Rabbit Hole

CHAPTER FOURTEEN: Afternoon Delight

By Quentin Collins (hauptwerk88@gmail.com)

© BJB Conglomerated Media


This story is fictitious and takes place in a fantastic realm where inconvenient physical, biological, medical, legal, and moral strictures don't exist. It is intended only for the entertainment of those who are legally permitted to access and read it.

This is my first attempt at storytelling, so please be gentle in your criticism, lest you make me cry.

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Ranger, carrying Bob, and Smokey, carrying Chan and me, singled out someone in the middle of the nudist men's group's soccer game. I strained to look between the horses to see the young man. Indeed, it was Quino, the Latin teen we met at Roger's tuxedo shop Friday night, and who came in his pants three times from kissing Channing.

Ranger and Smokey stepped back and stood still in a purposeful stance. We understood they wanted us off their backs. Chan, Bob, and I stood by the horses as Quino tried to decide whether he wanted to embrace my filthy, sticky son. We all three still had erections, which were noticed by Quino and the other soccer players.

Chan and I were happy to display our nine-inch erections to anyone who wished to admire them. Bob was so disoriented by was happening that he didn't seem to notice his own erection, let alone ours.

Ranger nudged Bob on the small of his back to encourage him to approach the angelic caramel eighteen-year-old beauty. Bob stood about eight inches taller and eighty pounds heavier than Quino. The unlikely pair looked awkwardly at each other.

I noticed that Quino's cock was lengthening and broadening as he took in the striking countenance of Bob. Bob noticed too and smiled shyly.

I couldn't help but admire Quino's body in the afternoon sunlight. He was dripping with sweat from playing soccer in Virginia's July heat. His small round pectorals heaved as he caught his breath. He did not have sharply defined abs, but his flat stomach was pretty as it moved in and out to make room for his lungs to expand as he gulped air.

I didn't notice Friday night what lovely strong thighs Quino has. He has lovely glutes as well. They appear to be more developed than would be caused by running or soccer. Perhaps he also plays rugby? Perhaps we'll get a chance to discuss that some time. His thighs helped display his large, thick cock – relative to his overall stature – to good advantage.

I realized I was staring at eighteen-year-old Quino longer than might be deemed polite, so I moved in to make introductions. "Bob Demmel, I'd like to introduce you to Joaquin ..." I trailed off, realizing I had never learned Quino's last name.

"Fuentes," Quino contributed. His nervous smile was as cute as I remembered. He bit his plump pink lower lip. I became aware of the sensation of Cowper's fluid drizzling down my cock. Was it Quino's beauty? The anticipation of seeing true love blossom? Did it matter?

I started over. "Bob Demmel, I'd like to introduce you to Joaquin Fuentes, whom we had the pleasure of meeting a couple days ago in Pennsylvania."

I continued, "Joaquin Fuentes, I'm extremely pleased for you to meet my handsome and dearly beloved friend Bob Demmel. Bob works in the stables here with his father, Robert."

I smiled as Bob shot a glance at me when I called him "dearly beloved." I nodded and mouthed, "I love you" to him. Perhaps I'm catching Chan's disease? I am falling in love very quickly with everyone I'm meeting at Primrose Farm Bed and Breakfast. But I had no hesitation or regret in telling Bob that I love him.

Chan looked from Bob to me. His look told me that he too had fallen for Bob. His smile made me swoon. My sweet baby!

Quino stood transfixed staring at Bob as if he were having a beatific vision, which is exactly how one should look at the mountainous blond beauty that is Bob Demmel. Bob is as sweet as he is handsome.

Quino's penis now stood mostly upright, a little over seven inches long and about five round. Except for the darker coloring, it looked almost exactly like Bob's penis. It made me wonder. Was the similarity a coincidence or a cosmically engineered gift?

Bob reached out his right hand to shake Quino's while placing his left hand on Quino's shoulder. Quino put his comparatively delicate right hand into Bob's and continued staring at him.

After a moment of uncomfortable silence, Quino said, "Oh ... my ... god," and ejaculated onto the boulders that are Bob's pecs, his forearms, and liberally coated Bob's erect penis with his voluminous ejaculation.

Chan turned to me giggling, and then stage-whispered, "It seems to be Quino's way of saying `hello.'"

Bob stood perfectly still and stared into Quino's wide (panic-stricken?) brown eyes. Bob smiled, then grunted, and returned the greeting by ejaculating onto Quino's smiling face, chest, and genitals. Bob produced an equally impressive amount of semen, perhaps even more than young Quino.

Quino did not flinch or recoil as Bob generously anointed his cheeks, chin, torso, and genitals with his sacred jism. He stood as tall and proud as his five-foot, seven-inch frame would allow. He knew he had received a special gift from a special man.

He closed his eyes briefly as he lapped some of Bob's ejaculate from his chin. I could have sworn I saw him sparkle just from tasting Bob's cum. Their connection must be extremely powerful.

Both men stood panting. Bob finally said, "I'm very pleased to meet you, Mr. Fuentes, in case there was any doubt."

We all smiled and relaxed as we watched cum trickle down each of their bodies in the afternoon heat. They were even more beautiful now, wearing the products of their nascent mutual affection.

Chan threw himself onto his hands and knees directly in front of Bob. He looked up at Quino and said, "Step up, Quino, baby." Quino laughed but took advantage of the human stepstool.

The young Latin man now stood about six inches taller than Bob and leaned down to kiss him. When their lips met, I saw them both sparkle. Nobody else seemed to notice. I could sense that they were joined together in true love and bliss. I felt a warm breeze, My heart swelled in delight, mostly for my dearly beloved Bob, but also for young Quino. How lucky he will be to be loved by Bob!

Chan turned back to me, careful not to topple Quino. "Dad! Fuck me. Fuck me now. Let's join them."

A perfect idea! I saw the faces of a few of the soccer players look questioningly at us when Chan said that. They didn't need to know the details.

I knelt down behind my son and rubbed my burbling precum fountain on his winking anus as I retracted my foreskin completely. I held my firm erection and sank its full nine inches into his ass in one smooth movement, as his ass pulled me in more than I pushed. Chan hummed in appreciation but remained a perfectly stable platform for our sparkling friend Quino.

I don't know that I will ever get used to how good it feels to have my penis inside my son's ass. It's like his insides know every square millimeter of my penis and respond to it to give each spot the ultimate pleasure. But I also feel the love circulating between us. It's one thing to have the indescribable physical pleasure of fucking my son. It's another glorious thing altogether for us to be making love with each other.

Our anal copulation sent us into the mystical garden on another warm breeze, and we welcomed Bob and Quino, whose shared kiss was strong enough to gain them entrance. Their love is blessed indeed.

Bob had experienced this place briefly with Chan and me just minutes before, but Quino was perplexed. My son and I reassured both of them that they were where they belonged. We didn't want to impose upon their union, but we coached them subtlely how to absorb and make some sense of what was happening. We also "introduced" them to our spirit friend, whose joy at having Quino and Bob together infused all of us with joy.

Channing and I were still in touch with our bodies as I was fucking him with long slow strokes, being gentle enough not to topple Quino from standing on Chan's back. We were already in our spiritual orgasm and were in no particular hurry for our physical orgasm. We were unconcerned that we were making a spectacle of ourselves.

We sensed flashes of Bob and Quino sharing themselves completely with each other. We knew from Bob's weeping confession in the meadow that he was lonely, but we had no idea how desperate he has been for a loving connection to another man. Chan and I both were saddened to learn of Bob's overdose ten years ago during an attempted suicide after a boyfriend left him.

Bob released twenty years of yearning and replaced it with the most intimate connection he could have to another soul. He "told" Quino that every tear he had shed was more than worth it to finally meet his soulmate. We were all certain of the veracity of that. We sensed our spirit guides somehow enveloping Bob and Quino, blessing their first step. We weren't sure what it was a first step toward.

Quino was not as miserably lonely as Bob was. Although, at eighteen, he had never been in a committed relationship, he was always hopeful and optimistic that he would meet the man of his dreams. All his hopes were being fulfilled in the thrall of Bob's kiss.

Bob asked Quino to fuck him, which confused the young man. He had assumed that Bob would be the top and he would be the bottom. Bob allowed that was part of his loneliness: everyone assumed from his powerful masculine appearance that he had to be an exclusive top. While topping is fine, Bob relishes giving his ass to another man. He feels most powerful when his magnificent physique is offered for another man's pleasure. It's very much how I feel when my son fucks me, except for the magnificent physique part.

Chan and I were amused as Quino told Bob he had never topped before, but will gladly top Bob ten times for every time Bob tops him. Bob happily agreed to those terms and wanted to know when they could start. These two are adorable together.

I felt through Chan's body that Quino was no longer standing on his back. The Latin angel was wrapped around his lover agreeing to top Bob now while covering him with kisses.

Chan communicated to Quino to lie underneath him for a moment so Chan could slick up Quino's penis. Quino and Bob temporarily left their mystical union as they separated. Quino lay down, thinking that Chan would suck him off to slick him up, but Chan had other ideas.

While Chan instructed Quino where he wanted him, Bob lay down next to us and pulled up his legs. What a gorgeous sight! Before we knew what happened, Ranger came over and licked Bob's anus and blew raspberries on it. I was pretty sure that Chan and I had both left enough cum inside Bob to make Ranger's ministrations unnecessary, but he really wanted to help. Ranger had arranged this meeting, after all. I sensed our equine friend's sense of pride in contributing to finding someone for his friend Bob to love.

I told Chan I would help him with Quino. Somehow my son and I coordinated so that, together, we expelled eight large cumshots on Quino's genitals, so he was literally dripping with our combined cum that came out of Chan's penis. The excruciating pleasure of our combined ejaculation was even greater than our previous shared ejaculations.

Chan told Quino to go make himself happy by pleasing his man. Ranger had moved off Bob's ass and was using his lips to play with Bob's profoundly erect nipples. Bob enthusiastically awaited the entrance of his true love into his ass and his soul.

As Quino positioned himself at Bob's ass, our cum running down his thighs and dripping from his penis and scrotum, Chan told the ten or twelve guys standing around that they were about to witness true and lasting love.

Suddenly Bob and Quino were back with us in the cosmic garden. They were ecstatic to be making love in two realms at once and invited us into their joy. We were happy to accept.

Quino's penis felt like it had found its home in Bob's ass and Bob was experiencing pleasure beyond anything he could have hoped for. Bob and Quino experienced our sensations as I continued to make love to my son after we had already ejaculated.

I felt tears of joy run down my face as Chan and I reveled in Quino and Bob's love. We gave ourselves to each other with an unrestrained passion.

Quino, realizing how much Bob loved being fucked, made Chan and me promise to keep Bob's ass happy if ever he weren't around to do it himself. Or maybe even if he were. Quino, sensing Bob'smost secret desire, asked Bob if he would like two cocks making love to his ass at once.

Bob suddenly had a shuddering orgasm and ejaculated all over himself and Ranger, who was nuzzling his neck. Quino rejoiced in his lover's pleasure and promised to do what he could to find an additional man to occupy his ass alongside him.

Chan communicated to them how much he enjoyed having Cody and Victor inside him simultaneously last night, and told them that the two husbands would likely be willing to perform the same service for Victor's favorite cousin. Chan decided that the six of us will spend the night together and love each other. That's Chan: always taking charge and getting things done.

We decided to leave the new couple to their own pleasure, which seemed to be multiplying by the second. As we left them, Quino was entering his orgasm and proclaiming his love.

Chan and I departed the garden and finished our orgasm on the soccer field. We looked over to watch our shimmering, sparkling friends experiencing a protracted orgasm, both of their faces silently yelling out their delight. I was struck that such deep and profound love seemed to exist all around me, and I was mostly oblivious to it until just yesterday.

We moved from our doggy style position to lying on our left sides, my penis still fully encased in Chan's precious ass, and we watched from mere inches away as Bob and Quino continued their ecstasy. We were lying in our cum, probably adding mud stains to everything else that was coating our bodies.

Ranger and Smokey came over and gently kissed our faces and then wandered off together, appearing to have a pleasant conversation between themselves after a satisfying day of work.

Quino continued to move in and out of his lover's ass, supporting his weight with his hands on the tectonic plates of Bob's chest. Quino's skinny fingers apparently had enough power in them to bring Bob another level of pleasure as the teen pinched and twisted his lover's engorged tits.

Bob sent out a new stream of cum about every fifteen seconds. They didn't diminish in strength or volume even after five minutes of orgasmic bliss. His semen was as inexhaustible as his love. Their orgasm did not so much end, as they apparently decided to end it ... for now.

The lovers both shook and panted as they returned to earth. They were both weeping, but these were tears of joy. Quino struggled to remain inside his love while stretching to kiss him. Bob curled up so his mouth could join his young boyfriend while his abdominals and Adonis Belt pumped to incredible proportions, redirecting runnels of cum around his cut abdomen. The unlikely pair looked perfectly made for each other.

After they kissed, the circle of friends on the soccer pitch erupted in applause and cheers. Everyone here except Quino knew Bob from previous visits to Primrose Farm, and their deep affection for the stunning stablehand made them all happy that he found his man, even if it wasn't one of them. It seems that no human – or horse – could want anything but happiness for Bob.

Quino and Bob stood up, and everyone hugged and kissed them both, offering sincere best wishes and receiving generous smears of cum all over themselves, which made them all part of the couple's love. We – Ranger and Smokey included –knew that we had witnessed something rare and precious, and were happy to be a part of it.

Chan jokingly asked the guys if they could finish their soccer match without Quino. They agreed to carry on, and Chan and I walked toward the horses. Bob and Quino were holding hands as Ranger came over to them. The top of Quino's head was just about at Bob's shoulder. They were spent, but radiant.

Bob kissed Ranger and then hoisted himself onto Ranger's back. He bent down and hoisted Quino with no apparent effort, so his new love was nestled in front of him. I knew firsthand what an exquisite throne Quino had. I was happy for him, and, perhaps a tiny bit jealous.

The look on Quino's face told us that there was nowhere he would rather be. Bob wrapped Quino in his arms, sniffing and kissing Quino's hair. I doubted there was any force strong enough to pry them apart. I found myself weeping yet again. Man up, Drew!

Chan mounted Smokey and then aided me to take my place behind him. There was nowhere I'd rather be either. I wrapped my arms around my Bunny as Bob had done with Quino and buried my face in his sweaty curls. He smelled like horse, cum, grass, dirt, and, best of all, Channing. It was perfect.

The horses started trotting back to the stables without any prompting or instruction from us. In about ten minutes we passed the corral and entered the stable.

We all dismounted and Uncle Robert came to greet us as we were loving our horses.

"If I recall correctly, three of you left, but four have returned. And you look like you've been dragged through the mud, and, well, other things," Robert said lightheartedly, eyeing our crusted bodies.

Bob smiled and ushered Quino to Uncle Robert.

"Dad, this is Joaquin Fuentes. We just met on the soccer pitch. I love him."

Quino walked up to the physically imposing sixty-year-old stable manager. Quino's slim, diminutive stature and darker complexion in sharp contrast to the tall, muscular blonde and grey man.

Quino reached up to embrace Robert, kissed him on the cheek, and said, "Thank you, sir. Thank you."

Robert patted Quino on the back and asked, "Why are you thanking me, Mr. Fuentes? I didn't do anything."

Quino pulled back and replied, "Oh, but you did. You brought your magnificent, kind, loving, beautiful, strong, gentle, kind, loving, generous, kind and loving son into the world. And, from what I can see, you had the good sense to pass on your handsome good looks too. So, thank you."

Robert laughed at Quino's effusion and said, "I think it's my wife's good looks that make my son so handsome. I will be sure to tell her when we get home tonight. As for the other qualities, I'll take full credit, but don't tell my wife I said that.

Quino embraced Uncle Robert again, resting his cheek against the older man's chest. Robert returned the affection and gently rubbed Quino's back as their naked bodies pressed together.

Chan nudged my ribs. "I think it's going to happen again." Then he motioned to Quino.

Quino stood for a moment enjoying the embrace of his new father-in-law, then looked up to meet Uncle Robert's gaze. The young Latin beauty suddenly began to convulse and sprayed Uncle Robert's chest, stomach, and crotch with his teen spunk.

Bob, Chan and I laughed at poor Quino's predicament. Chan piped up, "Don't worry, Uncle Robert, Quino does that to all his friends. It means he likes you."

Robert held Quino by the shoulders. "Thank you, Quino, I suppose. Forgive me if I don't return the favor."

Quino looked up at Uncle Robert and shrugged. "I'm sorry, Papi, but your hug feels almost as good as Beto's. I couldn't help it. He's a wonderful man. I'm sorry he's been in so much pain these last several years. I promise to be the best man for him that I know how to be. He deserves at least that. I want to lift every burden from him. I love him. Truly and forever. I love him," Quino repeated.

"He is absolutely a wonderful man," Uncle Robert replied. He held the young man tightly and kissed the top of his head while smearing Quino's cum between them. Robert started to let himself believe that perhaps Quino was the man that Bob – or is it Beto now – had been meant to be with, and his eyes moistened.

Robert looked at his son and asked, "How did this come about?"

Chan, Bob and I all said in unison, "Ranger."

Ranger stepped forward, proud of his accomplishment and rested his head on Bob's shoulder. Bob patted and kissed the gentle horse. Chan and I hugged and kissed him too. Ranger was very pleased with himself, as well he should have been. Smokey came to join our celebration, resting his head on Chan and my shoulders. He received another round of kisses.

Quino returned to Bob's side as we recounted the story. The two of them held each other and kissed from time to time. They sparkled . Robert nodded and smiled at what he was witnessing, but did not seem at all surprised. Bob even told his dad how they seemed to enter another dimension when Quino made love to him, and how Chan and I joined them there.

Robert smiled widely. Channing asked Robert, "You too?"

Robert nodded and said, "Since before `Beto' was born." He walked over to his son and embraced him with Quino wedged between them, saying, "I'm so very happy for you, my sweet boy. I can't wait until we go home and tell your mother."

It was a stirring sight to see the spectacularly muscled father and son share their love. Poor Quino was almost completely enveloped in Demmel muscle. I saw a glint of his broad smile as he enjoyed the closeness of his precious Beto and Papi. Poor Quino my ass.

Chan reminded Bob that he and Quino were invited to stay with us, Cody and Victor tonight, even though Cody and Victor didn't know it yet. Then my son asked Uncle Robert, "Do you think maybe you and your wife will join with the six of us tonight? We would love you to celebrate with us."

Robert looked surprised as he continued holding his son and his son's lover. "Cody and Victor too? Since when? That is excellent news. Excellent."

I told him it happened for the first time for Chan and me last night, and then we led Cody and Victor there too. Robert said that we should let them know when we were getting ready and he and his wife Debbie would join us.

Chan said, "Well, we were there for three hours last night. We might stay longer tonight, so anytime between 10:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. should find us in the garden. At least you'll find some of us at any given time. We'll be sure to gather around when you and Aunt Deb arrive."

"Three hours?" Robert replied. "I didn't know that was even possible. They must like you very much. We'll be there for sure. Debbie and I usually go to bed around 10:00 since I have to get up early to serve these beasts," he said, reaching out to pat Ranger. "We make love most nights when we go to bed, so we'll be with you then."

Chan was happy to get that settled. We joined in a brief group hug, including five humans and the two conspiratorial equines. We stood in joyful silence and then broke apart.

Horses and riders came in off the trail. I said that we should help get Smokey and Ranger brushed and put up. Bob said that he and Quino would take care of it, and make sure they got some extra sugar beets as a special treat. They both received horse kisses for that remark.

After failing to convince Bob that Chan and I should help, we kissed the men and the horses goodbye and told them we would see them later.

Primrose Farm once again delighted and amazed us. I wondered what more would happen before the day was over?