Chapter 5

Monday and Tuesday I went to work and got lots done, but after work on Tuesday, I did go and pick Hayden up from school, and from how excited he seemed, he was happy and horny, same as me. When we got to his house, we headed inside, kissed deeply, and then laid right down on the living room floor, opened each others pants, diaper shirts, and lowered each others diapers only just barely enough to suck each other. We both came at the same time barely thirty seconds later, but we are not stopping. We started peeing only a second after our shared orgasms eased, and we drank all that down. We sucked for two more orgasms, and drank down each others sweet cum, before we were satisfied. We got each other put back together, and then kissed for another few minutes.

“Wow, that was intense.” Hayden sighed.

“Yeah, it sure was. So, you still haveta babysit Jonah tonight?”

“Yep, called last night to confirm that he still needs me, and he does, and he asked if it's still okay to watch Jonah the whole weekend, and I said it is. I'll talk to Jonah tonight and explain everything to him, but that we can't play either, because you and I have each other, and I for one want no one else. Last week I was already certain he wanted to ask me to fuck him silly, this week I'm positive he'll ask. Just wish I knew another cute little gay baby boy diaper lover for him, but I don't.”

“That's good, and I'm glad you and I are on the same page there, because I only want you as well. No matter how cute he is in a soggy Pampers baby diaper.”

“Yeah, and he's super cute too. I can't wait 'til this weekend, that's for sure, but will you pick me up again Thursday after school, so that we can relieve a little more pressure again?”

“Yes. Though nearly raping each other as soon as we walk in the door was pretty silly, we didn't even make it to the bedroom.”

“No shit, was pretty hot though. I've just been dreaming of you all day long, and it made me super horny again.”

“Same. We haveta make sure and not only think about each other, we both have jobs to do, and we can't sacrifice them for each other, at least all the time.”

“Yeah, I can't allow my grades to slip, or I'll never get the scholarships and grants I need.”

“And I can't afford to lose concentration on some of the projects I'm working on right now.”

“Considering what you told me this weekend, no shit.”

“Exactly. We both have too much at stake to be thinking only of each other. As much as we love each other, because I know you love me as much as I love you, we haveta not be selfish there too.”

“Yeah, I see your point. We kinda are being a bit selfish, thinking only of each other, aren't we?”

“Yeah, we're not doing it on purpose, but we do haveta remember that, and this weekend will be incredibly important that we don't, because it could hurt Jonah far too much otherwise. He's already gonna be very fragile, just like you and I were at his age, and we don't want him to feel like he's just a third wheel, like he's just in the way.”

“Oh shit, that'd be horrible. Had I've had that at his age, especially after finding out I wasn't alone, it would've totally made me crash.”


“Okay, then no more being selfish and thinking only of each other.”

“So, you baby boys have fun tonight, I should be heading home, but I do want one more kiss Baby.”

We kissed for several minutes, before I headed home.

Wednesday afternoon, I had an email from Hayden.

Hi there. Jonah and I had a really good night last night, and as I thought he might, he did ask the question we talked about. I explained to him all the reasons why that simply wasn't possible, but I did teach him a whole bunch of stuff that'll help him out. He was already wearing and had properly used his product by the time I'd got there, and pretty much as soon as his dad left, he begged me to do so.

I just sat down, hugged and cuddled him, and had a long talk with him. He certainly didn't wanna hear that, and I told him that under other circumstances maybe I would've, but that now I simply can't. I asked him if he has any friends who he thinks might enjoy as well, and he says he has no friends, because of the same reasons I never have. Poor little guy. Like I told him, I know well that pain. I told him we'd see what we could find for him to help him out, but that it might be hard to do as well.

I'm looking forward to you picking me up from school and taking me home tomorrow, I have so much more to say that's hard to say in an email, so much so, that you might still be there when mom and dad get home. I don't wanna just say hi and bye like we did yesterday though, we really need to just sit down and talk some. I suppose I'll see you tomorrow now. Have a good night.

I responded right away. I like how he very clearly said he needs a long love making session, without even saying anything close to that.

Glad you boys had a good night, and that Jonah was already enjoying them. I'm not surprised he asked, I would've been more surprised if he hadn't, to tell you the truth. I'm glad you held and hugged him as you explained everything to him, I know you know as well as I do how scared he must still be. We'll certainly see what we can come up with for him. Yes, I'll pick you up, and I agree, we need to have a nice long chat for sure. So, I'll see you tomorrow afternoon, have a good night.

I certainly cannot wait for tomorrow afternoon now, and maybe we will actually get to make love to each other, that would be so nice. Yesterday really was a little ridiculous, but it was certainly erotic. Granted, no one has ever made me feel quite so much like a horny, insatiable teenager until Hayden. And I know he is one.

Thursday afternoon, I picked Hayden up from school, went to his house, and we did make love to each other, I asked him to fill me up first, ad he did, and then I filled him up. Trust me, holding all my cum and piss as he filled me with all of his was even harder than my dick had been. We changed each others soggy diapers, and then went and sat back in the living room and talked.

“So, how'd it really go the other night?” I asked.

“Like I said in the email, Jonah was already wearing his cute little Pampers baby diaper, and he was already right soggy. He said he'd put it on pretty much as soon as he got home from school. He's home for about half an hour before his dad gets home. Mom and Dad say there's no way a kid as young and small as Jonah is should be left alone for even half an hour, but, like his dad says, he can't afford to pay someone to watch Jonah for only half an hour and he's fine. Anyway, he diapered himself up right away, and he said that he'd been holding his peepee and had had to go really bad, so almost soaked it right then and there. He stayed mostly in his bedroom, away from his dad, where he usually is anyway, 'til I got there and his dad left. Almost as soon as he was out the door, Jonah stripped down to his very soggy Pampers, asked me to do so as well, and I did, and then he asked me to take him to his bedroom and fuck him. Of course I told him all about us, and how I don't want anyone other than you, and that if it weren't for us two, I'd so totally fuck him. I taught him how to properly play with his Pampered pussy, and how good he could make himself feel. And all that. Like I said, there were lots of tears, and he kept begging me, to just this one time, fuck him.”

“Poor little guy, finally finds out who he truly is, finds someone just like himself, someone he so very much wants and needs, and then he gets turned away. I can't imagine how that must feel. Granted, I knew who and what I was not much older, but was scared shitless of anyone finding out, and so therefore buried it deeply. At least he gets to be more free around you, be who he is, that hasta be lots better.”

“Yeah, and that's pretty much exactly what I told him too, that I'd started to understand certain things about myself around the same age as he is now, but how horribly scared I was of anyone finding out. Like I told him, in the end I was being stupid, because my parents really already knew, and that his dad might already as well. He said he's pretty sure his dad does. Apparently Jonah's dad's been bitching at him about being a baby and still needing diapers, and how he's probably a dirty little faggot as well. He's truly scared of his dad finding out that he's for sure gay, he's not sure how well that'll go over. I told my parents this yesterday, and my dad said that he's not sure what'll happen either, but that his younger brother really is a retard, and always has been. Would you be able to to adopt him?”

“Oh Hayden, I doubt it. I'm openly gay, I'm not married, he's gay, they'll only think I'm adopting him to fuck him. I seriously doubt that that'd even be an option.”

“What if you were placed as permanent guardian by his dad?”

“Not sure that'd work any better.”

“I looked into it last night, if his dad places you as his guardian, as long as you don't have a criminal record, then it looks like almost no one even has a say. I printed out the forms, so that you can look them over, and I even gave them to my parents, to see what they think, and my dad says that if you agree, that he'll serve the papers himself and make his brother do it, for the good of Jonah, that Jonah is gay, and that he's afraid of his dad.

“I think we should do it this weekend, while Jonah's there. His dad gets home Sunday afternoon, my dad says he can serve the papers pretty much as soon as he gets home. Obviously he says we needta see if Jonah is a good fit there or not first, but that it might just be the best solution to an otherwise shitty situation, and how he would really like to have Jonah pulled before his dad gets too bad, and Jonah just decides that the world's a better place without him in it. He says that if Jonah's dad causes that to happen, he'll beat the shit out of his brother, and he may haveta go to jail because of it, because he might not be able to stop.”

“So, once again, the family is plotting against me. Figures. I won't say yes, yet, but I'm not gonna say no outright either. Let me meet and get to know Jonah, and then we'll see how things play out.”

“Thanks. That's all I can ask. I don't want Jonah hurt either, I love him, he's definitely my favorite cousin, and not just 'cause he's a gay baby boy either. That doesn't hurt, mind you, but it's not the reason. We've just always got along very well, even though he's so much younger.”

“I guess I should go and pick out a portable bed or something then, so that he at least has a comfortable place to sleep while he's there, and I'm guessing that you want him to come over every weekend as well, so that he's away from his dad and somewhere he can be free, so it won't go to waste.”

“Yeah, that's what I was hoping as well. So, it might not be a bad idea, that's for sure.”

Just then, my sister and brother in law got home with my nieces, we talked for a few minutes, my brother in law asking me if I'd be okay taking Jonah, that he feels that being with me might just be the best place for a boy like Jonah, since we're all so much alike. I agreed to at least test the waters this weekend, but, beyond that, I could make no promises. Once I did that, my sister asked me to talk in private for a minute, so she dragged me to her bedroom.

“What's up Eve?” I asked as soon as she shut the door.

“Hayden wants to move in with you, doesn't he?”

“Yeah, and the feeling's mutual, I'd love to have him come live with me, but, like I told him, we can't be selfish, that he still has a loving family who knows and understands him, and that he can't ask.”

“Yeah, but we can all tell. You're all he talks about, when he talks of course. He's just like you, in that he hardly ever talks. Clearly you're both alike in many other ways as well. While I certainly don't wanna lose my baby so soon, eventually if he doesn't, he's only gonna become resentful of us as well. The weekends are good for him, he's so much happier and livelier than he ever has been before, and he even talks to us, but, I suppose, it helps that we now all know about who and what he truly is, and he's comfortable with it now. His sisters, still not so much, they still won't even talk to him, poor boy, and we've done all we can there for him, but making them like him won't help. They'll certainly be far happier if he moves, and some day, I hope that they understand what they've lost, a very caring and loving brother, because he is, even though they can't see it, and they're the ones who've pushed him away. Once he leaves though, that'll be it, he'll never interact with them comfortably again. Hopefully soon they understand what they've lost, but we'll never be able to point it out to them.”

“So, you pretty much want me to adopt two boys this weekend?”

“Yeah, I know it's a lot to ask, I doubt you ever planned on having kids at all.”

“You sure can say that. I mean, honestly, Hayden doesn't need an adult, he's old enough and smart enough, that he could easily manage on his own, he's far more mature and wise than I ever was, hell, 'til at least half way through university I didn't really become as self assured as he is.”

“Yeah, but same here. I matured a lot by the time he was born, but before that, I was a spoiled rotten bitch.”

“Glad you said it.” I grinned to her.

“Ouch. No, I was, we both know it. Mom and Dad spoiled us kids, and we took advantage of them doing so, only you never did. The only thing you really ever took from them was the education funds that they'd saved up for all of us, otherwise, you never asked anything of them.”

“They already had five kids demanding all their time, and I was always so sick and in need of their care, when all I wanted was to be left alone.”

“Yeah, and sadly, we were jealous of you getting all their time.”

“And I was sometimes jealous of you guys all always getting everything you ever asked for. I never wanted anything, but, sometimes, seeing you guys with all that stuff made me jealous, even though I know, had I've just asked for something, they would've given it to me as well.”

“It's amazing, isn't it, the stupid shit we don't see as kids.”

“Tell me about it. I never saw that you guys all knew about me, I thought you'd all hate me for being a horrible freak, and so, I was so very selfish, and took off, instead of at least giving you a chance.”

“Yeah, and at least I'd known since you were little. It was kinda obvious, actually, you couldn't truly hide who and what you were. Same as Hayden and Jonah, we've always seen it, and even Jonah's dad's starting to see it, the dumb blind ape that he is. Fuck I hate the little fuck up. Even Matt hates his little brother, but then, he did torture Matt a lot while they were growing up. Matt was a lot older, and was forever getting in trouble for hurting his little baby brother, who couldn't ever defend himself. Yeah, except he knew it, and would pretend that Matt hurt him in order to manipulate Matt and his parents. Matt still hasn't talked to his parents since the day he moved out, after yelling at them that his little brother was nothing more than a spoiled brat and everything that he'd done, and how much trouble Matt was always in because of it. Matt can barely even look at his brother now, and if it weren't for Jonah, he'd have nothing to do with him at all.”

“Wow, never knew that.”

“Not something he likes to talk about. His parents always thought of him as a waste of time and space, but his brother was absolutely perfect in every way. They're cut from the same cloth though, and even Jonah refuses to see his grandparents, hates them. He too can never be good enough for them. Funny, considering his waste of space dad can't hold down a job to save his life. I mean, we may not be perfect, but at least we love our kids.”

“Never understood how people could be like that to kids. Glad Mom and Dad weren't like that to me, I wasn't strong enough, I wouldn't have survived.”

“Yeah, I know. You always were so soft and delicate. The one time I was caught teasing you, fuck, you barely even knew I was there, I doubt you even heard me, but Dad did, and boy did I ever get a spanking, and then a talking to that I'll never forget.”

“I do remember it, and it hurt, a lot, but more hearing how you were being punished because if it. I cried for you. I knew you were just being a big sister, and I was just always in the way.”


“Yeah. Everyone thinks I didn't know how they felt about me, but I did. Granted, most of that was in my own head, how I felt about myself. I was horribly depressed as a kid, like I said, I wasn't strong enough. Had Mom and Dad not shown me as much love and understanding as they had, I never would've survived. It was my own stupidity that drove me away, and pure selfishness, they'd given me everything, and expected nothing, and still I couldn't trust them with that one little thing.”

“Yeah, know how you feel there. Wasn't 'til after Hayden was born that I finally realized all that they'd done for us, and how little we gave in return. I'm glad that you at least took all that money and went and did so well with it, because we sure never did.”

“Would you go now if you could?”

“Not even sure what I'd do.”

“Think about it. I'll help you out, Mom and Dad will as well, I know it, and I do have plans that'll help, but won't be ready for a little while yet.”

“I will, thanks. So, will you?”

“Will I what, take Hayden?”


“Yes, but not yet, let me get my new house completed, let him live here for a bit first, so that he can learn some things that we should've learned when we were his age. Let him grow up just that little more, and maybe, just maybe, he can get his sisters to come around.”

“If it becomes too much, will you take him sooner?”

“Yes, but don't tell him we had this conversation either.”

“I won't.”

“Thanks. And thanks as well, by the way, for understanding me and not treating me like a freak.”

“Meh, you're still a freak, but then, you are my little brother, and all little brothers are freaks.” She grinned.

“Yeah, I suppose, but then, so are big sisters.”

“Yeah, well, what are big sisters for, right.”

“Pain and abuse, normally.”

“Sounds about right.” She laughed.

“Thanks. I'm glad we were able to talk a bit, it still feels weird to do so after so many years of not talking to family.”

“Yeah, you're a lot more talkative now than you ever were, Hayden's getting better as well, finally knowing that we don't consider him to be a horrible freak.”

“Tell me, he says that he read the letter that I sent you all. How'd he find it?”

“I think you already know.” She grinned knowingly.

“That's what I thought. You set us both up long ago.”

“Yeah, wanted to let him know that we supported you, and therefore him as well.”

“What happened after he read the letter?”

“He asked about you. I asked why, and he said he knows who you are, but how come you moved away. I told him that you'd thought that no one could love you, because you were different, he asked how, but I told him that that's not something that I'm at liberty to discuss, only you could, but that we never hated you, that we still love you, and that when you're ready to come home, that we'd all welcome you back into the family. You still haven't figured out how you came to be back home, have you?”

“Why, what do you mean?” I asked warily.

“Mom and Dad wanted you back home where you belong, thought that you'd been gone more than long enough to become sure of who and what you were, and so, Dad talked to his old buddy. You don't remember Jim from when you were a kid, do you?”

“Holy fuck, I thought he looked familiar. Couldn't figure out why. Never really knew him though.” I said in awe, it finally just clicked.

“Yeah, one of Dad's oldest friends. Thought for sure you would've recognized him. Then again, you were hardly around when he came over. Whenever we had visitors, you hightailed it to your bedroom. Or half the time you were in the hospital too, mind you.”

“So, the entire family really is conspiring about me behind my back, aren't they?”

“Yes, but only to a certain degree, we're just laying the groundwork for you to be happy, you've hadta do all the hard work. Same as Hayden, we just laid out the groundwork for him to be happy, and we're happy that it's working.”

“So, the offer wasn't genuine?”

“Um, yeah, in case you haven't noticed, you're a pretty good architect, Jim wanted to hire you right outta school, but Dad asked him to hold off 'til you were ready. Finally he thought you were.”

“Who paid everything then?”

“Unless I'm mistaken, that was all Jim. He wanted you, has so for years already, like I said, he wanted to take you right from school, but you wouldn't have come then, Dad told him to hold off, that you weren't ready yet. Hayden also wasn't ready yet, but he was now, so, another reason you were called home. We knew Hayden was gonna start shutting down soon, we've been seeing the signs for a while now. The kids at school have been increasingly hard on him, now we know why, and we wondered why our talks with the principal never amounted to anything. Honestly, we never suspected that.

“We knew he wanted and needed you, we let him find the letter almost a year ago, when he finally realized who he really is. He's had that sneaking suspicion in the back of his mind since he was about eight, I think that's when he started to realize he was different, of course, I started to see it from the time he was four, but then, I'd seen it with you, so I knew the signs. I wasn't always the best big sister, but I'm trying to rectify that, and make yours and Hayden's lives so much better than I made yours growing up. It was my duty as big sister to pull you aside and tell you the hard facts, but I didn't. Had I've pulled you aside when you were fourteen, and told you that I knew you were gay, and that you didn't haveta take all that fear alone, it would've helped you out a great deal, and maybe you wouldn't have run away, but I didn't, I too was being selfish.”

“Oh. You really knew?”

“Yeah, kinda knew for sure by the time you were eight. I even asked Mom and Dad about it, and they said just treat him like you've always done, because he's no different than he ever has been. It was when you were ten that I teased you and I got caught, thankfully it wasn't about you being a gay baby boy diaper lover, just about you being utterly useless. I might not have survived that. Granted, I barely survived from what I did.”

“Oh. Thanks. I guess.”

“No worries, we've been in here for several minutes, and I'm sure Hayden's trying to figure out what we could possibly be talking about, so we should probably go, and I'm sure you wanna head home.”

“You're probably right. Thanks for the talk, by the way, it's been enlightening. I do haveta go pick up a portable bed for Jonah, so that he has somewhere comfortable to sleep this weekend.”

“Actually, we have one of those inflatable bring your own beds, you can take that. No point in buying one, when we already have it. It's a double, so a decent size, and I have sheets for it already, you'll just need blankets, we always just use ours from our bed, but it's a queen, so the sheets don't fit.”

“Oh, okay, that might just be perfect, thanks. I have lotsa blankets, so no worries there.”

We headed out, and Eve went and found the bed and brought it out to me with its sheets. I loaded it up, said goodbye to everyone, and headed home. Of course I told Hayden that I would pick him up at home after school tomorrow.

I set up the bed in the living room, as soon as I got home, but because there is not exactly a lot of space, I had to move a couple things around to allow it to fit and still allow us to play games and watch TV. After dinner and diaper change, I played games for the rest of the night. I had double diapered myself, so I was more than good until morning.

I had a good day at work, and headed out in time to pick Hayden up from home, and then off to Jonah's house to pick him up. Hayden had been watching for me, and as soon as I pulled up, he was already out the door, and proceeded to lock it, before grabbing his bag and coming to meet me.

“Hi there Baby, I see you're ready to go?”

“Yep, let's go get Jonah now, just back out to the left, and go down the road about a kilometer, turn right on two ninety'th, and his is the fourth house on the left.”

“Okay, nice and easy. Will his dad be home?”

“No, Jonah just called, said his dad called to say he wouldn't be home, and that was it. He sounded like he was crying.”

We got there only a minute later, and Jonah too was out to greet us. He is a very cute little guy, very skinny, and about the right height I suppose, for an eight year old. He has very short hair that he spiked up a bit in the centre. When he hopped in, I could see that he has deep brown eyes, cute little upturned nose, nice full red lips, and even cute little ears. I can see that he has already diapered up, and that he is likely already good and soggy, but like that is a bad thing.

“Hi there Jonah, my name's Nathan, it's good to meet you.” I said, turning in my seat and shaking his tiny little hand.

“Hi Nathan, it's good to meet you as well.” He said very softly in a cute little squeaky little boy voice.

“How come it sounds as if you were crying Jonah?” Hayden asked as I started pulling away.

“Dad found my Pampers last night, said I was a disgrace. When he called when I got home from school, he said it'd be best if I never came home again.”

“Oh Jonah, I'm so sorry. I guess that's why you have such a large bag of stuff.”

“I'm not, I hate him. I was only crying 'cause of what he said to me, how I'm a dirty useless little waste, a piece of shit, that he should'a just drowned me like a rat when I was a baby.”

“Oh Jonah, I hope you know how wrong he is.” Hayden said, crying.

“I know, you helped me to see that.”

“Good, I'm glad. I'm not sure what we're gonna do, but don't you worry, okay.”

“Thanks.” He whispered.

I admit, I am crying in the front seat. Hearing how the poor little guy has been treated makes me so sad. That is how I felt I would be treated like, but he actually had it happen. I said nothing as we drove home, and when we made it, we took the boys' things inside. I then told them I wanted to go check out the progress on the new house, and talk to the contractor, since he is here.

We went outside as soon as we had the boys offloaded, and the guys have the roof almost completed, with the concrete tiles on, they had finished the actual roof building the day before, and today looks to have been a reasonably easy day. I asked how it was going, and he said that it was going great. He had his framing crews inside framing all the interior walls, and next week he assures me that all the utilities will be put in. As soon as the electrical and plumbing is in, they can start on the exterior, to get it all buttoned up, and that the exterior doors and all the windows are even being delivered Monday, so that they can get it to lockup stage, so lots happening all at the same time next week. The guys were just packing up for the day, since they cannot really finish anyway, and the last side of the roof they will just bang out on Monday.

As soon as all the guys were gone, I took the boys on a tour of the interior. I have not been in since they installed the main floor, they had to do that before the roof, because the main beams for it too were huge, and all the engineered floor joists were not all that small either, so they used their crane a lot for that too. Of course the crane absolutely had to be used for the roof, but I am not entirely convinced that the main roof beam was not overloading their crane. I know that model and its capacity, and I know that beam should have been over its limits. Oh well, it is done, that is all I care about, and no one died while getting it done, which is also a bonus. They had installed the floor on Monday and Tuesday, and the roof on Wednesday and Thursday, so they are moving along quite smoothly. I guess it is good to have such a large company that can tell the guys when they need to be there, and they listen, because I am already at least a full two weeks ahead of schedule.

“Wow, you're gonna have a huge house. Why so big?” Jonah asked.

“No reason, really, just wanted it.”

“And what's that big concrete hole, it almost looks like a pool or something?” He asked curiously, pointing to the pool of course.

“Oh, never noticed that, that's weird, wonder if maybe it's a pool going in.” I teased, mussing up his hair a little.

“Really, you're getting a pool too, how amazing is that.” He said, a full two notches higher on his volume scale.

“Yeah, always wanted one, and Hayden talked me into putting it in.”

“Yeah, right. I just asked if you'd thought about it, you then decided it'd be worth it. I still think a hundred thousand for a pool is insane.”

“You're spending a hundred thousand to put in a pool, holy crap.”

“Yeah, but it's okay.” I laughed.


“So, let's head back inside Baby's, and then I wanna strip down to just my soggy baby diaper, and I imagine that you both do as well.”

“You really wear diapers too, Hayden said you did, but I didn't really believe him.”

“Of course, why would he lie about something amazing like that?”

“I don't know. My dad says I'm a freak of nature for needing diapers as it is, but that I like them is even worse. When he found the Pampers last night, he called me a fucking disgrace of the worst kind, and that clearly he should've just given me away.”

“I'm sorry Baby, no one deserves to be talked to like that, especially for that reason, and most especially by their parents. What happened to your mom?”

“No clue, never had one, too afraid to ask. I wasn't allowed to talk unless I was told I could.”

“Well, that's not the case here, you're welcome to talk to us as much as you want.”

“Thanks.” He whispered.

As soon as we got inside, I led the party in stripping first, and Jonah watched me with rapt attention. Hayden let me strip first, and then he too stripped, and Jonah watched. As soon as we are both in only our soggy diapers, Jonah starts stripping as well.

“Jonah, did your dad beat you last night?” Hayden gasped and started crying.

“Why?” I asked, but Hayden can see Jonah's back, but I cannot, so I spun him around.

“Yeah, but no worse than he normally does. My bum probably looks worse. Animals who can't learn are to be beaten.” He said so emotionlessly that it made me more sick than seeing the six very large hand prints on his back.

“Oh Jonah. No more, never again shall you ever be beaten. I'm so sorry, no one deserves that, not even animals deserve that.” I am full out crying now, and I picked up the shockingly light little boy and hugged him as tightly as I thought I could without hurting him.

Hayden came and joined the hug as well, and before too long, all three of us were crying. We hugged for several minutes before finally letting go.

“Thanks, that felt nice.” Jonah whispered.

“You're very welcome Baby. From now on, you never haveta be afraid, you'll get to wear diapers all day every day if you want, you'll never be hit again, and if I'm able to, I'll have you come live here.”

“You mean it?”

“Yes. Now, Hayden's told you about our relationship, right?”

“Yeah, and do you two really, you know, put your peepees inside each others bums?”

“Yes, we make love to each other.”

“Wow, he told me that gay boys do that, and that I could play with my bum, and I have been, and it feels so good, but I didn't really think that boys really did that.”

“Oh yeah, all the time.”

“Wow, and would you, you know, do that to me?”

“Sadly no Baby. Hayden and I are baby boyfriends, we only want each other. You're also really small still, even Hayden would hurt you so bad that he could make you really hurt back there. I'd tear you apart though.”

“Oh.” He said sadly.

“I know, you really want it, and would probably even welcome the pain, but we simply can't give that to you. Just living here will be enough to allow you to be free, and I have toys that'll help that itch you have deep inside your hot little gay baby diapered bum. Hayden tells me he's already told you about all this sorta thing, so you know what I'm talking about.”

“Yeah.” He said hoarsely.

“Good. Nice little lump you have going there by the way, you appear to be a good size for such a young boy.” I said, pointing to the nice compact little lump we can see in the front of his Pampers baby diaper.

“Oh, thanks.” He looked down at himself and said, blushing cutely.

Of course, we can just barely tell that he is hard, he is not that large, but the cute little guy could use a confidence boost, and every boy likes having his pride and joy complimented, even though most would never admit it.

“You're gonna make some cute little gay baby boy very happy some day soon, I promise you that.”

“You mean it?” He whispered so softly we hardly heard him.

“Absolutely. So, this is your bed, it's huge for you, but I'm sure you'll enjoy such a big bed, especially if we can find you a special friend to share it with.”

“Wow, really, it's huge. I still have my baby bed, but it was getting too small, even for me, and I'm the second smallest in my class, only one girl's smaller than me.”

“Yep, all yours.”

“Wow, thanks, and I'd really like someone to share it with.”

“I think I might have someone in mind for you?” Hayden said.

“Who?” We both asked.

“There's this boy in grade seven at my school, who, rumour has it, is also gay and hasta wear diapers. He still gets teased and bullied, I guess they can't do it to me any more, so they're targeting him now. They probably did before too, only I was too at the same time, so never knew about it. I chased the bullies away from him today, asked him if he was okay, asked his name, and all that. He's really cute in a nerdy sorta way, he's the same height as me, but is even skinnier than I am, which I never even knew was possible, and he's definitely gay. He tried not to talk even to me, but, like I told him, I usedta get bullied by them lots, but I'm the reason that our principal quit. He said, you're the Hayden, the one who's gay and hasta wear diapers. I said yep, sure am, so I understand. I never asked him if he was the same or not, but I know he's at least gay, and I'm pretty sure he was wearing and soggy too. Found out his name's Vance, and even managed to get his phone number. I'd liketa have home come over tomorrow and maybe even spend the night.”

“I suppose so.” I shrugged, but if he is a cute nerdy little gay baby boy, then absolutely.

Since all three of us are in reasonably good diapers, meaning they are nice and soggy without being so full that they will leak soon, I challenged the two baby boys to some games, and we played until a little after dinner time. Jonah is really bad at the games, he says he has never once even touched a games system of any sort, so this was his very first time. He did have a lot of fun though, so that is good.

We made dinner, and Jonah claimed he had never seen so much good food in his life, and here I wondered if I had made enough, I have never cooked for more than Hayden and I before, and before that, I only cooked for me. It had been a very rare thing indeed that I had ever cooked for more than just myself, so cooking for two was weird, but three I have never done before. With that being said though, Jonah really is too skinny, the poor little guy does look seriously malnourished, so clearly his not seeing this much good food was probably not an exaggeration. I will have to try and put some good weight onto him, carefully of course, but while I certainly did not make too much food, only enough for one serving each, it may in fact be more than Jonah can or should eat. We ate, and Jonah claimed it was the best food that he has ever had in his entire life, but could not even eat half what I dished up for him.

“Glad you enjoyed Baby, but I want you to have one more mouthful, okay.”


“Because, you didn't eat near enough for your age, what I gave you is right about what you should've ate, but you couldn't even eat half of it. We needta get you up to a proper diet, but we'll haveta do it slowly, so's not to hurt you. Now, as much as I don't wanna ask this next question, because I'm afraid of the answer I'm almost certain you're gonna give me, do you eat three times a day?”

“Fuck no, animals only get fed once per day.”

“Let me guess, that's what your dad said to you?”

“Yeah, I asked him once why I only eat once, but he eats three, and why I couldn't eat three times like he does. Of course, he said it at the same time that he spanked me so hard I couldn't sit for three days. I was five.”

“That's unfortunately exactly what I was afraid you were gonna say. Now, I know you probably were never taught this, but children aren't supposed to swear. To tell you the truth, I don't really care all that much, say what you needta say, just don't make a huge habit of it, but, if you swear around certain adults, you can and will get into serious trouble.”

“Sorry, but um, what'd I say that was wrong?”

“Clearly you weren't taught that then. The word fuck is generally not a word you hear come out of a cute little eight year olds mouth.”

“Oh, sorry, am I in trouble?” He asked, starting to shake.

“Of course not, like I said, I don't really care all that much, just don't make a habit of swearing.”

“Um, okay, thanks, but what words are swear words?”

“The ones you haveta worry about most of all are fuck and shit, but there are several others that some don't think are good while in polite company. I say fuck that noise, no one's that polite. Words like dammit, ass, cock, cunt, pussy, pecker, dick, bugger, piss, cum, and at least a few others I'm sure. It's funny, but well over half them are slang words for some sort of sex or sex object.”

“What are they all, I've heard some of them, but don't know what they are?”

“Well, fuck is a way of saying having sex, shit, as you probably know is another word for poop, ass is your bum, cock, dick, and pecker are all words for your penis, or peepee as you probably know it as. Cunt and pussy are words for vagina, which is what a girl pees out of, but trust me, never call a girl a cunt, or it might very well be the last thing you do. They seem to be allowed to call us dicks or their favorite's dickheads, but dare we call them that.

“Let's see, bugger is another form of fuck, but specifically anal sex, which is making love up a boys bum. Dammit, or its shortened form of dam, and not like a beaver dam, I honestly have no idea where that word comes from or what it means. We could look it up, but for same reason people find it offensive. It may have something to do with being damned, which in religion means you were incredibly bad and have to go to the devil.

“Piss, you probably know as pee, but is properly called urine. Let's see, what else, oh yeah, cum. It's not really a swear word per say, but not normally a word you hear spoken very often. It means to spew forth ejaculate, or something like that, which means, the creamy milky type of fluid that will some day flow from your little penis when you get it excited enough. You know how at night when you play with your little Pampered peepee, and you go long enough and feel like you've exploded, well, when you're old enough, fluid will spray or ooze out. It's still called cumming when you get those feelings, but you haven't actually sprayed any cum.” I said, and as I went, Jonah's eyes went wider and wider. It was actually quite cute and comical all at the same time.

“Wow, didn't know almost all that. Thanks.”

“You're very welcome Baby. Now, I don't embarrass easily, if at all, and you shouldn't be at all embarrassed to ask me any question that you have. If I can, I promise I'll give you all the facts. If I can't, I'll happily help you to find them. So, ask anything, and I'll answer it for you.”

“Okay. Um, an older boy in school, one day, called another boy a cock sucking, cum guzzling fag. Is that bad, do boys really suck each others peepees and drink their cum. I've sorta dreamed of sucking another boys peepee for a long time, but he really made it sound like that'd be the most horrible thing possible.”

“Oh hell yeah, and it's amazing.” Hayden said.


“Yeah,” I said. “As long as you're booth good and clean, and I mean physically and in another way I'll explain later, then there's no reason why you can't, well, unless he doesn't wanna, of course. Hayden and I are definitely cock sucking, cum guzzling gay baby boys. Now, at one time, fag may have been an appropriate word to use, but has become so derogatory and offensive, that that word just simply isn't used any more, other than by insensitive, backwards, bigoted assholes. We are gay, or homosexual, I'd even accept flaming, but never fags. They've made that word sound so dirty.”

“Okay, then I'm never saying that word ever again.” Jonah said emphatically.


“And um, would it be weird to wanna pee in my own mouth?”

“No, been doing that to myself since I was a little older than you, and Hayden says he started doing that when he was around seven or so. Now we like to drink each others, and we even pee inside each others bums, it can be highly erotic, but you'll definitely wanna be diapered for that, because it absolutely creates a bit of a mess, but feels so fucking good. Granted, installing a butt plug after helps with the mess and just makes it feel even better.” I said, and I am pretty sure that Jonah is seriously close to cumming.


“Looks like you need a little tension relief, you're so hard right now that even you're tenting your diaper, and you're vibrating.”

“Oh yeah, that made me super hard.”

“Good, so are we.”

“I've put other things inside my bum before, the handle to the toilet plunger, carrots, even a cucumber once, is that wrong?”

“Hell no, most every gay boy started out the same way. Usually we start with fingers, but most often we just want something bigger and better inside us.”

“Oh, good.”

“And I already have proper toys for your little gay baby bum, so that you won't haveta scrounge for things to scratch that deep itch, and I'm guessing right now you're very itchy.”

“Oh yeah, my bum hole is all tingly.”

“Good. Wait 'til bedtime and enjoy some alone time.”

“Not sure I can wait.”

“No, you probably don't think you can, but you will. Now, let's clean up and go watch a movie Babies.”

We sat back and relaxed, watching a movie. By the time the movie was ended, all three of us are very much ready for super soggy baby bum changes, and bed, though not one of us desires sleep yet. I went to the bedroom to gather the supplies that Jonah is going to be needing. I passed him the stack.

“Wow, awesome, but why's there two diapers?”

“To enjoy, of course. What you do is change your baby diaper, since this one's so full that you can't really fuck yourself through it. Make sure to lotion and cream your little gay baby boy pussy lots and lots, but don't fuck yourself. Then diaper yourself up with just one of the Pampers, poke a hole through the diaper, leading to that hot little gay baby bum of yours, and then use the dildo, I trust you'll figure that out easily enough. This is a vibrating dildo too, so turn that on, it makes it feel even better, trust me. Try and hold on for as long as you can before you let yourself cum, truly enjoy yourself like you've never been able to do before, and go for as long as you can. Once you've had as many hot little gay baby boygasms as you can, slip out the dildo, slip in the plug, and then use this screw to poke a whole bunch more hoes in the diaper you're wearing, but, of course, be careful not to poke yourself.

“Now you'll be able to put your second baby diaper on over top of that, and then the tape is to add extra holding power, so that once you're super soggy, your diapers don't just slip right off those skinny little hips of yours. Now, half of this assumes you don't just pass out cold and probably end up wetting the bed some, but that's the good thing about wearing at least somewhat of a fresh diaper, even with a hole in it, it should catch most, and the bed, nor I care if you wet the bed all night long, which, I personally will be betting on. I bet you have half an hour to an hour in you of the most blissful freedom you've ever gotten to experience, but I don't think you'll be able to stop when your body's ready to do so.” I grinned.

“Wow, I think I just had an, what was it, orgasm?”

“Yeah, that's the word, but I don't think so, but you will so very soon. Hold on for as long as you possibly can before you let yourself cum, I promise you, it'll make it that much better.”


With that, Hayden and I headed to our bedroom. This is the first time that we are closing the door. I am not entirely convinced that it will help to block out all the sounds that are about to happen, but it should help at least a little anyway.

“So, did that give you any super naughty ideas?” Hayden asked huskily.

“Oh yeah, it sure did, but why not share your naughty nephew thoughts with me first, and let's see how close we are?”

“Mmm, I really am your naughty nephew, aren't I?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Good, but you're my unholy uncle then.”

“I could live with that. Fuck, if I ever stepped into a church, I'm sure that I'd get struck down by lightening. I'm possibly one of the least religious people on the planet.”

“That's too funny, I'm the same, but then, I feel that churches are a considerable reason for all that's wrong with the world. As for my thoughts, I was thinking sixty nine and nice big dildos, sucking cum and piss 'til we can't offer any more of either.”

“I agree fully, to both, and I do mean that in as naughty a way as you can imagine as well.”

“Good, 'cause I feel the same way too.”

Because we too are super soggy, and if we were to go through our diapers, we would end up with an atrocious mess, we decide to change each other first, and this is one of the few times that we do nothing sexual as we change each other. There is plenty of that coming up.

Hayden grabbed the dildos and the lube, our butt plugs, and threw them all on the bed. He has the same plugs, since those are my largest, but he has upgraded both our dildos to the next sizes up, so he seriously wants to be filled fully, because we now have my two largest. I am not entirely convinced that Hayden will be able to take my second largest dildo, but I will certainly try for it. I know he knows what he is doing, but he is still so small.

We jump on the bed together, my head is facing the head of the bed, and Hayden is reversed, so that we have full access to each other. I decided to go on our sides tonight, and so rolled us into position. I want to be especially naughty this evening, and so, I poked a hole in the front of Hayden's diaper first, pulled out his hot young gay baby bone, and then poked a hole in the back of his diaper, leading right to his hot little baby bum hole.

Hayden groaned from this, and then followed suit and did the same for me.

I lubed up my fingers first, so as to prepare my baby as softly and slowly as I can, passed the lube to Hayden, and then proceeded to prepare my baby's bum. About thirty seconds after starting, I know that Hayden is getting really close to cumming, but I can also feel that he is trying his hardest to not cum, he is trying to hold it off, so that we can truly enjoy. Almost two minutes later, though, he lost the fight, and exploded, which in turn caused me to explode as well.

We fed each other a really good sized load, both of us enjoying them as much as we can. In fact, neither of us have yet to swallow any of the others delicious cum down. In the almost three minutes that it took for us to cum, I had gotten up to four fingers inside Hayden, and he had just slipped his hand into me, so, now we are ready.

The dildo I am about to slip into Hayden is only just a little bigger around than my four fingers, but is considerably longer, and though it is not quite as large around as my whole hand would be, it is almost fifty percent of the way there between the two. I lubed up the dildo real well, and started slipping it inside my baby.

My dildo is the same size as my hand, and Hayden lubed it up and slipped it into me as well. I sighed deeply, I actually enjoy this dildo a great deal. Hayden, on the other hand, gasped sharply around my dick, panted a few times, and asked me to pause for a few moments while the pain lessened.

As I was waiting for Hayden, he also stopped working me. I have at most half the head of the dildo inside Hayden, and the worst is yet to come. Hayden grunted okay, and so I slipped just a tiny bit more in, before he asked me to pause again. I paused for another two minutes, then slipped just a tiny bit more in, waited for another almost three minutes this time, and finally, the entire thing popped through and Hayden gasped again.

“Oh fuck, that's big.” He mumbled around my dick.

“I honestly didn't think you'd be able to take it yet.” I said around his.

“I thought I was more ready for it, but it's starting to hurt less, so go ahead, just go slow please.”

“Of course Baby.”

The good thing about this, it has definitely caused us both to back as far away from orgasm as we could possibly get without actually going soft, though Hayden had lost about half of his rigidity. I slipped his dildo in as far as it would go comfortably, held it there for just a few seconds, and then pull it back out until I met some resistance again, pause for even longer, and then do it all over again.

Hayden copied my pace exactly, so that we are going the exact same speed, and he is even pushing and pulling my dildo about the same distance, since they are both roughly the same length, just mine is a fair bit larger around.

Every time I slipped the dildo into Hayden, or pulled it out, I went just a tiny bit further, so that I am really opening him up. As he is getting hotter and hotter, closer and closer to another orgasm, I am getting seriously close to being able to pull the entire thing back out. He is unable to go all that much further inside, whereas Hayden is pretty much going inside me as far as he can, without also slipping in his own hand.

Finally, some twenty minutes after I started slipping the largest dildo to date inside of Hayden, he had all that he could take, and exploded. He fed me another very good load, and I fed him probably less. This time we both have to really pee, and so we let go and fill each other up as much as we can.

Neither of us swallow down any more than we absolutely have to before we continue to suck and dildo fuck each other. We are still going every bit as slow, but I am now pushing the dildo in until it will not go any further inside Hayden, and then pulling it all the way out, and then slipping it all the way back inside him. He has opened up amazingly well to this. It had taken me a fair bit longer to be able to do what Hayden is doing. Mind you, Hayden has had a lot more practice than I had had at first. It had been weeks, if not months, between partners for me, at least at first, and I had not started playing with dildos yet, so, naturally it did take me a lot longer to become accustomed to what Hayden seems to able to take.

Almost ten minutes later, we both came again, and I knew instantly that our fun was over, because Hayden squealed as he came, then he stopped moving almost totally, only his breathing told me was still alive, and his erection shrank down almost right away. I have a sneaking suspicion that I just made Hayden pass out cold. Almost five minutes later, I am ready to move, so detach from Hayden, and pull my now soft dick from his mouth. I look to him, and sure enough, he is sound asleep. He has an amazingly bright smile on his face in his sleep still, it looks hot.

I slip out of bed, grab the rest of the supplies that we are going to be needing, and then proceed to plug and double diaper my beautiful baby boyfriend. I then take care of myself as well, clean up all our mess, and then decide to go out and check on Jonah. I cannot hear him, so I am willing to bet that he has passed out as well.

When I make it to the living room, I see that Jonah has in fact passed out, he still has the dildo inside himself, so I slip it out, then slip in his butt plug, he actually sighed in his sleep from that, and then I proceeded to diaper him up good and proper as well. I tucked him in, gave him a kiss to the forehead, and then headed to bed to have a good sleep. I am nearly asleep on my feet as well, so need to get to bed.