Rabbit Hole

CHAPTER THIRTY: I'm Getting Closer to My Home

By Quentin Collins (hauptwerk88@gmail.com)

BJB Conglomerated Media


This story is fictitious and takes place in a fantastic realm where inconvenient physical, biological, medical, legal, and moral strictures don't exist. It is intended only for the entertainment of those who are legally permitted to access and read it.

This is my first attempt at storytelling, so please be gentle in your criticism, lest you make me cry.

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My son Tian (formerly Channing) and I were on our last leg of the trip to our new home just south of Columbia, South Carolina. We had about ninety minutes to go according to my GPS.

I had just gotten off the phone with my lawyer whom I had called to start the process of legally changing Channing's name to Tianbao Andrew Daniel Shahin Konrad Tarnow. He informed me that I would have to petition the court in South Carolina and that it would likely take from thirty to ninety days for it to be finalized.

I impressed upon him that I would like it finalized before Tian starts school so all his paperwork could be in order. He promised to partner with a local attorney with the best track record in family law to help us out. He assured me that all my legal and financial documents would be updated and waiting for my signature on the same day as the name change was finalized.

He also gave me a quick update on my request to find out about the farm adjacent to Primrose Farm Bed & Breakfast. He said that the owner of the two parcels comprising the two hundred eighty-three acre property had recently died and it was transferred into her estate. Since it didn't go directly to an heir, it was probable that the heirs would be willing to sell.

I authorized him to use one of my straw corporations to purchase it at a fair price but to make sure we got the property. Our equine friends Smokey and Ranger had told us that they really want to cross that property to get to their favorite spot by the creek, I wanted to make that possible for them, as well as to ensure that Primrose Farm had the possibility of expanding if they so desired. I had a sneaking feeling that the demand for a bucolic clothing-optional, gay-friendly sex-positive bed and breakfast was going to increase.

I handed the Bluetooth earpiece back to Tian, and he lay back down in my lap to nuzzle my penis. I could still see a luster about him indicating that our friend Tuer Shen, the Chinese god of homosexual love, was still with him.

Tian grabbed his stuffed rabbit, Mr. Bunny, from the dashboard as he lay down on his back, and placed the animal on his penis. Mr. Bunny looked happy.

"Dad, you were about to tell me about the first time you, Uncle Dan, and Uncle Bird made love with grandpa after going to the Randolph's house and having a whoop-dee-do enema party. I want to hear what happened when you got home," Tian insisted.


   _   _   _   _   _   _  



We had spent part of that October evening at Nate and his uncle Jerry Randolph's house. Jerry owned and operated Randolph's Grown-up Gadgets on the outskirts of town. Nate agreed to teach us boys about preparing for anal stimulation.

We learned about enemas and "gadgets" to assist in anal hygiene. Dad also brought home a bag of supplies, some of which he said he would teach us about later.

Between us three brothers, including our newly-appropriated brother Shahin Pouran, Bird (Shahin) was the one who seemed to get off the most on the enemas and water wands. He actually ejaculated all over Nate and Jerry's wet room as he rinsed his rectum with a water wand.

Dan and I really enjoyed it too. Dan asked dad to initiate him into the ways of anal sex. Since I was the youngest, I was going to have to wait until Dan and Bird took dad's love into themselves. I protested, as I always did, but dad insisted.

We drove home from the Randolph house naked since dad confiscated our clothes as a joke. It took a while for the car to warm up, so it wasn't a sexy drive home.

We ran into our house. Dad strolled in last, also naked, at a more leisurely pace. "Wimps," he declared.

Mom was waiting for us and dad told her about our experience. She kissed each one of us on the cheek. "I'm glad we met the Randolphs. They are kind and generous men. And Tessa is a lovely girl," she added, referring to Nate's girlfriend whom we had yet to meet.

Mom said that she was going to leave us men to our education and initiation. She pointed to a pile of blankets and pillows on a chair in the living room, with our sleeping bags piled next to the chair. "Why don't you guys have a slumber party? This is the biggest room in the house, so you'll be more comfortable here."

Dad turned to Dan. "Are you comfortable having your brothers with you while we make love? Perhaps you'd like it to be just the two of us."

Dad looked to Bird and me. "Dad, we can't exactly set a good example and teach these dumbasses if they're in another room. They'll need all the help we can give them, especially Squirt."

Dad laughed while taking Dan into his arms to demonstrate how a father kisses his son. They continued for several minutes as their passion increased. Bird and I knew better than to intrude, so we cuddled up with each other on the couch. We were both hard, but we didn't want to distract ourselves from Dan and dad.

I was mesmerized by the beauty of my dad and my adored big brother hugging and kissing. It seemed almost as if they were surrounded by a glow of love.

"I'm ready, dad," Dan said breathlessly. "I want to face you as you make love to me so I can see your face. Is that ok?"

"It's completely up to you, Dan," dad said, rubbing Dan's back.

Dad went to the bag we brought back from the Randolphs and got out a large tube of lube. He looked over to Bird and me and smiled. "Andy, would you like to lubricate your brother? Bird, my precious son, would you like to lubricate my penis?"

There was the smallest sonic boom as Bird and I flew across the room to participate in this sacred act. Dan opened a couple of sleeping bags and spread them on the living carpet, then put a few blankets on top. He lay down, pulling me on top of him. "I love you, Squirt. We are so lucky to have the parents we have. Don't ever forget that."

We kissed, sharing our love and appreciation for each other. Dan held my face in his hands. "Thank you for being a great little brother. Now get to work and grease my hole."

He smacked my face. I got off him and put lube on my middle finger. I inserted it as I had done to dad at Nate's house. Dan smiled and purred. After a few seconds, he requested another finger. I poured lube on my index finger and inserted it into Dan's anus.

Dad was watching. He knelt down and kissed my cheek. Bird knelt on the other side. Dad put his hand on my shoulder and said, "Very good, Andy. Twist your hand gently as you go in and out, then start separating your fingers to stretch him."

I did as instructed. Dan kept looking at me. I tried to read his face for guidance. A couple times I saw a flash of discomfort as I stretched too quickly. After a few minutes, Dan requested a third finger. Dad lubed my fingers and told me to go slow to allow Dan to relax into the sensation.

I tried to show Dan how much I loved him with the way I fingered his anus. He was chubbing up but did not get fully erect. Dad told me to spread my three fingers slightly to keep stretching Dan.

My brother struggled a few times but told me to keep going. "It kind of hurts, but it really feels good too," he told me. His erection grew, but not much.

Dad told Bird that it was time for him to do his duty. I handed Bird the lube, and he poured a generous amount into his palm. Dad was about halfway to a full erection. Bird wrapped his hand around dad's penis and began stroking.

It was difficult to determine which one of them was enjoying it more. Bird is completely smitten by my dad. It took only a minute for dad to get hard, but Bird kept stroking.

Dad had to tell the muscular Iranian wrestler that his work was done. I thought Bird was going to cry when he took his hand off dad's cock. I understood.

Bird and I moved to either side of Dan and made sure dad had enough room to maneuver. Dan casually gripped both our cocks and told us how much he loves his brothers. Then he reached up for dad. "I want this, dad."

Bird and I helped hold Dan's legs up, hoisting his anus to a perfect angle for dad to enter him and us to watch.

Dad looked Dan in the eye. "I want this too, Dan. Promise to tell me if I hurt you."

"Don't worry, dad, you'll know it."

We all chuckled.

Dad grabbed his well-slicked penis and danced his head around Dan's opening. I could read a mixture of hesitation and determination on Dan's face. I knew that he was doing this, in part, for my benefit. I loved him for it.

Dad pushed the head of his beautiful penis into my brother's anus and held still. Dan's face registered surprise, confusion, surprise, and then delight. "Thank you, dad. More!"

I could see the tension dissipate in both dad and Dan's faces. Dad started to move in and out of his son at a slow pace. He sank further into Dan's rectum each time. I could tell they were both enjoying themselves.

Dan spread his arms and grabbed Bird and my penises again. Dad leaned over and kissed Dan as he made love to him. Both Bird and I had tears running down our cheeks at the beauty of the moment.

Bird and I smiled at each other, both wondering what it will feel like when dad makes love to us. We were both hard as could be. I looked between Dan and dad and noticed that Dan still wasn't fully erect.

I considered reaching in to masturbate Dan but decided that would be an intrusion in their personal space. If either of them thought it would be a good idea, they would have done it themselves or asked Bird or me to do it. But when I looked at Dan's face, he seemed to be genuinely enjoying the experience.

Dad told us that he likes anal stimulation just because of the sensations. I didn't think it was the same for Dan. My brother was having a good time because he was sharing intimacy with dad. Perhaps the fact that this was his first time was attenuating his physical pleasure.

Dan had gotten fully erect when we were giving each other enemas at Nate's house, so he must have enjoyed those sensations. I decided that I would make a concerted effort to stop thinking.

I sat back and enjoyed the feeling of Dan squeezing my cock. His motions and pressure were random. After a minute or two, Dan let go of Bird and my cocks and embraced dad. Dad was getting visibly more animated in his lovemaking. I never watched my father fuck anyone before. He seems to really know what he is doing.

I couldn't wait for dad to fuck me!

Dan grabbed dad's ass and was pulling dad into himself as dad neared his orgasm. They both were trying to help the other receive as much pleasure as possible.

Dad finally got to the point of no return. He was thrusting into Dan with great power, then froze. After a moment he sighed Dan's name and repeatedly told him how much he loved him. Dad lowered himself onto Dan, and they kissed quietly, not needing to do anything more to show each other their love.

Bird and I, both with tear-streaked faces, lay down on either side of them and joined in their embrace. Dad was still inside Dan.

We separated after a few minutes. Dad sat up, trying to remain inside his son, but he slid out. Dan looked almost sad.

Dad looked down at Dan. "You didn't cum. Tell me what you are feeling. Do you regret having done this? Please tell me honestly."

Dan sighed and stroked dad's thighs. "I definitely am glad we made love, dad. I hope we do it again. I don't know why I didn't cum. I think I was overwhelmed with what I was feeling, and trying to figure out if I was doing everything the `proper' way.

"I really enjoyed the sensation of the shower wand in my ass, dad, but having you inside me sent me reeling. I was trying to make it as good for you as I could, but I had no idea how. I'm sorry, dad. I think I disappointed you." Dan cried. It was an ugly cry.

Bird and I moved back, knowing that Dan and dad had to sort this out for themselves. Dad tried to kiss away Dan's tears, and he managed to calm Dan with kissed and touches.

Minutes passed as the two men embraced each other with all the love in their hearts.

Dad looked Dan in the eye. "I love you, Dan, and I loved making love to you. It never even occurred to me that it would be possible for you to disappoint me. I was as happy as I have ever been when I ejaculated into you, and it was one of the best orgasms of my life because I was offering it to you.

"Maybe I rushed you into this," dad mused.

"No, dad, I wanted it. Maybe I wanted it too much and put too much pressure on myself. I will be better next time. I promise."

Dad kissed Dan, "No you won't. You were perfect this time. How could you get better? I thought Andy was the dumb one in the family, but you're giving him some competition."

"Hey!" was all I could think to say. I guess I proved dad's point. Dad grabbed me and kissed me. I could taste Dan on his lips.

Dad lay back on the blanket. "Bird, are you still interested in making love?"

I thought Bird was going to launch himself into orbit. "Yes!! I mean, if you think it's a good idea, I'm willing."

Dad laughed. "Come here, son. Your old man needs twenty or thirty minutes to recharge. Would you like to cuddle awhile?"

Bird tried to crawl inside my dad's body. He held on tightly but eventually relaxed into tenderness. My new brother glowed.

I turned to Dan and spoke quietly. "Did you really like it, Dan?"

"I did, Andy. But I think I got all up in my head and didn't allow myself to really be in the moment." I lay down in Dan's arms, and we cuddled much like dad and Bird were cuddling.


"Yeah, Andy."

"Are you still in your head?"

"No, squirt. I'm good now. Thanks. I love you."


"Yeah, Andy."

"Maybe you could enjoy yourself now. I mean, if someone were willing to make love to you and show you how much he adores his brother, maybe you could really be in the moment and enjoy it."

Dan chuckled and squeezed me. "I think you may be right, Andy. I think maybe I really could enjoy it now if my brother made love to me. Do you think Bird would be willing?"

I bit Dan's nipple. Hard.

Dan hissed, but then laughed. He held me again and kissed my cheek. "Andy?"

"Yeah, Dan."

"Would you make love to me. Please."

"I love you, Dan. Do you really want me to?"

Dan searched around the blanket for the tube of lube. He rolled me on my back and began to masturbate me with his lubed hand. He moved excruciatingly slowly up my shaft, then held my corona between his thumb and index finger, slowly twisting back and forth.

He poured a little more lube on his fingers and then slowly brought his hand down my shaft and back up it. I thought I might lose it right then. Dan let go of my penis when he heard me moan.

Dad and Bird were watching us. Dad smiled and nodded to us, giving his approval for his sons to make love to each other.

Dan lifted his legs to give me access to his anus. I kissed it and pushed my tongue in. I could taste dad's cum mixed with the taste of lube and Dan's musk. I moaned again. Dan moaned too. I felt his hole clenching on my tongue. I couldn't wait to feel it clench on my cock.

I straddled my brother, and we shared a loving glance. Dan stroked my face. "Pretend I'm Chris Atkins," he said as he pushed his thumb into my mouth.

I sucked on his thumb for a moment and then said truthfully, "That sorry bastard has nothing on you, Dan. You're the best."

I aimed my cock at Dan's hole and pushed in. I may have blacked out momentarily from the ecstasy I was feeling. Dan squeezed my cock with his ass. I slowly pushed all the way in and started pumping as I saw my dad doing a few minutes before.

Dan looked happy. I know I was gloriously happy. I was too happy. I started ejaculating after about ten strokes. Dan was squeezing and relaxing his anal muscles while smiling at me. He knew how much this meant to me. I knew I was letting him down, even more than I let down Annie.

"I'm sorry, Dan. I'm sorry!"

Dan smacked my ass. "Don't be sorry, asswipe, keep going. Don't leave me. You just came the first time. Your work isn't done."

Dan's encouragement helped me steel myself to push through my orgasm and concentrate even more on giving pleasure to my beloved brother. I had absolutely no trouble staying hard. When I felt my dick getting sensitive, I tried to think about what I could do for Dan.

I stroked his sides and pinched his nipples. He liked that. I told him what a sexy man he is. He liked that too. I told him what a sexy man he is as I pinched his nipples. He liked that a lot.

I was past my post-orgasmic sensitivity by this point. I was slamming into my nineteen-year-old brother with determined fury as I delivered the best filthy talk I could manage at thirteen years old.

"Oh my god, Dan. I want to fuck this ass forever. Look at you taking my cock. You've never looked sexier, you muscle stud. You can have any lover you want, and you chose me. Do you know what that does to me? It makes me want to fucking fuck the cum right out of you.

"Are you gonna cum for me, big bro?" I asked as I grabbed his hard throbbing penis and stroked him. "Is this goddam hot penis gonna squirt all over my face, Dan? Your ass is a sex machine, Dan. Show me how much you want this, you glorious fucker.

"You're pulling the fuck right out of me, Dan. Take it. Take my fuck and make it your own. This rock-hard soccer stud ass was meant to be fucked by me. Look at you panting like the sex god you are!"

I put my free hand on his throat. "Are you going to cum for me, Dan," I yelled as I massaged the front of his throat. "Tell me how much you want to cum with your brother's dick in your soccer stud muscle ass. You've never looked more manly and studly than you do now with my dick pumping into your ass. Is this manly soccer star sex god going to cum for me? Tell me!!"

Dan's eyes bulged, and he yelled, "Yeah, I want your dick inside me when I cum, like a real man! I wanna cum for you, Andy, as you deserve after the fuck you plowed into me. Oh god, I'm cumming now. Take it, Andy. Take it."

Dan shot a geyser into my face. I could feel the contractions of his orgasm in my hand wrapped around his penis, in my penis plowing his ass, and in the pulsing of the arteries in his neck as he yelled out his bliss.

He yelled out as each one of his seven ejaculations flew across his torso and face, my torso and face, and all over the blanket on the living room floor.

I released my grip on his throat. I loosened my grip on his penis. I didn't stop pumping into him. I was slamming my hips into his hard ass, and he turned into a cum-slicked murmuring mess.

I entered into my second orgasm inside him. I was a grunting, moaning mess.

We eventually stilled. I remained hard and kept myself as far inside my brother as I could. We stared at each other as we caught our breaths, trying to figure out what just happened.

I stroked his sides, creating a smear of cum as it ran off his cut abs. "Were you a little more in the moment this time, sweetie pie, sugar dumpling," I asked in a mock tender voice, circling his nipples with my index finger.

"I don't know where I was," Dan said laughing.

"Well, the entire neighborhood knows where you are Dan. I've never heard louder sex in my life," my mom said. She was naked, leaning in the doorway between the living room and kitchen.

I turned to her with a proud smile on my face. I resumed pumping into Dan's ass, only a lot more gently. "Mom, look! I fucked the cum right out of your firstborn. I did a good job, didn't I?"

Dan moaned in several octaves all at once as I kept fucking his ass. His eyes were glassy and unfocused. My mom came and knelt beside me and put her arm around my waist as I kept fucking Dan, even though I had already cum twice. I didn't ever want to stop fucking my brother.

Dad and Bird came over too. Dad was smiling, but Bird looked a bit shocked. They were both hard.

Mom put her hand on Dan's cum-soaked chest. "Do you like the way your baby brother is loving you, Dan?"

He tried to focus on her, but couldn't quite form any words.

Mom kissed my cheek. "You did a fine job on your brother, Andy, for an amateur. I'm sure you'll get better with practice. Don't be embarrassed."

I looked at her slack-jawed. She laughed at me. "Sorry, baby, I couldn't resist teasing you. I'm thrilled my boys are learning to play well together after all these years."

She kissed my cheek and rubbed Dan's cum into my chest. "Now, am I going to be able to get some sleep tonight, or are there going to be more screaming orgasms?"

I twisted to my mom and hugged her, still subtlely fucking Dan. I rubbed Dan's cum into her breasts before I realized what I had done. When we broke our embrace, I saw the globs of cum on her. I reached out and started wiping her breast with my right thumb and then licking it clean.

I froze with my thumb in my mouth. Mom smiled at me. "It's fine, Andy. Keep going."

I went back to work on her breasts, even strumming her large erect nipples. She mewed and smiled at me. "Like mother, like son, I suppose," she said, and grabbed my tit and twisted. I came a third time inside Dan, rutting into him while probably ejaculating nothing additional. I yelled out, "Oh god, yeah."

I tried to recover. Dan tried to recover too. Bird, mom, and dad were all laughing at us. Dad embraced mom and kissed her. "I have a feeling Andy is going to have three more orgasms tonight. I promise that one of us will stuff a dick in his mouth each time so that he doesn't disturb you."

Mom laughed. "Do you think we could arrange for that all the time? My days would be so much quieter."

I tried to look perturbed, but I was too happy. "Wait. Dad, did you say three more orgasms?"

Dad pointed to himself, Bird and Dan. "We're going to fuck you into tomorrow, Andy, my boy. That is, if you can ever take your dick out of your brother's ass."

Wow. Talk about a dilemma. Would I rather fuck Dan, or get fucked by him? Since I already came three times in his ass, I supposed it was only right that he would cum in mine.

I gingerly pulled out of Dan, eliciting a growl. I lay down on the blanket and grabbed my knees. "What are we waiting for?"

Mom leaned down and kissed my cheek. "Have fun , Andy. Try not to wear these guys out." She went back to bed.

I caught my dad's eye. "Are you ready to fuck me, dad? Are you recharged? Do you think you're man enough to make me a man?"

Dad came over and knelt over me. "After I'm done with Bird."

"Aww, dad. You're killing me by making me wait," I whined.

Bird came to me too. "I think Andy should go first, father. Please. You have all been so good to me today. You have all opened your hearts and your home to me. But Andy has been your son longer than I. He deserves this honor."

Dad hugged Shahin. "Are you certain, my beloved?

Bird once again melted into my dad. "Yes, father. I am happy to wait. I am happy to share Andy's joy."

I love that guy.

Dad pulled my legs down and then rolled me to him so that we were in a full-body embrace. "I don't want to fuck you anymore, Andy. I want to make love to you. Is that alright with you?"

I melted into my dad too. "I love you, dad. I'll do it however you want. Can we cuddle for a little bit?"

Dad answered by kissing my face and holding me in his strong arms. Our legs intertwined. I took some time to inhale the scent of his skin. He was intoxicating. Each minute we spent holding each other brought me closer to him and more in love with him.

"I love you, dad. I can't wait to feel you love me."

Dad didn't say anything. He just hummed quietly as he kissed me. He released me from his arms and turned to a sixty-nine position. I was happy to get him hard again so that he could sink his penis into me.

I was surprised that dad bypassed my penis and started rimming me. I had difficulty concentrating on getting dad hard because he was doing such a great job on my anus. Dad lifted his head out of my ass. "Bird, would you help me here?"

Bird came over, and I felt two tongues working my hole. I was vibrating with glee. I grabbed dad's ass and pulled his cock into my mouth and down my throat. I felt dad's cock stiffen and could feel his pulse in my throat.

Dad started fucking my throat. He was gentle. I hummed and moaned around his tasty phallus. After eight or nine more plunges into my gullet, dad pulled out. This is it!

He turned around and looked at me. I returned his gaze as I grabbed my knees once more, this time exuding more love than lust, though both were in ample supply.

Dad handed Bird the lube. My Persian brother was thrilled to be able to handle dad's penis again. Dad thanked him and then leaned over me. He maneuvered his penis to my entrance and pushed in just a couple inches. My entire body thrummed with desire.

Dad brought his face to mine and whispered into my ear, "I love you , Andy, more than I can find words to express. I want for you always to be as happy as you and Dan have made me."

I reverted to a child, weeping and repeating, "Daddy, daddy, I love you, daddy," as I wrapped my arms and legs around him. I knew that I would feel physically fulfilled when my dad made love to me. I was completely unprepared for the overwhelming emotional aspect of our lovemaking.

Dad was pumping in and out of me for a minute or two before it dawned on me that I should do something to enhance his sensations. I set up a rhymic contraction of my ass in time with his cycling in and out of me. I also pushed up my ass to get his penis as far inside me as I could.

He was stimulating my prostate with each stroke. I was losing my senses. I made incoherent sounds and increased the pressure on his ass with my feet. I wanted him completely inside me.

Dad began to echo my babbling verbalization as he increased the intensity of his lovemaking. We continued our grunting duet as I felt both of us vibrate.

We had a simultaneous orgasm. I remember yelling and ejaculating over and over. I actually lost consciousness for a few moments. When I awoke, it was with a full-body spasm. Dad was sitting up, still firmly planted inside me, but looking at me with an amount of worry.

I spasmed again and felt cum land on my right nipple. I panted a few times, and then it happened again. It seemed even more intense this time. I felt my ass clinging to my dad's still-erect penis. He thrust into me again. Again I spasmed and ejaculated, lolling my head back and forth.

My orgasm would not stop. Neither would dad's. I think we kept going like that for several hours. Dan and Bird insist that it was more like three or four minutes.

By the time my orgasm subsided, I was consumed with sex paralysis. My limbs lay limp on the living room floor, and my eyes couldn't open more than a slit. Dad pulled out of me slowly. I thought my heart was being pulled from my body, but I couldn't move a muscle to stop him. I could barely speak.

"No, daddy. Don't leave me. Again. Again. Forever," I pleaded in a husky whisper.

Dad smiled at me and picked up my right leg. He kissed my foot as he began caressing me. Bird and Dan joined him, treating me to a massage similar to the one we had given to Nate before we left him that night.

Even during the massage, I had orgasmic aftershocks. I don't think I ejaculated, but I felt the spasms and moaned. My dad and brothers bathed me in love.

"Thank you, daddy. Thank you, daddy. Daddy, daddy, daddy, Dan, Dan, Dan. Please, Dan. Please."

My adorable big brother rubbed noses with me. "Are you sure about this, squirt. I don't think you can survive another orgasm like that."

I sighed and puckered my lips. We kissed briefly. "I don't think I can survive without you inside me. Please, Dan, make love to me. I won't make until morning without you."

Dad accused me of being dramatic. How dare he!

Dan sat on the floor with his back against the couch. He dragged my lethargic body over to him as though I weighed nothing. He arranged me so that I was sitting astride him, looking at his handsome face. He raised his knees to support my back.

We sat in silence, smiling at each other. I reached forward and ran my finger gently around his nipple which I had so brutally abused before. Dan hissed, but I noticed him starting to chub up.

I leaned forward and sucked on his nipples, alternately using my lips, teeth, and tongue to tantalize him. He was soon fully erect and depositing drops of precum into his navel.

I kissed and licked my way down to that gorgeous penis and showed it and his scrotum how much I loved them. I had Dan ready to go in just a few minutes.

I lay on my back and watched him crawl over to me on his hands and knees. I was already panting.

"Do whatever you want to me, Dan. Anything at all. I don't care."

Dan smiled at me. "Tell me what you want. I want to make you happy."

"I'm already happy."

"What would make you happier?"

"Draw me like one of your French girls."

Dan laughed at my Titanic reference. "I can't draw, but I'm definitely going to plunge into your depths."

"I can't wait."

Dan kissed me while I massaged his erection. "Andy?"


"Should I give you the Christopher Atkins?"

"What do you mean, Dan?"

My brother grabbed my wrists and placed them over my head. "Should I treat you the way you treated Chris Atkins in your fantasy?"

I didn't know if that's what I wanted. On the one hand, the idea of complete submission to my soccer stud brother was a real turn-on. On the other hand, I wasn't sure I wanted my nipples and genitals abused.

As I was weighing my options, I unconsciously assumed the Christopher Atkins position, puffing out my chest, bringing up my knees and dropping them open at my sides, and opening my mouth as I held Dan's gaze.

Holy crap. I just invited Dan to give me the full Atkins. I trusted him completely not to go too far. I didn't trust myself to know what my limits were.

Dan smiled mischievously as he remained on his hands and knees above me. I tried to relax and assume a passive, submissive posture.

I saw a string of drool descend from Dan's mouth. He swung it back and forth a few times to get it lined up with my open mouth. I stuck out my tongue to catch it. My first present from Dan. I loved it.

As he kept drooling into my mouth, he reached down to my scrotum with one hand and began tickling my balls. I did my best not to squirm and to hold my loving gaze fixed on my loving brother.

The tickling morphed into pinching. The pinching got harder. I felt my eyes bug out as pain shot through me. I could feel myself turning red, but was determined to be receptive and willing.

Dan kept pinching my balls but lessened the pressure. He slowly brought his mouth to mine, and we kissed. I allowed him to enter my mouth. He explored very thoroughly, but at a leisurely pace.

Suddenly a sharp pain erupted in my right nipple. I hadn't even noticed that Dan stopped pinching my scrotum and moved to my nipple. I squealed briefly, then quickly regained my composure.

I felt a trickle of precum oozed from my cock. My body was liking this treatment even though my mind was still unsure.

Dan ran the tip of his erect wet cock along the underside of my erect wet cock. It felt exquisite. So did the pain in my nipple as Dan twisted and pulled with considerable force. I moaned into his mouth and stretched my arms higher above my head. I was not going to give in.

Dan finally broke our kiss and took a few moments to gauge my reaction as he kept running his cock head along the length of my pulsing cock. He kissed along my jaw and then moved to my underarm.

I had only a few hairs under each arm at the time, but Dan bathed my underarm with his loving tongue. We both moaned. I didn't realize that was another one of my hot spots.

He finished cleaning my pit and then moved to my tortured nipple. He kissed it several times and blew on it. It was standing erect. He sucked on my nipple. I was waiting for the next rush of pain, but it didn't come. Dan was being gentle with me.

I saw Bird and dad move a little closer to observe what was going on. I didn't look at them. I was focused on my lover.

Dan moved to my other nipple and showed it the same love. This time he held my nipple in his teeth and pulled away from me. He looked at me and kept increasing the pressure until something in my eyes must have told him I had had enough.

Then he bit harder. A shudder went through my body, and everything turned white for a few seconds. I heard Dan laugh as he looked at my cock throbbing and pumping out precum.

Dan pinched my scrotum again, this time pulling the skin forward. My pelvis followed along. The pain in my balls was approaching my limits.

Suddenly Dan's cock was completely buried in my ass. He wasted no time setting up a powerful slam fuck in my ass.

It all happened so quickly that I don't even know if I felt any pain. I felt I was fulfilling my destiny by being the receptacle of my beloved brother's lovemaking.

I smiled at him as though it were the best Christmas morning ever. Dan continued the assault on my ass for about five minutes, then pulled out as suddenly as he had impaled me.

By the time the shock of my abandonment could register, he grabbed my hips, rolled me over, and hoisted my ass in the air so he could plug it at warp speed. His left hand was on my shoulder to pull me into him as he fucked me relentlessly.

The slapping sound of his hips against my ass was accompanied by the offbeat reverberation of him spanking my right asscheek.

I was in heaven.

I looked at Bird and dad. They were both staring slack-jawed. I smiled proudly at them and shouted, "More! Harder!"

Dan grabbed a handful of hair and used that to pull me back. I was happy to have more nerve endings stimulated by my gorgeous brother.

I considered asking dad to break into the emergency cash in the basement to buy satellite time so the entire world could witness this magnificent sight. I was happier, and prouder of myself than ever in my life. I wanted everyone to see what a good brother I am. I felt my ass working his cock just as energetically as his cock was plowing my ass.

Before I knew what happened, I was on my back again. Dan's furious fuck continued unabated. He supported his weight by grabbing both my nipples and pinching them mercilessly while pressing on my chest with the heels of his hands.




I lost it. My orgasm washed over me like a tsunami. My ass pumped Dan's cock so hard that I brought him over the edge too.

He pushed into me and froze momentarily as he grunted through his orgasm.

I felt myself on the verge of losing consciousness again, but I fought it so that I could keep servicing Dan with my anal contractions. I surprised myself by pumping out a pretty large load of cum, especially considering the massive release I had only an hour before.

Dan pulled all the way out of my ass and then slammed back into me. I ejaculated again. He waited a few seconds and then repeated the motion. I had another convulsive ejaculation. I'm pretty sure I was floating.

We continued like that for a couple of minutes until Dan collapsed on top of me. But I wasn't done.

I managed to roll him over and kept riding his cock. My orgasm was slowly fading, but my bliss persisted. Dan murmured something about "too much."

I didn't understand what that meant, so I kept on riding him and feeling myself vibrating with joy. I doubled down on working my ass over his cock.

Within five minutes we were both experiencing another orgasm. I had nothing left to shoot. I'm pretty sure Dan was in the same condition, but the intensity of this one was even greater than the last.

I lay on my brother, sliding around on our mixed sweat and cum. I felt Dan's penis slip out of my ass. The world had lost all its beauty.

I had to have more. I looked over to Bird and noticed his fat Persian penis standing at attention.

"Now, Bird. I need you now. I'm not done."

Bird looked at my dad, who just shrugged.

I brought my knees up as high as I could so that Bird could enter me as I straddled my semiconscious brother.

The world was a beautiful place once again. My new brother began a delicate and deliberate rhythm in my rectum. He was as gentle as Dan was brutal. I was equally happy with both their styles.

I locked eyes with dad and groaned in contentment. He shook his head.

I nuzzled into Dan's sweaty neck as Bird continued to make love to me. I felt an echo orgasm course through me and groaned into Dan's ear.

He finally roused himself. "Am I still fucking you?"

I licked the delicious sweat from his face. "No, silly. Bird is fucking me. You didn't have it in you to keep going."

"You mean you didn't have it in you," Dan joked. "But now you have a pale imitation."

Another ripple of bliss wended its way through my system, prompting incoherent susurrations.

Dan wrapped his arms around me, and we kissed, each taking turns leading the dance of our tongues with each other.

Dan sighed. "I love you, Andy. Are you happy?"

"Nnnnnnn," was all I could answer as Bird shifted his technique and was hitting new spots inside me.

"I love both my brothers," I finally managed to speak. "Bird, I hope you don't mind going last and having to plow your way through dad's and Dan's cum in my ass. You are doing a beautiful job."

"Nnnnnnn," Bird responded, relishing pushing his cock through the other two loads of cum.

Dan asked, "Is he really that good?"

"Oh yeah," I sighed. "You've got to feel him sometime."

"No time like the present." Dan pulled up his legs. "Bird, do me for a while. Andy's had enough."

"The hell I have," I protested.

"You can handle a break. Please Bird."

I felt Bird withdraw from me. I was sad for my own miserable condition but happy for Dan. I was also happy for Bird because I knew how it felt to be enclosed in Dan's ass.

I could see on Dan's face the brief surprise of Bird's girth opening his hole. We kissed, and I could feel Dan accommodating our brother and beginning to really enjoy the experience.

Dan turned away from my kiss to ask Bird if he were also enjoying himself.

"Oh yes. Very much."

"I'm glad. I'm sorry that you're also the third one in me tonight, so you have to fuck your way through dad and Andy's loads in my ass. I feel as though we are asking a lot of you," Dan joked.

"Mmmmm," was Bird's only reply.

I decided that Dan was being greedy after a few minutes of having Bird inside him and begged to have our brother return to fucking me. Dan reluctantly agreed.

The world is a beautiful place, filled with wonder and delight!

Bird's pace was slow and constant, but he didn't feel at all mechanical. It was deliberate and purposeful. Bird communicated his love to me . Each cycle in and out of me was another couplet in a love sonnet. I was eager for more and more verses from my love and tried to send him my own verses through my response to his lovemaking.

I had had to memorize a sonnet by Shakespeare for my English class, but I had no idea what it meant. It played through my mind as my new brother lovingly fucked me.

Lord of my love, to whom in vassalage
Thy merit hath my duty strongly knit,
To thee I send this written embassage,
To witness duty, not to show my wit:
Duty so great, which wit so poor as mine
May make seem bare, in wanting words to show it,
But that I hope some good conceit of thine
In thy soul's thought, all naked, will bestow it;
Till whatsoever star that guides my moving
Points on me graciously with fair aspect
And puts apparel on my tatter'd loving,
To show me worthy of thy sweet respect:
Then may I dare to boast how I do love thee;
Till then not show my head where thou mayst prove me.

But, alas and alack, it was Dan's turn to be the recipient of Bird's poetry in motion. I contented myself to listen to Dan's own grunting verses and smiled at my dad.

Dad turned to Bird. "Do you like trains, Shahin?"

"Yes, father. I haven't ridden one in a while, but I do like trains. Why do you ask?"

I thought it was adorable how Bird called dad "father," as though he were in some high school Dickens production.

"Well," dad continued, "I was thinking that perhaps you'd like to ride a small fuck train. I fuck you while you continue to fuck my lesser sons. Or, would you rather finish with these losers first?"

"If it means that I can have you inside me sooner, father, I'm all for it. What do I need to do?"

Dad laughed. "Just bend over a little bit as you work on Dan there, and I'll take care of the rest. Are you ready for me? Do you want me to prep you some more?"

"I'm ready right now," Shahin exhaled.

I looked back to see dad wrap his arms around Bird from behind and kiss his cheek. Seeing how my dad loves Bird makes me love my dad more and more.

I saw one of dad's hands disappear. He must have been aiming for Bird's hole. A few seconds later I heard the most ecstatic moan I ever had heard. Dad put his chin on Bird's shoulder and looked very pleased with himself.

It took only a few seconds for them to set up a nice opposing rhythm. Dan looked very pleased with the result. I did my best to be patient.

I couldn't wait any longer. "I wanna be the caboose now. Let me be the caboose."

I saw dad patting Bird's hips, then I turned to see the look on Dan's face that could have come only from the disappointment of having Bird removing his penis from one's ass.

Bird grunted a few times as dad continued to fuck him even as he was changing positions to fuck me.

The world is a beautiful place, filled with flowers, rainbows, and butterflies.

I knew I was loved when Bird had first entered me. Now that he had returned to his proper place with dad bringing up the rear, so to speak, I felt doubly loved.

It seemed as if dad were sending his love for me through Bird who was amplifying it and adding his own. It felt so perfect that I had to stop.

"Dan, would you mind if I turn around? I want to watch them as I get fucked. But I don't want to crush you with my muscular manly body."

Dan didn't have to laugh so loudly.

Shahin pulled out of me so I could lie on my back on top of Dan. Dan brought his heels up to his ass and spread his knees. I put my legs outside of his so that we were both presenting our asses to Bird.

I felt the tip of Dan's cock near my hole. I would have probably tried double penetration right then if I had known such a thing were possible.

Watching Bird's tight wrestler's body making love to me while dad's cock was making love to his ass took my breath away. I felt Dan's hands wander aimlessly about my body. All three of the men in my life were loving me simultaneously. It was magical. I felt myself being transported once again.

I came. Hard.

I burped out only drops of watery cum, but it sprayed all over me. Poor Dan was underneath my relentless convulsions. I was yelling something, but I don't know what language it was. This was the longest, most intense orgasm of the night, even though it produced the least ejaculate.

I kept murmuring and shaking. I don't know how dad and Bird kept their steady fucking rhythm. I don't know how Dan didn't get bruised.

After about thirteen or fourteen hours of orgasmic stupor (or, as Dan claims, five or six minutes) I lost consciousness again. I was dead weight splayed out on top of Dan.

I came slowly out of dreamland, still relishing the continual occupation of my ass by my brother. I heard Dan moaning. It sounded as if he were getting close to having another orgasm too.

Dad was still fucking Bird, but Bird was now fucking Dan. And Dan was fucking me!

Somehow Bird and Dan had turned me around again so that I was facing Dan, who was holding me up under my arms as he rocked me up and down on his cock as Bird rocked in and out of his ass.

We were a four-man fuck train now, and I was still the caboose.

I took control over my body, allowing Dan to concentrate on his own pleasure. From the sound of things, dad and Bird were getting close too.

I knew I couldn't cum again, but I was thrilled that I would be on the receiving end of Dan's cumming. I re-energized my ass to give Dan a pleasant place to put his penis. His face told me that he appreciated my efforts.

Three minutes later Dan's love was pulsing inside of me. He must have set off Bird. Dad also came, but I suspect that he had more control over his orgasms than any of us did.

I did not cum, but I felt a humming vibration go through me as if their three orgasms were sending compression shock waves through my corpus.

I lay down on Dan again, his cock softening inside me. I was exhausted emotionally as well as physically. Dad and Bird joined us on the blanket spread across the living room floor. Dan's penis eventually slipped from my tired ass. I felt some cum leaking out too.

Suddenly I felt Bird's tongue cleaning me up. He is such a good brother. He slurped, licked, moaned, and repeated. Dan didn't seem to mind my staying on top of him. He spent the entire time tickling my back and kissing me. I was too enervated even to return his kisses., I felt myself drifting off into a happy sleep. I tried to resist so that I could fuck Bird, but I was too exhausted.

When I awoke, it was dark in the living room, save for a small night light in the hall. It was enough illumination for me to tell it was about 3:20 a.m. according to the clock on a nearby bookshelf.

I had forgotten where I was for a minute. I was still on the living room floor, lying on my right side holding on to Bird, my forehead tucked under his chin. I could hear his heartbeat through his muscular pecs, its slow and steady rhythm making me feel secure and peaceful.

Dan was holding me from behind. He was lightly snoring, his with a chubbed-up penis in the small of my back. He had the back of my head tucked under his chin. I couldn't see above my head and didn't want t move lest I disturb my brothers but I suspected that Bird and Dan might be kissing in their sleep. Their lips couldn't have been more than a few millimeters apart.

Both Dan and Bird had an arm draped over me with Dan's hand on my belly, and Bird's on my ass.

Our combined body heat kept me warm under the light blanket someone had pulled over us. There was barely a square inch of my skin not in contact with one of my brothers. We smelled of sweat, ass, musk, and cum. I wish I could bottle that scent.

I heard grunting and moaning. Ah, dad was taking care of mom. Or vice versa. He has more energy than his three sons combined. My dad is a stud.

I allowed myself to fall back to sleep sandwiched between my two beautiful brothers while my mom and dad sang out their love in their bedroom down the hall.

All was right with the world.


   _   _   _   _   _   _  


I hadn't realized it, but I was telling Tian my story with my eyes closed. Tuer Shen must have taken over driving the moving van. I apologized for my lack of attention.

I looked down to see Tian still lying on his back with his head in my lap, but he had his right leg on the back of the bench seat. He was playing with his ass while his ten-inch erection pumped out precum.

"Dad, I can't wait for grandpa to come to visit so that I have both of you inside me at once. That will be something special."

Tian came all over himself as he imagined my dad and I double penetrating him. I smeared his cum around his torso, then tried my best to concentrate on my driving.