Rabbit Hole


By Quentin Collins (hauptwerk88@gmail.com)

© BJB Conglomerated Media


This story is fictitious and takes place in a fantastic realm where inconvenient physical, biological, medical, legal, and moral strictures don't exist. It is intended only for the entertainment of those who are legally permitted to access and read it.

This is my first attempt at storytelling, so please be gentle in your criticism, lest you make me cry.

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   _   _   _   _   _  


I turned off the main road in the moving van with Tianbao looking around enthusiastically. This will be our new neighborhood. Even though our house was officially on the rather busy Garners Ferry Road, it was easier to approach from the back of the property, where the roads were quieter.

We drove along our property for almost a half mile, but couldn't see much of anything because of a wide berm planted with native Indian Grass, coneflowers, Helianthus, rhododendron, azaleas, white pine, and red oak, among other species.

I had asked the landscape architect to build the berms for privacy and to control road noise from the considerable school bus traffic generated by a nearby public high school. I hadn't expected such mature plantings. Some of the trees had to be thirty feet tall and looked as if they had been growing there for decades. I knew that wasn't the case because this was open, gently undulating acreage just a few months ago when I last surveyed it.

I came to a stop sign and was about to turn left when Tian grabbed my arm. "Dad, did you do this on purpose?"

I looked as he pointed to the street sign. We were turning onto Rabbit Run. Well, I'll be damned.

"Oh my gosh, Bunny, I didn't even notice that the last time I was down here. Our driveway is right down here on Rabbit Run. I love it!"

I rubbed Tian's bare thigh excitedly at the thought of starting our new life together. Just the touch of his skin brought the familiar electric tingle of our parallel cosmic reality. I touched him for barely a few seconds but felt my body react, and my cock started to rise.

I drove about a quarter of a mile on Rabbit Run and looked for a gravel drive on the left. Instead of loose gravel, I turned left onto a triple-wide driveway built out of sparkling grey granite pavers and lined by high Blanco Dolomiti marble walls that emerged from the thickly planted berms. A large horizontal onyx panel was mounted on the wall on each side of the drive with polished platinum letters announcing with restrained elegance: Private Drive.

The driveway was plenty wide enough for people to turn around if they realized they weren't where they belonged. Everything appeared to be placed with laser precision and the highest level of craftsmanship.

As I continued about a hundred feet along the drive, the walls bordering the driveway angled together and stopped at a solid platinum gate in a horizontal basket weave pattern. Each strip was about a foot wide. The gate remained closed as I pulled to a stop and lowered my window.

"What the hell? This wasn't here before. How are we going to get to our house? I don't even know whom to call for an access code."

Tian started laughing. I looked at him as he pointed to the gate. "Dad read what's etched into the gate."

I looked more closely at the gate to see one of the horizontal strips was etched with the Chinese characters representing the words, "Huānyíng jiā zhōngxīn ài de tùzǐ. (Welcome home, beloved rabbits.)"

I laughed and addressed Bunny through my son, "Thank you, my friend. I hope we will all be happy here. I can't wait to see what you've done with the place. I know that – somehow – you are responsible for this."

I realized that Tuer Shen must have commandeered the remodeling project of the house somehow. It would likely be something far more remarkable than what I had planned.

I kissed Bunny-Tian, and we celebrated in each other's mouths for a minute, both of our dicks responding to our intimacy. Tian broke the kiss and lay across my lap, his upper body hanging out the driver's side window to examine the control panel. He lay with his firm cock pressed into mine. We were both erect and slippery with precum, and the pressure brought pleasure to both of us. My hand automatically found his ass and caressed it as my body electrified.

"Dad, it looks like it's a fingerprint reader. Put your thumb on it and see what happens. Maybe it will give you instructions."

I leaned out and placed my thumb on the reader. I heard a clink and looked frontward to see the gate split apart and slide open. Who had my thumbprint? Who built this damned gate? Of course, I knew who was responsible for all of this. He's cohabitating my son's perfect body.

I was caressing Tian with both hands now and took my foot off the brake pedal.

"Bunny, I have a feeling you have many surprises in store for us. Why don't you drive us to where you want us to go?"

Tuer Shen, through my son, smiled and kissed me briefly. Tian turned, so he was sitting next to me, both of us gawking expectantly. We held hands as the van slowly moved through the gate.


   _   _   _   _   _  


Tuer Shen had already taken us many unexpected places. I was excited to see the home he decided to provide for us to start our new life together.

The van slowly moved along the impeccable drive. The plantings obscuring our view thinned out as we rounded a small hill filled with white pine and azaleas. As we made our way up the slight rise, I saw two flags emerge: the United States flag, and a rainbow gay pride flag. The twin flagpoles were sitting high atop the front porte-cochère of a massive house.

I had dreamed of having an updated version of a plantation house, and that is what Bunny provided, and then some. The main part of the modern house was about one hundred fifty feet long, and three stories high in most places with each floor surrounded completely by balconies to shield the interior from the intense South Carolina sun. It was all clad in the same crisp white Dolomiti marble as the privacy fence by the front gate. All the lines were crisp. The roofs were flat to add to the horizontal feel of the building.

Instead of columns supporting the balconies, there were marble monoliths about eighteen inches thick and three feet wide set perpendicular to the glass-paneled rails of the balconies. I supposed one would call them buttresses if they were attached to the walls rather than standing free. Only about a foot of them were under the balconies. They acted as additional light baffles but allowed the air to move through.

The center of the house went up to a fourth floor that was replete with windows. The monoliths holding up the third and fourth-floor balconies over the porte-cochère were larger and extended above the fourth floor where a horizontal marble slab connected them and upon which the flagpoles were mounted. I could see glass staircases ascending from the left and right to the roof of the tower, and another going up to the flagpoles

Tian and I exited the van to marvel at the gleaming house. We stood happily naked and holding hands on our new front lawn, feeling the hot July air waft over us. The thick grass was soft and warm on our feet. The lawns were, of course, perfectly maintained, but they appeared to be all hand cut and edged rather than machine mangled.

I looked up at the house. "Bunny, those flags must be a hundred feet in the air!"

Tian laughed. "Don't be ridiculous, dad. They're only eighty-five feet, four and one-quarter inches above the driveway. That's my best guess anyway. Any higher than that would have been vulgar, don't you think?"

I laughed and embraced my beautiful fifteen-year-old son. "Do you think it would be alright for us to walk around the outside of the house before we go in? I want to see everything you've done."

Tian kissed me. I suddenly wanted to make love to him in the grass but knew I should view his handiwork.

Tian stepped back. "Dad, you're funny. This is your house. You don't have to ask anyone's permission to do anything while you're here. Walk around. Go inside. Burn it to the ground. It's your call. This property is like your own Garden of the Western Wind."

"This place is magnificent. I hope to keep it looking beautiful for years to come. I'd never want to burn it the ground after you've put so much love into it."

We started walking counter-clockwise around the house. As large as the main part of the house was, there was an entire three-story wing swept back forty-five degrees holding a family room and gathering room. There were large covered loggias with seating clusters and a complete outdoor kitchen.

We stood caressing each other's asses as I took in the sight of a collonade following the forty-five-degree axis of the wing and extending a couple hundred feet to a very large open cloister. It was an enormous elongated hexagonal structure with two-story triangular buildings capping both ends.

"What's down there, Bunny?"

"Oh, that's the cloistered playing field. It's big enough for football, American football, rugby, whatever. You can set it up for croquet if you like, or several lawn tennis courts. I hope we can play a lot of rugby here. The structure closer to us is just an open-air pavilion. The larger one at the other end is a clubhouse where we can hang after matches."

As we rounded the corner, I was struck by a large two-and-one-half story glass building extending back from the center axis of the house. "Let me guess, sweet baby, an indoor Olympic pool?"

"Well, dad, the pool is the proscribed fifty meters in length, but it has only five lanes instead of ten. We can change that if you want. Maybe we can have the swim team over for practices and parties. Would you like that?"

"Would I like to have a bunch of athletic – and I presume naked – teens cavorting in my back yard? Can I get back to you on that? What's at the other end of the pool?"

I walked about halfway back the length of the pool building where a one-story poolhouse jutted out. It was lined with the same large glass doors as the house so I could see the locker room, shower area, and through the doors on the other side back to the rugby cloister. We walked to the back of the poolhouse to examine what appeared to be a three-story square building about ninety feet on each side surrounded by balconies and set at a forty-five-degree angle to the long pool structure. The flat roof was some kind of loft set up for lounging and socializing.

"I call that the "party stack," dad. If you want to have a big-ass whoop-dee-do with a lot of guests, but don't want a couple hundred people in the house, you can use that building. The basement is a sports bar and a caterer's kitchen. The first floor is a bar and lounge. The second floor is a dance hall. The third floor is a banquet hall, and the roof is an open-air party deck.

"You can't see them through the trees, but on the other side of the road behind the party stack are two guest houses, or dormitories, really. They each have three bedrooms, but the upstairs bedrooms are open halls, each having three king-size beds and joined by a common bathroom. If people party too hardy, you can put up twenty-eight people with only two in a bed, or fifty-six with four in a bed. That's in addition to the four bedrooms in the main house, and all the other salons with chaise lounges, sofas and other places scattered around the place where people could crash.

"Or you can never throw a party, and we can sleep in a different place every day of the month."

I kissed my son. "We will definitely make love in every one of those beds and loungers."

We held each other loosely. "I can't wait, dad. Do you want to start now?"

"Oh, Bunny, there's not a waking moment when I don't want to be making love with you. But I am curious to see the rest of the place. How large is it anyway?"

"Well, these main buildings here are about ninety-thousand square feet over about thirty-five acres. You bought about two hundred acres, so there's plenty of open land aside from the greenhouses and a few other utility buildings scattered around."

"You know, Bunny, I was planning on about a three-thousand-square-foot home. This is thirty times larger than that!"

My son patted my ass. "As I said, burn it down if you don't like it."

"It's from you, my sweet baby. You know I love every atom in it."

We held each other again and took a few moments to kiss and share our love. We both became erect, and our cocks were moistened with precum. It took all of my willpower to break our makeout session to continue viewing Bunny's gift to me.


   _   _   _   _   _  


We walked around the back of the pool structure, through a covered patio connecting it to the party stack. There was another hexagonal cloister on the other side of the pool, this one less than half the size of the first. "Another playing field, Bunny?"

"Yeah, but that one is clay for tennis, badminton, or volleyball. It doesn't really have a clubhouse either; it just has a locker room and shower."

I shook my head. "I guess we have to economize where we can."

I looked around the grounds and noticed a labyrinth of paths intersecting at small traffic circles arranged in some precise yet inscrutable pattern across the landscaped acreage. I spied an ATV or small utility jitney coming toward us on one of the paths from a garage several hundred feet away.

As it approached, I realized it was driven by a naked young man, probably college age. He was medium height and quite thin, though apparently very fit. His caramel complexion was uninterrupted by any tan lines.

The electric ATV glided silently to a stop beside us and the man dismounted. He had a small patch of trimmed black hair above a four-inch flaccid intact penis which was also quite thin. He raised his hand in greeting, offering a glimpse of another patch of black hair under his arm. The hair on his head was buzzed to about a quarter inch.

"Hello, gentlemen. I am Javier Rodrigo-Rodriguez, one of your drivers and mechanics. People call me Javi. I was asked to come by to offer a ride around the property if you would like it. I hope I'm not interrupting. I also hope you don't mind my nudity. When I accepted this job last month, Mr. Ekwensi told me that you would likely be running this as a clothing-free household. I have been supplied with a full complement of driver's livery that I can put on if you'd prefer that."

I took a moment to scan the attractive Mr. Rodrigo-Rodriguez. Tian smiled broadly at the young Latino man. I brought myself back to my senses and reached out to shake Javier's hand.

"I am happy to meet you, Javi. My name is Andrew, but everyone calls me Drew. This is my son, Tianbao."

Javi had a firm and confident grip. My son's smile only broadened as they shook hands in turn. "Please call me Bunny," he told Javi.

I turned back to Javi's handsome and eager smile. "Is it your choice to be naked, Javi? I don't want you to feel pressured to do something with which you're uncomfortable. Wear whatever you desire. I will make sure that Mr. – what was his name, Ekwensi – understands that that is my position."

"Thank you, Drew, but I was not pressured into anything. Mr. Ekwensi explained that I would likely be encountering naked people on the property and asked if I were put off by the idea. I told him that I like being naked whenever I can be, and he granted me permission to perform my duties naked whenever I don't need protective clothing, or unless countermanded by you or Bunny.

"May I say that I very much enjoy seeing you and Bunny naked too, especially with those impressive erections. You are both very handsome men. I mostly have intercourse with women, but I hope you don't have a problem with the occasional blowjob from `the help.'"

The lithe and handsome Javi let out a lilting gurgling giggle like that of a teenage girl. Somehow it made him even more attractive to me. I stepped forward and gently wrapped my arms around him as I grazed his lips with mine. He didn't say whether he kisses men as well as women, but I gambled that he would not demur.

I think he had just eaten a banana. I snaked my tongue into his mouth to gather more evidence. I found I had a willing partner. I discovered a few little bits of banana in the course of my quest and maneuvered them into my mouth. Javi laughed into my mouth when he realized what I was doing.

Javi permitted me to complete my exploration before he visited my mouth. He was a very welcome guest. I'm pretty sure he enjoyed kissing me because he moaned a few times, and tightened his grip on me so that we could grind our cocks together.

"I taste cum in your mouth, Drew. I wonder if it's your son's or your own? I might have to collect some samples, you know, for the purposes of science. May I proceed?"

I looked around the patio and saw several doublewide chaise lounges. I took Javier's hand in mine and led him to one. As I lay down, I wanted reassurance that he wanted to do this. "I hope that you don't think this is part of your job, Javi. You are under no obligation to me, Bunny or anyone else here to participate in any physical intimacy."

Javi chuckled as he licked up the underside of my nine-inch shaft. His tongue was not unusually wide or long, but he felt very good nonetheless. "I would love for this to be part of my job, Drew."

Javi skinned back my penis so that he could kiss my exposed head and then suck the pearls of precum that were accumulating there. I moaned as I pulled Javi's mouth from my cock. "I have two questions for you, young man: do you enjoy receiving blowjobs as much as you enjoy giving them; and, would you mind sixty-nining with me while my son fucks me?"

Javi's eyes widened as he looked from Tian to me and back to see if I were trying to play a trick on him. When he realized I was serious, his smile became as big as his sweet brown eyes. The young Mr. Rodrigo-Rodriguez spun around, so his crotch was over my face. He leaned forward to grab my legs behind my knees and pulled them up, exposing my ass for Tian's easy access.

I looked forward to Javi's mouth on my cock once again, but he surprised me by digging his narrow tongue into my anus. His analingus was as confident as his handshake. I sighed out my appreciation as I pulled him by the hips to get his semi-erect five-inch cock into my mouth. His penis remained rather thin, so I had no problems taking him to the hilt and luxuriating in the fragrance I inhaled as my nose got buried in his large hairless scrotum. He was sweaty but clean.

Tian approached us holding his dripping ten-inch penis at the ready to penetrate me. Javi moved his head but kept probing my hole as my son pressed his purple head on my anus. I felt Javi's tongue withdraw as Bunny's penis slid into me.

We made an instantaneous mutual decision to bring Javi fully into the garden with us. I was impressed by his presence of mind as he marveled in the sensation of being in the cosmic realm while licking from my hole, up my taint, and taking my balls into his mouth, one at a time.

We reasoned that everyone at the house should realize our situation. Javi was delighted as we guided him in the duality of our existence. Tuer Shen appeared and joined my son in fucking me. My ecstasy had me ejaculating thick ropes of cum every eight seconds or so. Javi missed the first two but got his mouth on my penis to take the subsequent ones.

He was ejaculating into my mouth with the same rhythm. Both Bunny and Tuer Shen were filling my ass with their precious ejaculate. I didn't know how I could be happier.

Javi asked if it was always like this when we made love. Tuer Shen told him that Tian was special, but that many thousands of men and women visit the Garden of the Western Wind when they make love. I realized only then that Javi was able to feel everything that was going on in my ass as well as Tian's penis.

Tuer Shen told us that everyone who makes love at Warren Hill will be welcomed into his garden.

"Warren Hill? I asked.

"That's what I decided to call the house. Do you like it?"

I laughed around Javi's eight-inch and rather thick penis. Javi just grew by a couple of inches in both length and girth. I knew better than to be surprised. I answered Tuer Shen, "I think Warren Hill is a perfect name for this labyrinth that sits on Rabbit Run."

Javi groaned out, "Does getting fucked always feel so good? Would someone fuck me please?"

Tuer Shen assured the young man that it does always feel that good when he's involved. We laughed at his comment, but couldn't refute it.

I felt my son withdraw from my ass and felt Bunny walk around to enter Javi, to both their delight. I continued to suckle on Javi's penis as Tuer Shen was fucking me solo. All of us remained in a protracted orgasm for several more minutes.

When we finally returned from the Garden and disentangled from each other, we were panting messes. Javi had filled my mouth to overflowing, as Tuer Shen did the same to my ass. Javi's ass was leaking the massive load my son had put in there. I watched it sparkle as it ran down Javi's taint, balls, and onto my face. Even though I was struggling to swallow everything Javi deposited, I couldn't help but attempt to lap up as much of my son's precious nectar as I could get, despite the fact that it was slightly used.

"Wow! Bunny! I love being fucked! Who knew it could be that good? Drew, would you fuck me too? And, thank you for the terrific blowjob too. I , uh. I ... what happened to my dick?"

Javi was holding his enhanced appendage and marveling at it. As I was holding Javi's hips, I felt that his ass was being enhanced too.

"You have received these gifts from Tuer Shen, the god of homosexual love. He likes you and has given you what you've wished for."

Javi's hands went to his glutes and thighs, which were also newly improved. "I ... I ... I'm beautiful! How do I thank him?"

I sat up and patted Tian's side. "Kiss my son, and you'll find out."

Javi looked perplexed but walked to Tian anyway. They were both still fully erect. Javi's ass and thighs looked spectacular, but not grossly out of proportion to the rest of his lithe frame. The young couple started to glisten as soon as their lips touched. I knew that Bunny was bringing Javi to the door of the Garden once again so he could thank Tuer Shen for his gifts.

Tian caressed Javi's glutes as they kissed for a couple of minutes. They glowed even after their lips separated. They ejaculated onto each other's abdomens. When they finally parted, Javi turned to me with substantial runnels of cum starting from his clavicle and trickling down to his pubic bush. He wore a goofy smile and began to giggle again. Tian stood by his side, continuing to fondle his glutes.


   _   _   _   _   _  


I thought I heard thunder. I turned to see a tall man approaching us. He was, in fact, very tall and wore a light tan suit that was fitted snugly to his heavily muscled frame.

"Mr. Rodrigo-Rodriguez, you seem to have gotten distracted from your assignment," the basso profundo voice announced with a pronounced southern drawl.

As he came to a stop a few feet from the chaise on which I was sitting, I saw that his waist looked almost ridiculously tiny compared to his massive shoulders and his flaring thighs. The top three buttons of his crisp white shirt were undone, and it was pulled open by the round hills of his pecs. His onyx-black skin looked even darker contrasted with the brilliant white shirt.

I looked up to the man's slightly-rounded face. His full lips were just slightly lighter than his skin. His nose was moderately wide, but not particularly pronounced. His cheekbones did become pronounced as he smirked at young Javi's discomfort standing naked with my son's cum running down his stomach as my son continued to play with his ass.

Javi looked from me to Tian to the handsome giant standing next to me and cleared his throat. "Well, you see, Mr. Ekwensi, sir, I came here ... ."

Javi was interrupted by the sound of rolling thunder as Mr. Ekwensi erupted into laughter. "Relax, Javi. I'm joking with you. These gentlemen are our bosses. If they prefer you to be doing whatever it was you were doing, then that's what you do."

I stood to greet Mr. Ekwensi. I looked up to meet his gaze. And up. And still further up. The mountain of muscle must have stood six-feet-six-inches tall. "Ah, Mr. Ekwensi, I'm very sorry to have delayed Javi from his duties. I assume you are his boss. I am Andrew Tarnow, and this is my son, Tianbao. Please call me Drew, and call him Bunny."

Mr. Ekwensi smiled kindly at Tian and me. "Mssrs. Tarnow, I am Obasi Ekwensi, the House Steward. I supervise the staff and maintenance of the house. Mr. Edgar Thompson is the Land Steward. He oversees the grounds, gardens, and greenhouses.

May I remind you, Drew and Bunny, that you are the masters of the house, not I. It's up to you how you want the staff to spend their time. And, if we are going to be informal, please call me Oba."

I think I was staring at Oba and scrutinizing his thick black hair. It was braided in a sort of chevron pattern into thin strands which were gathered up into a large top bun, then the strands cascaded down to between his shoulder blades.

"Thank you, Oba. First, please never again refer to us as "masters" of this house. I'm not sure what title would be more suitable, but I know that "master" is not it.

"Second, as I was explaining to Javi a moment ago, it's not up to Bunny and me how they spend their time when it comes to physical intimacy. I want you and Mr. Thompson to make it clear to all the staff, however many there might be, that nobody should feel the slightest pressure to participate in any nudity or physical intimacy. That includes pressure, not only from Bunny and me, but anyone else on the staff, or anyone who visits the property as well.

"Mr. Rodrigo-Rodriguez assured us that he was a willing participant in our activities and that you granted him provisional permission to perform his duties naked when practical. I cannot impress upon you enough that I will hold both you and Mr. Thompson responsible if I hear that someone on staff felt compelled to do something with which he or she was uncomfortable.

"We are all the agents of our own bodies. It is up to each of us how we want to display our bodies and how we want to share them. It can be confusing enough to navigate relationships; but, when you add the power dynamics of an employment situation to the mix, the balance becomes even more difficult to maintain.

"I understand that Bunny and I are perceived as having the most power here, and therefore, we have the most responsibility to get clear and unequivocal consent.

"I might say something that I think is a casual comment; but, it might be perceived by an employee as a directive from his employer. I need your assistance in conveying and modeling that I can say stupid things sometimes, and nobody will suffer any adverse consequences for questioning Bunny or me or telling us in the clearest terms possible the limits of their consent.

"I'm sure I've said too much on the matter, but it is important to me. May I count on your support Oba?"

Mount Oba stared down at me. "I don't know, Drew. I'm not sure that I will get your consent before I kiss you!" He laughed and shook the earth once again. "I am very pleased to hear you say all of that. I can assure you that the Land Steward and I will restate your policies to all the staff."

I sighed in relief that I didn't go too far. "One more thing: I think we should hire an outside firm to handle all questions regarding abuse of power and harassment. If someone thinks they are being taken advantage of by their employer, they're not going to be comfortable going to their employer to lodge a complaint."

Oba smiled again. "I really could kiss you, Drew. We'll be meeting with your Estate Manager inside. Why don't you task him with interviewing firms and setting up a reporting process?"

"Very well, Oba, I will do that. Now, go ahead."

He looked at me quizzically. "Go ahead?"

"Kiss me, Oba, if you still want to."

It always surprises me how readily one can see a blush in even the blackest of skin. Oba appeared to be struck mute. I decided to let him off the hook.

"It's fine if you don't want to. I wasn't sure whether or not you were joking. Why don't we go inside?"

Oba shifted his weight from one massive foot to the other. "Yes, Drew, why don't we go inside? Follow me, please. Join us, Javi unless you have something more pressing to do."

I touched Oba's arm and noted the quality of the silk from which his suit was made. "I apologize for making you uncomfortable, Oba. I warned you that I say stupid things. Please don't hesitate to tell me when I've overstepped. I really am sorry."

Oba turned. "Drew, you have nothing to apologize for. May I speak truthfully?"

"I wish you would."

Obasi Ekwensi stopped and took a deep breath before drawling, "I hesitated when you invited me to kiss you because I was thinking about all the things besides kissing that I would also like to do with you. I was imagining kissing you while you and Bunny double fuck me. That's why I didn't say anything. But I am uncertain whether I would feel comfortable having that kind of relationship with my employers. Now, let's go inside."


   _   _   _   _   _  


The House Steward turned abruptly and started walking. I took Bunny's hand as we exchanged surprised looks. We kissed briefly as we finished walking around the main house, passing a four-car garage set in a swept-back wing to mirror the one holding the gathering room on the other side.

We walked along the wrap-around front porch. I looked in the large glass doors set in regular intervals all around the façade. I observed a mammoth games room with a wide assortment of billiard and air hockey tables, arcade games, card tables, shuffleboard, et cetera.

We came back to the central porte-cochère and walked through a set of glass doors which were opened for us and held by two exceedingly handsome young men. They both wore only low-slung translucent sarongs in bright purple. Disregarding color, they were virtually identical to the orange sarong worn by our new friend Russ whom we met at the rest station along the highway. I thought that an odd coincidence.

Both men stood a little shy of six feet tall and looked to be Korean in heritage. Both had precisely-styled black hair longer on the top and fading to a buzz cut on the sides. They appeared to be hairless from the neck down, their smooth skin glistening from a light coating of body oil. They wore happy, inviting smiles but remained silent. I notice the man on the right had larger biceps and more developed shoulders as he held the heavy glass door.

I nodded thanks to both of them as we stepped into the house. My house. Our house.

We were in the four-story entrance hall which was about thirty feet square and lined with balconies on the left and right made of the same glass panels and platinum railings as the exterior balconies. In front of me was a square carved limestone fountain burbling a small spout of water. There were two deep gold velvet square ottomans, one in front and one behind the fountain.

Closets and a lavatory defined the four corners of the hall, but it was otherwise open to the back hall and rooms to the left and right. I looked up and to the left and right of the front door to see a series of antique Chinese tapestries hanging from the undersides of the balconies ringing the fourth floor. The tapestries hung down to the tops of the doors of the closet to my right and the lavatory to my left. They were exquisite and seemed to be perfectly preserved with vibrant colors dominated by deep crimsons.

I stepped forward and turned around to look at the narrower walls defining the ends of the lavatory and front closet. They were hung with six large paintings of Chinese ancestors in both regalia and military clothing. Under each column of paintings sat matching ornate antique secretary desks. Each one had a cloisonne rabbit sitting on top. The one to my left was upright while the one on the right was hunched down, nibbling unseen grass. I knew that I was on the left and Tianbao on the right as I faced them.

Oba noticed where I was looking and pronounced, "That is where you and Bunny can pick up or drop off messages, mail, keys, papers, or whatever else you desire. It is presumed that the staff will deliver those things to you personally; but, in case they miss something, you can each check your respective desks while the staff is being beaten."

Oba's laugh echoed through the house as the two footmen looked on with wide eyes. I laughed along, and then added, "Nobody gets beaten here unless they say `pretty please,' and we have established a safe word."

We all laughed again. I noticed the scant purple sarong on the thinner footman rising as he thought about a little consensual corporal punishment. I locked eyes with him and then looked at his crotch and back up to his eyes. He blushed. I winked at him. He blushed deeper and then gave the barest hint of a defeated shrug.

I turned to peer into the room on the left to see a mix of Art Deco and modern furniture scattered about the two-story games room. An eight-player poker table was near a set of glass doors in the front wall, a Ping-Pong table in the center and a foosball table at the far end. Beyond was another one-story games room with the billiard table and arcade games. There appeared to be a snack counter on the back wall.

To my right was the three-story living room that was filled with sleek modern furniture, almost like a mod hotel lobby. The space connecting the hall to the living room held a grand piano. A gold harp sat next to it. Beyond the living room was the open two-story gathering room swept back at forty-five degrees, so that I could see only part of the room. I turned forward again and followed Oba into the second hall.

There was scant furniture in the stair hall. To the right was a wide doorway to the kitchen. It was flanked by two bleached ash cabinets displaying Chinese porcelain. There was a six-foot red velvet square ottoman in the center of the floor. I turned around and gasped.

On the left, opposite the kitchen entrance was a wall that extended up to the fourth floor, partially concealing flights of stairs going from floor to floor.

On the wall hung an enormous photorealistic painting of Tuer Shen looking exactly as the nineteen-year-old god appeared to us in all his naked glory. The painting must have been at least three times life size. Tuer Shen held his bow and arrow aimed toward the front door of the house. His erection, which is really about a foot long when we visit him, stood proud about a yard long in this detailed depiction. There were two rabbits on Tuer Shen's shoulders, each kissing an ear. I could tell the rabbits were Bunny and I because they were in the exact same poses as the cloisonne ones on our respective secretaries.

Hanging from the underside of the fourth-floor balcony were dozens of strings of crystals ending at the top of the painting in the center, but descending almost to the floor on the sides, as if they were a theatrical curtain. There must have been thousands of crystals of varying sizes and shapes from small, simple flat faceted pear shapes, to three-inch snub dodecahedrons with pentagonal facets surrounded by triangular ones.

There was a constellation of small lights behind the crystals causing them to shimmer, shine, and refract rainbows of light throughout the stair hall. It was all rather over-the-top compared to the rest of the house. I chuckled at the faux narcissistic drama of it all. I knew Tuer Shen meant it to be a self-referential joke. Bunny was snickering behind his hand. He understood the joke as well as I.

Three square hardwood huanghuali altar tables with yellow jade inset tops sat at the foot of the spectacular painting. On the leftmost one was a porcelain bowl with an arrangement of jade orchids. The center one held a carved granite tray filled with sand and holding a single burning joss stick puffing tiny wisps of fragrant smoke into the four-story hall. The table on the right held an alabaster jar filled with gemstones that could be offered as gifts by placing them in an elongated polished gold trough sitting to the rear of the table.


   _   _   _   _   _  


Bunny and I stood admiring the painting as our eyes caught the glints of light shining from the thirty-six -foot-long strands of crystals. We couldn't help but smile. Oba and Javi had retreated toward a corner of the hall to allow us space to take it all in.

"It's quite a lot, isn't it, Drewski?"

I heard a voice from behind me. We turned around, and I stood agog at the figure in the doorway to the kitchen. I didn't blink for a few moments as I took in the sight of the naked man. Then I couldn't stop blinking as my brain tried to process what I was seeing.

"Bruiser? Bruno? Bruno di Napoli?" I was on the verge of hyperventilation.

"Hey, Drewski! It's been a while. Hey, little Drewski," he waved to Bunny. "Guess who is your Estate Manager?"

I launched myself at Bruiser, jumping up and wrapping my legs around him and hugging his thick neck. "I love you! I've missed you. I love you! I'm so happy to see you. I love you! Where's Black Jack? I love you!"

Bruiser laughed as he grabbed my ass to support me, pulling my cheeks apart and exposing my hole for all to see. He spun me around a few times before putting me down on the large red velvet ottoman. I gazed at him with a goofy smile as he straddled me, leaning down to kiss me passionately.

"I love you too, Drewski. Jackson is on a research trip to Italy until next week. I can't wait for him to come back. He's been gone two weeks already."

I didn't realize how much I missed the taste of Bruno. I ran my hands around his torso. He had slimmed down a little bit from his football-playing days, but he could still be called "Bruiser" without any irony.

I lay on my back kissing my football hero as my erection throbbed and spurted precum. Bruiser felt it as he rubbed his erection on mine. He pulled away to look me over. "I like what you've done with yourself. Tuer Shen?"

I looked at his penis and realized it was identical to mine. I laughed. "Yes, Tuer Shen. Same for you?"

"The one and only."

Bruiser looked over at Bunny who was observing us with glee. "Hey, Little Drewski, do you wanna fuck me while I fuck your dad?"

Bunny joined us on the bench and stuck out his lower lip. "Do I have to? It sounds like such a chore."

I smacked his ass as I took his tumescent penis into my mouth to get him ready.

Bruiser laughed. "The persimmon doesn't fall far from the tree, does it? I haven't seen you, Little Drewski, since you were maybe four at your dad's graduation from Cool Springs. You're looking fine, Little Drewski. Really fine."

I just rolled my eyes and shrugged as I sucked my son to his full ten inches. I noticed some movement behind Bruno. One of the handsome footmen stood behind Bruno, apparently putting lube into his asshole with a couple fingers.

Bruno moaned. "Thanks, Yu Joon. That's very nice of you."

Yu Joon Bok, the one who apparently is into BDSM, simply nodded and wiped his fingers on a towel draped over his forearm.

Bunny turned to the young man and asked in Korean, "Would you object to lubing my penis and my dad's hole too? I can do it myself if you prefer not to."

Yu Joon's penis rose, standing straight out and clearly visible under his translucent wrap. I didn't think I needed any lube, but I was not going to object to having this handsome young man's fingers inside me.

He started with Bunny's ten-inch erection. Yu Joon took plenty of time repeatedly massaging the lube over my son's penis. Bunny hummed and moaned as Yu Joon smiled at the effect he was having. His own penis now reached seven inches straight up, his foreskin retracted from his moist purple head.

"Thank you, Yu Joon," Bunny continued in Korean, "That was exactly what I needed."

Yu Joon stepped around to me, and I pulled my legs up to give him easy access to my anus. "Thank you, Mr. Bok," I also spoke in Korean. "Do what you think is necessary."

The young footman placed himself between my legs and knelt on the black terrazzo floor. I saw a streak of purple as he threw his sarong to the side. Bruno, who was still kneeling over me, also spread his legs to create more maneuvering room.

I could see Yu Joon dip his hand into a jar of lubricant. I didn't know how many fingers might be entering me. I felt the fingertips at my anus, cooled by the fresh application of the lubricious cream.

I opened up as he gently pressed in. I sighed as three thin fingers entered me and began twisting around. They exited after a moment to reload. When they returned, Yu Joon was a little more aggressive in his ministrations. I moaned out encouragement as Bruno brought his lips to mine.

Our kiss didn't last long because Bruno pulled away to inhale, and his eyes grew in delight. I could sense rather than see that Bunny was entering Bruno's ass. We three joined together in the Garden. I decided to treat Yu Joon to a brief visit also. It was his first time, so I encouraged him to focus on just the two of us.

My ass was being opened as much as was necessary for Bruno's friendly visit, but Yu Joon couldn't seem to stop himself from being inside me. Why would he? Why would I want him to?

Bunny offered his ass to the young man for his fucking pleasure as Bunny continued to fuck Bruno, who was waiting patiently to fuck me. That was settled in a nanosecond.

As soon as Yu Joon removed his hand from my anus, Bruno brought his nine-inch manhood to it and sank in with little resistance.

Oh, how I missed being fucked by Bruno! Even though his penis was larger than when we were last together, he had that familiar feel and technique. I luxuriated in the love I felt from both Bruno and Bunny. I tried to keep myself centered enough to act as a guide to our new friend, Mr. Bok.

Bunny shared with me that Yu Joon was a very skilled lover who was bringing him great pleasure.

Bruno kissed the right side of my neck. I turned my head to the left to give him more play room, spying Javi and Oba watching us with broad smiles. Naked Javi was completely erect. Oba was still in his silk suit, but his pants were straining.

I removed my left hand from Bruno's hip to signal their welcome to join with us. Javi came over without hesitation. Oba just smiled and stayed put.

I asked Javi between moans of pleasure what he wanted to do.

"I want to get fucked," he replied with an eagerness that made me smile. I asked my partners how we should arrange ourselves. Yu Joon quickly volunteered to penetrate his coworker, asking if it would be acceptable for Javi to take his place in Bunny's ass.

Bunny quickly assented. Yu Joon slowly withdrew his cock from my son's ass. He grabbed the jar of lube and massaged Javi's erection in a less ceremonial way than he had done to Tian, but he had Javi sighing and moaning nonetheless.

Suddenly Javi was with us in the Garden. A moment later Yu Joon was back too. I felt him ever-so-slowly planting himself in Javi's inexperienced hole. We all celebrated Javi's new sensations and guided him on how to be a good lover to both Tian and Yu Joon.

We did not open ourselves up to others in the cosmic realm so as not to overwhelm the newbies. But Tuer Shen appeared and welcomed Javi back for yet another visit in a short amount of time. He smiled at Yu Joon, who seemed transfixed with the young Chinese god who looked exactly as he did in the painting before which we were having our little impromptu orgy.

The beauty of the Garden helped speed us all on the path to a protracted, shuddering orgasm. I smiled at Tuer Shen as he slowly circled us, ejaculating upon us and in synchronicity with us. I was happy to receive a mighty stream of sparkling cum on my face and in my open mouth.

I felt more cum running off Bruno's shoulder and dripping onto mine. The impish god seemed to delight in coating the two newbies with rope after rope of cum as we all fired every ten seconds or so.

I suggested that Yu Joon's ass might also be a nice spot into which to ejaculate. The Korean man signaled his willingness for the foot-long erection to sink into him. Suddenly, there was even more pleasure for all of us to share.

Even though Tuer Shen was fucking into Yu Joon's ass, I somehow still felt him spraying us all with his treasured offering. We slowed our lovemaking and eventually disengaged and returned to the stair hall.

As I lolled my head back and forth, I noticed Oba staring wide-eyed at us. I panted to him, "Is something wrong, Mr. Ekwensi?"

He walked over to the ottoman. I could easily see his own foot-long penis snaking down his right pant leg, straining the fabric to its limits. Oba looked around at the strings of cum on the ottoman and the shiny black floor. "Tuer Shen ejaculated on you."

I nodded. "Yes he did. He ejaculated a lot, wouldn't you say?"

"Yes, Drew, but I mean that Tuer Shen ejaculated on you." He pointed to the painting.

I raised up on my elbows with Bruno still lying on top of me. He turned to look at Oba. I asked, "Are you saying that the painting ejaculated on us?"

"Yes, Drew. That's what I'm saying. That couldn't happen, could it?"

I dropped my head back to look at the painting upside down. A rope of cum shot across the room from the painting, hitting all of us, including a sparkly stripe on Obasi's silk suit.

I licked the cum from my face, then reached to retrieve some from Oba's jacket. "That is Tuer Shen's cum. There is no doubt about it. I suppose he answered your question, Oba, didn't he?"

Mount Oba looked from the painting to us and back again. After a full minute of contemplation, he said simply, "Yes, sir, I suppose it does answer my question."

We all stood to scrutinize the painting, trying to ascertain how it might have happened. There was no sign on the large canvas that anything unusual had occurred. I felt peculiar staring at Tuer Shen's oversized piss slit on the painting. I sensed him laughing at us. I laughed too.

"Well, I guess that's a thing now. Oba, where should we go to shower?"

Mr. Ekwensi took a moment to gather his wits. "Well, I suppose your bedroom, sir. It's right here."


   _   _   _   _   _  


We slowly walked as a herd toward the back of the stair hall. I noticed that there was an elevator next to the steps that snaked behind Tuer Shen's portrait. Opposite that was another closet.

Our bedroom was straight ahead, across a transverse hallway. I stopped for a moment. "I like the open concept," I remarked to no one in particular.

The entrance to our bedroom was an eight-foot-wide, floor-to-twelve-foot-ceiling opening in the wall. The wall to the left of the opening was solid, but on the right was a clear glassed-in wet room holding a large soaking tub and several showerheads dangling from the ceiling. There were also a couple of showers on the only tiled wall.

Turning back toward the front door, I could tell that anyone entering the house would have an unobstructed – though somewhat distant – view of me taking a shower, or doing anything else in the wet room.

I turned back to our bedroom to see that, set towards the rear of the room, which had a right-triangular appendage at the end of the twenty-eight-foot square room, there was a large column with various rings and shackles on it set dead center on axis with the front door.

Slightly to the right of it was a tire swing covered in velvet. To the left of the column, a heavy rope net was attached to the floor about five feet from the base of the column and attached to the column about ten feet up.

If we are going to engage in any bondage or similar sex games, it would be exactly in the line of sight of the front entrance with no way to close off the bedroom. It was an exhibitionist's dream come true. Indeed, Bunny's smile was radiant when he beheld the arrangement.

I kissed Bunny. "You're a naughty boy, aren't you?"

He laughed through our kiss. "I think you're the naughty one, dad. You should probably have the crop used on you."

My cock suddenly stood straight up. I had a momentary thought to be embarrassed, but then willed myself to own my proclivities and be proud of who I am. I smiled at the assembled men.

"I seem to be turned on at the thought of corporal punishment. I endured quite a session a few days ago and found it rather enlightening. The best part was being fucked by my son while my hands and feet were affixed to spreader bars, and our friend Victor used a crop on my balls and clipped weights to my nipples, giving me exquisite pain every time I tried to move."

Yu Joon Bok looked as if he were ready to blow with his erection throbbing with his heartbeat and his mouth hanging open. His crimson blush returned when he met my gaze and realized that his body had betrayed his desires.

"Yu Joon, you appear to be conflicted, young man. Your lovely body shows us that you are turned on at the idea of bondage and punishment, but your face tells us that you are horrified to share that bit of information with us. Am I reading the situation correctly?"

He seemed to be on the verge of tears. "I'm sorry, sir. I try not to like it, but I do. I'm sorry."

My footman fell into my arms. I held him in a supportive embrace. I almost had to chuckle at the ridiculous amount of Tuer Shen's cum that coated his body, seemingly from head to toe.

I allowed Yu Joon to calm down for a few moments and then asked him, "What are you sorry about, Yu Joon? Do you think anyone here would judge you for being honest with us?"

He looked at me with brimming eyes. "But, sir, it's wrong for me to like those things, isn't it?"

I chuckled at him. "Who told you such a silly thing? It's not wrong to like what you like. It is wrong to be dishonest, especially with yourself.

"Look, you liked it when we invited you to lubricate our asses and penises, correct?"

He grinned. "Yes, sir."

I grinned back to him. "My name is Drew."

"Yes, Drew, sir."

I laughed again. "Not `Drew, sir.' Just Drew. I like my name, please use it. You should know that Bruno and his husband were the first ones to call me `Drew' when we were in school together. Every time someone calls me Drew it reminds me of how much Bruno, Jackson, and I love each other."

Yu Joon smiled sweetly through his discomfort. "Yes, Drew. I'm sorry."

I hugged the cum-crusted young man. "Stop apologizing for everything. Now, let's get back to you."

I turned Yu Joon so that he was facing everyone standing in the entrance to my bedroom. "You enjoyed lubricating Bruno's anus?"

"Yes, Drew. I like everything about Bruno."

I smiled. "I like everything about Bruno too. Did you enjoy lubricating Bunny's penis?"

"Oh, yes, Drew. I like Bunny too. His penis felt perfect in my hand. I wanted to keep massaging his penis forever. Except that I also would like to suck it. And also I would like Bunny to fuck me. I can't imagine how good that must feel. Am I allowed to say that?"

"That depends, Yu Joon, is it the truth?"

"Yes, sir, Drew."

"Then you are allowed to say it. Did you like fucking my son?"

"Oh, wow, yes. It felt as if Bunny was fucking me with his ass more than I was fucking him with my penis. When we went to ... the Garden, I guess, I could kind of feel what Bunny was feeling, and it made me very happy that I could be giving him such pleasure. I know that nothing compares to when you make love to your son, Drew. I sensed that too. But Bunny encouraged me and told me that I was a good lover, and I know he was being honest. And I think I might love him."

I hugged Yu Joon from behind. "See how liberating it is to be honest? Does it look as if anyone here is judging you?"

Tian raised his hand and laughed. "I'm judging you, Joon." He laughed at his little pun on Yu Joon's name. "I'm judging that you are completely adorable, and I think that I love you too.

"Dad and I were talking about clear and unequivocal consent before, so I want to state, while all of you are present, that I hereby grant consent to everyone in this room to touch me on any part of my body with any part of your body at any time. Even if I'm asleep.

"If I'm snoozing and you want to run any or all of your beautiful penises over my face, plunge them into my ass, kiss or lick me anywhere, you just go right ahead. That includes dad, of course, Obasi, Javier, Bruno, and Yu Joon."

I nodded to Bunny. "Thank you, sweet baby. I would like to echo Bunny's statement of consent. You are all to feel free to all of my body at any time you desire. Bruiser, you know already that this extends to your husband. My only exception would be that you probably shouldn't barge into a work meeting to shove your cocks into my mouth or up my ass. Although it would be personally welcomed by me, it might interrupt my train of thought."

The assemblage had a little chuckle at that. "Now, Yu Joon, you see how open we all are. Nobody will judge you if you want to admit to having a desire to be restrained and have some level of pain administered to you. Would you like to tell us about it?"

Yu Joon leaned back into me and sighed. His left hand wrapped around my penis and began gently masturbating me. I sighed too. He looked up to me to verify my previously-stated consent. I smiled at him to encourage him.

Yu Joon kept staring at my growing penis as he caressed it and prepared to speak. I realized that he was using his masturbation of me as a distraction and a self-comforting mechanism to process his hesitation to about his yearnings. I was happy to be used in such a way.

"You see, Drew, and everyone, when you began talking about being restrained, I realized that, although I've never done it, the idea of it has been a fantasy of mine for about ten years, since I was twelve or so.

"I think I like the idea of being completely submissive to my partner."

Yu Joon used his thumb to rub my cock head as he tried to decide what to say next. "Sometimes when I masturbate I like to pinch my nipples, foreskin, and balls. I fantasize that my partner is biting me all over. I don't know why that turns me on, but I like biting. I think I'm some kind of freak."

I grabbed the hand that was wrapped around my penis to get Yu Joon's attention. "You are not a freak. I don't know why you might like being bitten, but it's not freakish."

I removed my hand and let Yu Joon resume his slow massage of my penis. He continued with his explanation.

"When I started working here a few weeks ago and met Mr. Ekwensi, I fabricated an image of his spectacular teeth sinking into my foreskin, vibrating my entire body with his sexy deep moans."

Yu Joon gasped as his own penis throbbed and burped out some precum. I stroked his side to encourage him to continue.

"Then I was sent downstairs to the gym to meet our fitness trainer Mr. Mitchell, and I wanted him to join Mr. Ekwensi, each one biting me somewhere while I was shackled to a weight bench."

Yu Joon stopped talking and began to pant. I whispered to him, "May I bite you?"

"Yes, oh yes."

I bent down started to nibble on Joon's left tit. I was gentle at first but increased the pressure and suction. It changed quickly from a tender morsel to a stiff nugget. Yu Joon's grip on my penis tightened. I grabbed his in response and rubbed his throbbing prod while I bit down on his hardened nub.

The hallway was filled with a bleating caprine scream as Yu Jon began to ejaculate, hitting the side of my face with several strong volleys of cum. Javi rushed over to put his mouth over the young man's firing cannon. Mr. Rodrigo-Rodriguez certainly loves to eat cum!

Yu Joon's screams turned to whimpers. I glanced down to see that Javi was also pinching Yu Joon's scrotum as he sucked his penis. I could feel Yu Joon vibrate with ecstasy for a full minute.

I eased off his nipple and nuzzled his neck. I whispered into his ear, "Enjoy it, Joon. Ride the sensations." Then I bit his ear. Yu Joon began to gurgle.

Javi stood up. I turned to him and moved to kiss him. We shared Yu Joon's delicious nectar and each other's mouths for a couple of minutes as Yu Joon regained his composure.

Javi stepped back. I continued to hold Yu Joon loosely. "So, young man, did you like that?"

"Yes, sir," he panted.

"What's my name, Yu Joon?"

"I don't know. I don't know anything."

I smiled and kissed his cheek. "I am Drew. You are at Warren Hill. This young man who sucked you is Javi. Would you like to say anything to Javi? Perhaps you would like to thank him for what he did for you?"

Yu Joon took another few moments to gather his wits. "Thank you, Javi, for being my friend these past several weeks. Thank you for sucking me now and pinching me. Thank you for biting my foreskin as you sucked me. That's what really set me off. You were very kind to do that for me. And you seemed to sense exactly how much pressure to use."

Javi smiled and kissed Yu Joon on the mouth. "I've never done anything like that, but I enjoyed it too, my friend."

Javi stood to my other side, and I side hugged both of them.

"See there, Yu Joon: nobody is judging you. You honestly stated what you wanted, and your friends were happy to provide it for you."

Yu Joon turned to Obasi. "Oba, do you think that perhaps sometime, if we're both free, that you would like to be with me the way I described?"

Obasi Ekwensi stepped forward and spoke with his slow southern drawl. "I'm very sorry, Mr. Bok, Drew, and Bunny. You have discovered the freedom of truth, but I have been untruthful with all of you."

I just looked at the mountainous muscle man, attempting to discern his meaning. Oba removed his suit jacket and took a step into my bedroom to toss it on a day bed sitting skewed in the center of the room. He opened his cufflinks and began to unbutton his shirt.

He may not have intended it to be sexy, but watching him uncover his deep black body was about the sexiest thing I'd ever seen. I still was unsure what Oba was trying to prove.

"Oba, you don't have to disrobe to prove anything to us. Remember my admonition that nobody should feel any pressure to be naked."

Oba looked at me briefly as he continued to remove his shirt, but said nothing. He threw the shirt on top of the jacket. I scanned his magnificently-muscled, hairless torso, and saw several scars, including a rather large square one on his rear left flank.

He opened his belt, unbuttoned his waistband, and opened his zipper, pulling his pants to midthigh. He was not wearing underwear, as I suspected he wouldn't be. His thick eight-inch cock flopped out. He was tumescent, but not erect. His pubic area was also shaved – or lasered – completely smooth.

Oba sat on the daybed to slip off his shoes. As he pulled down his pants, I saw more scars on his thighs. He pulled his right leg out of his pants, so it was shod only in a silk knee-high dress sock. As he pulled his left leg out, I noted that he was wearing a garter only on his left leg.

He pulled and twisted a bit until he astonished us by removing his left foot and ankle. The garter was helping to hold a cup with pins on the bottom to which his prosthesis could be attached. He unbuckled the garter and released two Velcro straps to remove the cup. Then he pulled off a triple-ply woven stocking to reveal his residual calf.

Oba shifted to remove the silk stocking from his right foot so that he was finally naked. His left leg ended at mid-calf. It had some scars on it too, but his surgeons did an excellent job in contouring his leg and creating a smooth – even pretty – stump.

Obasi Stood on his one foot and turned his palms toward us. "This is my truth."

"You're beautiful," I said without hesitation. He shot me a look of anger.

"Why would you conceal such beauty?" I walked over to him and kissed his chest. It was about as high as I could reach. I kissed to his left side and then turned to wrap his left arm over my shoulders. "Let's go over to the bed. This is going to take a while."

I wrapped my right arm tightly around his hip and encouraged him to use me as his missing foot. I got goosebumps at the feel of his skin.

Oba remained agitated. "I can do it myself."

I looked up at him and laughed. "I have absolutely no doubt about it. But I'm here, and I have nothing better to do, so use me. Besides, the more of your body that touches mine, the happier I'm going to be. You want to facilitate my happiness, don't you? Of course you do."

I removed my hand from his hip to smack the globe of his right glute. "Giddyap!"

I was surprised that it stung my hand. I couldn't wait to feel more of him.

Obasi Ekwensi relented. I was stupid and forgot to pull my hair off my shoulders. I got a pretty painful tug on my locks every time he used me to support the considerable weight of his six-and-one-half-foot muscular frame. I wasn't about to complain or comment.

We arrived at the eight-by-ten-foot custom bed. He sat on the edge and then scooted back a few inches and looked at me for guidance.

I smiled at him as I stood next to my new bed. "It is my intention, with your consent, that Bunny and will kiss and lick every square inch of your magnificent body. Every nook and cranny. Every contour. Every plain. Every orifice."

Bunny was by my side in a flash. "Yes! Please! Please! Please!" He knelt down, picked up Oba's size fifteen right foot – his only foot – and began sucking on his big toe.

I looked down and bopped him on the head. "Oba has not given his consent for you to be doing that."

My son remained kneeling but rose up to look at Oba's face as he continued to lick and suck on the toe. His thick blond eyebrows were bouncing up and down. It was quite comical.

I could see Oba's resolve and hesitance slowly melting. I'm sure it was my son's doing much more than mine. "Aww, go ahead. Do what you will."

Bunny squealed in delight. I asked Oba to scoot back more so that all three of us could get on the bed. There was plenty of room.

Bunny continued to work on his right foot, so I grabbed his left calf and started kissing.his stump.

Oba pulled his leg up. "What are you doing?"

"I'm kissing you."

"There? Why would you want to do that?"

I just shrugged. "Didn't I say every square inch and every contour, and every blah, blah, blah?"

"Yeah, but, why?"

I looked him in the eye and smiled. "Because I love you, Obasi."


I laughed. "I fell in love with you the moment you stepped onto the patio this afternoon. I don't think I had even seen you and I knew I was in love. I can't explain it any better than that."

Bunny stopped kissing Oba's instep. "I love you more. Give me a chance, and I will show you."

"It's not a contest, sweet baby," I said to my son.

"I know, but I win!"

We both got back to our body worshipping duties. A warm breeze signaled our journey to the Garden. There was no question that we would bring Obasi with us.

His hairless skin tasted delicious. I looked forward to spending hours kissing and licking him all over. But there was more I wanted for my new love.

I turned to see Javi, Bruno, and Yu Joon looking at us, seeing us emitting the cosmic sparkle. I asked, "Might there be some coconut oil available? As Bunny and I finish an area, perhaps you three would like to give Mr. Ekwensi a loving massage?"

Yu Joon was gone in a flash and returned with two bottles of coconut oil. "Carl gave these to me."

"Who is Carl," I asked.

"Your groomsman and aesthetician," he replied as if it should have been obvious to me.

"I have a groomsman?"

"Well, you and Bunny have one together, if that is acceptable to you. He will make sure that your hair and bodies are presentable, and your skin is well tended."

I laughed. "He's got work cut out for him."

I turned back to Oba and asked, "Is it alright for our friends to join us to massage you?"

Oba vibrated the bed with his low-frequency moan. The other three crawled onto the oversize bed and joined us in the Garden. We all sprouted solid erections. I had surmised that Oba's would be a foot long, but I think he had more than another inch on top of that. He was even longer than Tuer Shen.

Oba lifted his head. "I don't want the oil to ruin the bedding."

Tuer Shen solved that problem. Oba slowly lifted off the bed, floating free about a foot above it. It was so subtle and gentle that he didn't realize what happened until I moved his body in mid-air to make it easier for all of us to attend to him. We were able to move him around and reposition him as if he were floating in a still pool.

Bruno crawled up to Oba's head and kissed him briefly on his full lips. "May I undo your hair and massage your scalp? I wish my husband had hair like yours. He's been shaving his head since he was fifteen."

Oba smiled his assent. I was just moving from his left knee up to his thigh as I saw a cascade of two-foot-long braids unfurl and drape their last twelve inches on the bed. Oba looked even sexier if that were possible.

My House Steward's thirteen-inch (and a little more) fat penis emitted a constant drizzle of Cowper's fluid onto the black granite slab of his abs. I willed myself to be patient. Bunny and I agreed that we would bypass his genitals for now and move from his thighs to his fingers, then up his arms.

All of our love for Obasi Ekwensi combined and presented itself to him as our gift. How could I love him after knowing him for only an hour or so? It is possible with Tuer Shen, so there was no use questioning it.

I sensed Tuer Shen reading Oba's desires. I noticed that his scars faded every time I kissed or licked one, getting fainter with each touch of my tongue. I looked over to Bunny who acknowledged that we were being used as instruments by Tuer Shen to grant Oba his apparent desire to rid himself of his visible scars.

There must be psychic scars too. As Bunny and I spread Oba's legs so we could lick the joints of his inner thighs (and maybe one or two spurious tastes of his balls), I looked at Oba's face to see it overspread with ... peace. I looked to Bruno as he cradled Oba's head and could almost see tension and pain evaporating. I begged Tuer Shen to help make my friend happy and whole, whatever that meant to him.

I took another moment to consider how I could be so invested in this man's wellbeing in such a short amount of time. I decided it didn't matter. But I knew that all five of us were willing to spend however much time and energy we needed to in order to assist Oba in releasing the demons, pain, and fear he kept imprisoned in two-hundred thirty pounds of muscle.

My mouth lingered on Oba's left hip, and I marveled at his leaking hose of a penis. Bunny and I decided to share a kiss around the wide piss slit to get a taste of the fresh pre-cum. All three of us moaned our pleasure. I had to will myself to continue my ministrations to Oba's lower abdomen and hips.

Javi was following me, now massaging coconut oil into Oba's left thigh as Yu Joon did the same to his right one. Both their faces were filled with wonder. I could see Oba's jet black skin shimmer as the young men did their duties. It was more than the shimmer of oleaginous liquid. It was as if his skin were being renewed and illuminated from within. I thanked Tuer Shen and encouraged the continued outpouring of blessings on my friend.

We proceeded around Oba's arms and front for another hour. Nobody wanted to rush. It was interesting that we all remained erect, but our goal was relaxation, not stimulation. Somehow we were achieving both.

My son and I joined forces – and tongues – to take a few swipes up and down Oba's massive penis. We cautioned Javi and Yu Joon to be restrained in how they massaged it, lest Oba would climax too soon. They left the penis throbbing with a lubricious sheen, prepared for what we all hoped would transpire during the course of the afternoon.

Bunny and I made a silent inquiry to Bruno when we got to Oba's face as to whether my good friend would be able to remove his lips from Oba's so that Bunny and I could get to every part of his face.

"Sorry, Drewski and Little Drewski. Not gonna happen. But I am willing to share if you're willing to work around me."

Since we could sense the pleasure Bruno and Oba were sharing with each other in kissing for more than an hour, we accepted his conditions.

I had to utilize all my willpower not to jump right to Oba's full lips; instead, I lapped at and kissed his smooth jawline and chin. Bunny and I touched tongues over and over, which only enhanced my pleasure.

When we finally got to Oba's mouth, Bruno forced his lips to separate from Oba's just enough for Bunny and me to snake our tongues across both their lips. All four of our tongues glided over each other. This could very well be my new favorite sport!

We spent about ten minutes in a four-way kiss, but it seemed like ten seconds. I reluctantly moved on to Oba's upper lip and then his nose. I suggested that Bunny join me in tickling Oba's nostrils with flicks of our tongues. The joke was on us because Oba wasn't ticklish in the least. We probed further in. Even the tangy sweetness of his nostrils was sexy.

We finally gave up as Oba silently laughed at us and we moved on to the bridge of his nose and his cheeks. Bruno raised up a bit to give us access to Oba's eyelids and forehead before we moved to his ears, which we also futilely tried to tickle.

It was time to move the mountain. Bunny, Bruno, and I slowly spun Mr. Ewkensi so that he was floating face-down above the bed, with his powerful forearms slightly above his head.

Luckily his erection was pulled up toward his belly. Otherwise, his tip would have been grazing the bed. He had been worried about the coconut oil staining the bedding, but didn't have a thought about his drooling penis.

Bruno volunteered to be Oba's catch basin by sliding underneath him so that they could continue kissing. Obasi was just a few inches above Bruno's strong body, but the tips of their penises were touching, and we all shared the pleasure of that touch. Oba had to bend his head down just a little to contact Bruno's lips.

We enjoyed the sounds of their continued osculation, which included giggles and moans. We couldn't see anything because Oba's braids covered both their heads. I felt Bruno caress Obasi's face with his gentle fingertips as he allowed his floating partner to take the dominant role in the kiss.

Meanwhile Bunny and I had our work cut out for us on Oba's back. There were large and substantial scars, including a rectangular one that appeared to be the donation site of a skin graft. The only thing that kept me from weeping for my friend was the knowledge that we were alleviating the visible evidence of his trauma.

Bunny and I were both assiduous in our duties. Javi and Yu Joon began rejuvenating Oba's shoulders and arms. It appeared that fresh newborn skin was covering the masses of muscles.

There were only a few scars on Oba's massive glutes, but Bunny and I made the great sacrifice of covering his ass with licks and kisses over, and over, and over again.

We did not dip into his "well of happiness," saving that pleasure for when we finished the backs of his legs. Both Bunny and I may have "accidentally" kissed his balls a few more times as we made our way from his ass to the backs of his thighs.

After another twenty minutes, my son and I had completed our task. I would have expected my mouth and tongue to be tired or sore, but I felt as if I could have gone on for another several hours. Javi and Yu Joon had just finished Oba's thighs and were working on the backs of his calves. Since we had flipped Mr. Ekwensi, Javi and I had worked his intact right leg while Bunny and Yu Joon were working on his truncated left one.

I knew that Bunny had thoroughly taken care of Oba's foot, but I had to put my personal touch – or lick – to it. I tasted to my heart's content and then borrowed some coconut oil from Yu Joon to massage Oba's foot. I think he appreciated it from the silent communication we shared in the Garden.

Bunny and I quieted ourselves to listen to Tuer Shen. We both desired to have sex with Mount Oba, but we wanted, even more, to do whatever was necessary to assuage the remaining pain or anxiety that persisted in him. Tuer Shen suggested that we ask Oba what he wanted. Well, that was too obvious.

I felt myself suddenly floating free, much as I had in the lilac garden where we took young Travis earlier in the day. Bunny, too floated up Oba's other side.

We both parted the lustrous black braids that were shielding Oba and Bruno's faces from us. Both men were staring into each other's eyes and smiling as they repeatedly touched lips. Oba lifted his head away from Bruno when he felt my son and me playing with his long hair.

No words were spoken, but Oba floated into an upright position. Bruno remained attached to him, now nuzzling into his wide, powerful neck. Bruno spread his legs out to the side while Oba maneuvered him by the hips and expertly guided Bruno's ass to the tip of his enormous phallus. Nobody was jealous of Bruno because we could all feel the joy he felt. We desired for Oba to have whatever he wanted

The feeling of Oba's thirteen-inch penis slowly penetrating Bruno's ass was exquisite. Bruno had an ecstatic expression on his face, but he remained silent. I felt myself being moved into a prone position while Bunny was moving to Oba's back. We were going to fulfill Obasi's previously-stated craving for us to occupy his ass simultaneously. Oba brought his legs into a loose embrace around Bruno, and he began a languorous rhythm in and out of Bruno's ass.

I felt Tuer Shen grip my penis and guide it into Oba's anus. Moments later Bunny's penis rubbed along mine, and we set up an alternating pattern of insertion and withdrawal in our beloved friend. My joy was heightened when I beheld Yu Joon's ass slowly descending to my face. I was going to rim the young Korean man. Javi began to descend head-first so that he and Yu Joon would be in a vertical sixty-nine position.

None of the six of us was in any hurry. We wanted more than anything to share ourselves with each other. We had already been joined for a couple of hours and were happy to spend another several hours opening up our hearts and minds to each other, if Tuer Shen would have us.

After ten or fifteen minutes we began to share a six-way orgasm. It was somehow both powerful and relaxed. I knew this was going to be a long one. I enjoyed the feeling of Yu Joon's anus closing around my tongue every fifteen seconds prodded by his ejaculations almost as much as I enjoyed my own expulsions into Oba's rectum.

Our orgasm persisted minute after minute. It was Bunny's turn to experience the pleasure of Obasi entering his ass while Javi turned to rim Bruno and taste the precious nectar Oba had deposited there.

I felt Bunny's indescribable pleasure at joining so completely with our beloved Mr. Ewkensi, who was happy to receive volley after volley of my son's cum on his face and all over his torso.

Soon enough it came to be my turn to take Obasi into me and share myself completely with him. My insides pulled Obasi's massive penis into me almost without my thinking about it. But I couldn't help but think about it. Both the length and girth of his penis gave me pressure and sensations in places I had never felt before.

Once I had received the entirety of Oba's penis, I stilled and quieted myself. I allowed the new sensations to ripple through me, and I shared with all my lovers the gratitude I felt that I could experience the wonderful gift Oba had given me.

I felt Oba's pulse as his penis throbbed in my rectum and willed myself to synchronize with him. I felt a oneness with him that I had never felt with anyone other than my precious son. I attempted to open myself up to Mount Oba, allowing him to access my mind, thoughts, heart, soul, and all my love. He knew without a doubt that I was not exaggerating when I told him that I loved him almost immediately.

In addition to the pleasure in my ass, the pleasure of looking Obasi directly in the eyes was something I will remember forever. His jet black, perfectly complected face dripping with my son's ejaculate was a sight to behold. His eyes communicated to me that he appreciated the healing love in which he was immersed.

I licked his face and neck and then brought my lips to his and vibrated with ecstasy. Obasi's tongue came out to play and explore. He was delicious, with a combination of Bunny's cum and the remnants of Bruno's mouth on his large, powerful tongue. I conveyed my love for him over and over before slowly being lifted off his cock and into Bruno's arms.

I kissed my old friend as we held each other and continue to share our mutual sixfold orgasm.

Our round robin – and our orgasm – continued for another hour, each of us making love and being made love to by every one of our partners.

Our ecstasy dissipated, and we separated, but we all continued to float above the bed. A thought entered that we should head to the shower room, so we all slowly drifted into the glass wet room on an invisible current and floated through a door that opened for our entrance and closed behind us. Obasi slowly descended into the large soaking tub, which was already filled with warm water.

The rest of us came to rest on our feet standing around the tub.

I heard the glass door of the wet room open again and turned to see Russ enter in beautiful nakedness. We had met him and his son Tim and made love to them in their RV at the highway rest stop.

"Russ, my love! How did you get here? Where's Tim" I asked excitedly.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Drew," he answered. "I'm Carl, your groomsman. Russ and Timmy told me about how you all met late this morning while he was bringing your motor home here. Thank you for what you've done for my brother, and for what he, in turn, has done for Mitch and me."

Carl looked down with a bit of pride at his newly intact and enhanced penis, which was identical to Russ' and Tim's. I supposed, without any evidence of it, that it was also now identical to the third triplet, Mitch.

Carl stepped closer to me. "Drew, would you like me to wash you and Bunny? Is it alright for me to address you as `Drew' and `Bunny?' Yu Joon indicated that it would be your preference when he came for the massage oil."

"Yes, yes, of course. Thank you, Yu Joon for telling him that."

I scanned Carl's physique. He was indeed identical to his brother Russ, except that now I could tell that Carl had removed all of his hair from the ears down. Russ maintained his body hair, but he closely trimmed it. I wasn't sure which I preferred at the moment. They were two facets of the same diamond.

"Are Russ and Tim here too?" I asked.

"Yes," Carl answered. "Russ is your head driver and Javi's supervisor. Tim is at their house right now, which is on a corner of the property. Our other brother Mitch is your chief of security. I'm certain Mr. di Napoli will introduce you in due time. Now, whom should I wash first?"

I stood silent for just a moment, taking in all that Carl had told me. "Actually, Carl, would I be overstepping my authority by asking you to tend to Mr. Ekwensi? This afternoon is all about him. We're all here for Mr. Ekwensi's comfort and benefit."

Carl looked over to Oba, who had flung his braids out of the tub and was resting his head on a rolled-up towel on the edge of the tub. The water in the tub came to just under Oba's large nipples on his very round mounds of pectorals.

Carls' penis grew instantly to about seven inches long and was still growing, standing out just shy of horizontal. "I would consider it an honor, Obasi, if you would permit me to wash you. Then I will do your hair in the salon."

Oba smiled broadly, but in a relaxed way. "I like the sound of that, Carl. Call me Oba."

Bruno stepped forward. "I'll help with the hair!"

I interrupted, as I always do. "We have a salon?"

Carl had gone to a cabinet on the one solid wall of the wet room and retrieved a basket of bathing supplies. He returned and stood near the tub with all of us, looking at Oba for a moment.

Carl turned back to me. "Of course we have a salon. When you leave the bedroom, turn right, and it's the next room over. It's a cozy two station setup, with a glass wall like this wet room, so you can't miss it. After all, I need a proper place to work my magic.

"There are foot baths and a manicure station over there too, so that's where you will be getting your manicures and pedicures. There's also a makeup station if you decide you'd like your faces – or bodies – done up for an occasion. Sometimes just a little mascara, some eyeliner, a smokey shadow, and a hint of lip liner can make your face pop. Not that you need any help, of course."

I chuckled. "Good save, Carl. I'm not used to wearing makeup, but maybe we can play around sometime."

"I'll play around with you any time you want, Drew." Carl batted his eyelashes at me and chortled. I noticed that he wore the most subtle eye makeup. It was very handsome.

While Russ was initially circumspect with us and tried to project prototypical masculinity by rebuffing kissing and bottoming, Carl had no problem embracing his more "feminine" side, even though his musculature was equally as impressive as his brother's.

Obasi stood up in the tub on his one foot, placing his foreshortened left leg on the edge of the tub for balance. Mount Oba cleared his throat. "Well, Carl, we haven't got all day. Let's get to it."

Carl looked Obasi up and down. "Obasi Ekwensi, you fucker! Why didn't I know that you're an amputee? I told you when you hired me that I don't like secrets."

Carl snapped his fingers at me, suddenly taking on the mien of a man in charge. "Drew, get over here so Oba can balance on you. You, Oba, give me your leg. I want to see how you're taking care of your callous. I should be looking after you, you giant oaf."

"Mr. Swann, Do I need to remind you that Mr. Tarnow is your employer, not your lackey to be bossed around with the snap of a finger? Oba's voice reverberated in the glass room.

Carl waved him off dismissively. "Drew said that we're all here to attend to you, so he will do what he's told. Now, let me see your leg. I put some bath oils in the water here. If you have been soaking too long, it will have softened your callous, and you know that's no good. I've got other things I can use to make sure you have the proper amount firmness to your stump to keep your cup from irritating you too much."

Carl stepped into the tub and stood behind Oba. He grabbed his leg and forced him to bend his knee so that the end of his calf could be examined. Oba leaned forward a little with his right arm draped over my shoulder. His smile betrayed his feigned irritation, and, speaking loud enough for everyone to hear, said, "I apologize on Carl's behalf."

I laughed. "Carl's right, I am here to serve you today, your lordship. Tell me how I may be of service," I prayed while bowing my head.

Carl spoke without looking up, "Don't be so goddam fawning, Drew. It's not sexy at all. There's a difference between service and servility. Learn your craft. Now hold Black Rock still, and someone, please bring me a towel."

I laughed at Carl's antics and leaned closer to Oba, wrapping my arms tightly around him, feeling his large, sexy body. "Just following orders."

Yu Joon handed Carl a towel so he could dry Oba's stump. Carl then danced his fingers all over Oba's calf, finally bending down and bringing his lips to the end of it. I was looking around Mount Oba to see what Carl was doing. He noticed my observation of him.

"My lips are more sensitive than my fingers. And also, I wanted to," Carl replied with a shrug.

"No judgment from me. Bunny and I tasted every square inch of Mount Oba, and will do so again whenever he gives us permission." I kissed and licked Obasi's right lateral to prove my point.

"I'm jealous," Carl said between kisses.

He finally finished his examination. "Okay, let's get O-bastard out of this tub, and I will wash him and try to make him look presentable. It's going to have to be a group effort," he added, laughing.

Bunny stepped up next to me and spoke to Oba. "This estate is an extension of my Garden. What you can do there, you can do here. Do you understand?" Bunny turned around. "That goes for all of you."

I smiled that my son spoke as if he were Tuer Shen himself by referring to "his" garden.

Oba showed us that he understood by drifting up and out of the tub, directing himself to alight on his foot under a cluster of rain showerheads in the center of the wet room. I had released him from my grip but decided to float along with him.

"What the actual fuck was that?" Carl stood in the tub looking stunned. Bunny floated in front of him just to demonstrate that he could. "Join us, Carl. You can do it. Don't stand there like an ass."

Bunny floated over to join Oba and me. Javi and Yu Joon decided to join in the fun and floated around us in slow circles, while Bruno floated behind Obasi and kissed his cheek. Carl remained standing in the tub, seemingly unable to disregard gravity the way we all could.

Bunny took pity on him by floating over to him in a horizontal position as he quickly stroked his penis to a ten-inch erection ready to enter Carl's open mouth. As soon as Bunny sank his dick down Carl's throat, the groomsman began to sparkle, being fully immersed in the Garden. Bunny backed away from Carl, but Carl did not want to let go of Bunny's cock, so he had no choice except to will himself to float along.

The expression on Carl's face was comical. He was mesmerized by his first taste of Bunny's penis, of course, and the indescribable full feeling of having a ten-inch penis in your throat without being triggered to gag. But he was also giddy at his newfound powers. When the duo came to a stop next to Oba and me, Bunny pulled his cock out of Carl's mouth. "See, Carl, I knew you could do it. You just needed some motivation."

"I ... uh ... you ... I mean, we ... Can we do this? Like, this is a thing now?" Carl remained a few inches off the ground so that he was eye level with Obasi.

Bunny laughed. "Yes, Carl, this is a thing if you want it to be. But it's only `a thing' here at Warren Hill. Don't go jumping out of buildings anywhere else. The fall won't kill you, but the landing might." Bunny appreciated his own joke. I rolled my eyes.

Obasi could barely contain his laughter at Carl. "Mr. Swann?"

Carl looked at the tall, muscular black man. "Yes?"

"Mr. Swann, you may proceed."


"I said, you may proceed."

"To where?"

Oba laughed heartily. "Proceed to my body, doofus. You volunteered to wash me. I'm perfectly capable of doing it myself if you've changed your mind."

"NO! No! No. I haven't changed my mind. Yes, I'm going to wash you. All of you. I'm going to do it while floating around you like a freakin' big-ass fairy, because that's the way I do things now, apparently," Carl said, trying to convince himself.

I laughed at his eagerness. I took the basket of bathing items from him and held it so that he could choose what he wanted. He grabbed two pink scrunchies and proceeded to gather Oba's long braids into two pigtails. Carl gave us a few seconds to chuckle at how ridiculous the six-foot-six-inch bodybuilder looked with his pretty pink pigtails.

Carl gathered the two pigtails and expertly twisted them together on the top of Oba's head to keep them out of the way.

The groomsman spent the next twenty minutes worshipfully washing Oba from face to foot. Oba made it easier on him by floating at about a sixty-degree angle for Carl to wash him more comfortably.

We all cheerfully helped wherever we could, mostly by using gentle sprays from handheld wands hanging from the ceiling to rinse the luxurious soap off of the House Steward's body and wiping the onyx skin clean. Obasi floated with his eyes closed and a contented smile on his gorgeous face. He had finally resigned himself to being pampered.

I floated to Oba's ass and pulled the bowling balls of his glutes apart so I could lick his anus. "I think there might be some soapy residue here. Does anyone else think so?"

We all took turns languidly sampling, causing Oba to sprout a full thirteen-inch erection. After the first round, I rinsed his ass with more water, and then went in for another taste. "I think it is acceptable now."

We all had to verify my conclusion. One can't be too careful in these matters.

I went to Oba's front as Bruno brought up the rear, as it were, feasting on Oba's anus. "I hope there's no soap residue left under his foreskin. That could be a terrible irritant."

That started three rounds of us all licking and swallowing the massive penis, all in the interest of hygiene, of course.

Carl lingered with Obasi completely implanted in his throat. He was in no hurry to move on. After a few minutes, Oba sighed and said, "I'm going to ejaculate pretty soon if you don't stop."

Carl did not stop, but Bunny moved to Oba's back and announced, "Don't worry, Carl, I will distract him."

My son slowly pushed his ten-inch erection into Oba's rectum and began a slow thrusting rhythm. "Am I helping?"

The three men sparkled with cosmic bliss. Obasi transmitted rays of illumination as I had never seen. They orgasmed simultaneously with Bunny filling Oba's ass, Oba filling Carl's throat, and Carl filling Javi's mouth. The young Mr. Rodrigo-Rodriguez had sensed the impending ejaculation and was loathe to see it swirl down the drain.

Several minutes later the orgasm ended. Bunny and Carl drifted away from Oba who stretched out blithely and yawned. "That was a nice shower, Carl. I am glad I hired you. Thank you, gentlemen, for assisting."

Carl floated to Oba's head and grabbed him by the tresses, gently nudging him in the direction of the door. "We ain't done with you, big boy. We have to do up your hair. Are you still willing to help, Bruno?"

"You betcha," Bruno replied as he floated on top of Oba and the two lovingly embraced and kissed while Carl pulled them along as if they were a barge being guided down a river.

Javi, Yu Joon, Bunny, and I washed and dried each other. We shared our affection for each other but did not escalate the touching into outright sex. I told the driver and the footman that they were free to return to whatever it was they would otherwise be doing.


   _   _   _   _   _  


Bunny and I walked out of our wet room and returned to the stair hall to look at the giant painting of Tuer Shen. His smile seemed to be brighter than it was before. There was also a glint in his eye that I hadn't noticed before.

I played with some of the dangling crystals that shimmered with light. "These are heavy, Bunny. Are they lead crystals?"

My son laughed at me. "You know that Bunny wouldn't have anything except diamonds, dad. Those are all perfect, flawless, colorless diamonds that he assembled molecule by molecule, just as he did with the rest of the house. Those big ones are the largest cut diamonds on earth. Hundreds of billions of dollars worth of flawless diamonds. That's Tuer Shen's idea of a joke."

I shook my head in disbelief. I took Bunny's hand and led him to the center of the hall next to the large ottoman. We looked around at the rainbows being refracted through the tall space and marveled at our fate for several minutes.

I wanted to look at the painting of Tuer Shen from a different vantage, so we ascended almost to the third floor of the four-story hall. Bunny and I held hands as we slowly rotated in mid-air to examine more of the spectacular manse. I smiled with delight while Bunny smiled with satisfaction at a job well done by his spiritual companion.

We came to rest looking at the painting. There was no doubt that the painted Tuer Shen winked at me. I didn't even bother to question or remark. I knew that I would have to learn to accept many improbable occurrences living here.

I puckered my lips at the painting, then embraced my splendidly naked son/lover/guide/spiritual companion. He embraced his naked adoring father/lover/student/protector. We kissed silently, sparkling more vividly than the thousands of diamonds around us as they twirled in the gentle western breeze. Tuer Shen smiled at our pleasure.

We are home.


 *** end ***


Thanks to all of you who have stuck with this story to the end, especially those who wrote to offer encouragement and constructive criticism.

I hope that at least a few of you will look forward to Life at Warren Hill, the continuation of Drew and Tian's love story and assorted antics.

It will probably be a couple of months until I start posting that work. If you wish to be notified of its debut, please send a note to hauptwerk88@gmail.com.

Until then, may the blessings of Tuer Shen be upon you and those who love you.

-- Quentin