Rabbit Hole

CHAPTER NINE: Life Is a Highway

By Quentin Collins (hauptwerk88@gmail.com)

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This story is fictitious and takes place in a fantastic realm where inconvenient physical, biological, medical, legal, and moral strictures don't exist. It is intended only for the entertainment of those who are legally permitted to access and read it.

This work is my first attempt at storytelling, so please be gentle in your criticism, lest you make me cry.

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My son Channing and I were making good time heading south on Interstate 81. I had chosen that route even though it was a few miles longer because I thought it would be an easier drive in an unfamiliar large moving van with my car being towed behind. We were about four hours into the trip, south of Lexington, Virginia.

My first instinct was to pay a moving company to take care of moving everything for us while we flew to our new home in Columbia, South Carolina. But I decided that it would be beneficial to have this shared road trip experience with Chan. I thought it might ease the transition for both of us.

I had decided to emulate Chan and had taken off my clothes before I drove away from our old house. I kept my rugby shorts handy in case I needed to put them on quickly. Of course, I had on my canvas loafers.

Chan was lying across the bench seat on his stomach with his head in my lap, nuzzling my hairless penis. He had fallen asleep in that position, and I decided to let him nap while he drooled on my genitals. I wasn't erect, but it felt nice to feel my son's closeness. He was obviously comfortable enough to fall into a contented sleep in that position.

I took my right hand off the wheel from time to time to stroke Chan's head, back, and ass. The cab of the rental van was high enough that only the largest of trucks could see what we were doing. I wasn't aware that any of them noticed us through the softly tinted side windows.

Every time I fluttered my fingers along his perfect skin I felt a tingling in my fingertips. It felt almost as if we were telling each other our love every time we touched. I wasn't sure my meager body could contain the depth of our shared love.

I also gave a pat and a pet to Mr. Bunny, who was tucked in Chan's arm. As I glanced at his furry face, I could have sworn he was standing guard over my son. I thanked him for being and unblinking protector of the most precious thing in the world to me. Did he just wink at me? I've been behind the wheel too long.

My original plan was to make the drive in one day so we'd have a day to get a little bit settled in the house before I was to start working. I didn't want to leave Chan alone in the new house so abruptly, especially since he couldn't drive and we would be a bit remote.

After my seeming hallucination of Mr. Bunny's wink, I realized that another six hours of driving was going to be more than I could handle today.

I let my hand rest on Chan's firm and mountainous ass, and he began to stir. He grunted and then rolled over on his back and grinned at me. I stroked his face, down his abdomen and fondled his flaccid penis. He sighed as he remained in a completely open posture, allowing me to touch and fondle any part of him I desired. I put my hand back on the steering wheel before I tempted myself into something stupid and distracting.

"How long was I asleep, dad?"

"About forty-five minutes, Bunny. Did you have a good nap, sweet baby?"

"Yeah, it was nice. I had a comfortable pillow." He smiled. I melted.

"I'm glad, my love. Would you like to do me a favor, if you're awake enough?"

"Sure. What do you need?" Chan stretched again, exposing his ribs. It felt as if he were deliberately massaging my crotch with the back of his head. When I glanced down to meet his gaze, his countenance confirmed that was exactly what he was doing. I brought my right hand to his face and caressed him, gliding my thumb across his parted lips and then down his nose.

I played with his curled tresses as I asked him, "Could you open the contacts on my phone and look for Quincey Saunders's cell number and then hand me my Bluetooth earpiece?"

"Sure thing, daddy-o."

Chan stretched yet again. I couldn't help but repeatedly glance as his body turned and rippled, exposing his preternaturally developed musculature. How can anyone be so beautiful? Am I prejudiced? Perhaps, but Chan seems to attract yearning glances wherever he goes, from boys, girls, men, women and all other variations of gender identity.

I watched as his four-inch flaccid penis shifted on his left hip as he moved. I imagined my tongue traveling the circumference of his circumcised glans.

Focus, Drew. Focus!

He looked up from my lap with an adorably goofy smile, his curls tickling my thighs. I had to laugh. His head was rocking almost imperceptibly back and forth on my penis. He knew the effect he had on me. He had to feel my penis growing against the back of his head.

Although the van I rented was new, it did not have the latest in connected technology. Both Chan and I had our phones plugged into their car chargers, and we had our own portable GPS suctioned onto the dash.

Chan grabbed my phone while still lying on my lap and started maneuvering to my contacts. When he found my new boss's number, he hit a button to turn on my Bluetooth earpiece and handed it to me.

When he saw the phone had linked, he asked if I were ready for him to dial.

"Make it so," I responded in my Jean-Luc Picard voice from Star Trek.

Chan snuggled into me, kissing my pubic bone and blowing his sweet breath onto my abdomen.

I heard three rings. Four rings. I was preparing my speech for voicemail when I heard a voice.

"Drew, is that you?"

"Yes, Mr. Saunders, It's I. I am so sorry to bother you on the weekend, but I have a favor to ask of you."

"If I can grant it, I will. Is something wrong?"

"Not wrong exactly. But you may remember that I told you about my son's mother's funeral today? Well, I'm afraid that we got off to a much later start than I anticipated. I think we're going to have to stop for an overnight.

"I'm wondering, sir, if I might move back my start from Monday to Tuesday to give me a day to get my son a bit settled in the new house before I disappear?"

There was a slight pause, then Mr. Saunders responded, "Oh, fuck, Drew, is that all? I thought you were going to ask me something big. Of course, take the time you need. This has to have been quite an ordeal for your sweet boy. He's the most important thing right now."

"Thank you, Mr. Saunders. I agree. Channing will always be my priority."

Chan smiled at me in appreciation and planted more butterfly kisses around my lower abdomen.

"Fuck, Drew, cut that tight-ass `Mr. Saunders' shit. Call me Quinn like everyone else."

I had to chuckle at Quinn's colorful language.

"You know what, Drew, why don't we have lunch Wednesday. That will be your new start day. Then I'll take you over to our Human Resources office so they can commence your indoctrination and you can get around to filling out a shit ton of paperwork. They normally schedule two days for all that, so you should be done by Friday afternoon.

"By that time I hope there will be furniture in your office. We've had some hiccups in getting the new suite ready. The rest of your crew won't start moving in until the following Monday anyway, so it will all work out. You will be working from home half the time anyway, assuming that's still your plan."

I sighed in relief.

"Thanks a lot, Quinn. I do intend to work from home eventually, but I'm sure I should be around the office to get to know the staff and figure out what's what.

"You know, Quinn, you're not the giant turd people told me you are."

"Drew, I'm the biggest, smelliest mother-fucking turd you're ever going to meet. See you Wednesday at my office. Make it 12:30. Call me if you need anything else. Kiss your son for me, OK? Channing, is it?"

"I'll do that, Quinn. I'll give Channing a big sloppy kiss and tell him it's from you."

Quinn chuckled. "You do that, Drew. I can't wait to meet him. You've got me expecting a perfect young man. I hope he won't disappoint."

"Oh, Quinn, Channing is perfect. Everything about him is perfect. You'll fall in love with as soon as you meet him. I'm sure he will be able to tolerate you in return. Thank you again, Quinn. This means a lot. It really does."

"Fucking Christ on a stick, Drew, I'm going to hang up now before you start crying."

I laughed and heard him disconnect. I rubbed Chan's chest vigorously and tickled his belly and then slapped it playfully.

"What was that for?"

"Because I love you."

"I love you too, dad."

Chan turned back over and started sucking my penis. I felt nice, but I stopped him. Why would I do such a thing? I felt the spark as soon as his lips touched my penis.

"Your work isn't done, sweet baby. Now you have to find us a place to stay tonight."


"Yes, you. I don't see any other beautiful naked young men in the truck with me. We're headed down Interstate 81. See if you can find a place that's an hour or so in that direction and give them a call to reserve a bed for us. I don't care what kind of place it is as long we can get a good night's sleep."

"OK, Papa Smurf. I'm on it."

"Papa Smurf?"

"It came to me in a flash of genius."

Chan sat up. I immediately missed cradling his head in my lap, but he grabbed his phone and got to work, with Mr. Bunny supervising from the crook of Chan's left arm.

I reached over and stroked his thigh in appreciation. He spread his legs and shifted his hips a little closer to me, suggesting that he wanted me to stroke something else. I wanted nothing more, but I knew I had to restrain myself before I plowed the van into a guardrail or another vehicle.

I brought my fingertips to my lips and kissed them, and then delivered the kiss to my son's penis. I rubbed his belly.


"Yes, Bunny?"

"I love you."

"I love you too, Bunny. You don't know how much."

"To the moon and back?"

"To Neptune and back, Bunny."

"Thank you for loving me, dad. I don't thank you enough. I want you to know that I'm aware of everything you've given up for me. I hope you don't regret it."

"My sweet baby, you thank me every day. I know that we don't take each other for granted. Besides, I haven't given up anything for you: I've simply traded lesser things for a much, much greater thing. Everything that's not you is lesser, Bunny."

"I just wanted you to know, dad. Your love is the greatest thing to me. Always and forever."

I rubbed his thigh again. "Bunny, do you remember when you were kissing Thomas West at the funeral home? You called him `my love.' You really meant that, didn't you? Do you love Thomas West even now? Maybe it was just the emotion of the moment, after you sucked him off and then he returned the favor and gave you a nice orgasm?"

Chan smiled at me almost shyly. "Dad, I really did fall in love with him. I think he's a wonderful man, and I want him to be happy and healthy. I hope I get to spend time with him again. We should add him to the invitation list for our party next year.

"Dad, maybe there's something wrong with me because I seem to love too easily. You fell in love with Dave as quickly as I did, but I seem to fall in love with almost every man I meet. I try not to fall in love, dad. I really do. But there are many wonderful men in the world. I want them all to be happy."

I tickled his scrotum. "My sweet, sweet Bunny! There is nothing wrong with you. Nothing. You see the best in everybody. You have a way of understanding people where they are and how they are, and an ability to help them see how they could grow into better people. Your empathy is off the charts, Bunny.

"You help me improve every day, my love. There is nothing wrong with being a loving man. I just worry that someone is going to take advantage of you. But that shouldn't stop you from loving anyone. You are filled with love, my sweetness. Every cell in your magnificent body is replete with love. Don't change a thing."

Chan leaned against me and kissed my cheek. My eyes moistened.

"I get everything I am from you, dad."

"No, Bunny. You are better than I in every way. I don't say that to put myself down, or out of false modesty. It's just an acknowledgment that you are special. I think you were put on this earth and into my life for a special purpose. I vow to spend every day of my life protecting you and trying to emulate you."

Chan laid his head on my shoulder. "Dad?"

"Yes, Bunny."

"I love you to Neptune and back too, but you know what else?"

"What, Bunny?"

"I like you to Neptune and back too. I like spending time with you. I think you're my best friend. But you're my dad too. But you're cool, and fun, and smart, and handsome, and gentle, and strong. I love so many people, dad, but there's nobody I want to be with more than you. I love spending time with you.

"I vow to spend every day of the rest of my life protecting you and trying to emulate you too. We make a good pair, dad."

"I think we do, Bunny."

We drove in silence while my eyes misted. I don't know what I did to deserve the great good fortune of having Channing in my life. I guess I don't really deserve it any more than anyone else. But I have it, and I won't let it go to waste.

Chan lifted his head from my shoulder after a few minutes but sat with his hip pressed against mine as he sighed, and then went back to finding us lodging for the night.

About fifteen minutes later Chan announced that he had a worthy candidate for our business. I told him to get my wallet from the center console, grab my Chase Sapphire Preferred card, and give them a call.

"Do you want to know whom I'm calling?"

"Not really, sweet baby. I just hope you're not going to spend too many thousands of dollars."

Chan tapped his phone a few times.

"Yes, hello. My name is Channing Tarnow. I know this is last minute, but I'm wondering if you have a bed available for tonight?"

"Oh, I see. Well, we don't need anything fancy, just a bed to get a good night's sleep."

He was silent for a while.

"No, see we weren't originally planning to stop, but we got a late start today because of my mom's funeral and now ..."

I heard Chan's voice starting to quiver, and he trailed off. I reached for the phone.

"Hello, this Andrew Tarnow, with whom am I speaking, please?"

"This is Victor Demmel of the Primrose Farm Bed and Breakfast. Is your companion all right? Did he mention his mother's funeral?"

"Yes, Mr. Demmel, he did."

"Well, I'm so very sorry to hear that. Truly I am. But as I was explaining to him, we are closed to overnight guests right now because we're undertaking some painting and restoration in several of our bedrooms and public rooms. We just aren't fit for company," Mr. Demmel answered.

I thought for a moment. "I see. We're completely willing to forego the amenities if you have even one bed that's available for us to use. And, I'd be willing to pay full price."

"That's very kind of you, Mr. ... I'm sorry I've forgotten your name."

"Just call me Drew."

"Yes, Drew. It's just that I'm a little concerned about your comfort and safety. Hold on for a moment. Let me discuss this with the co-owner."

I waited for a minute or so. I had never heard of Primrose Farm, but my baby seemed to want very badly to stay there tonight, so I was determined to do whatever I could to make that happen.

"Drew, are you still on the line?"

"Yes. I'm here."

"I'm sorry to keep you waiting. We've decided that we can rent you a room if you sign a waiver stating that you understand that construction work may be going on around you and you indemnify us from inconvenience or injury unless caused by negligence. But we assure you we are not negligent people."

"That sounds reasonable to me. I agree to those terms. Do you require a card to hold the room? I'm happy to prepay for the night," I told him.

"No, Drew. Under normal circumstances, we would, but we seem to be unable to talk you out of coming, so we trust you will show. When do you expect to arrive?"

"I think we're less than an hour out if we don't stop to grab a bite. Would you be able to provide us with something to eat? We've had quite a large meal at the funeral reception, but I'm sure we could both eat a bit of salad or something like that. Neither of us got our exercise in today, so we don't want to load up on carbs and fat."

"I understand. We can certainly put together a light, healthy supper for you. Do you have any allergies or dietary restrictions?"

I told him we both were free to eat anything they chose to prepare.

Victor continued, "Excellent. I must tell you that the dining room is one of the rooms currently unavailable so we will have to set you up in the front reception hall, or in your room. Also, we do have a well-equipped gym in one of the barns which you can use to get your exercise, as long as you sign another waiver. Our insurance carrier insists on it."

I laughed. "That's fine. I'm happy to eat in the kitchen as far as that goes. That is if your insurance allows it." I couldn't help a good-natured dig.

Victor Demmel laughed. "I'm sure that is allowed as long as you stay away from the stove and the salamander."

I replied, "Well, I'm not a fan of salamanders, or of any lizards really, so there's no problem there. Why do you keep a salamander in the kitchen?"

Victor guffawed this time. "I'm sorry, Drew. I didn't mean to laugh. I was referring to our flash broiler. It's typically called a salamander in the restaurant world after the mythical creature that could withstand fire. In the olden days, they used to call a red-hot poker a salamander too. Sometimes I forget that most people are unfamiliar with our shop talk."

"Think nothing of it," I said. "I appreciate your explaining it to me. I'm glad to have learned something today. So, we'll see you in about an hour."

"We look forward to it, Drew," Victor enthused.

I handed the phone back to Chan.

"Thanks, dad. I don't know what happened to me."

"You have a beautiful, generous heart that feels pain and hurt. That's what happened. It was thoughtless of me to put you in that position. I'm sorry, Bunny."

Chan kissed my cheek. "Oh dad, don't apologize. Sometimes shitty things happen. It doesn't mean it's anyone's fault. You're still my favorite guy, dad. You're my favorite guy in the whole world, even from here to Neptune and back."

I rubbed my son's thigh and rewarded myself by letting my hand rest there. "Bunny, I just want you never to cry or feel sad. I want only good things for my best guy."

Chan placed his hand on my thigh and rubbed it. "Dad, I'm going to cry. So are you."

We sat in silence while enjoying touching each other.

"Dad, let's make a pact."

I turned to him briefly. "A pact?"

"Yeah, dad. Let's make a pact that we will share everything, not just the good stuff. We will never be hesitant to cry in front of each other. When you're hurt or confused or angry, you'll share it with me. I will do the same with you.

"We can't love each other completely if we don't expose ourselves completely. I love being naked with you, dad, as we are now; but, I think we need more than that. I think we need to expose ourselves to each other emotionally and spiritually too. I want you to know every cell in my body, every thought in my head, every fear, every desire. I want to hold nothing back from you, dad.

"Dad, my friend, my protector, my lover, would you be willing to be naked in every way for me too?"

I sat dumbfounded for a moment. "Channing Daniel Tarnow, my son, my friend, my lover, my protector, my favorite guy, my proudest achievement, I can't think of a greater joy than to lay myself naked for you on every level and in every respect.

"Remember when I said before that you are better than I am? You've proven it yet again. Let me expose myself for you now. Sometimes I wonder if you're really my son, or if you're an other-worldly creature sent here for a purpose I don't yet understand.

"Channing, you excite me. You intrigue me. But sometimes you frighten me because I don't know if there is a limit to your potential. We have pledged ourselves to each other, but I fear that I may become insignificant as you increase. Is that enough emotional nakedness for you, my love?"

Chan squeezed my thigh. "No, dad, it's not nearly enough. But it's a good start. Thank you.

"Dad, I am your son. I know that as clearly as I know anything in my life. I am here because of your sperm and mom's egg. But I think you may be correct that I am also something else. I don't understand what that `something else' is, but I've always felt that there is a duality to my existence: I am Channing, son of Andrew; but I am also ... not Channing.

"I know, too, that you will never be insignificant, dad. I'm not sure how I know it, but I know that I will never achieve my full potential as you call it without you by my side, and without your love. Our love has to be shared continuously with each other. I can grow only as much as our love continues to grow."

I sat and took in what my son told me. "Chan, do you think you are inhabited by a spirit of some sort?"

"No dad, I don't think so. I think I am connected to someone or somewhere? Something, maybe? We will glimpse it together tonight at Primrose Farm."

We sat in silence, each trying to understand what Chan had revealed; both of us knowing that we might have to accept without understanding.

I turned quickly and kissed my son's face. "Speaking of Primrose Farm, why don't you put their address into the GPS and then come back where you belong."

He programmed a new stop into the GPS and then lay on his stomach, wound his arms around my hips, and took my penis back into his mouth. We were both content as the tingling voltage passed between us.