Rabbit Hole


By Quentin Collins (hauptwerk88@gmail.com)

BJB Conglomerated Media


This story is fictitious and takes place in a fantastic realm where inconvenient physical, biological, medical, legal, and moral strictures don't exist. It is intended only for the entertainment of those who are legally permitted to access and read it.

This work is my first attempt at storytelling, so please be gentle in your criticism, lest you make me cry.

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We pulled onto the exit ramp for the rest stop along Interstate 77. I remembered almost at the last moment that I was driving a moving van with a car trailer in tow, meaning I would have to use the tractor-trailer parking area rather than the car parking area.

I was surprised that there were so few cars here. I guessed that most people continued on to where they could have lunch. There were several large rigs and a couple of motorhomes parked in the truck lot.

I turned off the van and opened the door to get out when I remembered that Channing and I were both naked.

"I guess I'll have to see if I can fit into my rugby shorts. They were pretty tight before. Now that I've bulked up with the help of our spirit friends, I don't know if I can wear them at all."

Chan smiled and told me to go naked.

"No, Chan, we shouldn't do that. There are people here who might be offended, even if it's no longer technically illegal," I scolded.

"That's so stupid," Chan complained.

I felt around the floor of the cab and retrieved my rugby shorts. I quickly learned I was in trouble. I could barely get them a third of the way up my thighs before they got stuck. I tugged again and saw them straining.

Chan reached over, grabbed the one leg of the shorts, and pulled the outer seam open clear to the elastic waistband. He then did the same to the other. I was able to pull them up, but the shorts had only a two-inch inseam, so I had to figure out what to do with my soft five-inch penis.

I tried coaxing it to the side, but then my foreskin would be visible at the torn outer seam. Channing suggested pulling them down the three inches required to hide my penis. I tried that as I stepped out of the truck. The waistband was barely above my pubic bone. I felt air at my backside and realized that about four inches of my crack were visible. It would have to do.

I didn't even try to put on my t-shirt. Since it was so tight before I knew there was no way I could wear it anymore. I'd have to go with just my shoes and the tatters of my shorts. I wasn't naked, but I almost might as well have been.

I asked Chan what he was going to wear. He lifted up a t-shirt. It was one of those extra-long hip-hop style shirts in a plain white, very thin jersey that was almost see-through. He had modified it to be more to his liking, that is, more revealing. The style was meant to be loose and baggy in its unmodified form.

He had cut the banding off from what had been the scooped neckline. The neck opening now went out to mid shoulder. He cut the scoop so that went down about five inches below his navel, essentially eliminating the entire front of the shirt, leaving thin straps from his shoulders to his hips.

He cut off the short sleeves and most of the side seams to make it a muscleman tank top tunic. There was only about a half-inch strap left at the shoulders. The openings in the sides went about three inches lower than even the cut in the front so that the sides were open to just a couple of inches above the hem of the extra-long shirt. He left a strip of material in the back about three inches wide from the neck to the top of his ass, then curved down to the sides so that the outer top third of his ass was showing.

Chan scooted across the bench seat and exited the truck on my side. He tugged down on the hem of his shirt so it would just cover the tip of his penis, as he dropped his flip-flops on the ground. The hem hung rather unevenly, since there was very little to hold it up.

His massive pecs pushed the thin straps of the shirt to his sides, exhibiting his pert nipples and his entire abdomen down to just above the base of his cock. His sides were open from his underarms down to the outsides of his thighs.

I decided that turnabout was fair play and told him, "I think that's a little snug over your thighs. I can help."

I tore open the sides all the way down to the hem. I surveyed my handiwork. There was now nothing at all covering him on the sides until the half-inch hem at about mid-thigh. So much for chastising him about wanting to go naked!

I observed him closely. "Perfect."

The late morning sun made the thin jersey translucent. I could clearly see the form of his large flaccid penis through the ten percent of the shirt that remained. The breeze made what was left of the loose-fitting shirt flap about, showing his ass and cock. He was wearing clothing in theory only. He's not shy.

It felt good to be walking after sitting for three hours in the truck. I felt the hot and humid July air tickling the top of my exposed ass crack. The breeze across my naked torso was enough to get my nipples erect.

There weren't many people around. Some were milling around, happy to be in the large air-conditioned cathedral-ceilinged hall. A few tables were occupied with truckers and travelers enjoying coffee and a snack, or an early lunch. We attracted several double-takes and outright stares. I'd stare at us too. We found the men's room and entered. It was a modern and very clean facility. There was nobody at the line of five flushless urinals. It looked like one of the three stalls was in use.

Channing and I took two adjacent urinals. I flipped my penis over my waistband, pulled back my foreskin, and began to relieve myself. To my left, I saw Chan hike his "shirt" up over his head and around the back of his neck so that it looked like a scarf. I heard him peeing.

"Wow, dad, I didn't know my bladder was this big," he joked as he kept urinating for a long time. I finished while Chan kept peeing. I washed my hands and walked out of the men's room as he was finishing up.

Although we had plenty of water in the van, I was tempted by the sight of a coffee stand across the hall. It was the only food service at the stop other than several vending machines. There were just two people in line

Chan walked up behind me. "You're jonesing for a coffee, aren't you, dad? I wouldn't mind an iced chai tea if you're going to get something."

I started walking toward the coffee stand when I remembered I left my wallet in the van, having nowhere to stash it in my tiny shredded shorts. I started back to the van, but Chan grabbed my arm to stop me. It was only then that I realized he hadn't bothered to pull his shirt down after using the men's room. He was completely exposed except for his flip-flops and the thin remnants of his shirt across the back of his neck. "Dad, I have your debit card. We can use that, can't we?"

Chan pulled the card from under a rainbow ribbon tied around Mr. Bunny's neck. Wait. When did Chan get Mr. Bunny? When did Mr. Bunny start wearing a ribbon? I was beginning to realize that there is nothing to be gained by questioning such things.

Chan's increasingly replete and constant connection to our spirit friends meant that things appeared out of thin air, physiques got enhanced overnight, we were suspended in mid-air while making love with Ducky, and innumerable other "impossible" things transpired every day.

I took the card from Chan and rubbed noses with Mr. Bunny. "I love my bunnies," I proclaimed without concern that anyone could see and hear me.

We got in line at the coffee stand. I knew better than to ask Chan cover up, so I patted his ass a couple times and kissed his cheek. A few more people got in line behind us. An older gentleman was immediately behind us. I thought I saw him eyeing my naked son. Chan and I exchanged glances.

As I stepped forward, Chan moved as if he were also stepping forward, but then suddenly stopped. The man behind him collided with his back with an exhaled, "Oof!"

The shorter, somewhat frail-looking man, who appeared to be in his mid or late sixties, reflexively put his hands on Chan's hips to brace himself. Chan put his hands atop the man's and rubbed his hips with them before moving them to his lower abdomen, patting and rubbing himself with the older man's hands.

Chan turned his head to look down at the surprised man. "Are you alright, sir? You seem to have collided with my rear bumper. Does it appear to be damaged?"

Chan moved the man's hands to rub his beautiful mounded ass with them as he stepped away slightly to allow him to assess my son's "rear bumper."

The man smiled and kept rubbing Chan's ass, enjoying himself immensely. "I'm sorry, young man, but there appears to be a crack in your bumper," he joked.

I laughed. Chan feigned concern. "Oh no! Does it go all the way through?"

The man rubbed Chan's ass more, then pulled his cheeks apart and looked closely. "It's worse than I thought. You seem to have a hole in it too. I'm so sorry."

He didn't look sorry at all as he stared longingly at Chan's anus. Eventually, he stood up and let go of Chan's butt.

Chan turned around to face the gentleman, who reached around and gently placed his hands back on Chan's butt in a loose embrace. Chan kissed his forehead. "Don't worry, I don't plan to report this to my insurance agent. I'll have my dad examine my hole a little later. He may have to plug it. I'm such a klutz that I have to ask my dad to plug my hole just about every day.

"Just to show there are no hard feelings, we'll buy your coffee and snack, won't we dad?"

There he is spending my money again. I chuckled. "Of course. Anything you want."

I turned to introduce myself to our new friend. His name was Alan. I saw that the people in line behind us were laughing at our antics. I was glad none of them was offended.

A giggling boy was standing with his mom behind Alan. I overheard him say, "Mom, that boy's wiener is even bigger than dad's. I thought dad had the biggest one in the world!"

His mom laughed. "Your dad's is plenty big enough to get the job done, Travis. But that certainly is a head-to-toe fine-looking young man."

"Very fine," the boy agreed.

It was our turn to order. The young woman behind the counter scanned us several times. We had to repeat our order twice for her as she blushed. She gathered her wits, poured our drinks, and got Alan's cinnamon bun with the utmost efficiency. I paid with the debit card, and we were ready to be on our way.

As we turned to leave, the boy looked at Chan close up. "I think you're very handsome. I hope I look like you when I grow up! I hope my wiener gets that big too. You got a really big one! I think you have more skin on yours than my daddy has on his."

Chan smiled and crouched down to look the boy in the eye. "Thank you very much, young man. But, I hope you don't grow up to look like me at all. I hope you grow up to look just like yourself, because I think you are very handsome too. What's your name?"

"Travis, sir."

"Well, `Travis, sir,' my name is Channing. If you eat properly, and get plenty of exercise, I know that you will be a stunning young man. How old are you, Travis?"

"I'm going to be eleven in two months."

"That's a very good age to be. I think in two or three years a lot of people are going to look at you and wish they were as handsome as you will have become. I can tell. You are sweet. Can I get a hug?"

Chan stood up, holding his iced chai tea and Mr. Bunny out to his side. I took them from him as Travis wrapped his young arms around my naked son. Travis rubbed his face on Chan's flat belly and looked up at him beaming. "I hope I marry a man who looks exactly like you when I grow up!"

Chan rubbed Travis's back and laughed. "You know, Travis, there are so many more important things than how a person looks. We all like to look at pretty things and pretty people. But it's much more important to look for a man who is kind, who has a good sense of humor, who will hold you when you're scared, who will cry along with you when you're sad. Look for a man who will remember your favorite color or favorite flower, and who will surprise you with a gift or a poem just because he loves you. Find a man like that, and he will be beautiful in your eyes forever and ever. I guarantee it."

Travis nodded without completely understanding what Chan was trying to tell him. He grabbed Chan's penis and examined it. "But, maybe a man like that will have a big wiener too? That could happen too, couldn't it, Chan?"

I could see my son willing himself not to get an erection in public. But Chan made no effort to stop the boy from examining him, nor did he do anything to make the boy feel awkward, or his touch unwelcome.

"Yes, Trav, a man like that could also have a large penis. That would make you happy, wouldn't it?

Travis brought his other hand to Chan's penis and gently played with Chan's ample foreskin. "My dad has a lot of skin like this too. He says that he shouldn't let me play with it as much as I do, but he always lets me. I really like my dad's stuff when he squirts. Do you ever play with your daddy's wiener, I mean penis? Do you like your daddy's stuff too?"

Chan pulled me to his side. "Of course I do. I love my daddy's penis and his ejaculate as much as you love yours. I think my dad has a pretty penis. What do you think?"

Chan tugged on the tatters of my rugby shorts until they were down to my knees. I had my hands full, so there was little I could do to stop him. I brought my knees together to allow them to slide down to my ankles, then I stepped out of them. Nobody seemed to mind seeing my naked son, so I reasoned that they wouldn't mind seeing me either.

Travis looked from Chan to me. He looked me in the eye, and I nodded to him. He had one hand on my penis and one on Chan's.

"Wow, mister, are you really my friend Chan's dad? I thought you were his big brother. You're really big like my friend Chan. I think his penis is a little bigger than yours. Do you like it when Chan plays with your penis? Do you play with his too? I like them both. I think you're handsome too. Are you married? I would like to marry a man like you, too. Would you remember my favorite color, and my favorite flower, and write me a poem?"

I fell in love with this boy immediately. His jet black hair was neatly tapered on the sides, and undercut on top, with a long wavy slick-back. His wide doe eyes were framed by long lashes. His round face had a few freckles dotting it. His smile was slightly disproportionately wide for his face. I was sure he would grow into it very soon.

He wasn't dressed in expensive clothes, but he obviously took a lot of care in his appearance. He smiled with moist lips as he handled both my and Chan's penises.

The odd thing was that his manipulation of my penis didn't feel especially sexual. It was more as if I were doing him a favor, and letting him get to know me through my penis. It certainly felt good, and I was aware of trying not to get an erection, but it seemed like such an innocent gesture. I did chub up a little bit. So did Chan. We were both about eight inches long and a little fatter than normal by this time.

Travis's mom looked on and rolled her eyes. Her smile to me indicated it wasn't the first time her son had engaged in such play. She remained a few steps away and let him have his fun.

I stood tall and in an open posture so that everyone could witness the beautiful moment Chan and I were sharing with Travis. Mr. Bunny was tucked under my left arm, and I held my coffee and Chan's iced chai in my hands. I smiled at Chan and then looked down at Travis's sweet face.

"I will never forget your favorite color, Travis, if you tell it to me. And, I would be happy to write you a poem, my sweet. By the way, you can call me Drew, if you'd like."

"My favorite color is purple, Drew. Light purple. Mom calls it lilac. I just call it purple."

I smiled at Travis. "You know that lilac is a flower as well as a color. Do you like lilac flowers too?"

"I don't know, Drew. I've never seen a lilac flower. But I know that, if you brought me lilacs I would love them because they would be from you."

Travis changed his grip on both our cocks and worked our foreskins back to reveal dew drops on both our purple glandes. Perhaps that's why purple is his favorite color? He brought our tips together, causing me to inhale sharply. It also brought us to the garden.

Our Chinese friend stood smiling as Travis held our penises together. We became aware that Travis was with us in the garden. The delight on the boy's face was luminescent. He didn't seem to be overwhelmed by the experience as adults are. He just accepted what was happening.

Our friend welcomed Travis and asked if he liked his garden. Travis affirmed enthusiastically. The boy was then invited to come back any time he liked when he was with his dad.

Chan and I assured Travis that his dad would absolutely love the place, and that it was a very good place to be.

Travis looked at our friend. "You are very handsome, sir, but you look different from my good friends Chan and Drew. Are you related to them? Your penis is even larger than theirs and much bigger than my daddy's."

We all enjoyed the boy's openness and lack of pretense. Our friend invited him to come closer. Even though we were in the spiritual realm, we watched as Travis held the twelve-inch erect penis in both his hands.

"Do you like my penis, Travis?"

"Yes. Very much. It's the biggest and best one I've ever seen. Can I keep holding it and playing with it?"

"Of course you may touch my penis, or anything else you like. Do you wish your dad to have a penis like mine?"

"Oh, yes. That would be fantastic! I think my dad would like it too. You can make it happen, can't you? You are a very kind friend. Maybe I will marry a man like you? What is your name?"

"You can call me Bunny. You are doing a great job playing with my penis, Travis. You are making me feel very good. Do you see all the precum I am making? It's because of what you're doing."

Travis giggled as he rubbed both thumbs over Bunny's slit, and then licked it.

"I really like your clear stuff, Bunny. You have a silly name. Are you a silly man?

We all laughed as the Chinese eternal teenager drooled precum down his massive cock.

"I'm a very silly man, Travis. Very silly."

Travis giggled. "I like silly men. Chan and Drew are silly too, but they are very nice. I think you are very nice too. Can I call you Silly Bunny? And, can I really come back here any time I want? I think it's very pretty here. Do you like lilacs?"

Bunny caressed Travis's face. "You can call me Silly Bunny if you wish. It is a special privilege I reserve just for you. And you can indeed come back here any time when you share special time with your dad. You and he will come together, and you can be silly here all you want."

Bunny turned, and Travis held on to his erection with one hand as they walked together down a softly-mulched path. Bunny waved to Chan and me to follow.

As we walked, I detected a sweet fragrance in the air and guessed where we were headed. We rounded a curve, and I beheld a long oval clearing lined with tall lilac bushes in full bloom. There must have been two hundred fourteen-foot-tall bushes forming the oval. Some of their tiny petals were floating in the air. The center of the oval held a cluster of even taller white lilacs.

The beauty was dizzying. Bunny patted Travis's head. "I understand you've never seen lilacs. Behold, lilacs!"

Travis let go of Bunny and ran from bush to bush sniffing the cones of clustered tiny flowers, and spinning in the shower of lilac petals. He came running full speed back to Bunny and jumped into his waiting embrace. His clothes had suddenly vanished. Travis didn't even seem to notice.

"Oh, Silly Bunny! You made this all for me, didn't you? I know you did! I love you, Silly Bunny. Thank you for my lilacs."

Travis kissed Bunny all over his face laughing between smooches. The two of them spun around, exulting in each other's joy and nakedness.

"I love you too, my sweet Travis. Now go enjoy your lilacs."

Bunny tossed Travis into the air as if he were setting free a dove. Travis floated away and made great looping circles over our heads as he squealed in delight.

"Chan and Drew, come be silly with me! Let's sit on top of the lilacs that Bunny made for me. I want to share them with you. Look how pretty they are! You have to share them. Look how much Bunny loves us!"

My chest swelled with more joy than it could hold. I felt myself floating free. I could go anywhere I liked. Chan zoomed past me and circled Travis round and round, spiraling closer to him until they held each other and kissed while rotating in a blur.

When they came to a stop, I noticed that Travis's skinny body was hairless, but I saw that his penis was unusually large for a soon-to-be eleven-year-old. It hung about four inches long and was rather hefty. I surmised that it did not look like that when Travis woke up this morning.

We continued to float among the lilacs, "sitting" gently on top of them to look around at the beautiful park. Chan and I snapped off a few young branches and wove a fragrant crown for our young friend.

"Come on, Bunny, come and join us! Come on, Silly Bunny, let's all kiss!"

The four of us joined into a floating group embrace and traded kisses as passionate as I had ever experienced. We looped around the lilac park, causing more and more flowers to swirl in our wake.

After some amount of time I didn't even try to calculate, we came to rest on a thick bed of minuscule lilac flowers. I looked around to see the bushes replenishing their blooms.

We four rolled around on our fragrant bed kissing whoever was at hand. I rolled atop Bunny and stared into his beautiful brown eyes, which shone with eternity and infinity celebrating each other. There was no urgency or want only unguarded and unhurried love.

For the briefest eternal flash, Bunny opened himself to me. His love, beauty, power, intellect, and kindness were incomprehensible, but they were mine for the taking.

I yearned for Chan to have a similar view of Bunny's soul. Bunny yearned for it too, so it happened. Only I could sense that Chan understood what was incomprehensible to me. He could hold onto what I could only let wash over me.

Travis too had an ineffably profound experience in Bunny's eyes. He sat astride his Silly Bunny, stroking his foot-long erection and repeating, "I love my Silly Bunny. I love my good friend Drew. I love my Channing so much, I don't know what to do!"

We reveled in the boy's happiness to be in the Garden of the Western Wind. An instant or a year passed as Travis stroked Bunny to a powerful orgasm that had our friend covered and dripping in cum from several dozen large spurts of sparkling semen. Bunny allowed his orgasm to persist as long as Travis wanted it to do so.

Bunny was happy to have Travis to continue to play with him as long as he wanted after the orgasm waned, apparently not having the issue of becoming too sensitive after ejaculation, as we mortals usually do. Travis eventually bent down to kiss and lick his favorite toy a few times before floating above Bunny and then lying on him, coating himself in the iridescent cum. Travis slowly spun his small body around as if he were on a rotisserie. He became completely covered in Bunny's cum.

I laughed when I noticed that not a single hair on the boy's head was out of place. That was evidently very important to him. His lilac crown remained perfectly placed too.

"I hope I get to marry a man like you, Silly Bunny. But I want to marry a man like Drew, too; and a man like Chan. Does such a man exist?"

Bunny stroked Travis's back as they explored each other's eyes. "Of course that man exists. I am holding him right now."

Travis kissed Bunny on the lips in a giggling osculation, and licked cum from his nose. "You really are a Silly Bunny. I can't very well marry myself, can I?"

Bunny chuckled. "No, you can't marry yourself. But maybe your problem won't be finding a man like Chan and Drew and me; but instead, your problem will be to decide which of the men like Chan and Drew and me you want to marry. You might just have to marry four or five of them."

Travis brought his lips briefly to rest gently on Bunny's. "Five husbands? Can I really do that?"

Bunny sat up holding Travis facing him in his lap. The cum continued to run off both their bodies. "Of course you can do that, my baby bunny. You have enough love in your heart to make five men happy; and, it just might take five men to give you all the love you deserve."

Travis smiled. "I think we will need a very big bed and a ginormous bathtub." Travis remained silent momentarily.

"Silly Bunny?"

"Yes, baby bunny?"

"Thank you."

"You are very welcome, my love. Remember to thank your father for sharing his love with you too. Your dad will be very happy with his extra large penis, as will you. You will grow up to have one just as large since you seem to like them so much. You will meet many kind men as you grow up. You won't marry a man that looks like me, or like Chan, or like Drew. But the men you marry will all be as sweet and thoughtful as you, Travis, my love."

Travis hugged Bunny. "I can't wait for my dad to meet you tonight. He is going to love you as much as I do. Will you love him as much as me?"

"I already do, baby bunny. I love all my bunnies."

Suddenly we were back in the rest stop. Chan and I were completely erect: him with his ten-inch monster, and me with my nine throbbing inches, but we hadn't cum.

We looked down at a naked Travis, dripping with iridescent cum. He was holding a diary-like book with linen pages in his right hand. The front and back covers, as well as the clasp, were made of solid gold with intricate scrollwork. There was a large oval enamel in the center ringed with perfect brilliant-cut diamonds. They surrounded an image of Bunny standing naked with is bow. Four smaller enamel medallions held images of busts of Travis, Chan, me, and a man I presumed to be Travis's father. Each was surrounded by emeralds, rubies, grandidierite, or alexandrite.

In Travis's left hand was a Qianlong porcelain vase filled with branches of perfect lilac blooms.

"These are for you, mom. I love you." He offered his mother the flowers. "And in here is a poem I wrote for daddy. Bunny helped me. I'm going to give it to him when we get home. I hope he likes it."

Travis's mom stood gobsmacked for a full minute, looking from her son, to me, to Chan, to the vase, and finally the gold bejeweled book. She remained speechless.

"Mommy," Travis called out, "Take our picture, please. I want to show daddy our new friends. He is going to see them soon enough back in Bunny's garden, but I want to show him a picture before we go there."

Travis's mom's spell was broken. "What?"

"Take our picture, mom. Please."

She set her priceless vase and the priceless book on a table next to our drinks and pulled out her phone. Chan and I stood side by side, still erect and leaking. Our foreskins were almost completely drawn back. Travis stood slightly in front of us and cupped our balls with his hands as he smiled proudly. Mr. Bunny sat on his shoulder nuzzling his ear.

I never thought I would be standing hard and naked in the middle of a public place while a ten-year-old's mother takes a picture of her naked, cum-soaked son fondling two men's scrotums. I would have never dreamed that I would be perfectly at ease doing so either.

I picked up the boy so his mom could also get close-ups of Chan and me kissing Travis. Mr. Bunny managed to work his way into those photos too.

Travis rubbed noses with Mr. Bunny and declared his love for his Silly Bunny. I set down the boy, who returned to his mother.

Travis's mom wiped her eyes, then kissed Chan and me on the cheek. We kissed her back. "Your son is blessed. Guide him well, and both of you will be amply rewarded," Chan advised.

I knew that Chan was telling her their future with the certainty of our spirit friend's wisdom. She thought he was just being nice. They walked up to the coffee counter, still in a daze. Travis's mom placed her order clutching the vase worth millions of dollars while Travis turned and blew Chan a kiss while holding his personalized book also worth millions of dollars. Chan caught the kiss and blew one in return. The naked boy stood giggling and waving to us.

We walked away from the coffee stand and kissed an agog Alan as we started back to the van. I had forgotten all about him. I doubt he will soon forget what happened today.

He went back to his car to continue his journey. I gave Chan his iced chai tea, and we walked out of the rest stop hand-in-hand.

"I love you, Bunny,"

"We love you, too, dad. More than you will ever know."