crawled on so that I can change Hayden, and had to reposition his legs accordingly. I opened up Hayden's soggy ruined diaper, and exposed the fact that Hayden is now fully soft, and far more so than I have ever seen, he is shockingly small when so flaccid. He looks cute. I cannot help but notice that there is still some cum in his soggy diaper, so clearly I had not drained him quite as much as I had hoped for, and considering that I believe this to be a massive waste, I bent down and pressed my lips to Hayden's soggy diaper and sucked out all the cum I could get, the fact that I also siphoned up almost half the diapers capacity of pee as well was only a bonus.

I quickly changed my baby, making sure to lotion and cream him well, I also slipped in his butt plug so as to hold me in him for longer, I know that was what he wanted, we had said as much before, because I love being plugged after being properly filled, so that I can hold my well deserved cum and piss inside me for as long as possible. Then I taped up Hayden's double thick baby diaper, and proceeded to change myself.

Even though I do not need a butt plug to hold anything in, nor do I need a double diaper because I was filled nice and full, that did not stop me from doing both anyway, just because I truly do love them. As soon as I was diapered and ready for bed, I shut off the lights, cuddled up to my very satisfied baby, and fell fast asleep myself.