Chapter 4

I know that I had an amazing sleep after our first lovemaking session, and I can tell that it is considerably later than it normally is when I wake up. I finally opened my eyes probably five minutes after waking up, and looked to my baby, to find that he is still blissfully asleep, and from the angelic smile on his face, I think that all is very much good in his world. I lay there for damn near half an hour before Hayden even starts to stir, just watching my baby sleep. When finally Hayden's beautiful eyes flutter open, I am there to kiss my baby deeply.

We kiss for easily five minutes before pulling apart.

“I love you so much. Last night was everything and far more than I ever dreamed was possible.” Hayden whispered to me.

“And I love you that much and more, and it too was more than I dreamed as well. You're an amazing little gay baby boy.”

“Thanks, so are you. I'm super hungry, super thirsty, and from the way it feels, super soggy too.”

“Me too, and even though you're good and soggy, just like a good gay baby boys diaper should be, you'll be fine 'til after breakfast.”

“Mmmhmm.” Is all he said.

“Come on Baby, let's go get breakfast, and lots to drink, and then after breakfast, I desperately want you to make love to me.”

“I almost wanna say to hell with breakfast, but I'm so hungry right now, that I doubt I could wait, even for making love.”

“Hence the reason I made you have dinner last night. Neither of us has any extra energy reserves, and I know that I used far more than dinner provided last night.”

“Yeah, know that now.” Hayden grinned.

We finally slipped out of bed, headed to the kitchen, and as we were getting breakfast, we each had three large glasses of water. Both our diapers are just as wet, so it was a good thing I double diapered us both, then again, I had had a damn good drink right before bed as well. As we ate, I told Hayden what I had done after he passed out, and he giggled and called me every bit as naughty as he is, and hopes that he gets to repay the favour soon. Leaving breakfast dishes as they are when we finish, we head back to our bedroom.

The first thing we do as we enter our bedroom is to reach into each others diapers and pull out the saturated doublers, they will only get in the way of what we both want and need. Hayden then asked me to go lay down, and I do so immediately, laying in the proper position to give my baby all the working space that he will soon be needing.

Hayden crawls into bed after me, aiming for what he wants and needs, and buries his nose into the seat of my soggy diaper and sniffs every bit as deeply as I had done to him the night before. He then starts massaging my hole through it, and thankfully only does so for a few seconds, before poking a hole large enough for what he needs.

Hayden had clearly prepared his fingers, because as soon as he had the hole in my diaper, his other hand was already there and slipping inside, already prepared to tickle my hole and loosen me up. Like Hayden last night, though, I have been anticipating this, and I already feel super horny, I have since I woke up, so I am already good and loose and sloppy back there. This does not offend Hayden, I just hear him groan and slip in anyway.

Just as Hayden slips two of his slender fingers inside me, he lowers the front of my diaper and sucks me in as far as he is capable of doing, and he has gotten far better at this, and can now almost take me all in, but still just not quite. I am too close, though, and explode mere seconds after Hayden started, probably not even a full minute is all I managed to last, even though I had been trying to hold it off to truly enjoy. It was not to be, though.

Hayden sucked down all that I could give him, and because my bladder has already been screaming at me for the last half an hour, I really have no choice now but to give Hayden the other load I know he desperately wants.

As soon as I started peeing, all I heard was a deep and contented sigh from Hayden, and he greedily sucked it all down. As soon as I stopped peeing, Hayden started full on sucking again. He had not stopped gently fingering me all throughout my peeing, but he had added a third finger when I came.

Several minutes later, and I came again, and Hayden added his fourth finger, and continued making me feel like a god. Several more minutes later, and I came again. I have no idea how much cum I had on my third, I normally have nothing left for a third, but right now I do not care in the least.

Hayden detached from me, got up onto his knees, and lubed up his mighty fine young erection, clearly he had managed to get himself mostly prepared as he was sucking me, but I had been in much too much pleasure to pay attention to that. Now my mouth waters, envisioning where Hayden plans to slip his hot gay baby bone. I love making love, do not get me wrong, but I was made to be fucked, and I cannot wait for that glorious moment when I feel my baby slip inside me for the first time.

Thankfully I do not have long at all to wait, because only a couple seconds later, and Hayden was ready, and started moving into position. He entered my soggy diaper, then pressed his head to my ass, and then slipped in ever so slightly and slowly. As soon as he was properly poised to fill me with all his love, Hayden reached as far forward as he could, and I had to reach down some as well, and we kissed.

As we kissed, Hayden very slowly slipped his entire teen baby bone inside me. When he bottomed out, he stayed there for what felt like several minutes, I am sure that he is trying his hardest not to cum already. But I want it, and bad, and so I massage his dick with my very talented ass muscles.

Hayden groaned out, 'oh fuck.' into our kiss, and then I felt him unleash a torrent of cum, and then piss into me, that feels like it absolutely flooded me. It is funny, because I am not even sure Hayden had even finished cumming when he started peeing, and from the almost painful groans that Hayden produced into our kiss, it must have been too much for his poor dick head.

All throughout his massive cum and piss, though, Hayden never once stopped gently rocking into and out of me, making slow and tender love to me. He is doing it perfectly in every way, and is making me feel amazing for it. So very rarely have I been made love to. Most often, most guys just wanted to fuck, and they always fucked long and hard, never soft and loving and gentle, the way I have always wanted it. Hayden is barely pulling half way out, before slipping back in, and he is going shockingly slow as well. I had no idea that he would be able to do this, it normally takes practice to be able to shut off the instinct to just fuck hard, and this is Hayden's first time.

With that being said, though, we have played a lot over the past couple weeks, and I have taught Hayden an amazing amount of control, telling and teaching him that more often than not, it feels far better to take your time, and to truly enjoy, and he does agree.

Hayden only paused for a second as the intense orgasm rolled through him, but as soon as he was able to do so, he kept right on going, making sweet gay baby diaper love to me, kissing me as deeply as he could at the same time. I have my feet locked around Hayden's soggy baby diapered bum, pulling him into me as well, I am stroking his back and baby bum with my hands, and I am kissing him back every bit as sensually as he is kissing me.

This time we do get to fully enjoy our lovemaking, and last probably five minutes or more. It burned a lot as I came, and I know that I am now nowhere near fully hard, but I am not willing to stop. If I pass out, so be it. Hayden does not feel as if he has softened any at all, and he certainly does not seem in the mood to stop any time soon, because he is still ever so gently thrusting into me, still making love to me.

Damn near ten minutes later, and we came again, though how I managed to do so, even I have no idea, but I was the one to have set it off this time. I know I am not even fully hard, and I know I had absolutely no cum to offer, because it burned something fierce. Hayden is still going strong though, he is still every bit as hard inside me, and even though I cannot tell if he managed to fill me up any more or not, he did not make any sounds of discomfort into our kiss, not like I must have.

Probably a bit better than ten minutes later, and once again Hayden is cumming. I did not again, I cannot, I am now fully soft, yet I do not want Hayden to stop any time soon, it still feels so amazingly good. I am not in danger of passing out, and though Hayden looks as if he is well worn, he does not appear to be passing out either. With that being said, though, after this last cum, Hayden softened up inside me, so I think that he has now had enough. That did not stop him from still thrusting gently, just now with only a half hard dick, and only really half way making love to me, now it is simply about being inside me, and making both of us feel as good as he can.

Hayden had pulled away from the kiss as soon as he finished cumming, and is now just laying his head on my chest as he just slowly makes love to me with his half hard dick. It is so very gentle and loving, and I am in no rush for him to leave me either. Far too soon, in both our opinions, though, Hayden fully softens up, and I expel him from my insides. We both sigh in deep love and loss.

Hayden reaches back up and kisses me so very lovingly, telling me in that kiss just how he feels for me, I hope he can feel in it just how I feel for him as well. About five minutes later, Hayden breaks our kiss and slips out of bed. He grabs two diapers each, as well as a diaper doubler each, and comes back to bed. I get myself into soggy baby bum change position, and allow Hayden to do what we both want and need next.

As soon as Hayden lowers the front of my diaper, he grins, locks eyes with me, and proceeds to suck all the cum that I had still managed to deposit into my diaper, as well as probably a good portion of the pee that has been stored in it. He sighed oh so deeply as soon as he finished, and then proceeded to very nicely triple diaper me, making sure to plug me nice and full as well. Just like I want and need.

We then traded places, and I changed my baby. His plug is still lodged firmly inside him, and though he has no cum for me to suck out of his diaper, I still try and suck it dry anyway, and enjoy his unique flavour. I then proceeded to triple diaper my baby.

“Well, Baby, I need more to eat and drink, you done wore me out.” I said tenderly.

“Mmmhmm, me too. We're totally gonna haveta have a nap later, aren't we?”

“Yep.” I laughed.


We went and had a good long drink, and very nearly another full breakfast. I laughed and told Hayden we must be Hobbits, having a second breakfast. He liked that as well. For the rest of the day, we really just did nothing, just sitting back and relaxing, enjoying our baby diapers and our baby boyfriends. As soon as our diapers were too full to hold any more, we went to bed, sucked each other good and dry, while fingering each other, clearly having to take out our plugs to do so, and then only double diapered each other to go to sleep.

Sunday morning, we sucked each other dry again, double diapered each other, then went out for breakfast, even though we are so thickly diapered, neither of us really cared. We also went grocery shopping while we were out, and then headed home for the rest of the day. Sadly I have to take my baby home at some point in time this evening, but neither of us are looking forward to that. We changed each other just before dinner, sucking each other good and dry once more, made and ate dinner, then I broke the news that I really should take Hayden home.

“I really don't wanna go, you know.”

“Yeah, and I don't really wanna take you either, but you do have a home, and you do needta go there too. You also haveta have a conversation with your parents, and don't forget to tell them how your sisters have been to you, as well as what's happened at school.”

“Yeah, I know. Doesn't mean we haveta like it though, huh.”

“For sure. I want you to call or email me either tonight or tomorrow and tell me how your talk went, but, whatever you do, say nothing over either of our relationship. There's no telling who's watching or listening, and you're not exactly legal yet, remember.”

“I know, and I was gonna anyway. I'll probably just email, I never have privacy on the phone, not to mention, I truly hate them anyway.”

We did head out, and I dropped Hayden off at home. I was not even five minutes away from his house, when I had to pull over and cry like a baby. I miss him already, and if I could, I would keep him for forever and ever. After a good cry, I headed home.

As soon as I got home, I turned on my computer, and opened my email program, and set it to warn me as soon as an email came in, so that I would know the second that Hayden emailed. I only had to wait two hours for the email to come in.

Hi there Uncle Nathan, how's it goin'. So, we had the talk, and as we suspected, they pretty much knew everything. They congratulated me on getting everything that I wanted and needed, and agreed that wearing all day every day's probably for the best now anyway, since I have so many accidents and all. They're happy that you've agreed to buy them for me though, since the ones I like are so expensive.

They were happy about how it all played out at the school, and said they were proud of how I handled myself.

My sisters, on the other hand, were none too happy when I explained to my parents how they've been treating me, and that you bought me a digital voice recorder to catch them in the act. They asked me to say all this in front of them, and then called them in. My parents said that they've already suspected much of this already, but that I never said anything, and so wanted to see how my sisters reacted to the accusations.

Like I said, none too happy, of course, and then both categorically denied it, said I was lying, so on and so forth. My parents said that they accepted that, and dismissed my sisters, told me that they believed me. Then, not even five minutes later, I was in my room, and they came in, and started saying all sorts of shit, how I'm a disgrace, how I should be kicked out, sent away to be fixed, and all sorts of other things. So, I called my parents in, handed them the recorder, and asked them to play back the recording, with my sisters right there, and they did. Wow, were they pissed.

They're grounded for the foreseeable future, they both haveta formally apologize to me, and then each do up reports why it's not only mean to harass people for their differences, but why family should always be there to stick up for each other, no matter what, and that I would never fathom saying or doing anything to ever hurt my sisters, when I have deserved to for a long time, and that they have suspected that I was not defending myself like I should have.

So, yeah, some awesome changes coming down the line here. Hopefully it'll make it so much better.

So, a couple other things, Mom and Dad already gave me permission to come for the weekend again, I asked almost as soon as I walked in, and they said I could spend every weekend if I want, and I do, so pick me up at the usual time on Friday please. Next, my uncle Ryan, not sure you remember him or not, but he's my dad's younger brother, my dad says you do know him, but that was a long time ago, and he was a lot younger then. Anyway, neither here nor there really, but he has an almost eight year old son, and he's asked me to come babysit him tomorrow night. I've watched him during the day a few times, he's a good kid, and unless I'm mistaken, he and I are an awful lot alike. I know he wears the same underwear to bed, but I think he likes them too. Any chance I can get you to bring me the rest of that other pack and give it to me after school tomorrow so that I can give them to him?

Anyway, I hope I see you tomorrow afternoon, maybe you can just take me home, that'd be awesome. Have a good night.

That is excellent, he sounds so much more happy and free, I truly wish I could have had the strength when I was his age, it would have made life so much easier. I know that he is asking for the rest of the pack of Pampers size seven that we have that I sometimes use as doublers, just because it is so hot to use them. His little cousin must still be pretty small. Hayden and I both would have likely fit into them until the age of nine or ten, so maybe this little guy is the same. I will so totally take them, and take Hayden home. With any luck, we will have a few minutes to spare, where we can get a nice kiss, and if time allows, I would not say no to sucking him so totally dry, or offering him all that I have as well.

I did respond back, so that he would know.

Absolutely, I'll see you tomorrow, and I'll bring the pack for you boys to enjoy. I'm glad that everything worked out well for you, you sound so much more happy and free. If we have a few private minutes, I also wouldn't mind having a quick chat, I have lots to say that can't be done any other way than in person, and I hope you do too. Have a good night.

I have so very few doubts that Hayden will not get that hint loud and fucking clear. I know most people would, but none can say anything about it either. I had barely hit send when there was already a reply, so he must have been waiting for my response.

Okay, excellent, can't wait, we'll have at least twenty minutes to talk in privacy, and I too have so much to say that can't be said any other way as well. Have a good night.

Well, I hope that Hayden is every bit as hard as I am from that. I do not plan to do anything about it though, and I hope that Hayden can abstain as well. Shortly after, I head to bed, and have a decent enough sleep, but it certainly would have been far better with my baby cuddled up to me all night long.

Before leaving for work, I made sure to put the rest of the mostly full pack of Pampers into the the back seat of the truck, inside two shopping bags, and then headed out.

The day was long and uneventful, but I did get lots of work done too, and I left just before Hayden gets out of school. I have to cum and pee so bad it is hurting, and I hope that Hayden is the same. As soon as he saw me, Hayden hopped in the car and I headed to his place.

“Are you as full as I am?” Hayden asked.

“Probably more so, I'm in so much fucking pain right now.”

“Me too. And you have the Pampers?”

“Oh, is that what you were asking for?” I grinned.

“Good.” He grinned right back to me, not taking the bait.

“Yeah Baby, I have them, and hopefully he enjoys them as much as you and I do. No taking him too far though, okay.”

“I won't. I just want him to at least have something close to what he's looking for. Every time I've watched him, he always cuddles up to me, holds me, and he's even kissed me on the lips, so I think he knows who and what he is already, at least somewhat. He wears Pullups to bed, and doesn't care that I know, but then, I told him that so do I, and that I always will, so he's not ashamed of that around me. I'm totally gonna diaper him up as soon as I get there tonight though.”

“Good, and when are you supposed to be there?”

“Five. His dad hasta go to work for five thirty, and he'll get home at around eleven, thankfully he lives like only five doors down. I might just stay the night too. If I do, then I'll just keep Jonah in his Pampers all night long and take it off him in the morning, if not, then I'll switch him to his Pullups. If this works out, he might get me to do so every Tuesday night.”

“Good, I hope it works out then.”

“Me too.”

We got to his house, and headed in. It really is a shit hole of a house, but right now it is perfect, it is devoid of all people. Hayden's sisters go to after school care, Hayden then gets at least half an hour every day to himself before his parents and sisters all get home. I reached into the backseat and grabbed the bag and passed Hayden the Pampers, and then we headed inside.

Hayden grasped my hand as soon as we got inside, and led me to his bedroom. Before the door was even closed, Hayden was already on his knees, working the button and zipper on my pants, pulling them down, exposing my diaper shirt, which he then deftly undid next. Finally he pulled down my soggy diaper and inhaled nearly my entire erection in one quick gulp. This is officially the most he has ever managed to take, and it did cause him to gag ever so slightly, but he adjusted himself, and started giving me all the pleasure that he could.

Two minutes, tops, is all I lasted, before exploding and feeding Hayden a good healthy sized load of cum. He greedily lapped it all up, and then sucked more, begging for the other load that he knows I have for him, and so, I gave it to him, and drained myself completely.

I then reached down, pulled Hayden up, and pressed our lips together and kissed him properly, tasting my cum and piss still in his mouth. I kissed my baby for not even a minute, before I too dropped to my knees, got Hayden's offending pants and diaper shirt out of the way, pulled down his equally soggy baby diaper, and engulfed his entire erection in one swift gulp. Twenty three seconds is all I counted before Hayden exploded and fed me his cum, and then not even a second after he finished firing, his baby bladder had had all it could take as well, and let go, feeding me all the piss he has, and I too greedily suck it down.

I stood up, pressed our lips together, and kissed my baby again. Only a minute later, and Hayden hit his knees again and took me in once more, and started sucking. This time I lasted almost two minutes, before feeding Hayden the rest of the cum that I have saved up.

We kissed again for only a minute, and then I hit my knees one final time and drained my baby boy of the last of his gay baby cream.

“Ah, so much better, thanks. It feels like you could stand to have a soggy baby bum change as much as I could, care to change each other?” Hayden asked.

“Mmmhmm, okay Baby, I brought my baby diaper bag.”

“Yeah, I saw.”

I laid Hayden down first and I changed him, and then we changed places and he changed me as well. We then dressed each other, so that we are more presentable, and finally I must head out. We kiss for only another minute or two, and I go home.

I did not cry on the way home this time, but, once more, I truly wish that I was taking my baby home with me.

The next day I did not hear from Hayden, which bothered me more than I care to admit, and it was not until Wednesday evening that I got an email from him.

Hi there, missed you lots. Had a good night with Jonah last night, and I ended up staying the night, and just went to school right from there. Not like it's really any different. He loved the surprise I had for him, so thanks for that, and I told him that as long as he was careful, that I saw no reason why he couldn't use them from time to time, but to always keep some for when I was over, and I would let him enjoy them fully while there. He happily agreed, so we might needta buy more soon. They're every bit as poor as we are, so he doesn't get good ones as it is, so these are much appreciated. He wishes that he could wear all day like I do now, and I wish I could let him.

Not so sure how his dad would take that though, I'm not exactly a fan of him, my dad says that he'll never tell my uncle about me, but says that maybe spending time with Jonah is a good thing, and when I asked him why, he just smiled and said that he and I seem to be cut from the same cloth. I told him that I suspect the same things. He told me to be gentle with him, that he's still so very young to have those feelings running through him, and that he probably doesn't understand most of them either. I told him I know how that feels, since I was the same, and that I'm sure I can be a great friend to him, and a knowing shoulder to cry on, which he did do last night when I confronted him and told him that we're the same. He was so relieved to find out he's not alone.

My uncle's already asked me to watch Jonah next weekend as well, I told him that I hadta talk it over with you, because I'm still coming to your place, and he said that'd be fine, to watch him there, so would you mind. I'll tell Jonah all that he needs to know, don't worry.

Anyway, wish I could really say what I'm thinking right now, and I hope you're thinking the same thing. I'll see you Friday after school.

Well, I don't mind having another little gay baby boy diaper lover running around the house, especially if he is still small enough to fit into Pampers size sevens, but, that will certainly put a kink into my plans too. I know that Hayden will explain everything to Jonah, but, honestly, I do not want anything with Jonah, no matter how cute, gay, and diapered he may be, I have Hayden, and that is all I really need. I do reply though.

Hi there Handsome, glad you boys had such a good night and that Jonah enjoyed his surprise. I'm certain it came as a pretty large shock to him that you boys are alike and that you'll allow him to be free. It sounds as if you need to be careful, though I know you'll know this well already. I suppose I don't mind him spending the weekend with us, though I had plans for the two of us, we'll just have to change the plans to include him in other ways instead. I'll have to get another bed for him though, so that he has somewhere to sleep as well. I'll go and get lots of supplies, but you can help me with all that this weekend. Yes, I too am thinking the same thing I'm certain, and yes, I'll see you after school on Friday. Have a good night.

Not even two minutes after hitting send, the email program pinged me and said that I have a new email, so I went and read it, from Hayden again, so that is good. He must have been waiting for it again.

Hi there, thanks, and don't worry about Jonah, I'm sure he won't mind, and even though I know we'll have to change our plans slightly, I'll make sure that our schedule isn't thrown off too much because of it. I think spending the weekend with us will be really good for him anyway. He deserves the freedom and happiness we can give him. See you in a couple days.

I know he deserves it, hence the reason I am allowing it, even though I know that it will certainly throw a wrench into the plans I had for Hayden and I. No, I was not planning an all around the house fuck fest or anything like that, we will still only make love in our bed, but, my current house is not exactly well insulated, hell it is barely insulated at all, and I am certain my heating bill is going to be atrocious, because I do not believe that it has stopped once since I turned it on, and I have had to keep the fire going near non stop as well. So, yeah, hiding what we are doing will not be easy. Oh well, we will manage just fine.

Friday could not possibly come fast enough, and I am already starting to get blue balls. Thursday was possibly the slowest day I have ever felt in my entire life, it felt like the clock had actually stopped. Friday was hardly any better, and even my boss asked me why I seemed so preoccupied and fidgety, totally lied to him and said I had a hot date tonight. Yeah, right, I do, he just does not need to know that it is with my fifteen year old nephew. He laughed and shook his head. Finally the day did end, some hundred hours later, and I left at my regular time, and probably sped just a little too much on my way to pick up my baby.

“Oh, fucking finally.” I said as Hayden opened the door and jumped in.

“Tell me about it. I'm so fucking horny right now it's not even funny. As soon as we get home, I wanna suck and finger fuck each other. Ah hell, I need the biggest dildo I can possibly take right now, and from the way my asshole's been pulsing all day, I think you could probably shove a bus up my ass quite easily right now.”

“Yeah, I feel the same way too. I won't have time to get dildos, so let's just work each other with fingers, I want your whole hand, and I'll give you four fingers this time.”

“Fuck me, I damn near came.”

“Yeah, me too. Was shocked to find I hadn't flooded my diaper with cum last night from some of the dreams I had about you and me.”

“No shit, I was the same. I've been so hard all day that I haven't peepeed my baby diaper once without actually having to stop and concentrate on doing so.”

“Yeah, me too.”

“Fuck, can this drive take any longer.” Hayden groaned.

I laughed, but, in the same breath, I agreed wholeheartedly and seriously thought of just pulling over and having my way with my baby right on the side of the road. Talk about asking for trouble though. We did make it home a little faster than we probably should have, that is for damned sure, but we did make it, so that is all that matters.

The crew are still there and working away, so hopefully they need nothing in the next ten to fifteen minutes, because as much as I want this to last, I know it will not, it will be fast, passionate, and damn near brutal. We are both simply too horny. I have never felt this way before. We damn near run in the house, and before the door is even fully closed, we are stripping each other all the way to our bedroom.

By the time we made it, we are down to only our soggy baby diapers, and we jumped and landed on the bed in the prime position to take care of our needs. I laid on my back, Hayden crawled right on top of me, we are facing each others diapers, and we both have some very good ideas as to how the next few minutes will play out.

Even though I am not entirely convinced we need it, I do have just enough sense to grab the lube, I really do not want to hurt Hayden, and lube will certainly make it go much easier as Hayden slips his whole hand deep inside me. I know I can take him, I have taken much larger hands inside me numerous times, but it always takes some work, and lots of lube.

We pull each others diapers down in the front at the same time, and inhale each other, and this time Hayden took me fully, and I groaned deeply from it, which must have felt amazing on Hayden's dick, because he too groaned, which felt amazing to me. His throat is still so shockingly tight, and I cannot understand how he can even do it, he is still so small. Then again, his little ass really is no larger, and I just slipped two full fingers deep inside him in one slow push, and with zero resistance.

Hayden slipped four fingers into me pretty much right away, and it feels amazing. I was right though, the lube is not even needed yet. I added a third finger to Hayden right away, and just as I did so, Hayden exploded, which in turn caused me to explode, and I am truly enjoying the largest, thickest, tastiest load from him that I have yet to enjoy. Fuck it is amazing.

I came so much and so hard, that I am surprised that Hayden was able to take it all and not choke, but he is enjoying my extra output as well.

Then we both started peeing at the same time, and filled each other up as full as we desperately need.

As we are cumming and peeing inside each other, we are still fingering each other nice and long and deep, me with three fingers, Hayden with four, but as soon as we are done peeing, I know that Hayden is ready for me, and so I slip out, add more lube, and then slip four fingers inside him. He moaned lowly, but it was not a moan of pain. I am sure it is a little uncomfortable, every bit as much as his entire fist slipping inside me is causing in myself, but it also feels so fucking amazing, that any amount of pain is still worth it.

Not even two minutes later, and we explode once more, feeding each other another equally large load of hot gay baby boy cum. I for one have not even finished swallowing down the last of the previous load, so it added very nicely to the mix already in my mouth. I can tell that I too am adding more to Hayden's already full mouth, because he too seems to have kept some of my cum and piss to truly enjoy.

I have no intention or desire to stop just yet, I have at least one more orgasm in me before I need to stop, and from the way Hayden is still going at it, he too feels the same way.

This time we last at least five minutes, thoroughly enjoying our play time. I know that this will cost us tonight's play time, but that is okay as well. We will plug and maybe even triple diaper each other tonight, and tomorrow morning will be soon enough to make sweet tender gay baby diaper love to each other.

When finally we do cum, it is nearly as fantastic as the previous two cums, every bit as thick and copious, strong and delicious, and all around amazing. It is our last though, and we both seem to know it. We are both still mostly hard, we are still fully inside each other, but we are now not even moving. We are coming down from three massive orgasms, and we are breathing fast and hard around each others dicks still lodged mostly in our throats. I am shocked that Hayden can even get enough air, I must be very nearly sealing off his wind pipe. We are breathing through our noses, of course, but still, even Hayden is nearly blocking most of my air intake, and I am far larger in comparison to him.

Oh well, if he is not complaining or pulling off, then neither will I. We stay just as we are, enjoying each other in this most special way, until we both start going fully soft and slipping from each others mouths. As soon as we do so, we slip out of each others baby bums at the same time, and sigh deeply, both in contentment and loss.

Hayden swings around and presses his sensuous little lips to mine, and kisses me nice and deep. We passed our love, and still even some saved up cum and piss, back and forth for several minutes, before breaking apart.

“Wow, that was, I'd say amazing, but I'm not entirely convinced that's the right word. Intense is also an excellent word, yet still not how that felt.” Hayden sighed.

“Mmmhmm, I agree Baby, words just can't describe what you do to me.”

“Same. I suppose we needta get our ruined soggy baby diapers changed, but I definitely want my plug please?”

“You and me both Baby, you and me both.”

I rolled out of bed and gathered all that we are needing, our thickest diapers, a diaper doubler, and then a Pampers size seven to go between them. I also grabbed the packing tape, the sharp file, our baby lotion, diaper rash cream, and of course our butt plugs. I am upgrading Hayden once more, to the one I was using, and I am now using my largest, which is not all that much larger, but larger none the less.

I got Hayden plugged and triple diapered first, and then he took care of me, and finally we taped each other up well enough that we do not have to worry about our baby diapers slipping off of us.

“Baby, I'm dying of thirst and I'm famished, what say we go get some food and drink?” I asked my baby.

“I say hell yeah, because I am too.”

We do deem it prudent to throw on robes, since there are still people working on the property, and we certainly do not wish to be caught as we wish we could stay. We made and ate dinner, drank absurd amounts of both water and tea, cleaned up, and then went and watched TV for the evening. I have no idea when the construction crew left, we never saw them leave, but that is okay.

When bedtime came, we did not, we just went to bed, kissed and cuddled, whispered I love you to each other, and then passed out cold.

When we wake up, we kiss tenderly good morning, for at least ten minutes, and then decide that our diapers are still more than thirsty enough to last at least a couple more hours, and so, we get up instead of making hot gay baby diaper love to each other. We need breakfast and tea, and so we head to the kitchen to get them both started. After breakfast, we put on only enough clothes to make us less noticeable should someone come in, and then took our tea out and went to check out the progress on the new house.

“Oh, they have the concrete all poured, when did they do that?” Hayden asked.

“They started pouring Thursday morning, and from what I understand, it took almost all day to do it too. So, now the shell is essentially completed.”

“Then what were they working on yesterday?”

“Trust me, there's still shit loads more work to do. You see that humongous steel beam, and how it's got even larger wood attached to it?” I asked, pointing at it.


“That's the main ridge beam, it practically carries the weight of the entire roof structure, so the beam is a roughly thirty five centimeter tall steel I beam, that has two almost as large laminated veneer lumber beams glued and bolted to it. Because I'm doing massive vaulted ceilings throughout, that beam hasta carry a lot. Then every rafter is a twenty five centimeter by seven and a half centimeter laminated veneer lumber beam as well. When it's all done, I should be able to safely land a Boeing 747 on it.” I laughed.

“Why so much though, seems like serious overkill to me.”

“Overkill never killed anyone is my motto. This house was engineered and is being built to withstand the strongest known hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, and almost anything else mother nature can throw at it. It costs more, sure, a fuck tonne more to tell the truth, but, because it's built like that, I get better insurance rates, and I'll likely never haveta replace it. It's also being made fully fire retardant, water resistant, mold and mildew proof, and several other proofs, so that it out lasts everyone. It should be able to withstand a small forest fire, which do happen here, the entire house could be flooded, and at most I'd haveta replace some drywall and trim, and, like I said, should withstand virtually anything.”

“Wow. Never even imagined that could be done.”

“Most of the large commercial buildings I make haveta be made like that, but then, the largest one I've done so far was almost four hundred meters tall, so they haveta be designed to withstand all of that, and more.”

“Oh. Never thought of that.”

“I know. See those two columns nestled up against the outside walls?” I asked, pointing to them.


“They're tensioned concrete pillars, they hold the roof structure independent of the house structure. They're tied together, yet the house and roof can actually move a little independently of each other as well. The rafters will be attached to the walls of the house in such a way that they will have as much as two full centimeters of play before anything will start to stress. This is so that, should we ever have anything happen, the roof will have some give and not be able to fly off or fall in. It's my own design, done so to help in tornado areas, and the results seem promising. Of course, we don't haveta worry about that here, but we certainly haveta worry about earthquakes, which can be every bit as bad.”

“Really, we do?”

“Um, yeah, hasn't anyone ever told you that just off our coast lies one of the largest faults, and that it hasn't truly been active in far too many years. We are in the pacific ring of fire, and when something goes, it's likely to be bad.”

“No, I thought California was the place that hadta worry about that. Maybe Japan too, I guess.”

“Both are our ocean next door neighbors. In fact, the fault that California sits on, which is usually moving, is roughly the same size as the one we have, but ours isn't, at least like theirs does. Theirs releases pressure periodically, causing earthquakes, but ours is just building and building. They say that a massive earthquake is certain, but when, no one can say, maybe centuries, but who knows. You can't predict that shit, all you can do is prepare for it, and I'm ensuring that this house is as well prepared as I can possibly make it, to ensure I survive it if I'm home. When it happens, I hope I'm in one of my buildings, because I feel I'll be safe, and if I'm not, then I want to be there to be proven wrong.”

“Oh. Earth science is actually one thing I never cared for.”

“Me neither, but I hadta learn a lot of it in engineering school. I hadta know what sort of situations my buildings would be up against, and furthermore, what the cost of making a mistake would be. I design high rises, bridges, damns, things like that, things that, if they fail because I fucked up, could possibly kill hundreds or thousands of people. That's a responsibility that I must take very seriously.”


“Exactly.” I laughed.

“Well then, if it happens, then I hope I'm in one of your buildings with you, because I think I trust you more than anyone.”

“Thanks, I hope that when I'm put to the ultimate test, that I can keep that trust. Computer models, working models, data extrapolation, all the previous knowledge that we build upon, none of it matters when it comes down to it, we can only build things so strong, so flexible, all we can do is hope that it's enough.

“Just look at the Twin Towers. They were actually designed to take an impact of a plane, pretty much all high rises are, but, what they didn't take into consideration was the size of the plane, the amount of heat that its burning generated, the weight of the plane, and so many other factors all at once, combining to collapse them. Sure, you have the nay sayers who say that it was an inside job, and that it had to have been explosives, or some other bullshit, but I don't believe that for a second, we studied it in great detail, major changes were made because of it in fact. Realistically, even a plane that size hitting at full force shouldn't be able to knock it over, yet it did, just one weak link, somewhere, somehow, we may never know the exact cause, well except flying a fucking plane into it of course. They are reasonably certain as to exactly what and why, and so we take those thoughts into consideration, and now build differently, but was that it for sure, who truly knows. I could tell you exactly what they think happened, as well as my thoughts on it, and I think they're right, but there's no point, it gets incredibly technical, and you'd probably die of boredom.”

“Wow, didn't know high rises had to be built to withstand a plane hitting them.”

“Hell yeah, You think those were the first towers to be hit by a plane. No. Sadly not by a long shot. Usually they're much smaller planes, granted, but it happens. Thankfully we're not talking hundreds or anything like that, and I've never researched to see just how many there truly have been worldwide, but I think that there are at least a dozen confirmed plane to high rise hits.”

“Yikes.” Hayden laughed.

“Yeah, again, hence the reason we haveta engineer buildings to actually withstand even that. Granted, the same engineering is what helps them withstand other natural forces as well. So, what do you think of the pool, big enough for you?” I asked, because it appears to have been sprayed with the concrete yesterday as well, which is awesome.

“Oh yeah, that looks great, can't wait 'til it's up and running and we get to come swimming, hopefully nude.”

“No hopefully about it, absolutely.”

“Good. Why so large though?”

“I'm gay, I like em large.” I grinned.

“Mmm, me too.” He sighed animatedly.

“Yeah.” I snorted. “I just made it the pool that I had always wanted.”

“Then why hadn't you had plans to put one in?”

“Ah, but that's where you're wrong. I hadn't been planning on putting it in right away, sure, I was still on the fence as to whether it'd really even be worth it for me. I knew I'd enjoy it, but enough to warrant spending almost a hundred thousand extra on it. Mmm, maybe not. But, you want one, and the two of us together can make it more than worth it.”

“Holy shit, a hundred thousand!”

“Probably about that, yeah, by the time the cover's put on it and everything's all finished off, it'll probably hit about that.”

“Yikes, had I've known it'd be that much, I never would've asked.”

“Yeah, but I don't really care about the money, so don't worry. Even a pretty simple in ground pool with no cover can easily hit fifty thousand by the time all is said and done, but we're going with a much nicer pool and the cover, so it tacked on a fair bit extra.”

“You may not care about the money, but I sure do. I'd never be able to spend that kinda money on something like this.”

“Yeah, but you grew up not having any, that changes things, I know. I was always taught to never spend my money stupidly, but that if I have it, and there's something that I need, and if you can make it worth it, then go ahead and get it.”

“Well, same, but there's no way you can make this worth it. You'd haveta go to the public pool every day for your entire life or longer to make that worth it.”

“Yes, but I see this worth it in more than just monetary values. No, I'd never be able to make this worth it just looking at it that way, however, you're forgetting a couple things. First, and foremost, I never haveta leave here in order to go swimming, to me that's huge. Second, and damn near as important, here I get to swim free, I've always wanted to be able to swim in the nude. Third, I'm a morning person, I prefer getting up in the morning and getting my workouts done, and I'll likely swim in the mornings, and possibly a relaxing dip in the evenings, so therefore I never haveta worry about someone elses schedule. Fourth, it's not just me now, it's you too, and you'll get to enjoy it every bit as much, in just the same ways. To me that is far more worth it.”

“Okay, sure, you have some good points, but still, that's a huge amount of money.”

“Yes, yes it is, but in just a year, with the apartment I'm having built, and renting it all out, even after I pay for everything, I'll probably make damn close to that, or probably more so, per month. So yeah, not really all that worried, to tell you the truth.”

“You're shitting me, right?” Hayden gasped.

“No, there's gonna be damn near two hundred apartments, and the average rent will be a grand a month, you do the math. I'll have two partners to share that with, but I'm about eighty percent partner in this, so I make the most, but I'm also putting the most on the line. Heat and hot water, all the building maintenance, pool maintenance, garbage and all that shit I haveta pay for every month, so I'll make a lot, but I'll be paying a lot as well. Sure, I should make more, but that's okay with me.”

“Wow, now I seriously wanna get into real estate.”

“And you should. Once I have the money to do so, I'll happily loan you the money to get started. I won't charge you interest, so it'll be perfect.”

“Really, you'd do that?”

“Absolutely, but, keep in mind, that even real estate isn't always a for sure bet, and you can get hosed.”

“I'm sure you can, but with you guiding me, I'm certain I can make it work.”

“Yes, and I'd be happy to help you out, no worries.”

For almost an hour more, we toured around the construction site, me telling Hayden pretty much everything else there was to know about what is happening and why. He is very inquisitive, and because he is incredibly smart, he understands pretty near everything I explain, even though he is not into architecture like I am.

We have enjoyed being outside in just barely enough clothes to conceal triple thick and soggy baby diapers, but Hayden is starting to get pretty cold, so we headed inside. We have long since finished our tea, so I make another pot so as to warm my baby up, and he appreciates it, but then, he says he loves tea anyway, but that I have way nicer tea than he gets at home.

For the next couple hours before lunch and diaper changes, we play games and talk and laugh. I have so rarely had the ability or desire to talk to someone so freely as I can with Hayden, and he claims the same of me. In the same breath though, we can just sit in absolute silence, just cuddling and neither of us feel the need to talk.

By the time lunch time rolled around, our diapers have been well soaked and have started to leak, and so, we head in and change each other quickly, not taking care of each others bothersome baby boners yet, we plan to come back after lunch to take care of them. We made and ate lunch, left the mess, and then headed back to our bedroom to make hot gay baby diaper love to each other. I asked Hayden to make love to me first, saying that if we each only have two gay baby boygasms in us, that he can make love to me once, and then I to him, filling each other up as full as we can, and then, if we have more to offer, then we can go for at least one more go round.

Hayden is very much okay with this, and then he proceeded in making love to me. We had removed our nice large plugs when we changed each other, and though we are both still dry, we are not worried about that in the least, we already plan to triple diaper each other again. Hayden did not even need to lube me up, and just slipped all in, of course going straight through both our fresh diapers. He was not even in danger of cumming yet, when he grunted that he has to pee, and paused, and filled me up. Well, who am I to complain. Believe you me, I am not. I too have to go really bad, and I hope that I can hold it all in, but then, I am trying very hard not to cum when Hayden does as well, because I want to give him all that I can.

Hayden lasted maybe five minutes before cumming, and holding off and not cumming was one of the most difficult things that I have ever done. It would have been a serious waste after all. As soon as Hayden pulled out of me, he threw himself on his back, opened up his legs, and gave me the come and get it look. I want it, and so, I go and get it.

I too did not even have to bother lubing Hayden up, we are still nice and loose and sloppy from removing our plugs only a short while ago. I slip in, pause for just a brief second, concentrate enough to pee, and pee so hard it actually burned. Of course, the fact that I am stone fucking hard right now may have something to do with that. It feels like a fucking pressure washer right now in fact, hopefully I am not tearing apart Hayden's insides from the super fine, high pressure jet of piss I am blasting inside of him.

Sadly, almost instantly, as soon as I started thrusting inside my baby, I exploded. It was so much so, in fact, that I am pretty sure that I blacked out for a few seconds. It feels every bit as much as if my balls had fully ejected out the tip of my dick, it burned so much. I have never cum so hard in all my life.

As soon as I came down, Hayden begged me to stay put and to make love to him, and that he would try and hold on, so that he could make love to me again in just a few minutes. Honestly, I had no desire to stop, not even sure I could have, because my hips had started rocking of their own accord almost as soon as the main waves of my orgasm stopped crashing.

I took on a long slow motion, and truly made love to my baby, and he is moaning and sighing every bit as deeply as I am. This time I did manage to last several minutes, I would say five or so, and came, just not nearly so forcefully as my first.

I can see that Hayden is trying his damnedest to not cum as well, it looks hot.

Almost as soon as I came down, I pulled out and flipped over and onto my back, and gave my baby the come and get it look as well. Boy did he ever come and get it. One second he was still laying there, the next second he was buried to the diaper inside me. Apparently Hayden had built up a fair bit of pressure though, because he too lasted only a few seconds, before exploding once again inside me.

I saw Hayden black out momentarily, his eyes rolled back, and he convulsed quite severely as he came, it was hot. Then he came too again, and started thrusting once more inside me. Well, I think I could be convinced to go just once more, I suppose, if I have to.

Fuck me, it is so amazing. Hayden is nowhere near my largest partner, but he is certainly a good healthy size, especially for his age and size, yet, he knows just how to use every millimeter that he was granted. He is making me feel better than any ten of my previous partners have ever done. This time Hayden lasts damn near ten minutes, and I am finding that I am coiling up to cum as well, and when finally Hayden explodes, so do I once more. I know that this is our last, though, because we are both going soft.

It is funny, this is the first time that we have made love without kissing, but we were looking into each others eyes the entire time, and in a way, it was even more loving than had we been kissing. In this way we are much more able to see exactly how the other is feeling, and it was beautiful.

Still just barely inside me, Hayden crashed down on me, and hugged me tightly as we came down. When I finally ejected my baby from my insides, we both sighed deeply.

“I love you.” Hayden whispered softly to me, having not even moved since he crashed down.

“And I love you more, my beautiful baby boy.” I whispered back.

“Not possible.”

Hayden crawled up, pressed our lips together, and gave me such an amazingly soft and tender kiss it melted my heart. We must have kissed for easily ten minutes, but I think that it was closer to the fifteen minute mark before we finally pulled away, and we did so with a deep contented sigh again.

“Well Baby, we done ruined our nice thick baby diapers, whatever will we do with them now.” Hayden grinned cheekily to me.

“Oh, I don't know, it would be a shame to throw them out, since they're still dry and all. What would you suggest?”

“Poke even more holes in them, slip in nice Pampers baby diapers, with lotsa holes poked in them, inside them, then put another super thick baby diaper, but with a doubler in it, right over top of this. We'll then of course haveta tape each others mega thick baby diapers on extra well, and then I think we should put our rubber baby pants over top of them.”

“Fuck, you're even more naughty than me, I was just thinking a doubler, but okay, I could be talked into that.”

“Goody.” Hayden said, and then hopped out of bed to grab everything that we need. Well, not need, just desperately want, desire, crave.

Within a few minutes, we are both so thickly diapered that it is almost unbelievable. I do not believe that I have ever four diapered myself, but I am most certainly not against it. We will certainly not be making hot gay baby diaper love to each other any time soon, for like probably twenty four hours. That is okay.

“Wow, this is even nicer than I dreamed it'd be.” Hayden said first once we had each other completely taken care of.

“No kidding. I don't think I've ever gone quite this thick before, I certainly don't hate it. Can't wait 'til we're so fucking wet we're leaking.”


We spent the rest of the day doing lots and nothing, just doing it together, and when bedtime came, knowing full well that we cannot make love to each other, we just slipped our hands inside each others already super soggy baby diapers and softly stroked each other, as we kissed every bit as tenderly as we are stroking. We came two times each, and licked it off our own hands both times, before latching back on and sharing the wealth. There is nothing quite so sensual as sharing a sweet cum kiss with the gay baby boy of your dreams.

When we finally woke up the next morning, we find that we are still nowhere near to needing a super soggy baby bum change. We are incredibly wet, to be certain, but not quite wet enough to warrant changing such a glorious thick baby diaper. As we kissed each other good morning, we once again slipped our hands inside each others quadruple thick baby diapers and gently stroked our baby boyfriends until we came two more times, once more sucking up each others cum and continuing to kiss tenderly.

We got up, made and ate breakfast, lounged around for a good couple hours, until our diapers finally sprung leaks, I was first, and Hayden only ten minutes later. We were not worried, that is why we are wearing rubber baby pants after all.

“My god, our diapers are so amazingly soggy now.” Hayden said as he grabbed my hand and led me to our bedroom.

“Mmmhmm, so nice.”

Hayden crawled onto the bed, laid on his side, and beckoned me to him, and I am pretty sure I know how he wants me, and so I crawl in so that we are facing each others insanely soggy diapers. As soon as I too am laying on my side, facing my baby, we press our faces into each others diapers. It feels amazing, yet I can just barely feel Hayden doing it to me.

I am the first to reach to Hayden's diaper and pull it down, but he follows suit almost immediately and pulls mine down to match. We very nearly smack each other in the noses with our erections. Hayden giggled, I chuckled. Then we sucked each other in and sighed at the same time. I then reached into the back of Hayden's diaper, just as he too is doing the same to me, and start tickling his hot little baby bum hole. I am not seeking entrance, I may not even do so this time, I am just making him feel very good, just as good as he is making me feel I hope.

Cum number one explodes only about three or four minutes later, and we enjoy each other a great deal. Considering how well drained we have been kept, I am certain I only have one more in me, so I want for it to last as long as possible, and so, I slow right down. Hayden must have realized what I was doing, because not only did he too slow right down and matched my pace, but I felt him moan, 'Mmmhmm', around my dick.

By about the nine or ten minute mark, I was starting to get very close, and from the way Hayden is vibrating, I think he is too. I am going to try and hold on for as long as possible though, and I hope that Hayden can as well, though I know that the second he explodes, that so will I, there may be nothing that I can do to stop it.

I think we managed to last at most two minutes more, before Hayden could no longer hold it in, and exploded another fantastic orgasm, feeding me a very healthy sized load of hot gay teen baby boy cream.

Because we had just peepeed our baby diapers not all that long ago, I know that neither of us have any of our sweet piss to give each other, but that does not seem to stop us from trying to suck some out anyway, even though with that last orgasm, we are both going soft.

For maybe another couple minutes, we softly suckle each other as tenderly as we can, because we are both understandably sensitive right now. I decided that I need to kiss my baby, so let go and swung around, so that we can do so, and I kiss him long and slow.

“Baby, as amazing as I think you smell right now, I doubt others would think so, and we really should go shopping, so, what say we go get us all cleaned up, diapered properly, and then dressed so that we can go get supplies.”

“Okay, but only if you promise we get to buy baby diapers.”

“Of course.”

“Then, okay, I suppose so.”

I laughed, and pulled Hayden from bed as I got out. As soon as we made it to the bathroom, we stripped each other of our roughly five kilogram diapers, threw our rubber pants into the tub so that we can wash them at the same time as we wash, and then we too hopped in after turning on the water. At least now, with the new hot water tank, we can at least enjoy a reasonably decent length hot shower, and so we do. Still, the water is getting cold long before I wish it would.

After getting diapered and dressed properly, we head out. We hit the medical supply store first, grab the diapers and supplies from there that we very much want, and even a little need. Well, I do actually need them, and so does Hayden, but, we are both in agreement, that we want them far more than we need them.

We hit a couple other stores to get a few other little things that we want and need, including lots of tea for us both, and even a proper tea pot and kettle for Hayden, so that he has them at home, something I was only too happy to buy him. Finally we hit the grocery store. While by the baby section, we do stop and grab some more Pampers size seven, four packs, more baby lotion, diaper rash cream, and even some baby powder, all the proper sweet smelling baby stuff. Of course we did also grab all the groceries that we need, and then went and paid up before heading home, because this is our final stop.

Before we know it, it is time to take my baby home, so I pack up two of the packs of Pampers, one of each of his two types of diapers, one pack of doublers, one of each baby lotion, diaper rash cream, and baby powder, all Hayden's tea supplies, as well his bag of clothes, and call him all packed and ready for the next week. We are not in need of soggy baby bum changes, but we are in need of something more urgent, and so, we headed to bed to relieve enough pressure to get us through the next several days. We do so by sucking and fingering each other through three amazing orgasms, sucking down as much cum and piss as we possibly could, and finally we are relieved. Probably not enough to last five days, but hopefully enough to keep us from going crazy.

“You know,” Hayden said as I was driving him home. “I'm at home every day for nearly an hour by myself, you don't haveta work in the office after two most days, and there's zero fucking chance that I can hold off for five days again. How about you stop by every afternoon after you get off work?”

“I'd love to, really I would, but what will your parents think, or the neighbors?”

“You're my uncle, coming to stay with me for a bit, that's all the neighbors need to know, but trust me, they don't pay any attention whatsoever. Things get robbed, people fight and swear all the time, and no one ever sees anything. As for my parents, remember, they already know anyway, and besides, if you're gone before they get home, how would they know.”

“True, I suppose. How's about just Tuesday and Thursday, enough to relieve the tension, but not enough that people might pay attention.”

“I suppose that could work, and it might be enough. We'll haveta play it by ear I suppose and see if that works. Still would much rather just live with you full time.”

“And I would too Baby, but there's no need. It'd be mean to do that to your parents, not when you all do love each other.”

“Yeah, I suppose.” He sighed.

“I know, it's not the answer I wanna give either, but we can't be selfish. I was so very selfish, really, the entire last twelve years I was being a selfish little brat, but now I'm starting to see that it really did hurt me and my family a great deal as well. Most of our conversations are forced, there's no easy family conversations, and I caused that because I was being selfish. True, I was certain that they'd think I was a horrible shame, but I never gave them the chance, and for that, I was selfish. I'm trying, but it's still so hard. My anti social nature has always made it hard for me, I've never been comfortable around any amounts of people, but I always got on well with my family, now we hardly talk.”

“Yeah, my anti social nature makes it hard on me too, so I know how you feel there, but I suppose I see your point too. Our family really are the ones that should be there for us through it all, no matter what.”

“We're so much alike, I know. But you do have a loving family, and you know they know and understand you, not like me, when I thought that no one could possibly know or understand me, or like me the way I was for that matter.”

“Yeah, I know, but it's getting so hard to not be with you.”

“I know, and I wish you could be with me for forever more as well, but not yet.”

“I know.” He sighed deeply, sadly.

I dropped my baby off at home shortly thereafter, and I know Hayden damn near cried, but then, so did I. Trust me, if I could, I would keep him in a fucking heartbeat. I went home and spent the evening very much sulking. I miss Hayden so much already, it is not even funny.