Rabbit Hole

CHAPTER THIRTY-ONE: Breaking Open Heaven

By Quentin Collins (hauptwerk88@gmail.com)

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This story is fictitious and takes place in a fantastic realm where inconvenient physical, biological, medical, legal, and moral strictures don't exist. It is intended only for the entertainment of those who are legally permitted to access and read it.

This is my first attempt at storytelling, so please be gentle in your criticism, lest you make me cry.

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I kept regaling my son Tian with stories from my teen years around the time he was conceived as we made our final approach driving to our new home outside of Columbia, South Carolina. He had cum all over himself as I told him about the first time I had made love with my brother Dan, my dad, and my informally-adopted brother Shahin.

We were silent for a few minutes as we both collected our thoughts and Tian ate the cum from his naked torso.

He settled back down in my lap and asked me to continue.


   _   _   _   _   _   _  


I was asleep between Dan and Bird, the three of us on top of the sleeping bags we had spread across the living room floor. I had awoken once during the night but happily fell back to sleep wedged between two of my three favorite men. Dad was in bed making pretty loud love to mom, which is what woke me up in the first place.

I was waking up again. I felt myself being squeezed between my soccer stud brother and my wrestling stud new brother. The pressure was increasing, and I started to have difficulty breathing.

I didn't bother to open my eyes, though I sensed that it was now dawn. I lifted my head from Bird's chest and croaked out, "There are worse ways to die. It's fine."

I felt Bird's hand groping my ass as Dan's hand tickled my belly. I also felt the two of them shaking as they laughed quietly, satisfied in their frottage torture of me.

Suddenly they both rolled away from me, and I could breathe again. I was almost sad. The three of us pandiculated under the light blanket that covered us. All of us had morning wood.

I remember wondering if last night was real. Did I really fuck my dad and get fucked by him in return? I did the same with Dan. Bird fucked me as dad fucked him simultaneously, but I didn't get to sink my dick into that glorious Persian ass.

I felt changed. I felt free. Free from what? I think I freed myself from self-judgment and the expectation that I had to prove to anyone that I was heterosexual. I could be myself and be welcomed by my family. Not even just welcomed celebrated!

I felt a bit bewildered. I loved everything I did last night, but what does it mean going forward? Will dad and I keep making love with each other? What about Dan and Bird? It seemed natural and unforced, but it was all extremely peculiar.

There was one thing of which I was certain: I had to pee! I got up, pulling the blanket off my brothers-lovers-tormentors, and made my way to the first-floor bathroom. I sensed that I had company. The three of us made quite a lot of noise emptying our bladders together. I didn't think anything of it. Dan and I shared the bathroom whenever we were both at home.

We took turns washing our hands, splashing water on our faces, and rinsing away the worst of our morning breath. Dan put his arm around me as we walked to the kitchen. He leaned in to speak directly into my ear.

"How are you, Andy? Do you have any pain from last night? Do you have any regrets or remorse?"

I love Dan so much! I pulled him into a hug and stood quietly for a moment.

"I have only one regret, Dan. I didn't get to make love to Bird." I turned to my new brother and embraced him. The tender look he gave me melted my heart. "Oh, Bird, I'm so sorry I fell asleep last night before I could be inside you. I love you. You were so kind to become part of me last night. All I want is to return the gesture. I want us to be together in every way possible."

Bird tightened his grip on me and sighed. His hands meandered around my back. I could barely get my arms around his massive lats. My hands settled on his ass. I held them still, waiting for his glutes to communicate to me.

"I love you, Andy," Bird eventually whispered to me. "I don't have to be home until nine o'clock. It's possible for us to spend some time together now if you want to. I know that I would welcome it, but I don't want to pressure you ... ."

I launched myself onto Bird as he spoke, wrapping my arms and legs around him. I was crying with happiness that he would still want me. Maybe there would be enough time for him to sink his lovely penis into my ass once more too? What were we waiting for?

I heard Dan laughing as he stepped forward to kiss both our cheeks. "I think Andy wants to spend time with you, brother."

Bird glowed at being called "brother."

Mom and dad sauntered into the kitchen hand-in-hand, as naked as the three of us. Dad had a full erection. "Well, Rose, I guess we're done sleeping. Looks like we've got three hungry boys to feed.

I turned to dad. "I'm not hungry, dad. I still haven't made love to Bird. I can't eat until that problem is remedied." I turned to Bird as he held my full weight, "Can we remedy that problem right now, big brother?"

Bird made his way back to the living room. I gestured to everyone in the kitchen. "Come with us! I want you all to see how beautiful my brother is. I want you to see how we love each other."

It didn't occur to me that it might be a tad unusual to invite one's parents to witness their son making love to his brother, but I knew that the love we felt was shared by all of us. I wanted it to be celebrated by all of us.

Mom, dad, and Dan followed, apparently having no issue with my request.

Bird somehow managed to sit on the living room floor while still holding me. He betrayed no unease, and never once had to check his balance.

I leaned forward to encourage him to lie back. I lay on top of him, and we kissed. I was eager to be inside my brother, but I didn't want to end the dancing of our tongues. I didn't have a lot of kissing time under my belt, but I was certain that nobody would ever kiss as well as Bird. We were perfectly in tune with each other. There was no dominant or submissive partner; there was only partnership.

I forced myself to end our kiss. I missed the taste of Bird's mouth. I missed the full-body contact of our skin. Bird and I smiled at each other, and I never wanted anything more in my life than to be joined with him.

"Dad, would you be so kind as to help prepare Bird for my visit? Dan, I would love it if you would help me."

Bird rolled his head to the side to watch dad approach him. "I love you, son," dad proclaimed before they kissed for a moment. Then dad helped Bird lift his legs, and dove in to start rimming him.

Bird might have been levitating at the delight my dad was giving his anus. I knew the delight was elevated by the fact that it was my dad doing the rimming. Bird was completely erect and starting to drizzle precum. I hoped he could wait to cum until I was inside him!

I looked down at my own penis and saw that I was as erect as Bird. The click of a bottle redirected my attention to Dan as he brought a handful of lube to my erection. He grabbed my penis and twisted his hand around it as he pulled. He was not being sensuous or gentle. I knew he was trying to keep me from firing prematurely.

I knelt tall, with my hands on my butt so I could display my arousal. I caught my mom's eye. She smiled gently at me as she came to kneel beside me.

"You love your brothers very much, don't you?"

"Yeah, mom. More than I thought possible."

"Just remember to communicate that love to Bird and give him as much pleasure as he is giving you. Everything else will take care of itself."

She kissed my cheek and held me as we watched dad rim Bird. Dan moved his slicked-up hand near Bird's anus. Dad withdrew his tongue and gave Bird's ring a few loving nibbles.

Bird gasped as Dan sank two fingers into Bird's ass. Dad rubbed his belly and kissed him, allowing Bird to taste dad's tongue, which had just been in his rectum.

I knew by the grunting that I had best get started before they finished without me. I knelt between Bird's legs, and Dan withdrew his fingers. Bird's anus winked at me invitingly. I accepted the invitation.

As soon as I had an inch of my penis inside my new brother, I felt our love pulling us closer. I slowly slid all the way inside him and held still for a moment as we looked at each other tenderly, our eyes brimming with emotion.

Dad and Dan knelt on either side of us, each placing one hand on my ass and the other on Bird's shoulder. They joined our lovemaking.

I started fucking Bird with a leisurely rhythm, changing my approach every so often to maximize my brother's pleasure. Dad's and Dan's hands on my ass subtlely guided my actions, teaching me how to be the lover that Bird deserved. We all wanted him to be whelmed in bliss.

Bird's countenance displayed the acceptance and security he found in our love. He knew he wasn't being physically stimulated: he was being loved as completely as one teen boy could love another through his inadequate body.

I felt that same love coming back to me. How could we have developed such a bond in one day?

Perhaps the seed of our love was lying as dormant the same way the seed of the desert lupine waits years for the rains to come to wash away its waxy coating, allowing it to germinate and almost immediately thrust stalks full of blossoms toward the sun.

I continued to thrust my stalk into Bird with incrementally-increasing force, guided expertly by the hands on my ass. Dad and Dan took turns kissing Bird and me, wordlessly urging us to lay our hearts open to each other.

I swore I could feel invisible waves of generous warmth wafting through the room, not just between Bird and me, but among all five of us. We were one family replete with love.

My orgasm was approaching from the horizon. I looked to my lover to gauge his impending bliss. I looked at dad and then down to Bird's beautiful erection. He got the hint and took Bird's penis into his mouth and his throat. My brother's shuddering gasp told us it was an effective maneuver.

Dan moved behind me. I soon felt the tip of his penis explore my crack and find my opening. I wasn't aware that he had lubricated himself, but I could feel the lubricant being smeared around my anus. I turned and smiled at Dan, eager for him to join the physical expression of our love.

I welcomed my brother Dan into me as I continued to thrust into my brother Bird. The bond we three formed was indescribably comforting and exhilarating.

Both Bird and I were becoming incoherent as the paroxysms of our orgasms approached. I didn't expect that Dan would cum; but, from the sound of his moaning and the thrusts into my ass, it sure felt as if he had caught up to us very quickly.

I was plunged into the luxuriant darkness of my orgasm. I felt my body convulsing in ecstasy, but my spirit was being quietly bathed in all the love the universe could contain.

When I returned from my torpor, I was again pressed between Bird, who was underneath me, and Dan,who was on top of me. I don't know when dad stopped sucking Bird, but he and mom were caressing us and cooing their love.

I was happy to be floating on Bird's copious ejaculation as I felt Dan's penis continue to throb inside my ass. I realized my own penis was throbbing inside Bird in perfect synchronicity. We three were one.

No words were spoken for many minutes. There was nothing to be said.

It seemed time to move on. I turned my head toward my dad, keeping my eyes closed. I felt his lips osculate with mine.

"Mmmm. Daddy?"

"Yes, Andy?"

"I'm hungry now."

Dad moved his mouth to Bird's. After a minute I heard Bird announce his hunger too. Dad chuckled.

"I don't have to ask if Dan is hungry. If he's breathing, he's hungry."

"I love you, dad," Dan whispered sarcastically.

Dan slowly withdrew his softening penis from me. How could he be so cruel? My own shrinking phallus soon fell out of Bird. I replaced it with my tongue as I felt Dan do the same on me.

Mom and dad patted their approval as they got up and went to the kitchen. We three brothers spent several minutes cleaning each other before we joined them.

Mom was dipping slices of bread in an egg wash to make French toast. I hugged her from behind. She wiped her hands on a towel and turned around to hold me.

I felt myself shake as I cried on her shoulder. "There's just so much love," I managed to whimper.

We swayed together as she held me. "There's even more love than either of us can comprehend," she instructed. "Just know that all of you deserve every bit of love that you feel. You three are each blessings to each other and to us. Not everyone is lucky enough to know how much they are loved. Remember how lucky you are."

To this day the smell of French toast makes me smile as I remember the joy of that moment. On that day, the smell of French toast soon mixed with the pungent aroma of sizzling beef and eggs cooking.

"What the heck are you making, mom? Are we having roast beef for breakfast?" I asked incredulously.

"No, sweetie, Bird is going to have steak and eggs for breakfast. You're having French toast. We don't want Bird bloating up at the beginning of wrestling season," mom reasoned.

I scanned Shahin's magnificent naked body from head to toe and back again. I certainly didn't want him to do anything to jeopardize that physique. If it meant having the odor of sizzling sirloin tips fill the house in the morning, so be it.

Dan told mom that he would have a slice of French toast along with his protein shake since he and I were going to go for a run this morning.

"I did not agree to that," I retorted.

"I am your trainer. You will do as you're told, squirt," he said, smiling.

"I will not!"

"It's your choice, Andy. You don't have to have this cock in your ass anymore either. I'm not going to sink this precious tool into a flabby ass."

"Mom! Dad! That's extortion!" I whined.

Dad laughed. "No, Andy, that's call `incentive.'"

Mom shrugged as she laughed. I plopped down in my chair in defeat. Dan stood next to me and put his dick in my face. "Tell me this isn't worth it, Andy."

I suckled Dan's penis, instantly willing to do anything to have him inside me again. I could taste my own ass on his dick, which gave me even more incentive. Within seconds my sulkiness was replaced with compliance and then enthusiasm.

Bird laughed. "You're a man of simple tastes, Andy."

I didn't try to get Dan off, I wanted just to give us both some pleasure. Mom and dad started to put breakfast on the table, and I abandoned my oral laving of Dan's penis.

I looked around the table as I ate my French toast. I felt a smile overspreading my face. My family is odd. My family is wonderful. My family is magical. My family is irritating.

I swallowed and caught my dad's eye. He must have noticed the sudden seriousness of my countenance.

"What is it, Andy? Is something wrong, son?"

I took a moment to formulate my question. "I don't know whom to thank."

Dad put his hand on mine. "I don't understand. Thank for what?"

I cleared my throat as I tried to understand my own thoughts. "We used to say grace before eating, thanking God and Jesus for our blessings.

"Today I feel more blessed than I have felt ever in my life. I have more to be thankful for today than at any time in my life. But I don't know whom to thank anymore.

"Is there a god to thank? Are you all just some happy assemblage of particles flying through the universe? I feel I need to thank someone for everything on the table and everyone around the table.

"It feels as if the love that we five share is another person in the room. Is that our own creation? Has someone gifted us with the love we share? It's a powerful, palpable force. Am I the only one who feels it?"

We sat in silence. I seemed to have brought a heaviness to the air.

Bird picked up my right hand and held it to his cheek. "I feel it too, Andy. I was raised to respect the traditions of Islam. Even though my family is not particularly religious, my parents tried to instill in me a healthy respect for and an even healthier fear of Allah.

"But I have never felt anything closer to divinity in my life than the love that father and I shared last night, and the love that you, Dan, and I shared this morning. I felt that powerful, palpable force, Andy. You are not imagining it.

"Perhaps we broke open heaven when we made love," Bird offered wistfully.

More silence. I looked at mom. She had tears in her eyes.

"I'm sorry, mom," I offered.

"No, Andy. Don't be sorry! I am as proud of you as I have ever been. You've summed up the questions I've been asking for months.

"Your dad and I have left the church and have disassociated ourselves with the idea of organized religion. We realized that religion is really a political construct that uses the idea of an angry, vengeful, and easily-wounded god as a stick to impose order on people and extract compliance. Religion also uses god's blessings and the reward of heaven as a carrot to cajole people to accept that which they don't understand and would not otherwise accept.

"There was a time when I rejected the existence of god," mom continued. "But I've come to realize that the rejection of manmade religions doesn't necessitate the rejection of the acknowledgment of a divine being.

"Your dad and I have had a similar experience to what our son Shahin has just described: our making love `breaks open heaven' and reveals divinity to us. It is a divinity that needs nothing from us and imposes no demands upon us.

"The divinity we experience is more real than anything I ever felt in a church building. We invite that divinity to be with us and any of our other partners such as Nate and Tessa whenever we make love. It is happy to be with us and celebrate with us. The only thing it has ever asked of us is to celebrate each other."

I had once again completely underestimated my parents.

Dad took the fork from my hand and intertwined his fingers with mine. "Why don't we all join hands and spend a moment celebrating each other?"

I felt a spirit move about us as we held hands in silence. I saw flashes of indescribable beauty. I realize now that I was seeing glimpses of the Garden of the Western Wind.

I offered my thanks to that unseen spiritual presence. I sensed it lovingly laughing at my implied obsequiousness. This divinity insisted on being beside me rather than above me. I suddenly had a friend for life.

I was happy.

"Amen?" was the only thing I could think to say. We all chuckled at the absurdity of it all.

I saw that every one of us experienced a similar closeness to the divinity. It was a nascent bond that would continue to grow through the years.

We finished breakfast with little conversation. Dad suggested that we three boys should go downstairs to wash Bird before he had to dress to go home.

My hands caressed every square inch of his skin as I washed him. I was sad that he had to go but knew deep down that we had an unbreakable eternal bond. The upcoming physical separation would be a blip in our history.

Our shower included many long kisses among all three of us brothers, but we did not bring each other to orgasm.

I helped Bird dress in the living room. Mom, dad, Dan and I kissed him goodbye for many minutes. He held mom and dad in his strong arms. "Thank you for making me your son. I love you."

Dad kissed his mouth again and patted his cheek. "You're our favorite son," he said laughing.

I knew he was trying to make a joke, but I readily agreed. "You're my favorite brother, too."

"Mine too," Dan added.

Bird laughed, but mom grabbed his shoulder. "It's true, you know. We are all the better because of you."

Bird hugged mom, then cupped and kissed each of her breasts in turn. "You are the life-giver in this family. We are all the better because of you, mother."

Bird blushed when he realized that he had fondled mom's breasts, but she looked ecstatic. She kissed him on both cheeks.

None of us uttered a word as Bird walked out the front door, got on his bicycle, and headed home.

Dad said that he was going to get his materials organized in the garage so that he could work on Mr. Madsen's jobs Sunday morning. I told mom I would clean up the kitchen. She said that I had some running to do with Dan.

"Oh, that's all right, mom. We should wait a little bit before we go running anyway. Andy can get dishpan hands first."

Mom smacked Dan on the ass. "In that case, you can clean up the living room and throw the sheets in the wash. Don't forget to run the vacuum."

Ha! I stuck my tongue out at Dan. He lunged at me and took my tongue between his teeth. We devolved into aggressive kissing, each trying to exert control over the other.

Mom just shook her head. "I miss Bird already. I'm going to take a bath."

Dan and I ended up just holding our naked bodies together, taking turns exploring the other's mouth.

"I love you, asshole," I told my older brother.

"I love your asshole too."

Dan went into the living room, and I started gathering dishes from the breakfast table.


   _   _   _   _   _   _  


I patted Tian's cheek as he smiled up at me from my lap. "Oh, dad, I can't wait to make love with Uncle Bird. He and Uncle Oliver are great men."

"That they are, Bunny. It was too bad that I didn't get to see again until Thanksgiving that year. But I'll tell you about that later."