Rabbit Hole

CHAPTER FIFTEEN: Working Things Out

By Quentin Collins (hauptwerk88@gmail.com)

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This story is fictitious and takes place in a fantastic realm where inconvenient physical, biological, medical, legal, and moral strictures don't exist. It is intended only for the entertainment of those who are legally permitted to access and read it.

This tale is my first attempt at storytelling, so please be gentle in your criticism, lest you make me cry.

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Chan and I left stable holding hands, and I asked him what he wanted to do next. It was midafternoon, and I wasn't sure whether it would yet be time for him to help Cody prep for dinner. Chan suggested we see if Cody had plans for us, so we headed to the kitchen entrance of the main house.

When Cody saw us enter the kitchen vestibule, he yelled, "Stop right there, you dirty, dirty men! You are not taking one step into my kitchen like that." He couldn't stop himself from smiling at our predicament.

We laughed and had almost forgotten how crusted we were in cum, mud, hay, grass, and horse and human saliva. We remained in the vestibule and asked Cody whether he needed us. He said that he and Bailey, the kitchen assistant, were starting some prep work, but we weren't really needed for about an hour. He reminded us that we were supposed to be relaxing and we weren't obligated to help at all.

Chan said that he wanted to learn from Cody and spend time with him.

"Oh, speaking of spending time," Chan continued, "there will be six of us spending time in your bed tonight, if that's all right. Bob and his lover Quino will be joining us."

Cody looked up, and Bailey's brown eyes bugged out. Chan gave a very brief recounting of how Victor's cousin fell in love this afternoon on the soccer pitch. Cody was thrilled to hear the news. Bailey looked disappointed. He obviously had the hots for Bob. Who could blame him? We all had the hots for Bob.

I looked at Bailey and had the hots for him. He was college age and looked like he was trying to match Bob's muscleman appearance, though Bailey was about five feet, eleven inches compared to Bob's towering six feet, three inches. Bailey wasn't as vascular as Bob, though he wasn't far behind. His chest was probably even larger than Bob's, with large brown areolas set against his medium-hued African-American skin.

Bailey had short-cropped hair and beautiful cheekbones that made him always look as if he was on the verge of a smile, even now in his obvious disappointment in finding out that Bob had met his true love. I wanted to grab him and hold him in a supportive embrace, but I was too filthy to be allowed to approach.

I turned my attention back to Chan, and I asked what he wanted to do. He said that spending time looking at the stacked and ripped Uncle Robert and Bob made him want to get in his upper body circuit training and then get cleaned up to help Cody. I thought I should get some weight training in too, so I told him I would join him there.

"But first, do you happen to know where Victor put my cellphone? I want to leave a quick message for my lawyer before I forget."

Cody called Victor on the house phone and was told that Ducky would be down with my phone shortly.

The eager and energetic artist and part-time house cleaner appeared less than a minute later. I leaned forward to avoid touching him with my crusted body and planted a kiss on his lips to thank him.

"You're very welcome," Ducky replied with an adorable smile, and kissed me in return, flicking his delicious tongue into my mouth. I may very well have swooned just a little bit. I wanted Ducky to have a chance to get to know Chan a little more, so I told the bundle of energy, "Actually, I am doing a favor for my son, Chan, so he should thank you as well."

Chan shot me a look before realizing what I was doing. He quickly got with the program. "Yes, Ducky, that's true. Dad is helping me, so I should thank you for helping him to help me. I should thank you twice as much."

Duc Pham was almost instantly standing, looking up at Chan, waiting to be thanked. He stood still but seemed like a wind-up toy ready to spring into action. I once again took note of his seemingly outsized scrotum compared to his compact Vietnamese frame.

Chan scanned Ducky and appreciated his beauty before leaning closer. "Thank you, Ducky, for helping my old man. Thank you also for being such a joy to be around. Your eagerness to help and pleasant demeanor brighten the room everywhere you go. I am going to miss you very much when we leave tomorrow."

Ducky blushed and looked to the floor. Then he brought his lips to Chan's, and the two shared a long kiss. I couldn't decide who appeared to be enjoying it more.

When they parted, Ducky spoke in a hoarse whisper, "You are very kind, Chan. And you kiss as well as your father, which is as high a compliment as I can think to give. May I ask the two of you a question?"

I looked at Chan, and we both nodded.

"Do the two of you fuck as similarly as the two of you kiss? I would very much like to find out."

Cody and Bailey looked at us in shock. They had never known Ducky to be so forward with the guests. I smiled at them as I felt my erection bloom to its full nine inches and my foreskin peeled back to reveal half my glans. I looked over at Chan, and his penis was in an identical state.

"Well, master Pham, you can see from our rapid response, that we both would be eager to sate your curiosity. When would you like to conduct this comparison?"

Ducky was bouncing up and down on the balls of his feet. "As soon as we can get to the back porch. I'll race you!"

Chan and I both laughed at his eagerness and directness. I felt my cock start to flow with precum. I felt I needed to give Ducky a chance to reconsider.

"You know, my friend, both Chan and I are in a rather filthy state. Would you rather wait until we are cleaned up?"

Before I could even finish the sentence, Ducky was on his knees with his face buried in Chan's scrotum. He was sniffing and licking my Chan's balls and taint with eager abandon. His tongue soon traveled up the length of my son's leaking penis before tasting all around Chan's dirty and crusted abdomen. The way Chan looked at me told me that I dare not do anything to dissuade Ducky from continuing to explore.

Cody and Bailey were once again dumbfounded. Bailey stared wide-eyed and slackjawed at the sight of Ducky giving Chan a tongue bath.

Ducky's stick-straight shocks of black hair were in constant motion. He had just gotten to Chan's nipples. I watched his tongue run laps around each one. Then he smiled and came back to hold Chan's left nipple in his teeth.

Chan met Ducky's gaze as the young man slowly pulled on the teat. Ducky studied Chan's face for sign's of pain and pleasure. Chan's arms rose up, and he folded his forearms over his head as he began to groan with pleasure. Soon the groan turned into a yelp as Chan met his limit. Ducky immediately opened his mouth and once again licked around the aureola before bathing Chan's sternum and moving to the other nipple.

Before doing Chan the honor of torturing his right nipple, Ducky wrapped himself around Chan like a baby koala clinging to its mother. He rubbed his face over Chan's chest muttering, "Delicious."

I watched Ducky rub his six-inch erection on Chan's nine-inch one as he bit the other tit. Just as Chan moved from pleasure to pain, Ducky squeezed his knees together, rising up on Chan's hips, and then masterfully lowered himself onto my son's throbbing penis, all the while staring into my son's captivating eyes.

Ducky had begun fucking himself on Chan before my son knew what was happening. Ducky played with Chan's filthy hair. "Or, we could just do it right here. We don't have to go to the porch. Whatever you prefer."

Chan's smile widened, and he kissed Ducky as he lowered him to the flagstone floor of the kitchen vestibule to commence long-dicking his partner.

I marveled at the beauty of watching Chan's ass as he fucked into Ducky's rectum. Ducky's arms and legs remained around Chan, but he loosened his grip since he didn't have to support his weight any longer. Their lips stayed connected.

I took a step around to gaze at Ducky's face. Rarely have I ever seen someone who looked like he was enjoying a fuck with more fun and delight than young Mr. Pham. Ducky looked as if he were on his favorite ride at the amusement park. Having been on that ride myself, I understood the joy he was experiencing.

Chan kept fucking, but pulled his face away from Ducky to ask, "Do you want my daddy to take over now so you can compare, or do you want me to finish before he fucks you?"

Ducky was writhing and undulating on the floor. "Finish off, Chan, and then we'll see if Drew can do any better. I can't imagine any better, Chan. I've never felt like this."

Ducky rolled his head to the right to look into the kitchen and spoke to Cody and Bailey. "Guys, come here and watch how Chan fucks me. He's the best. And the most beautiful."

Ducky turned back to gaze into Chan's face once again. Chan retorted, "You don't have to flatter me. I'm giving you the best that I've got."

Ducky laughed and kissed Chan. I heard a squealing groan and realized that Chan was fucking the cum out of the compact bundle of energy. Ducky shot three or four loads of cum into the bottom of their chins and then unloaded several more shots on his own torso.

Ducky's undulations never diminished. He was determined to continue until Chan reached his orgasm. He didn't have to wait long. Chan's rhythm increased until he yelled out his orgasm into Ducky's mouth and he held still while filling Ducky's bowels with his precious cum.

The two of them lay still, mouths millimeters apart, eyes filled with mutual admiration.

After a few moments Ducky started playing with Chan's matted curls. "Chan?"

"Yes, my friend?"

"I was just wondering, do you want me to give you your grade now, or should I wait until your dad fucks me, and then hand out the grades all at once to the entire class?"

Ducky smiled even more broadly and then broke into hysterical laughter. Chan soon followed. I took note that Chan remained buried in Ducky's ass, and Ducky kept a slow humping rhythm to give Chan postcoital pleasure. I couldn't wait to get my turn at that apparently talented ass.

Chan lifted himself on his arms and started doing pushups over Ducky, fucking him in a plank position. After several cycles up and down, Chan asked, Mr. Pham? I'm worried about my grade in sex education. I was wondering if there is anything I could do for extra credit, like this, for example."

Chan entered into a second orgasm. Ducky slid out from under Chan, grabbed his nine-inch cannon, and aimed it at his face while continuing to laugh. He wiggled his way down as rope after rope of cum covered his face and chest. Soon Chan was firing directly into Ducky's mouth.

Four more ropes of cum landed in Ducky's laughing maw before Chan ended his ejaculations. Then Ducky stopped laughing and swallowed Chan's penis down to the root. Ducky really loves to clean!

Chan moved so that he was straddling Ducky's head, but he did not face fuck him. They looked at each other once more with affection. After a couple minutes, Ducky spanked Chan's ass to tell him to withdraw. Chan complied, but let his semi-engorged penis rest on Ducky's cum-soaked face.

Ducky spoke around the obstruction. "Very good, Mr. Tarnow. That was a respectable first effort. I'm sure you'll get better with time and practice."

Ducky was laughing heartily once again as Chan's scrotum fell into his mouth. Ducky lay perfectly content and ever smiling with a mouth full of balls.

I'm sure nobody has as much fun during sex as Ducky.

He finally pulled Chan's balls from his mouth and told him, "Time to give your dad a chance, shortstop. It's soon going to be time for his afternoon nap. You know how cranky old people get when they miss their naps."

Chan guffawed as he rose to his feet and helped Ducky stand. Both boys still were mostly erect even though they both came, Chan twice. They hugged and kissed, smearing their cum on each other. Chan licked some of his cum off Ducky's face and then allowed Ducky to lick it from his tongue.

Finally, Chan stepped away from Ducky and told him, "I love you, Duc Pham. I hope we can remain, friends, and visit each other often. Next time you will fuck my ass. Deal? And, remember, I don't grade on a curve."

"Deal. My dick isn't curved, see." Ducky stuck out his hand so they could shake. He also shook his hips so Chan could observe his laser-straight tumescent penis. "Chan? I think I love you too."

Ducky finally turned to me. "Are we going to fall in love too, old man?"

His smiling face was irresistible. I kissed him and licked more of my son's cum from his face. There was plenty left. After we finished kissing, I held his head and stared into his eyes.

"You are absolutely beautiful, Mr. Pham. Do you know that? Absolutely beautiful. However, I regret that I'm not going to be able to fall in love with you. I am already in love with you."

Ducky blushed furiously. "Me? I'm not anything compared to you and Chan. I'm just a little runt."

"Has nobody ever told you you're beautiful before? Have you never looked in a mirror? You are everything delicious in this world all wrapped up in a tawny fun-size package. Your beautiful face lights up the room. You make everyone around you happy to be with you. I love you, Ducky. You can't stop me."

I kissed him with all the skill and passion I could gather. We toured each other's mouths with our tongues. I tasted Chan's cum in his mouth, but Ducky was delicious regardless.

During our protracted kiss, Duc wrapped himself around me as he had done with Chan. I wasn't even conscious of it until I felt the pressure of his knees on my hips as he began to lift himself up so he could impale his ass on my cock.

We looked at each other and smiled. I felt the tip of my penis touch his anus, and then the glorious sensation of his velvet glove surround my cock. He easily sank down to my pubic bone with his face displaying only pleasure. I hoped my face adequately showed him all the pleasure I was feeling too.

I held Duc Pham around his waist, and we kissed. He tried to start a fucking motion, but I held him tightly to me so he could barely move. "Mr. Pham, do you think you're just going to mount me and fuck yourself on me?"

He smiled mischievously at me. "Yup."

I retorted. "Nope. You said you wanted me to fuck you. So I'm going to do the fucking. Hang on to my neck, but spread your legs. Can you do that, young man?"

Duc's legs shot straight out to his sides with the flexibility of a gymnast. He kissed me briefly. "You mean like this, old man? Are you going to fuck a Duc now? Fuck a Duc, Drew. Fuck a Duc!"

I moved my hands to his hips so I could more easily lift his ass off me. I pulled him up so that only the top inch or two of my cock was in him. He was laughing again. I held him there and started some rapid shallow thrusts to tease his sphincter. I felt Chan's cum inside his hole. It sent electric charges to my penis.

Ducky's face told me he appreciated the tickling. "Is this good enough for you, Mr. Pham? Or, would you like more?"

Ducky stopped laughing long enough to chastise me. "You, Mr. Tarnow, are a lazy student, and your grade is going to reflect that. You said you were going to fuck me. It's up to you to determine how best to accomplish the task. I am not going to give you all the answers. Figure it out, Mr. Tarnow. If you can't determine if I'm having a good time, maybe I don't want you to fuck me after all."

He tried to look sternly at me, but we both broke into laughter again. I made another dozen shallow stabs at his anus from varying angles and then thrust into him completely without warning. His laughed transformed into a thrilled groan. I slammed into him several more times, lifting him up high enough so that almost all of my nine inches traveled in and out of him with each thrust.

"Fucky Ducky!"

I think he liked it.

I began alternating my fucking pattern as I slowly danced around the kitchen vestibule with Ducky on my cock. I think I was enjoying his ass as much as he was enjoying my penis. I hoped so anyway.

Ducky's legs were no longer straight out. He put the souls of his feet on my hips, supporting a little of his weight. But he made no attempt to control what I was doing. He began a reciprocating motion and used his ass to squeeze my cock as we danced. We both were enjoying ourselves immensely. I had thought I might not have the stamina to keep supporting him in this position, but I wasn't the least bit weary.

After a while, I stopped dancing so I could concentrate on the subtle undulations Ducky was performing on me. I got into his rhythm with my stabs into his gut. I could feel my orgasm approaching. As I examined the face of my Vietnamese lover, I sensed he was getting close too.

I brought his upper body closer to me and bent down to have a nibble on his nipple. Thirty seconds later Ducky groaned and fired three blasts of cum onto my Adam's apple and chest. Several more shots landed between us, our reciprocal undulations massaged the Duc sauce it into our skin.

I moved my mouth from Ducky's nipple to his face. His eyes were closed, but his face was overspread with a contented smile. He grunted through his orgasm. Mine was still building.

Within a minute Ducky regained his composure enough to open his eyes and tell me, "I want your cum in my guts, Drew. I want you to mix it with your son's. Can you do that for me, Drew? Can you add your cum to your son's massive load, so I can hold both of you inside me?"

He knew exactly how to trigger me. Five, six, seven shots of my semen joined Chan's in Ducky's ass. I felt Ducky massaging my cock with his ass. My lower lip was between his teeth as I panted through my orgasm.

I pulled Ducky close to me, and we stood embracing each other tightly. Well, I stood. Ducky's feet had yet to touch the ground. His legs were once again around my waist. My cock was still buried inside him.

Ducky gently massaged my persistent hardon with his talented ass. Suddenly we were both moaning again as Chan's tongue entered Ducky's ass, and slid along my penis. My connection to Chan created a warm breeze that took us to the garden.

Ducky and I stilled ourselves to allow Chan's tongue to work its magic. Ducky rested his head on my right shoulder and sighed, then mewed, then purred.

Chan and I decided we wanted to make Ducky feel loved and appreciated. We did not bring him with us at this point. Our spirit friend told us that we could give Ducky more to feel.

I rubbed Ducky's back as he relaxed into me. "My love, did I do as well as my beautiful son? Are you ready to hand out the grades now?"

Ducky chuckled into my shoulder. "It's difficult to compare. You both have your strong points. That's for sure."

I kissed Ducky's forehead. "Perhaps you need another sample from Chan to remind you? Would you like him to join me inside you?"

"Both of you? I don't think I can. Can I? I don't want to be ripped open."

I kissed him again. "I can promise you that you will feel no pain at all. I love you, Ducky. I want only good things for you, my love. Only good things."

Ducky rubbed his face on my shoulder, then moved it to my neck, so that he could coat his face in the cum that he deposited there a minute ago. "This makes no sense, Drew. But I trust both of you. Do what you will. I know you will stop if it hurts me too much."

My penis throbbed in anticipation of the coming bliss. Ducky giggled when he felt my cock pulse in his ass. We both moaned as Chan's tongue withdrew and he stood behind Ducky facing me. Our eyes met, and we shared our love, and we shared our desire to give Ducky the bliss he deserves.

We flew back into the garden at the first touch of Chan's penis next to mine. We proclaimed our love for each other and our appreciation for the opportunity to give Ducky a taste of Nirvana.

Our guide told us that Ducky would be back with his true love in a few weeks. We were delighted for him. Chan and I silently coordinated our motions.

Chan grabbed Ducky under the arms, and I grabbed him under the thighs. Ducky unfurled from me so his arms were straight out and his legs were extended past my hips. He was floating free in the air. His head fell back, so he was staring at the ceiling.

Chan pushed into Ducky's ass. What an indescribable sensation to have my son's penis massage mine inside Ducky's ass! We determined to be as generous as we knew how to our friend. I heard Ducky moan "More fucky Ducky! More fucky Ducky!"

Chan and I set up opposing rhythms in Ducky, and we immediately entered into our orgasms. Our spirit friend granted our wish to deliver our mindblowing orgasm to Ducky. We felt the muscles inside his ass contract as he began firing cum into the air. I have no idea how high he fired, but cum was landing on the top of all of our heads.

Ducky felt light as a feather. Chan and I sensed our spirit friend holding him for us. Every time Chan and I pulsed into Ducky's ass, he shot a long rope of cum into the air, accompanied by a soft squeal.

We kept shooting rope after rope over the course of four minutes. My hair was wet with cum. It was running down my shoulders and trickling down my body. Chan and I shared all our sensations so I could tell the same thing was happening for him. Our orgasms combined as we sent them into Ducky.

I managed to open my eyes to see Ducky's penis fire another rope of cum about two feet over our heads and land on his own face. Chan and I were sparkling. Ducky was not, but he was experiencing the longest and most intense orgasm he had ever known.

After one more ejaculation Chan and I felt Ducky's weight gently being returned to us. We held onto Ducky, which task was made more difficult by the amount of slippery cum that he had drenched himself with. I didn't mind the challenge one bit.

Channing and I both allowed our penises to soften mostly. Chan withdrew first but immediately went down on his knees to start lapping up any of our escaping cum from Ducky's ass. We continued to sparkle until I also withdrew from Ducky's ass. I held on to him as Chan ate his well-used anus. He wrapped his arms around me again but had little strength left to support himself. I was happy to hold him as long as necessary.

Ducky was purring again as Chan's tongue ameliorated him. He began to kiss my neck. I felt him take an inhalation. Ducky began singing sotto voce to the tune of "This Old Man,"

"Duc plus Drew
Plus Chan makes three.
Chan and Drew fuck stunningly.
When their twin dicks are in my ass,
I'm a lucky uomo.
Ducky is a happy homo."

I laughed and squeezed Ducky. "I love you, Ducky. I'm a happy homo too."

Chan stood up grinning with an obvious mouthful of our mixed cum lovingly taken from Ducky's ass. I turned to him, and we shared it in a brief kiss, congratulating each other on a job well done. We then alternately kissed Ducky, allowing him to sample our offering. He was very pleased.

I licked some of Ducky's cum from his face and fed it to him. We both hummed our appreciation. I laid Ducky on the floor of the kitchen vestibule so that both Chan and I could give him a tongue bath.

We started by sucking the cum out of his hair, off his face, neck, and shoulders. There was no cum in his armpits, but we made sure those were bathed as well.

As we moved to continue licking Ducky's chest and abdomen, I noticed Cody and Bailey standing near the doorway to the kitchen, both staring at the three of us with wide-eyed wonder. I had forgotten that they were nearby. Both men had pulsing erections, with precum drizzling down their shafts.

I smiled at them. "Did you enjoy the show? Would you like to help us? Ducky is filled with amazing flavors."

Ducky laughed. "Thank you, Drew. I like your flavors too." Then he turned toward the kitchen. "Hi, Bailey! Hi Cody! I'm getting a bath. Do you want to help? Do you guys want to fuck me? You both look like you're ready to go."

Cody looked conflicted. "You know that Victor and I love to fucky Ducky, but I will wait until my husband and I are together so the both of us can bring you joy together. Bailey can make up his own mind."

Cody turned to Bailey. "But if you do, remember that you have to shower and clean up before returning to your duties in the kitchen."

Bailey obviously wanted very badly to fucky Ducky, but he knew he had work to do for tonight's dinner. His six-inch erection must have been close to six inches in circumference too. It was completely soaked in precum.

"Ducky, I had better wait until later tonight. Is that alright? I don't want to disappoint you."

Ducky shrugged. "It's fine, guys. I just thought I'd make the offer. You both know you are welcome any time. Now, get to work and make me some grub!"

Cody and Bailey used all their willpower to turn away from the lovely Vietnamese man lying on the floor laughing. Chan and I got back to work.

There was still a lot of Ducky's cum to clean up. We licked, and sucked, and shared kisses with each other and Ducky throughout the process. Ducky's delicate fingers traveled around our bodies for a few moments as we worked. His gentle touch was all the encouragement we needed to keep going.

He dropped his arms to the floor and lay completely relaxed, open to allowing us to do whatever we wished, Ducky said, "Guys, I love you both. Is that stupid? We just met, but I feel as if I know everything I need to know about you. You guys make me happy."

Chan and I both brought our lips to his. Chan spoke first. "If it is stupid, then I'm stupid too because I love you, too, Duc Pham. And, guess what? I met you at the same time that you met me. We shared everything of ourselves while we were fucking. I held nothing back, and I know that you didn't either. We do indeed know enough to love each other.

"Our love, of course, does not preclude you from loving other people. Pretty soon you are going to meet a man that you are going to fall in love with as your life partner. Dad and I will still love you. And, because that man will be worthy of your love, we will love him too."

For the first time since I met him, Ducky wasn't smiling. He was looking at us questioningly. I kissed his cheek. "Ducky, my love, I can't explain how we know it, but Chan is correct. Your soulmate will be along in the near future. We don't know exactly when. When you two make love, you will experience passion and oneness as you have never known. Chan and I experience it too. We will be there with you spiritually to celebrate your love, and to share our love with you. You deserve every happiness, my sweet, happy, well-fucked Ducky."

Ducky's smile slowly returned. His body remained limp. Chan and I worked our way down to his genitals, alternating with each other as we bathed his cock and his large empty balls. We kissed each other with Ducky's cock between us, and he got more engorged, but not fully erect. He was spent.

We lifted his legs and joined our tongues in his ass, feeling our unity on both the physical and cosmic planes.

Ducky hummed an unknown tune through his contented smile. We did not stay longer in his ass than needed to get it squeaky clean. We bathed his thighs, enjoying the tickle torture it turned out to be for our friend.

We stopped every so often to kiss each other and Ducky so that we could all savor Ducky's exquisite flavors. I picked him up so Chan could lick his back as I slowly rocked my new love in my arms.

In another five minutes, we felt confident that we had cleaned and tasted almost every square inch of Ducky's compact body.

"So, Mr. Pham. I think Chan and I have both completed the assignment as directed. We are ready to be graded."

Ducky laughed and kissed us. "Well, gentlemen, I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed your work. But I feel I must give you both a B+. I'm not sure you have reached your full potential. Go study and practice more, then come back to me for a make-up test."

Chan took Ducky from my arms and kissed him intensely. "Thank you, teacher, for your insightful criticism. I think you are correct: Dad and I have yet to reach our full potential. I look forward to having you judge our efforts again very soon."

Chan set down Ducky, who resumed bouncing on the balls of his feet. "Thank you both for loving me. I love you two too. I don't know when I've had so much fun!

"But now, be on your way. Ducky has work to do, and you have put me behind by filling my behind."

We kissed one more time as we moved to the back porch.

I stepped outside to make my phone call, knowing I would be leaving a message since it was a Sunday afternoon. I told him where I was and described the adjoining farm. I wasn't sure whether it would be multiple parcels or not, so I asked him to get me information on all the property that touches Primrose Farm and how much it might sell for, assuming the owner was willing to sell.

I returned the phone to a bouncing Ducky and thanked him again the best way I knew how. Then Chan and I left for the fitness barn.

We had stopped in the barn briefly after our morning run to grab some water, but I hadn't really noticed the facilities. The interior was modern and replete with every kind of machine and free weight someone could want. It was a three-level facility, with aerobics-yoga-dance-martial arts studios on the third level, upper body resistance and free weights on the loft level, and lower body resistance machines and free weights on the ground level.

The ground level also held the sauna, steam room, hot tub, and cold plunge pool with chaises around as a cool-down area.

I found it interesting that there were no locker rooms. Since this was a clothing-optional facility, there was no need to secret away functions normally done in the nude. There was also no need to separate men and women: if they spent the day nude together, they could certainly shower together in the gym. There were hooks and cubbies also scattered around to store shoes or other personal items.

The only private rooms were several lavatories on each level. There were shower towers with four heads each on each level behind clear glass partitions to control the overspray. One could stop working out and have a shower close at hand. The hot tub was also behind a glass partition to control the heat and humidity. There was a shower tower behind that partition too.

As we walked up the steps to the loft level, I looked around. I saw that there were only about five men working out at the moment. Chan and I would have easy access to the machines and weights we need. I like to use free weights whenever possible because they force you to use more balancing muscles on both the rise and descent and to concentrate on good form. I find machines are great for forcing you to learn the form and for isolating muscles, but they help build only that one isolated muscle. Free weights, when done with proper form, build more muscles and help you concentrate on symmetry.

We grabbed towels to sit on and started our upper body workouts. We both began with four sets of 30 ab/oblique crunches on the incline benches. We would return to do three more of those before we left. I was reminded of the extra mass in my groin as I lay on the incline bench.

We moved to the machines and weights. It felt great to pump some iron again after missing out the last few days because of moving and the funeral. Chan and I traded machines and spotted each other when we did free weight sets. We wiped down all the equipment before we moved on to the next machine. We used extra care wiping the equipment, mindful that we were extra cruddy.

It was a pleasure to look down on my filthy son as he lay naked on the weight bench, with his new foreskin dangling off his five-inch flaccid penis. Chan was bench pressing 275 pounds, and I marveled at his chest. When it was my turn, I loaded 230 pounds on the barbell. That was the most I had ever done and was my goal since it is about 130 percent of my body weight.

I concentrated on my form and tried to take my time, especially in controlling the weight on the way down. I managed to complete three full sets of eight, something I had never done before. I contemplated trying a fourth set but decided against it. I felt my chest burning and the blood coursing through my muscles. I felt vital. We moved on to the lat machine and then went back for more abdominal work before doing bicep and triceps exercises.

We got done with our upper body routines in about forty-five minutes. We were simultaneously energized and exhausted. We both sweated enough that the dried cum all over our bodies reliquified and became aromatic.

Chan told me how much he loved working out naked. So did I. I didn't reveal that our new house would have a basement gym so we could work out naked at home. It would be nothing like this facility, of course, but it would have enough for a basic workout.

Chan looked at me and said that I was super pumped. He said it looked like I added two inches to my chest, and if I kept it up, I'd look like Bob or Bailey in no time.

"If only that were true," I said, as I felt my cock plump at the thought of being as hot as either Bob or Bailey.

As we were returned to the incline benches for our last set of abs, Chan greeted a guy on the triceps pulley machine. He was short and trim but not particularly muscular. He looked about my age. He was wearing gym shorts and sneakers, which set him apart from all the naked guys in the gym.

Chan asked if he could point out how the guy could improve his form. He agreed and looked at Chan hungrily, as we all do. Chan took over the machine and demonstrated eight reps of the pulldown while explaining the technique, not at all straining using the lesser weight the smaller guy had set.

The man got back on the machine, and Chan put his hands on the guy's shoulders and back to encourage him to maintain his form. Chan congratulated him on completing his sets with improved form and asked his name.

"I'm Devon," he answered as he scratched his scruffy chinstrap beard.

Chan introduced himself and me to Devon and then said, "You know, Devon, my penis doesn't make me a man."

I looked at Chan, wondering where the hell that came from. Devon blushed a deep crimson.

Chan continued, "I've been here only since yesterday, but I have yet to meet anyone at all who is in any way judgmental or unaccepting. I know without a doubt that a man with a vagina will be embraced here just as much as a man with a penis."

I looked at Chan sternly. "What the hell, Chan! Some things aren't any of your business." I turned to Devon. "I'm so sorry."

But Chan was undeterred. "Dad, Devon came to a men's event at a clothing-optional resort. He wants very much to be as free with his body as we are with ours. But he can't seem to get past that last hurdle. All I'm saying is, this is the best place to do it. You are among friends. Free your body. Release your worries. Enjoy being a man among men."

Devon looked like he was on the verge of tears. "I thought I could do it. I really did. But it's so hard. You have no idea. What kind of man will others think I am, really?"

Chan punched Devon in the arm and then put his arm around me.

"Look at us," Chan said, gesturing at our naked, sweaty bodies, "What kind of men are we?"

Devon stammered, "Hot men?"

Chan laughed, "Well, thank you. But my dad and I are sissies compared to you.

"You had to fight your parents to be the man you are. You had to fight your high school and your college to be a man. You had to fight your pastor to be the man you are. You had to fight your own doctors. You had to, literally fight your brother.

"You want to know what kind of man you are? You are one of the bravest fucking men I've ever met. You are clearly the bravest man at Primrose Farm. That's the kind of man you are.

"And you what brave men do? They look their fears in the eye and say, `Fuck you! I'm not going to let you run my life.' That's what brave men do.

"Devon, you are a brave man. Do what the fuck you want and let anyone who has a problem with it deal with their problem. Their problem isn't your problem. It's not your job to manage their emotions or biases.

"Am I right?"

Devon stared at Chan. "How did you know all that?"

"I could feel it when I touched you. Now, are you a brave man, Devon, or are you a sissy like my dad and me?"

"I'm a brave man," Devon said, sounding like he was trying to convince himself.

"What are you?" Chan asked, raising his voice and attracting the attention of the other guys on the loft, and drawing a few guys from the first and third floors to approach to see what was going on.

"I'm a brave man," Devon proclaimed.

"I can't hear you," Chan yelled.

"I'm a fucking brave man!" Devon yelled.

Chan yelled back, "And what do brave men have to hide?"

"Nothin!!" Devon yelled and pulled off his shorts, showing a trimmed patch of hair surrounding his vagina. He stood, proud and scared at the same time, waiting for us to judge him.

"Fuck yeah, you are," Chan yelled and smacked Devon's surprisingly muscular bare ass. Chan grabbed Devon's wrist and raised his arm as if he had just won a boxing match. He walked Devon around in a circle in front of the men on the loft.

"Gentlemen, this is Devon, the bravest man at Primrose Farm."

A couple of the guys just stared, but most started applauding and cheering. One of the guys apparently knew Devon and had tears in his eyes as he started chanting Devon's name. Soon the crowd joined in, and Devon's back and ass got slapped by everyone there.

Devon took his victory lap and then hugged and kissed Chan.

"You smell like a goddam horse," Devon said before going over to his weeping friend to hug and kiss him.

Chan asked Devon, "What do brave men do now?"

Devon looked questioningly at my son.

Chan answered for him, "They complete their circuit! Get on that weight bench, manspread your legs and do your chest presses before I call you out for being a slacker."

Devon and his friend laughed before Devon went to follow Chan's orders.

We went down to the first level to finally rinse the filth off-of us. I used one of the lavatories first and was pleased to see they contained bidets as well as toilets. I dropped my load and cleaned myself thoroughly before stepping out in public to go to the showers.

It was no surprise that Cody and Victor would supply top-of-the-line shampoos and soaps in the showers. We washed each other as we normally did at home. There was no need to hide our intimacy here, especially after having had several rounds of public sex already today.

The hot water felt both relaxing and restorative, and I suggested some time in the sauna. We didn't have a set time to be back in the kitchen, so I thought they would understand if we were ten minutes later than we originally had planned.

We both drank plenty of water and then entered the sauna. It was a traditional cedar paneled affair, except the door was clear glass. There were cedar benches in an L shape on two levels.

The sauna had three occupants: one was reclining while sleeping or deeply relaxing on one of the lower benches, two others were sitting on the upper level engaged in a quiet conversation. We entered, and all three turned and acknowledged us.

Chan noted to the reclining man that he looked comfortable and told me to sit on the upper level and he would lie and use my lap as a pillow. How is it my son is so comfortable telling people what to do? I complied without question but found that I would be dangling my feet on the legs of the reclining man below me. He generously pulled up his legs to give us room.

It was hot, but not overwhelming, so we worked up a good sweat within a couple minutes. We all had a full-body sheen and had rivulets of sweat running down us. I stroked Chan's face as he lay in my lap with his eyes closed. He is head-to-toe beautiful.

We made small talk with the other guys and told them we were in for just a few minutes. The reclining guy told us that we should stay in for ten minutes, rinse in a cool shower or the plunge pool, and then come in again until we've done three tours in the heat. He said that, ideally, we should finish by lying on the chaises in the cooldown area for at least ten minutes before leaving.

I asked the others if that's what they did. They agreed. I told them we didn't have that much time today because we had to be in the kitchen for our volunteer duty. We could only do two rotations today.

The two sitting guys left after a few minutes to cool down and then returned. Chan and I left as they were returning and shocked ourselves with cool showers. Upon our return, we saw that the two sitting gentlemen were sitting sideways on the upper bench, one between the other's legs and leaning back into his chest.

Chan told me he would hold me the same way. It felt cozy being cradled by him. He agreed.

"You know what, dad, we should do this more often. Maybe we could get a sauna in our new house," he suggested. I didn't tell him that I had a wet/dry sauna installed in the basement gym.

"We'll have to look into that," was my official response. I lifted my head from his shoulder and kissed him on the lips.

The other guys asked if we were really father and son. We assured them that we are. They were intrigued. We resumed kissing. We weren't overtly sexual, just tender and loving.

Chan started rubbing my chest as he held me and noted that it was still pumped from our exercise. He toyed with my nipples. My penis engorged to nine hard inches in about thirty seconds. I felt Chan get an erection too and lifted up a little to allow him to adjust himself.

Then Chan started teasing my cock with a couple lazy fingers, massaging my foreskin lightly encouraging my cock to start leaking precum.

Chan observed, "You know, dad, I love it that our cocks are identical. I know exactly how to play with your cock because I know what feels good on mine."

"That's true, sweet baby. But would you rather play with my cock or go to help Cody?"

"Can I do both? How long do you think it would take you to cum?"

I thought for a moment. "Well, if you work hard and concentrate, I'm sure you could make me blast in three or four minutes. Is that what you want to do?"

Chan resumed kissing me, and he went to work masturbating me in earnest. The door opened, but neither of us paid attention whether it was someone leaving or arriving. Our kissing was getting hungrier as we traded tongues and bit each other's lips.

We were both dripping with sweat from the combined heat of the sauna and heat of our sexual play. I heard myself moaning into Chan's mouth as my back started to arch.

"Are you going to give me a nice load, dad? Do you think you can do that for me? It's been an hour since I've tasted your cum. Please, daddy, I need your cum. I'm so hungry for your cum."

Chan's dirty talk and nipple play sent me over the edge. I felt my cock swell and balls position themselves for an eruption. His hand moved rapidly up and down my nine-inch penis, and then his thumb massaged the underside of my glans.

It seems that since I first fucked Chan and we moved back and forth between realities, my orgasms are lasting much longer. They used to consist of several expulsions of cum less than a second apart. Now the blasts are anywhere from a few seconds to fifteen seconds apart, with each expulsion lasting about a second and creating thick solid lines of cum. I still fire off ten or more volleys per orgasm, so now I orgasm for several minutes instead of a few seconds.

I felt a thick rope of cum hit my forehead and paint a line down my face and our joined lips, down my neck, my chest, and stop in the cleavage between my swollen pecs. The cum was moving in my balls and loading up another round as I panted into Chan's mouth.

A second rope Started in Chan's hair and lay on his face and down my torso in a solid string to my navel. I pulled my mouth away from Chan's slightly so I could breathe and moan.

My toes curled for a few seconds, and a third eruption hit me on the nose and trailed at an angle down my ribs. Chan knew how to hold my cock with just the right amount of pressure to keep me in bliss between ejaculations.

"Thank you, daddy, for feeding me. I'm so hungry for your cum, daddy," Chan moaned as he licked my sweaty, cum-drenched face.

I managed to groan out, "Catch," as I erupted again, sending a string arcing into the air. Chan leaned forward and caught about half of it directly on his tongue. Most of the rest landed on Chan's fingers which were still pinching my left nipple. We played catch a few more times, with Chan getting a larger share of each successive cum shot.

Four more ropes coated my face and chest before my cock oozed out about a quarter cup of semen onto Chan's hand and ran down my balls.

I relaxed completely into Chan as he fed himself cum off my body. I felt his hand abandon my slick cock. I heard slurping noises and opened my eyes to witness the guy who had been reclining now licking Chan's hand and suck his fingers.

There were two additional people in the sauna now. Even in my semi-consciousness, I could tell they were twins, probably about fifty years old. They were rather short and looked like they might be retired gymnasts. They looked longingly at us.

"I would be much obliged if you two would retrieve the cum on my cock and balls. There's no use letting go to waste," I invited.

One was immediately kneeling between my legs while the other stood on the lower bench and leaned over my cock. They fed greedily and moved about to ensure they didn't miss a spot.

I felt a mouth on my chest but didn't know to whom it belonged because Chan kissed me again and fed me some of my cum, I find it difficult to care about anything else when Chan is kissing me.

I don't want to brag, but my cum was delicious. It wasn't overly sweet. It was more neutral with a thick, but not snotty consistency. It did finish with nice hints of pineapple and coconut. Perhaps I like mine so much because it tastes exactly like Chan's.

Oh, my poor sweet baby! He didn't cum. I felt like a terrible, neglectful father. I broke our kiss an apologized.

"I'm so sorry, sweet baby. You didn't get to cum. Give me a chance to make it up to you."

Chan smiled a cummy smile at me, then kissed me as we sailed away together.