Rabbit Hole


By Quentin Collins (hauptwerk88@gmail.com)

BJB Conglomerated Media


This story is fictitious and takes place in a fantastic realm where inconvenient physical, biological, medical, legal, and moral strictures don't exist. It is intended only for the entertainment of those who are legally permitted to access and read it.

This is my first attempt at storytelling, so please be gentle in your criticism, lest you make me cry.

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Chan and I were at the roadside rest stop much longer than we anticipated. We met Russ and his son Tim, who was very curious about Chan's foreskin, since Chan and I stood naked outside our moving van snacking on pears we brought along from Primrose Farm. Russ invited us into their new luxury motorhome so that we could have some privacy and comfort as we got to know each other more intimately.

I followed happily behind the extremely handsome Russ, whose extremely-low-slung orange print strip of a sarong left most of his ass exposed. Tim followed me, and Chan came in last.

I forced myself to stop staring at Russ long enough to look around the King Aire motorhome as I walked up three steps. The interior was sleek and contemporary, but not at all tacky. Long porcelain tiles in a grey woodgrain pattern covered the floors, and the cabinets were made from bleached maple. The furniture looked to be all hand-stitched high-quality leather in muted creams with muted red accents. It was stylish and restrained, unlike typical bulky motorhome furnishings.

Russ led us through the kitchen area. It seemed a bit tight, but he pointed out that the room is five feet wider when the bump-outs on both sides are utilized.

As we traipsed past the full-size French door refrigerator and a half bath, Russ stopped to press a couple of buttons on a control panel, and I heard a soft whirring noise.

He slid open a barn-style door to reveal the bedroom expanding as the bump-outs extended to make walking room around a standard king bed. Translucent sliding panels above the bed let in natural light while providing privacy.

Tim leaped toward the bed and spun in the air so that he landed on his back. Somehow he also untied his sarong in midair and tossed it aside. He stretched his lithe naked form in invitation.

Chan got on all fours over him. The teens smiled at each other as Chan lowered his face to Tim's for several playful kisses before engaging in a protracted deep kiss. Their hands explored each other as Russ and I watched our children play nicely together.

Chan finally lifted off Tim. "I enjoyed your mouth on my cock when we were outside. Would I be too greedy to ask for more?"

Tim smiled smartly. "It is asking pretty much, Chan. You're very big, you know."

"What if I reciprocated? That way we could both enjoy sucking and being sucked," Chan offered.

"Deal!" In a flash, Tim managed to ball himself up and spin underneath my son. They immediately went to work on each other's penises, and I noted the expert way Tim was able to navigate his throat around my son's ten-inch phallus. He wasn't hesitant at all. He must be an experienced cocksucker.

I turned to Russ. "Is Tim a dancer? He is very limber and graceful, and has a lovely dancer's body."

Russ beamed with pride as he watched our sons fellating each other. "He is gorgeous, isn't he? He can't decide if he's a diver who loves to dance or a dancer who loves to dive. He started swimming when he was two, and diving when he was five. A few years ago his coach suggested enrolling him in dance classes to enhance his body awareness. He takes ballet and contemporary classes. Just look how beautiful he is!"

I agreed that Tim is quite a good-looking young man. He appeared to have the ultimate control over even the subtlest of movements of his body. It was heartwarming to see how much I could read the love on Russ's face. I watched Tim wrap his legs loosely around Chan's head, exposing his winking rosebud. Precum drizzled down my shaft in response.

Russ rubbed my back as he looked at my cock. "They are too much to resist, aren't they? You look as if you're ready to blow just watching them."

I smiled without averting my glance from our boys. "They are both incredible young men. Don't worry about me: I can hold off as long as I have to, but I might leak a gallon of precum by the time I blow."

Russ chuckled. We watched for another minute. "It's usually Tim's job to help me undress, but he is otherwise occupied at the moment. May I impose upon you to help me out of all this clothing? It's very warm in here, and I can't stand to be so confined."

I laughed at his joking reference to the scant ten-gram strip of silk chiffon barely tied around his hips. I managed to turn my eyes away from our boys to look into Russ's dark eyes. I knew he was joking, but I wasn't going to turn down an invitation to touch his sexy body.

"I'm not sure I have the technical skills to accomplish the task, Russ, but I'm willing to try if you will indulge my fumbling attempt."

Russ raised his arms and locked his fingers behind his head. "All I can ask for is your best effort."

Even though my body had more muscle mass than Russ's, I was drawn to his perfect proportions and his perfect skin. I was also drawn to his easy confidence. He didn't seem at all smug, but rather, he was so self-assured that he had no hesitation in offering himself to me. I took a moment to drink in the sight of him before putting my hands on his shoulders and feeling about his upper torso.

"There appears to be nothing here to remove."

My hands roamed his chest, teasing his epidermis with feather-light touches from my fingertips. I plucked his nipples. "Nothing here either."

Russ looked me in the eyes and smiled. I hoped he was enjoying my teasing as much as I. I stroked his obliques in my diligent quest for some clothing to remove before stepping a little closer and feeling his lats. "Hmm, still nothing."

As I wrapped my arms around him loosely to feel his back, Russ turned his face away from mine. I sensed that he thought I was going to kiss him, and he wanted to avoid that. He was right. I decided to pretend nothing happened. It was the first indication he gave that he wasn't open to an overture I made.

I moved to his incredible six-pack and lower abdomen. "I feel like such a failure as your valet."

I drew the backs of my hands up and down his hips, stopping just before contacting his sarong. I don't know what it was about his hips and the set of his pelvis that I found so alluring. I dropped to my knees, deliberately avoiding his wispy wrap. I felt his bare feet. Even they were sexy and perfectly pedicured. "Nope. Nothing here."

His calves were spectacularly muscled, and the somewhat sparse black hair was surprisingly silky and soft to the touch. Before I knew what I was doing, I rubbed my face along his calves, then went back down and kissed his insteps. They tasted delicious. I don't like feet, but I like Russ's feet.

"What is wrong with me? I can't find clothing anywhere!"

Russ remained with his hands behind his head looking down at me with an indulgent smile. He widened his stance to give me better access to his legs and what was between them. He seemed pleased to watch a naked man with a liberally-leaking nine-inch erection kneeling at his feet. "I have every confidence in you Drew. Keep searching. I know you'll get there eventually. Look everywhere you can think of."

I was glad he was playing along with my game. It seems Russ is a little ticklish behind his knees. For some reason I found that to be sexy too. I blew on the backs of his knees and watched the gooseflesh rise on his legs, and a slight shiver go through him. I sat up and grunted as my cocked burped out a load of precum.

I leaned back so that he could see how turned on I was by him. He chuckled at the effect he was having on me.

I used both hands on his right thigh, not wanting to accidentally encounter the tails of the sarong hanging next to his left one. Russ flexed for me. His thigh thrummed with power. I massaged the front. His rectus femoris was like a rock. I reached around and felt the blood pulsing through his biceps femoris before sliding up his inner thigh to his abductor muscles. I noticed that his thighs were virtually hairless. "Still nothing."

The back of my hand pressed against his scrotum. Russ spread his legs even further. "Anything, Drew?"

"Not yet." I stroked his shaved balls several times and then stroked the underside of his rising penis. I abandoned them and slid around to his glutes. I would have sworn they were hewn from granite.

Finally, I moved to his left thigh and quickly slid up in a similar manner. My left hand stroked his penis as my right one finally came upon the sarong. "I think I found something, Russ!"

"Good work, Drew. Do you think you can get it off?"

I squeezed his cock. "The clothing?"

"That too," Russ joked.

"I'm sure I can, sir." I finally brought our game to a close by gently untying the loose knot in the sarong and carefully unwrapping the delicate fabric from Russ's body, reaching over to place it on a nearby dresser.

I was pleased to be kneeling before the splendidly naked Russ. I kissed his left hip and glute. I ran my hands all over his body again. "I believe that's all of it, sir. You are naked now. Is there anything else I can do for you, sir?"

Why was I calling him "sir?" Russ indulged my exploration as his erection stiffened. After a few moments, he brought his arms down and stroked my head, combing my shoulder-length, wavy blond hair with his fingers.

"You did fine work, Drew, but I think it's time to pay attention to Tim. He's the one I'm most concerned about."

I kissed Russ's seven-inch penis and stood up. The game was over now. "Exactly as it should be, Russ. Your priorities are in order."

I turned back to our boys, who continued to pleasure each other orally. Russ had suggested previously that Tim might enjoy being rimmed by me, so I approached the bed to add to the pleasure my son was giving him.

Tim felt me climbing on the bed and raised his knees more, making it easy for me to get my face between his small tight ass cheeks. He showed just a moment of response as my tongue drilled into his clean, pliant hole. Chan looked at me and smiled as much as he could with his mouth full of young penis inches from my face.

Russ, now divested and partially erect, grabbed some lube from a side cabinet and masturbated himself to a slick full blown erection in just a few seconds. He lubed up a couple fingers and made eye contact with me as his fingers neared Chan's ass. It was not my place to give or deny permission, but I nodded to indicate that I thought Chan would be receptive to his fingers and his penis.

Russ plunged his slicked fingers into Chan's anus, eliciting moans of delight. Chan arched his back to give Russ easy access to his rear without inhibiting Tim's fellatio.

I lifted off Tim's ass once again and could see some amount of conflict on Russ's face: he wanted to perform his due diligence by digitally prepping Chan, but he was impatient to sink his cock into my son's magical ass.

"I'm sure Channing is ready for your cock, Russ. Go for it. Do you think your son would appreciate my cock in his ass?"

"Yes, fuck me. Fuck me please." Tim pulled Channing's penis out of his throat long enough to make his desires known and then went right back to work.

I got up on my knees, and Russ handed me the lube with some visible hesitation. "Tim's not taken a cock anywhere close to your size. Please be gentle with my precious boy," Russ implored me.

"I want Tim to have only pleasure, I assure you," I told Russ as I lubed my hard cock. "If you think he's not having a good experience, tell me, and I will pull out. I promise you that."

Russ nodded his assent. I could see the love for his son in his eyes. Those loving eyes were the sexiest thing about the very sexy man.

Chan shifted so that he was holding up his torso with his left arm. He wrapped his right arm around Tim's bottom to hoist it a few inches off the bed so it would be in a better position for me to fuck our new friend. My boy pays attention to details.

Tim moaned as I twisted three lubricated fingers into his anus. I was sure he was ready for me, but I kept using my fingers to prove to Russ that I wasn't going to take advantage of his son. There didn't seem to be any amount of stretching and probing that Tim didn't enjoy. I was happy for his pleasure and relieved that he should be able to take my substantial phallus deep inside his bottom.

After another minute or so I pulled back my foreskin and rubbed the tip of my penis around Tim's still-open anus. I slid three inches inside him before stopping. I pulled out a bit and then slid a little further inside my young lover. His purring around my son's cock communicated his pleasure to us all.

With each stroke, I sank in a little further until, after about a dozen strokes, I was fully encased in Tim's rectum. Channing's curls were tickling my lower abdomen.

It felt very good being buried in my new friend, but it was nowhere near the transformative power of Channing's ass. Russ pulled his hand out of my son and sank his penis into him in a slow, but unrelenting drive. The look on Russ's face told me he was experiencing some of Chan's magic.

I was torn: I was very much enjoying being inside Tim; but, I also wanted to watch Russ fuck my son. He was so sexy that it would have been the best live porn. But Russ was also such a loving father that I knew he was trying to make love to my son as he might to his own. I owed at least that much to Tim. I truly wanted only pleasure for him.

I hunched down to kiss the back of Chan's neck and lick his delicious sweat as I continued pumping in and out of Tim. I sensed a gentle breeze as my tongue touched Chan's flawless skin, and I felt us entering the garden.

I silently asked Chan if he thought Russ and Tim belonged there. We decided that they should get a visit and we would let our friends could decide their worthiness.

I continued a steady moderate rhythm in and out of Tim's ass, changing angles from time to time to ensure I was stimulating all his insides. His moans and occasional grunts told me he was still enjoying my penis even though it was pushing his limits.

I started kissing my way down Chan's back, vertebra by vertebra until I reached his coccyx. I watched with awe as Russ's penis moved in and out of my son's ass. I stretched and was able to get the tip of my tongue to Chan's ass ring and feel the base of Russ's penis slide in and out. As my tongue touched Chan's anus, he and I were fully transported to Dogoda's garden. Chan brought both his sucker and his fucker with him, and blew their minds.

Together we communicated to Russ and Tim what was happening. I asked if Dogoda were available for them. Instead, Bunny, our Chinese friend appeared with his bow and arrow. A rabbit was sitting on his shoulder, and his foot-long erection stood out proudly from his narrow hips.

We greeted our friend, and I asked him if Russ and Tim were welcome in the garden. He smiled softly at us and brought the four of us to a communal orgasm as he shot a massive stream of cum. I took that as an open invitation to Russ and Tim for a return visit.

Our friend ejaculated through us a dozen more times before allowing our orgasms to dwindle. Russ and Tim were bewildered, as are most first-timers. We did not interact with any other lovers, though I could sense many in the garden. Bunny and Dogoda must have been shielding Russ and Tim from having their circuits blown.

I asked the handsome Chinese spirit by what name he should be properly called. I knew that the moniker of "Silly Bunny" bestowed on him by the adorable young Travis was not his given name.

He relayed that his earthly name had been Hu Tianbao, but after he was beaten to death at nineteen years of age for spying on a naked military commander, he moved into the celestial realms to become a god of homosexual love. As such he was named Tuer Shen, or the Rabbit God.

Although the Chinese refer to gay men as "rabbits" as a form of derogation, Tuer Shen told us that his most powerful and unspeakably handsome godliness brought respect to the title. He laughed heartily as he ejaculated once more.

"Please continue to call me Bunny if you like," he telegraphed to all of us. "And you can still call him Steve," he said, pointing his bow toward Dogoda, who appeared sitting naked on his white steed while strumming a lyre. He introduced himself to Russ and Tim.

Chan and I relished the irony of this god having the same nickname as I had started using for my son. I realized quickly it wasn't irony at all. It was destined to be. We thanked him for his munificence to us. I asked if I could be so impertinent as to inquire why he shared a garden with Dogoda.

Dogoda invited Tuer Shen as a favor to his homosexual guests. Dogoda wanted to make sure everyone felt equally welcomed and empowered to explore their authentic bliss. He let us know that Dogoda would tell us that it was because he thought that Tuer Shen was being underutilized. He scoffed at that notion.

"If I didn't share his garden, you wouldn't be able to share your love with your mom and dad. It's much better for everyone that we all love together in the same place. But, although Dogoda may be a god of love, I have infinitely more expertise with gay men. He just couldn't handle you guys the way I can, wouldn't you agree?"

We were blinded by the intensity of a brief orgasm, proving Bunny's point. We laughed as we came out of it.

Bunny asked us what more he could do for us. We felt Tim ask if he could have a foreskin. Bunny smiled, turned away from us and disappeared. The eternally-nineteen-year-old god was as beautiful from the back as the front.

We felt ourselves coming back from the garden. Russ was hanging on to my back for support as I was resting on Chan's back. Russ's cock slipped out of my son's ass, and he rose up to a kneeling position and then stood next to the bed.

I also knelt upright as I slowly withdrew from Tim. Channing followed suit, letting Tim's cock plop onto his belly.

Tim lay on the bed with his face covered in the portion of Chan's cum he couldn't swallow. I saw that Tim was weeping. I hugged him as I felt Russ get back onto the bed to tend to his cherished son.

"It's a confusing experience the first few times. But you'll get used to it soon enough," I whispered, offering ameliorating kisses.

The poor boy was still emitting a steady stream of cum. The three of us stared at his restored penis, with its tip nearly touching his navel. His foreskin was mostly pulled back from his glans, but it was still obvious that his request had been granted, and that Bunny had enhanced his phallus substantially as well.

It looked as if Tim's pectorals, shoulders, and arms were slightly enhanced too. I supposed that Bunny fulfilled Tim's unspoken desire for a more developed upper body. It was subtle, but his large areolas and erect nipples looked even sexier rising from the cute mounds of his enhanced chest.

Tim tentatively wrapped his fingers around his penis before picking up his head to look at it directly. He realized he had to lift his head a bit higher to see over his chest. His smile could have lit Las Vegas.

I bent down and kissed his penis and thanked Hu Tianbao / Tuer Shen / Bunny for his kindness.

Tim asked, "Am I dreaming?"

"Not anymore," I offered. "It's real."

Chan explained, "A similar thing happened to dad and me a couple of nights ago. We were formerly both circumcised, and just slightly above average in size. Then we made love with another fantastic couple. I asked Bunny that the four of us would have identical penises, and he granted that wish, as well as offering us many other physical enhancements.

"My dad asked Bunny to give me an even larger penis, and Bunny was happy to grant that too. He has granted your wish and will do so again and again.

"Both of you will be invited into the garden whenever you make love. You will fall in love with Bunny as he has already fallen in love with you. You will meet other couples and groups of lovers and share your love with them.

"As you become more comfortable in Bunny's garden, you will learn to open yourselves to each other to the point that you will share thoughts with each other and formulate thoughts together.

"There is nothing to fear. You will accept each other completely because you love each other completely."

Russ stepped around Chan and looked at his son. "You are beautiful, Tim. And so big! Your penis is bigger than mine! I am ecstatic for you, my precious boy." Russ kissed his son's penis several times. Russ grunted as he stood up. He looked down to see that his penis was identical to his son's.

Tim wiped the remnant tears from his face and smiled proudly as he caressed his father's penis. "I can't wait for Uncle Mitch and Uncle Carl to see this. Hey, Drew, will they meet Bunny too?"

I contemplated for a while. "I believe they will. But you and your dad have to be having intercourse first. When they join you either orally or anally, they will visit Dogoda's garden.

Channing and I spent a few minutes explaining everything that we knew and experienced in the Garden of the Western Wind. As we told them our experiences, I realized how far-fetched it seemed. But all of our new foreskins were also evidence that what we told them was true.

I hadn't been paying attention, but, apparently, while we were talking to Russ and Tim, Chan was caressing Tim's new penis, and it once again extended to eight inches and was liberally leaking Cowper's fluid from his mostly-encased piss slit.

Chan leaned down and ran his tongue under Tim's foreskin to collect the precious nectar.

"Hey Tim, you should inaugurate your new penis in one of us," Chan suggested.

Tim was surprised. "Oh, I haven't ever fucked anyone. I only get fucked."

"Why would you deny yourself the pleasure and intimacy of entering a partner," Chan asked as he straddled Tim and prepared to lower himself onto Tim's ample spear.

Both Chan and Tim hummed their delight as my son's talented ass enveloped the younger teen's penis. Tim started thrusting into Chan almost involuntarily, unable to attenuate his desire. Tim's movements were graceful and alluring, not at all looking like it was his first time fucking an ass. He was almost as attractive as his father when he was fucking my son.

"Oh Chan, this is as good as getting fucked. I love your ass," Tim exclaimed as he seemed to be entering orgasmic bliss.

"Your penis feels great inside me, my love," Chan responded as he shot a rope of cum starting above Tim's head and painting his hair, face, neck, and torso. Chan expelled another rope with each of Tim's forceful thrusts. The pair stilled after six or seven ejaculations.

Chan turned to Russ. "Wait until you feel your son make love to you. He is magical. Absolutely magical."

Russ's face registered horror. "I don't get fucked. I do the fucking."

Chan asked Russ a similar question to the one he had posed to Tim moments ago, "Why would you deny yourself the pleasure and intimacy of opening up to a partner, especially one as beautiful and talented as Tim? Let him love you as completely as you love him."

Chan slowly rose off Tim's penis, which remained erect as it had ever been and leaking cum. Tim just smiled contentedly as Chan's cum ran all over his face, chest, and belly. He was relishing a newfound pleasure.

Chan went to the side of the bed and put his arm around Russ's waist. "Do you see how much cum your son fucked out of me? I didn't do that to myself. Your son did that to me. He gave me that much pleasure! Don't you want to have the same kind of orgasm? I understand if you're apprehensive, but dad and I will help you. It will be worth it. Trust me."

Chan leaned in to kiss Russ, but Russ turned away. "I don't kiss other men either," he announced.

Chan hugged him for several moments, trying to communicate tender love and patience, then he said, "You seem determined to hide from yourself, Russ. Tim loves you with every cell in his body. You don't have to hide from him. Dad and I love you too. You don't have to hide from us either. We would never judge you. It seems that you're the only one who is judging you, and placing limits on yourself. You can decide to stop at any time.

"You know that your truth is always going to be lurking in the shadows, waiting to jump out at the most inopportune time. You might as well come out and enjoy the sun and the ease of someone who isn't running from himself. Be yourself. Love yourself as much as Tim loves you. You deserve happiness, Russ, as much as any of us does."

Sometimes my son's insights are goddam irritating because they are so on point. We all stayed silent for several moments. I could see waves of thoughts and emotions registering on Russ's face as my beautiful naked son lovingly held the beautiful naked Russ. I moved toward him, joined the embrace, and caressed his back and ass. I tried not to squeal in delight as I brought my face to the other side of his neck and joined Chan in giving him soft butterfly kisses.

I whispered into Russ's ear, "I want to punch Channing in the nose sometimes. The only thing stopping me is the knowledge that he is one hundred percent correct."

Russ looked at me as Chan continued nuzzling him. Russ's eyes were misty. I could see on his face that he was trying to take Chan's advice and allow himself to be happy. It's a new skill that he will have to practice until happiness becomes a habit.

I moved back to his neck and worked my way to his Adam's apple. I kissed under his chin and along his jaw, relishing the tender roughness of his scruffy beard on my lips. Chan and I moaned as we shared our delight in helping Russ to reveal himself.

I pulled back to smile at him. An almost imperceptible smile came to his lips as his face still betrayed some conflict.

I leaned in and made the gentlest contact with his lips that I could manage. He froze momentarily then exhaled and accepted my kiss. Even his breath was delicious. We kissed close-mouthed for about a minute before I pulled back. "Do I have your permission to continue, my friend?"

He smiled more broadly at me and leaned in. I could feel his hesitation evaporating. I licked his somewhat dry lips, and I felt them part. I continued licking his lips. When I didn't sense his tongue coming out to play, I decided that his open mouth was an invitation to me to enter his mouth.

I slowly but firmly extended my tongue into his mouth. He opened more and began to run his tongue along mine tentatively. It was becoming a very satisfying kiss as Russ lost his inhibition. He was not aggressive but reciprocated fully.

After exploring for a couple of minutes, I withdrew my tongue but left my mouth open for him to visit me. He was shy for about five seconds and then became more aggressive. I was happy to make myself available to him. Russ, it turns out, is a very skilled kisser when properly motivated.

I felt Russ suddenly withdraw and inhale sharply before closing his eyes and smiling. I looked to see Channing kneeling with his face buried in Russ's ass. I moved back to kiss Russ's smiling face. He embraced me tightly, and we felt each other's erections press together. I kissed my way around his face and along his neck.

I felt Russ pushing back onto Chan's skilled tongue. "Is my son giving you good feelings, my beautiful friend?"

"Mmmmmmm" was the only response he could make. Russ rested his head on my shoulder as I held him lovingly while Chan inserted more and more of his tongue into Russ's ass. Russ brought his lips to my neck as he panted softly. I was lost in bliss for both of us.

Tim keeled on the bed and ran his hand down his father's arm, then holding Russ's hand that had been caressing my ass. "I love you, dad. You're worth it. Your happiness is worth it. Let yourself into your own heart, dad. It's a spectacular place to be."

I put a hand on Tim's face. The young dancing diver's heart is also a spectacular place to be.

I turned back to Russ. "Chan and I love both you and Tim. I know it sounds preposterous since we've known each other less than an hour, but such is the power of Dogoda's Garden and Bunny's love for us. We want you and Tim to celebrate each other in the fullness of everything your bodies can do for each other, even as you celebrate opening your minds and hearts to each other.

"You may think it is something that you will be giving to Tim to let him penetrate you. But in reality, it is something Tim will be offering to you."

I kissed Russ's cheek. "You know, I never feel more powerfully masculine than when I am offering my ass to a lover. Only a true man who knows and loves himself would put himself in a vulnerable position without fear or hesitation.

"Your most valuable gift to Tim will be opening yourself up to him completely physically and emotionally so that he can bring you extraordinary pleasure with his penis."

About five minutes passed as Chan continued to prep Russ's ass with his broad and long tongue. When Russ finally spoke his voice was thick. "Timmy. I never knew it could be like this. I love you. I will always love you, but I want to love you better. Let me make love to you the way you have made love to me hundreds of times."

Tim, whose eight-inch erection had lost none of its fullness and was dripping with precum, moved next to Chan.

"Are you sure, dad? I want to make you happy."

"Yes, Tim, I think your beautiful penis will make me happier than I've ever been," Russ whispered. Russ's eyes were definitely brimming now. Russ ran his hand over Tim's chest, which looked even larger because Tim was pushing it out with pride, offering his body for his father's pleasure.

Chan stood up and moved out of the way. Russ pushed me onto the bed. I landed on my back, and he knelt on all fours above me. He kissed me again while presenting his ass to Tim. "I love you, Tim, with everything that I am."

Chan assisted Tim in lining up with his dad's anus and skinning back his hood. I felt Russ moan into my mouth as a breeze blew through the bedroom. I knew that Tim was entering him. I saw Russ's face begin to shimmer as he and Tim were apparently going to visit Bunny.

Chan moved behind Tim and gently worked his enormous penis into the teen's well-used ass. Chan and I immediately joined Russ and Tim. Tim had no noticeable issues dealing with Chan's cock even though it's an inch longer than mine, and slightly broader.

I reveled in the feeling of Russ's ass getting loved by Tim, and Tim's ass getting loved by Chan.

"I didn't think you'd be back so soon. Good for you Russ. Good for you."

We all turned to see Bunny smiling at us in his naked glory.

Russ was finally letting go of the last of his self-judgment, allowing himself to enjoy the pleasure his body gave him. Bunny induced us all to orgasm. I have had shared orgasms with more people; but, since Chan and I first made love, I've not shared an orgasm more intense than this first joining of Tim with his father.

Russ was bathing me in almost unfathomable amounts of thick, warm cum. I added my own substantial ejaculations to the mix and was soon completely covered in delicious, shimmering ejaculate. I felt it tingling as it coated my upper body.

I sensed Russ telling us that he finally feels like a real man. We all agreed that any fool with a dick can throw a fuck, but it takes a real man to take a fuck and make it pleasurable for himself and his lover.

It felt as though Tim was ejaculating Channing's cum into Russ's ass, which then spilled out onto my torso. Our synchronized ejaculations were about ten seconds apart.

The four of us became incoherent with ecstasy. Bunny himself was making love to all of us. Each thrust found us all learning to open ourselves to being loved more completely than we knew was possible.

We celebrated Russ's newfound pleasure and happiness. He understood that he had nothing to hide from anyone in the garden. There will be no hiding himself from Tim anymore, whether in the garden or back on earth. Russ was ecstatic to be able to love his son authentically.

I managed to coalesce a thought of gratitude and asked Bunny if there were something we could do for him. He laughed at me and told me that he enjoyed every one of our orgasms because they were really his orgasms. If we want to make him happy, have more orgasms. I vowed that we would all do our best.

After about three dozen ejaculations we returned to the motorhome's bed. I found myself on my back, holding Russ's face in my hands while looking into his lovely dark grey eyes. As I looked at him another string of cum striped my face. Russ's ecstasy had left him slaw-jawed and drooling on my face. It was wonderful. I felt truly loved. Even better, I felt that Russ felt truly loved, and truly free.

Russ used his tongue to plow our mixed cum and his saliva into my mouth and then moved in to kiss me powerfully. Our flavors played as well together as did our tongues.

I heard Tim moan as Chan removed his still-erect penis from Tim's rectum. Russ moaned into my mouth again as Tim extricated himself from his father's rectum.

Russ collapsed on me. I actually felt the cum being forced from between us, running down my sides and onto the bed.

Tim lay on the bed next to us and began kissing his father with love and passion that only a father and son can share. Chan joined me on my other side and, after licking more cum and saliva from me, he kissed me with his long and wide tongue. We sparkled.

After ten minutes of leisurely kissing and caressing, we four separated. Russ turned to me and sighed. "Drew, I would like to make love to you. Would you please fuck me?"

How fast is an instant? That was twice as long as it took me to accept his offer. But I decided I didn't want Russ to feel pressured. "I love you, Russ, but I don't want to overwhelm you. You have nothing to prove to me."

Russ chuckled as he turned to lie on his back and pull up his muscular legs. "I think you have that backward, Drew. You have something to prove to me. Start proving, sweetheart."

I joined in the laughter and got into position. Russ showed only eagerness for me to enter him. I tried to restrain my eagerness. Tim and Chan lay on either side of use, caressing us both.

We all flew into the garden once more as I entered Russ's anus. This time we were able to sense other spirits celebrating Tim and Russ. We did not join their sensations, but our new friends felt love and acceptance from across the universe.

Tuer Shen held us all in his embrace as I ejaculated over and over into Russ's rock-hard ass. My orgasm was not subsiding, but I asked my son to take my place knowing that there was even more pleasure for Russ to experience.

Chan happily sank his ten inches into Russ's ass, and Russ happily accepted. I ejaculated onto Russ in synchronicity with each of my son's ejaculations. A couple dozen thrusts later, Chan asked Tim to love his dad once again.

I was blinded by the strength of desire for Russ to have his son enter him again. Chan withdrew from our handsome friend and entered me. Both sons were offering their fathers the greatest of gifts. Both fathers were speechless with love and gratitude. I felt Tuer Shen making love to me through Chan. I could feel the same in Russ and Tim's union.

We remained in that ecstasy for a brief eternity, then slowly came back to the motorhome. We lay together in a blissful, silent enervation for about fifteen minutes until we were able to regain our strength.

Chan and I left the bed. I looked at the stained sheets. "I'm sorry, Russ, if we ruined your bedding," I said.

"I'm not sorry for a single damned thing," he retorted, laughing while pulling Tim to his side. Tim rolled on top of Russ, straddling his father, holding their penises together and slowly stroking them, appreciating their restored naturalness and their enhanced size. "Dad, I'm kind of sad that you, Uncle Mitch, and Uncle Carl aren't identical anymore."

I turned to Russ. "Did the three of you have identical penises?"

Russ laughed. "Well, that too. We are identical triplets. We were."

I ejaculated twice at the thought of three identical sexy men like Russ. Russ scooped some of my cum off his chest. "I'll take this as a compliment," he said before licking my cum off his fingers.

"As well you should," I answered.

Tim spoke again. "Dad, do you think that they could have penises like ours too so that we would all be the same?"

Russ pulled Tim down on top of himself and hugged him. "You really like our new penises, don't you, my love?"

"Mmm hmm."

"I think you're going to have to ask Bunny. Perhaps he will deem your uncles to be worthy of that gift. Or perhaps he will decide that your pleasure is worth it. That's what I think."

Tim sat up tall and kissed Chan on the cheek. "Bunny, can you make it so that my Uncles Mitch and Carl also have penises identical to dad and me? Wait. No, don't. I change my mind. I'm being greedy. I shouldn't be asking you for things after everything you've already given us. I love you, Tuer Shen. I am sorry for being selfish."

Tim kissed Chan again. It took me a few moments to realize that Tim understood that Chan has become an interface to our cherished Chinese god of homosexual love. He probably understood it better than I.

Chan held Tim's face as he kissed him deeply, but without any urgency. After a few silent minutes, Chan said, "I love you, Tim. I love Mitch and Carl too. I will grant your wish the next time the four of you are together. You are not being greedy, my love. You are being honest with me. That's all that I want. Tell me honestly: will enhancing your dad's brothers make you happy?"

Tim smiled. "No, Bunny. Because I'm already happy. Will they be happy? I want them to be as happy as my dad is."

Chan kissed Tim again. "Yes, my love. They will be happy, especially when they feel what your penis can do inside their asses."

"Oh boy, Tuer Shen! They are finally going to become men! For real. Just like my dad! I love you, Tuer Shen."

"We love you too. Yes, they will be real men, just like you are a real man. The four of you will be very happy together."

Tim laughed and cried simultaneously without shame. "Have I told you that I love you?"

Chan laughed. "I don't remember."

Tim rubbed Chan's chest. "I love you, Bunny. I love you, Chan."

They kissed again. I bent down and kissed Russ. We were both proud of our sons. We were also proud of ourselves for allowing ourselves to learn from our children.

Minutes passed in an instant as we made a round robin of kissing each other. We eventually knew we had to kiss our new friends goodbye.

None of us minded that we were all crusty messes. We started for the exit of the bedroom. Tim and Chan exchanged contact information as we made our way to the front of the million dollar motorhome.

Russ reached forward and handed me his bright orange sarong. "I hope this will remind you of me."

I took it gladly and brought it to my face and inhaled deeply without even thinking. Russ laughed.

As Chan and I descended the steps, Russ grabbed Chan and kissed him, saying, "Thank you so much for opening my heart. I love you."

Chan patted Russ on his face and said, "We love you and Tim. We're glad if we could help in any small way. We will share our love in the garden many times."

I walked out of the King Aire motorhome and stood next to the driver's door of our moving van. My naked body was assaulted by the hot and humid July air. There was no longer a comforting breeze. The layers of our comingled cum that was coating me began to reliquify as I perspired, and the scent brought a smile to my face.

Chan chose to walk around the back of the van to get to the passenger's side. Watching his ass as he walked made my smile bigger and caused me to stop to take in the view.

A tour bus passed behind our car carrier as Chan made his way around the car carrier. It was filled with what looked like a group of Japanese tourists. Suddenly all the windows were down, and several cameras and phones were thrust out to capture the sight of my magnificently naked son, his cock hanging about six inches and still slightly pumped and crusted from our recent sexual encounters.

Chan stopped to pose for them, waving and shouting, "Welcome to America! Land of the free and home of the brave."

He continued to pose, showing off his impressive physique from all angles. He did nothing sexual but allowed the visitors to admire him as much as they desired. After a few minutes, the bus slowly rolled along, and Chan received a rousing ovation from the tourists.

As the bus pulled into its parking space, I noticed a police cruiser going by. Officer Bradley rolled down his window to wave to us. His young partner leaned over to get a better look at the source of the cum he had just finished lapping from his partner's face. He looked very pleased.

We both got in the moving van. I shook my head in wonder at my son.

I glanced at the clock, wondering why Officer Bradley was at the rest stop for such a long time. I was flabbergasted that it was just approaching noon. How could less than thirty minutes have passed? Impossible!

With our going to the bathroom, Chan's encounter with Alan, our episode introducing young Travis to "Silly Bunny," getting our drinks, our encounter with Officer Bradley, our snack break outside our van, and our multiple rounds of lovemaking with Russ and Tim, I would have guessed that about two or three hours had passed. It would have been worth being late to our new house for each of those experiences.

I looked over at Chan as I started the van. He shrugged and gave me a goofy, toothy smile. He didn't need to say anything. We both knew Tuer Shen was taking care of us.

I got the air conditioning running and slowly backed out of our slot. I turned to kiss Chan as I made my way to the entrance ramp.

"I bet that busload of tourists won't forget their trip to America anytime soon," I said to my son.

We settled into our lane and got rolling. We were still about ninety minutes from our new home. I glanced at the gas gauge and saw that it was back up to "Full."

"Hey, Bunny, did Bunny fill our gas tank?"

Chan had been leisurely lapping the cum from my chest. He closed his eyes and smiled. I knew that somehow he was communicating with Tuer Shen, our Chinese spirit friend. He didn't sparkle, but he seemed to have a glow about him. I felt something indescribable in him as if he were being infused with energy.

He looked at me and said, "It was the least I could do for you after you gave me such wonderful orgasms with Russ and Tim."

I smiled, and then looked at Chan again when I realized that what he actually said was, "Zi nǐ h Russ yǐj Tim gěile wǒ rcǐ měimio de gāocho zhīhu, wǒ nng wi nǐ zu de zushǎo."

Chan had spoken in the Fujian Chinese dialect, but I understood him perfectly. I took my right hand from the wheel and stroked Chan's face.

"Wǒ i nǐ, měil de tzǐ. Wǒ xīwng nǐ zhīdo wǒmen suǒyǒu de gāocho dōu sh nǐ de," I told him lovingly, knowing that I was speaking Chinese. ("I love you, beautiful Bunny. I hope you know that all our orgasms are yours.")

I was speaking to our god of homosexual love and my son at the same time. Are they together in one body? Is my son somehow a god?

Chan read my thoughts and told me, still in Chinese, "No, dad, I am not a god. Bunny has chosen me to be a special intermediary for him. There are scores of us around the world. Bunny had decided as soon as you were born that you would be the father of one of his favored ones. He will bless and protect both of us.

"He wants you to know how happy he is that you have been such a wonderful and loving father to me. We both love you infinitely and eternally, dad. The love you've shown me, and the sacrifices you've made for me have all been from your heart, dad. Bunny did not make you the extraordinary man you are. It's all from you, dad. If I can be even the faintest echo of you, I will be the happiest man alive."

Chan reached up to my face. "Let Bunny drive for a few minutes while you think about all this, my love."

I let go of the wheel and took my foot off the accelerator as Chan-Bunny brought his lips to mine. The breeze through the garden brought a sweet fragrance as I visited my benefactor's celestial home. I felt myself kissing both my son and Tuer Shen. I was completely enveloped by gentle, infinite love. The three of us entered orgasmic bliss. This felt different.

It used to feel that Chan and I would share our orgasms while Bunny was an observer. Now I felt that the three of us were conjoined in complete intimacy. I felt that my mind, heart, soul, and all my being were being expanded. I knew that my understanding paled in comparison to Chan's.

I didn't know what else to do except express my love over and over. Bunny told me that he will always be with Chan, but I would be the only one to notice unless Chan revealed him through sex with another man.

Chan will always be in the garden on some level and will be free to bring me along whenever he is with me, whether or not we are having sex. But we are encouraged to be having sex and to be bringing new men to the garden. It is, after all, Tuer Shen's mission to promote homosexual love and relationships.

A new world was being opened up to me. Chan and I (and Bunny?) ejaculated several more times before we ended our kiss. I seem to have soaked the back of my son's head with my ejaculations. I sighed as I tried to accept our new life situation.

I ran my fingers through the cum on Chan's chest and alternately licked my fingers or offered them to Chan. So this is what Tuer Shen's cum tastes like. I didn't think it would be possible to love the taste of my son's cum more than I did, but this is so much better than perfect.

I took over driving the van and asked Chan to find my lawyer's number in my cell phone contacts.

"Thank you, dad, for what you're about to do," he said.

"Anything for you and Bunny. Do you want to change your last name too, or just your first," I asked, clarifying that we both understood what we were talking about.

"Just my first name, dad. I want to be legally known as Tianbao Daniel Tarnow. I want to honor Bunny by using his earthly name from four hundred years ago. Wait. If I'm going to change my name, I should honor all the men in my family. I will be known as Tianbao Andrew Daniel Shahin Konrad Tarnow."

I looked at my son with pride. "I love you to the moon and back, Bunny, but I don't think you can have that many given names. Maybe you should drop mine? You have nothing to prove to me. I know how deep and infinite our love is."

"We'll see what the lawyers tell us. If we can do it, I want you to be part of me at all times.

"You know what's funny, dad? People will call me `Tian,' and it sounds pretty much like `Chan.' It's not really very much of a name change, is it? But I love him so much, dad, I have to do this. I realize now that he's been with me throughout my life, but it's only in the past few days that I have started to understand it."

I could only smile as I stroked Tian's thigh and then held his penis. "I love you both. I still don't understand how or why this is happening, but I know that it's more or less the three of us now. I couldn't be happier. I love my bunnies. And thank you for adding your grandfather's name to yours. I love you."

Tian found the contact in my phone and handed me my Bluetooth earpiece.