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When I look back at my early sexual experimentation I'm struck most of all by my feelings. There is of course the smells of skin, sweat and cum that burst into my mind when I touch the memories. The sensation of silky skin and the strange noises we make naturally in our ecstasy. What really makes me nostalgic and horny is the feeling of doing something profound in secret; the anticipation, the eager exploration and the honest horniness of my teens years. For a few years as an adult I was all about recapturing that feeling with guys I'd meet up until after college when I stepped into the real world. Though, I've recently been struck by some nostalgia and wanted to put my memories to words.

After Y2K failed to destroy the world, my life went through a series of changes, especially with family. We were together up until I was in middle school when my parents divorced. At the time we had been going to a public school after having spent 6-7 years there. I wasn't upset about moving schools, because I was growing frustrated with the bullying that had always been there since I was a queer kid. And at the same time it was beginning to dawn on me that maybe they were right and I was gay. I had no clue what that meant before, what it entailed and how to actually be it. Public school didn't tell me much either, but I blended in with the hundreds more students, my mannerism mellowed out and I had friends in the first year. Summer was on and I would be joining my brother's school. As for the divorce, I wasn't really broken down by their separation. I was a lot more concerned with my interest in boys. When it came to choosing sides, my dad was the disciplinarian and I liked my mom a lot more. Not to mention that we had different interests. My older brother, David, and little sister, Ana, were closer to my dad and I am closer to my mom.

When we were kids, my parents did a lot with us. We were always at the zoo, at the park, playing sports or, in my case, in some arts and crafts classes. We tried sports, but only my brother liked em and he kept up with baseball teams. We'd all still play catch though. We weren't rich and that meant that ever since we were kids we'd share a room. Only my sister would have her own room, my brother and I shared a room with bunk beds. It wasn't until after he entered high school that he pushed for his own room, which he got in a converted garage. But that lasted a good six months for him, then we all had to move after the divorce. Both my parents moved back home, and being that we were all natives of San Diego, we ended up all pretty close anyway. It took a week or two, but we settled into our new spaces. My brother and I met again with our old bunk bed, but we had a very spacious room that my mom decorated. My sister, grandma and mom had their own rooms.

It wasn't until a week into the set up that me and my brother really claimed our room. I ended up with the top bunk and he got the bottom. We both didn't have a lot of clothes to put into the drawers and he had all his sports stuff on some racks because we had no closet. Then we had our computer with bookshelves above it next to the door and our tv with our xbox. We'd have to turn the monitor off at night or the screen would beacon light at our bunks from the opposite wall. The new set up was awesome and I thought it was just like old times. Dave though, started getting into the habit of dropping in exhaustion into the bed in his clothes and sleeping. He broke out into his own routine the first time he came home from summer practice and stripped down to his boxers to put on a pair of mesh shorts my eyes popped. I hadn't seen him like that, ever, and it immediately confirmed to me what it meant to be gay. I could feel my dick stirring and I had the desire to see more of his athletic body. He turned to the computer and surfed the web, eventually settling on a movie.

I kept quiet, we'd been talking and hollering all week with each other and our mom as we moved in. We were finally just enjoying our shared space, each of us giving the other some privacy. I don't think he knew what he was doing to me though, I kept moving my eyes off the pages of a book I was reading and looking at his naked back. He was slender, we're both naturally thin, but he was older and a lot more active than me. His trim waist expanded into broad shoulders with small bulges of developing muscle along his back bustling to his shoulders. His biceps popped on his slender arm and the creases of his abs kept his tan skin dancing. This aesthetic has since influenced my desires, lean and tanned men are my instant loves. It was like that from then on, it was a treat for the eyes after I got over my fluttering for his body.

We got along great, I was the prankster in the family, but my brother was the tough nice guy. We didn't bond directly, but we bonded through video gaming, videos on the net, movies and just joking around. Without those we'd just talk about the logistics of chores or the room and we'd be on our iPods. Summer was turning out great. I was doing a lot of reading, video gaming, and the new feelings buzzing through my body were making me giddy without popping into the sexual. And then we went to my dad's for the weekend....

He didn't move far, just a block from our childhood home, but now we were at our grandma's house. Growing up, we'd always be over climbing her tree, playing in a makeshift slip and slide or picking fruit from the trees. Now my dad lived there in a small room. When we'd go over my sister would sleep with my grandma, my grandpa had his own room because they've always had separate beds/room and we got the guest room. The only glitch was that we had only one really large bed, two nightstands, one drawer, an old tv and a large closet. My grandma was guiding us the whole way, taking our clothes from our bag and putting them in the large empty drawers. We were going to be there every other weekend. I kept staring at the bed, and the small TV on the drawer. I sighed and felt good about bringing my book and iPod. When my grandma left, my brother sternly told me to stop complaining. I sighed again, of course he'd defend my dad.

We spent the day playing Chinese checkers, cards and dominos with my grandparents until dinner then we were sent to sleep. Just like old times, except grandma didn't bathe us all. I showered up first, then got into bed with my book. The room was illuminated by the old lamps, I noticed the stuffy smell wasn't being ventilated by the fan nor our small window. David came back from the shower in his shorts, water still dripping from the edges of his dark hair down along his shoulders. He put his stuff away and I clicked on the t.v. I immediately sighed at the click of electricity and the blare of static edged voices. He turned his head slightly and uttered, stop. I deflected the anger I heard in voice by rolling my eyes. He found a crime drama and hopped into bed, hardly testing the old sturdy wooden bed. I turned to him, noticing the way his body stretched, the muscles and bones standing out against his skin and a lump standing out against the meshing of his shorts. I'd never had the chance to look closely at his upper thigh exposed by his posture, they were incredibly smooth and paler to the dark tan of his upper body.

"This kinda sucks though."

"Just deal with it," he replied, readjusting his posture so the leg closest to me was bent up and his body slightly turned away. Obviously he was done talking to me. His loose shorts slipped dangerous down his thigh showing me the full palette of his dark lightly hairy lower legs to the barer but only slightly lighter knees to the smooth honey hue of his thighs and a rarer hue on the teasing edge that gave me such a spur of curiosity and an inconvenient hardness between my legs; something that had become a monkey on my back most recently. I was almost positive he didn't have underwear on, I would have seen the hem of his boxers by now, definitely the hem of his boxer briefs. I was fascinated more by him than my book. My eyes travelled between the pages of the book and his body until my grandma showed up like a specter at our door and told us to go to bed. Of course we obeyed the word of grandmother, since she'd shown no mercy on us as kids with a large wooden spoon from Mexico that she'd spank us with. But a curfew just added to the list of things I could gripe about.

The next day was much the same with board games, but we all went to the park where my dad and Dave practiced together while I rode my bike around the park with my sister. There wasn't much else to do later so we played more games with our grandparents, retired to our rooms and were visited again on curfew. My brother slept the same way again, but the second day I saw a lump in his shorts when he woke up which he adjusted casually and ignored. I thought about it all day and was disappointed as I slept in my bunk back home that I couldn't see him beneath me.

But from then on he still wore his shorts and lounged around the room. It was a treat, and I really came to appreciate the closeness growing between us as we bonded. I got to understand his personality a bit more. Tough nice guy didn't cover him enough. He was a lot like my dad's side of the family, louder, good humored and bit like a friendly bulldozer. He was relentless unless you asked him to take a care. He had incredible drive and he didn't always remember some people could get hurt, physically or emotionally. I learned that I could say something to him, he'd understand it and follow through to the point that he'd go out of his way. There was respect growing between us and I admired him, I actually started sleeping shirtless just to be like him. I was nervous to be outright copying him so I said nothing as I slipped off my shirt and climbed up into my bed. I wasn't ready to walk around shirtless in our room which was the only place he went shirtless, but it immediately become comfortable to sleep that way. Dad's place was a different story.

Two weeks later and I didn't have my comforts again, no book shelves, no computer, no video games, no privacy--relative to what we had anyway. Our fun there was connecting with family, playing games, hearing stories from our grandparents and this time going to the movies. It wasn't epic enough to become something we just couldn't wait two weeks to do again, but it wasn't bad being with family. Sleep time was another thing. It didn't feel like a sleepover or like it did at home. To me it felt like a bubble with different elements floating in it all waiting for the moment they mass together. Something was supposed to happen in that bed and I couldn't name what it was. Time there was short though, we were temporarily put that close while our real lives were put on pause. Or maybe something was missing. The house was so quiet, no humming electronics or music. There was a ticking somewhere making my sleeping difficult. The dark was so heavy, it would have scared me if I didn't have the sound of my brother's even breathing next to me. I thought again of his thighs, I knew he didn't have his underwear on from the imprint of it. My body flushed with heat from nowhere, leaving me feeling frustrated and anxious. I was missing something.

I was bleary eyed the next morning, I hadn't slept well. Dave got out of the tangles of the bed and walked to the drawers hoping his weight from side to side for a few steps. At the same time I noticed a tent appear in the leg of his shorts and shift upward by aid of his hand; there and gone in an instant. It took me longer to realize what I'd seen than it for him to readjust his boner, but it finally hit me and I turned my eyes from him. I could feel my face flushing and my heart was picking up sending its pulse to my already hard dick. I just sighed and sat up in bed, I was so used to feeling my body like this and the snaps of tense desire inspired by the increasing casual displays of skin I'd never seen before. Skin that I was discovering meant a lot and I wanted to see more of. Dave took his things to the bathroom as I was getting out of bed with my shirt well over my hardness. I got dressed and went to the commotion in the kitchen for some of my grandma's cooking. We spent the weekend together staying in and playing card games which made getting home almost a sensory overload.

My brother immediately raced me to the computer and won by force, I huffed up to my bunk and gathered my favorite distractions while also having the t.v. next to the computer showing something. It wasn't until the sun had set that he left the computer, taking his shirt off on the way to his bed. I considered crawling down, but I was already settled into bed and wasn't going to move except to get my shirt off and throw it over the edge. That's what I'd planned, but a smooth voice beneath asked if I wanted to play Smash Bros. I found myself climbing down pretty quick and heading toward the console to turn it on. A slap rang out and a sting ran up my back as my brother put a slap on back.

"Bastard, you'll pay for that."

"We'll see."

We stayed up all night, I kept to my word by keeping even with him. He had always been a better player, but I'd been improving, and the games were so much better now that we were completing evenly with each other. We didn't switch it off till the morning and we lazily walked to our beds, his hand on my shoulder. We said goodnight and I went to sleep happy as a clam that we were so close now. The next morning I woke up to the gloom and cool air that dominated the summer night as we neared the end of summer. I was also finding that every morning I woke up with a hard dick, which was annoying, but in my mind, after seeing Dave adjust his, utterly normal. I moved it around and enjoyed the feeling. Then we lived out our usual summer day, lots of video games, reading and internet. I'd get several hours alone while Dave was out in the built up heat of the day for ball practice.

Sometime that week, a harsh Santa Ana wind came over the desert cranking up the heat and dryness of the city. We didn't have air conditioning so I had a fan running in our room with the windows open. I played games all day shirtless in lose shorts with a water bottle near hands reach. Dave got home later in the afternoon, the heat still up even as the setting sun painted the sky orange. He came in huffing in his still sweat dampened uniform, it was one of the rare occasions I could smell metallic sweat and the dirt of the field on him. Right away he was out of his shirt after coming through the door, the muscles on his sides flexing over his ribs. He wasn't bothering with being quiet as he tossed his gear and clothes around the room. He was obviously tired today. I just kept playing, so used to him undressing. This time his rustling noises were lasting longer though, I hazarded a look back that dropped my jaw for a second, before I quickly looked away. I'd caught Dave as he was pulling up a fresh pair of boxers, his pale globes flexing with fine hair I didn't know could be there. I turned back to the t.v. moving my character automatically as I processed what I'd seen and desperately tried to get the right colors on the screen to see his reflection on the glass.

I flinched as he reached over from behind me to grab at my water bottle and chugged it down, water spilling down his chest. He sighed a soft, `damn' and went to the computer to stare at the screen then stare at the t.v. It didn't seem like he was going to do anything.

"Are you even playing?," he asked, realizing I was just walking around a town not doing anything.

"Yea, I'm questing," I lied.

He sighed and slumped off to his bed, immediately falling into deep shallow breaths with his legs not even on the bed. I breathed a sigh of relief, he was so innocent when he slept. I could play my game then and was absorbed for an hour or two, exploring a cave when he sat up quick like a snake making me jump in fear.

"Geezus," I yelped.

"Still playing," he said between chuckles.

He got up and put a shirt on then headed to the kitchen where he prepared and ate a meal. It was late when he got back in, hand on his belly and feeling satisfied. He sat again at the computer chair, legs apart and stared at my gameplay looking bored. It was nearly midnight and the house was quiet, he got up and turned the blinds then closed our door getting ready to go sleep for the night. I was getting a spot to save my game, because I knew the drill of night time. I was surprised when he asked if I wanted to play cards only because we were at our moms and not at our dads, though it wasn't strange that we were going to play cards.

I asked him where we'd play and we settled on my top bunk. It was cool to be in bed together with the ceiling just above our heads, it made things different. I asked him what we'd play to which he replied in a bored voice, poker, and I nodded. We'd learned from my grandpa how to play. He was shuffling the cards when he brought up a new rule that made me scared and thrilled.

"We should play strip poker."

"What's that?"

"Instead of betting and losing coins, you bet your clothes."

"Uhhh," my brain stalled on the surprise, but I finally replied, "Okay...."

I immediately knew that we were at a disadvantage being shirtless, so I crawled down my stairs quickly to put on a t-shirt. He asked me to toss one up to him. When I got back up he was dressed and there were five cards for each other of us. We played against each other without handicaps. I wanted to win, but I kept short of Dave's wins. I lost a shirt first, which had my heart beating with nervousness. I won Dave's shirt next. Then he won my shorts. This wasn't going to be a long game, but the tension was high and drawing out the game for both of us. I paused a long time after the second round, counting and recounting the cards before accepting that I'd lost my shorts. I swallowed hard at the lump in my throat above my quivering heart. I couldn't stand in my bed so I leaned back balanced on my butt and pulled my shorts down my skinny legs then threw them off the edge of my bed.

My focus was split in two directions, winning and on my hard dick. I was feeling a mix of intense sensations, my dick was talking to me on another level. I felt that nervous tension of doing something I wouldn't want to be caught doing and the feeling of exploring something utterly unknown. We both sat cross legged, I had my cards more strategically in front of my crotch, but it was obvious through my small trunks that I was hard and wet. I wasn't touching myself, but the heel of my foot was just at my crotch and it was enough to press against. The next hand I won, and I watched my brother take his shorts off, tossing them over the edge like nothing. He had boxers on which weren't tight and his dick was tenting them without shame. He focused on shuffling the cards, my dick was feeling great as it rubbed against my heel. I'd touch it occasionally, without thinking. When we had our cards I held them in front of me and was confident that they blocked his view from seeing me grind harder. We were drawing cards when I got up in a panic. I got up and threw my legs over the edge onto the ladder, I looked at him just as my quick movement caught his attention and blurted, "I have to pee!" I climbed down further and felt myself peeing, my dick was pulsing and spurting juice out as I held still on the ladder, my head resting on the edge of the bunk bed still in Dave's view.

"What happened?" Dave asked from the same spot.

"I don't know," I replied without looking at him.

"Lemme see, get up here."

I eagerly obeyed, I was pretty confused and wanted answers. I sat on my knees in front of him where we had left our cards. He looked at the wet marks on my boxer briefs. His hand reached out quicker than I could react and pulled out the hem of my underwear revealing my still hard cock. I gaped at him and looked down, shocked again at the large and slimy cock that he was seeing for the first time.

"...Didn't pee, looks like you came," he said with authority. I flinched when he let go and my underwear snapped back at me.

"Uh, okay..."

"Yea, you're way above the age when you're able to cum. You've got pubes grown in and everything. I'm surprised... you're late to the game."

"Oh...," I was reeling. I had just had my first official orgasm with cum and I'd had my dick inspected by my brother.

He was collecting the cards when he mentioned I get a towel, clean myself up and get a fresh pair of underwear. I nodded and went to our door where our towels hung on hook to clean myself off. My underwear was still damp after running a towel over it. David was in bed when I got to the drawer, I took our some boxers and changed near my ladder so he'd not see me completely. It was the first time I was naked head to toe with him in the room. I heard him moving in bed as I quickly started nodding off, the toll of gaming long hours catching up. I fell asleep listening to his breathing.

Next few days were business as usual with a small respite in the heat. After practice on Friday my brother came into the room still in his dirty uniform, put his gear away and took off for a shower. Mom had left by the time he bustled into the room with water still dripping from his hair.

Next few days were business as usual with a small respite from the heat. After practice on Friday my brother came into the room still in his dirty uniform, put his gear away and took off for a shower. Mom had left by the time he bustled into the room with water still dripping from his hair.

"Up for another round?"


I was still adventuring in my game.

"Cards, you wanna play again?"

I looked around the brightly lit room and the wide open blinds like they were a crowd of spectators.

"Now?" I asked with my eyes wide.

"Yea, why not," he replied casually, cards already in hand. He settled into his bed and started shuffling. I reluctantly saved and shut off my game then walked over to his bed.

"Get the blinds, dummy."

I turned back and brought the room back to the familiar and magical dimness of last night. The house was just as quiet, only the birds and the whirring computer. I was nervous again, my cock already getting hard.

"Get us some socks," my brother demanded. He'd already dealt the cards and was arranging his hand. I sat down carefully in his bed, it smelled strongly of him inside the bunk. I got my cards and proceeded to play as well as I could. The socks were first to go, but they served well in extending the game giving me ample time to soften up downstairs and to appreciate Dave's tactics. I caught on to his tendency to bluff and won the first hand where one of us would have to strip. He sighed and got out of bed to strip his shirt off quickly, a vivid flashing ripple of muscle over his stretched torso was all the show he put on.

"I got this," he said while collecting the cards.

Despite that, I got the next round and he wasn't happy about it. He growled before getting out of bed, hooking his thumbs into his shorts and sliding them down to his thigh where they dropped down his legs and he kicked them off to the side. His hard dick moved around in his boxers while all this happened. It was mesmerizing and I stared unabashedly. He'd seen mine already after all. He stood there a second longer to adjust himself then silently sat back down, all business. Dave never shied from a competition, he changed his play style and had me losing my shirt. I tried to square my shoulders, but I was still lacking the muscles he had. I sat back down and tried to recover the win, but I lost again. I got up and dropped my shorts, leaving both of us in seriously tented boxers. I covered my crotch briefly remembering that I'd always been shy... but no longer feeling so shy. My fingers came back touched with liquid. I sat back down, swallowing nervously, I was parched and my fingers were trembling slightly as I picked up the final hand.

Dave was arranging his cards quietly, seriousness in his brown eyes. My eyes lingered on all the light brown skin available to me. I had a strong pair that I tapped with my fingers, certain they'd afford me his last stitch. But, I ended up gaping slack jawed at his two sets of pairs. He was grinning like a devil from the pure satisfaction of winning before he switched back into the moment.


"Really, Dave?"

"Yea, for real. You played and lost, pay up."

I sat there some long seconds before getting out of the bed and turning towards him. He wasn't fully facing me, his posture half-interested, but his eyes were on me. I felt so nervous I could have easily started crying, my hands trembled as I grabbed my boxers and pulled them down my thighs, letting them fall as I cupped my balls, eliciting one stern, `no' from Dave. I dropped my hands and quickly sat back down avoiding looking at him.

"So, how long do I need to be naked."

"Depends if you wanna keep playing."

"Not really," I said quietly.

"Well, uh, okay," Dave said with some lost momentum.

I was getting up to put my boxers back on when he asked, "So do you know about jacking off and that stuff?"

I paused at the edge of the bed, my legs apart ready to stand and my hard dick standing with no shame between them.

"I've heard of it..."

"I did it last time we played cards."

"What!? When?"

A smile crossed Dave's face as I'd shed my self-consciousness and gotten closer to hear his answer, my dick just as eager.

"After the game, you probably fell asleep."

It dawned on me then. "Oh, so that's what the noises were."

"Yeah... so, how do you do it then," he challenged.

I stared at him, then he began to rummage near the edge of his bed and threw a little towel at me.

"Use that later, it's a cum rag."

"Okay...," I said while stalling, holding the unknown towel for a bit until my brother sighed again.

"So make a fist and go up and down," he said accompanied with the motion

I suddenly understood so much more in that instant, I couldn't help smiling as I said, "Oooh."

"... Wait, in front of you?"

He sighed again, like it was a big bother, lifted his legs and slid off his boxers releasing casually his big dick. He snatched the towel away from my limp fingers while I was distracted by his cock, balls and pubes. It was so symmetrical and set neatly between his legs that it was artistically beautiful. His cock was uncut, like me, with a strong muscle showing down the middle from his head, his skin darker on his balls. His head was halfway exposed and purplish pink. His pubes were dark, curly and thick, but not long and the edges of his pubes immediately turned to smooth tan skin except for a light trail leading halfway up to his belly button. His balls were visible against the skin of his sack, hanging uneven and just barely far enough to swing slightly. Then his fist entered my vision, moving over his cock, changing the look of his cock as his skin moved. He jerked smoothly for a few second, imprinting several techniques into my head before he flicked up and stopped.

"Here's the deal. We're sharing a room now and we're not kids anymore. I'm horny and I don't have my own room anymore. I've caught you up on this shit, so that's where it ends for me. You can do it with me or you can do it by yourself, but I'm just going to be doing it when I need to--and now you know."

He sat back into his pillows and started in on his dick again, his fist wrapped more tightly around his cock.

"Oh, and get a cum rag," he advised

His legs spread a little wider, the tips of toes brushing my lower back and at the same time his balls actually moved in his sack. At that point, my only problem was finding a comfortable spot like my brother. I grabbed my dick and brought one of my legs up onto his bed, bending it so the heel was near my balls. I was wacking away, my hand of its own volition moving along my dick to make it tingle in pleasure. I was considering moving farther into his bed, but my abs suddenly contracted and a desperation moved from my center to the tip of my dick, pleasure burning close to pain. I kept going till it exploded, my ears tingled and I closed my eyes as my body shuddered then fell limp on Dave's foot, my cock still spurting. I was moving my hand slowly now, it hurt to go fast, but felt so good going slow as a trickle still pushed through my tip. My breath was coming out ragged, I recognized it as something I heard before in Dave's bed.

I suddenly smiled, chuckled at a joke somewhere and then flinched as a rag hit my face.

"Good, huh, but clean it up."

I didn't know there would be so much, and that it'd go everywhere. It was on my chin, neck, lots on my chest and abs. Some of the watery bits were quickly running down my sides, so I began to wipe at the runnels first.

"Taste it," Dave said airily.

"Really?" I asked, turning to him. He was furiously pumping his cock, a sheen of sweat on his skin made him radiant and exotic, so many muscles twitching on his body. His abs would tighten on the front and the sides, his right pec would flex with his arm, his shoulders, his thighs would tighten and move side to side as his toes curled. It seeded a deep image in my mind of what beauty in men is. He added to his motions a nod of his head, "Yeah."

With innocent curiosity and no hesitation about my brothers word I took a finger to pinch at the liquid on my belly. It wasn't working until I scooped at it slightly. The scent of the gob on my chin was beginning to reach me which gave me pause, but I quickly licked at my fingers and sucked. The flavor was mostly watery, sweet and somewhere a little salty. It wasn't bad, it didn't taste like it smelled. I heard a prolonged groan from Dave's spot in bed and turned to watch as his face scrunched like he was in pain, his body stiffened up and his fist was moving the slowest I'd seen it. It moved down, the thumb tense in a crooked thumbs up, and then up just as slow, his thumb just grazing his head when a whoosh of air left his lungs leaving his chest and abs flat for a pummeling of cum that shot from his cock.

The first volley was a wet string flung over his lips and chin, a clear comet tail collecting in the V of his tensed neck muscles. Then another hit his chest, at the sternum and another at his pecs. Stark white cum against his tanned skin shot again in the striations of his abs, clear runnels immediately trailing down his sides. One shot into his belly button and another last ditch effort spurted and fill onto his hand and pubes. He was smiling and laying still, pulling in happy breaths and exuding contentedness.

"Wow," escaped my lips, little else crossing my mind absorbing what I'd seen.

His smile widened, a tongue darted across his lips and he began laughing. It was infectious enough to make me chuckle, but I couldn't comprehend what he was laughing about.

"Whew," he finally exclaimed, "That- was a long time coming. Toss me my rag."

He cleaned up quickly, then he got dressed. I quickly copied him not wanting to be the only naked one. He said goodnight and settled into bed. I repeated it and climbed up my stairs, tired and happy.


There was no aftermath the next morning, Dave got out of bed groggy eyed and yawning. Of course tented. I watched curiously from my bed, he undressed all the way and got dressed. That was different. Later that night nothing awesome happened again, despite my tense anticipation and obvious glances from the t.v. Just after lights out I heard him rustling about then the familiar flapping sound of skin started a rhythm that accelerated and was soon accompanied by his erotic breaths and moans. I couldn't help but join in with the tension I'd built all day. It was over a lot quicker for me, his mounting moans fooled me into thinking he was close, but he somehow kept going. I was on my elbows annoyed at myself feeling the cum on my smooth chest tickle me as it slid around. I listened to him cumming, moans tightly controlled and I could imagine his body tensing from the sound of his sheets scraping. He rustled about cleaning up, I had to use to my boxer shorts and slept commando.

After a few more days of the same routine, our weekend at my dads came on ----and zilch. I thought we'd do something, but even I felt less horny knowing our grandparents were just behind a wall. Oh, not to mention the dusty smell and the thinnest walls ever. It gave me the opportunity to think some more though. I began to realize it was a fluke, an experience of a lifetime, and I wondered about what he was thinking to begin with. In my mind he wasn't gay, not even a nude exhibitionist or even curious. I couldn't come up with anything so I settled on focusing on the result of our shared jack off lesson as the motive. It made most sense, he shared something that I needed to know, but like he'd said, he benefitted from me knowing because he could be more open. In the end, we were just more brotherly. If anything, our room had become like a locker room with some caution because our mom could come in. Seeing more of Dave inspired me to work out more, so I jogged and did pushups with sit-ups. I never noticed, but our mom complained of our room smelling especially during the summer. August was cooler and closer to September when we'd go back to school. I was set on weightlifting for p.e. and no sports.

At our dad's house, toward the end of summer vacation, I'd earned some macho points approval from my dad on choosing to weight train the coming year and he reminded me that he still expected good grades from me. It was family time as usual over at dad's, but out of no where Dave instigated a third round between us. Again, it was a freaking hot day, just dry and uncomfortable. The fans were spinning, the windows were open and the covers were off. We'd both been tossing and turning before we finally fell asleep. This night David had closed the door and undressed to his shorts. It was smart, and I did the same sleeping in the open air.

It was dark and the house was quiet when I was woken up. The room was still warm, but I could feel some cool air from the window wafting in. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep again when David sucked in a shallow breath and moaned sleepily. I'm a light sleeper and if David started developing a snore I'd be in trouble. He moaned again, a little louder and more erotically. Hearing him like that, so close to me, made me more frustrated than turned on, because I knew nothing was going to happen especially here at grandma's house. Of course, I was hard and trying to grow cat eyes to see him a bit more. He moved and moaned again, the sound of his skin over the sheets was so sensuous, but the guy was getting too loud and I really contemplated waking him and telling him he was dreaming. But he surprised by moving out of the blue, he rustled in the bed and I could see the silhouette of his waistband stretch up as he fished around. He sighed and then I heard a snap of skin that made me flinch in immediate recognition. Then his waist band was dropped. I could guess that his cock had grown into the pant leg of his shorts and he'd fished it out letting it go to slap his belly.

I was so turned on I wished we were back home, I'd get into my bunk and let go a load. David's big trigger was hot weather, he never went a hot day with jacking off. I'd known even without his sex dreaming that he'd be horny and shit out of luck at grandma's.

"Hey," he whispered, immediately halting my train of thought. Already, I knew we weren't going to get any sleep and I was wondering what we'd end up watching on the t.v. this late.

"Yeah," I replied, my tone answering the unasked question if I was awake or not.

"Hmm," he acknowledged. "Wanna play a game?"

"Agh... what game?" I asked, annoyed that he even brought it up because we didn't have any video games here.


Bam, my heart started beating faster and I felt my skin flush as my nerves tickled with the realization that we were about to have an adventure somewhere where it was riskier and we could get in so much trouble. I had to gulp before I could answer.

"Yea... okay. But the cards are in the kitchen."

"Yea, come on," he commanded while getting out of bed quietly. I followed him tiptoeing silently thinking we'd go to the kitchen, but we ended up staying in our hallway and turning into our bathroom with our grandpa just across the hall snoring. Across from the bathroom, our hallway led to the living room then to the kitchen. The kitchen led into a large den with a fireplace and area for the dining table, off to the right of the den was my grandmas room and to the left was the laundry room that had two doors one to the backyard and one to garage that my dad had converted into his room. Our wall was against our grandmas, but off in our hall we had a buffer zone we could claim and of course our grandpa wouldn't wake up without us jumping on him.

David was careful to turn just the light on and leaving the fan off. We were two shirtless boys up to no good in the bathroom at night. I was stoked.

"Game's truth or dare," he said with seriousness.

"Oh," I replied without hiding my disappointment. That went right to the edge of my comfort zone.

"Yeah... decide now if you're in or you're out," he continued with the same seriousness and a hint of challenge.

I stared at him with huge eyes, then asked shyly, "What happens if you don't do a dare."

"Okay," he said patiently, "first dare is Rock-Paper-Scissors, loser goes to the kitchen naked to get the cards. After that, you can pass but you get a punch to the gut. Pass again and you get a ball slap. Pass a third time..." he barely paused, but I knew he was making this as he went along and it impressed me, "you get pissed on."


"Don't pass a third time."

"Uhhh..." I vacillated, really trying to buy time to think of the best way to back out of this, but he cut me off.


"Okay," I agreed reluctantly.

And the game was on. Dave put out his fist and waited for me. We pumped our fists three times and put our bets. I went paper last second, and he kept his fist in rock. He sucked his teeth and dropped trou, his boner half chubbed and swinging. I was relieved it wasn't me, but couldn't savor it because I knew more and possibly worse was to come. He walked past me and turned the lights off before opening the door. He stood there for a little bit before sneaking into the kitchen. A lot relied on him being quiet because the street lights were penetrating through the curtains and illuminated his form, making the oil on the skin highlight the curves of his frame glow. I heard the floor creak once and could just barely make out the sound of the drawer in the kitchen opening. I saw him returning quicker than he'd set off and I thought for a second we were caught. I backed up into the bathroom and he quickly entered, slowly closing the door. He snapped the lights back on and put his shorts back on, covering his flaccid cock hiding in its skin.

Cards in hand, he shuffled them once in an arch making a racket, then he just mixed them in his hand as he began to explain the card rules.

"We each pull a card, highest number asks truth or dare. Same for face cards."

He pulled a final card but instead of mixing it, he showed it up. He pulled first with an 8. My heart fell at his high number, but I pulled from the deck. It fell further when I showed a 2.

"Truth or dare," he asked slyly, already sounding like he had a trap set up.

Truth could be dangerous... so I said dare. Without a pause he dared me to go open the drawer naked and bring something back. It was devious, he was evening the field and I couldn't argue against that. It wouldn't make sense to get a punch for that. I was scared he'd woken up my grandma and she'd be up just in time to catch me, but not him. My dick was soft again, it was more than soft, it was scared just as much as I was. I slipped my shorts off, a little embarrassed my dick looked small. I quickly turned the lights off and cracked open the door to listen and adjust my eyes to the light. I took longer than David had, but I was used to being sneaky and moved quickly into the kitchen. My heart was beating a mile a minute and my back felt like it had a crosshair on it. I opened the drawer slowly with trembling fingers, feeling the pressure and exhilaration of being naked somewhere I shouldn't be. I felt around and got a pen, closing the drawer slowly I spun and sneaked back to the bathroom. David was waiting at the door and we both were behind it in an instant. The lights came on and I breathed a deep sigh, far from calming down, but feeling safe and excited, sweating even. It took me a second to realize I was still naked, my nerves had grasped me so hard.

I dressed quickly and stood in front of David already in the middle of the bathroom with the cards. He offered the deck to me and I pulled, still holding the marker. A freaking 4. David pulled a King.

"Dare, again...," I said first.

"I dare you to let me draw something on you."


I reluctantly handed the green marker to him, and he toyed with it as he considered his canvass. He sprang forward when he had his idea and gripped my shoulder as I squirmed under the tip of the marker around my nipple. Then the other nipple, at which point I looked down and saw a star around my nipple, another forming on the other. I thought he'd finished, but he went to the belly button which made my squirm more interrupting his lines.

"There," he said, admiring his work. Not a bad dare, I thought.

He grabbed the cards and we drew again. 3, 7, my win. I asked him truth or dare and he went dare, lifting his chin a little in challenge. I was so tempted to make it something dirty... But I couldn't come up with anything. I looked around the bathroom and came up with something on the fly.

"I dare you to put toothpaste on your dick."

"Okay," he said, turning to the sink and lowering his shorts to his thighs. He got the toothpaste and put a line of paste on his soft dick while holding it up. He clicked it shut and made circles in the paste with a finger, spreading it just a little bit.

"Oh shit.." He flinched, and pushed himself over the sink to wash the paste off. I watched wide eyed, I knew it'd tingle, but he was panicked as he washed it all off. He toweled himself clean and returned shaking his head to pick up the deck again.

"Next draw."

I pulled first, 5, he got an 8.

"Truth or dare?"

"...Truth," I said.

He sighed at me having avoiding his immediate revenge.

"You ever watch porn?" he asked sounding bored.


"What kind?"

"Just one question," I replied defensively.

"Fine, draw."

I got a 9, he got a jack. I was so sure I had him... and I took a moment to weigh my choices as he looked at me patiently, a slight smirk on his face.


"I dare you to put a toothbrush in your ass."

"Pass," I said without considering it. He moved quicker than I thought and socked me in the stomach, causing me to exhale my lungs and fall slowly to my knees. It took me a minute to compose myself, ample time to let the rules sink in.

He put the cards in my face again, I took time to look at them and his long tan fingers. I pulled a queen and he pulled a 10.

"Dare," he said, with even more bravado than before.

"I dare you to play the rest of the game naked," I said, not holding back.

"Pshh," he said, throwing off his shorts like nothing and putting the deck forward.

I drew quickly, a little mad at him and showed a 6. He showed a seven, triumph naked on his face. This was a battle now.

"Well?" He asked after I'd paused.

"Fine, dare."

He leaned back a little as he thought, glancing around.

"I dare you... to get in the shower and pee on yourself."

I didn't even say anything, it was better than getting slapped in he balls. I got naked and stood in the bathtub relaxing my muscle until a stream finally formed. I moved my dick down to hit my legs and feet with the hot piss.

"On your chest," he commented, it didn't cross my mind to argue, I just pointed my dick up and watched my pee make a mess on my arms, hands and finally chest. The warmth and smell lingered after the pee ran down my body. When I didn't have anything left I leaned forward to turn the switch of the shower.

"What are you doing?!"


"You can't take a shower, you'll wake everybody up...," he said as I stared at him like he'd spoken Chinese. He looked around and grabbed a hand towel then soaked it in warm water from the faucet.

"Here," he said, handing it to me. I took it quietly and wiped my body down feeling tricked into being naked because I didn't want to get dressed until I showered.

David shuffled the deck and drew a card from the middle, he showed me the 3 card before he offered the deck to me. I interrupted my wipe down and drew just knowing I was going to get the next turn. 6.

"Errh," David mumbled as his eyes measured me up and down, "...Dare."

I looked at his dick still impressive for being soft. It was just long enough to dangle and swing, but it lacked the heft to really look manly. His hard dick is so much more impressive. I looked him in the face for his dare.

"I dare you to stand outside the door until you make your dick hard then you can come back in."

"Whoa..." he said, looking impressed and shifting his weight as he thought about it. I was disappointed, I didn't think I'd be able to punch him as hard as he did me. But he said okay and spun around, flicking the lights and leaving me beaming in the dark as he took up the dare. He opened the door a little later and closed it after he stepped into the hallway. The bathroom was dark, the small window showed pitch dark night outside and I was alone. I got a little nervous as the time seemed to stretch out in the dark, but it took no more than 2-3 minutes for the door to open slowly. I couldn't tell who was opening it and I was suddenly nervous it wasn't David and I was about to get caught naked.

The light snapped on to reveal the lean figure of my brother opening the door, still in the doorway and entering slowly with a hard-on jutting upwards. He turned his back on me to close the door and I appreciated the honey skin of his back to the lighter shade on his ass and then darker after his thighs. His back was sleek from broad shoulders to trim waist, down to a bubble butt pert with muscle and his slim legs tight with forming muscle. He turned back around and sauntered to the cards on the sink, my eyes couldn't keep off his hard dick, it was day and night different from soft. The shaft was solid, hardly moving except to bounce regularly to his heart beat, the muscle running down it was taught and visible. His foreskin was smooth and ample enough to blanket the veins, but it stretched like thin silk over the muscle of his dick and the mushroom tip. He offered me the deck and my eyes flitted between the two. He drew first as I hesitated, a jack, and I followed him.

I looked at my 5 and said, "Oh," still distracted.

"Truth or dare?"


I watched David straighten his posture, his dick pushing out from his hips, he gently moved his skin up and down then left it stretched back as he ran a finger over the moist tip. His dick had a habit of leaking pre-cum in one or two spurts, he collected it with his finger and brought it up to my face trailing a long strand that broke in the air and swung onto my chest.

"I dare you to lick my finger."

I stared at him in the face, he was barely smirking, but it kept him from having a neutral face. This was... it was a big dare, I knew better now than when I'd naively eaten his load before. I hesitated and tried to read him, his dark short hair, neat eyebrows, brown eyes, full lips and inviting honey skin... all open and honest, invested in the challenge of the game. I wasn't scared of the dare, I was scared of what he'd think and what he could do later. But I inched closer, his lips twitched wider. I hesitated just shy of his finger then I closed my eyes, opened my mouth and moved my mouth over his finger. I gently wrapped my lips and enveloped his finger then applied some suction. He moved his finger around rather un-erotically, but I was enjoying the taste and feel immensely. He pulled his finger out and dropped it down to push my dick and let it snap back against my belly. I gasped and flinched.

"Last three draws then we're done, getting kinda bored."

"What if we dare something that lasts more than a day..." I inquired, I'd been wondering if I could extend this longer.

"Hm... okay, three days tops," he said leaning against the sink, shuffle the deck again.

He stopped and announced, "Sudden death match. Go," putting the deck out for me. I pulled, revealing an 8 in my shaky hand. He pulled, showed a 10. He looked me in the eye.

"Truth. Or dare?"

I breathed deep, my chest expanded, then I let it go. "Dare."

He crossed his arms, nodding his head as he thought and let his eyes drift around the bathroom. I was still in the tub, but he was facing me and I watched his dick float down as it softened. He started speaking and I looked up at him.

"Starting Monday, at moms, you can't jack off without asking me first. I'll decided if you get to do it or not and how you do it. You have to do this three times then you're free," he finished looking at me with his arms still crossed, body leaning on the sink.

"Um... that's not a dare and it goes past 3 days," I pointed out.

"Sudden death match, brother... let's go with a week then... no, two weeks that's when school starts," he said, figuring it all out.

"So... I only have to ask you in those weeks?"

"Yea, if you can go that long without jacking off. That's also the next weekend with dad."

"Okay, sounds good. I accept."

He didn't say anything else, he got off the sink and offered the cards again. His dick was limp, but chubby from having been hard. I pulled a 3 and steeled myself for another dare. Dave pulled a 2.

"Damn! Lucky...," he exclaimed, "Well, dare then."

"I dare you to sleep naked for two weeks," I said brightly.

"Sure, been wanting to try it out actually."


"No, you already said it," he cut in quickly.

I stared at him as I tried to make my dare harder.

"Okay... but I didn't finish," he arched an eyebrow but didn't interrupt me, "you have to have a boner when you go to bed and when you wake up."

"Oh...," he said, turning his head up to consider it.

"Yea... okay, yea! You're on then."

He shuffled the cards again to freshen the pack.

"Last draw, make it count," he said seriously.

He let me draw first, a 9. He blew on his fingers before drawing and drew a queen. In showmanship, he hopped on his feet like the floor was burning.

"You know the drill," he said settled down.

"Dare," I said more confidently than I felt. I was pretty glad it was nearly over, it was getting tougher.

"I dare you... to let me pee on you," he crossed his arms and posed with his legs apart on the bathroom rug in front of the tub. I dropped my jaw at him. I had a nut shot or pee... I was in the tub already, I already had pee on me and I could just take a shower.


"Kneel down," he commanded.

"Nuhuh, standing," I said back to that.

He shrugged at me, stepped forward, widened his stand while holding his chubby but limp dick and let a stream go on my legs. He zigzagged up my thighs and jumped it up to my abs, but let off there. His stream piddled out, spurting on my groin and thighs before it was just trickling spurts on my feet.

"Okay, I'm showering now," I said with finality, him still pinching his groin muscles at the edge of the tub making his dick move without success in making anymore piss come out. He shook off, and spoke.

"Yea... good game," he pat my shoulder and turned around to get his shorts on. He turned back before leaving.

"Don't forget the rules on Monday."

"Yea, you too," I said, then the wash of water echoed in the room.

I had tried to jack off in the shower, but something about running water doesn't let me cum. It was a lot of build up, no relief. When we got home we settled in, mentioning the rules here and there. Then night fell and we played video games late while family was in bed until we were tired. Dave left the xbox and left me without a second player, so I went through the routine of shutting off all the consoles. Dave sighed dramatically, I turned to catch him chucking his shorts and falling into this bed with his soft cock out.

"Not bad, not bad," he said.


I had everything turned off and was about to hit the lights when I remembered the rules we'd set up. I turned ready to tell him, but he had his hand on his cock, already inflating it. It hardly took 30 seconds, but there he had it, that impressive hard on.

"Well, good night," he said cheerfully, wagging his hard dick.

"Good night," I said, reluctantly snapping the lights off.

I climbed up to my bed and settled in, but without delay I could hear Dave moving around, his hands slapped gently on his skin and moved around. Then I could hear him starting a quick rhythm on his dick, moaning quickly, pitching it higher for dramatic effect. Then he'd hit a good spot and the high pitch in his voice would be gone after a quick intake of breath then the real moan would echo gently from his chest. Then he'd get high pitched, and dramatic for effect. Eventually the pretense dropped, and out came his dirty moans low and natural, his breath ragged, louder than usual. I was hard and dripping, my heart and breath fast. His panting and moaning changed, he sounded like he was in pain and whining, then relieved and satisfied. I heard a glob of jizz strike flesh once or twice, then I heard him cleaning up. He settled in, sighing in relief. Then quiet filled then room. I'd have to ask David for permission to jack off soon.


The next morning I woke up hard. I had to wait a long time before it let up, softening enough to adjust in my shorts. I was hardly off the ladder when David ripped the sheets off his body and shot out of bed to stand inches from me. I looked at his face, then registered he was naked and his hard cock was inches from my belly.

"Morning wood," he said, then he got dressed.

I was confused, very confused and aroused, then my morning fog lifted enough to remember our bet. A smile touched my lips at my great choice of bet as I admired his buns flexing as he dressed in shorts, commando. The rest of the day was pretty lazy, pretty much me in shorts and him in shorts up until his practice. He came back as he usually did, banging his gear around and getting out of uniform into his shorts again, still smelling like metallic sweat. He was on the computer as I played video games, then he got up and watched me play for a bit. His stance left his bulge pressed against the mesh of his shorts, no underwear. My eyes darted between the screen and him. I finally paused the game, and looked at him.

"What?" he asked me.

"I need to do it now," I said.

He smiled and feigned confusion.

"Do what?"

"Can I jack off?"

"Finally," he said, dropping his shoulders and head back.

"Alright, so... we've got this great computer here. I think you should jack off watching porn," he said, heading for the windows to shut the blinds.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yea, you in?"

"Okay, are you going to pick it...."

"Sure, I'll do it," he said approaching the computer with his hands down his shorts already.

The computer screen was very quickly filled with flesh, the most I've ever seen on it. I honestly had not been informed about porn being on the internet like this and I'd never seen David watch it. But here he was putting a video of a pale, dark haired girl and a tall lean guy into full screen. He motioned for me to sit in the chair, front row. I dropped my shorts down and took a seat in my boxers as the two were kissing. They were young, I found the guy to be very attractive with short hair and a sharp jaw, his body lean. I was hard and pushing at the fly of my boxers when the girl's slim fingers managed the fastening of his pants. I let out a quiet `wow' when his cock came out. It had the same stiffness my brother's did, with that ramrod muscle visible, but this guys dick was longer. I barely registered her lips going over the tip.

"Yes..." David said over my shoulder, followed by the rustle of him dropping his shorts, "He's got a big one, most of these dudes do. I like this girl...."

I turned slightly to glimpse my brother standing naked behind me. I lifted myself up off the chair to get my boxers down to my ankles. The sound of his dick flapping was right next to me and it enhanced my viewing experience. I carefully joined him, jacking myself slower than him because I was already close as it is with the stimuli. The girl was very briefly on his cock, getting part of it in her mouth and then she moved up, lifting a leg over to straddle the guy. The guys long fingers played with his cock, rubbing it against her and then it disappeared inside her. This is sex, I thought. The guy moved his hands to her waist, I observed the muscles in his legs flex as he spread his legs to get a better stance, then he began to move. His hips moved hard and his glistening cock moved like a piston. I was entranced by him, he was so hot... he didn't look like a typical jock, but he was so masculine. My hand was speeding up on my cock and my body tingled in pleasure to match my lust over this guy. I was so absorbed in him, that I didn't respond when something hot and wet hit my shoulder.

"Sorry," David said, his hand clutched my shoulder so he could rub his thumb over where his cock had touched me.

I turned and watched him move in front of the t.v. sitting on the floor with his legs out in front of him. I moved my eyes between watching both of them, without favoring one. I enjoyed the newness of the porn and the hot vision of my brother jacking off on the floor. I was close already, the guys stamina in the video impressed me. I watched the video and the position quickly changed, he was on top, his legs were over her thighs, her ankles at his shoulders. The frame stopped barely above the small of his back, the central view of the back of his thighs, his taint and the flexing of his ass revealing his pink hole every two seconds was dazzling. It sent me over the edge, driving me past the point-of-no-return and plunging me into pleasure that had me moaning in desire for him.

Cum hit me everywhere, my face, my chest and made a pooling mess on my stomach and crotch. I was leaning back dazed in the chair, not willing to move and disturb the ripples of pleasure still emanating from me. David rushed up to the computer and clicked further ahead, near the end, his cock was close to me as he did that. Then he sat back down, furiously jacking himself off at the image of the girl flouncing, playing with her tits and running her tongue over her lips as the guy jacked off his slick cock. He suddenly got close to her and she opened her mouth, cum shot over face and then he got the white sperm all into her mouth, a white mess of it.

"Oooh, fuck..." David said, his cock erupting onto his chest as his free arm struggled to keep him sitting up. He went weak and flopped onto his back. As his orgasm continued, his legs bent at the knee making it easier to lift his hips as he pumped slowly emptying his cock into the air. It showed me a similar view to the one I'd seen on screen and lust filled me as I looked at my brother's most intimate parts. All the gas left him and he stretched out on the floor covered in his cum, breathing softly and smiling stupidly. I was getting cold, and was about to quit staring at his body to clean up when he propped himself on his elbows and gazed at his work. Then he looked up at me.

"Well, that was a good icebreaker. You can watch porn anytime you want," he said happily. "Oh, just not for the next two times since those are still in the dare," he added.

"Yea..." I said, still feeling weak. We rallied at the same time and cleaned ourselves off and went semi dressed the rest of the day. David kept his dare before we went to sleep, he slept naked and didn't jack off that night. I was spent myself, I looked at him feeling a tightening in my chest more than my shorts.

We only had a month of real leisure for summer, outside of my brother having practice nearly everyday, because in the two weeks our dares were active my uncle prepared to move out of the small house in our backyard and move to Washington. This meant we had to help during our last two weeks of summer, my brother more so because he was sportier than me and he has that can-do attitude. My mom decided to have the walls torn down, so my brother and I were there hammering down walls. My brother especially was worn out with construction on top practice. The dare of him showing me a hard-on before he went to bed and when he got up in the morning had him just sleeping in the nude following the day after our jack off session and when the construction started. I tried it too, but couldn't get into it. And the both of us couldn't get into it during the day now.

A few days passed before I had to ask the second time. It wasn't during the day, we were both tired and enjoying our precious free time. David had gotten hard, just barely, to comply with the bet, shaking his hips and helicoptering his dick to make up for the lackluster hard-on. I laughed and went up to my bed, promptly going to sleep. Sometime during the night, David had gotten up and I woke up to the blazing light of the computer screen. I lifted my head to get a look at what he was doing. Confirming my suspicions, he was jacking off at our computer to porn that I couldn't catch details of because of the glare and my maladjusted eyes. He had headphones on that kept him from hearing me trying to get his attention. The light was reflecting off his skin and I could see his cock head glistening as he stroked himself slowly. I pressed my cock into my mattress and sighed knowing I'd have get down to him in order to get permission to get off.

I climbed down and walked up behind him, not bothering to adjust the wicked tent I was pitching. I tapped on the shoulder, causing him to curse and jump.

"Shit, dude, don't sneak up on me like that."

"Sorry...," I said quickly, "can I do it?"

He glanced at the screen again, squinting. I noticed it was just starting, but there was a girl using both hands to jack off and suck a tall well built man.

"Yea, I just started and the screen is burning my eyes. Get the lights."

I went to turn on the lights, listening to him mutter to himself.

"Soo... part two, part two."

He was clicking around and pulling something up, I knew it was going to be part of the dare so I kept my shorts on waiting for the catch.

"I wanna show you this," he said.

I leaned in closer to get a view of the screen, there were pictures and drawings of cocks that stood out immediately with a lot more text than I thought was normal for porn.

"It's got good ideas for ways to jack off, techniques with guides and shit."

"How'd you find this?" I asked, honestly intrigued and already hooked in.

"A guy gets horny," he said sagely, "Quick, give me a number 1 through 10."

"6," I replied, still looking at the pictures, there were videos too that I wanted to watch.

"So you gotta do..." he scrolled, "Agh shit, I thought you'd get a harder one. You just reverse your fist into a backhand."

"Uh, okay...," I said, picking up the technique from the picture.

"I'm going to watch the video, you can sit down and use that technique," he said, clearing away the windows, going fullscreen and putting his headphones back on. "No problem" I thought to myself as I stripped.

I settled down next to him, positioning myself to get the view of him from the side and still see the screen. It was odd, but I felt so privileged and cool to be bonding like this with my brother at that moment even though he was focused on the porn. I was also totally turned on by him and was already feeling good as I jacked off watching him. I was quickly near busting a nut, but Dave was just starting a normal pace on his dick. I let go of my cock and sat there panting, watching him change his pace again at the scene where the girl started getting fucked. He groaned as he watched the big cock slip in raw, his other hand moving from his leg to pull his balls and his legs spread then settled back. I'd never seen him with a hound dog face, mischievous, lustfully hungry and vulnerable to his desire. I flicked my eyes to the t.v. to see the action that was making him horny, it was a shot of the girl getting fucked center screen with the dudes cock near the bottom, his balls appearing on the up thrust.

I had a front row seat to the revealing of his sexuality as he watched the porn. His horny expression, the way his tongue wet his lips whenever the girl ran her fingers on herself and the patience he had with himself registered in my head as masculinity. His teenage body was pouring out manliness and it had no where to go. It was enough to make me wish I was a girl for a moment. I saw his toes curl and stretch, indicating his pleasure, and a spark of lust flared in me. My mouth salivated and felt empty, my cock jumped and pushed out a bead of pre-cum. I was so close again and I hadn't touched myself. I couldn't take watching him so I dropped back onto the floor, remembering him moving his legs, I did the same and felt cool air between my legs. I stroked myself once to spread the pre-cum.

"Hey, do the backhand or there'll be a penalty," I heard him say roughly.

I lifted my head from the floor and looked at him, he demonstrated the technique again and covered a flinch as he reached the top of dick with the backhand. His chest flexed and abs popped as the pleasure of the different stroke hit him.

"Shit..." he said to himself, impressed and breathless.

He relaxed back into watching the porn, letting his hands rest on his chest. It was easier to turn my fist laying down so I stayed there slowly stroking, along with the background noises my brother provided it felt good enough to keep me hard, but it was less intense. When I next looked up Dave had a fist going hard on his dick then pausing, stroking then pausing, and his other hand was roaming his body. I was fascinated by the places his other hand was going, to his balls, deeper between his legs, to his nipples and along his naval. I switched and pumped my fist on my dick, quickly sending hot waves of pleasure through me as I watched him. My neck was getting sore so I clumsily sat myself up, propped on one arm and continued stroking myself. I was already panting and close to a climax from the intense pressure of my long teasing build up. My effort to keep quiet to listen to my brothers increasing moans and grunts added to my pressure, I'd grunt and pant involuntarily as it came near bursting.

I glanced at the monitor and saw the girl on her side with the guy spooned behind her fucking with his leg on the bed. His meaty thigh and the piston fucking he was giving was a new turn on for me. I looked to my brother and saw his legs moving side to side, his thighs flexing their lean muscles. I thought he was, I knew I was close. His toes flexed, he grunted and his legs spread. His face, his abs, his arms flexing... I moaned and lost myself as I climaxed. It was intense enough to send a first hard shot onto my face making me flinch, my arm go weak and the floodgates open. I was sent to the floor as my body weakened while my cock flexed hard. Existence was beautifully suspended.

I saw the ceiling, then I felt my body and it was still glowing in pleasure. I moaned from the simple pleasure of laying there alive and covered in cum; moving my limbs slowly felt so good. I struggled to get on my elbows and saw Dave was still going, but he was getting closer and twitchier. I could see it in the way his eyes were laser focused on the screen, his body was taught, his toes would curl hard and he'd twitch as he stroked himself. He would spasm and snarl, he was really close, but waiting for the money shot in the vid. He grew more desperate, his hand moving fast and stopping, each time it was harder for him to stop. What got me most was his moaning, he'd go from panting hard and angry to tortured desperation when he forced himself to stop. The girl was jacking off the large slick dick on the screen, the head on the lips of her open mouth.

"Fuck, yea...," Dave said, said in a breathy whisper.

She was still stroking off the cock with twisting quick strokes, but Dave had struck a nerve when he became vocal.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck," he rasped, his chest tightening and his legs stretching out lifting him out of the seat while still glued to the screen, desperate for the cumshot.

"God damn...," he said out of impatience, his ass dropped back in the chair and he spread his legs. His abs were taught as he sat hunched over his cock and stroked his loaded cock carefully until it spurt a luscious rope of cum. He relaxed back, he breathed, he moaned and shot cum all over his chest up to his chin, all while cursing as his toes curled, thighs spasmed and chest flinched. I could see he was feeling what I felt, ecstasy and oblivion. He'd missed the money shot by a few seconds, not that he noticed or cared now, sitting limp in the chair, arms and legs dangling. His heaving chest evened out and he started moving around, a grin on his face.

"That was freaking good," he said in suddenly cleaned up language.

"Made my number one in my top three," I replied, including watching my brother in the that rating.

"Hah! Hell yea, it'll be hard to top," he said sitting up and ready to move on.

"Oh well..." he trailed off, getting up to get his cum rag off the desk where he'd prepared it and wiped himself extensively. He had to fold his rag several ways as it got wet with all the cum he cleaned off. Knowing he'd killed his towel he threw it at my chest where I was still laying down on the floor anyway.

"Here you go, clean up, I'm going to bed," he said.

I didn't want to, but I thought it was part of his dare so I picked up the rag and frowned at the cold wetness I could feel. I wiped at my chest, but after the mess it had just cleaned up I was just spreading the cum over my skin with the spent rag. My skin was damp and pungent at the cleanest the rag could get me. I gingerly balled it up before trying to hand it off to Dave.

"That's ready for the hamper, just toss it."

I agreed, and tossed it into the dirty laundry then put on my shorts and went to bed looking forward to a hot shower in the morning.

Emptying a huge load and then working all day tearing down walls results in a lowered libido. This was pretty much the rule after that night. Our uncle was on us because time was growing short and there was a lot to do with the back house. Our dare was still in effect, so Dave showed me a soft boner in the morning like nothing, in fact he didn't even present it he just got out of bed with it and went about his business. I felt a little bad for him, he would bust his butt doing construction then have to go to practice. He'd get home tired, shower and get into bed naked after littering his clothes along the path from the door. I'd look at his soft dick, ready to forget the dare, but then I'd here a sigh and he'd get himself up then fall asleep. I was working hard too and barely able to stay up late to play some video games. I wouldd hit the bed shortly after David.

Despite our sorry state, day after day David's pay-up for the dare got easier, he'd get hard faster and stiffer. I got hornier every time it ticked into a stiffer rod with his heartbeat. Dave was keeping a strangely patient demeanor with his cock that I attributed to his reading of techniques online. Just three days later he flopped into bed after his post-practice shower, I glanced at him and turned away. The next glance I took he had a stiff dick laying on his belly, but he hadn't moved. I'd grown horny over the few days right along with him, and the sight of him quickly had my heart racing. Dave's hand went to the middle of his cock and quickly jerked off using three fingers then let himself go. I watched him do this several times until he had a steel hard cock with a wet and flared head. That's when things got awkward for me and my feelings. I was hard and tenting my shorts, so horny that the fabric was teasing me to leak. But now I was thirsty, my throat was dry and my mouth was salivating, I wanted to suck on his cock so bad. I felt horrible, not because I had these feelings, but because it would never happen. But I wished it, I wished I could suck him like the porn girls. His dick was as pretty as any in porn, the shape, the cut of the muscle, the smoothness of his foreskin, the cock head and the balls.

Jesus christ, that was an idea. My dad had bought us a new digital camera....

"Get the lights for me will ya, I'm beat," Dave said.

"Huh..." I said, interrupted and confused, "Yea. You going to bed already?"

"`M tired," he said softly.

"You don't look tired," I said, holding out some hope.

He chucked, "Good things come to those who wait. I'm building up for a good one."

He settled into bed, his cock defiantly keeping itself off his belly, bouncing with his heartbeat as it inevitably began to lower. I just nodded my head and got up to get the lights, adjusting myself as my shorts rubbed against my sensitive cock. I made my way up to my bunk, but not before stopping at our drawers and fishing out the camera. I settled into bed and sighed into my favorite positive with my hard cock between my legs, hiding away the camera by my pillow. I'd save it too I guess, I thought to myself.

Next morning, I woke up before Dave and I waited in bed for him to get up, all the while positioning the camera for a wide view of the room. All I needed to do was press record and I'd have a video of him. As soon as I heard him stirring I pressed play, and he was soon up. He turned to my bunk and shook his hips, his cock was up and ready. He stuffed himself into some shorts and hung out. I silently paused the camera and looked at what I had. The angle wasn't great, he was in it, his dick and all, but the grainy footage didn't compare to the vivid live version and his innocent mug made me feel guilty. I deleted it and never looked back.

My uncle got us earlier than usual, the back house was completely transformed into a very large room with a kitchenette in the corner, but he had us help with fixing the place so it could be built up later. It wasn't a three-man job, but they had me in there anyway. We finished early letting Dave and me lounge in the room and enjoy the anxious last days before school. We already had letters and prep for the new year. I was nervous and played video games to distract myself from the impending end of summer, he did some research and then surfed the web. Eventually he broke the silence with an announcement.

"So I'm getting the back house for myself, it'll be my new room."

"Wow, really?"


"Mom said?"

"I've been asking and she said yea, until she saves up to build into it and rent it out."

"Wow... cool," I said, feeling a little abandoned.

It was quiet till he left for practice. I started thinking while he was away, him moving out effectively ended our bet early, but I was ready to ask him after practice to let me jack off. I was horny as fuck and it'd be our last time together. I started another quest and then he was back, rucking his gear through the door and dropping it.

"We're stepping it up, now that schools back on... try outs are up soon too, if you want to try it out."

"No...," I paused as the thought of the locker room passed, "well, maybe. But right now I need to jack off, I've been waiting."

"Oh ho ho," he said looking at me above his gear bag. He looked around the room considering things in his head, hands on his hips.

"Well, hold up, I'll go shower," he said, springing forward to get his clothes and towel. He was out the door for a few seconds and back. I looked at him thinking he'd forgotten something, but he shut the door behind him and locked it.

"On second thought, I'll shower later," he said excited. "Come on," he said before he had his jersey over his head revealing his tan skin. He revealed a smiling a face when the shirt was off. His grin is always infectious, more so when he was being playful. I was caught up in his game already, I stripped quickly knowing something cool was going down. I was without a stitch of clothes just as Dave had his uniform at his ankles and kicked off to the side shaking his plump dick to life. I was already hard as a rock and giddy, but he strolled up to the computer and clicked around while standing still in his high socks. He made them look good, but I was hoping he'd take them off. I was thinking he'd pull up a video, but he was looking at some texts while absently stripping his socks off with one hand. He closed out all the windows when he was done, turned and ran to his bed hopping into it naked and happy.

"Come on," he said.

I didn't run like he did, but I rushed in and slammed into him. I readjust so I was sitting next to him. He got his pillow and put on the wall and leaned against it then looked at me to do the same. I sat next to him and there we were, naked brothers side by side. He smelled like clean coppery sweat still damp on his tan skin. We were both sporting wood, but looking at his I knew it wasn't as stiff as it gets, I wanted to make it harder.

I jumped when he slapped a hand on my thigh.

"Relax your balls."

"Ye...," I said, taking a deep breath in and out.

"I'm going to be moving out of the room, we'll each have our own space now," he said ruffling my hair. "This is the end of the bet, too, for both of us... thought we should make it special."

"Yea," I said, feeling emotions welling in my throat.

"Take it slow, try to copy me and don't finish right away. You can stop and then start again," he instructed. He pushed his shoulders back, relaxing, breathing deeply and letting his hips rock into the bed. I almost dove on his cock, I'd never been this close... he was in my nose with his scent, my ear with his voice, my mind and almost my tongue. I was salivating. When he grabbed his cock, I moaned with him. I grabbed mine and started jacking off quickly, already wanting to burst.

All my motion got Dave's attention, he reached out his right hand quickly, leaving his dick, and grabbed my wrist.

"Bro, what'd I tellya, take it slow," he said smiling.

"Sorry... it's kinda hard not to," I said breathily, his hand on my wrist was a turn on, him being closer was a turn on.

"You know what, put your hands behind your head and watch me, I'll let you know when you can get back to it," he said in the most brotherly tone.

A couple things struck me, strangely and truly. I'd wondered why were doing these things, I never questioned it, always enjoyed it, but always wondered. I knew now he was being a good bro and taking me under his wing. Second, I was so incredibly gay and my brother wasn't, so this was something we were enjoying on different levels. I couldn't ruin it, so I complied. I shuddered as he let go of my wrist and I put my hands behind my head looking very relaxed with a hard cock jutting from my hips. He was slow and sensual, his left hand sliding over his chest occasionally as he slowly jacked off the shaft of his cock. His fist slowly climbing up closer to his cock head with each stroke. He was obviously building up his lust, his body was responding and couldn't keep as still anymore. It was such a turn on seeing his excitement climb, his coppery scent was covering me and the visual stimulus had me thirsty. I moaned and lost my repose, my hand moving to my dick.

"Ah, no," Dave said, swatting at my hand.

"Damnit," I said, truly frustrated.

Dave copied me as I put my hands back behind my head, both of us laying there looking at his dick bouncing. A minute later he moved his hand back to his cock, sliding back his foreskin from the middle of his dick slowly. It had become quite shiny and wet all around his head, tracks beginning to drip off. He stroked himself a little faster, moving his skin and then he let go. He wrapped his fingers around his base and stroked slowly to the edge of his cock head. Slow meant slow, he was going one stroke every 10 15 seconds. It was interesting and sexy as hell, but laying there I'd gone a little soft.

"Okay, you can go again," he said, I fondled myself to get myself hard again, it took seconds. Then I was pounding away.

"Dude," he said, swatting my hand away. "Go my speed, or else."

I had no clue what "or else" entailed, but I wasn't going to argue. He at least sped up, stroking just fast enough to tease you, then he'd stop with his hand just hovering near his bouncing dick. I naturally used those breaks to catch my breath, then we'd go again. I was torturing myself copying him, my body moving sometimes of its own accord, legs spreading, tensing and pushing my back against the bed during spikes of pleasure. I was breathing hard, a lot harder than Dave, and I couldn't suppress in my moans for the first time.

"Hands up," he said, his voice deeper.

We were a little sweaty, enough to give our skin a sheen and show off the curves of our sinew and bones. We were both skinny, with bony knees and ribs, but Dave's calves were meatier, his thighs, and abs had some muscles. His shins were darker, he was getting hairier lately, his chest was still smooth, but his dark pubes lead into a wispy treasure trail. A little rivulet of sweat was moving down his chest, just to his dark erect nipple. I'd been rubbing knees with him in my spasms, ours thighs at points piling up and rubbing. Still out of breath and without thinking I reached out and wiped the sweat off his nipple, causing him to tense his whole body and exhale in surprise. We didn't say anything, eventually starting up again. We hadn't gone soft at all, but we were breathing evenly again.

As soon as he started he let his legs bend and spread out to overlap my thigh and then straightened them out. It felt so good, within a few strokes I was already back to my helpless quivering mess. Then he did a flip, he let his fist go all the way up then twisted it so it went back down backwards. He jolted and spread himself, moaning and panting then resting at the base. I did the same stroke and couldn't complete it as I shook and moaned pitifully with the overwhelming sensations the stimuli to my cock head gave me.

"Dave..." I whined, from the fully supine position I'd fallen into.

"Yea," he said, breathily, beating himself off without any sort of control. I could hear it, his elbow was nearly hitting my head as he beat off.

Out of breath and feeling hot all over my body, I quickly crawled back up to recline against the pillow and ended up landing along Dave's side. Nothing was said, he just moved his arm out of the way and kept stroking. Our sweaty sides together were slick and our movements kept a static charge between us, his elbow and forearm were bouncing on my ribs, our legs were side by side. I was gone, it felt so good being physically together like this, bonding so intimate on multiple levels. We were at the edge, we had been at the edge because Dave had teased us there. I couldn't think straight, everything was instinct and impulse. I was probably a little wilder than Dave, I couldn't help moaning and whining as I got myself closer to finally popping. My left hand was slick and hot, finding itself sliding over his thigh and gripping the soft skin of his inner leg. His legs spread, I copied him, then they were intwined as we curled our toes in pleasure.

He was at my level now, huffing shallowly and repeatedly like he was in pain with less moaning than me. I could feel the cords of his muscles near his groin beneath my hand as his spread legs pushed against the bed, raising his hips. I held my breath and went quiet as I reached the point of no return, everyt physical sensation was coming in excruciatingly clearly, I could name the spots of my body giving me pleasure. Almost all of them were touching Dave, my thigh and calf wrapped around his leg, my stomach being touch by his elbow and my hand in the heat of his crotch. My cock was a burning hot pipe ready to burst from the pressure emanating from my balls, then I felt a pulse beneath some my fingers. My pinky and ring fingers were on the hard part between his legs, the majority of my hand was in the sweaty crook of his groin and leg. Dave's pulsing muscle triggered my cock to burst, heat ran through my dick very painfully, I felt a splat on my left check, heat burst through my tip and then it was all good. I melted into my orgasm, feeling hot cum hit my face, neck and chest with flashes of heat crawling along my skin. My ears were hot and ringing and all I could smell now was cum. I was licking at anything that touched my lips, watery and sweet. I was twitching and finally breathing again, little pin pricks appeared in my vision as the puddle of my body started coming back together.

I didn't want to move my cum slicked hand off my dick, it was to sensitive. We were both catching our breaths. Dave untangled our legs and straightened out, my hand still on his thigh being tickled on the edge by his pubes. There was no space between us, just our sticky and rapidly cooling skin, with no where else to put it Dave put his arm above my head. I was too spent to move, already dozing off. He sighed and jammed his arm under my head. I closed my eyes to rest in the comfort of his arm and bed. I slept for a minute until I was startled by Dave kicking up his leg with my hand still on it. I removed it and rested again. The cool air on my skin woke me up, the cum on me was still warm, but I felt like I'd slept for ages. I sat up in Dave's bed and turned to look at him, he had his rag in his other hand and he'd already wiped his lean body down, his dick was limp, still wet and dripping the last remnants of cum between his legs.

"You're fucking covered dude," he said, admiring the splattering of cum on me. I immediately went for the wad on my left cheek, my fingers landed in the warm wetness and I hooked some into my mouth without thinking. I knew it was Dave's, his first cum shot that happened to hit my cheek. A wicked grin lit up his face, and I wondered if he knew too.

"Haha, wow.... Here's a rag to help you," he said, tossing me his rag.

I wiped up and got out of his bed. I was stepping into a pair of boxers when I thought better of it. My room, now. I played video games naked and Dave walked to the computer to surf the web, naked too.

It was pretty drastic how little cock I saw after we jerked off together. Dave moved to his room and we had our privacy. Then school and phys ed went into gear. Dave tried to persuade me to give baseball a try, but I just don't like the game. He did manage to pull me into the locker room after a game, and that almost managed to get me to sign up. A couple days later I signed up for weight training instead and wound up with plenty of cock for my eyes. It took a while till I finally got to taste one; almost a year later.