Chapter 9

As it turns out, I had had too much to drink, and even though I am double diapered, it was just not quite enough, and I leaked, but only a little. I shrugged, got up, and hit the shower right away to get cleaned up. By the time I got out of the shower, both boys are awake.

“Did either of you baby boys leak, because I did?”

“Yeah, one of us did, or maybe both, we're just not sure which one, but we're both pretty much leaking now. There was no point in getting outta bed 'til you were outta the shower though, so we stayed.” Landon said.

“Nice, such naughty little baby boys.”

“Thanks.” Jonah smiled brightly.

“Go ahead and strip outta your super saturated baby diapers then Babies, and go hop in the shower. I'll have everything ready by the time you get out, so don't take long.”

“Breakfast too, I'm hungry?” Jonah asked.

“Yes, breakfast too Baby, so go cleaned up you naughty soggy baby.”


It is funny, now that Jonah is allowed to eat, when he does now, he tends to eat a fair bit, but he has already started to grow and fill in a bit. I am still careful to ensure that he does not over eat though. We certainly would not want him to swing to the other side of the pendulum. I quickly diapered myself and then stripped both beds and got the wet bedding into the wash, cleaned and remade both beds, got some oatmeal going, and then got the boys' diapers and clothes ready. As soon as they emerged from the bathroom, still mostly wet and all naked, I pointed them to the freshly made bed, and they took the hint and went and laid down. I got them both diapered up, got them into their diaper shirts, and then dressed them both.

“That was really nice, thanks.” Landon said, a single tear escaping.

“You're very welcome Baby, I felt that maybe you'd enjoy the full parental treatment, it doesn't sound as if you've ever really had that before.”

“Not since I was so young I don't remember it, and to tell you the truth, I'm pretty sure my mom never cared for me, she's more the drop the brat in a nannies arms type.”

“Oh. So, how'd you get money to buy your diapers and toys anyway?” I asked as we headed to the kitchen to eat.

“I had an account that a hundred dollars a month was deposited into.” He said as we were dishing up.

“Your mom never said anything about that money, whether she was giving it to you or not?”

“Nah, far as I know, she knew nothing of it.”

“Then who told you of the account in the first place?”

“My moms friend. When I was eight, he came and took me for lunch, said he was a friend of my moms, and that he was getting me set up for a bank account of my own, so that I'd have some spending money. He never asked me not to tell her, but he never told her that I know of, and I didn't want her using my money, I needed it. Before then, I almost never got lunch, because she never had food in the house, so I bought my lunch at school every day from then on, and of course, my diapers and toys that I bought, but I always hadta make sure and take it easy too. It wasn't always enough, so I hadta ration my baby diapers, when all I wanted to do was wear them all day, every day.”

“Interesting. Sounds like a trust fund to me. What happened to your dad?”

“No idea. The one time I asked my mom, she told me to mind my own business, and even though I pointed out that wanting to know who and where my father was, kinda was my business, she just told me to go to my fucking room. That was a little over a year ago.”

“Interesting. I think I'm gonna tell Martin this, there's more to your story than there appears I think.”

“Like what?”

“I'm willing to bet that that was no friend of your moms, I'm willing to bet he was your dads lawyer, but whether your dad's alive or dead is hard to say. I'd like to say that if your dad was alive, that he'd have some contact with you, but who's to say what some people's motives are. I'm leaning toward he died though. More than that, though, I can't say.”

“I used to dream that my dad was alive, but that he just couldn't care for me for some reason, but that one day he'd come home, sweep me into his arms and tell me that he's a gay baby boy diaper lover and has come to take me home with him, because he knows I am as well.”

“Well, it didn't work out exactly like that in the end, but hopefully you got something that's close enough.”

“Yeah, I think this'll work out just as well.”

“Good. Now, we needta finish up breakfast, so that I can get you to the school early to register you. While I'm there, and since I have finally received the paperwork for Jonah, I may as well do the change of guardianship forms for him like I should've done at least a week or so ago.”


We were ready to go a few minutes later, and when we arrived to the school, Jonah led me where to go. I explained to the secretary who I am, and asked who I had to talk to, so she went and got the vice principal for me. He took us in and I explained to him what is happening, and what we are needing done. He was happy to help us with that, and within half an hour, I was signing all the papers. He also called over to Landon's old school, and had them email over Landon's records. When he opened them up to read them, he smiled. He asked Landon if he wanted to go into this schools gifted program, since they have one, and clearly Landon is more than bright enough to go there as well. I urged Landon to do so, and so he went for it.

I did inform him that Landon has a medical condition that requires him to wear diapers twenty four seven, same as Jonah, so he would need a private space to change whenever necessary. He got a puzzled look on his face and pulled up something on his computer again, and then informed me that that is not on Jonah's file. I told him that this is not such a surprise, Jonah had been in an abusive home, and had a parent that barely recognized that he was there, so not mentioning something like this to the school is not entirely shocking to me. He added that to the file as well as to Landon's, and said we were all good.

I asked if there were any gifted programs for someone of Jonah's age, since he too is quite bright and often feels bored in class, and he informed me that it is the same class as Landon would be in, and then pulled up Jonah's file once again and checked out his scores. He said that from what he is seeing, Jonah may in fact be perfect for the program as well, but that Jonah is still on the younger side of where they put the students in there, just because it is a very challenging program, and often the younger children cannot cope with it, and they prefer only grades four and up, but Jonah is still in grade three. He said that from what he is seeing, Jonah would have likely been offered to enter that program next year, but could switch now if he truly wanted, but doing so half way into the year was a little unusual, yet has been done.

Jonah said he would like to try, and if he and Landon were in there together, that it would be better for them both. I told Jonah that this has to be his choice, but to not do so just because Landon is there, because next year he would not be anyway, and it will be a lot of extra work for him. He thought it over for a minute, and then asked to move as well. After having gotten to really know Jonah, I have no doubts that he will do very well in this program, he is quite bright, and can apply himself very well. Being in a program like this will also ensure that he gets top grades in school, and ensure that he gets as many scholarships as possible. Sure, I have lots of money, but why pay more than I have to when it comes time for him to go to school.

The boys were then handed over to the secretary to take to their new class, and to gather all of Jonah's stuff and transfer it as well. As soon as they left, the vice principal sat back down and faced me.

“Now, unless I'm mistaken, both boys are gay, aren't they?”

“Landon, yes, Jonah, it would be my guess as well, however, even though he knows that I am as well, he has either not figured it out yet, or really doesn't know yet. He's one of my brother in laws nephews, and given that we both need diapers, as well most everyone else in the family could see that Jonah was gonna turn out gay, and so am I, when he found out that Jonah was being abused, and they couldn't take him, the family asked me to. They felt that I'd be the best person to raise someone like him so that he doesn't grow up feeling like a freak, not like I did.”

“I see. And what's Landon's story?”

“His mom found out that he was gay, and that even though he needs diapers he also loves them. She couldn't handle it, and then another friend of the family asked me to take him in as well. Thankfully when she found out, she didn't go full bitch mode and just kill Landon, but, honestly, same with Jonah's dad.”

“I see. I have a hard time believing that requiring diapers was never in Jonah's file, I'm certain that by grade three someone would've said something?”

“I'm sure it would've, if he had've been allowed to, but I'm sure your records do show that he had numerous accidents, and I'm willing to bet that his teachers complained about his all too frequent bathroom trips!”

“As a matter of fact, yes, that was mentioned.”

“Exactly. When Jonah came to live with me, I told him that he and I have the exact same problem, and that he could choose to manage it in the same way as I do, and he chose to do so. I, however, have next to no control now, and Jonah does have an appointment with a specialist as well, to see what or where the problem is. If it's in his brain, like mine is, then I will strongly urge him to just keep and use diapers unless brain surgery becomes necessary for some other reason. I never felt that the risk was worth it. Jonah feels the same way.”

“I see, and Landon's file shows nothing of requiring diapers either.”

“Considering his mother was highly ashamed of having such a defective child, I'm not surprised. He was raised being told to hide that at all costs, never show his shame. I'm sure you saw just how much he blushed when I told you of that. Trust me, the first time I entered the room and he was in just his diaper, he had just gotten changed and I forgot to knock, but sue me, I'm not usedta having anyone in my house, anyway, he was super embarrassed and burst into tears and it took me more than an hour to calm him down. Hell, even seeing Jonah in just his diapers, because that's all Jonah wears around the house most of the time, causes him to blush. Mind you, not entirely certain half that's not because Landon thinks Jonah's really cute.”

“I can believe that, that's how my mother was about my diaper wearing as well.”

“Ah, thought I noticed a little extra bulge.”

“Yeah, can't truly hide it, but most people never really notice either.”


“So, what's your story then, I'm torn between gay and straight, so I'm thinking bi?”

“More gay than anything, I have a husband, he too wears diapers, but he's a full blown diaper lover, doesn't need them at all, which is honestly what I thought Jonah was, and probably even Landon as well. We have two kids, a four year old boy and a two year old girl. They're brother and sister, and we adopted them from South America because the young boy has no bladder, at all, it never developed, so he was classified as defective, and his parents disposed of him and his sister. They came to us only a few months ago.”

“I'm glad that there's someone else out there to help rescue those of us who'd end up as garbage otherwise. As for the boys being diaper lovers, trust me, they still are. Jonah craved diapers long before I ever diapered him, and the first time I offered him diapers, he said yes so fast it shocked me. I suppose he's known for a long time it's what he needs, and even wants. Landon, yeah, he too is a diaper lover, but, can you blame either of them, or me?”


“Good. So, I actually haveta head out, I need to be to work in about ten minutes or so, not that anyone will notice or care, but I still have lots of work on a bridge I'm designing, and I wanna get it done soon, their old one's about to fall into the river?”

“You're a bridge engineer?”

“No, an architectural engineer with extra degrees in structural engineering and mechanical engineering. I find it fun, what can I say.”

“Shit. How long did that take you?”

“Just seven years, but I was told that the course load and everything that I wanted would normally take twelve or more years to complete. When it comes to that sorta thing, though, I've never hadta study, I was just made to do that I suppose.”

“Wow. Very good though. Well, thanks so much for coming in today, I'll let you go, since you probably should get to work.”

“Thanks, and yeah. Have a good day.”

“You too.”

I headed to work and had a really good day, and then was back to the school to pick Jonah and Landon up before I knew it. We headed to the store to pick up a few things before going to pick up the big baby boys, they are all just going straight to Hayden's, Vance and Doran had just taken their things to school with them, at least that is what I was told they were going to do, to save time. I still have not told Hayden anything about adopting another kid, or that we are staying at the grandparents until the new house is done. I think all the boys will appreciate this a great deal.

“Hi there Babies, have a good day at school?” I asked as Hayden opened the door, and as they all started to pile in, they happened to notice Landon sitting there.

“Um, yeah, but who are you?” Hayden asked in shock.

“Hi, I'm Landon, I'm a gay baby boy diaper lover. You must be Hayden, you look a lot like your uncle.”

“Cool, good to meet you. What's up Uncle Nathan?”

“Hop in, I'll tell you as we drive?”

Hayden continued to hop in the front, but Vance also hopped up front with him, since I only have six seats, and two of the back ones had clearly been taken. As soon as they were in and buckled up, I pulled away and told the boys the story. It was not until we pulled up to my parents place that Hayden asked why we are at Grandma and Grandpa's house. I of course explained to them that until our new house is done, we simply do not have enough space, and since Grandma and Grandpa are going away for a couple weeks, they are going on a cruise, they offered us the use of their house to give us the space we desperately need.

The boys were both good with this, and saddened that we would not have the pool to use. I told them that we would go swimming tomorrow some time, probably in the evening, since the tile crew was going to likely be there during the day to finish up, so that the rest of the work could be done next week without having to worry about the grout not being set up fully.

I had already had mine and the boys' bags in the back, so we grabbed our things, and then we all headed in.

“Wow, Hayden, your grandma and grandpa sure have a nice house.” Doran said.

“Yeah, they do. It hadta be big, they had six kids.”

“Come on up, we'll all tell our stories.” I said.

As soon as we made it to the living room, we all stripped down to our soggy baby diapers, and a couple single baby boys sure were looking to each other with hunger in their eyes. We all gave the abridged versions of our tales, but by the time we finished, it is already dinner time, so we headed to the kitchen to get that made. Half way through eating, and we pretty much are all leaking, we have simply been in our baby diapers too long. Oh well, I do not mind, and the boys sure do not either. I held a mass soggy baby bum change right on the living room floor. I changed all the boys, and then Hayden changed me. We are all only in single thickness baby diapers, because I desperately need my baby to fill me good and full tonight, but we cannot do so through two baby diapers.

“So, Doran and Vance, how's it been this week?” I asked once we were sitting back down again.

“Pretty much same as last week. Hadta tell the bitch off more than a few times, I've had a couple rough nights, but nowhere near as bad as the first few episodes were, and someone noticed that I was diapered yesterday, but I made him promise not to tell. Pretty sure that it's gonna leak out pretty soon. All in all, a pretty good week I'd say.” Doran said.

“You didn't threaten him did you?”

“No, of course not, I just told him that I have a medical condition, and that I'd really rather it not get out, and that if he tattles like a baby, then he's the bigger baby of the two of us. Of course, he's gonna tell at least one friend in secret, who's gonna tell one friend, who's gonna tell one friend, and by Monday, I'm sure, the entire school's gonna know. At first, no one'll truly believe it, but I fully expect to be pantsed, or, at the very least, have someone smack my soggy baby diapered bum.”

“Good for you Baby. How'd it feel?”

“Not as scary as I'd thought it was gonna be, to tell you the truth. Now that one knows, I know they all will soon enough, and sure enough, they'll make sure to prove it. Then, of course, I'll be the laughing stock of the school, once the big tough bully, and look at the baby now.”

“You don't sound upset, so that's good.”

“Because I'm not. I'm almost looking forward to it, so that I don't haveta hide any more, I'm sick of hiding, I've been hiding since I was six. I'm not gonna hide, and if they ask, then I'll happily tell them yes, and why. Of course, it's a fucking lie, but who really cares.”

“Good for you Baby.”


“So, the withdrawal episodes are coming less and are less intense?”

“Actually, they're more frequent than they were to start, but they're way less intense than they were at the beginning too, so I'm okay with that.”

“That's good Baby. Hopefully soon you'll be all better. I've felt bad for you, having to go through that practically all alone, I know there's only so much any of us can do to help, but, I suppose, in the end, life's challenges always haveta be faced alone, don't they.”

“Yeah, but with Vance helping me, and even you guys' help, it's made it bearable. Hell, just finally getting to be who I've always known I was deep down has helped more than even I can say. Just being free, which you guys have all given me, has helped tonnes.”

“That's good. So, sleeping arrangements. Hayden and I are in my old bedroom, Jonah and Vance, you can have the one across from the bathroom, and then Doran and Landon, you can each have the ones on either side of the bathroom, those are all the more boyish rooms. We should go up and make the beds right now, I'll show you where everything is. So, grab your things and let's go get ready.”

“Okay.” They all said as one.

We grabbed up our bags and I led the boys all upstairs. I showed them the linen closet, where they will find everything that they need. I grabbed my sheets and blankets, and they are mine from when I was a teenager. I led Hayden to my bedroom.

“You know what's funny?” Hayden said when we entered.

“No, what Baby?”

“I didn't know that this was your room, yet, every time I spent the night, this was the room I stayed in, because I always felt far more comfortable in here for some reason.”

“Hmm, that is funny. Amazing how that is sometimes. I guess our energies are just so similar huh.”

“Must be. Now, tonight, I desperately needta be made love to, it's felt like forever since we've made love to each other.”

“I know, I was thinking the same thing Baby, hence the reason we're only in single diapers. I know that Jonah and Vance are the same.”

“Yeah, they probably are, though I don't think that they've made love to each other yet, but I know they haven't had much privacy to really play either.”

“True. So, do you think both the other bedrooms will get used tonight?”

“Nope.” Hayden grinned brightly.

“Me neither. Do you think that they're even setting up two bedrooms, or do you think they're in talking?”

“I hope they're in talking.”

“Me too. They both need it, Doran more so. I think that boy needs to be fucked and filled as full as he can possibly be filled, and the second that that happens, I think he'll be fully cured.”

“That's what I was thinking as well.”

We made our bed and then put our things away. Fuck, it has been so long since I spent the night in this bedroom, damn near thirteen years in fact, it feels weird, still my bedroom, but not truly any more.

Hayden and I headed downstairs once we were done, and Vance and Jonah joined us only a few minutes later. Jonah giggled and said that there is only one bedroom being set up, and the door is closed. Hayden and I said we had hoped they would do so.

It was fully half an hour later that the two boys came downstairs, and Landon was blushing, and Doran was smiling serenely. It looks like they both maybe got a little of what they needed.

“You boys look relieved.”

“Yeah.” Doran sighed so deeply he nearly purred.

“Good, you deserve each other. Just remember, you met like a whole ten minutes ago, don't go too fast. We all know what you both want and need, but there's no real reason to speed.”

“I'm done with speed, don't you worry about that.” Doran grinned.

“Wasn't speed you were on.”

“I know, just teasing, but I'm done with that too anyway, I'll never try it either.”

“Good. I trust you at least got to know each other a little bit better?”


“And how does he taste Landon.”

“Really good.” He said, blushing and smiling shyly.

“That's good. Did you peepee in each others mouths as well?”

“Yeah.” They both said.

“Thought you were both dirty little baby boys like the rest of us.”

“Yeah. But hearing you and Hayden talking about it made me so hot to try it, that I've sucked the piss right outta my diaper a few times, and pissed in my mouth a few times as well.”

“And I've been doing that for a long time.” Landon admitted.

“Good, nothing wrong with it. I consider it a fine gift from my beautiful baby boy.”

“Same.” All the others said as one.

“Good. So, I guess this means only three bedrooms are getting used this weekend then, so that's good, less to clean.”

“Yeah.” Doran said again.

After that, we decided to go watch a movie. My parents have a really nice theatre in the basement, as well as a pretty amazing games room. My dad had built it when I was just a kid, and even I had enjoyed it a lot growing up, though the theatre more than the games room, but I have always been a gamer, and that was always where the games systems were kept.

After the movie, even though it is still pretty early, even for us early birds, we called it bed time, and headed upstairs for the night. I wished the boys a good sleep, and Jonah giggled and said, “Have a good fucking night.”

“Nope, no fucking, just lovemaking.” I grinned right back at him.

“Mmm, that does sound nice.”

“Mmmhmm.” Hayden and Vance said together, so I think that the next pair of baby boyfriends are going to finally give their bums to each other.

I know that Vance is not too large for Jonah, I just hope that they do not go too fast. I say nothing about this though, it would do no good anyway, they are far too horny to listen, and even in Jonah I can clearly see just how hard he is in his super soggy Pampers baby diaper, and he is not even big yet.

As soon as Hayden and I made it to our bedroom for the night, we crawled into bed, and started just by kissing and touching softly. For nearly half an hour, this is all we did. It was shockingly soft and tender, and it is exactly what we need. Then, for almost two hours after, we made love to one another. One after the other, we came and peed inside each other, filling each other up with three loads of cum and one load of pee. It was an incredible night, to say the least, and by the end, we were both indescribably satisfied. We put onto each other another diaper, a thicker and thirstier diaper, right over top of our already well ruined diapers, not caring about the mess that we have already made, all we care about is being double diapered and then getting to sleep. We kiss each other goodnight, and then fall into a blissful slumber.

I woke up first this morning, and then only about a minute after I did, so did Hayden, and as soon as his eyes fluttered open, I pressed my lips to his and gave him a very good morning kiss. The kiss alone made me so hard it is unbelievable, and I was already really hard when I woke up, but then, I do have to go pee really bad, such a rare thing for me to wake up with the urge to pee. I must have been super hard most of the night.

I broke the kiss and spun around on the bed, diving under the covers as I do so, and as soon as I am able to, I press my face right into Hayden's sexy, soggy double diaper and inhale the scent that could keep me sustained. Hayden had shifted a little, and pressed his face into my double diaper and sniffed deeply as well, then sighed even deeper. I can clearly feel that Hayden is stone hard right now, and I want it, so I pull down the front of his diaper and latch on, at the same time Hayden is doing so to me.

I have to go pee so bad, though, that that is the urge that hits first, and so I let it go, hoping that Hayden has some for me as well. As soon as I started peeing, Hayden sighed and sucked it in, and then grunted, and started peeing in my mouth as well. I have a much larger load saved up, considerably more so than I can normally save, and I peed for almost twice as long as Hayden did. Somehow I do not believe that Hayden will complain about this any time soon.

As soon as we are done enjoying each others morning pee, we start properly sucking, and enjoy that immensely. I decided to reach into the back of Hayden's diaper, and I just tenderly tickled his little hole, and made him sigh deeply again, and so he did the same to me, and I too sighed.

As we sucked, we just tickled each others holes and perineums, neither of us inserted our fingers, even though we are both more than juicy enough to do so. I am sure that we are both a little dirty back there, but neither of us care. We had cum three times and peed once inside each other last night, but we did not plug each other after, so I am certain that much of that came back out with at least a little messiness. Hayden sure is nice and moist, and from the feel of his fingers on my skin, I guess I am too. At least neither of us feels so dirty that we pooped our baby diapers, but I know we will have some mess, we usually do after a good night, and that is perfectly okay.

It took a shocking ten minutes for us to finally cum for our first time this morning, we are going so slow and soft, so tender and loving, that we had managed to hold off for a long time. I was the first to explode, and then Hayden followed suit not even half a second later, but then, it had felt like he had been ready to go as well.

We did not stop, and continued sucking and tickling for nearly another ten minutes, when Hayden exploded first this time, and then I followed half a second later as well. Finally we are done, and so, we extract, I spin around, and then press our lips back together once more.

“Wow, that was amazing, thanks, I needed that. And my god, the load of baby peepee you gave me this morning, how'd you even hold that much?” Hayden said softly as soon as we detached from our kiss.

“And thank you, I needed that too. As for the load of pee, not sure, not sure I've ever felt so full in my life. The only thing I can think of, I was so hard all night long that I couldn't actually pee. I know I'm wetter than I was, but that load felt like I should've been leaking had it all come out.”

“Oh yeah, and when it all comes outta me, I'll probably end up leaking as well, so maybe you'd better triple diaper me so's to make sure I don't make a mess.”

“Okay, but only if you triple diaper me too.”

“Oh, I suppose so, if I must.” Hayden mock moaned.

“Oh, you must Baby, you most certainly must.”

“Oh yeah. What's good for one baby is good for another I think.”

“Mmmhmm. From the feel of our baby bums, I think that maybe we should probably go hop in the shower and get cleaned up.”

“I haven't looked at my fingers yet, but I think you're probably right.”

Just then, we pulled our hands up and looked at and sniffed those fingers, and yep, they're a little messy, but not too bad, just a little. We hopped out of bed and I led my baby down the hall to the bathroom and headed in. I started the shower, while Hayden got towels out and ready. We then hopped in and started washing each other up well, using only our hands and the soap that I can use. It was a very sensual washing, as they usually are for us, but we did not bother stroking each others erections, because we are still satisfied from before. We wash each others hair, we both love this as much as the other, and finally we rinse off and hop out.

We dried each other off, then brushed our teeth and our hair, and naked we head back to our bedroom, but as we exited the bathroom, Jonah and Vance were there, waiting.

“Oh, good morning Baby's, had a good sleep I hope?”

“Oh yeah, and a much better time both before and after. Our baby bums feel great this morning, we finally went all the way last night, and it was glorious, but because we don't have our butt plugs, we're a little messy back there.” Jonah said happily.

“Good, and same, so we won't keep you, have a nice shower. Oh, and we're triple diapering this morning, and I'm reasonably certain you'll wanna as well, so you're welcome to, if you want to, of course.”

“Oh hell yeah, we will.”

Hayden and I headed to our bedroom and got each other good and properly diapered, and then headed down to the kitchen to get us all some much needed breakfast. We were about half way through making it when Jonah and Vance came down, and they are triple diapered as suggested, but I knew they would have not even thought about it in the least.

“Doran and Landon were waiting for us as soon as we came out, and so we told them that we're all triple diapering, and that they're welcome to as well. I think they just might do it too.” Vance said as soon as they came in.

“That's perfect, thanks. So, how do your baby bums feel this morning?”

“Amazing.” “Perfect.” They both said at the same time, so much so that I could not be sure which one said what.

“That's good. Neither of you are truly large enough to hurt the other, as long as you take your time and go slow, but especially you Vance in Jonah, though you're not really all that much larger than he is yet.”

“Yeah, we know, and Jonah was worried that I wouldn't even feel him in me, but it felt amazing. I was worried that I might still hurt Jonah a bit, because I am still a fair bit bigger than he is, but we've played more than enough that I never once hurt him at all, and he loved it.”

“That's good Babies. Even Hayden and I could really hurt each other if we didn't prepare properly, though, to tell you the truth, I'm not so certain on me anymore. I was such a slut that I'm not sure anything would truly hurt me any more.”

“But I'll still always prepare you anyway, so that I don't hurt you. I'm still not big like you are yet, but I'm getting there.”

“You sure are.”

Just as we were finished, the final pair of babies entered the kitchen, and they are both triple diapered as well, and it looks equally as good on them as it does the rest of the hot little baby boys. We dished up our tasty and filling, and shockingly fattening breakfast, and enjoyed every crumb of it that Hayden and I had made. After breakfast was all cleaned up, we headed down to the games room in the basement and had a lot of fun down there until lunch. We had had a couple glasses of water and a cup of tea with breakfast, and between breakfast and lunch we had had more water and tea, and I know that all six of us are getting nice and soggy already, but none of us are near to leaking just yet.

After lunch, we go and continue playing and having fun, and by dinner time, we are all so wet that we are very near to leaking. I do a mass diaper change once again, only this time into our thinnest diapers, and only one of them, since we will be getting back out of them shortly anyway. We made and ate dinner, cleaned it up, and then I ushered the boys out to the truck and headed out.

When we got to our place, we went and gathered the towels we would be needing, and then I toured the new house to make sure everything is done, it is, and the basement is included in the tile work, even though the rest of it is not truly finished, just the floor and all the exterior walls are done. I had done this so that I did not have to get the guys back at a later date to do these floors as well, and the drywall has to be installed over the foam concrete casing to protect it anyway.

Finally we headed out to the pool, and since it is dark outside already, I dimmed the house lights right down, turned on the pool lights, and then we all stripped until we are naked little baby boys. Since the shower is now installed, I did deem it prudent to clean up, and so led the boys in cleaning, though I cleaned Hayden, and he cleaned me, the other baby boyfriends took care of each other as well. We are all very hard from this, it looks nice, but we all hopped into the pool before anyone could explode.

We swam and played in the pool, sat and relaxed in the hot tub, and repeated for well over an hour by the time we were all swam out. We showered and dried, boyfriends helping each other once more, and then I took care of getting all the baby boys double diapered, and Hayden took care of me. Finally we got dressed, hung up our towels to dry, and then headed back out to my parents for the rest of the night.

When we got there, we played in the games room for a little bit before bed, and then we all headed to bed. Hayden and I just had a nice tender kiss and tug session, we each came twice, licking off all the mess both times. We had a repeat performance as soon as we woke up, and then met the others for breakfast.

We had a really good day together, but, before we knew it, I had to take three baby boys home. After dropping them off, Jonah, Landon, and I went shopping again to replenish some stocks, and then headed back for the night.

The whole week went by both quickly and painfully slow, all at the same time, not entirely sure how that is even possible, and then we were back to the weekend. The boys and I had another really good weekend together. We went swimming Saturday night again. When I checked out the progress on the house, I was happy to see that all the cabinets are now in, it looks like all the painting is done, all the interior doors are installed, and they appear to be about half way done the trim. They still need to do all the lighting, and put in all the proper electrical outlets and switches, with their proper plates, as well the appliances still need to be installed, but, if I had to guess, I would say that they have two to three more days of work left before they will be done.

I was called Wednesday late morning to say that they were done the house, and I was ecstatic, and I told him to send the demolition crew on Monday to take out the old house and fill in its hole, and he said he would. I called Hayden's school next and left him a message, telling him to have the three of them ready to be picked up after school.

I would have the boys help me to move the stuff from the old house to the new house tonight, not that there is a lot, so they can easily help with that.

I called the few companies who I had bought numerous other things off of recently, and told them to go ahead and start delivering it. Because I have electronic deadbolts, I gave them the temp codes for the garage door so that they could deliver everything without my having to be there if I am not for some reason. I am not paying for set up, I am capable of doing that myself, they are to just bring it and store it in the garage, and we will move it all from there.

I called Eve next and told her that I was going to keep Hayden for the next couple nights as well, and why, and she was okay with that. She asked that when I drop Hayden off on Sunday evening, that I come in as well for a visit.

By the time it was time to go pick up Jonah from school, I was nearly vibrating, I was so excited to go and see my new house complete. Sure, I know what it looks like, but still, I am excited to finally see it done. As soon as Jonah and Landon hopped in, I told them the good news, and they too are excited.

We headed to the grocery store to grab a few things for tonight, and then went and picked the big baby boys up at their school. They all hopped in, they had been waiting for us, and I explained what is happening once more, and they too are excited, especially when I told them that they are staying the night now until Sunday.

I know that Vance and Doran do not have to tell their mom, she made it perfectly clear to the boys that she cares none at all where they stay, as long as she does not have to see their disgusting faces, but I did tell Hayden that I have already called his mom. I explained what we need to do today, and the boys are all good with this.

I still only have the two beds, and the one is still just a temporary one, so Doran and Landon will just have to sleep on the floor, but we have lots of blankets to make it comfortable for them, so I am sure they will be fine. The furniture delivery is scheduled for tomorrow, so, with any luck, tomorrow night the boys will get to sleep on real beds.

I made one final stop, and the boys all excitedly hopped out and came into the medical supply store with me, and we picked out some more diapers. We had already picked up Jonah's Pampers at the grocery store, yet he is still getting more here too. As soon as we have everything that we so desperately want, we head out and to our brand new home.

As soon as we get there, I open the garage door and pull in, I am backing in, so that the back of the truck is right next to the door to the house, so that this makes it so much easier for offloading materials. I made sure that the garage is more than large enough to easily hold two full size trucks like the one I have now, as well as still have plenty of storage space and some work space as well. We took everything in, and mostly it is just set on the kitchen counters for now.

“So, who needs a super soggy baby bum change?”

“Me.” We all said, me included.

“Good. And who here deserves a super thick, triple baby diapering?”

“Me.” We all said, far more exuberantly this time.

“Excellent, so boyfriends strip each other down to just their soggy baby diapers, and then I'll get everyone changed.”

Within only a few seconds, we are all in just our diapers. I had Jonah lay down first, and he commented that the floors feel wonderful, since they are heated and all. I proceeded in changing him good and proper, a Pampers baby diaper, one of his slightly larger and extra thick diapers, and then one of the bigger boys' extra thick diapers over that.

Vance was next, then Doran, then Landon, then Hayden, and finally I too got my triple extra thick baby diaper on. Because we will have to go between houses, and it is currently a little rainy and miserable outside, we deem it prudent to get dressed again. I have to admit, the boys look fucking hot wearing their clothes over a triple thick diaper, it is impossible to miss what they are wearing.

Next is the hard chore of getting everything from the old house to the new house, and even though I do not have a lot, and I have plenty of dolly's and other wheeled carts, as well I even have boxes that we can put stuff into, it is still not a small job. We stopped and had dinner when the time was right, and this time I got to cook in my new kitchen, because that was the very first stuff in, so that we could do this when it was time. After dinner, and until bedtime, we went through the old house and brought everything we could to the new house, and we put it away whenever and wherever possible.

There is still some stuff in the old house that needs to be brought over, but that will be for tomorrow I think. We are all getting very tired, and so, we want bed. Landon and Doran are in one of the bedrooms with a large nest of blankets to suffice as a bed, Jonah and Vance are just in the living room on the portable bed, I did not want it in the way of the furniture delivery if we do not end up getting everything done before they arrive. Hayden and I are, of course, in our bedroom. I already have my bedroom furniture, and it does not need to be changed, so it is all good. For this reason, all diapers were stored in our closet, since the delivery people will not even have to come into our bedroom at all.

We all crashed into bed, and I doubt that one of us was awake for more than a minute after doing so. I know Hayden and I just stripped each other down to our good and wet triple diapers, and then just fell into bed and were sound asleep. We did all have an excellent sleep, we all slept in at least a good full hour, and met in the kitchen within ten minutes of each other. Hayden and I had been first, then Landon and Doran, and finally Vance and Jonah were last.

“So, did everyone have a good sleep last night?”

“Yeah, and even slept in too.” Doran said.

“That's good, we all did, and we all needed it. We only just got here ourselves.”

“Good. That doesn't give us much time to get ready for school though.”

“No, it doesn't, but that's okay, you're not going today anyway. I told your schools that you boys are taking today off anyway. You can go tomorrow still, so that you're not missing too much time, and I'll go to work tomorrow as well, but today we still have so much to do. I'm not paying for setup of the new furniture, they're just offloading into the garage, and then we take it from there. We have furniture today, as well as probably the housewares shop should be delivering all my new kitchen stuff and all the linens, and maybe electronics today as well, they weren't sure they'd be able to swing it for today or not, and if they do, it'll be late this afternoon.”

“Cool. To tell you quite honestly, I'm still a little too tired to go this morning anyway, and could really stand to visit the pool and hot tub.”

“Same, but we still have a bit of work to do before that, and our baby diapers aren't full enough yet to take them off.”

“True, I suppose. When's the furniture being delivered then, do we have time?”

“Yeah, they're due around eleven or so. They had one other delivery this morning that was booked before mine, so they get theirs first of course, but then is ours.”

“Okay. By eleven, I'm likely to have sprung a leak anyway, we drank a lot yesterday as we worked.”

“Same.” All the rest of us said as one.

We ate breakfast as soon as it was done, and it was a good filling breakfast, with a lot of calories, because we all need it. We cleaned up, got dressed, and then took care of the last few things that needed to be pulled from the old house. I shut off the water to the house, drained all the lines and the hot water tank, and as soon as it was empty, I pulled it out too, since it is of course brand new. I still have no idea what I am going to do with it, but oh well. I also pulled out the wood stove, since it does not appear to be that old, and is still in excellent condition, it is going to be installed in the garage for extra heat when I am working in there. Finally we are done, and it is only nine in the morning, and we are all pretty near to leaking now, so perfect timing.

We headed to the pool house, stripped off all our super soggy baby diapers, went through the showers to clean up well, and all of us were really dirty baby's, and boyfriends had to clean each other really well. Had we have had privacy, I know that Hayden and I would have each cum at least three times, but none of us came once. We are all super hard though.

We hit the pool first and swam lazily around for a while, played some, but mostly we all wanted the hot tub, so sooner rather than later, we ended up in there, all laying back and relaxing in the perfect water. We easily stayed in the hot tub for considerably longer than we had stayed in the pool, which I know you are not supposed to do, but we all needed it too. Finally we did hop out though and jumped into the pool to cool back down, swam and played for just a few minutes more, before heading into the house to go get diapered and dressed.

Funny, but we were the first out after our diaper change, and Hayden and I jumped onto our bed in the sixty nine position and took care of each others needs at the same time, three times, fingering each other with a few fingers as well, just because. I asked the boys what took them so long, and they oh so innocently tried to say that they had just laid down to rest for a few minutes. I laughed, called them liars, but admitted that we had probably all done the same things, or at least I sure hope we did.

The furniture was delivered almost dead on eleven, and then, while we were taking it all into the house well after they left, the housewares were delivered. The garage is getting shockingly full, and I doubt that we will get anywhere near all of it done today. That is perfectly okay though. We had lunch when it was lunch time, and then just as we were making dinner, an early one, because we were all hungry again, the delivery for all the electronics arrived as well. So that is good.

After dinner, we pushed on and got a little bit more done, but I did not want to work the boys too hard, because I want them to be functional at school tomorrow, as well, I have to be absolutely functional at work. I called it fairly early, telling the boys that it would still be there when we get home tomorrow, and that we also have all weekend. We played games for the rest of the night and I called bedtime early. I wonder why not one of the boys even complained. I wonder if they all have the same ideas as I do. I sure hope so.

As soon as Hayden and I made it to our bedroom, we attached in a deep soul searching kiss, kissed for easily ten minutes, and then I asked my baby to make baby diaper love to me, and he did, and then I made baby diaper love to him next, and then Hayden, then me again. We came twice inside each other, peed once, and filled each other up so full it is a beautiful thing.

I got all the boys to school on time, and then I went to work and continued on the project I am on, called the contractor and told him that the house is spectacular, and that I have yet to find even one flaw that needs attention. He sounded pleased with this. I asked how the apartments are coming along, and he said that they are coming along great, and that almost all the concrete work is done for actual structures. Then the actual apartment complexes can start being constructed on top of them. This is great news, so they are going quite quickly and smoothly.

When the day was over, I went and picked up the younger baby boys first, hit the grocery store to grab the few supplies we need, then went and picked up the big baby boys, and headed home. As soon as we made it, we changed our baby boyfriends' soggy baby diapers, and then in just double thick, double thirsty diapers, we got to work and continued getting everything unpacked, put together and/or put away, and took care of all the garbage as we did so. Because I have such a highly efficient wood burning stove, that much of the houses heating gets it's heat from, all paper is being kept aside for that.

We had dinner when it was time, and then played games for the rest of the evening. When it was bedtime, we all headed to bed, and my baby and I had a nice satisfying and shockingly tender kiss and rub session, extracting our hands after every baby boygasm of course to lick up the mess. We managed three cums, before we were very much ready to call it a night, changed each other, and then passed out.

Saturday morning, Hayden and I had an exact repeat of the night before, including firing off three loads of cum. Once we were well satisfied, I hopped up, spun Hayden around so that I could change him, lowered the front of his diaper, and buried my face in it. Not only am I smelling the wondrous scent, but I admit, I am being a dirty little gay baby boy pissy diaper sucker at the moment.

“Are you being an unholy uncle again and sucking the peepee from my super soggy baby diaper?”

“Mmmhmm.” I muttered through the diaper.

“Mmmm, I might just haveta be a naughty nephew then and do the same for you. If you want it, though, I just might be able to offer some fresher stuff for you as well.”

“Mmmhmm.” I said.

Though I did not pull away quite yet, I am still rather enjoying myself. As soon as I have gotten probably as much as I could, I latched onto Hayden, and attempted to suck the piss right from as if I were pulling off a big straw. He screeched out the words, “Oh fuck.” And swatted me upside the head. I laughed, but he did let go his steaming morning piss, and I greedily and oh so happily drank it all down.

“Mmmm, you taste so fucking good.” I sighed deeply once I drank all that I possibly could from my baby.

“I can't wait to taste you again, and I hope you haveta go peepee too.”

“I do Baby.”

I got Hayden and diapered up, and then we traded places, and as soon as Hayden had my diaper pulled down, he too buried his face in it, and I can hear him sucking and sniffing, sniffing and sucking, and he probably drained my diaper every bit as well as I had his, in other words, we could have damn near put them back onto each other. Mmmm, maybe we can try that one day.

As soon as he sucked my diaper nearly dry, he latched on, sucked me hard, I grunted, smacked him for good measure, but only playfully, and then gave my baby boy the baby juice he so desperately needs. Hayden sighed so deeply when I was done, and he pulled off, that I just know I must have tasted extra good this morning. He taped me up into my nice thick baby diaper, and then crawled back up and pressed his lips to mine, and kissed me tenderly. We had to have kissed for easily ten more minutes before we finally decided to get up and get started on our day.

We need breakfast, and then we still have a shocking amount of stuff in the garage that needs to come in and be put away. I figure, though, that we should be able to get the rest of it done today. The first thing I want to do, is get the new sauna out to the pool house and get that all built. It was pretty easy to build, and when I turned it on to test it, it heated up right away, so that is good. That will feel real good tonight.

We worked hard all day long and got everything done shortly before dinner time, so that is good. We made and ate an early dinner, and then, because we are all super soggy anyway, decided to go swimming.

I turned on the sauna as soon as we made it, then we showered off, and then Hayden and I sat in the sauna for a bit, while the others hit the pool. As soon as we are as hot as Hayden always is, we hopped out and dove in the pool, and as soon as we were out, Jonah and Vance hopped from the pool to go claim their spot. Sure, four can sit in the sauna comfortably, but two is far more comfortable if you catch my meaning. As soon as Vance and Jonah are out, Landon and Doran head in. We all swam and relaxed, played and had fun, and for nearly two hours we stayed in the pool house. It was very nice.

As soon as we are ready to get out, we cleaned off, dried off, and then headed inside to go get diapered up for the night. We are all in double extra thick diapers when we exit our bedrooms, which is awesome. We decided to have a drink and a snack, and then play games for the night. We finally got all the gaming equipment all hooked up, so now we have lots more to choose from.

That night and the following morning, Hayden and I only kissed and stroked again, we find that we last longer, and are more satisfied after, I think because it is so much more soft and tender, far more loving, when we do so, that it just feels that much more satisfying. Trust me, neither of us wishes to give up making love to each other, but we do find that we do not need it near as often as I used to, but then, I have never been in a love like Hayden and I are in.

When it was time to drop off the boys to home, I dropped off Vance and Doran first, since I remember that my sister had wanted me to stop in for a bit. We then headed off to their house and all headed inside. I found it strange when we walked in that there were a number of boxes in the entry way. My sister and brother in law came out when they heard us come in.

“Hi, you're not moving are you?” I asked.

“No, come sit. Would any of you like coffee, tea, water?” Eve asked.

“No thanks.” We all said.

As soon as we were sitting, my sister started.

“So, you asked if we're moving, and the answer was no, but one of us is. Hayden, as much as we certainly didn't wanna give you up so soon, we know that you truly wanna go live with your baby. You weren't gonna ask, but we can see how miserable you are when you're not together, whereas when you know he's coming to get you, you're so happy. We think it's time for you to move out, so, we packed up all your things.”

“You mean it?” He whispered.

“Yes, as long as you promise that we'll still get to see you from time to time.”

“Of course.” he said louder this time.


“I guess the beasts will finally be happy, and now they even get their own rooms, which I know they've wanted since forever, and wanted me out, so that they could get what they want.”

“Jokes on them if they think that they're getting separate bedrooms. Nope, I need a new office, I'm taking on a new job, and it mostly involves working at home. They don't know this yet, and I can't wait to break that news to them.” Matt grinned brightly.

“Good, does this mean you're gonna finally get a raise and everything?”

“New company altogether, but yeah, considerably higher than what I was making.”

“That's great Dad, I'm happy for you.” Hayden said.

“Thanks Baby. With the higher pay, and not having to drive so bloody far to get to work every day, we might actually be able to afford things.”

“And with not having to pay for one kid will likely help a bit as well.” Hayden pointed out.

“True, but we're just gonna put that extra money into an education fund for you, so that we're at least trying to help you in university, you're so fucking smart, you need to go there and do so much good, and we needta do what we can to ensure that you're able to. We've not got lots, but we've already got some saved up for you.”

“Thanks Dad, that means a lot to me. No one else thinks I'm worth it, but you guys always have.” He said, a tear leaking down.

I know how he feels, because I felt the same growing up.

“You are so worth it, and never let those little bastards at school let you believe otherwise. They're only insanely jealous of you and wish that they had even half the brains you have. No matter what you decide to do, we know you're gonna be the best there is at it.”

“Even if I just wanted to be a porn star?” Hayden grinned brightly.

“Well, I certainly think that'd be wasting your talents.” Matt said, trying to keep a straight face, Eve damn near swallowed her tongue.

“Mmm, I don't know about that.” I said.

“There are certain things a mother does not need to hear, that was so far across the line that it can't even be seen any more.” She laughed.

“Good.” Hayden and I said at the same time.

“Anyway.” Matt continued. “When it's time for you to go to school, we'll help you all that we can. Right now, though, like your mom said, here is not where you need to be.”

“Thanks, I truly do appreciate it, I wasn't gonna ask, at least not for a couple years anyway. I know it probably isn't easy, but, in a way, this'll help out so much too, and I get to live with my baby, which I can't tell you how happy that makes me. Uncle Nathan is the only one that I know truly understands me. I know you guys do too, but not nearly so much as he can, because we're so much alike.”

“You're welcome.” Eve said. “Yes, we do understand you, but you're right, we could never understand like Nathan can, because you two are so similar, you really always have been, and honestly, I started seeing it all the way back when you were two to three years old. You already had a baby crush on your uncle even then, no one could calm you like he could, and for months after he left, you pined for him something fierce, until you finally forgot him.”

“He did?” I said in shock.

“Yeah, hence the reason we never told you. We knew the reasons for you leaving, we understood why you hadta go, Hayden was fine, and it was better that he grew up without you anyway, so that he could figure out who he is on his own. Had you've been here, he would've figured it out far sooner, but he may not've understood it as well otherwise.”

“Oh, that actually makes sense I suppose. Which is why you and mom and dad worked to bring me home when you did, because he finally figured it all out, and needed me again.”


“Thanks. And now, once more, you're giving Hayden what he needs most, and that's to live with me. I know you guys never truly had lots to give the kids, but I hope they know and understand the love you've always gave them.”

“I sure did. Do.” Hayden said.

“I don't think the girls do, at least yet. They're still pretty young and blind and stubborn.” Eve said.

“Yeah, I remember being all that at one time, yeah, 'til I was twenty.”

“Same.” Matt and Eve said at the same time.

“Well, I assume you boys probably wanna get home, so let's get you all packed up and on your way.” Matt said.


With all of us helping, we had the boxes loaded in just one trip. Hayden hugged his parents really hard, whispered something to each of them, though I did not hear what, and then, with tears in his eyes, he went and hopped in the truck. I mouthed thank you to my sister, and followed Hayden. Jonah and Landon followed as well, and then we were gone.

“So, how do you feel Baby?” I asked after a few minutes of driving.

“I know I should feel bad for leaving them, but I'm so happy right now. I suppose that's kinda how you felt when you left, huh?”

“Yeah. But I was also nervous as fuck, and scared shitless. Granted, I was moving across the country, going to school, and I'd already swore to myself that I wasn't gonna hide who and what I was. The first time I told someone that I was gay and wore diapers, I almost puked.”

“Well, I don't feel most of that, so that's good I suppose.” He laughed.


We stopped at the store and grabbed a few things while we are in town, and then headed home. As soon as we made it, we offloaded all of Hayden's things, took them inside, and then got it all opened up and put away. Shortly after that, my mom and dad called, and I asked them how their trip was, and they said it was amazing. They thanked me for taking care of their house, but, like I said, I should be thanking them more for the perfect timing of loaning me a bigger house when I needed it.

They asked to come see the new place some time this week, and I said let's make it for Saturday, and we would do a nice family dinner and have everyone over. They said that sounds like a brilliant idea, and so, as soon as I hung up with them, I called the rest of the family and invited them over for dinner Saturday night. Same as my parents, I told everyone to bring their swim suits. Sadly, this also means that we will have to buy some, because we still have not yet.

I must say, over the next week, getting to have my baby cuddled up to me every night as we sleep is once more heaven. I missed it a lot, Hayden claims to have missed it more, I doubt that. Every morning I would drive the boys to school, and then pick them up in the afternoons. Friday, Vance, and Doran were waiting with Hayden as usual, and I happily took them home with us.

We had an amazing weekend, and everyone came on Saturday afternoon, and stayed until quite late. We enjoyed a great family dinner, and lots of swimming. Finally, when everyone went home, us baby boys were able to fully relax. Of course we were still diapered most of the night, except while in the pool of course, but we had had to wear clothes, and none of us care for that all that much. We understand that it is necessary, but that does not mean that we have to like it. Everyone loved the new house, every last one of them saying that they would love to live here too. Thankfully I do not have that many bedrooms, not to mention, they are not gay baby boy diaper lovers anyway, and you most certainly have to be to live in my house. The boys all agree.

Sunday, after dinner, we took Doran and Vance home, and when we pulled up, it was to find a police car, an ambulance, and a coroners vehicle all there. There were several neighbors all around, looking on to see what was happening.

“Well, guess she finally died. Good.” Doran said as soon as we saw the coroners service car there.

“Yeah, with a coroners vehicle there, there's a pretty good chance you're right. Should we just keep going, we don't haveta be there?”

“Yeah. There's nothing there for us now anyway.” Vance said.

And so I kept on driving. As soon as we got home, I called the lawyer I have been talking to about the boys, and told him that it appears as if their mom may have died tonight, and he said he would look into it all and have the guardianship applied, since he has all those papers already anyway.

The boys and I sat down and talked about everything once that was done, and when I asked them how they are doing, the boys said that they are more relieved than anything. I can understand that, sad as that may be. I asked Doran how he is doing with his withdrawals, and he says that he is doing surprisingly well, and has had only one episode all week, and it was a weak one, so that is excellent.

Two days later, my lawyer called and said that everything is taken care of, and he has been authorized to release all assets to the boys, as well they can go and remove any of their personal belongings now. It seems that their mom had not been so poor as they had always been led to believe, because there was a shocking amount of money, as well the house, all under the boys' names as equal partners, none of it had been under their moms name at all, left to them by their father, but, honestly, we sort of all knew that. We just never suspected that there was so much money.

So, now I have five gay baby boy diaper lovers living with me. Yikes, and here I never even wanted kids, and now I could not even fathom being without them.

A little more than a month later, all the research that my lawyer had been doing into Landon finally paid off, and he too was awarded half his mothers estate. Apparently she was even more well off than Vance and Doran were, because he ended up with damn near as much money as Vance and Doran got total.

All three boys tried to insult me when they got their money and tried to give me some, but, I flat out refused it. I do not want or need their money, I have more than enough. I just got paid for the latest plans I had done, and that will get us through the next year or two anyway, not to mention what the apartments will bring us soon.

Winter slipped away, and as soon as it was gone, I hired a landscape company to come in and do the entire yard up like we all wanted, we had bounced ideas back and forth a lot the month prior to calling them, and then the guys came in and did it all for us perfectly, and it looks amazing now.

Almost as soon as that was finished, the boys and I worked on our basement. I had made it full and unfinished, so that at some point in the future, if I decided to, I could put in the awesome games room and theatre that I wanted, well, the boys talked me into it, but I made them help. We really hardly had to do any real work, one wall had to be built, some platforms for the seating in the theatre had to be built, but, otherwise, most everything else was already done. We did put up some great panels in the theatre to make it look like a theatre, but also possess amazing sound qualities, and are designed for theatres so that you get the best possible sound, but blocks it mostly from other rooms. Retardedly expensive though.

Almost six months after starting, the construction crew working on my apartment complex are done the first phase, which was the entire underground parking garage, all the storage rooms, each unit gets a small one, the boiler room for the entire complex is in there as well, and then there is the pool house, which is built on top, and then the first tower. Tower two is about to be started, so, now I can make an offer that I hope a few people cannot refuse.

The entire top floor of tower one are the biggest and best of the apartments, and I had put extra into them for these particular people, and so, we had another large family dinner and swim night at my place, and I asked my siblings if they wanted to move into my new apartment complex. When asked how much, I gave them the shocked look and asked them if they really thought for a second that I would charge them anything.

They were all speechless, and my parents laughed and said that they suspected that I was going to do something of the nature. I also offered my one brother, who is especially handy, to be the entire buildings handyman. I told him that at first it would likely just be a little here and there, and that he could probably still work, but that once all three towers are done, and there are hundreds of people, that it would likely keep him very busy. I told him what all would be required, and he agreed, and said that he would end up making a shit load more money doing that, I know, which was why I offered it to him. He loves his kids, they deserve more, so I am giving them more.

Just after summer break ended, and the boys are all back to school, my dads buddy Martin called and asked me if I would take on another pair of boys, they are brothers, twins to be exact, twelve years old, and their mother freaked on them severely, so much so that the boys are still in the hospital and their mom is already in jail. Why did she freak, she caught the boys fucking through soggy diapers, hence the reason he is calling me. I put it to a vote in the family, and I adopted two more baby boys.

Six months later, they had separate baby boyfriends, who now live with us, but the four boys share a room, and sometimes some fun.

When Christmas had come, I was especially happy and thankful, it had been an amazing year, and promises to just keep getting better. I have an amazing baby boyfriend, and we have so many amazing baby sons, even though Hayden is just barely older than them, but that is okay, they call him daddy sometimes too to tease him.

By the time the third and final tower of my apartment complex was completed, I was making so much money it was almost sick, and my parents are in on that with me, and my siblings are all very happy, because now with paying no rent, they too are making way more money, especially my brother, who works for me, and he is kept good and busy, and is very happy because of it.

The mayor of the city asked me if I would be willing to do another complex like the one that I had just completed, said she wanted to be a silent partner, and since it is so desperately needed still, though the one complex has helped a lot, that we will all make a killing on it. The construction company was all for it, as were my parents, all of whom said they would happily go in on another project. The mayor informed me of another prime piece of land, was a bit more expensive because of where it is, but is right in the heart of downtown, but is larger than the last project was.

I designed and had built a four tower complex, but the cool thing I did was make the main elevator shaft go straight up the centre in a large glass and steel box, there are four elevators in this, each of them also mostly glass and on the corners. Then from there on every level are essentially glass tubes, to get to each of the different towers. From the top down, it almost looks like the hub and spokes of a wheel. There are larger service elevators in the centre of each tower, for carrying furniture and stuff, but the main ones are super cool and amazing. This is not a cheap apartment though, and units are about fifty percent more expensive than the other one, but apparently we can accommodate that easily, and we did, because it was pre rented long before it was completed, especially once everyone truly saw how amazing it was going to be.

So, yeah, to say life is going great would be a little bit of an understatement. I have more than I ever dreamed I could possibly hope to have, and then Hayden and my other sons over and above, how can one gay baby boy diaper lover get so lucky. Of course we have our bad days, everyone does, but we have and have had far more amazing days, and the bad days just cannot compete.

Sadly, here is where I must end our tale, but, ten years have passed since I moved back home, and all is well. I have bought and sold more land and buildings, I have designed dozens more buildings, bridges, and even a dam, and am making more money than I ever dreamed possible just from that. I guess I am pretty good, people keep coming from all over the world to see me and only me. Four years ago, when the owner of my company died, I had a hell of a shock, he left the entire place to me. His kids were not even shocked, said that they would have done the same. So, yeah, I now own and operate one of the worlds elite architecture firms, but I still do most of the actual design work, I leave the pain in the ass stuff to other people that I pay a lot to do that sort of shit.

Anyway, thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed.

****So, you made it this far, huh. Sadly this was only a dream I had. No naughty nephew for me, though I so dream I could have such a naughty nephew, but then, I bet that many of us do. As always, thanks for reading, and if you have any comments, I would love to hear from you, email me at erich5748 at For a list of all my other stories, in the Nifty header, find authors, then scroll through the prolific authors section, find my name there, and enjoy, I think I have something like 60 stories now, can't even remember any more. Have a good day.****