Rabbit Hole

CHAPTER TWO Trying on and trying out - 1

By Quentin Collins (hauptwerk88@gmail.com)

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This story is fictitious and takes place in a fantastic realm where inconvenient physical, biological, medical, legal, and moral strictures don't exist. It is intended only for the entertainment of those who are legally permitted to access and read it.

This work was originally intended to be a prologue to another story, but somehow blossomed into more than twenty chapters. It is my first attempt, so please be gentle in your criticism, lest you make me cry.

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My tailor Roger, who worked out of the local tuxedo rental place, had agreed to see us Friday, the night before the funeral. He would fit Channing's suit and agreed to make any needed alterations right away when I explained the circumstances. I would, of course, give him a substantial tip for his labor.

It turned into a bit of an adventure. This is the first part of our adventure.

We went to the shop at night since Chan was with his paddle club buddies at Ohiopyle State Park that afternoon and evening. It would be his last time with them before the big move to South Carolina, where I'm starting a new job.

He took a quick shower when he got home from whitewater kayaking, threw on a thin jersey zipper hoodie in baby blue and some black Andrew Christian net shorts. I know, I shouldn't let him order from there, but I am too indulgent with him.

The shorts would have been illegal had the hooded jacket not hung down low enough over his crotch. He slid his feet into a pair of thongs on the way out the door.

Indoors, the shorts were opaque enough that one could think they might have a lining. As soon as we stepped out into the evening's oblique sunlight, there was no doubt that there nothing underneath except beautiful teen skin.

The formalwear shop was moderately busy with people picking up their weekend rentals, attended to by two men behind the front counter. I noticed it was all guys in the shop tonight. I guess women come along to make selections but are too busy before their events to attend the pickup and final fitting.

I remember Roger being the tailor there since I was fitted for a tux for a cousin's wedding when I was six. He was about sixty now, a kind and good-natured but circumspect man. We made our way to Roger's tailoring shop beyond the curtained-off fitting cubicles in the back of the store.

The tailor greeted us both warmly and noted Chan's recent growth spurt. He directed Chan where to hang the garment bag containing his suit. Chan had carried the bag in front of him, blocking Roger's view of him.

After Chan hung up the bag Roger had an unobstructed view of my magnificent son, and he scanned the muscled 14-year-old up and down several times. I removed the suit from the garment bag.

We decided to start with the jacket. Roger noted that we couldn't fit the jacket with Chan wearing the hoodie, so my son immediately took it off and handed it to me. I tossed it on a nearby chair as Chan stretched his hairless nude torso to relish in his lack of confinement.

Chan kicked off his thongs too and was standing there just in the netting shorts that did little to cover his nakedness, just the way he liked it. Roger appreciated the view, but he gave little indication other than having a hard time looking away.

A group of five guys came into the room. They appeared to be Hispanic, and three of them were probably brothers. They looked to be in their early twenties. One, with a cherubic caramel face, might have been a teenager. They did a double take and stopped when they saw my not-quite-naked, but still fully-exposed son.

One of them remarked, "Damn! That dude is stacked. And not at all shy."

Another joined in, "Yeah. Dude, you might as well be naked."

The one who might have still been a teen said nothing but stared, and a slight smile appeared on his full lips as he blushed. I didn't blame him. He pushed a couple of his very thick, black curls off his face.

Chan replied, "You think so?"

"Yeah, man, those shorts aren't covering anything."

Chan shrugged his shoulders.

"Ok, if you say so."

He pulled off the shorts and handed them to me. I laughed aloud and threw them on the chair with his hoodie.

Chan stretched and posed again, pulling his scrotum free as if he had been wearing the most confining underwear instead of a pair of loose mesh shorts. Then he adjusted his four-inch flaccid penis, so it draped itself the way he wanted it to over his balls. He shook his quads and then extended his arms skyward before assuming a relaxed pose for us all to admire.

I might be a sometime nudist, but Chan is an exhibitionist.

The blushing teen's color deepened even more as he drank in every inch of my naked son.

One of his group said something to him in Spanish and gave him a little push on the back, encouraging him toward the naked teen as the young Latin man looked back at them for assurance.

He took three or four steps toward Chan and said softly, "I'm Joaquin. People call me Quino. I think you are incredible."

Chan stuck out his hand, assuming a formal mien, and said, "Hello, Quino, nice to meet you. My name is Channing, but you may call me Chan. You're very cute."

Quino shook hands with Chan and looked at him close up. My son had about four inches on the smaller teen. I was pretty sure the growing mound in the poor blushing man's jeans was on the verge of erupting.

Quino stammered, "Chan do you think that maybe, you know, when you're done here, if you're not busy or anything, do you think you would like to go out with me? Or, maybe Sunday morning before I go back home after the wedding?"

Chan, still holding the boy's hand, moved a little closer.

"Oh Quino, I would like that, but my dad and I are waiting for my suit to get done tonight. It has to be ready for tomorrow morning. And then we are leaving tomorrow afternoon. But I really would have loved to have gone out with you. Thank you for asking."

Chan then closed the gap between them and kissed Quino briefly on his dark pink lips. Quino leaned in and up, putting his arms around the beautiful naked teen and kissed him back. Though the Latin teen was smaller and thin, his arms were tight and showed some definition. I wondered if he might be into martial arts of some sort.

Suddenly Quino shuddered. He was indeed cumming his jeans. He looked simultaneously mortified and ecstatic. Chan held the Latin cutie in his powerful arms, not breaking the kiss for several moments. Quino finished his orgasm and tried to break the embrace, but he was no match for Chan.

"Just going to come and go? Is that the way you operate?" Channing joked.

The rest of Quino's party were off to the side trying on their tuxedos for Roger's final inspection, but they looked over frequently to monitor their friend's progress. A couple of them were impressive to behold as they stripped down to their boxer briefs and briefs. I didn't think any of them was aware of what Quino had just experienced.

Quino was trying to sink into the floor. "I'm so sorry. That's never happened to me before. But you are so handsome, and the kiss just made me see stars."

Chan held him tight. "I think it's the greatest compliment to tell me that one kiss with me was enough to give you an orgasm. Thank you, Quino."

Quino replied, "Well, actually, it wasn't just the kiss. It was when I felt your butt. Wow." He smiled nervously.

Chan laughed, "Oh, so I'm just a piece of ass to you? What would happen if we kissed without you touching my ass?"

Channing leaned in and kissed Quino again, but held the older teen's hands in his own. "Hmm. No orgasm? Let's try again, like this."

This time Chan placed Quino's hands squarely on his powerful naked ass and kissed him once more. Soon the two were massaging each other's glutes and kissing passionately. About 15 seconds later Quino started grunting and shaking through his second orgasm.

Chan held on to him, his cock plumping and extending almost to its full seven inches as he helped Quino ride through the orgasmic spasms. Quino's friends heard the grunt and knew what was happening this time. They stared in disbelief.

Chan finally let go of his new friend and said with a smile, "So I AM just a piece of ass to you!"

Quino protested, "Oh no. Everything about you makes me want to, you know, jizz, but your ass is like nothing else in the world. I wish you weren't leaving. Maybe I could call your dad and convince him not to take you away tomorrow?"

Chan laughed, uncaring that his partial erection was jutting almost horizontal before everyone. He said, "You don't have to call my dad, he's right here," pointing over to me.

Quino's brown eyes widened as he looked at me.

"What! How can you be his dad when you're the same age? And you just stood there watching your naked son make out with another guy and get a boner?"

I laughed.

"Yes, I did. It was a good show. And thank you for the compliment, but Chan here is turning 15 tomorrow, and I'll be 29."

Quino turned to Chan.

"Whoa! You're only 14! I thought you were 18 like me. I just kissed a child! Oh man."

"Hey, I'm almost 15," Channing retorted. "You're only a few years older than I am. There's nothing wrong with that. Besides, I thought you liked kissing me?"

"I do like kissing you, but, man, I don't know. And how did you get that body?"

"This one?" Chan asked, scanning his own magnificence, "I think I've had it since I was born."

Chan laughed at his own joke.

By this time the rest of Quino's group were in their tuxes, and Roger was tugging a sleeve here and adjusting pants there, looking pleased with the fit. But like everyone else in the room, he kept a furtive eye on Chan and Quino. Mostly on Chan.

One of the group called over to urge Quino to either seal the deal or move on with the fitting. The adults had other stops to make. Quino turned to them.

"That dude's only fourteen. Fourteen! Look at him. And his buddy over here is actually his dad. That's his dad!"

"Holy shit, Quino" one of them exclaimed. "You're a cradle robber." They all laughed.

Quino turned back to Channing.

"Listen, I'm sorry, but I gotta get going. I really like you, but I think you're too young for me. I don't know. I'm all confused."

He looked down at his jeans where his cum was starting to show through.

"Man I gotta go clean up. Thanks for everything, Chan. Nice meeting you."

With that, he went off to the restroom.

Channing stood there, his erection slowly deflating and Roger came over.

"Well, young man, let's get started on you while your friend makes himself presentable."

Roger proceeded to take measurements of Chan's upper body, not hesitant to touch the naked teen, but not touching him more than necessary.

We slipped the suit jacket on Chan, and Roger chalked the seams to make the jacket taper from the shoulders to the waist to match my boy's impressive taper.

"We should fit this jacket with him wearing a shirt. Did you bring one, or will you be buying one tonight? Either way, I can alter it along with everything else."

I said, "I didn't bring it. Let's get a new one now. What size should I get?"

Roger replied, "He needs an 18/32. If you're getting French cuffs, there are a couple of different holes in the cuff so that you can fold it to your desired length. That would be one less thing I'd have to alter."

"Drew," Roger continued, "why don't you go out and find a shirt you like while I finish up with this group here. Channing, you can take off the jacket for now. We'll start again once you have a shirt."

I nodded and started out to the retail area to look for a shirt. As I was rounding the corner and entering the main part of the shop, I heard Chan's voice.

"Do you think we should get a grey shirt for a monochromatic look?"

"Chan, you can't be wandering around the store naked."

"Oh, dad, it's ok. It's only guys in here, see."

"Whatever, baby."

I knew better than to try to keep him from being seen. And he was seen. His penis had returned almost to normal size but hung a bit more than five inches long over his smooth scrotum.

Of course, we had to go through most of the store to get to the shirt aisle. Guys were pointing and staring. Some looked shocked. Others looked thirsty.

The counter assistants glanced at each other and then decided to pretend not to notice.

One person we passed said, "Hey, cover that shit up."

Chan looked him in the eye and said, "It's not shit."

That was the end of that. The man backed down.

We got to the shirt aisle, and another guy asked Chan why he was nude.

"Oh, I'm here for a suit fitting, but I need a shirt," Chan said.

"Looks like you need more than a shirt," the guy said and laughed as he returned to his shopping.

We decided to stick with traditional white and proceeded back toward the fitting area. As we walked back, Chan touched my arm and said, "Look, there are Pete, Nick, and Dave from the track team."

He made his way a couple of aisles over and greeted his fit older friends. Dave and Nick will be starting their senior year while Pete will be a junior.

The high school track coach allowed a few of the freshmen, Chan included, to work out regularly with the varsity kids so he could evaluate their potential. Chan got to know Nick and Pete pretty well as they taught him some fundamentals of javelin and hammer throw through the spring season and during informal summer practices. He didn't interact with Dave as far as I knew.

They laughed seeing him naked and asked why the hell he was undressed in the store.

I walked up behind Chan as he explained about the fitting, and I draped my left arm over his left shoulder and let my hand rest on his right nipple while pulling him close to my chest.

I greeted the high school athletes with a nod. "If you know my son, you know being dressed is always his last option."

Nick told us he was there to rent a suit so he could accompany his parents to some fancy event in Maryland the following week. His mom said it would be a waste to buy a suit he would wear only once. The other two guys were tagging along.

Chan and I helped them pick out four suits. They didn't seem to mind shopping with their nude underclassman teammate. In fact, Dave apparently enjoyed the company of my naked son very much. Dave was always right next to Chan, occasionally touching his shoulder or even lightly caressing the skin on his hip and ass to get his attention as they were evaluating suits. Chan subtly encouraged Dave to touch him wherever he wanted.

We told the boys to follow us back so Nick could try on the suits in the tailor shop rather than the tuxedo shop's cubicles.

When the five of us got back to the fitting area, Quino and his party were on their way out. Channing stopped Quino and asked for a kiss for the road. Quino hesitated, but a couple of his friends urged him on, noting that he'd already kissed the boy and jizzed himself doing it. Twice.

The boys from the track team looked at each other with surprise when they heard that.

Quino relented and moved to Chan for a kiss. Chan moved in, and Quino's hands needed no encouragement to explore my hunky son's body this time around. I watched Chan's tongue snake into the Latin man's mouth.

We all formed a circle with the lovers in the middle ignoring our presence. Quino's fingers were moving hungrily all around my son's nakedness. Soon enough he shuddered and moaned. He was having his third orgasm of the night kissing my exposed son while we all watched.

After Quino came back to earth, he stepped back. "How do you do that to me?"

"I just kissed you. You did the rest."

Chan stood alone in the center of the circle, fully erect. His seven-inch penis was completely upright, occasionally touching the bottom of his six-pack. Ah, to be 14 again.

One of his brothers interrogated Quino, "How can you cum just from kissing a dude?"

Chan interrupted, "Why don't you find out for yourself?"

The guy looked at Chan with a shocked expression. "No thanks. I ain't never kissed a dude before. I stick with the ladies."

Chan persisted, "Well one kiss surely won't convert you. You wanna know what it's like? Find out what it's like."

The group urged him on, one joking, "Come on, Pablo, you're getting married tomorrow. Maybe you'll change your mind." Someone starting chanting, "Besarse! Besarse! Besarse! [Kiss each other!]"

They all joined in. Pablo finally walked over to my naked son, looking at his full erection hesitantly. He threw up his hands as a gesture of defeat and started kissing Channing tentatively. But of course, my son would have none of that. Soon tongues were moving between them, and Chan grabbed one of Pablo's hands and put it on his bare ass. Chan also massaged Pablo's ass and back, and caressed his face.

I was amazed that Pablo, who less than two minutes ago protested that he didn't want to kiss another guy, was so enthusiastically kissing my son in front of his brothers, friends, and perfect strangers. Pablo grabbed the thick blond curls on the back of Channing's head with one hand, while the other freely explored my son's nakedness. Chan seems to have that effect on people.

They were kissing for more than a minute when I noticed Pablo's breathing accelerate. In another few seconds, he grabbed both Chan's glutes and humped into him. Pablo had a powerful, protracted orgasm.

Pablo stepped back while trying to catch his breath. "Dude! What have you done to me? I've never cum like that before."

Chan shrugged and smiled. His lips were wet and swollen from their workout. His penis was standing at full attention, with a trickle of glistening pre-seminal fluid lazily making its way down his shaft and wetting his balls. It whet my appetite too, but I restrained myself.

Quino stepped over to Chan and wrapped his hand around my son's engorged penis, giving it fast, firm strokes. Neither of them seemed to mind the audience of nine around them. Knowing Chan, he relished the attention.

Chan groaned. His knees buckled as his ejaculation began. Two shots went clear above his head, the first arching and landing on the front of Dave, shocking the senior track kid. Another went over his head and landed on the floor. The next one hit Quino in the face. Quino changed his grip on my son's cock, and the fourth volley fired onto Chan's face.

Quino dropped to his knees and took my Chan's penis into his mouth so as not to waste any precious ejaculate.

As Chan's orgasm ended, Quino kept diligently cleaning his cock and cradling his scrotum. Chan turned to me, some of his cum dripping from his chin, and said, "Wow, dad, that was a really good one. Did you see it?"

"Yes, baby, we all saw it."

Chan smiled proudly, looking at each one of us to make sure we all enjoyed the show.

Quino stood up, cleaned Chan's face, and the group moved to leave. Quino walked over to me and offered good luck on our move. I kissed him, licked Chan's cum off his lovely caramel face and then kissed him again, sharing my son's cum.

Then they departed, leaving Nick, Pete, and Dave stunned at what they just witnessed. Chan stood proudly naked for all of us to behold.