Chapter 7

When Hayden and I woke up this morning, within only a minute or two of each other again, we had a most satisfying repeat performance, only this time we pushed down each others diapers in the front, and reached inside each others diapers, instead of poking holes and going through them. We came twice more, peed once, savoured it, saved some, and then enjoyed very nice cum and piss kisses once again.

We can hear the other two baby boys still going once again, and so we wait until we can no longer hear them before getting up.

“Good morning Boys, sounds as if you had a good time last night and this morning. We could still hear you playing last night, and you so totally passed out.” I said in way of greeting.

“Yeah, it was a very good night. This morning's been every bit as good.” Vance said happily.

“Mmmhmm.” Jonah sighed.

“Good. So, would either of you like breakfast?”

“Oh yeah.” They both said, even Hayden nodded his head yes at that.

We went and made and ate breakfast, enjoying it a great deal.

“So, how'd you enjoy being double diapered?” I asked Vance.

“Really awesome, thanks. It just barely fits though.”

“Yeah, we noticed the same thing, so the next time we do this for you, we'll use one of Hayden's diapers over top of the Pampers baby diaper. We still like to put Pampers inside our baby diapers too, it's so naughty.”

“Mmmm, sounds nice.”

“It is.” We all said.

“So, Uncle Nathan, I should probably call my dad about Jonah at some point in time this morning as well. We never called him.”

“Ah, good point Baby, when does he usually get up?”

“Normally he'd already be up for an hour or so.”

“Okay, then give it another hour and call then, just in case he decides to sleep in today.”


After that we played games, and Hayden did call his dad and explained to him everything that we now know. He asked to speak to me, and asked if I would keep Jonah, and I happily and quickly said yes. He thanked me, and said that he would call tonight to tell me how it all went, so on and so forth.

We watched a couple movies, played games lots, and pretty much just had a very lazy day in. It has actually been far too many lazy days in, but it is winter time, and there is shockingly little to do here in the winter time.

After dinner, it was decided to take Hayden and Vance home, but we did stop at a store, so that I could get Vance the promised cell phone. We got it all set up, and then we figured out how to use it. We got it all ready to go, and then we went and dropped Vance off at home, but before he even left the truck, he called my cell phone, and I answered, confirming that we had a connection. He hid the phone right in his jacket pocket, so that hopefully we would hear everything. Thankfully his moms car was in the driveway, so she was home. We listened to the entire thing.

“Oh, it's you, you decided to come home, huh?” We heard his mom ask. Wow, nice way to treat your kid woman.

“Yeah, where's Doran?”

“In his room, possibly entertaining a lady friend?”

“What, did you hire him a hooker, or is he raping a poor girl, because his mouth will turn off any normal girl?”

“Don't you dare talk about your brother like that, he's a good boy.”

“Yeah, right.”

“You're the fucking disgrace.”

“Yeah, like you're not. So what, I'm gay, so what, I haveta wear diapers. You've called me a piece of shit my whole life, I'm nothing to you. You give Doran absolutely everything, and me nothing. I get his table scraps, I get his worn out clothes, I never get anything new.”

“I buy you your diapers, that should be enough for you, but no, you always want more.”

“I've never asked for anything, except maybe, occasionally, something to eat, because you maybe let me eat once a day, twice if I'm truly lucky.”

“Fucking waste of space animals don't deserve more than that.”

“Gee, thanks, love you too. Fuck, you're such a bitch.”

“Finally grew a pair of balls have you.” She actually laughed.

“Always had 'em, only just recently found out how to use em.”

“You disgust me. You actually went out and had sex with a boy, didn't you?”

“Fuck yeah, and it was amazing.”

“I really shoulda just drowned you when you were a baby.”

“Or you could just overdose me like you did to my father.”

“Finally figured out what happened to him, huh? Figured out how big a disgrace he was too huh.”

“Yeah, you're the disgrace. So, you admit, you did it, didn't you, you fucking killed him, and now you're seriously thinking of doing the same to me?”

“Nah, I didn't kill him, he did that himself, I just told him that it'd be the kindest thing he could do, otherwise I'd smear his useless fucking face all over the place. He'd never be able to show his face again. The fucking kid was only ten years old, seemed like he was enjoying himself, mind you, but it was a boy. The least he could've been doing was a girl, but no, not him, and you're just like him, a fucking disgrace. I should give you the stuff and tell you to do the same, but you're too proud of yourself to do it, aren't you?”

“So, you're an accessory to suicide then, great. Here I hoped you'd murdered him and that I could get your bitch ass thrown in jail.”

“They questioned me, they thought I did it, but fortunately I was elsewhere.”

“Why don't you give em to me, I know you already supply Doran with his product?”

“You're too much of a fuck up to do it right. Besides, you're too high and mighty to do that shit. Doran took my stuff and started using it, now I just give it to him, may as well right.”

“Wow, mother of the year candidate you are, and you call me a disgrace. You're letting your thirteen year old use drugs. What's he on, speed, coke, meth, acid, or, let me guess, all.”

“Nah, we more just the meth types, why, you want some?”

“Go fuck yourself, I'll never touch that shit.”

“I should just force you to take it, get you hooked on it, but nah, you're not worth the good money it costs.”

“Why didn't you adopt me out, let me grow up somewhere I wasn't hated my entire fucking life.”

“What, and give up my living allowance. Your useless fucking father put it into his will that I was to keep both of you and raise you good and proper, or I got nothing. Granted, all of it's in trust for you boys, he hated me, all I get is a pittance, I still haveta work for fucks sake.”

“So, you get paid by my dads estate to care for me, and you still bitch about buying diapers for me?”

“Yeah, talk about embarrassing buying diapers for a fucking twelve year old.”

“Um, not exactly my fault here. Never asked for it. It's probably your fault, you probably did all sorts of drugs and shit while you were pregnant with me.”

“Nah, I'd been good and clean for at least three years before Doran came along, I only started using again when I knew for sure your dad was a freak. I kept him around, because he was a good source of money.”

“What happens if I die?”

“Then I get nothing at all, it all gets left to Doran, but he can't touch it 'til he's nineteen at the earliest, but I get nothing at all. I'm sure if it was an actual accident, that it'd be different.”

“Hence the reason I'm still alive then I guess. Thanks Dad.”

“You should thank him.”

“Why, you would've actually done it, wouldn't you?”

“In a fucking heartbeat.”

“Good to know. What if I leave and never come back, find someone to adopt me.”

“I'll never let you go.”

“What if I give you no choice whatsoever?”

“I'll do whatever it takes to ensure you stay here.”

“What, lock me in the basement, you can't keep me here if I wanna leave.”

“If it came to that, then you'd better believe I would.”

“Does Doran know any of this?”

“Nah, he doesn't give a damn.”

“Yeah, 'cause you've got him hooked on drugs, now all he cares about is that. I should do it, I should get me and Doran away from you, get him clean, and let you have what you deserve.”

“Like you could, you're a gutless little fuckup.”

“Not so gutless any more. So, here's what we're gonna do. From now on, there's gonna be some serious changes around here. I get to eat, you give me money once a week to go and buy my own diapers, since you hate it so, so I'll do it. I also want money at least once a month to go and buy my own new fucking clothes. And don't give me any of that I don't have it bullshit. Find it. I can just as easily go to the police, and you know it, and I'm sure they'd listen to me. You're already on their radar, the police report for dads death was never closed, they still suspect you had plenty to do with it, and I'm reasonably certain that accessory to suicide is considered damn near as bad as accessory to murder. You may not have injected him yourself, but you gave him the filled needle and told him to do it. So, what say you?”

“You ever breath a word of this, to anyone, and nothing will protect you.”

“Are you threatening me?”


“Then maybe I should call the cops now. Or, are you gonna give me the money I fucking deserve?”

“Fine, I'll give it to you.”

“And I'm telling Doran, he has a right to know.”

“No you're not, he doesn't need or wanna know.”

“Too late, I heard everything.” Doran said from somewhere.

“Hi Sweety.”

“Don't hi sweety me. You killed my daddy.”

“You actually care?” Vance asked in shock.

“Yes, I loved him. I still remember him, I remember how he usedta hold me, and I've missed him. Mom told me that he was ashamed of you and hadta kill himself.”

“If you missed him so much, how could you tell me such hateful things about him.”

“Because I missed him, I was mad at him for leaving me. Why do you think I started using Mom's stupid fucking drugs, to try and bury it.”

“Oh Doran, I'm so sorry.”

“Don't, just don't, okay.”

“I'll help you get clean, if you'd like.”

“No, it's okay.”

“That's enough boys, go to your rooms, Doran, I'll be there with some stuff to help calm your nerves.”

“I don't want it, you can stay the fuck away from me, from now on, you're dead to me.”

“Doran, don't say that.”

“I'll say it a million times more if you'd like. Vance might've been afraid of you, and might even still be, but I'm not. What have I got to live for anyway, go ahead and kill me if you really wanna, most days I welcome it. Hell, I've been searching for it, but I'm too afraid to do it myself.”

“You're suicidal Doran, why, you have so much going for you?” Vance asked.

“Yeah, so much. I'm thirteen, I'm hooked on drugs, I fucking suck at school, I have useless fucking friends, and I'm so fucking gay I make you look straight.”

“Doran, no, you can't be.” Their mom screeched.

“You are?” Vance asked in shock. “But why would you tease me so mercilessly for it, why would you have outed me?”

“Because I'm a horrible excuse for a human being, okay. I hate myself so fucking much. Everything I want, everything I dream of, it's horrible. I want nothing more than a man to diaper me up like the gay teen baby boy diaper lover I wanna be, and fuck me silly through our diapers. I've been dreaming of stealing your diapers for years and using them, but I never could.” He said, full out crying now.

“Oh Doran, I'm so sorry. You won't fit into my Pampers, but I do have some bigger tape on baby diapers that my friend gave to me so that I could double diaper myself. I'd happily diaper you up.”

“You have Pampers.”

“Yeah, that's what I'm wearing right now. I just got changed before coming here, so, if you'd like, I can take you and Pamper you up, and then we can put each other into a nice big diaper over top of that. That way you can finally get what you've dreamed of for so long, and get it the way a gay baby boy diaper lover deserves.”

“That's enough, you boys will do nothing of the sort, I forbid it.”

“Oh really, and what are you gonna do about it?” Vance asked icily.

“Put a stop to it, is what I'm gonna do. I'll spank both of you 'til you're no longer freaks.”

“So, in other words you're gonna beat us 'til we're either good or dead, whichever comes last?”

“Yes. I'm gonna do something I should've done years ago.”

And then we heard a scream.

“You little bastard, you hit me.”

“That's right, I did, don't you dare threaten me or my big baby brother ever again.”

“You're lucky he hit first, because I was about to hit even harder. Now, take me to my bedroom baby brother and diaper me up like I should've asked you to do years ago.”

“Okay, come on baby brother, I hope it's everything that you've dreamed of and more.”

We heard the door close, and then the sounds of two gay baby brothers diapering each other. We can also hear Doran crying.

“There you go Baby bro, how's it feel?”

“So good, so wrong, so right. Thanks.”

“Doran, I wanna help you get clean, will you let me?”


“And will you let me diaper you all day every day?”


“Doran, this entire conversation has been recorded, as well my friends are hopefully still listening.” He said, and then we heard the rustling of Vance grabbing the cell phone.

“You still there?” He asked.

“Yeah, we are, you did really good in there Baby.” I said.

“Thanks. I think that we're good now, I have my big baby brother here to protect me, and I'll protect him too. You guys go and have a good night.”

“Thanks, and you too. May I suggest you two sleep together tonight, I think your brother could use the closeness. Don't have sex with him, that's not the kinda closeness he needs right now.”

“Was already planning on it, no worries, and wasn't even thinking about that, though I'm certain he needs that as well, just, not yet.”

“I agree. Well, have a good night Baby.” I said, and then we hung up.

“Well, that was interesting.” I said.

“No shit.” Hayden said, and Jonah agreed.

“I'm gonna end up adopting two more gay baby boys soon, aren't I?”

“Hopefully sooner rather than later.”

“Yeah, except I don't have room for the one little throwaway baby boy I've got.”

“Then hopefully the house is done before they move in, huh.” Hayden laughed.

“Not sure how you're finding this so funny.”

“Because it is. And here you thought not even a month ago that you'd never have kids, now you do. It's good for you. Well, I suppose you should probably take me home Baby, even though I want nothing more than to go back home with you.”

“Yeah, but same here.”

I dropped Hayden off at home, and then Jonah and I went shopping and stocked up on a few things that we would need over the next few days. After getting home and stripping, we put everything away where it goes. Not even half an hour later, just as Jonah and I were getting into a good game, my phone rang, so I answered it to find Hayden's dad.

“Oh, hi there Matt, how's it going?”

“Good, and you?”

“Good. Had a decent weekend.”

“Good. Hayden told us lots, but I'm sure he left out the details no parent wants to know.”

“No clue what you're talking about, there were none of those sorts of details happening at all.”

“Good, good to hear.” He laughed. “Anyway, the reason I'm calling, I had Jonah's dad sign Jonah over to you. I was at their house for as soon as he got home, and I told him everything, how you found Jonah with some pretty nasty bruising, as well as how you found out about all the horrible mental abuse he's suffered. I told him that if he agreed to sign Jonah over to you, sign all the documents, and never see Jonah again, that he'd escape jail, for now, but if he ever harms Jonah again, that he'd better hope that the police get to him before I do. I gotta say, it was really refreshing, getting to give my brother back some of what he deserves. Anyway, I collected what few meager belongings that Jonah had, and I have them here, so, if you'd pick it up on your way home tomorrow, that'd be great. There's not lots though, so you'll probably haveta get Jonah more clothes soon.”

“Good, and I'm glad. How'd he take it though?”

“The little fuckup was happy to finally have somewhere to dump Jonah. I admit, I damn near hit him, and I told him so. Told him that there is no greater crime than to not love your child, and that he has never loved Jonah a day in his life, and the poor boy deserves far more than he ever received with him. He laughed, of course, damn near hit him again, and told him so once again, and told him that if I hit him as much as I wanted to right then, there'd be nothing left but a big steaming pile of shit that the coroner wouldn't even be able to identify as being human, but that he really isn't anyway. He took a swing at me, I dodged, and then hopefully I broke his nose, and told him that I hope I never see him again either. I've never hit someone before, I find hitting to be barbaric, but that felt good. I can't even begin to tell you how often I wanted to hit him.”


“Thanks. Well, I should let you go, have a good night.”

“Thanks, and you too.”

We hung up, and then I broke the news to Jonah, who burst into happy tears, and hugged me so tightly I was shocked he had that much strength in his entire little body. We played the night away, and when it was bedtime, I changed Jonah, and then myself, and we had a good sleep.

Jonah and I were up in plenty of time to get breakfast and get cleaned, diapered, dressed, and ready for the day ahead. We had a good morning together, and then we were off. I told Jonah that I would be there after school to pick him up, but that I might be late, and to just play while he waited. I went to work, had a really good day, told my boss that I have adopted a young child, and so I need to pick him up from school, so need to leave half an hour early.

He was perfectly okay with that, but then, he did say, the plans I handed in on Friday were so well received that it was an instantaneous yes all across the board from the board who had been tasked to get the designs. They had absolutely loved it, and paid a bonus, because they had not had to go through months upon months of grueling design changes, I had taken their every desire and made it perfect, first try. He congratulated me, and then gave me a bonus as well. Well, who am I to argue.

I had a really good day, hardly talked to anyone while at work, and continued working on the projects that I am working on right now. When it was time to head out, I did so, and went to pick up Jonah. I know that soon I will have to come back and do the change of guardian forms for Jonah, but I still do not have the papers myself, so I cannot. Jonah saw me and came running, and then I had to scold him lightly for running across the parking lot without once even looking to see if there were cars coming or not.

He apologized, but admitted that no one has ever told him such a thing before. I told him that cars cannot stop fast, and that when a human body gets in a fight with a car, it never ends well for the human. I think he understands now.

“So, how was your day Baby?”

“Really good.”

“That's good. And it feels like Baby needs a soggy baby bum change.”

“Yeah, I sure do. Did you have a good day, and do you need a soggy baby bum change too?”

“I had a really good day as well, thanks, and yes, I'm a super soggy baby boy too.”

“Good. When we get home then we can change each other.”

“I'll let you change me.”

“You will.” Jonah asked excitedly.


“If what, I'll do anything.”

“Exactly, you'll do anything, except, I want you to do nothing, nothing except change me. There's to be zero playing. You may lotion and cream me up properly, but you are not to jack me off or finger fuck me, okay.”

“Aw nuts.”

“I know. I have a baby boyfriend, and you're working on getting one of your own, and though I know you just wanna pay me back, it's not required. I know you probably also wanna get a taste of cum, and I accept that, but I won't allow it either. I know that Vance won't be old enough to cum yet, but he probably will be soon enough, so you'll haveta wait for him.”

“Okay, I promise.”

“Thanks Baby. Now, before we go home, we haveta stop by Hayden's to grab your stuff that your Uncle Matt picked up from your place.”

“Oh, okay, I guess so. I'm getting pretty soggy though, I might leak soon.”

“That's okay, I bet you look fucking hot with half moon soggy diaper leak marks on the back of your jeans.” I grinned at him.

“Yeah, well, I bet you would as well. Still don't really wanna be caught like that though.”

“No, I know, and I can just change you at Hayden's.”

“Okay, but you probably haveta get changed real soon too, and if we're there, then you'll have Hayden change you, then I won't get to.” He pouted.

“Oh quit your pouting Baby. I'll still let you, it just might haveta wait 'til tonight is all.”


We are a little early to go to Hayden's, since Jonah gets out half an hour earlier than Hayden does, so I told Jonah to just go play on the playground for a bit until it was time to go. He looked, and saw that it was pretty much empty, and reluctantly got out. I let him play for almost twenty minutes before I honked my horn to alert him, he looked over, saw me waving to him, and then he came running over.

“Time to go?” He asked when he hopped in.

“Yep. So, tell me, how come you looked to the playground first before agreeing to go play.”

“You already know. You know I get teased and bullied, well, the bigger kids won't let me play there, so I hadta make sure that there was none of them there.”

“You're gonna haveta stand up to them Baby, tell them that they can't hurt you with their stupid words.”

“Yeah, well, they sure can hurt me with their stupid fists.”

“Yeah, but probably only once. The hurt you've been allowing hurts far more in the long run. They probably won't hit you, most bullies are shockingly weak, but if they do, smile at them, and tell them to hit you again to prove how big and tough they are. Cry, make them feel like they're so big and tough, beg them to hit you again, and to keep hitting until they feel as big and strong as they can for beating up such a poor defenseless little boy.”

“You want them to hit me, and to ask them to do so more. Why?”

“They'll only hit once, and most kids can't hit hard, but they likely won't, because they know that to hit will only get them into severe trouble. Don't raise a hand though, you'd only get in trouble for hitting as well. Besides, you wanna prove how big and tough they are. Of course, as soon as they get suspended for a couple weeks, they'll realize how tough they really are.”

“Seems kinda illogical to me.”

“You've gotta stand up to them though, I doubt they'd hit you, but if they do, then smile and ask for another, tell them they hit like a girl if they do. Tell them that your own father beat you far worse than that, because I guarantee you, if you can take a hit that produces the type of bruising you have, and not seem at all fazed about it, then they're not gonna be able to hurt you at all.”

“Oh, never thought of it that way. I won't say anything like that though, because you're my daddy now, and I don't wanna cause you any troubles.”

“Good thinking Baby. Well, let's go to Hayden's, shall we.”

Hayden was just walking up as we pulled up, so it was perfect timing.

“Uncle Nathan, what are you doing here?” He asked happily, giving me a hug as I hopped out of the truck.

“Hi Baby, just coming to pick up Jonah's things that your dad collected from Jonah's house.”

“Oh, okay, and do you need a soggy baby bum change as much as I do?”


“Good. I was gonna call you and ask you to come over, because I had a favour to ask.”

“Let me guess, you needed a really good soggy baby bum change.”

“Always, but, believe it or not, that wasn't even the favour I was gonna ask, well, I was, but it wasn't the only one.” He grinned cheekily to me.

“Okay, so what were you wanting then Baby.”

“Vance and his brother need supplies. Vance and Doran asked me at lunch to ask you to take them shopping. They need clothes and diapers. They got a couple hundred bucks from their mom, so they can afford to get some stuff. Doran says he's good for clothes, but Vance needs lots, and they both need diapers and diaper shirts, as well as baby lotion and diaper rash cream.”

“Oh, okay. After we get Jonah's things then, so just call Vance and tell him we'll be there in a few minutes to pick them up. Well, after soggy baby bum changes that is.”

“Okay, thanks. Knew we could ask you and that you'd help them out.”

“Always ask, I'll always help out whenever and however I can.”

We headed inside, and the first order of business is soggy baby bum changes, and so we changed on Hayden's bed. We then grabbed Jonah's things, and as we did that, as well as drove over to Vance and Doran's, Hayden told us a little tale.

“So, last night, my mom and dad hadta go out, so asked me to babysit my sisters for an hour or so. As soon as they were gone, I asked my sisters to come and sit down, neither wanted to, but I told them that they had to. I made them sit there, and then told them that I used to love them, and that I'm still trying to love them like a big brother's supposed to, but because of the way they've treated me for so long, that I'm truly bordering on hating them now.

“I told them that they've both been real little bitches to me for years now, and that from now on, I'm no longer accepting or taking it, that if they continue to be as cruel to me as they have been, I can and will tell mom and dad, and that I would ensure that they were punished as much as they'd allow me to, because it will be me to do so from now on. I told them that for every word that they said to me that was snotty, or downright rude, I'd gladly stuff a bar of soap into their mouths for one full minute. If they pretended that I hit them again, that I'd make them stand in the corner, holding a heavy weight above their heads for at least ten minutes. They've been better since the talk from Mom and Dad, but still not nice. I told them that I've had enough, and that I'd help them to be nice, even if it killed them.”

“Good for you Baby, how'd they take it?” I asked.

“They cried, and even said they'd tell Mom and Dad that I was being mean to them. I held up my trusty little digital recorder, and told them that I don't think that that's gonna work, and from now on, I will always have it with me, I'm not being trapped by them any more, and I'm not getting in trouble. I'd never do anything to get them in trouble like they did to me, but that if they deserve it, they had better believe that I will correct their behavior.”

“Excellent, and then?”

“They both stormed off to their rooms, saying nothing, though I could see that they wanted to say so much, but I just waved the recorder at them. I then told my parents when they got home, let them listen to the recording, and then they called my sisters out, and said that what I had proposed to them sounded more than fair, and that as long as I always had a recording of what they said or did, that they'd happily allow me to dole out their punishments. They even told them that they can start being more civil to everyone around them as well, that they are acting like spoiled rotten little bitches, and that that sorta behavior stops now.

“Fuck, my youngest sister talks so snottily to people, so condescending, it's not even funny, like she thinks that she's the fucking queen or something. Not even sure how she could think like that, we have nothing, we are nothing, we're not rich, we're not powerful, and she never has the best of anything. Granted, I hate a couple of her friends, they're every bit as bad, and I've told my parents that I no longer wish to see those two girls in our house again, and when asked why, I told them, and that they're the reason for her acting the way she does. They were none too pleased to hear that, and told her so, and told her that she's no longer allowed to have them over.”

“Good. If my siblings had've treated me like that, I probably wouldn't have survived. You're way stronger than I ever was.”

“Yeah, I just hid in my bedroom instead of facing my problems, way stronger.” Hayden laughed.

“So did I, yet, you put up with it, not so sure I could've. I would've crumbled. Granted, I was already thinking I was useless anyway, had they've told me I was, I would've killed myself.”

“True, I suppose. Glad I never got that low, but there were times I wondered why I bothered.”

“Yeah. Well, here we are, looks like the baby brothers are ready to go.” I said as we pulled up, and they were already sitting on the front step waiting for us.

They came and hopped in the truck, and I have to say, Vance may be cute, but Doran is fucking hot. How the boys could not see that he was gay is beyond me, he is way too pretty to not be. He has a good build to him, he is very well defined, and while he and Vance look very similar, Doran has even nicer definition to his every feature. His hair is cut differently, and their eyes are a little different colour, but they both wear the same glasses.

“Hi guys, this is my big baby brother Doran.” Vance introduced as we hopped in. “And Doran, this is Nathan, Hayden's boyfriend and uncle, but of course you can't tell anyone that they're boyfriends yet, and then this is Jonah, my hopefully soon to be baby boyfriend.”

“Come over again this weekend and we can maybe make it official.” Jonah said huskily.

“Okay.” Vance smiled so brightly I could see it from the glare in my rear view mirror.

“Hi.” Doran whispered.

“It's good to meet you Doran, fuck, you're hot.” I said.

“Um, thanks.”

“You're welcome. You're an incredibly pretty baby boy. It doesn't look as if you've let the drugs fully take you over, you look pretty clear of mind, and you haven't let the drugs eat you away yet, so that's good.”

“Oh, um, you heard all that?”

“Yes, there isn't anything you said last night before going to your bedroom that we don't know. Don't worry, we'll all happily help you out.”

“Um, thanks. I only used once or twice a month, maybe three times if the urges were getting too strong. I tried forcing myself to watch straight porn, but the only ones I could ever get into were the hardcore style ones, where the woman was being punished, but, even then, I knew it wasn't the woman I wanted.”

“Good, that means it'll hopefully be easy to get you clean then.”

“I hope so. Finally admitting that I'm a gay baby boy diaper lover sure has helped. Our mom hasn't even talked to us since last night. Vance told her to give us as much money as she had this morning, and she handed over like two hundred and twenty dollars or so from her wallet. I'm sure we took her drug money, but I don't care. Thanks for agreeing to take us shopping today, by the way.”

“Good, I'm happy, and your mom will either come around or finally give you boys up. Clearly it'd be best if she came around, as well as got off the drugs, but, depending upon how much she uses, that may not be possible.”

“She uses at least once a day. Has for years. I doubt she can accept us. Clearly she couldn't accept our dad.”

“Well, you'll just haveta let it play out then. So, clearly you want thick thirsty baby diapers, but what else?”

“Diaper shirts for both, and then I need new clothes.” Vance said.

“So, where to then boys?”

“Hayden told us of the medical store you get your diapers from, so there first please.”

We hit that store first, and loaded the boys up with a few good sized packs, and I was actually shocked when both boys came in and happily looked at the selection. They each picked out three diaper shirts, and then Vance happily paid, using almost every penny that he had, he said he only has five dollars left after that.

“Oh well, I guess we'll just haveta get more money from our mom later and get me some clothes then.”

“Or we can just go now, and I can pay for it all today, and you can just pay me back.”

“I'd really rather not.”

“Yeah, but we're already out, so we may as well, and this way you get nice clothes that fit properly. Even if I never get paid back, I'd still rather do that, so that you get some proper fitting clothes.”

“I suppose, but I will pay you back.” Vance said firmly.

“Okay.” I laughed and we headed to a boys clothing store.

I had Vance pick out two pairs of pants, four shirts, and I got both boys new packs of socks, since both theirs have holes in them they said. He grabbed one pair of jeans that fit him well and show off his baby bum nicely, and one pair of tan pants that also show off his bum nicely. He picked out two tee shirts and two long sleeved shirts, all four of them nice and fit him properly. At least now he does not look like a bean pole draped in a tarp, he actually looks quite sharp. Still too skinny, but we will get that worked out. I did make sure that his pants are expandable, since he is likely to grow a fair bit, but I am betting that none of these clothes last him more than six months. We did not spend a lot, and managed to keep it just under a hundred dollars, but we had shopped the sales racks, since, like I told Vance, he is going to grow lots, so there's no point in buying expensive clothes, he just needs nice, and they are nice, and they make him look as good as he should look.

“Thanks so much for that, I'll try and get you the money some time this week.”

“No worries, happy to help out a fellow gay baby boy diaper lover. Whenever you get the money is okay with me. Now, do you still have enough Pampers, or should we go get some more?”

“I probably have enough, but I'd sorta like more.”

“Then we'll go get you a couple more packs.”

“Thanks.” He smiled brightly.

I will never complain about buying a boy his diapers, and so, when we got to the store, we bought the boys three packs of Pampers, and one container of each baby lotion and diaper rash cream. Vance said he would pay me back for this as well.

Finally we took the boys home and helped them to take their things inside, and then Jonah and I dropped Hayden off at home. Finally Jonah and I are on our way home, and it is a good thing, because it is getting seriously close to dinner time, and as such, I am getting hungry.

When we got home, I checked the building site to see how everything was coming along, and I can see that the roof is complete, and they even have a bunch of the windows in, as well as the exterior doors, so that is good. I also happened to look at the pool, and saw that it is almost half tiled, and the hot tub is already tiled, so that is awesome.

Jonah and I had a nice night in, and at bedtime, we did change each other, and as promised, he behaved himself. We had a good sleep, and then had a good morning before heading to school and work. This afternoon, when we got home, I saw that the pool was tiled completely now, and even all the concrete work around it is done, so that is good. They even appear to have the supports now in place and ready for the glass house to go over top of it. The house is also well underway for the siding, and all the other exterior concrete work was done. I had not even noticed that they had had the forms in for them, but clearly they had, because the driveway and sidewalks would have all needed them.

The next day the siding was about three quarters of the way completed, and because we had chosen a pre finished concrete siding, it looks amazing already. All the windows are now in as well, and the pool and hot tub both appear to be grouted now. They must have hauled serious ass to have gotten all that done so soon, but then, the owner had said that his tile guy has twelve people, so maybe they were all working my project. The framework for the glass house is also done now, so that is awesome, and the stacks of glass says that that was all delivered today too.

Thursday they had the siding completed by the looks of it, and all the glass installed in the pool house, and Jonah and I went to check it out, and the owner of the company came to check with us. I was shocked to see the pool and hot tub both filling up already.

“Holy shit, how'd they get it done so fast?”

“They're good, is how. It helps that I've had like fifty people here per day most days. It's been a hell of a juggling act, to tell you the truth, but I received the permits and all the permissions for the apartment complex, and I wanna get that started right away. So, we needta get this done. In fact, I've already sent my ground prep crew in to get it started. They have the largest of the holes already dug and shored up, ready for the forming. They're gonna start the next hole on Monday. With any luck, all the digging and shoring will be done by Friday, and then the following Monday, they'll start on the forming.”

“Wicked, you won't hear me complaining any time soon.”

“Good. And I just won the contract to build the library you just designed, so I'm so fucking busy over the next two years it's not even funny.” He said, sounding rightfully giddy.

“Good to hear. So, when will the pool be ready you figure?”

“Not a pool expert, so hard to say. The hot tub will be full in another hour or two by the looks of it, but the pool will probably take all night long. The pool guy has everything set to start up automatically once the water's at the correct depth, so it'll start circulating and cleaning it right away. He already added all the salt to both, so apparently as soon as they're full and up to heat, he says you're welcome to use them. He'll be back on Monday to check on everything, but of course asked that I tell you to call him if anything isn't working properly. I'm also supposed to show you where the manual shut offs are, for just in case the water doesn't shut off automatically for some stupid reason. He says it's never happened before, but he always tells people anyway.”

“Cool, so the hot tub will likely be working tomorrow, and the pool maybe sometime on Saturday then if all goes well.”

“That's about how long it took mine, but it isn't under a cover like this, so yours might be faster. After seeing this, I'm seriously thinking of adding one to mine, so that we can use our pool all year long, and it'll make it way more efficient as well. This glass is amazing. Well, not glass, but you know what I mean. Fuck, almost as soon as we had the last piece in, we could feel the temperature difference in here, it's shockingly well insulated, isn't it.”

“Hence the reason I use this shit wherever possible. Nearly unbreakable, and almost twice as efficient as glass, but, at damn near three times the price, it's a hell of an upgrade, but worth it if you ask me. Just the energy savings for heating the pool and hot tub alone will probably pay me back the difference in a year.”

“Good to know. This is the first time I've ever worked with the stuff. It's heavy though, and here I thought standard glass panels were heavy.”

“Yeah, but a greenhouse glass is one pane, regular glass is two, this is three, and it's plastic, and each pane of it is thicker than glass normally is as well. This stuff is damn near bullet proof, so rocks flying out of the lawn mowers won't even scratch it.”

“Good to know, and the reason I never put a glass house around my pool, I didn't wanna be replacing glass all the time, since my kids do the mowing, and you know they never pay attention to silly little things like rocks.”

“No shit.”

“So, I can't help but notice that the exterior's pretty much already done. What's left on the exterior now?”

“Just haveta finish up the soffits and all the rain water diversion, but they're some damn nice gutters you've requested. As soon as the rainy season starts, you're gonna get a shit load of water collection, the gutters say up to ninety nine percent of all water gets collected, and automatically ejects up to ninety percent of debris, which is awesome. Honestly never put in rain water collection before, but what for?”

“Why do you think the toilets plumbing was routed to where it was, and why all the exterior water feeds also route to the same area. All toilets and exterior water will automatically pull from there first, including the pool once it's running.”

“Oh, was wondering why you had it routed so backwards like that, even the plumber asked me, and I told him I confirmed it with you, and you'd said it was correct. Figured you must have some weird design in mind, never even clicked that the tank is buried almost directly beneath that.”

“Yeah, I've put this system in in a few places now, and none of the other contractors figured it out either, because no one does this, and I don't understand it. It's not even expensive to do, especially during construction.”

“No, the hole was pretty much already there, just hadta make it slightly larger is all, so maybe an extra ten minutes for the back hoe, so nothing really. The tank hadta be expensive though.”

“No, only a couple thousand dollars, the pumps will only be a few hundred each.”


“Yeah, I'll hook it all up later, but one is the main one for pumping the water, of course, it goes to a standard pressure tank, but then there is another much smaller circulating pump that filters the water, it takes care of all the course stuff. The other pump sends its water through a pair of much finer filters.”


“Yeah, it is. So, anything else left on the exterior?”

“Not for us, but only because you specifically said you'd take care of the landscaping later. Of course all the back filling's been done, but otherwise, we're done outside now, other than the couple little things that will be done tomorrow.”

“Perfect, and yeah, haveta source out a good landscaping company to do all that work once the snow's gone and it's more comfortable to work.”

“I'll give you the name of the guys I use, they're great, they do some amazing stuff, but they're not cheap.”

“I don't want cheap, nothing about this place deserves cheap.”

“That it most certainly does not.” He laughed.

“Exactly, so give me his card whenever you can. So, interior, how long do you figure you need inside?”

“We're running along smoothly in there as well; all interior walls have been installed, and all plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and data lines have been run. They're gonna insulate all the walls tomorrow, though it may eat into Monday as well. Boarders are scheduled to start Monday or Tuesday, depending upon how all goes tomorrow, and then the mudders and tapers will follow them in about three days after. So, by end of next week, drywall will be installed, and at the very least started mudding. It'll take them at least three days to mud, tape, and sand this place. It helps, of course, that you're having nothing done to the basement.”

“Yeah, but not sure what, if anything I'll do down there. I hadta do a meter deep foundation anyway, so what difference is there going a little more and using that space that I pretty much already hadta pay for.”

“My thoughts exactly. So, if all goes well, one week for drywall, and then all hell breaks loose in your house. I figure, two weeks once the drywall is done, and you're moving in. Granted, as soon as drywall's done, the entire place is pretty much off limits for almost an entire week while the tile layers come in and install all your floors. By the way, those are some nice tiles, never seen porcelain tiles look so much like real wood before. Seen it, of course, just never one so nice looking.”

“Yeah, I love them, the look of true hardwood, but can actually be safely used with the in floor heating. Fucking expensive though, is what they are. I'm probably putting your tile layers kids through university on what that's costing me.”

“You're probably right.” He laughed.

“Yeah. So, three more weeks, maybe?”

“Call it four, to be safe, but yeah, three might just do it. Never before have I done such a massive house in such a short period of time. Hell, even most smaller houses take more time, but then, I usually have maybe a quarter of the amount of people working on them as well.”

“Yeah, but we needta get it done to get an even bigger and much more lucrative project moving.”

“No shit. That will put my kids through university.”


“So, we were just packing up for the day, and I should probably be going and telling the guys what's all up for tomorrow and get everything arranged, so I should head out.”

“Okay, and we have things we should be doing as well, so, have a good night.”

“You too.”

Jonah and I headed in, I know we both desperately need soggy baby bum changes. As we changed each other, Jonah asked several questions about all sorts of things that we had talked about. He had just stood there and listened, not interrupting every time we said something that he did not understand, and I happily told him all about it. As promised, during my diaper change, Jonah behaved himself again.

Just as we were finishing up dinner, my phone rang, so I grabbed it and saw that it was my sisters number, so it must be Hayden calling.


“Hi Uncle Nathan.”

“Hi Hayden, how's it goin'?”

“Good, wish I could be there of course.”

“I know, but you can't, you still have a loving home.”

“I know. So, I thought of something and I need your help figuring it out.”

“What's that?”

“Vance was already gonna come spend the weekend again, of course, but I wanted to ask Doran to as well. Except, we kinda have nowhere for him to sleep, and certainly nowhere private.”

“Ah, yes, that does cause a sort of conundrum, doesn't it?” I laughed.

I wondered when Hayden would realize this. I knew this was coming.

“Yeah, what will we do?”

“Well, he's certainly able to sleep on the couch.”

“Yeah, except it's not very private.”

“Have you talked it over with Vance and Doran yet?”

“Yeah, at lunch today.”


“They said they don't mind, Vance says he'll be fine if Doran's on the couch, and Doran says he'll fall asleep fast anyway.”

“So, he won't bother anyone. What do you say Jonah?” I asked, because of course I have it on speaker phone, so that Jonah could be part of the conversation.

“I don't mind. I doubt he'd bother us any.”

“So, there you have it. Go ahead and invite him then, and we'll pick them both up after I pick you up.”

“Okay, thanks.”

We talked for another minute or two, before saying goodnight, and then Jonah and I played and watched TV for the night.