Chapter 6

Hayden and I woke up at much the same time again as we often do, and almost as soon as our eyes opened, our lips pressed together, and we kissed deeply and tenderly good morning. I was the first to break the kiss.

“I have a couple good morning loads to offer, would you like either of them?” I asked.

“Mmmm, when don't I, and as it just so happens, I too have a couple loads that I'd be more than happy to share with you as well. Wanna suck them outta each other at the same time again?”

“Oh yeah, that sounds awesome. Wanna fuck our baby boy pussies with the plugs that are in em?”

“Hell yeah.”

Before I could say anything further, Hayden was flipping over, so that we have full and easy access to each others soggy diapered dicks. Hayden laid right on top of me, pressing his baby diapered dinky right into my face, just as he was pressing his face into mine. Mmmm, a guy could get addicted to this quite easily.

We lowered the fronts of each others diapers almost at the same time, sucked each other in and started working our cum from each other, while at the same time, we have slipped our hands into the backs of each others diapers, grasped the plugs firmly planted inside, and started gently pulling them out. Just before the plugs slip out, we reverse direction, and slip them back in fully.

We manage only two re-insertions of our plugs before we exploded our first morning load, and both were barely even enjoyed, when Hayden started peeing first, and so I decided he deserved my pee as well, and let it flow. As soon as we finished peeing, we started sucking again, though neither of us have swallowed down all the delicious morning pee that we have been graced with, and kept as much in our happily sucking mouths as we possibly could.

For only one more cum, we sucked each other, and as soon as we were completely down from that second orgasm, Hayden detached, pulled away from me, and then spun around. As soon as he was turned back around, he pressed our lips together once more, and we both shared the last of the cum and piss that we still have in our mouths. There is no better kiss than a morning cum and piss kiss if you ask me.

“Mmmm, that is so fucking naughty, and so fucking amazing.” Hayden sighed once he pulled away from our kiss, and just laid his head on my shoulder and cuddled me.

“Mmmhmm, it sure is.”

As we were completely silent in our cuddles, we could distinctly hear the unmistakable sounds of a cute little gay baby boy having a little fun, and from the sounds he is making, I would have to guess that Jonah is about to cum. Not even five seconds after thinking this, we clearly heard him cum, and it sounded so cute. Hayden giggled to me, whispered to me that that sounded both hot and cute, and wondered if we had set him off. We probably did.

We stayed laying in bed, ensuring that Jonah was in fact done, for at least five minutes after no longer hearing him. We are both very hungry and thirsty, even though we had just had a nice drink, so we want to get up. As soon as we exited our bedroom, Jonah looked to us and grinned.

“I heard you guys this morning when I woke up.”

“Good, and we heard you when we were done. You sounded hot.” Hayden said.

“So did you guys.”

“Thanks. Did you fuck your little Pampered pussy with the plug that's in it?” I asked.

“Yeah, but about that, did someone come and put it in me and double diaper me?” He asked curiously.

“Yeah, once we were done, and Hayden was passed out, I was still awake enough, so decided to come and check on you, since I couldn't hear you any more, and I found you exactly how I expected to find you. You were passed out cold, the dildo was still mostly in you, and you weren't even covered. So, I pulled out your dildo, cleaned it, plugged you up, since I knew you wanted it, and then prepared your ruined diaper, and put a fresh Pampers baby diaper over top, covered you up, kissed your forehead, wished you a good sleep, and then I went to bed. I hope you had a really good sleep.”

“Wow, thanks. I know I should be embarrassed for you to have seen me like that, but for some reason I'm not.”

“Because here we're all the same, we like the same things, want the same things, deserve the same things, and there's no shame in that. Seeing each other in super soggy baby diapers, and even naked, even with plugs firmly inside our gay baby bums, there's zero shame in that here.”

“It feels nice.”

“What, the plug, the super soggy double thick baby diaper, or the freedom to be who and what you are.”

“I think mostly the freedom, but the plug and the double diaper feel really awesome as well.”

“Good, that's how I hoped you'd feel. So, how many baby boygasms did you have last night then?”

“Can't remember, but I think it was six.”

“Very nice Baby. And how'd it feel, fucking that hot little gay baby Pampered pussy with a nice little dildo?”

“It's not so little, but it felt so amazing.”

“No, for a little guy, it really isn't so little is it, yet, it's amongst the smallest you can buy too.”

“I think it's the perfect size, same with the butt plug, it just feels so good inside me.”

“Good. Now, does baby need breakfast?”

“Oh yeah, I'm really hungry this morning.”

“Good, let's go get food then.”

We all helped to make breakfast, then sat down to eat. Once more Jonah pushed his bowl away long before it was empty, so I had him take just one more bite, and then called it good. Hayden finished what Jonah could not, saying he was especially hungry this morning for some reason, but then, so was I, and even Jonah said he had been as well.

At around nine, Hayden asked to borrow my phone, so that he could call Vance, so I grabbed him my phone from my brief case, while he grabbed the number from his binder. He dialed it, but left it on speaker phone, so that we could all hear. Clearly Jonah and I will have to be somewhat quiet. It rang for six rings before it was picked up.

“Yeah.” A young male voice said rudely.

“Um, hi, is Vance there?”

“Yeah,” He said incredulously. “Are you sure you're calling the right place and asking for the right person, no one ever calls for the freak?”

“Um, yeah, can I speak to Vance please?”

“Vance, get your freak gay baby ass down here, someone actually wants to talk to you.” He yelled so loud that Hayden nearly threw the phone away in trying to get it away from his ears a little. Clearly whoever answered did not even bother to take the phone away from his mouth before yelling.

The look Hayden gave to me said volumes. It took a few seconds, but finally Vance grabbed the phone.

“Hi.” He whispered.

“Hi there Vance, it's Hayden, you remember, from yesterday?”


“Good, are you free to talk?”


“Good, who the hell was that?”

“That was my dickhead of an older brother. He's only a year and a half older than me, but he's twice my size, so he bullies me, a lot, way worse than what you saw yesterday. In fact, I got a pretty good beating as soon as I got home yesterday because you chased him and his friends away.”

“One of those assholes was your brother?”

“Yeah, lovely huh.”

“How have you not killed him, and don't your parents do anything about it?”

“Yeah, like I could, and my mom's barely any better. I'm just a fuckup, a waste of space, and Nick's just trying to toughen me up a little.”

“So, not only do you get it at school, but you get it at home too. Fuck, that's horrible man. And does he call you freak gay baby all the time?”

“Yeah, he's the one that outed me as a diaper wearer when I entered school, and when he found out I was gay last year, he outed me then too. He was already in middle school then, but he still had friends in the elementary school, and so he told them, and that went around, and all my chances of having any friends at all. I fucking hate him, and my mom too, but what can I do.”

“I'm so sorry. Wish there was something that I could do for you. Would you be allowed to come over today then?”

“Won't be a problem. I'm here all day with the asshole anyway, and my mom won't care in the least. I'll just leave a note. She probably won't even notice. I'm pretty sure I could run away, and it'd be at least a week before either of them realized it.”

“Pack to stay the night then, just in case you wanna, but you don't haveta either. What's your address, we'll be there in a few to get you?”

“Don't come directly to my house, meet me at the 7-11 at the corner of two ninety fourth and sixty first, it's easier that way, and this way my brother won't see you. I don't want him causing you any more trouble.”

“Oh, he won't, you can bet your soggy baby diapered ass on that, and on Monday, when I get to school, I'm having a talk with him.”

“Please don't, it'll only cause me more troubles.”

“Which in turn will land him in the kiddie pen.”

“Please don't.”

“We'll talk more later. We'll meet you there in a few minutes.”

As soon as he hung up, we got ready to go. We still need to change all our super soggy double night diapers and get dressed, so we have to be quick. I grabbed all the diaper change supplies, and then, right on Jonah's bed, I changed Jonah first, then Hayden, and then Hayden changed me. Jonah sure did not seem to mind seeing the two of us get our soggy baby bums changed, and had had to adjust himself as soon as I was finished.

“Enjoyed the show I take it?” I teased Jonah.

“Oh yeah. I've wanted to see other boys naked for so long now it's not even funny.”

“Yeah, I started to wanna see naked boys by the time I was five for sure, maybe even earlier, can't remember.” I said.

“Same here.” Both Hayden and Jonah said at the same time.

We got dressed, and then went and hopped into the truck and headed out. Hayden had to guide me to where I was going, since I really never traveled town too much when I was a kid, and honestly do not know half of it, and we made it there in pretty decent time, considering just how far away we are. When we pulled up, Hayden pointed out Vance.

“Fuck, he's cute.” Jonah sighed.

“Sounds like baby damn near had a baby boygasm.” I teased.

“I think I almost did.” He giggled.


I agree with him though, Vance is cute as hell, assuming you like the tall nerdy types like I do. He quite literally is skin and bones though, so he certainly needs some good food in him, same as Jonah, and he is so skinny, he could probably fit in one leg of my pants, totally, and I am nowhere near big either. He has smooth, creamy white skin, short, dark brown hair, ears and nose that he will hopefully grow into soon, but are not too big, just too big for his much finer sculpted face so far. He is wearing nice glasses, and I found out later, over deep brown eyes. His clothes are way too big and baggy on him, and so make him look even skinnier than he truly is. With as skinny as he is, I almost think that he might easily be able to share Jonah's Pampers, now that would be really fucking hot.

As soon as we stopped, Hayden hopped out of the truck and waved Vance over. He came sauntering over, and Hayden waved him into the back seat with Jonah.

“Hi there, you haven't been waiting long, have you?” Hayden asked.

“Nah, just got here about four or five minutes ago. Hadta evade my asshole of a brother, he actually saw me with my pack and asked me what I was doing, and when I told him I was going to a friends house for the day, he scoffed and said, yeah, like the little gay baby freak has any friends. I asked him who called for me then. He's kinda not very smart, and hadta think on that one for a whole minute.

“He asked who, and I tried not to tell him, but he pinned me in a headlock and suffocated me 'til I said I'd answer him. I told him it was you, the one who broke up the beating about to happen at school yesterday. Oh, fuck, he does not like you. Said you were the gay baby freak that's causing him and his friends so much trouble.

“I told him that if he continues to beat me up and bully me for being gay or having to wear diapers, that he was gonna be in even more trouble, 'cause I'm sick of it and will call the cops the next time he hits me, and because he's thirteen already, he'd get in stupid serious shit. He actually laughed at me and said I'd never make it stick. I smiled at him and promised him that the next time he touches me, I'm gonna fight back, and that he'll haveta kill me, which he said that sounds like a good plan. If I call the cops, they're gonna arrest him, and hopefully my bitch of a mother too.”

“Good for you. So, I guess I should introduce you to the guys. This is my uncle Nathan, and my cousin Jonah, but they're not related.”


“This is my uncle Nathan, my moms youngest brother, and this is my cousin Jonah, my dads younger brothers son, so, my uncle and cousin who are not related in any way shape or form.”

“That sounds like a corny joke in the making.” Vance giggled.

“Or a good riddle. So, guess what, they're gay baby boy diaper lovers, and though you've never said you were a diaper lover, I'd be shocked if you weren't. Of course, you need diapers, but I'm sure that you could just wear catheters if you really wanted, but diapers are so much more betterer.”

“Really, and yeah, I am, but, believe it or not, I can't wear catheters, well, I can, but because I have a really narrow urethra, they hurt like hell going in and coming out, and are super uncomfortable. Of course, they don't get stopped by anything, since I quite literally don't have a bladder sphincter muscle any more, it just died, since the nerves to control it never worked. It's awesome that you guys are all gay baby boys as well, I've met so many on the internet it's not even funny, and I've been wishing I could find someone close by who'd take me in, even if all he wanted was to just diaper fuck me all day every day, I was definitely okay with that. I guess I kinda shouldn't be talking so rude in front of a younger kid, huh, sorry.”

“It's okay, my father's called me way worse, said way worse about and to me since I can remember.”

“Yeah, same with my mom, which is probably why I have such a dirty mouth, and one of the teachers this year gave me shit for it.”

“So what I say, fuck em.” Jonah giggled.


“You're real cute.” Jonah said, and I can hear the huskiness and horniness in his young voice.

“Thanks, so are you.” He said.

“Hayden and his uncle are baby boyfriends, but I'm looking, if you are too.”

“Oh, um, yeah, but you're real young.”

“So, I like fucking my gay baby boy pussy with a dildo, and I'm still wearing a nice butt plug.”

“Fuck, I think I almost came.” Vance sighed.

“Wait 'til later and we can help each other with that, if you'd like.”

“Oh, um, I think I'd really like that. And you and your uncle are really boyfriends Hayden?”

“Oh yeah, I just love feeling his big, hot, hard, gay, baby diapered cock slipping deep inside my hot, gay, baby diapered bum. Clearly that's something that can never be spoken of outside our group, I'm still not exactly legal, I still have almost exactly a year before that happens, but my parents and grandparents do know, they're kinda the ones to have set us up together, so that we could both get what we needed, but we'll tell you our tale a little later. So, tell me, what kinda diapers do you wear?”

“Just Pullups, usually the little kids ones, since I fit in the biggest size still, but they're always the cheapest of cheap store brands. Sometimes I get the Goodnites style bigger kids ones, but again, whichever is the cheapest. My mom already hates that she hasta buy them, but refuses to spend any more money than is absolutely necessary in doing so. Like it's my fault, she's the one who was a shitty person and probably did drugs and caused me to be born so prematurely that I damn near didn't live.

“And no, I don't know with any certainty that she did, but I know she does now. What's funny, I was so short a year ago, that I was almost the shortest kid in the school, but this last year I grew so much that now I'm one of the tallest in my grade, but I actually lost weight, but now I'm so skinny, worse than I used to be, that it's almost gross. Of course, I'm just a waste, my big tough brother gets to eat all he wants, but I don't get to, why waste good food on me, right. Fuck, they're both assholes. I should just call the cops on them, would serve them right, and yes, I'm positive my mom's giving my brother drugs as well.”

“That's sick.” Hayden said.

“Tell me about it. He's the big sports star in the family, mom was the cheerleader type, apparently my dad was the school sports star as well, I was just the runt of the litter, the one that should've been drowned at birth. No clue if my dad would've loved me or not, but he died when I was about four. I don't even remember him any more. My brother blames me, says that it's because I was such a fuckup that he killed himself.”

“Your dad committed suicide, why, do you know.” Hayden asked.

“No, only what my brother says, can't ask my mom, she never listens to me, and if I ask her anything at all, she just tells me to shut up.”

“That's really sad, I'm sorry. If there was a reason, and it was listed, we might be able to find it somewhere online if you'd like. I'm really good at finding all sorts of information, so you can give me his name and birth date, if you have it, and I'll probably be able to find it.”

“Thanks, I think I'd really like that.”

“Good, as soon as we get to our place, then as Uncle Nathan and Jonah tell you our stories, I'll search out any information I can find.”

“Cool, thanks.”

“So, tell me, what would you give to get to wear thick thirsty tape on baby diapers?”

“Fuck, nearly anything.”

“Good. As soon as we get to our place, I'm so changing your soggy baby diaper for you, and I think you might even be skinny enough to fit into Jonah's cute little Pampers baby diapers.”

“Really, you get to wear Pampers Jonah, that's hot.”

“Oh yeah, and it is, isn't it, but I bet you look just as hot in them, because you're almost exactly the same size 'round as I am, so I bet you fit them too.”

“Thanks, I'd really like that. I'm still kinda small, you know, down there.”

“So, you're only twelve, right, and it doesn't look as if you've started puberty at all, so I'd be shocked if you had a big baby peepee yet, but I bet you can still make Jonah moan in pure pleasure, just like his little gay baby cocklett will make you moan in pleasure.”

“I'm sure gonna try.” Jonah giggled.

“Oh, you mean it.”

“Of course. I wasn't really all that big 'til about a year ago when I started growing some down there. Still not all that big yet, really, but Uncle Nathan says I still have a good few years worth of growing to do, and that he's certain I'll be very satisfied with what I end up with. He says I'm already a really good size for the size the rest of me is, and I have grown lots in the last couple years, in both ways, so I'm certain you will as well.”

“Oh, thanks.”

“I can't wait to see you all nakey.” Jonah sighed.

“Yeah, well, I can't wait to see you in a Pampers.”

“Well, yeah, I wanna see you diapered even more than I wanna see you naked, but I don't wanna see you in Pullups really, no, I wanna see you in proper baby diapers, and if you can still fit Pampers, even better.” Jonah said, and the sigh in his voice is very clear.

I do have to agree with him though, I will not mind seeing the cute boy naked, but seeing him in nothing but a Pampers baby diaper will be far better. I have just been enjoying the boys' conversation as I drive. Before too long though, we pulled up to the house.

“Wow, that's a huge house being built.”

“Thanks. I'm an architectural engineer, and I designed the entire place. It'll hopefully be ready for us to move in in just a month or so.”

“Wow. My house is a real shit hole compared to that.”

“Just wait 'til you see what we're living in right now.” Hayden said, and then pointed out the house.

“Oh. Nope, that's worse.” Vance giggled.

“No shit, right.”

“How is it still standing, I can tell it's not standing straight up from here?”

“Not really sure, but I certainly didn't buy the land for the house that was on it. Truth be told, I'd just been planning on getting bare land and living in an RV while the new house was being built, but the house was already here, and is sorta livable. Wouldn't wanna be anywhere near this house during an earthquake, mind you, and the roof leaks, there's next to no insulation in the place, as well as at least a thousand other issues with it, but in two months or less, it'll be gone, so it serves its purpose for now.” I said.

“That's good.”

We headed inside, and almost as soon as we made it inside, three of us started stripping right away. We let Vance watch as we did so. I then went and grabbed the diaper change supplies, getting a Pampers baby diaper for sure, and came back. By the time I made it back, Vance was almost half way undressed. Finally he took off his pants, and exposed his soggy Pullup, and it is the cheapest of cheap, and is almost already at maximum capacity, even though it hardly looks like it has much in it.

“Wow, you're even skinnier than Jonah is, and he's malnourished.” I said in shock.

“Yeah, well, like I said before, I don't get lots to eat, and even when I do eat, it does nothing anyway. Sometimes, if I eat certain things, it causes me to poop my diapers, if I'm unlucky enough to not make it fast enough to the toilet.”

“Oh, what sorts of things, I have the same problem?” I asked.

“I can't eat bread, anything with sugar in it, and most of the canned and frozen foods.”

“Oh, exact same as me then. And you were severely premature as well you said?”


“Me too. Interesting. Wonder if it's something to do with that. I know my mom certainly never did drugs, so I wonder if it was stuff they were eating that caused that. Not even sure that's a possibility, but it seems odd that we'd both have almost identical issues.”

“Hmm, that is interesting.” Vance said.

“Okay Baby, let's see if you fit into this Pampers baby diaper, shall we?” I said, and Vance grinned brightly and laid right on Jonah's bed. I proceeded to tear the sides of the Pullup, pulled it down, and exposed the fact that Vance is not yet a big baby boy, but he is certainly not so small as a baby either. He is just a good size for a boy his age. I then proceeded to diaper him up good and proper, and he bloody well fits in them, and looks super hot because of it. With that being said, though, he will certainly not fit in them for long, they are right at the very limit of usability, but then, the same is true for Jonah as well.

“Wow, now that's fucking hot.” Hayden said. “Wish I could still fit in Pampers as well.”

“No shit.” I said.

“You certainly look way better in that than in a Pullup, get rid of them and wear these all the time.” Jonah said.

“Wish I could.”

“Why not just tell your mom to give you the money, so that you can buy your own diapers, this way she doesn't haveta any more, which you know she hates doing. She'll probably jump at the chance. If she doesn't give you enough money, I'm sure Uncle Nathan would be happy to help you out. In fact, just give him the money, and I'm sure he'd be happy to buy you your baby diapers at the same time he buys ours.” Hayden said.

“I think maybe I will, thanks.”

“I certainly don't mind.” I said.

“Give me your dads name and any other information you have Vance, so that I can search him out.”

“Okay.” He said and gave Hayden all the information that he could, and a few things that he thought he remembered, and then, as we all sat down, and me and Jonah told Vance our tales, Hayden searched on my computer. By the time we were done, Hayden was already finished, because he had closed the computer.

“So, what'd you find.”

“You ready to soak your baby diaper in surprise?” Hayden grinned.

“Why, what'd you find?”

“It was suicide, but it was questionable at best. Your dad was member of a group online, and his last post said that his wife had caught him, and that he wasn't sure how she was gonna react to it. That was the last thing he posted, so I went through his post history, and here's where things are super kinky. Your dad was a gay baby boy diaper lover, and a boy lover as well. Your mom may have caught him fucking a boy, and if she did, they were wearing diapers. It was a drug overdose that killed your dad, but the coroners report claims that he had had no previous signs of drugs in his system, and that the quantity of drugs was far exceeding anything that any normal person would take, no matter how high they were, or how accustomed they were to it. Your mom was questioned, but she claims that she was not even home, and that she had an alibi, but it was shaky at best, and it was ruled suicide. The case, however, has never officially been closed, and your mom may still be a suspect.”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” He smiled brightly.

“Nope. I think you need a digital voice recorder, and I think you needta get your mom to confess to you. Even get her to confess that she gives your brother drugs, and how bad they both abuse you because you're gay.”

“Hell yeah, I will. This is amazing. All this time they've blamed me for being faulty, when he was the same, and she likely killed him?”

“Yeah, looks that way to me. Even the police think so, but couldn't prove it.”

“Wow, I'm so nailing the bitch to the wall.”

“Good.” We all said.

“So, tell us about you now? When did you know you were gay, when did you start loving diapers, so on and so forth?” Hayden asked.

“Man, I doubt I was even six by the time I realized I loved diapers and would never willingly give them up. I don't remember potty training, but I'm certain it was a brutal experience, and I should probably be glad that I don't remember it. I remember I was in kindergarten when my mom took me to the doctors, because even she hadta admit that there hadta be something wrong, I mean, I never stop dripping, at all, I constantly drip, and so I'm always wet. I hadta go to the hospital and have all sorts of scans done, and by the end, they knew what was wrong, and I was so happy, mom couldn't possibly fault me and call me a lazy useless animal any more. Yeah right, wishful thinking of the young and naive, because she still did, and even when I pointed out that it wasn't my fault, that I have a medical problem, she usually attempted to smack the mouth clean off my face for back talking her. At least I did get diapers, but only because she's apparently allowed to write them off with her medical or some such bullshit.

“I think I was eight when I started to understand that I might just be gay, but by the time I was ten, I knew for sure. And then, as you already heard, it was last year that my brother found out and spread it around that I was. He wasn't supposed to be home, and the only computer is in the living room, and he totally caught me jacking off to gay baby diaper love porn. I begged him not to tell our mom, or anyone else for that matter, but he just beat me up, and then the second the bitch got home, he told her what he'd caught me doing. The fact that I caught him jacking off to porn on the computer meant nothing, at least it was normal porn. Fuck that noise, that shit ain't normal, it was rape porn, I even said so, and she just laughed, and said, that's my boy, if they say no, make em scream.

“They're both just as disgusting I guess. My mom's a slut, and I'm certain she sells herself for a few extra bucks, because no man has ever come for a second visit. Let's see, about me, not really much else to tell, to tell you the truth. I do pretty good in school, may as well, since I'm there anyway, and absolutely no one will hang with me, since I'm the gay baby boy diaper loving freak. Other than that, pretty much nothing else.”

“Never understood how anyone could treat their kids so differently. Mind you, I thought for sure my parents would do the same once they found out about me, hence the reason I left, like I told you earlier. You have certainly not had a good go of it, that's for sure. When we take you home tomorrow, I'm gonna buy you a disposable cell phone that has recording capabilities, and I want you to call my cell phone before you even walk in the door, as well as hit record, and we'll go and park somewhere and listen to the entire conversation, so that we can be there in a moments notice should something go wrong.”

“Really, you'd do that, but cell phones are expensive.”

“Yes, I would, but they're not really that expensive, and this is as good a reason to spend a hundred bucks as any. There's no way that I want you to get hurt, when spending only a hundred dollars could very easily prevent anything from happening. I'd never forgive myself if I didn't.”


After that, we were pretty much all talked out for the time being, so we played games and laughed until dinner time. After dinner, we watched a movie, and then played games for almost an hour more before bed.

“Okay Babies, here's your diaper change supplies, make sure and diaper each other up real well, okay.” I said, handing the boys four Pampers.

“Awesome, thanks.” Jonah said.

Hayden and I headed to our bedroom, where we sucked and fingered each other to two very good baby boygasms tonight, and then shared nice tender cum and piss kisses. Now that we are both very satisfied, we add a second diaper to our ruined diapers, which of course we ruined further by adding even more holes to them, so now we are properly double diapered like naughty baby boys.

Even after Hayden and I were well satisfied for the night, and were just cuddling each other, we could still hear the other two playing softly. Every so often, one or both of them would moan deeply, or sigh even deeper yet, and there were a few hot young sex calls as well, especially right near the end. Then we stopped hearing anything.

“Wanna bet that they've passed out?” I whispered to Hayden.

“I sure as hell wouldn't bet against you, that's for sure. Should we go out in a few minutes and get them diapered up properly if they did?”

“Yeah, sure.” I laughed.

We waited almost ten minutes to be sure that the baby boys were asleep. We have heard nothing since, so I am certain that they are. Hayden and I slipped out of bed as quietly as we could and went and checked out the carnage. They are both in fresher single Pampers, both have holes front and back, they are still nearly sucking each other, and they still have their fingers in side each other. I chuckled, so did Hayden.

I managed to separate them and spin Jonah around, so that we can add their fresh diapers to them, and we took care of poking even more holes into the already ruined diapers, then double diapering them. Vance is just on the upper limits for the Pampers, so, as such, two almost did not tape up. I grabbed the tape and added more to it to ensure that it stays on properly. From now on, when Vance double diapers, he should use one of Hayden's slightly bigger baby diapers as his second, it will fit him far better. Granted, Jonah is not that much smaller, so maybe it would be best for him as well. As soon as we had both baby boys all taken care of, Hayden and I headed to bed.

We cuddled back up, kissed each other, whispered goodnight and I love you to each other, and then, before we knew it, we were sound asleep.