Rabbit Hole


By Quentin Collins (hauptwerk88@gmail.com)

BJB Conglomerated Media


This story is fictitious and takes place in a fantastic realm where inconvenient physical, biological, medical, legal, and moral strictures don't exist. It is intended only for the entertainment of those who are legally permitted to access and read it.

This work is my first attempt at storytelling, so please be gentle in your criticism, lest you make me cry.

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I gave Chan his iced chai tea, and we walked hand-in-hand to the exit.

"I love you, Bunny,"

"We love you, too, dad. More than you will ever know."

Our erections mostly subsided as we walked toward the tractor-trailer parking lot, where our moving truck with its attached car trailer was parked. I tried to wrap my head around the concept of walking in public naked so freely without recrimination. I still find myself trying to censor my and Chan's actions.

It was a societal change that nobody talked about. Even though my family was naked at home much of the time, we would have never thought of straying from the seclusion of our fenced-in backyard without any clothes on when I was growing up.

But in the last year, it seems that many communities and states have changed their "decency" laws to remove prohibitions against public nudity unless there was overt unwelcomed sexual conduct. There didn't seem to be any discussion about it or opposition to it. Councils and legislatures passed these bills as though they were technical corrections, or as if they were removing anachronous regulations about parking mule carts on downtown streets.

In reality, there wasn't much public nudity in our conservative corner of Pennsylvania as far as I could tell. My son Chan was always comfortable being naked no matter the surroundings, but most other people carried on as they always had.

I had my suspicions about what might have induced millions of people to change their thinking on such matters, but I was scared to consider seriously the enormous power someone would have to have in order to accomplish such a thing.

I was jolted from my thoughts by someone yelling to us from behind. It was a police officer. I started to panic even though I knew that I was doing nothing illegal.

"Excuse me, gentlemen," the officer huffed as he trotted up to us. He was about fifty years old and twenty pounds overweight. We turned toward him, still holding hands.

"I think one of you may have dropped these," he said, proffering my torn rugby shorts. "I didn't think you would miss them, but I didn't want to have to chase you down the highway in order to find out."

I looked the officer in the eye and noticed that he maintained pleasant eye contact with me. He seemed completely uninterested in our nakedness. I reached out to take my discarded shorts as I looked at his badge.

"Thank you, Officer Bradley. I'm sorry that I forgot all about them. You shouldn't have troubled yourself."

I looked at Officer Bradley's face. I found to him be handsome despite his slight doughiness. He was a very darkly-complected African-American with bushy eyebrows and nice cheekbones. He had a friendly and approachable countenance. His smile was broad, revealing beautiful, perfectly-straight white teeth. For some reason, I imagined what those teeth might feel like nibbling my ear. My erection returned.

He glanced at my crotch. I felt a blush rising through me. He smiled again and said, "It was no trouble, sir. I also wanted to commend you both on how you handled that young man. Not many men would have been so patient with the child, let alone being willing to disrobe for him and allow him to explore your bodies as he did.

"Did I hear correctly that you are father and son? You look very close in age. May I ask how old you are?"

Here we go again! "I am Chan's father. He was born on my fourteenth birthday. We just turned fifteen and twenty-nine. I'm holding up pretty well. Channing? Not so much."

Channing did not find my joke amusing, but Officer Bradley and I shared a good laugh.

"Well, sir, you were an early riser, weren't you? And you, son, you are exceptionally well-developed for a fifteen-year-old. And I don't just mean your monster penis. Your physique is damn near perfect, son. I hope you're not taking supplements. You obviously inherit your body from your dad, because he is damn near perfect too; but, you, son, are on another level. Damn."

Channing stood proudly displaying his naked body for the law enforcement officer. He turned around and flexed to demonstrate the advanced development of his muscles, not because he wanted praise, but because he knew it would be pleasing to Officer Bradley.

Chan finished with a double bicep pose. "My dad would kick me out if he found out I was taking steroids or other stuff. This is natural. But I know that I'm just really lucky to have this body. That's one reason why I'm happy to get naked and show it off to anyone who might enjoy seeing it. It's really not mine to keep to myself."

Officer Bradley repeatedly nodded in assent as he continued surveying my son's body as one would a sports car. I scanned his crotch, but there was no sign that he was getting turned on. He continued, "Well, that was really kind and generous of you to treat the boy like that. I could tell he and his mother appreciated it too. Sometimes boys need to explore to find out what they like and who they are. I think you really helped him along in figuring out who he is."

Officer Bradley turned back to me. "I guess it wasn't too much of an imposition for you, sir, because your erection tells me that you enjoyed his exploration. Good for you!"

We both laughed me through my blush. "Travis was very skilled with his hands," I admitted, "But, may I be honest with you, Officer Bradley?"

"Of course, sir."

"Please call me Drew. The reason I have an erection right now is that I find you to be an attractive man, and I was imagining what your handsome face would feel like nuzzled against my cheek, nibbling my ear." Did I really just admit to that?

Chan looked at me and smiled with an open mouth. "Dad, you know what, you're right: Officer Bradley really is a handsome man. Look, I'm getting an erection too."

Chan's penis went from flaccid to ten throbbing inches within a few seconds. I know he did it on purpose to support me.

Officer Bradley took a step back. "Are you serious right now?"

"Absolutely," I replied.

"You're telling me that you both think I'm handsome, and those two enormous erections congratulations on those, by the way are all for me? Is that what you're saying?"

"Correct on all counts, Officer Bradley."

The laughing police officer slapped his thigh. "Well, I'll be damned. You guys just made my day. You just made my damn week. Wait until I get home tonight and tell my Leona and Clarissa. My girlfriends have been living with this boner-inducing face and not showing it the proper appreciation, right? I'm going to remind them that I got options, you know what I'm saying?"

Officer Bradley bellowed with laughter. When he finished his laughing jag, he stood with his arms outstretched. "Come on, guys, bring it in. That deserves a hug. Let's go, let's go. Don't stand there like walking dildos. I've got places to go."

Chan and I both laughed as we walked into his embrace. He rubbed our backs and then clasped onto our asses. He had large and powerful hands. "You guys are the best. I wish there were more like you in the world."

He let go us, but then stepped behind me and hugged me around my chest. I shuddered as his hot breath wafted over my ear. I felt the thunder of his soft basso profundo voice. "Is this what you wanted, Drew?"

Officer Bradley nibbled my left ear and stuck his tongue into it. I sighed. I ejaculated. Eight ropes of cum flew into the air as the handsome black man nibbled on me and brought his strong fingers to my nipples. The pain was exquisite, and I kept firing cum on all three of us.

"Yeah, Drew, let that fire hose show me how much you like this titty torture. Soak us all in that cum."

His right hand left my nipple and wrapped around my cock, and aimed it at my son. I could barely catch my breath as another ten ropes fired toward Chan. He dropped to his knees and took the tip of my cock in his mouth, relishing his favorite snack as Officer Bradley rubbed my cock. My head fell back onto the kind policeman's shoulder.

We remained as we were for several moments before the police officer released me, patting my hips, and stood back. Chan sank all the way down on my penis and cleaned me off.

"You guys are too much. You've got a good son, there, Drew. Take good care of him because he takes good care of you. I can tell he loves you. He's not doing that out of obligation."

I turned to the cop. "Chan is the best son I could have ever wished for. We've been a team since he was born. We both will do anything for the other.

"Neither one of us can decide whether we're happier penetrating the other's mouth or anus or being penetrated instead. We just keep taking turns. We'll figure it out eventually, but I think it is going to take a lot of practice."

The police officer rubbed the back of Chan's head and patted me on the back. "Wow. I can't imagine taking either one of those cocks up my ass, especially at fifteen years old. I've tried it with several friends and my brother, of course but, none of them was even close to your size, thank goodness. Gotta say it's not really my thing."

I smiled wanly through my haze. "Well, you never know until you try. You are sweet, Officer Bradley. I hope Clarissa and Leona have a renewed appreciation for you, and vice versa."

As my eyes regained their ability to focus, I saw that I had more work to do. "Let me clean your face, Officer Bradley. I got you pretty good."

"Not just yet, Drew. I want to get a picture first to send to my girls. I want to show them how much of a stud I am."

He had the friendliest, most genuine laugh.

Shit! I just fell in love with Officer Bradley. I couldn't help it.

Chan finished his housekeeping and stood up as Officer Bradley pulled out his mobile. All three of us had my cum on our faces. Chan also had several globs in his hair. It glistened in the bright sunlight. Five photos later and we were done.

Officer Bradley mumbled as he typed a message to go along with the photos. "I made this guy cum just by nibbling his ear. Can't wait to see what happens when I do the same with you two tonight.

"Oh. I should send this to my captain too!"

I looked at him. "Is that really wise?"

"Oh, he'll get a kick out of it." He was typing again. "I am getting more engaged with the community as you suggested, Captain Drabick. It's messy work, but rewarding. Ha!!"

He laughed as he put away his phone. "Thanks, guys for being so nice. Take care of each other."

As he walked away, I called out, "What about the cum on your face?"

He turned and laughed. "I'll have my partner take care of it. He loves cum almost as much as your son."

Officer Bradley walked away briskly, eager to share my cum with his patrol partner. I grabbed Chan's hand, and we continued walking back to our moving van.

"You didn't get to cum, Chan. Would you like me to help you?" I noted his erection subsiding as we walked.

"It's fine, dad. I'll cum soon enough." He turned and kissed my cheek.

When we got back to the van, he suggested we grab our snack before sitting again. We both chose a pear and ate in comfortable silence as we stood between our van and a large, sleek motorhome next to us. Like our van, they also had a car being towed behind.

The warm breeze had pretty much dried and crusted my cum as we ate. Channing took his shirt from around his neck and threw it in the van. I gave him my shorts to dispose of similarly. I could probably just throw them out, for all the good they will do.

We took a few more bites of our pears when were startled by the sound of the side door of the motorhome opening with a whoosh. A skinny teen jumped down. He stood agape staring at his naked neighbors.

The lad wore a pink paisley sarong which was tied with a rather wide gap over his right hip and was slung moderately low. It hung to his mid-calf. It was apparent that the thin opaque piece of cloth was the only thing he wore.

We heard a voice from inside. "Tim, where did you go?"

"Um. I'm out here, dad," the kid managed to stammer out.

Tim was very attractive. He was too handsome to be "cute," but too young to be classically handsome. His straight light brown hair was short and neatly parted. He had no visible hair other than on his head. Sparkling emerald eyes darted about Chan's and my naked bodies and locked onto my son's crotch.

Tim's moderately thin, smooth lips formed a smile. His chest was relatively flat but tightly muscled. His nipples were pert and sitting on very large areolas.

A few seconds later, a very well-built, stunningly-handsome man in his mid-thirties exited the motorhome and stopped in his tracks.

"What the heck are you doing out here like that," he asked.

Chan said calmly, "We're having a snack. Would you care for a banana or a pear? We have plenty of both."

The man ignored Chan and encouraged his son to step to his side. "Why are you naked? What if someone complains?"

I turned to my son and piped up. "See! I told him the same thing. But nobody seems to have minded so far. Quite the opposite, actually."

Channing just smiled. "I'm more comfortable naked. That's all. We're enjoying the fresh air before we get on the road again. Is that such a bad thing? By the way, has anyone ever told you that you look exactly like Stuart Reardon?"

The man stood for a moment. "I don't know who that is, but my name is Russ, not Stuart."

"Oh," Chan replied, "Reardon is a GB rugby player and model whose career I follow. You could be his clone, only you don't have tattoos."

Russ shrugged. "Well, that doesn't help me much, since I don't follow rugby, but I'll take your word for it. Anyway, why are you just standing naked for anyone to see? Who does that?"

Channing answered, "I do. I'm so sorry, I haven't introduced myself. I'm Channing, and this is my father, Andrew. We're pleased to meet you.

"At the risk of appearing impertinent, Russ, I have to say that it's amusing to hear you remark about our nakedness when your sarong barely covers anything."

Russ raised his arms unabashedly. He had small patches of close-cropped black hair in his armpits. "What do you mean? Everything important is mostly covered."

He was about six-foot-two and well-muscled throughout his body. He had swarthy, Mediterranean skin with virtually no body fat underneath it. His complexion was completely unblemished. His shoulders were strong, but not overly wide compared to his hips, which were beautifully muscled. He obviously never skipped leg day.

He wore a narrow sarong that was a strip of gossamer-thin, bright orange printed fabric about a foot wide and six feet long. None of the edges was finished, so loose threads fluttered in the breeze, giving the impression that he was wearing the last tatters he could find.

One couldn't even say that he wore it low on his hips because it was basically worn around his upper thighs. Russ tied his strip of cloth loosely at his left upper thigh with the ends hanging to his knee.

A thin patch of close-cropped black pubic hair was visible above the base of his flaccid cock, the first inch of which was also uncovered. Russ's face sported several days of black scruff, with one or two grey whiskers mixed in. The hair on his head wasn't much longer and was the same color. His deep-set dark eyes could have easily been menacing, but they looked more amused at the moment.

I busied myself looking at the veins traveling in almost random directions over his hips and flat lower abdomen. His upper abs were cut and formed a nice oval six-pack. His obliques were also cut. Russ built up every muscle in his body. I tried to will myself not to have an erection to no avail. My dick was soon standing out horizontally about seven inches. My foreskin still covered my crown. Russ was truly one of the most handsome men not related to me that I had ever seen.

Channing offered his hand in greeting. Tim stepped forward, took it and shook. Unlike his dad, he was lithe with lean muscles. He looked to be about fourteen or fifteen, same as Chan, but Chan looked much older and more developed than his chronological age. Tim stood about five feet eight inches tall.

"I'm Tim," he responded. "This is my dad, Russ. Why do your dicks look funny? Is something wrong with them?"

Chan laughed. "Haven't you ever seen a natural penis before? This is what your penis looks like when they don't cut the skin off it as, apparently, they did to you."

Tim looked horrified. "Dad, did someone cut my penis? Oh my God!"

Russ looked surprised at the sudden left turn in the conversation. "Well, Tim, I mean, yes. When you were a couple days old, the doctors circumcised you. The same thing happened to me when I was born."

Tim was still shocked. "Why?"

Russ was on the defensive. "Well, it was a tradition. It's also easier to keep clean when you don't have the extra folds of skin."

"But dad, they cut my penis!" Tim turned to Chan. "What does it feel like to have that skin there? Is your penis normal underneath?"

Chan laughed again. "Yes, my penis is normal, except that I suppose it's larger than most. And the skin is normal. Cutting it off is not normal. It feels good to have my skin. It makes the glans of my penis more sensitive, so I get heightened sensations when I masturbate or have sex. When I get a full erection, it looks pretty much like your penis, I suspect."

"Can I see?" Tim asked.

"Tim! Don't be so brazen!" Russ reprimanded, stepping forward. It was only then that I noticed that more than half of Russ's enormous glutes were sticking out above the sarong. I couldn't imagine what trickery of gravity held up the wispy translucent fabric.

Chan took a step to the father-son pair. "It's fine, Russ. He's never seen a penis like mine. He's curious. He should investigate. A police officer told us that exact same thing in the rest stop when another boy showed an interest in my penis."

Chan turned to the skinny teen. "Why don't you masturbate me for a bit? That way you can learn for yourself what foreskin feels like. Then you'll be able to see me get an erection too."

Tim reached out and grabbed Chan's penis almost before my son finished his invitation.

Russ tried to stop his son again, but I intervened. "Let him satisfy his curiosity. Nobody is going to get hurt. Think of it as a hands-on anatomy lesson."

Russ said, "But what if that were your son?"

"Well, Channing is my son, and he has no problem with Tim touching him. Tim has no problem touching Chan, so why should either of us have a problem?"

Tim's bony fingers were massaging Chan's penis, and playing with his ample foreskin. It was beginning to fill out. I could tell Chan was forcing his erection to build slowly for Tim's benefit.

The smile on Tim's face told us he was having a grand time. He bent down to get a closer look as Chan's head emerged from its sheath. Chan was about eight inches and still growing. A drop of precum appeared on his glans.

Tim lowered himself, so he sat on his haunches while balancing on the balls of his feet. His sarong pulled a bit, exposing his right leg. I could distinguish well-formed but small muscles in his thigh. He moved with grace and ease. I wondered if he might be a dancer. His face was directly in front of Chan's cock. He was thrilled to have free access to such a magnificent penis.

Tim said to Russ, "Dad, this is great. I like this extra skin. You should feel it. It's way different from the way yours feels."

Hmm. That was an unexpected piece of information. I looked at Russ, who blushed a deep crimson. Channing picked up on it immediately.

"Do think my penis tastes different from your dad's too?"

Tim looked up and suddenly realized what he had said. I thought he was going to faint.

Chan put his hand on the boy's shoulder and spoke comfortingly. "It's fine whether or not you want to taste my penis. You don't have to. But if you want to, go right ahead."

Tim almost instantaneously recovered and licked all around Channing's ten-inch penis. Then he put the tip in his mouth and moaned. I was sure he was enthralled with the taste of both Chan's penis and his precum.

I draped my arm over Russ's broad shoulder and asked, "Has your son ever had a penis in his mouth other than yours?"

Russ was taken aback for a moment but realized there was no use pretending otherwise. "He likes both my brothers' cocks too. He can't seem to get enough these past few months."

Russ smiled a kind of crooked smile. I wanted to launch myself into his dimple. I squeezed his muscular shoulder as I felt my penis lengthen again as my head peaked out from my foreskin. Russ took notice.

"It's good that Tim knows what he likes and that you are such a good dad to enable him to get it without him having to go to strangers who might take advantage of him," I remarked. "Does he like anal penetration too?"

Russ didn't even try to hide it. "Oh hell yeah. He loves getting rimmed and fucked. Sometimes my brothers and I spend hours trading places, trying to keep him happy. It's a sacrifice that we're willing to make," he said smiling.

We held our eye contact for several moments. He didn't appear to be scrutinizing me, but rather he allowed me to scrutinize him. His eyes welcomed me into his soul. I was falling in love again. It wasn't just physical attraction. I felt that Russ loved his son so completely that he must be a good man. I offered myself to him through my eyes. His smile broadened.

I was fully erect. My nine-inch penis stuck straight up.

"Do you think he would mind if I rimmed him?" I asked. "By the way, I don't know if you make love only to your own son, but, if you'd like to make love to mine, I'm sure he would welcome it."

"Oh yeah," Russ said breathlessly. "Why don't we go into the King Aire where we can be more comfortable and not have to worry about passersby? We just picked up this bad boy from the RV dealer a couple of days ago. This will be a good initiation."

I thought that was a prudent idea and encouraged the youngsters to follow Russ into the forty-five-foot motorhome. I looked forward to getting to know Russ and Tim much better.