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Riding the School Bus
It started in grade two. Or at least that's when I can really remember it best. It definitely "started" in preschool I think, I have flashes of memories from those days up to grade one- but the storyline we are focused on really flourished when I was about eight. I was very plain and normal looking with brown hair and green eyes, a very average body for a young boy, not too heavy but not naturally jacked like a boy god to be worshipped. A little baby fat left, but whatever. I was always curious about private parts, because people were so secretive about stuff like that around little boys, or at least they were when I was that age... things seem different now. 
My neighbor, 4 driveways down the street from me, sensed my naughty side- he was a very perceptive boy a month older than I was, called Michael. He was outgoing and boisterous, the same height as I was, thinner with tanned skin. He lived with his mother and step father and a little brother and baby sister. Their family was kind of trashy, the house they lived in was beaten up, they were always a little dirty, and they had a tacky above ground pool in their front yard.
I was not a popular kid, with an abrasive personality and hyperactive tendencies, I usually drove other people away and did not keep friends easily. Michael showed an interest while we were riding the bus to school, and I ate up the attention like a starving puppy. He had a power over me almost immediately, and I'm pretty sure he knew it right away.
How it started exactly is not a clear memory... but how it evolved and certain specific interactions are very clear. A good story should have a beginning though, so I will give it a go: We were sitting in the back of the bus together, an empty seat next to us and kids chatting obliviously in front of us. He started talking quietly and asked me if I wanted to try something fun. I, of course, said yes while nodding vigorously. He smiled and said it was kind of naughty and it would have to be a secret, and I was intrigued. 
He pulled down his shorts and underwear to expose his smooth cut boy cock to me, and he said that I should do it too. I looked around nervously and didn't see anyone looking so I copied him exposing my similar boy cock- mine being lighter in color compared to his tanned skin. He said "nice one, watch this" and leaned over to put my dick into his mouth. I felt him suck on it and it felt weird but nice until his teeth scraped my tip, causing me to push his head away, which he resisted and pushed back trying to keep my boy meat in his moist mouth. Reluctantly he sat back up and smiled saying, "feels pretty cool right? try doing mine" and nodded toward his tanned dicklet. I hesitated and cringed and he invoked the classic boy logic of 'I did you, now you do me' which is, of course, inarguable. I leaned very slowly toward his crotch, and smelled his dirty body as his prick entered my mouth. It tasted metallic and earthy with a little pee mixed in, and I just let it sit on my tongue for a few seconds before starting to suck like a lollipop. The sensation in my mouth spread through my brain and something unlocked right there for me, a deep truth was revealed, that I was a born cocksucker. I loved doing it, the naughty feeling of being bad and the sexy feeling of being dirty bundled with the thrill and excitement of possibly getting caught... it was exhilarating.
i can only speculate, but I am sure Michael was quickly aware he had awoken a natural cock whore. I am certain he could tell I liked sucking his dick and would do it for him whenever he wanted, he had me hooked like a drug dealing pimp had his bottom bitch on crack. This bad boy was now in control and took me under his wing to train me as a sex toy. My eight year old brain could barely process the pleasure of the experience and I knew I wanted more. I suddenly wondered about every boy I knew, and what his dick looked like and if he would let me taste it. 
We pulled our clothes back up and didn't really talk about it much more as we went back to normal conversation or just staring out the window until we soon arrived at our street and departed.
it became somewhat routine, every couple days or so we would be sitting together without prying eyes and suck each other's dicks in secret at the back of the bus. After a few weeks he casually mentioned that he and his little brother had tried something else that was fun. He said that he stuck his thing into his bros butt. I said that was gross and made a face and he just shrugged and smiled. I went back to sucking his dick and he asked if I wanted to come over to his house to play, and I eagerly agreed.
the next week we had plans made for a play date and the day finally arrived as I walked down the street to his place. I knocked on his door and he answered, and his face was bruised- it looked like his nose was broken. I was thrown by his appearance and he shrugged it off saying he fell into something. I entered his home and he showed me around the small living room and pointed to the bathroom as he lead me into his room. Two beds and a dresser sat in a cramped space and we hopped on one together. His mother was out with his siblings and it was just us in the house with his step dad who was sat on the couch in his boxers and a tank top drinking a beer. Michael had taken out his bucket of legos and we were building together, just being normal boys, when his step dad came in.
I had not paid much attention to the man during the short tour, but here standing in front of us I looked him over. He had a typical dad bod, just shy of six feet tall moderately hairy legs and arms and could see some more hair on his chest where the tank top didn't cover. He had a bit of a beer belly, but not overly fat, and his arms were thick and to my young eyes they looks muscular but they were not sculpted from working out- just a little developed from hard labor as a blue collar average joe. 
As I scanned him over, I noticed him make a smirk in my direction as he slipped his free hand into his boxers and he drank his beer with the other. Michael did not even acknowledge him and was solely focused on building his lego castle. I, on the other hand, could not avert my gaze as I noticed his hand slowly move under his shorts. It was late spring/early summer, so it was hot outside, and I could see his tank top was wet with sweat- Michael and I were just in shorts and tee shirts and it felt warm in the room because the house had no ac and few windows. The man, who by the way- Michael never introduced to me and totally ignored during the tour, suddenly spoke his first words to us. "Real hot today, why don't you boys get more comfortable, just us guys here." His voice was deep and gravelly, rugged like his looks. I turned toward my friend to see him look up for the first time since the man entered the room. As I turned back to look at the guy like Michael was, I saw his belly and chest were exposed as he finished pulling off his sweaty top. His hairy body was wet and he scratched his belly and I turned again as I noticed Michael moving, he was removing his shirt as well. This was the first time I'd seen Michael shirtless, and I saw his tanned skin was everywhere on his smooth thin frame and he had dime sized brown nipples. He tossed his shirt on the floor along side his step dads and then returned to sitting on his knees and looked right at me, waiting for me to make a move.
of course, I was nervous. I didn't have brothers and was not used to just being without clothes in front of others, especially strange men. It was definitely exciting, but also very overwhelming to my young brain. I froze in place as I just stared at my friends shirtless body, I didn't notice the man behind me (who had put his beer on the dresser and removed his boxers) until he reached around to pull my shirt up and off. I raised my arms without thinking to allow him to undress me. I didn't look back, and did not know he was naked yet- as I was watching his step son stand on the bed and slowly lower his shorts in a strip tease. It was hot as fuck, in more ways than one. His unblemished boy body, completely hairless, was slowly revealed to us. First his pubic area, creamier than his tanned belly with that gorgeous v-line leading to the treasure I longed to suck into my own boy mouth. He turned around to lower the back of his shorts, exposing his white bubble boy mounds to us, and I giggled seeing my friends butt for the first time also. His step dad had his hands on my shoulders, keeping my attention on Michael for the strip show- which I had no argument about. The mans right hand lowered down my chest as he felt my smooth boy skin and pinched my nipple. Michael turned again and dropped his shorts to his feet and kicked them onto the floor with the other clothes and stood naked on the bed in front of us.
i watched him play with that tasty boy dick I was so familiar with, getting it hard and sticking out about an inch. His step dad had hooked his hands under my armpits and lifted me to my feet, still facing forward and not realizing the burly man was also naked. He continued fondling my smooth boy body and I enjoyed the sensation, his hands felt my tummy and were soon hooked into the waistband of my shorts-tugging downward. Embarrassed and unsure, I quickly put my own hands onto the mans to try and keep my shorts up, but the man ignored my action and tugged harder and quickly had my shorts and underwear at my ankles as he wrapped his left arm around my small frame to lift me slightly as he pulled the garments completely off and tossed them into the pile. 
Now the man was naked with two completely naked young boys on the bed in front of him. Michael pushed all the legos onto the ground, leaving only our naked bodies and some pillows on the bed itself. The man continued fondling my smooth boy skin. His hands roamed all over, cupping my small ass and giving it a very light smack causing me to yelp quietly. He spoke again,"boys should be naked together all the time, and men need to be naked with boys to teach them about their bodies" and he motioned to my friend who moved toward us. Michael got down to crawl on his hands and knees over to our end of the bed and put his mouth right on my little prick. I leaned my head back and enjoyed the young boy's sucking mouth while his step father pinched my nipples and squeezed my ass. Finally, after about 5 minutes, it was revealed to me that the man was also exposed. He pulled my body against his and his hairy belly tickled my back. I felt something slipping along my buttcrack pushing through my legs, it grazed my smooth tight boy sac with my tiny balls and continued to push forward to where Michael was busy sucking down my small boy dick. I looked down and saw my first erect man cock sticking out between my legs. It looked so cool, like my little eight year old body had (what seemed to me at the time, but now I realize was average sized) a huge man sized dick.
the man was also cut like us, and it was about 7 inches or slightly shorter, dripping precum. I obviously didn't know what precum was at the time, but i felt the sticky goo along my crack and on my balls where he had slid it through my legs. Michael licked under my balls and touched the tip of the man dick with his little pink tongue. I was enthralled with the show in front of me, staring intently at the big man cock and the little boy on his knees. I curled my toes in pleasure and my smooth legs squeezed together, causing the man's shaft to tuck into the crevice of my asscrack and I felt his rock hard tool throbbing against my tender boy bits. I heard him moan behind me, and felt his hands begin to slide down either side of my frame- starting along my arms, then each side of my torso to my hips, where he stretched his massive man hands forward over my pubic bone and pushed Michael's head roughly toward his own dripping dick as he pinched my own boy nail. Now the step son had his daddies dick in his warm little mouth as I watched his lips become obscenely stretched around that man pole. I felt him move behind me, and he put one hand on the back of Michael's head to hold him in place and the other hand was on my tummy rubbing up to my chest and back down to my dick over and over, occasionally pinching a nipple or my dick in the process. He was grinding me, humping his man meat back and forth between my ultra smooth boy thighs while his step son masterfully took the big cock to the back of his throat and only gagged a couple times. I continued to watch in awe, and made eye contact with Michael a few times, I smiled at him but he seemed to be lost in another world, the last time we looked right at each other his step daddy held his head still and shoved hard forward lodging his dick into the kneeling boy's throat and I saw tears in both his eyes before he squeezed them shut to concentrate. My tiny ass was smashed against the man's hairy pelvis and he was leaning over me to watch the cocksucker do his job, while he used the hand that was fondling me to cup my chin and tilt my head up to his to look into his eyes for the first time, and he came closer so I could feel his hot breath against my face. The smell of beer and whatever he had for lunch was strong and his tongue stuck out and licked my lips. I was startled and opened my mouth slightly, only to have him attack my face with his own- clamping down and shoving his big man tongue into my little boy mouth. We had what felt like a sword fight with our tongues in my mouth, and it was intoxicating. 
It seemed like hours passed, but the sun was still up and there was no clock, and I was still learning to tell time, so I really have no idea how long it went on... but soon the man was holding me tighter against his hairy Body- tickling me like crazy as the sweat and hairs danced on my backside while he humped mercilessly into his young step sons well-trained throat. He moaned very loudly, to the point of screaming, and said "here it comes boy" before he froze in place for a few seconds. He made exasperated sounds like, uh uh uh, and then very quickly pulled his dick out of Michael's mouth and slid it back along my crack where he slapped my ass with it a few times- once hitting my hole directly and making me gasp. He pushed me forward and I fell onto Michael, our naked bodies now tangled together on the bed. I looked up at him and got a good view for the first time. The sweat matted hair covered his whole body, he looked like a wet teddy bear. His dick was hanging lower, not sticking out straight anymore, and his hands were on his hips as he looked down at the two naked second graders on the bed in front of him.
he told Michael that he did a good job like always, and that he made a very good choice with the next trainee. I was confused and looked to my friend after he said that, to find him grinning right at me. Michael responded, looking directly at me the whole time, saying "he really likes sucking my dick daddy, I'll bet you will get it down his throat with almost no practice." I blushed hard, my whole body turned red. The man looked at me and asked, "is that right boy? You like it when Mikey puts his little dicklet in your mouth? Sounds like we found a natural born cocksucker, did you like watching my daddy dick fuck Mikey's hot little mouth? Did you wish it was you sucking on it?"
i had to process what just took place for the first time, rather than just experience it, and I found myself nodding when he asked all those questions. I was nervous, but very excited, and I realized that I truly did want to get that big cock into my mouth. The man just chuckled, and said "that's real good to hear boy, cuz you are drinking the next load." Of course, I had no clue what he was talking about, but he left the room to get a towel to dry off with and Mikey and I were left to cuddle each other naked on his bed. Mikey kissed me like his step daddy did when he was sucking that man dick, and his mouth and tongue tasted funny- it made me shiver and my tummy felt tingly. He pulled away and put his hands on top of my head and started to push down, until my face was in front of his boy nail- still rock hard, he removed his hands and placed them both behind his head as he laid back and stated simply, "do your job pussyboy". I had never heard that term before, but I knew what he wanted and I knew I wanted a dick in my mouth- so I got to work.
...More to cum...perhaps?...
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